Leather and Submission

by lizsubintampa

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Storycodes: M/f; true; bond; public; armbinder; collar; leather; hum; sex; oral; cons; X

Leather and Submission

By: lizsubintampa

True, bondage, submission, leather, bi, consensual

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It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been more than two years since I last wrote. Yes, I’ve been busy and yes I have started several stories - that for different reasons I never finished and deleted - but I really don’t have any good excuses not to have submitted anything for so long. So I am going to try to make up for that now by trying to recall as many things as I can and, while I will very likely be skipping around - that is, not writing things in the order they happened - I will, as I’ve done in the past, try to tell you what happened as best as I can and, with the exception of a name or two, assure you that these events are true and as complete as I recall.

I met Nick at last year’s Fetish Con (2019) while I was shopping at one of the booths with Anne and Frank - I was interested in buying my first corset. They have known Nick for several years and after they caught up on what they had all been doing over the past few months they invited him to join us for dinner at a restaurant not too far from the hotel.

Nick is in his mid-60’s and is an engineer for an architectural company in Tampa. He lives in Sarasota and does most of his work from home. With the exception of gray hair on the sides of his head he is bald but looks quite handsome - to me. Of course like most men I know he is much taller than me, he’s 6’ tall, so when you compare him to my “towering” 5’3” he is in fact much taller than me.

Most importantly though is that he not only has a wonderful personality - and smile - he loves to tie up women. And, since I am a woman that loves to be tied up…

While we had dinner we - all - talked about some of the things we enjoyed, and not only bondage, and by the time I had to leave to go home - I wasn’t able to stay over that night because I was babysitting for my sister - I felt really comfortable with him and told him that I enjoyed meeting him and, as he walked me to my car, he asked if I was going to be back the next day and if I would like to meet him so we could get to know each other a little better. Very quickly I thought about what “getting to know each other a little better” could mean and for some reason - other than my nipples starting to get hard - I said I would love to see him again and after exchanging numbers he leaned over, gave me a quick hug, and said something like “wonderful, see you tomorrow.” I felt very excited about seeing him the next day and as I drove to my sister’s I was wondering if I should pack some rope or just invite him to my room, strip naked, and jump his bones.

The next day I decided to just wear my jeans and sneakers and a short sleeved blouse as I had worn the day before. The only other things I packed for the night were a skirt, blouse, one of my black lace bra and panty sets, garter belt and stockings and my 3” ankle strap heels - and of course my makeup etc. You know, just in case we were going to go to dinner or something…like going to my room or his - one should always hope!

While I was babysitting I called Anne and told her I was thinking of meeting Nick the next day and after talking for a while she assured me that they have known Nick for a long time and that as far as she was concerned he was a pretty good guy and that I shouldn’t worry too much about meeting - or playing - with him. Besides, if needed, she and Frank would be my backup “just in case” but she doubted it would be necessary.

It takes about 1 ¼ hours to drive to the hotel and by the time I checked in and went to my room I probably had gone through a thousand scenarios - with Nick - and after I touched up my makeup and brushed my hair I called Anne to let her know I was there and that I was going to call Nick to let him know too. I told her if for some reason I didn’t meet with him I would call her back and find out where to meet her.

Nervously I called him and after several rings he answered and told me how happy he was that I called him and asked when I was going to come to the hotel so we could get together. 

Pulling myself - together - I told him I was fine and that I was already at the hotel and anytime he wanted to meet would be okay. Without a pause he said “how about now”? And, I, in my most calm and nervous voice said “that would be wonderful. Where should I meet you”?

Two minutes later - I double checked my makeup and hair - I was in the elevator and within 5 more minutes I saw him near the check-in counter. He waved to me and when I was maybe two feet away he took a step towards me and with both arms hugged me and held me very softly yet firmly. I only met the guy the day before, yet I practically melted in his arms.

After telling me that I looked great - of course I liked him saying that but as I’ve described myself in the past I really am very plain looking, I’m not the model type, I have small breasts, I’m short, I do try to keep in shape and I do have nice hair. But I still loved him saying I looked great…

Taking my hand in his, he led me towards the vendor area and asked about my night and how my nieces were. He never asked if I wanted to go to the vendor area; he just took hold of my hand and led me. I liked that…a lot!

As we walked he told me to let him know when I wanted to stop to look at anything and I told him I would. He of course didn’t tell me when he wanted to stop, he just kept holding my hand in his and would ask me what I thought about the things he was looking at. Like ball gags, penis gags, ring gags, crops, small whips, leather cuffs, handcuffs, rope, chains, tape, hoods and much much more. Was he planning on buying all that stuff or was he looking to see my reaction? I had no idea but I did know one thing, if he bought any of the things he looked at and wanted to use them on me I was all for it!

At one of the booths there were several arm binders hanging on one of the walls. Nick asked if I had ever worn one and I told him I hadn’t but had always been fascinated by the idea of being put into one. Laughing, he told me he had always wanted to use one and taking me past the table to the wall he spoke to one of the women working the booth and asked to see one of them. When she asked which one he pointed out a leather sleeve with laces and buckles at the wrists and elbows with more straps that I knew would go over the shoulders so it wouldn’t easily slide down the arms.

She asked him if it was for me - ! - and before I could say no he said “yes” so after moving a few off the hangers she picked out two that she thought would fit me. 

For whatever reason I said nothing. I blushed and probably turned every color of red there is - I think in my previous stories I’ve explained that I blush A LOT - and even though I tried taking very small steps as I was being pulled toward the waiting binder I did not say stop, no way, I don’t want to do this. I silently “consented” and after being put into the second one, which - they - both agreed fit me very well, she instructed him how to do the lacing and after my arms were almost touching.

After I told him no more because my arms will hurt too much if he goes any further - and without any hesitation he stopped lacing it tighter, which made me smile inside - he buckled the belts on my wrists, arms and over my shoulders. They actually crossed under my neck, and he told me how wonderful I looked with my breasts poking out like that - like I needed him to announce to the world how my large nipples on my little breasts were trying to poke holes through my blouse making me so flushed with embarrassment and, well, so turned on that I wanted to crawl under something to hide myself. When he told me to try to get out of it, I looked at him with daggers and wanted to yell at him by saying something like “who the hell do you think you are?” and perhaps calling his ancestry into question too. But I didn’t. Instead I moved and wriggled and fruitlessly tried to get my arms out. 

Pulling me to him - he smelled so good! - he asked me if I was okay and all I could say was yes…

He gave me a peck on my cheek and told the woman that since it’s already wrapped we’ll take it as is. Now I was totally furious, anger boiling up inside me, I even stomped one of my feet but, and this was a big but, I didn’t say no and meekly stood there while he paid for the sleeve and, as an added bonus, a 2 inch collar and leash…

Still blushing profusely I almost said something to him when he was putting the collar on me but just before buckling it he asked if I was okay. My world was just turned upside down because I had never before been “exposed” in this way, so publicly, so I told him just how I felt. I told him I was okay. Smiling, he said I deserved a treat. Thinking of the kind of treat I wanted I asked myself “How could he f%$k me in the booth”?

He pinched my nipple - it hurt so good! - and before I realized what was happening - I was in another world at this point - he had buckled a strap around my waist. After attaching another belt to the end of the arm-binder he pulled it through my legs and tightened it to the waist belt. I was in sub-space heaven. I had never ever been treated like that - publicly - and to this day I don’t know why I went along with it, but I’m very very happy I did. 

Taking my leash in his hand he led me out of the booth and as we wandered through the crowd my humiliation grew, I knew I was “wet”. I knew I wanted him “to take me” - and not for a walk - and although I started to moan he ignored me…he ignored me! Even though I couldn’t see his face I knew he was smiling. The bastard!

And I couldn’t avoid all the stares of the other people wandering the aisles. Embarrassing, is putting it mildly. A total turn is saying much more.

Over the past few years I’ve seen other people - mainly women - tied and leashed or just following their Master/Mistress at the convention and although it turned me on imagining myself in their positions I never thought I would be “in their position.” And I loved it.

I never knew I had that sort of thing in me. Oh, I am submissive, I never question that. But this brought out so many new and stimulating feelings in me I didn’t realize - even to this day - I had and how much I loved, appreciated and needed to be treated like that.

My world was suddenly and forever turned upside down. And I only knew Nick for less than 24 hours…

About 20 minutes later - I’m guessing - we stopped at the end of one of the line of booths and there, walking towards us, was Anne and Frank. Grinning like mad hatters they said “hi,” to Nick and without even a small hint of surprise asked “his slave” how she was doing… his slave!

“Just fine,” I said.

While giving me a hug Anne kissed me and told me that I looked good enough to eat.

“I wish you would,” I whispered in her ear and after tweaking both my nipples - like they weren’t sensitive enough - she told Frank and Nick that we would see them for dinner. The next thing I knew she took the leash from him and before I could say anything - like what the f$%k? - she pulled me away from them, brought me to the elevators, asked what room I was in, asked where my key card was - in my right front pocket - and took it out of my pocket. Once we got to my room where she undid the crotch strap, pulled my jeans down, pushed me onto the bed, and after telling me again that I looked good enough to eat did just that…oh my how wonderful it was. 

It’s been almost eight months since the convention and I still feel and in my mind’s eye see her kneeling on the bed between my legs. And, when it was my turn, and without undoing my arm binder, she straddled my face and received the best tongue lashing I could muster.

After showering and while getting dressed Anne told me about their discussion the night before and how she had told Nick a lot of things that I was interested in and/or always talked about wanting to try and that explained how/why Nick did what he did. If I didn’t like it or accept it he would have stopped. But obviously I didn’t tell him to stop so he kept going further and further and now all I wanted was to go to dinner and find out what else he wanted to do to me.

For dinner Nick took me to a restaurant a few miles away from the hotel. While driving we talked about the afternoon and I told him how much I loved what he did to me. I told him that I loved how he took control of me and how I never really knew just how submissive I was. It was a more serious conversation than I had thought we would have. In fact all I had pictured before getting into the car was being tied up and “taken” right there and then. My nipples, now harder and bigger than they were all day screamed at me to be touched and I told him so. 

However instead of doing that he told me how much he liked me, how he loved how I submitted to him, how much he wanted to take me to bed and “ravish” me - his words, not mine - and before I knew it he made a U-turn and we were in his room about 30 minutes later.

Strange as it may sound right now, except for my garter belt and stockings we were naked in bed kissing, hugging and stroking every part of our bodies. There was no bondage that night. We made love and it was wonderful. 

In the morning we shared a shower, had more sex, and I promised to go to his house in Sarasota the following weekend. But only with one condition that he had to agree to.

Escorting me to my room I put my jeans, top and sneakers back on, turned my back to him, and as I felt the arm binder slide up my arms I leaned back against him, turned my head, kissed him, said “thank you Sir”, and as he tugged on the leashed I followed him back to the convention. 

At one of the booths we had stopped at the day before he made another purchase that I asked him for - my one condition - and later, back in my room, he buckled the ring gag in my mouth, tore my blouse open, pulled my jeans off, and “ravished” me almost all night long - how does a 65 year old man have so much stamina? Of course he did get some rest as I knelt with my arms still bound behind my back and took him in my mouth and tasted him twice during the night. I would gladly have done it more but he had other plans of how to satisfy himself. Oh the things a bound, gagged slave will do for her Master…



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