Leather and Steel

by Jim Oz

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© Copyright 2001 - Jim Oz - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; FF/m; bond; bdsm; cuffs; chain; collar; leash; clamps; nipple; spread-eagle; blindfold; gag; cbt; spank; clothespins; climax; cons; X

Leather and Steel

The club was called the Lab and it sat out in the industrial area of town. It was supposed to play alternative rock so the location fit. I hadn't heard much about it, but decided to check it out on ladies night. I had hopes that I might meet someone a little "rough". That black leather and chain crowd always gives me hope.

I walked in and found it to be quite dark. There wasn't a real big crowd, but the night was still somewhat young. I walked over to the bar, trying to look like my meek self, and ordered a dark draft. Somehow it fit the occasion, dark and a little rough. There seemed to be an almost physical dividing line set up towards the darker side of the club, so naturally I wandered over that way. I didn't notice when I first came in, but now, after my sight adjusted, I could see a small crowd of several leather clad women. There were a couple of guys in the background, so I hoped that they weren't all gay.

I tried to check things out without being too overt, but I guess there is something about me that draws out the Tops. It seemed like I just stepped over when a tall woman, with black hair to match her leather, strode up to me and told me to join her crowd. She said her name was Lita and ordered me to stay near.  She was wearing heavy eye makeup and a black muscle tee shirt under her leather jacket. Snug leather pants and high heeled boots completed the clothes. From what I could see under her shirt, it was obvious she was a body-builder. As she moved, the leather pants were snug enough to ripple as her quads flexed. I also had the feeling that the wide shoulders weren't all due to the bulk of the leather jacket. My pulse, among other things, was soon rising in excitement.

The music soon started up and the hard beat of industrial music began to pound against the walls. Lita grabbed me and pulled me out to the dance floor. She was a little taller than I was and felt stronger. She wasn't very busty but had the great V shape of a bodybuilder. She was intimidating and I loved it. We danced a few songs; I think she was checking out if I was in shape or not, and we finally moved over to a small table in the back. I was breathing hard, though not from the dancing. I'm not in too bad shape myself. Just staring at her made me feel great. Other than her name, she hadn't said much, but her looks said it all. She told me to get her a beer and as we sat and drank, she asked me point-blank if I was a bottom. What could I say other than yes.

With that, she got up, crooked her finger at me and walked out.  We got outside in the cold and quiet and she said, "You have a choice, come with me and pain, or leave by yourself." There was never really a choice for me. I followed. She got in her black van, and slid the side door open.

"Get in and shut the door", and as she pointed towards a set of cuffs anchored in the floor, "lock 'em on".

I took another look at her, paused, and swallowing hard, locked 'em on. Oh well, into the valley....

Lita started the van and cranked up the stereo. Ministry was soon pounding in my ears as I sat locked to the floor of her van. Good time for second thoughts, right? Naturally I had them. Lita never so much as looked at me as we went down the road. I was left alone with hammering beat of music and my thoughts to keep me company. It wasn't too much later she pulled off to the side of road. She stepped in the back, opened a cabinet and pulled out a handful of leather and steel. She was strong. I was soon spreadeagled in the back, with leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists chained to bolts in the van. A leather harness with blindfold and gag was soon wrapped around my head. I felt what I thought was a blanket cover me and soon the van started again.

After what seemed forever, I felt the van stop and the engine quit. The stereo died down and I heard the van door open. I was unchained from the van and my ankles were re-connected with a short chain. My arms were pulled behind me and chained up to my head harness. Another chain went around my neck and I was led into a house. We went down a set of stairs and I could smell incense. The heavy beat of music soon started anew. My neck chain was hooked to something high and I was left hanging.  I could sense no one or nothing. The blindfold and the music combined to totally isolate me. Time slowed and seemed to shift into another plane.

The first sense I had of someone was when my pants were pulled down. My cuffs were loosened and the pants came off. The rest of my clothes soon followed with much pinching and fondling. I could only hope I didn't fuck it up big time. The head harness stayed on. I finally heard Lita's voice. She said don't move.  Soon my bondage was redone. My arms were pulled up and out. My legs were wide spread. I was in a completely vulnerable spreadeagle in front of a total stranger (or perhaps strangers).  Clips were snapped onto my nipples and I felt a noose go around my balls. Finally the blindfold came off.

It took me time to see. After the long time of blindfold darkness, the sudden light was dazzling. High intensity lights stabbed the floor and strobes went off in the corners. Colored spotlights were a counterpoint to the heavy throb of music and flashed against the white walls. It was something that Dante might have dreamt up had he been into CyberPunk. Everything was chrome shiny or dead black. Black leather, that soaked up lights and shiny chains reflected it back. When I could finally see Lita, it was obvious she pumped iron.

She was wearing very little, a black leather choke collar and a short and snug ebony leather skirt. She positively rippled with muscles, muscles that glistened in the strobes. Her wide delts connected her full biceps down to striated pecs. Her abs chiseled themselves into her skirt and out flowed a pair of massive quads. Next to her, a black woman in white leather, was a smaller yet equally well shaped mirror image. Just looking at them was intimidating. I must have died and gone to heaven.  When she picked up a five kilo plate and riding crop, I started to worry I might just end up that way.

"It's time for pain", she said, and a shiver went down my spine.

The plate was tied to the noose around my balls and let loose.  I wondered how long I could stand it. Smaller weights were snapped to my nipple clamps. I tried the bindings but there was no give. Was I in over my head? She took the crop and flexed her arm. Muscles, veins and tendons rippled. The crop seemed to be an extension of her tautly tendoned arm. The other woman stepped behind and I felt the tip of another crop slid up my thigh, along the crack of my ass and up my spine. My shiver set all the weights to moving and then without warning, the crop cracked across my butt. As it did, Lita looked deep into my eyes, and I was hers.

The gag was taken off, "I like it loud," she explained, and pulled on the clamps. Another stroke, this time harder, from behind and I jerked. The music rose in power and volume. The noose yanked and tightened, and then another slide of the crop up my back. At the eighth stroke, I finally yelped. I was jerking with each stroke and with each jerk, the weights pulled and the clips bit. My chest felt like two animals were gnawing and my balls ached more with each swing of the plate. The crop seemed to punctuate the continuing aches and pains of the bondage. I was beyond yelps now and tears rolled down my cheeks to blend with the sweat running down my body. Finally they paused and I was given some warm water to drink and the clips and weights were taken off. I thought a break was coming, but it wasn't to be.

A thin black thong was wrapped around my balls and cock and tied tight. A small box of clothes pins was brought out. They took turns clipping them on. Some under my arms, some back on my nipples and then several on and about my cock and balls. By this time I was groaning and pleading. Lita stared at me, grinned and then pulled a large black futon on the floor in front of me. As I writhed in my bondage, Lita and the other woman embraced and laid down on the futon. The two hard bodies entwined in a mass of sleek and taut muscle.

Their lips met and then traced out the outlines of each muscle.  Then soon stripped except for leather collars and twisted and turned in time with the savage beat of the music. Sweat dripped off their bodies and low moans and groans filled the air. I came watching them. I hung in pain and misery, watching two magnificent bodies make love and unable to join. My nipples burned and my balls and cock were sore. I grew hard again and ached against the tight leather cords around my dick. I could feel the sweat pouring into the welts on my behind and then the burn of the salt. The night went on, the lights strobed and the music throbbed and I hung. The women before me, at my feet, yet untouchable, continued to writhe and entwine. And the night went on..........


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