Learning The Ropes

by Michelle

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© Copyright 2005 - Michelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; bond; cons; X

Learning The Ropes by Michelle

First, let me tell you a bit about myself:  

At school, I was always keen on sports, loving gymnastics best of all;  I joined the Scouts rather than the Girl Guides because they did more exciting things.  Boys were just other people of my age who got to do the more exciting things.

Then my body started to change.  I became too curvy to be amongst the best at gymnastics, so I changed to yoga to keep myself supple, and aerobics to keep myself fit.  And I realised that men were much more interesting and even had their uses.

They became interested in me as a woman, and I began to notice those things which caught and held their attention.  For example, I learnt that they were far more turned on if I wore a long skirt with a slit side, so that I ‘accidentally’ awarded them glimpses of my legs, rather than when I wore a mini skirt and they could see my legs all the time.  In the same way, I learnt that a bikini leaves little to the imagination, whilst a well-cut one-piece swimsuit could offer tantalising glimpses which allowed their imaginations to go into overdrive.

Then, as I started to learn about love-making, I realised that men could enjoy the build-up to the act as much as I did, if they were forced to wait, and provided that they were kept fully occupied.  I bought underwear that made them wait – a corset, a basque, a g-string and stockings.  If allowed, they enjoyed undressing me one item at a time and, on other occasions, I enjoyed slowly undressing in front of them, or even making love whilst wearing these.

I found that I enjoyed being in control of the situation, deciding whether I wanted a man to proposition me, sending out the appropriate signals, and then regulating the rate at which we progressed to the final act. 

Then I was introduced to bondage and, for the first time, totally surrendered control of the situation, allowing my captor to have complete control of me.  I found that as exciting and stimulating as being in control myself.


When I went back to college after this introduction, I decided that I need to explore bondage more fully, to discover what I liked and disliked.  In the privacy of my own room, in the house which I shared with four other female students, I began to experiment.

I decided that the idea of simply being a prisoner was not enough to excite me – just being locked in a room or a cupboard, or even restrained to part of a room by a chain round an ankle or my waist, gave me nothing to fantasise about.  It might be a turn-on for the captor, but would be simply boring for me as the captive, and I thought that it tended to separate the captor and captive, rather than promoting a more intimate relationship.  

I needed a much more personal relationship with my captor.  The feeling of ropes, straps or chains restraining my movement was an extension of my captor’s body, holding me.  The tighter they were, the more excited I felt.  I fantasised about my captor fondling and caressing me, whilst I was helpless to do anything but writhe in pleasure. 

I quickly realised that, at its simplest level, play bondage was much the same as wearing exciting underwear – leather straps around my wrists joined by chains, and harnesses even involving chains and padlocks still allowed me full freedom of movement and would simply give me a wider range of ways of extending our foreplay.  Given that I wouldn’t consider bondage by anyone I didn’t trust, there was no element of really giving up control.  Of course, I wouldn’t walk down the street like that, but then I wouldn’t walk down the street in my underwear either.  

I found that the more I was constrained, the more I enjoyed it.  If my wrists were tied or chained together in front of me, that wasn’t as good as if they were behind my back, and it was even better if my legs were also secured so that I had to squirm and writhe on the floor to secure my release.  If I blind-folded myself, I could lose myself in fantasies about my captor or saviour, and what might happen to me.

Best of all was when I felt totally exposed and vulnerable to my captor, inviting him to enter me, and unable to do anything to stop him.  This meant being tied with my legs apart, either spread-eagled or frog-tied with my ankles securely bound to my thighs.

All these things I could do to myself, and I began to enjoy the experience of self-bondage, but I longed to be able to share with a partner.  How was I going to broach the idea to my boy-friend?


I suppose that my solution was no different from that which many others have found.  

I bought from a catalogue a slave-girl costume consisting of diaphanous open-crutch pants, to be worn over a matching bra and g-string.  Having wined and dined my boy-friend, I disappeared and changed into this, and added my own version of wrist and ankle chains, using padlocks.  The keys, I placed on a string around my neck.  I entered the room and stood in front of him.

He almost spilt his wine.  I reached forward to take his glass from him.

“Let me take that, Master.  I am here to serve you.”

That got the effect I was looking for.  His immediate physical response was obvious.  I moved forward and sat on his lap.  Yes.  He was definitely responding.  I placed my loosely chained wrists round his neck and drew him to me.  His hands started to wander and it was only a short time before he carried me into the bedroom.

There, once I was lying on the bed, he paused for a second.  With my ankles loosely chained, he had to improvise a bit.  He slid his head and shoulders up through my legs, so that my ankles were chained together behind his back.  Then he did the same with my arms.  I was chained to him, and couldn’t get free until he had finished with me!  Now I really started to respond.  As he entered me I was hanging onto him tightly, clamping us together.

We climaxed together, and he rolled sideways without withdrawing.  Because of the chains, I was still locked to him, and had to roll over with him, locked together in more ways than one.  We lay together, both contented and spent, and he fell asleep with me chained to him.


Fortunately, he didn’t sleep long and, before his weight on my one leg sent it to sleep, he slid out from my arms and legs.  Then however, instead of releasing me, he drew up the chain joining my wrists, and hooked it over the knob of the head board.  Then he grasped my ankles and slid me down on the bed until my arms were at full stretch.  Then he hooked the chain joining my ankles over the diagonally opposite knob on the board at the bottom of my bed.  Whilst not in any discomfort, I was firmly chained to my bed.  Then he sat down beside me.

“I didn’t know you were into this”, were his first words.  “ Is it something you like to do often, or just occasionally?”

I explained how I had been introduced to bondage, and how much I liked it.  He became thoughtful when I explained that I liked both being the captor and the captive.   I guessed that he didn’t really fancy the thought of being tied up himself, but perhaps I could bring him round in time.

He didn’t release me that evening.  I spent the night chained to the bed, with him lying beside me, both of us under the duvet, and with him occasionally gently fondling me.  I did sleep eventually but, by the time that he did loose me the next morning, my arms were so stiff I could hardly bring them down to my sides.

After we’d both showered and had some breakfast, he announced that he wanted to go out for a walk on his own to think.  I knew that this was the crunch, but there was nothing I could do but let him think things through.  At first, I was very jumpy, but finally I told myself that I might as well amuse myself whilst he was away.

I stripped sown and pushed a well-lubricated vibrator plug up my backside,  Then I put on a head harness with a built-in ball gag.  I then sat on the bed and used two ropes to tie my ankles to my wrists.  By leaving the initial turns fairly loose, I made it so that the knot was tightened by the clinch lops, leaving me firmly tied but able to rotate my wrists relative to my ankles.  I tied one wrist with my free hand , turned on the vibrator in my backside, and then had to struggle a bit to tie the other wrist using my tied hand and foot as one.

Eventually, I simply rolled over on the bed and lay on my stomach in a simple hog-tie.  As I relaxed into the bondage, my legs stayed apart and I could not untie myself without rolling over again onto my back.  I lay there, distracted by the vibrations in my lower body, in a faintly euphoric haze until he finally returned.


He didn’t say anything when he found me.  After a few minutes, he pulled me to the side of the bed and put a shoulder under my tied wrists and ankles.  Standing up, he carried me, like a shopping bag, through into our communal kitchen, and placed me on my stomach on the table.  Then he slid me back on the table so that, from my waist down, my weight was supported by his hands under my thighs, with him standing between my open legs.  As I realised what he was doing, he entered me and began rhythmically working me up to a frenzy,  This was combined with the vibrations from within my backside, and it was only a short time before I was writhing as a powerful orgasm spread upwards throughout my whole body.

I was panting round my ball gag as he pushed me forward onto the table again, and left me there.  I was there about five minutes, realising that I couldn’t release myself because the table was too small and, if I were to roll over, I would fall off and hurt myself.

When he came back into the kitchen, I realised that he has been digging around in my toy box, because he proceeded to insert a second vibrator into my only remaining orifice.  Then, before I could realise what he was doing, he rolled me onto my side and, instead of releasing me, proceeded to tie my ankles, knees and elbows together,  Lying on my side, I was forced to arch my back, pushing my breasts and hips forward to ease the strain.

I started to protest but the ball gag was as effective as ever.  Then suddenly, he rolled me over onto my stomach again.  Now however, my body was stretched so tightly that I couldn’t move a muscle apart from my head, fingers and toes, and my arms were being almost wrenched out of their sockets.  Slowly the pressure eased as I forced my body to relax, but only enough to ease the pain.  I was still completely immobilised.

Then he tied a rope round my waist, and passed the free end through between my legs, pushing the two plugs firmly into place.  He reached up and unbuckled the strap of my head harness which went over the top of my head and, for a moment, he was going to remove the gag.  How wrong I was.  He proceeded to tie the crotch rope to the buckle on my head harness, pulling my head back so that I was forced to look forward.

Only then did he move round to where I could see him.  He sat on one of the kitchen chairs and looked into my face. 

“What I’ve decided is that I am willing to act as your master, tying you up whenever and however it suits me.  I will never let you tie me up.  Think about it, and give me a call if you agree.  Goodbye for now.”

Before I understood what he was saying, he had turned on both vibrators and I heard the house door shutting behind him.  He had left me tied up painfully tight, and wasn’t going to let me go.  I was going to have to wait for one of my housemates to get home to do that.

To begin with, I was in a state of panic, but the two vibrators began to weave their spell, and I surrendered myself to the wait with a mixture of ecstasy and agony.  It was over two hours before anyone found me.  By then, the vibrator batteries had died, and I was suffering from cramps in my thighs and shoulders.  He was definitely not going to hear from me again.