Leah in Control

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2021 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; rope; hogtie; urine; crop; tape; cons; reluct; XX

Leah, first visit.

I am a submissive, into bondage, love to be tied up tight. My girlfriends never really wanted to know, so in the end I put an advert online:

Wanted, female to tie me up, generous fees available.

I had about eight replies to my advert, some were professionals and not what I wanted, then Leah emailed. 

She had no previous experience of bondage, but wanted to earn some money. After a few emails were exchanged we arranged an evening and a 2 hour session. I sent her a full list of what she could do, what use to put each item to, and plenty of scope for improvisation.

I am 50, slim, 6ft, and of reasonable appearance. She was about 30, slim, 5” 6”. She came wearing a long summer type dress, not showing her body.

I took her to the upstairs room where all the ropes and other implements were laid out on the bed. I stripped off my clothes, under my trousers I was wearing a cock cage that would not allow me to get a full erection, if I got excited it would become very uncomfortable.

Firstly I sat on the bed and I showed Leah how to tie my legs, at ankles and above the knees, then I knelt on the floor so she could tie my wrists, the bondage was good, she then added further rope above me elbows, and clinched it pulling my elbows towards each other. Then I slipped over on my side and she added a further rope between my hands and ankles, my hands gripping my heels so that it was very tight.

Leah checked all the ropes then left the bedroom. There I was bound, totally helpless by a stranger, the ropes were tight, my fingers could not reach any knots, I could wriggle around a little and get on my front but there would seem to be no escape. I waited, my shoulders ached a little and the ropes were tight but not too uncomfortable, as in all these situations I tried to escape, slightly panicked, but all my wriggling did not loosen anything, I was facing away from the door so couldn't see her come in, but after what seemed an hour, I heard footsteps and Leah returned.

“I see you have been trying to escape and have moved from where you were put, you need to be punished for that.”

She selected an item from the bed, lying face down on the floor there was no way to see what had been selected. 

'Whack!' The leather paddle stung my left thigh, then immediately my right thigh; several more blows followed in quick succession to each thigh. I tried not to make a noise or move, but it was impossible to stop myself. Despite being strictly hogtied I was still able to squirm about, trying to avoid the blows.

“Stop moving slave, don't make a sound,” she shouted, then selecting another item from the bed, rained a few blows with a riding crop on my thighs, I was yelling as the strokes hit, feeling like they were ripping my flesh to shreds. “I said no moving, the more you move the more you get hit!” she barked. Several more blows followed, I squirmed as little as possible, my breathing was heavy as the crop struck me.

“Do not make a noise or move, I will be back later,” Leah commanded, then left the room.

I struggled against the ropes, but there was no give. I was totally at the mercy of this woman, my emails had asked her to be cruel to me, and she was certainly living up to it. My thighs were burning, I couldn't see what damage had been inflicted, but it took a little while for the pain to go to a dull throb. After what seemed like an age (I worked out later was only 10 minutes or so) Leah returned again. 

“I can hear you moving about from downstairs, slave; I told you not to make a noise,” she said, bending down to my ear. I thought about responding, saying I hadn't but felt this might only make it worse.

“As you are mine to do as I want, I think we need to step this up a little, you seem to have too much movement and make too much noise.” I heard her pick something from the bed, the jingle of a buckle on a strap. “Open wide,” she commanded. A large rubber ball gag was forced into my mouth, it was very large, it needed pushing in behind my teeth, once in I would not be able to push it out with my tongue. The straps were fastened tightly behind my head, now besides being strictly hogtied I was very well gagged, this ball gag made any noises unintelligible. Leah wasn't finished there. I felt her tying something to the rope around my elbows, then she was fiddling about at the buckle of the gag strap, I realised she was feeding the rope through the buckle, then she pulled and my head was forced back.

Leah stood up, I tried to move my head and to protest through the gag, but my head was pulled back awkwardly and the gag reduced my protests to a ‘mrrgg’ rather than the “this is too much” that I was trying to say.

“Stop trying to move or make a noise,” she barked. Then the riding crop again, 2 blows to each thigh. These seemed harder than before, my screams of agony muted by the ball gag.

“Don't go away, I'm off to make myself a cup of coffee, but I will be back shortly.” The door closed and I was left to my new agonies.

My thighs felt they were on fire, her last hits had been over the existing ones, my neck was starting to hurt from my head being pulled back at a steep angle, my jaws were aching from the large ball gag, the straps cutting into the corners of my mouth. Any movement seemed to make it all hurt worse, I wanted it to stop, but there was no way out.

I lay there, drool was starting to leak down my chin, my shoulders hurt, my neck, mouth and the pain in my thighs was only dulling a little. All I could do is wait, I wanted her to come back, but was afraid of what might happen when she did. I tried to relax into the bondage, some people can go into a subspace so they don't feel the torments, but this wasn't something I could do.

After a while Leah returned, she didn't speak. She moved around behind me, pulling on the ropes, seemingly satisfied she walked away. I thought about trying to attract her attention, but this might cause me more suffering, so I kept quiet. Left to suffer, pain now in most parts of my body, any movement just seemed to increase the pains, so I found it best to remain as still as possible. I had shown Leah how to tie me and she seemed to have mastered the art immediately. 

With no idea of time, I could only listen to see if I could hear any noises, the house seemed quiet. Live in a detached house at the end of a close, a very quiet neighbourhood, no sounds from outside, even ungagged no-one would have heard any cries for help.


Leah returned, I heard her walk softly, she was standing just behind me, I couldn't turn my head and didn't want to annoy her by moving. Hands touched mine, seemingly checking for circulation, then she was moving around in front of me. “So do you think you can escape? I want you to try, I am going to go out now and leave you for 30 minutes, if you manage to escape then good. If not I will try a few things that I have always wanted to do to a man, some were in your emails, some I have thought of myself. It will be fun for me, but certainly not for you...”

With that she left, I heard her go downstairs and the front door being slammed shut, I was alone.

I panicked a little, being left totally alone, hoping that she would be coming back, breathing heavily into the gag. I started counting from 1 to 20 to calm myself. I used my fingers blindly trying to find a knot or rope end, but there seemed nothing in reach, whatever I tried only seemed to make me more breathless and frustrated and just increased the aches. The worst was my neck with my head pulled back and the gag strap was cutting into the corners of my mouth, my jaw seemed to have gone numb, the ball gag was too hard to compress.

After what was probably only ten minutes, I gave up the struggle, movement only seemed to make the bondage hurt more, I was tired, hot and frustrated, my breathing laboured. 

A seemingly long time after, I heard the front door open, and footsteps on the stairs. The door opened and I felt her standing behind me. “You haven't tried very hard have you?” she barked, “you must want the next phase then.”

I tried to shake my head and mumble no, she ignored me and left the room. A few minutes later she returned.

I felt the rope from the elbows to the gag strap loosen and thankfully I could move my head, the relief was enormous. Then leaning over me she whispered right in my ear, “I am going to remove the gag, if you talk, beg, or make a noise it will be twice as bad for you, it’s going to all happen anyway so you better prepare yourself.”

I very much wanted it to stop now, but I was in total fear of her threats, so remained silent as she undid the strap and pulled the ball gag out of my mouth with a plop, and a load more drool. I could move my jaw for the first time in what seemed like many hours, aching but relieved. 

My relief was short lived, “Open up,” she said, waving a pair of black lacy knickers in my face. I thought okay I can live with the knickers in my mouth. She pushed them into my mouth, all the way in, there was an acrid taste, then she stuck a piece of tape over my mouth and proceeded to wind it around my head 4 times, making it impossible for me to spit them out. 

“You might find my knickers a bit damp, sorry,” Leah said mockingly, “I took them off and then peed in them.” I shook my head, trying to get rid of the knickers but the tape held them fast. I could taste her fluids, there was a strong unpleasant taste, the knickers filling my mouth. I tried to complain but the panties made a good gag and reduced my complaints to a mumble.

I was then unceremoniously tipped on my side exposing my cock and balls, Leah stood over me a riding crop in hand. “This is something I have always wanted to try” she smirked looking down at me with a glint in her eye. I felt the end of the crop poking and running over my balls, fear immobilised me. I held my breath, despite my very vulnerable position I was getting a little aroused, my cock quickly straining against the stainless steel cock cage.

“You are not supposed to be enjoying this!” she hissed, bending down to my face. Leah stood and there was a playful tap on my balls with the crop, not particularly painful but it got my attention.

Another tap, this time a little harder, making me wince, Leah was smiling down at me. Then a sharp pain as she really flicked the crop, and my eyes watered. I wanted to curl up into a ball but the hogtie prevented it; instead I managed to turn onto my front to protect my delicate areas.

“I didn't say you could move, did I?” she commanded, “get back on your side, now!” She hit me hard on the thigh with the crop to emphasise the point, it stung and made me squirm. Reluctantly and with some difficulty I got back onto my side. My balls were tapped again, not hard but it reinforced the pain from the last hit. I waited, totally fearful.

Leah laughed, “What a worm you are, your balls look all red and hot, perhaps we should cool them?” Without a pause she picked up a mug from the bed and threw the contents at my balls; it turned out to be ice water she must have brought in without me seeing. The shock was almost as bad as the hard hit with the crop. 

“Pathetic,” Leah said, then she left the room, leaving me to my misery.

I was still trussed up in a hogtie, gagged with a woman's pee-stained panties, and with wet and cold balls which now seem to be shrinking.

It was 10 minutes later that Leah returned. I hadn't moved from my side. She pushed me onto my front and proceeded to untie the rope at my elbows, then release the rope attaching my wrists to my ankles, the relief in being able to stretch my legs was wonderful. She quickly untied my hands.

“Get yourself out of the rest of the ropes and I will be downstairs,” she said, leaving the room.

I first removed the tape around my head, it was difficult to find the end, and it hurt as I unwound it and it stuck to my hair and skin, but then I was able to spit out the soaked panties. I fumbled with the leg ropes, my arms did not seem to work properly after being confined for so long. I eventually got the ropes off, again more relieved and got dressed.

Leah was sitting downstairs, checking something on her phone when I got there, my body felt weak and battered as if I'd fallen off a building. I looked at the clock, it had only been two and a half hours! It felt like double that.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked looking up from her phone.

“I would say yes. You were far more into it than I thought, I was really worried about what you were going to do. Your bondage was great,” I said, with an actual smile on my face.

“I was worried that it might have been too much, I could dial it back a bit, if you want to do this again?”

“Again – how about the same time next week?” I smirked.


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