Lazy Winter Afternoon

by Rhys Ford

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© Copyright 2006 - Rhys Ford - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Here goes, the first story i've finished. If it goes down well, i'll try make it a series or something.

All work remains copyright Rhys Ford, 1/7/2006. Standard disclaimer: This is a story intended for those of an adult mind. If kinky lesbian bondage sex doesn't appeal to you, or offends you, then stop reading. If you're under the legal age in your community to be reading smut, then stop reading as well. Only people who like this sort of thing and are old enough to be allowed to do so should be still with me here.
Enjoy =)

Lazy winter afternoon

Rachel's lover, roommate, and best friend Jenna's soft, smooth hands caressed their way down her body, over her trim, taut stomach, but she could do nothing to stop, or even influence their travels. She struggled against the silk scarves holding her hands above her head, clenching the loose ends in her fists, pulling with all her might. Another silken scarf captured her eyes, rendering her sightless, and intensifying the feelings coursing through her bound body. Every touch, even the hot, moist breath coming from the mouth licking and teasing her rock hard nipples felt like pleasurable fire. All she could taste was the sweet, musky juice soaked into the underwear held in her mouth by another scarf. Her nose was filled with the scent of sweat, sex, and candles; and her ears heard only the rustling of the bed sheets.

Her long, smooth legs, sensuously covered in the finest, softest white stockings contrasted with the shiny patent leather boots that encased her calves. Cotton rope, contrasting again, pulled each leg toward the bottom two corners of her queen sized, four posted bed.

She moaned and squirmed as the ever so soft lips covered her nipple, the hot pink tongue dwelling inside circling her aureole, but, teasingly, agonizingly, not quite touching her super sensitive nipple. She let out a disappointed moan as the lips left entirely, and then nearly screamed as her clit was assaulted by a flicking tongue. Her hips thrust into the air, trying to grind her pelvis into the source of the pleasure. Her breathing quickened and her voice changed from a long, drawn out moan, into a series of high pitched ones. The moans rose in intensity as first one finger, then another, teased their way into her steaming vagina. Waves of pleasure rolled up her body, getting bigger and stronger as the questing fingers tickled her g-spot, while her lover nibbled, sucked and flicked her clit.

The waves of passion and desperation rose almost to the point where they'd tip her over the edge of bliss, and then everything stopped. A piercing wail struggled its way past her gagged lips, and her hips took on a crazed dance of their own, seeking the pleasure that had been so cruelly withdrawn.

Her panting had died down into slightly irregular breathing, raggedly pulsing through her nose, when she felt a smooth, cold shaft rubbing along her outer lips. She heard a click, and her nether regions leapt with joy, as the vibrator teased its way between her pussy and her legs, over the top of her pubic mound, then deliciously yet horribly slowly down her slit. Hands flailing as much as they were able, and sightless eyes rolling back into her head, she succumbed to breathless pleasure as the pulsing, vibrating toy massaged the inside of her pussy. The intensity was just low enough to stop her from cumming, like she so desperately wanted to do, but high enough to push her closer to the magic point than she'd ever been able to hold herself.

The unseen hand rotated the end of the vibe around, making the head rub on the walls of her twat, treating her to a new set of sensations, ones that were driving her wild. Garbled begging made its way past the packing in her mouth, but fell on ears that may as well have been deaf. The vibrator was pulled almost the full way out of her pussy, then left leaning against her lips, with the base resting on the bed. The buzzing sensation, while dulled, was still driving her wild with desire, but she had a feeling it would be some time before ecstasy overtook her.

Wonderfully hot lips covered her nipple once again, and she thrust her chest into the soft embrace. Devilishly sharp fingernails traced their way all over her torso, making circles around her other breast, tracing lines along her ribs, and generally driving her wild. The scratching alternated with soft stroking, tickling, and occasionally, a sharp slap on the thighs. She was starting to come down from the highest peak she'd ever been to, when the vibrator was pushed, delightfully hard, deep into her dripping centre of pleasure. Just when she thought it got no better, an attachment gave her clit a thorough buzzing. Her world started to crack at the edges when, suddenly, the vibrator leaped into a whirl. While the vibrations alone were driving wild, the pulsing, shaking, wriggling beast that came to life when her lover flicked the switch shattered the already shaky thoughts running through her mind.

If she felt like she had waves crashing along her body before, this was like someone had dropped a large office building into a pond. A wall of pleasure tore through her frenetic body, starting at her pussy and reaching to all her extremities, then racing back to meet where they all stared. She lost all form of coherent thought, while lights burst behind her eyes. Her jaw clenched shut as an animal groan of pleasure rushed past her teeth. Every muscle she had tensed, relaxed, and then tensed again as more quakes of pleasure sped out from her epicenter.

Fully five minutes had passed before she could even think about calming down, and it was at least another five before her heart rate dropped back into the double digit range.

Jenna's tender, loving hands stroked their way up her body, pausing to untie the gag, and remove the blindfold, one drenched with sweat, the other retaining very little of it's original flavor. Her eyes, slowly adjusting to the light in the room after being rendered sightless for so long, gradually let her see the angelic face of her roommate. Jenna's flowing blonde hair tickled her nose ever so slightly, and Rachel sneezed. Jenna just laughed, and leaned forward to release Rachel's hands from the bed head. As her blood found its way back to her fingertips, Rachel reached up to ensnare Jenna in a mammoth hug.

Jenna de-tangled herself, still laughing, and turned around to release Rachel's feet from their ropes. Rachel, not wanting to miss the opportunity, quickly sat up and tackled Jenna to the bed, planting kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders. They entwined themselves into a satisfied hug, Rachel aglow with post orgasm feelings, and Jenna relishing the ability to get her that way.

"You know, it'll be my turn before long..." were the only words Rachel spoke that lazy winter afternoon.

Rhys Ford.

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