Laura’s Awakening

by Rupes

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Storycodes: Solo-M; MF; M/f; playroom; bond; stocks; padlocks; tease; breasts; strip; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

For a while now I had been seeing a girl who was it has to be said a bit dull. No real sex drive to speak about, and certainly no inclination for anything to do with bondage. This had caused the whole relationship to end up in a right pickle. No matter what people say if you have a kink, then no matter how hard you try eventually it will always come to the surface, and let’s face it who wants to live with regrets of not trying something? Not me for sure.

So here I was not having a partner, no bondage to speak about for nearly two years, in fact no real sex for two years. Staying in a hotel until I could find a flat or house to rent by myself. I had already arranged to meet a few estate agents with a view to not only moving but moving quite a way from the disastrous scene of my last partner.

Eventually I found a house, it was about 60 miles from where my ex lived, the advantage was that by moving north I had managed to rent a house far cheaper but also far bigger than where we had lived together. Moving day came and went, and one of my more kinky mates came up to help me move. I have known her for many years and most people think that we are brother and sister but in fact we are not related, but we are like the male and female counter parts of each other. A relationship with her would simply not work, as it really would be like sleeping with my sister. But we did share our kinky side and often times we would talk about it which was always nice.

I settled into the area which took about 4 months. I was finally starting to feel better about myself. I had used one of the extra rooms to lay out a sort of playroom, and for the first time all my toys were hung up on racks or laid out ready for use. I had painted the room a soothing purple colour and had fitted both blinds and curtains so that when the time hopefully came me and whoever could use the room without the fear of being spotted.

On that fateful evening I came home from work and the there was a message on the answerphone. I had a VoIP phone so that even though I had moved my landline number had stayed the same. It was my ex. She had packed up the remaining few things from our flat and wanted to meet up to pass them back to me. I phoned her back and we chatted for a few minutes, the usual sort of stuff, how are you doing? Are you dating anyone yet? Blah Blah Blah. Anyway towards the end of the call we had ascertained that neither of us had been on any dates and neither really had any plans or prospects in that direction. My ex, Laura, told me that she felt bad that it had ended and could she bring the stuff to my new house. As I had no plans to do anything I told her that would be fine and she could come anytime and I gave her the address.

About 2 hours later I had showered and cleaned up a bit, made sure there was no washing up or dirty clothes hanging around, as I did not want her to think that I was messy without her, and wanted to put a best foot forward and all that. Her car pulled up into the drive way and she got out. She look different somehow. She was wearing tight jeans and boots and a white blouse. This was a bit odd in itself as it’s not something she would normally have worn. I went to the door to greet her. She came in and I offered her a cup of tea, which she turned down and asked if I wanted a glass of wine and produced a bottle of red from her bag. Ok, this is the second change as she never use to drink.

We sat down and enjoyed a glass of wine while we chatted about the times we shared and caught up on our lives over the past few months apart. It would seem that one of her friends had told her that she needed to lighten up sexually and she had taken it to heart. As she finished her first glass of wine she jumped up and said, "Come on lets have the grand tour".

Well there was not much to see, but we went around the house and I showed her the downstairs, garden, then we headed upstairs. I finished the tour of upstairs leaving out the playroom, what’s more I thought I had got away with it and we were about to descend the stairs and attack the wine again when she abruptly changed course and went into the room I had not shown her. "Why did you miss this ….." the sound trailed off as she walked through the door and saw all the toys in their places.

I pushed past her and tried to usher her back out but she just stood there. Eventually she walked over to the stocks in the centre of the room and ran her finger across the top of them. "Still into this then?" she stated. I did not answer her, but instead replied "more wine?"

"Why not, go and get the bottle and bring it back up here" she said. I thought it better than to argue so went off downstairs to get the bottle and some fresh glasses, which I had to pull out of the dishwasher and manually wash up as it had not been on yet. I put the bottle and glasses on a tray and headed back up stairs.

Laura had her hands and neck in the stocks. "How do these work? Can you show me?" she said as I walked in.

Setting the tray down I went over to her and gently put her hands in the places where they should be and guided her neck into the centre. I explained that the top came down and would then trap anyone who was in them. "Show me" she said.

So I gently lowered the top section down. She then moved her head upwards and the top section went back up. "Not very good is it?" she stated. I explained that I had not locked it into place. "I want to try it locked please" she said softly.

So again I set the top piece down around her hands and neck and then flicked the hasp down and pushed through a large padlock and snapped it shut. "There try now".

She wiggled around a bit, but the stocks stayed fast. "So what use is this?" she asked and went on, "I can still kick you as my legs are free" she then demonstrated by lashing out with the top of her boot.

I explained that there was also two holes further back for her feet to go in, walking behind and opening it up. She put her booted feet into the holes. "Does that bit lock too?" she asked. I grabbed another padlock and again shut the hasps and locked the padlock. "There you’re now secure".

She wiggled around a bit and then started to giggle. I asked her what was wrong, "Well what could you do with someone in here?" She asked.

So I walked behind her and gently ran my hands up her legs and grabbed her around the waist, "Can’t you use your imagination?" I asked her.

"So it’s just for having sex in?" she said.

"Well no it’s more than that. You could put someone in a tease them".

"How, show me" she said. So I walked in front of her and unbuttoned my jeans, stood squarely in front of her just out of her reach and started to play with my already erect cock.

She watched me intently for about 5 minutes or so before I moved behind her and reached around so she could feel my cock pressing against her jeans while I unbuttoned her blouse. I started to play gently with her breasts, a few minutes later she was moaning and trying to push back against me desperate for some stimulation. So I stopped. "Not fair" she said in a breathless voice.

I had removed all my clothes and was now stood in front of her completely naked. "Could you let me out now," she asked quietly, I moved forward to grab the key but as I did she opened her mouth and started to give me blowjob. No this was something she had never done before. But here she was, and what’s more she was really good at it. I was just about to blow my load when she abruptly stopped. "No no, if you wanna come you have to come in me!" she said in a teasing voice. I unlocked the padlock, "No I want you to keep me here" she said softly.

Moving back behind her I undid her jeans and slid them down her legs as far as I could. I then slowly moved my hands up her legs, her pussy was already the wettest I had ever felt it. So I slowly slid into her and began to pound away at her. Within a few minutes we were both screaming in the best climax we had ever shared throughout our relationship.

Once we had finished I let her out and we chatted. "It was not as bad as I thought it would be, I had all sorts of things telling me it was perverted in my head." She carried on, "then I spoke to my friend about it and she told me that her and her boyfriend often play tie up games, but not as serious as this, she told me that she preferred being helpless, so I thought what the hell, I might as well try it."

"And..." I said.

"Well, at first I felt a bit panicked as I was trapped, but then I realised that I could trust you, once I realised that, it was like someone flicking a switch and I just got really really horney".

We chatted about the experience for another 15 minutes, then I asked her if she would be willing to try our relationship again as for me everything was perfect except for the missing bondage. She said that she was but she expected it not to be one sided and that I would submit to her as and when she decided I should, and that sex was not always about bondage, but we could also make love when she wanted. I hastily agreed to these terms, and she decided that as I had a bigger house here that she would move in with me as opposed to going back to our flat.

We finished our wine, and she headed back upstairs, "I have been a naughty girl" she said, "I can’t drive now as I have had too much to drink, do you have anything that would be both a punishment for me drinking too much, but also comfortable and safe?" she was looking around the room, she stopped and was looking directly at the all leather straitjacket sleepsack.

"I think you have found the perfect answer to our dilemma my dear," I said as I pulled it down from the hanger and unzipped it…..

To Be Continued….

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