Laura Loses... And Wins

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; chair; cons; X

“Shall we begin?”

Glancing at the chair, Laura hesitated, but a bet was a bet.  Slowly, she settled into the chair, smooth wood cold against the bare backs of her thighs.  The vertical slats on the back of the chair rose to just above her head.  She wondered where Tina had found this old relic.

As Tina bustled around her, Laura thought about the events that had led her to this.  Last weekend, watching a movie, they’d laughed at a scene of a girl tied to a chair.  The rope work hadn’t even been remotely believable, leading Laura to comment that all such bondage was fake.  Tina had responded by betting that she could tie Laura to a chair with one rope, and Laura would not be able to escape.  After some prodding, Laura had agreed, and here she was.

Laura’s thoughts were interrupted by a thump beside her.  She glanced down, and her eyes widened.

“What is that?” she demanded.

“Rope, what else.”  Tina grinned.  “We agreed on one piece of rope, but we never specified a length.”

True.  The only thing specified was that Laura wear only her string bikini for the bet.  “I want to be sure you don’t have anything up your sleeve,” Tina had said with a grin.

Now, looking at the coil, Laura could see that the rope had been doubled before it was coiled up.  Tina took up the looped end.

“I hope this doesn’t tangle,” she said.  “If it does, we may never get you out.”

As Laura sought a reply, Tina positioned her left arm so it lay on the chair’s arm from the elbow down.  Passing the loop over her arm just below the elbow, Tina began feeding the immense double length through the loop.  Once finished, she took the two strands and brought them up on either side of her arm, crossing on top.

“I hope you went pee before you came in here,” she grinned.  This may take just a bit.”

Laura chose not to reply, watching as Tina slowly, carefully, wrapped the double strands around her arm three times, finally securing them with a know beneath the chair’s arm.  Next, she pushed the rope beneath the chair and moved to the other side.  Making sure the rope lay atop Laura’s bare feet, Tina pulled a length up either side of Laura’s arm and crossed them.

“Now it gets fun,” she grinned, then pulled up on both lengths, pulling Laura’s feet up against the bottom of the chair.  Quickly, not allowing any slack to develop, Tina wrapped the strands around Laura’s right arm three times, again knotting the rope beneath the chair’s arm.

While Tina caught her breath, Laura tugged experimentally at her bonds.  With her arms secured, and her feet drawn up,  she began to have her first doubts about this bet.

“Um, I think you’ve made your point,” she said hopefully.

“Oh, not nearly,” Tina replied, moving back to Laura’s left side, where she reached under the chair and drew the remaining rope to her.

“What do you mean?” Laura asked, watching as Tina, working only slightly quicker with the still huge length of rope, triple-wrapped and tied her left wrist.  Again, the rope was passed beneath the chair, and her right wrist was soon secured as well.  Laura had to admit that she was well and truly tied.  And Tina had only used about half the rope so far!

“Be right back,” Tina quipped, and dropped out of sight.  Laura felt rope being passed behind the length stretched between her elbows, then between her ankles.  Three wraps, and her ankles were now securely tied together.

“I’ll let you watch the next part,” Tina said, sliding a full length mirror and setting it beside Laura. 

By craning her neck, Laura could watch as Tina fed the two lengths of rope between the back slats on either side of her.  Glancing down, she watched as the rope crossed her belly just above her bikini bottom, then back through the slats.  A quick tug and a knot, and Laura was drawn firmly against the back of the chair. Three more times the rope was fed through, and now Laura was held to the chair back at belly, above and below her breasts, in addition to the first wrap.  A final feed passed under her arms, up over her shoulders, then behind her, looping around the center slats.

As Laura tugged at her bonds, Tina drew up the now greatly depleted rope, wrapped it around the center slat, and tied it carefully.

“One more thing,” Tina said, “and I can begin to collect my winnings.”

“Winnings?” Nervously, Laura tried to twist to look behind her.  The terms of the bet were that the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted, with no restrictions, for 24 hours.

“Of course, dear,” Tina purred.  “I get what I want, and I want you.”

Laura opened her mouth to protest, only to have what felt like a hard foam ball shoved between her lips.  Tied as she was, there was little she could do as Tina forced the ball fully into her mouth.  The final length of the rope was now drawn around her face, pinning her head to the back of the chair and holding the ball firmly in place.  A final knot, and Tina stepped around to admire her work.

“Very nice,” she murmured, then leaned down to untie Laura’s bikini bottom, drawing it slowly and carefully from beneath the ropes. Her top soon followed, and Tina drank in the sight of her helpless body.

Stripping quickly, Tina settled herself on her bound friend’s legs, curling up in her lap and resting her head on Laura’s shoulder.  Idly playing with a nipple, she began whispering in Laura’s ear.

“You know, she whispered, “a girl could grow old waiting on you.” 

Laura stiffened slightly, a questioning sound emerging from behind her gag.

“Oh, don’t give me that surprise routine,” Tina continued.  “I’ve seen you watching me when you think I don’t know.  You want me, but you don’t have the nerve to say so.  Well, guess what, now you’re going to have me, just not in the way you thought.  So relax, and we can both enjoy this.”

Laura closed her eyes, blushing slightly.  Gagged as she was, she couldn’t deny Tina’s words.  Especially since they were true.  She’d done her best to hide her desire, afraid to ruin the friendship.  Now, it seemed, her secret was loose, even if she wasn’t.

Relaxing in her bonds, feeling Tina’s fingers begin to slowly move down her body, Laura smiled into her gag, thinking of what she’d lost.  And what she’d won.