Late Night Library Fantasy Part 2

by Miss Trussed

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© Copyright 2013 - Miss Trussed - Used by permission (featuring the late Dave Simpson)

Storycodes: MM/f; captive; bond; gag; rope; tape; tease; voy; strip; fondle; toys; torment; mast; denial; cons/reluct; X

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Part Two

I could feel hands unstrapping me from my seat & re-binding my wrists before I was roughly hauled to my feet. Light blinded me as for the first time that night the hood was pulled from my head. As one of the pair held me around my throat with his crooked elbow, the other remove the sodden gag from my mouth before re-gagging me with thin, stretchy surgical tape. It’s incredible tackiness welded my mouth shut, moulding every contour of my lips.

“Let’s get some photos of her standing, she looks fucking fit in the gear”!

I was backed against the wall & secured by my wrists to the window latch, my elbows cruelly bound together behind me.

I felt humiliated. They took it in turns to snap photographs of me on their mobiles as I teetered on my heels, my knees bound together.

The more frustrated I became, the more they smirked.

My shoulders burned. The more I struggled, the more they ached.

“Haha…she’s getting pissed off! Look at her face”.


The pain was becoming unbearable. I grimaced at my captors & growled through my gag. I tensed as they approached, one of them holding my photo album, thumbing through the pages & thrusting one page into my face.

“How about this one.”?

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“Does that make you horny, you kinky little bitch”?

With some relief my elbows were released before I was pushed uncerimoniously to the floor…..

….. & pulled into a crude but effective hogtie.

I had never been hogtied before but had always been fascinated at how helpless the models had looked. I struggled hard resisting his pawing as best I could. His hands circling my breast & buttocks rythmically.

“Hold still you little fucker”.

Rough fingers began to grind at my clitorous through my silky skirt.

I couldn’t help but respond to his touch. The combined feeling of total helplessness & stimulation was overwhelming. My eyes rolled, I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as I rolled my hips against the pressure of his hand.

“Look at this dirty little slut. Even when she’s tied down she’s still trying to rub herself off”!

Then without warning the thug rolled me onto my side, put a knee on the rope between my wrists & ankles, grabbed my hair & pulled my head back. Now I couldn’t move an inch.

As he peeled my pencilskirt up my thighs my captor barked his order at his accomplice. “Give me the toy”.

I heard it before I felt it. A low-pitched humming noise moments before the small bullet shaped vibrator was pushed directly against the hood of my clitorous.

There was no foreplay, no teasing against my inner thigh, tracking slowly up towards my spot, just the instantaneous sensation of being taken from arousal to near orgasm within a split second.

My reaction was totally uncontrollable. My body went rigid, straining the very limits of my bonds, my thighs cramping, my wrists & ankles burning, my back locking. I let out a muffled sheik through my taped lips but was instantly silenced by the hand clamped over my mouth forcing my head painfully back as it did so.

Then everything seemed to go into slow motion. I was held in that position by powerful arms & unforgiving ropes. Every tiny movement I made was supressed by subtle movements of his knee against the rope & his hand over my mouth. The ropes did the rest. The tiny vibrator didn’t need to move. It remained expertly tucked deep into my hood working relentlessly on drawing me into my very first bound orgasm.


I was so close, my body twitched uncontrollably but so many distractions bombarded me, keeping me on the very edge of orgasm. I would never have believed that I could be so close for so long without falling but it was happening to me right now. My mind & body were playing tricks & prevented me for succumbing; I wondered if it would be painful. I had never been so sensitive & this time I had no way of stopping.

Another distraction. I was convinced these guys were aware of what they were doing to me, preventing me from climaxing as long as they could. Another wave was approaching & my body language had given it away. I drew a slow, deep breath, filling my lungs until my blouse was fit to burst, that high pitched yelp, the twitching……

In his world, his timing was impeccable. A second before my point of no return he pulled the mini vibrator away. He released my mouth from is grip. I panted violently as they both mocked me.

“You stupid little bitch. Did you really think you could take the piss out of two old fuckers like us & get away with it”?

“Yeah, I fucking hate cock-teasers. You ain’t so fucking smart now are you”.

My whimpers grew as they prowled around me continuing their insults.

Their concoction of insults, teasing & stimulation was unleashing new emotions, a potent cocktail of extreme arousal, frustration & fear!

For a moment, my body slumped. I whimpered, almost sobbing. The pair noticed at once..

“That’s the trouble with students Kenny, they’re work-shy. I think she needs another prod”.

The plea in my mind took me by surprise…..

“Oh God, not again…..please, please make me cum”!

As the tip of the tiny vibrator nestled into my hood I tried to focus. It was instant, as soon as vibrator touched me I was surging towards orgasm & once again, my captor denied me. As soon as he recognised the moment, he removed the vibrator just long enough for me to come down before working on me once again.

Again & again he teased me. My pussy ached, whimpers were now of pain & utter frustration. The fear had gone. My craving to cum was overwhelming.

What the hell had he done to me?

Although the other captor had little contact with me, his comments contributed to my feeling of being a true damsel in distress.

“Feel her pussy, she must be soaking”!

“Hehehe, yeh she dripping!

My skirt was pulled up & I was rolled over, exposing my naked buttocks. My g-string was wrenched down & I felt two broad fingers probed my lips before thrusting deep into me, not so it seemed for my pleasure but to gouge a palm full of my juice.

“Look at this”

He was holding his glistening fingers out to his friend. As I watched he manoeuvred his hand over my face & slowly tipped it. I could see my own fluid, glistening in the dim light trickle towards my cheek like a spider on a strand of web until I could feel the bead touch me & slowly form it’s trail down my cheek, jaw-line & neck. He clamped his still sodden hand over my mouth, slipping one finger under my gag. He toyed with my lips, moistening them with my own cum.

What happened next was surreal. Without a word my captor re-positioned my g-string, pulled my skirt back down, gently smoothing it across my bottom & thighs as he did so. Then without a word he joined his accomplice on the far side of the room behind me to sit & watch me bound on the floor.

They sat in total silence as the minutes ticked by. The click of a lighter & the thin fog of smoke only confirmed their relaxed state.  The emotion of fear began to loom once again. The silence was unbearable. I twisted over to see them watching me as they puffed on their cigarettes.

The minutes passed, still nothing. My head spun.

“What were they doing”?

Soon my question was answered.


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