Late in the Evening

by Siobhann

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© Copyright 2016 - Siobhann - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Sbf; bond; rope; cuffs; gag; chairtie; cockrings; harness; slaves; anticipation; denial; climax; mast; cons; X

Late in the evening when the street grows quiet. A warm summers eve, windows open to receive the cooling breeze, the daytime sun waking the sweat but now in the dark those beads of sweat tingle and chill the skin. She watches the evening deepen, her lovely silhouette illuminated by streetlights now framed in the window.

Slap is nicely tied to the couch. Melora has teased him for a while, but now instead of pleasuring them both, she goes to the bedroom to retrieve a bag. Her bag full of bondage toys. She places it near a chair facing the couch. She also opens the front door, quite silently, and leaves it simply ajar, the apartment now unlocked, accessible to anyone who uses the stairs. She silently seats herself in the chair, and slowly empties the contents of her bag into her lap. She ties herself to the chair, comfortably, but helplessly. The final piece is the timed cuffs, which she has set for a few hours, they will automatically unlock themselves before dawn. She smiles at her helpless slaveboy then closes her eyes and relaxes, awaiting her fate.

She has offered herself and her slaveboy to anyone who wants them. Anyone who will take them. The tradition is understood. The night passes slowly as the two subs await their fate. Passers-by clop footsteps on the sidewalk, getting louder as they approach, and disappointing the slaves as they grow quieter walking away. Car doors slam. Laughter in the distance. The bound couple simply breathe and listen. Finally, the footsteps stop, a key, the front door on the street opens. The sound of the stranger using a key and turning a knob seems unnaturally loud. Slap and Melora exchange glances at each other, panting quietly, simultaneously fearing and desiring the stranger entering the building. The sound now comes from within, the footsteps echo in the hallway and enter their apartment through the slightly open door. Melora feels her heart thumping in her chest, she is sure everyone can hear it, her panting is sure to give them away. The stranger will hear her breath, enter the apartment, and have his way with them.

Melora craves sex. She is so excited, so aroused, that she is desperate for the ruffian on the stairs to enter her doorway, and enter her. Slap is also ready to pop, his eyes trained firm on Melora, he also is desperate to get off, he hopes the stranger takes advantage of her offer. The top of the stairs, footsteps on the landing, right outside their door. Slap almost holds his breath, trying to remain quiet, but through the fear also hoping to be used. Neither of the slaves can see the door itself, so they in their minds must imagine the heavy wood slab swinging silently on its hinges, the stranger entering, looking about, hungry.

But the steps are quieter now, going up the next flight of stairs. Someone who lives above. He walks on past the doorway, not noticing that it was open. They hear his steps grow quieter until finally a far away door closes and the danger is gone, gone to bed, drunk maybe, spent, not interested. The slaves look at one another, trying to laugh maybe, or breath again. Slap gives in, the sexual tension defeats him, and he climaxes. Hands tied to his thighs, unable to touch himself, his bound cock engorged by the cockrings and ball stretcher, pricking the air above his stomach, exposed, offering itself, opens up and spurts out globs of jism, Slap groaning and grunting into his gag, body spasming and twisting as best he can in his bondage, he closes his eyes and loves his climax. He cannot believe it, he has never cum from fear before. His pleasure triggers Melora's reaction, and she climaxes too. Together quietly they bask in the afterglow.

Another hour or so, quiet, post-orgasmic bondage, she tries to sleep even. The streets are dead still, even the breeze has stopped. A monstrously loud click jolts them both back to life. Her cuffs sprang open. The simple click sounded out like a crash in the dead still night. Her hands are free. She sits up a little, and undoes her legs. Then unclips her body harness. Frees her ankles. She stands, uneasily at first, her legs asleep, he mind woozy from the night of arousal. She walks slowly to the door, closing it, locking it, embarrassed by how loud she is, the door bolt like a gunshot in the pre-dawn still. She reappears in the room, looking at Slap, smiling at him. She walks over and unties his hands, freeing wrists from cuffs. He can do the rest himself. She goes to the bathroom and starts a shower.

Untied and free, he gently takes the cock bondage off, dropping everything to the floor, as she had done. Plenty of time to clean up later. He hears her in the shower, not sure exactly how to talk to her, or what to say, after this adventure. He must have liked it, he couldn't lie about that, the spill of dried cum betrays him. He lays back on the chair, and pleasures himself again. He hears her gasp from the shower room, she likes it in there.

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