The Last of Tony Part 3

by Tina

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© Copyright 2008 - Tina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; susp; electro; tape; enema; nc; XX

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Part Three: Final Part

An hour later, Tony was completely hairless, with a feeding tube down his throat and an enema tube crammed up his ass. He had fought as best he could all these things happening to him, but he still he could do nothing about it. The hair had come off first, as Kate, with a lot of relish, had first used an electric razor to remove the hair from his head and crotch, then had used some sort of hair removal product all over his body, to take every last bit of hair off his body, except his eyelashes. Even his eyebrows had been taken away from him. Once this was done, a massive head harness ball gag had been shoved into his unwilling mouth. This one was a bit different than the first one he had worn, in that it had a one-inch hole in the middle of the hard rubber ball in his distended mouth. She then slowly worked a tube down his throat. It was either swallow it or let it choke him to death. His body was still retching slightly trying to expel it, but as with everything else, there was nothing he could do about it. After the tube had settled into him, he watched as Kate began to pump a thick liquid into his stomach.

“It’s the most powerful diuretic I could buy. I mixed it with various high intensity laxatives. You are going to be having some fun soon.” She grinned happily as Tony groaned into his gag. “We better get you plugged up before we get a mess.”

After some adjustments made to Tony’s pulley system, she had him stretched out as far as possible. His ass was now wide open for her use. Tony bucked and struggled but before long the slender plastic tube of an inflatable enema bag was crammed up his ass. She pumped up the tube, until nothing could pull or push it out of him. She then pulled over a metal pole, with a large plastic bag attached to it. The bag was filled with what looked to be oil. She took the bag off the pole, and put it into an industrial sized microwave oven in the corner of the room. After a few minutes she seemed satisfied that it was warm enough, brought it back over and put it back on the hook on the metal pole. She then attached the tube from the bag, to the one in his ass, released a lever, and the thick oil quickly followed gravity into his bowels. She allowed the oil to at first flow naturally into him; She then squeezed the rest of the bags contents in, with quite a bit of relish. Tony felt like his insides were going to burst. He bucked and struggled, screaming into his gag. In inflatable tube in his ass would not come loose though.

“We have to leave that in there for about a half hour. By then the laxatives will have really had a chance to work too. I’m afraid this is going to hurt a lot, babe. Be back in a little while. Don’t go anywhere.” Kate lifted Tony’s gagged head and kissed him on the cheek. He tried to rip his face away, and Kate grabbed him by the straps of his ball gag and forced him to face her.

“You just added fifteen minutes to your time with that oil up your ass. You want to add some more?” She said this with a low, cruel voice. Slowly he nodded his head “no”. She then went to kiss his cheek again, and this time he did not try to pull away.

“Good boy.” She said quietly. “Nice to know you are my bitch now. Anytime you do anything that displeases me, you get punished. Of course punishing you pleases me, so you really are in a world of hurt here.”

She released his head, which immediately returned to its former drooping state, and Tony could hear her footsteps as she left the basement.

While Kate went upstairs to fix herself a meal, Tony was in the worst agony of his life. The oil in the enema was acting like some sort of cleaner on his insides. The laxatives felt like his bowels were going to explode. There just was nothing he could do, but stand there and take it. He pulled and strained at the straps that held him, but he was not strong enough to affect them. Finally after what seemed to be days, he could hear Kate return. She first went up to check on Tony, but he did not raise his head to meet her eyes. She then reached her hands up to Tony’s lower abdomen and squeezed a little. Tony groaned again at the new form of pressure on him. Tina then walked over to the nearest wall, and uncoiled an industrial sized hose that had been hidden in the wall. She adjusted some of the dials there, to turn on the water, and at least make it lukewarm. She attached the bulb to the pump on the ass tube, and finally released the pressure from it. The oil, shit and everything else that had built up in his intestines came bursting out. Kate had stepped deftly away, and went over to the hose turning the knob on it to allow for a massive water flow. She aimed it at Tony’s ass first washing all the waste off him, them moved to the floor washing everything down a close by drain. Tony was breathing as hard as he could through his nose, relieved that he was finally rid of all that. Kate put her lips next to Tony’s ear and whispered.

“Only two or three more times, and you should be completely clean.” She then walked over to get another enema bag. Tony groaned in defeat and fear into the rubber mass in his mouth.

Over two hours later, Kate was once again washing away the refuse from Tony’s third long term hot oil enema. Kate had paid special attention to what had come out of him this time, and could tell that nothing was left inside of Tony that needed to be cleaned out. Tony was completely spent, his full weight on his stretched out arms, unable to hold himself up anymore.

“Now that you are all cleaned up, both inside and out, its time to really put you in some tough bondage. This is why I got you, Tony. To see how completely I could bind you. This is going to be your entire function for the rest of you miserable life, to be my plaything.”

Tony did not bother looking up at her; he just continued to hang there, bits of drool falling to the floor from the tight areas where the ball was crammed into his mouth. He never had hated anything as much as he hated this bitch right in front of him. Five seconds would be all it would take. And he could snap her scrawny neck. His hatred could not stop what was happening to him, and his fantasy life of murdering his captor, was useless.

She was around behind him now, adjusting his ass cheeks. She had lubed up a massive hollowed out metal dildo, and began to slowly shove it into his defenseless ass. Tony screamed into the rubber ball in his mouth, and again tried to pull his body free, but again, no matter what he did, he could not stop the invasion. She got the dildo rammed as far as it would go, and attached a leather harness system to flange at the bottom of it. This attached itself to a wide leather belt, which was pulled as tightly as possible around Tony’s waist. The harness system not only held the dildo snugly in his ass, it also attached to another metal arrangement that she began to arrange around his cock and balls. Thick metal rings at the base of his cock, another one that fit tightly around his ball sack, and finally a third one that was placed around the shaft.

“I know how much you like the whole electro play of our relationship.” She said with a wide smile. “I want to teach you what will happen to you if you resist me at all as I bind you.’ She had produced another remote control, and pushed a button on it. The agony he had felt from the shocks he had received from the collar when he was captured was nothing compared to this. His ass, balls and cock all received vicious prolonged burst of white-hot agony. Tony screamed and thrashed, until finally the bitch took her finger off the button.

“I won't kill you Tony, so I won't even threaten to do so. You are being kept alive because I want to make you as helpless as humanly possible. I want to see that fear in your eyes as you are being placed in another impossible bondage position. But I can and will hurt you. Now do you understand that if you resist ONE LITTLE BIT, you will get a shock at least as bad as that one, and you will still end up bound in exactly the same way as you would have if you had complied?” She had grabbed Tony’s chin to force him to face her. “Now are you going to be a good boy here?”

Tony forced his head to nod up and down in acceptance. Anything to avoid another shock. Kate happily got to work.

She first began with the legs, keeping his arms bound to the ceiling. She worked on a leather full-length boot up each leg. They were like tight leather socks, that laced up all the way to the top of his thighs. Each foot was forced into a metal boot attached to the end, which held his foot pointed straight in an aching en Pointe position. Then each leg was pulled up, so that the heel met his ass, and wide leather straps were pulled tightly around his upper thighs and ankles. This fused each leg to itself, and with his feet each trapped in the metal boot, everything below his hip could not move now.

The motor from the pulley holding his arms above him came to life again, and Tony was lifted off the ground. His wrists and shoulders screamed in agony as they held his entire weight. Slowly he was floated to the center of the room, twisting slightly as he continued to struggle against his bonds.

Finally he was lowered back down, in a section of floor that had lots of evil looking wires and tubes coming out of it. Finally his bound knees touched the ground, and he was able to take most of his weight off his poor wrists. Kate came around to the front of his dangling body, and attached a metal pole with u shapes on each end to his knees. She then adjusted the pole so that his legs were forced as far apart as she could get them. Tony’s continued helpless groans were ignored by Kate as usual.

Finally she lowered him all the way to the ground, so that he sat on his own legs, with his feet curled under his butt cheeks. The spreader bar held his knees far apart, and created a sort of V shape from them to his body. She then attached a flexible hose to a bayonet mount on the dildo in his ass. She then placed another clear plastic tube over his flaccid penis. This fit all the way up his shaft. It was a vacuum tube, and pulled his cock hard into it, sucking it all the way up to his balls. Small straps locked into the metal electric device she had placed on him earlier. The tubes from his dick and ass both ran into the floor directly beneath him. Finally she ran a thin metal cable from the middle of the spreader bar that held his knees far apart, to a metal ratchet placed in the floor, about three feet in front of him. She quickly levered the ratchet until the cable was as tight as a guitar string. She even playfully plucked it, creating a tinny note. She smiled up at him, as he stared helplessly back. His arms still high above his head, and now his lower body, slowly but surely, being placed in complete immobility.

“We are almost halfway done, sweetie.” She said with a maddening coolness. “ And the best parts are yet to come.” Tony feebly pulled at his arms, fearful as to what could possibly happen next. He didn’t have long to wait to find out. Kate produced a leather sheet that was about a foot and a half wide by two feet long. It had buckles all along it. She pulled this around his unprotected torso, and began to strap it on him.

“That’s right, my little bitch is going to be wearing a corset.” She laughed at this, finding it a lot more amusing than Tony did. The corset fit from his hipbones all the way up to the middle of his chest, right below the nipples. After pulling all the buckles on tightly, she then used a large Allen wrench to tighten the corset further.

“It’s boned all up and down it with steel springs. I am increasing the tension quite a bit. Its gonna make it tough to breath, but you don’t need a lot of air to sit down here tied up. You aren’t going to be doing a lot of physical exertion.” She explained. Tony groaned as the metal frame of the corset was tightened more and more. The corset began to take on an hourglass look to it, along, of course to his crushed waist. Tony’s breathing was getting more and more labored, and his breaths getting shorter and shorter as the space his lungs had to inhale was reduced in half, at most. Finally Kate stopped turning the wrench, and the tightening stopped.

Kate then went to work all around Tony, setting in winches on the floor in front of, in back of and to the left and right of him. Thin aircraft cable was then stretched from each of these points, and locked onto grommets welded onto the corset. One in the middle of his chest, one in the exact center of his back, and one each on the side, exactly halfway in the middle of his ribcage. Kate hit a single button, and the small winches embedded in the floor began to slowly take up any possible slack. These were, like the previous cable that ran to the spreader bar between his legs, was tightened like a guitar string.

“What I am doing, Tony, is taking away all your ability to move, joint by joint. Your feet and ankles are fused into the en Pointe position by the boots. Your knees are sealed into that kneeling position; your hips and back are not being crushed into total immobility by the corset and these cables. All that is left are shoulders, wrists, and neck, and a new even more mouth-expanding gag. Kind of scary, huh?”

Tony was scared, and did not want to meet Kats eyes. He instead stared up at where his arms were being held to the ceiling, looking for any way to get one of them free, to be able to strike out at his sadistic captor. Kate grabbed his face, and forced him to look at her.

“The problem for you, now, Tony is a big part of this bondage is to not only completely immobilize the body, but to crush the mind as well. Its called sensory deprivation, and most of your sensory input comes to you through this big fat head of yours. I am going to fill your ears with a sealant that expands like the insulation they use in houses. This is incredibly dangerous, and even though I have a solvent to remove the sealant, once its sprayed in you, your ears will cease working. The ability to transmit sound to your brain will be lost. Right after that, I am going to take this pitiful ball gag out of your mouth, and replace it with a far more effective pump gag. Oh a pump gag is like a balloon crammed in your mouth. You can imagine it fills more space than that massive ball that’s in there right now. Normally they fill pump gags with air, but I am going to force heavy syrup in there instead. It makes your gag even more effective, and reduces even the occasional jaw twitch to nothing. I am telling you this, because then I am going to wrap your entire head in rubber electrical tape. This tape has a nasty habit of contracting back after its been stretched onto whatever its being used on. You can imagine how two layers of this black hell are going to feel. After your head, is completely cocooned into that, I am going to put this on you.”

She walked around Tony, and then came back to his line of site with a mannequin head completely covered in a leather mask.

“This is the strictest, most sadistically cruel bondage hood I could design. The only holes in it are these tiny little metal spots where your nose is going to be, and one that will allow that feeding tube to be threaded out of it. The inside is lined with rubber, so it will seal perfectly with the rubber tape your head will be covered in. There are straps all around it, to cover the mouth, the eyes, to crush the jaws even more around the gag you will be wearing. Finally, so you see how long the neck is here? It’s a posture collar, and like the corset around your waist, it can be adjusted to whatever tightness I desire. It’s very stiff, and cups your chin and neck into complete immobility. This is how I am going to take away any movement of your head. Well that and more cables to the ceiling once I have this lovely helmet locked onto you. I would tell you how your arms are going to be taken away from you, but you will find out as I bind them into submission in a little while. Even if you wont be able to see, or hear what is happening, you sure will feel it. Now lets get you that new gag I promised you.”

Kate unlocked and pulled the ball gag out of his mouth. A stream of saliva poured out of his mouth, dripping onto the floor and his bound legs.

“I swear to fucking God I am going to kill you bitch. I don’t care what you do, I am eventually going to get free, and when I do, I am going to bury you alive, and laugh as you scream.” He said.

Kate laughed at him. “Bury me alive? Wow, and that is a plan I had later for you. I can’t wait until we do that now, so you can learn how terrifying it can be. Now lets get that mouth crammed full of something, so you can quit making an idiot of yourself with threats you will never have a chance to make come true. I imagine you are going to fight me here, but its inevitable that you are going to be gagged, and gagged as well as a person can be.”

He did fight her as best he could, as she threaded the thin feeding tube that still stuck out of his throat through a hole in the middle of a limp thick rubber hag, and then pressed the bag to his mouth. He kept his mouth clenched shut, but a quick application of electrical current to his strapped balls got him to loosen his jaw. The bag fit into his mouth, and a leather harness went all around his face to hold it in there. She produced what looked to be a caulking gun from behind Tony, and attached a tube from it to a plug on the gag in Tony’s mouth. She pulled the trigger on the gun, and a thick liquid flowed from the gun through a clear tube, and began to fill the bag in his mouth. Every time she pulled the trigger, more of the gooey liquid would push into the bag. As it filled, Tony’s already sore jaw would be pushed farther apart, his cheeks began to puff out, and his words went from garbled, to groans, to pitiful, almost silent moans. The gag swelled until Tony was sure his jaw was going to snap off his face. Finally, Kate removed the caulking gun, screwed a seal into the plug, and ran a finger over the saliva covered expanded gag that distended out of his aching mouth. The skin of the rubber mass was stretched incredibly tight. She thought she might have filled it a bit too much, but she was also enjoyed the prospect of such a massive gag being kept in him for a long period of time.

“Well we are at the point where you become deaf, Tony. I plan on taking away any semblance of sanity from you, while you bound like this. I plan on you being a drooling mass of meat if I ever decide to remove that gag, and take off the hood I’m going to apply. Who knows, maybe I will solder a titanium lock or two on the hood, to keep you in it permanently. If that’s the case, it’s going to be complete sensory deprivation for as long as you have it on, and a big part of your senses is the hearing. You pretty much know whats going to happen from here on out, so I don’t need to explain it anymore. You got anything to add to that?” Kate laughed as Tony replied with another groan from his throat.

She took an aerosol can that looked like the fix a flat things people used to repair automobile tires. She shoved a tube from it into his left ear, and pushed the sprayer on the top. Tony could hear as a warm substance shot into his ear. It expanded and solidified within ten seconds. She quickly moved to the right ear, and after whispering a sly “Goodbye Tony” into it, she repeated the process on that side. Within seconds all sound was cut off for him. Not only the sounds of Kate taunting him, or of his useless struggles against his ever increasing bondage, but the sounds of his own breathing, even his heartbeat. He was made completely deaf, by that gunk.

Tony felt his arms being pulled farther apart, as the winches holding his bound wrists moved away from each other. Kate was giving herself plenty of room to work on his head now, and she showed Tony a box of electrical tape she had. She pulled one roll out, and starting at his neck began to wrap around him with relish. She was very careful not to pull the tape around his neck very tight, but once she got above any obstruction to breathing, she made sure that the tape was applied as tightly as possible. Around and around his gag distended mouth. Immediately after she applied it, it began to contract on itself, clamping the massive gag into his mouth. She then wrapped under the chin, and over his head, slowly but surely replacing his tan skin with featureless black tape. Eventually his entire head, except for his eyes and mouth, were cocooned in a shrinking mass of black vinyl.

Kate deftly inserted a hard plastic tube deep into each of Tony’s nostrils. Despite the tape, and the gagging, he found that he could breath fairly clearly now that they were inserted. Even though his breaths came in short, helpless pants. Partly from the corset that was crushing his diaphragm but mostly from the blind panic he was feeling, as she resumed her taping job, each wrap over his nose coming slightly closer to his pleading eyes. Two full rolls, of 50 meters each were spooled all around his head.

Finally, Kate reached around Tony again, and showed Tony some sort of black putty she was kneading in her hands. She ripped off a piece of it, but the rest down, and after shaping the piece, put it over Tony’s right eye which forced it to close. It stuck like glue to his skin, and she gently pushed the stuff around so it filled his eye socket completely. She looked in his untouched left eye, mouthed a sweet “goodbye” to him, and then applied more of the putty there. After she was content with the putty filling every possibly way for light to get in, she picked up a third roll of tape, and brutally finished his mummification of his head.

Inside his new hellish prison, Tony was reaching an almost animalistic level of panic. He was sure he was going to suffocate; he was going to die like this. He tried to pull his arms away, thrashing around helplessly. Kate sped up her process now, afraid that if she did not get the big man completely secured, he might dislocate his shoulders with his frenzied, panic attack. She pulled the leather helmet off its mannequin head, and slid it over Tony’s shaking tape covered one. After making sure the breathing, and feeding tubes were put through holes in the thick leather, she began to lace it onto him. The neck collar was still loose on Tony, but it already cupped under his chin, and took away most of his twisting of his neck. She locked this on first, and after it clicked shut, she used a wrench to tighten it perfectly.

The helmet itself laced all the way from the top of his head, to the where it connected to the iron stiff collar. She pulled these laces as tightly as she could, using a tool that resembled a knitting needle to get every bit of slack out of it. She could feel the rubber of the lining of the helmet seal itself to the rubber of the tape covering poor Tony’s head. The helmet itself fit Tony perfectly. It formed itself into a grotesque mockery of Tony’s tortured face. Brown leather covering black tape covering tan skin. A zipper flap covered the lacing up, and a lock at the base of his neck kept the zipper safe from coming loose. Finally wide leather straps at the mouth, eyes and under the chin to over the skull completed the helmet prison.

Kate adjusted the winches holding his wrists again; bringing them together now, until his arms were straight up and down, with his shoulders directly behind his head. She pulled a roller buckle strap around his arms, just below the elbows and locked it tightly there. This jammed his arms tightly behind his helmeted head. Since his head could not move forward at all, his shoulders were forced into a very uncomfortable position, with his arms directly behind him, pointing straight upwards.

Finally she lowered the winch’s attached to his wrists downward, and his wrapped hands flopped helplessly between his shoulder blades. Kate now began to apply a special leather arm binder of her own design. . Kate used some more of the electrical tape to tightly bind his hands together. Mummifying them from elbow all the way to the end of his balled fists. She repeated this four times, She then forced, with not a little difficulty, the bondage sheath over his bound arms. It slid over his arms the soft leather covering them from shoulders to bound hands. Like the helmet it too had a lacing system, that she pulled as tightly as she could, a zipper that covered the lacings, that was locked shut, and finally locking leather belts that she pulled tight at the biceps, elbow, and wrists. Leather straps ran over his chest and down his back to connect to points on the corset. This prevented any slippage, even though that was highly unlikely.

When she was satisfied that the arm binder was as tight as possible, she then produced the last piece of his wrist bondage. It was a stainless steel device that opened into halves. It was shaped to fit snugly over his forearms and hands, closing together to prevent any movement of the wrists. When she applied it, it barely fit over the taping and leather binder, but fit it did. It was essentially steel manacles attached to a hollow steel ball. With them on, Tony could not move his wrists at all. The manacles and steel mitt locked on, sealing Tony in yet another redundant, and inescapable bit of bondage. The end of the ball of steel had a small attachment on it. Kate locked a short length of metal cable to this, and attached the other end to the center of his corset. With brutal professionalism she used a ratchet to pull this arrangement as tight as possible, bringing Tony’s bound hands slowly down the exact center of his back. The metal ball that held his hands was nestled directly between his shoulder blades, unable to pull away from himself. His elbows now pointed directly skyward, and his shoulders ached as they squeezed together behind his helmeted head. Kate ran a couple more straps that wrapped around his arms and head, locking them together even further.

“Almost done.” Kate said to herself. From the same winches that had held his wrists high above him before, she unspoiled two cables. The first of these she locked onto a metal grommet at his high pointing elbows, the second one she attached to another metal ring at the top of his hooded head. With her handy remote control, she took all the slack out of these final bindings, until Tony was stretched as tight as possible. Finally she rolled over the drip hanger she had used before to give Tony his enemas. This time she attached a much larger bag to it, and lifted it up over six feet above the ground. The bag was clear plastic held and held five gallons of a special concoction of Kate’s on invention. High protein, vitamins and minerals, mixed in with small amounts of extra strong stimulants, and most importantly a decent portion of Sildenafil citratem, or in other words, Viagra.

She connected the concoction to the feeding tube that protruded from the helmet, and set the drip at a very slow rate. She adjusted some knobs that controlled the dildo up his ass, and made sure that everything was turned on, and working. She ran her hands up and down his body, reveling in the muted moans he was making, and the whistle of his short breaths moving through his breathing tubes. She kissed his face, on each sightless eye socket, and on the mouth, feeling the bulge of the gag under her warm lips. As a last bit of sadism she gave his balls and ass another brief shock, to see how much he could move in his new bondage. He groaned and shook a little, but no amount of struggling on his part, no matter what, he simply could not move a muscle.

Deep inside his tape and leather hell, Tony felt as his arms were pulled into the unnatural position they now assumed. As more and more straps and locks were applied to him, and every muscle, joint and anything else that could move on him was bound to brutal tightness. He felt her run her hands over what exposed skin was left on him, and her hands and mouth on his covered face. Then when the shock hit his ass and balls again, he could now do absolutely nothing. His body jerked and twisted as hard as possible, but no movement was allowed. He might have screamed but of course he could not hear anything at all now, as sight, sound, and taste were completely taken away from him.

Finally, possibly the worst aspect of his bondage began. Slowly at first, but without any pity, the dildo in his ass began to gyrate, and warm up. The suction tube on his dick also came alive, beginning a slow, steady rhythm on his cock, sucking mercilessly. His balls and cock were also being very gently given a low-grade electrical current. Something else began to happen to him, at this time. Completely against his will, he could feel his cock getting harder. He felt nothing erotic or exciting about anything that was happening, but it was occurring anyway. He had no idea about the concentrated viagra and other stimulants that were now flowing in his system, or how the dildo in his ass, electrical devices on his genitals, and the suction of the tube all came together to force the erection on him.

He was being fucked by a machine, and his body betrayed him no matter how much what was happening to him repulsed him. Kate watched as his dick came to life, and Tony’s already shallow breathing got even more labored. She smiled in glee over what was happening to him, and how long this was going to be going on. Finally, her exhaustion was becoming overwhelming, and she turned, and walked to the lone exit, turning out all the lights as she left. The doors closed and locked behind her, sealing Tony completely alone in his tomb of torture. She was sorry that she was just too tired to hang around to watch Tony cum against his will time and again. Add to that the random shocks that the program she had developed would administer, and he would probably be a blubbering mindless mess before morning. Too bad she planned on keeping him in his present position for a full seven days.

Tony was left in his blind, deaf and helpless world. A few hours before he had been a free, powerful man. Now he was a faceless, bound object being fucked silently in complete isolation from any rescue. His panic was overwhelming, but all his strength, led to nothing but frustration and hopelessness.

It was the first day of weeks, months and years of pure, inescapable, and total bondage.