The Last of Tony

by Tina

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© Copyright 2007 - Tina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; electroplay; tape; bagged; nc; X

Part One

Kate Amos sat in the dark of the strange house, for the tenth time checking that the bag of materials at her side was still complete. Her watch said it was 2:18 AM and she knew that her prey would be home at any moment. She had never felt more afraid, yet more vibrant in her entire life. The thrill of what she was planning, of her ultimate fantasy being so close, was almost overwhelming. Finally she saw the lights of big pickup truck pulling into the driveway.

There was no turning back now, and that realization only added to the uncontrollable excitement she was feeling. She knew every aspect of her preys life, where he worked, where he played, every minute of his every day was accounted for, for the last two months. He was just getting off work from his swing shift job at a paper mill. It was two thirty in the morning on a Wednesday, so Kate knew that there would be no one with him, and she could complete her task without fear of discovery.

She gripped the massive cattle prod tightly in her hands, more fear sweeping through her that it would somehow fail her at this moment. She heard the garage door open and close, and the door to the pickup do the same. Finally the door in the kitchen, which led to that garage, began to open. Kate pulled back a little farther into the alcove she was huddled into. The light from the garage did not quite reach her, so she was still invisible to him. She knew he was tall, but seeing him, with his head barely missing scraping the seven foot doorway he stood in, made the fear she felt heighten still more. If this did not work, she would be alone in his house, with an enraged muscular giant. A giant that Kate knew loved to hurt women.

She watched with anticipation as he flicked the switch to the kitchen lights. She knew they would not work, having removed the bulbs when she broke into the house several hours ago. Her prey cursed, and moved his massive frame into the house, stumbling along towards Kate, just as she knew he would. Just as he reached for the hall light, she stuck the cattle prod out, and into his armpit. Before he could react she pressed the big red button, and massive amounts of electricity struck him. The man didn’t even let out a cry, he simply lurched backwards, and fell into the hallway, his body twitching helplessly. Quickly Kate leapt up, and shoved the helpless man onto his stomach. While he groaned with pain she managed to pull his massive arms behind his back and click the regulation handcuffs around his wrists.

She had him.

She could not believe it. She had him. Oh to be sure they were still in his house, a long ways from the safety of her own place, and he was still incredibly dangerous, but without his arms, he was now in her control. As he still moaned, recovering from the incredible shock his body had received, she pulled a dog collar with metallic studs along it, around his muscular throat. It was a tight fit, but she quickly had it locked on. She had the only key to that little collar, and it was on a table back at her house. It was not coming off for quite a while. With a malicious grin, she decided to test how effective the collar was on her new toy. She pulled a small remote control, with a dial and a button on it. She moved the dial up to 50% and hit the button with sadistic glee. Another electrical jolt shot through the poor man, and he spasmed, uncontrollably. The jolt was not nearly as powerful as the one that had come from the cattle prod, but it was strong enough to take away all bodily control from the victim.

“That little jolt was half power, Tony.” She made sure that he knew that she knew his name. “If you give me any shit about anything, you get another taste of that… got it?”

Tony was too busy focusing on the pain to answer, and Kate took the opportunity to give him another quick blast of pain.

“Answer me when I ask you a question, asshole!” She said menacingly.

“I… got it.” Tony gasped out, when he regained full control over his body. The pain that the collar gave him was incredible. It was like a switch turned off his brain, and replaced everything he felt with white hot fire. And she could double the power on it?

He laid very still for now, hoping that whatever she was going to do to him, she would do it quickly. He could feel the cuffs on his wrist, and they had been put on way too tightly. His hands were already going numb, and if they were not taken off or loosened very quickly he was going to lose his hands to lack of circulation. Kate simply watched for a while as he laid on his stomach, his fingers, which were turning purple, fluttering helplessly at the small of his back.

She reached into her duffel bag, and pulled out a ball gag with a blindfold attached. The ball was massive, nearly three inches in diameter, but it would certainly keep him quiet. The blindfold would serve to make him even more helpless. She straddled Tonys back, putting the remote control for the collar on a chain around her neck. If he tried to get up, or knocked her off, she could always reach it and shock him back into submission. He certainly was not going to like what happened next. She grabbed the ponytail of his long, greasy hair, and pulled his head straight back towards her with her right hand. Tony grunted with anger as he was pulled into a bow, with Kate sitting on his back. He could not get any leverage to fight her though, and was fully aware that the collar around his neck was still there, so he didn’t say anything.

“Open wide, fucker.’ Kate taunted him, pressing the slick, hard rubber ball against his mouth. “You are a complete pig, and you might as well look like one. This isn’t an apple, but it will do for now.” Tony kept his mouth shut though, unwilling to be treated like this by some tiny bitch.

“Tony, if I have to give you a shock now, I am going to turn the power up another 25% and make you beg to have this ball shoved in your mouth. You can’t get free, and your hands are going to fall off if I don’t loosen the cuffs. You better do exactly as I say, or I will fry you till your brains smoke.”

Kate made no attempt to sound menacing. She knew she could do whatever she wanted to this fucker, and she actually liked that he was trying to resist in some way. It made her power over him even more apparent. She jerked back on the pony tail just a little more, and Tony, realizing he was defeated, reluctantly opened his mouth. That was all that Kate needed, and with absolutely no mercy she started shoving the ball into his oral cavity. It took a lot of work, but finally the largest part of the equator of the ball, popped behind his white teeth. She let go of his ponytail, and grabbed a buckled strap that was melded to the ball. Pulling the strap behind Tony’s head she buckled it as tightly as she could, forcing the ball another inch or so into his gaping mouth in the process. Tony groaned as he felt his jaws distend more than they were designed to do. The groan was almost completely held in his mouth, by the massive rubber mass in it though.

“Time to say goodbye, idiot.” Kate said, as she pulled the leather blindfold over Tonys dark eyes. Another strap was buckled behind Tony’s head, again with sadistic tightness. Finally other straps, under the chin, over the blindfold and on top of the skill, were all buckled together, fusing his mouth even tighter over the now saliva slick red ball. She quickly spun around and repositioned herself, sitting on Tony’s knees now, and facing his cowboy boot clad feet. She pulled steel shackles out from her duffle bag, and quickly attached them, over his jeans, to his ankles. The shackles had nearly a foot of chain between them, so he would still be able to walk, although with very small steps.

She spun herself around again, now sitting on his ass, and took a look at his hands. They were really a dark purple now, and she knew if she did not loosen the cuffs very soon, he would be damaged. She pulled out another set of shackles, this set with only six inches of chain between the cuffs. She attached one to his right arm, right above the elbow, and did the same to the left arm. Finally she grabbed the keys to the handcuffs, and took them off Tony’s wrist. Despite them being on for less than ten minutes total, they had left deep indentations on his skin. Tony groaned again, this time from the relief of his hands getting blood flowing back into them. He still could not pull his arms from behind his back, due to the elbow cuffs now encasing them though. Kate reached once more into her bottomless bag of bondage devices, and after some rummaging around, pulled out some nail clippers and an emery board she had put in there. Very carefully she clipped all his fingernails as close to the finger as she could. Using the emery board to file the nails to an even closer cut. Finally she was satisfied with her manicure, and moved back up his body to put her lips against his ear.

“I’m going to take away your hands now. It’s not going to hurt at all, but those pesky fingers of yours are just not going to be usable ever again.”

Tony began bucking helplessly at this threat. What was the bitch going to do, chop off his fingers? No matter what she did with that fucking collar, he could not allow that. His sudden outburst caught Kate a little off guard she fell a little off his back, giggling slightly at his pathetic struggles. She then simply reached to the electric shock remote bouncing on her chest, and gave Tony another nice 50 percent power jolt. Tony screamed helplessly into his gag, unable to breath, unable to fight. Finally after a million years, the pain stopped, and Tony was left panting through his nose for much needed oxygen.

“Did you just try to fight me, fucker?” Kate asked with another giggle in her voice. “I told you that taking away your hands was not going to hurt you, and I never lie. I’m not going to cut anything off, or even draw a drop of blood. But if I wanted to, you will from NOW ON, gladly accept it. Do you understand you worthless piece of shit.”

Tony nodded his head as best he could, in the affirmative. He had been wrong, whatever she did, it could not be worse than that collar boiling his body.

“That’s a good boy.” Kate purred, and she kissed Tony’s ear with her full mouth. “Now we have to get rid of the hair on your arms, so I am going to be using a razor on them. Don’t flinch any, or you will get cut, and we both don’t want that. Got it?” Tony nodded his head again.

She again reached into the bag and pulled out a travel sized razor and shaving cream. Quickly she lathered up his right arm, from the wrist almost to his elbow, and began to remove all the hair. She was very careful, and Tony, mindful of the threat of being cut, kept as still as possible. After a couple minutes his right arm from the elbow down was completely devoid of any hair. She did the same process on his left arm, and using a towel she had, dried him off completely. Once again into the bag, she removed a red hard plastic ball, with five wide grooves on it, a little bigger than a tennis ball. She also took out a large roll of black electrical tape, and a small bottle of industrial strength, fast drying glue. She put a little dab of the glue in each of the grooves. She then put the ball in his right hand, and lining up his fingers with the grooves, pushed them into each one, including one for the thumb.

“Squeeze down on that ball as hard as you can big boy.” She said, using her own hands to help him grip the ball. He did as he was told, and she held his hand in that position for a full minute. She knew the glue dried even faster than that, but she wanted to make sure. Finally she let go, and allowed his hand to drop. “You can let go now, Tonykins.” She cooed at him.

Tony tried to open his hand, but they would not respond. They had been fused to the ball by the glue all along the length of his fingers. He could not move them at all. While Tony struggled with releasing his grip on the ball, Kate busied herself with attaching the roll of electrical tape to a dispenser of her own design. She then attached the glue to a holder, and now when any tape was dispensed, a thin sheen of the glue mixed with the already harsh adhesive of the tape. With practiced ease she began dispensing the tape over his hand holding the ball. She pulled it very tight, so as it wrapped around his trapped hand, it contracted, crushing his fingers into the grooves of the ball. She very carefully wrapped the entire hand, and continued up the arm, until from the middle of his forearm on down, it was a solid black mass. She repeated the entire procedure on his right arm, and in a few minutes both his hands had become useless stumps.

“There we go, big fella. Now you have no hands. Pretty cool huh?” She taunted him. She pulled his wrists back together behind him, and put the handcuffs back on each of them. Tony struggled briefly with the wrappings on his hands, but there was not even the slightest bit of give.

“Okay, I guess I have done enough playing around here. We gotta get you back to my place, so I can really do some work on this body of yours.”

She finally got off Tonys back, and grabbing him by the pony tail, began to help him to his feet. After quite a struggle, he was able to stand up. She attached a dog leash to his collar, and after grabbing her bag of bondage goodies with some gentle pulling got him to slowly follow her towards the garage, where his truck was parked. On the way she picked up his keys, which he had left on the counter. She brought him around the back of the big truck, and opened the tailgate. She had him sit down on the gate, and then pull his feet up into the bed of the pickup.

“On your stomach, asshole.” She said threateningly, and Tony complied. Kate then got into the back of the truck with him and dropped the bag next to Tony’s head. She once again sat on his ass, and reached into the bag for some lengths of slender chain. She pulled one free, and then spun around to face his fettered ankles. She attached one end of the chain to a link in the middle of the ankle bindings then stood up. She roughly pulled the chain up, bringing his legs towards his hands. She looped the loose chain through the bindings between his elbows, and continued pulling. Inch by inch more and more slack was taken up, until his boots were touching his helplessly wrapped hands. When she felt like he would have very little movement left to him, she locked the hogtie off, binding his ankles to his elbows. Tony grunted with more discomfort, but the ball in his mouth prevented him from really complaining.

“I’m afraid that you can still move around too much there, Tony.” Kate said with touch of disappointment in her voice.

She grabbed another length of chain, and attached it to metal “O” ring at the top of gag/blindfold arrangement that he was already wearing. She then began to pull his poor head backwards, using the superior leverage she had, and then attached this chain to the same elbow bindings that his ankles were bound to. Maliciously she tightened the chain more and more, until Tony’s head was pulled straight back and his sightless eyes were facing the back of the cab of his own pickup. Just when Tony was sure that she was planning on snapping his neck this way, she seemed satisfied that he was bound well enough, and she locked off the final chain. She shoved Tony onto his side, and his muffled grunt of pain, humiliation and discomfort was easily held in by the massive red ball stuck in his mouth.

One last time, Kate reached into the bondage bag, and pulled out a neatly folded nylon ski travel bag. She opened it completely and it was six feet long, with a zipper that ran its entire length. She opened the zipper, positioned the bag next to Tony’s helpless form, and rolled him into it. With his body tightly bound in a reverse C position, she was able to fit his entire body into the bright blue bag, and zip it up without much diffuculty.

“There now if anyone is driving by and happens to look in the truck, they will just see a bag in the back, and not know that you are there at all.”

Kate knew that Tony could still hear her, but he had no way of responding. She got out of the bed of the truck, closed the tail, then hopped back into the truck and slid Tony into the back rear corner so that he was wedged against the tail and the side of the truck. She then used some tie downs already in the back of the truck to secure the bag, with Tony in it, securely there. He would not be moving around at all, no matter how tight a turn she might have to make. She grabbed the bondage bag and hopped back out of the truck.

She went back into the house, and very carefully put the light bulb back into the socket in the kitchen. She made sure that everything that she might have left behind was picked up. She then went back to the garage without even a look back. She crawled into the cab of the truck, tossing the bondage bag into the empty seat beside her, inserted the key into the ignition, and after pushing the button on the garage door opener, pulled the truck out. It was only 3:08 AM. In less than an hour, she had reduced that gigantic, powerful man, into a bound ball of helplessness. It still being so early, there was nobody else on the road at all. She pulled the truck on out of the driveway, closed the garage door, and rolled away from the house.

She drove the truck to an alley behind a Costco less than two miles from Tony’s house. There was no one there, and she knew from endless hours of research that there were no cameras, and no police patrols in this area. She pulled into the wide alley, and next to the garbage dumpsters there was a late model Toyota parked there. She pulled the truck around, then backed it up until the car and the truck were facing away from each other, their rear ends almost touching. She stopped the truck, and pulled out the keys to the Toyota from her pocket. She clicked the automatic trunk release, and could see in the rear view mirror the lid to the trunk on the Toyota lift open.

She got out of the truck, and walked back to where Tony was bound. She was able to get into the trunk of her car, and then open the tail of the truck. The tail dropped down, and revealed the still secured bag holding Tony. She released the tie downs attached to the bag, and then began to slide Tony towards her, in the trunk. She figured out where his knees were, and pulled that end of the bag in first. With a minimum of bouncing, she soon had Tony completely in the trunk, and she then closed the tailgate, and stepped deftly out. Without a word she then closed the trunk to the car.

'Let Tony think about what was happening to him', she thought delightfully.

She then got back into the truck and parked it further down the ally. She locked it up, and then hurried back to the car. She made one careful scan of the area, to make sure there wasn’t any homeless person or kid hanging around, but the alley was so clean that she could tell that she was completely alone. Except of course for the bundled man in her trunk. She got into her car, and with a silent prayer, started it. It came to life right away, and she then pulled out, and began the twenty minute drive to her own house.


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