Lady Victoria

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The door opens and I push the large shiny metal case up the ramp into the reception room of the large Victorian house. Mrs. Goldstein hops on her high heels in front of me excited and happy to see me as she has been waiting for this moment for weeks.

"Oh Jonathan I am so glad you have brought it. Is it ready?" She asks in her posh London accent.

"Yes Mrs..." I start to say before being interrupted.

"Victoria! Please!" She insists.

And I acquiesce and say, "It is Victoria, is it still going where you asked me to put it when I measured up?"

She smiles and waves her hand at me already heading to the rear of the house. I watch her elegant figure hugging skirt and the bum it contains as she strides off, heels clicking, each foot placed carefully in front of the other.

Mrs. Goldstein is a very good looking lady of leisure on her mid 40’s whose husband is something of a big name in the city, "oodles of money darling so don’t skimp on this will you!"

We had met through friend of hers whom I had worked for and still do. Mrs. Goldstein is a very determined woman who usually gets what she desires and I didn’t want to upset my other client so had agreed to do the commission and keep them both happy in the process.

We reach the small lift and I push the wheeled case into it. And reaching in push the basement button before leaning back out and running down the stairs after Mrs. Goldstein. She already has the case pulled out of the lift when I arrive at the bottom. I look at her perfectly groomed hair and face and she smiles at me.

"So Jonathan the big day is here then," her voice had a quiver of excitement in it. I nod and wait for her to open the door to the room she wishes the contents of the box assembled and mounted in.

The old coal store is about 20 foot by 30 foot and contains a gas boiler in one corner that now heats the water and the house. There is a coal hatch is in the roof of the cellar to attest to the old ways of heating and thick opaque glass tiles let some light in from the road outside. The basement has lots of old rooms and once was the living quarters for the staff that would have serviced the house and its owners. It still has its old bells that can be rung from anywhere in the house for attention.

I quite like it down here. It has a history that shows in the old lime painted bricks and the thickness of the walls. I get my tools and start to unpack the box.

Once unpacked I remove the bottom section which looks like a upside down Y and  as Lady Victoria holds it in place I ratchet the securing bolts locking it into the solid stone flooring. The hinged middle spar is then attached and the vertical beam bolted onto it. I spend the next 30 minutes attaching the extras my client has ordered and adjusting them. A quick polish and the stainless steel beauty is ready for the hydraulics and the power supply to be coupled up.

"There finished!" I stand back and admire my craftsmanship.

"Very nice!" Lady Victoria smiles at me licking her lips and asks, "Okay do I get trained how to use it?"

"But of course you do; it’s company policy!"

Going back to my transit van I get out two more cases and carry them down into the cellar. Setting the computer up on the table takes nearly as long as setting up the hardware.

‘Shit,’ I think, ‘I still have stuff to mount on the walls.’

Lady Victoria comes in with a tray of tea and chocolate biscuits and sits watching me set up the web cameras and sound equipment.

"I will be done in about fifteen minutes Victoria," I say bolting the last few things to the wall. I notice she is quivering a little now.

Excitement or fear who knows?

Still everything has to be done with style in her class so she nods and wanders up stairs. I plug all the leads into the junction box and start a test cycle. It’s all okay. I sit drinking tea and dunking my biscuits wondering what Victoria will be like.

+ + +

Her entrance is quiet and not so confident.  She is wearing a dressing gown  over, well I am about to find out.

I smile at the once confidant woman whom is now, as a child.

Pushing myself off the table I’ve been resting on I walk over to her and point at the machine. "Madam your fate awaits you!!"

Her head comes up and she looks me in the eye. "It does, doesn’t it?" She smiles and drops the dressing gown.

I try not to stare. Her body even though she is touching 45 is toned, her large breasts sag slightly but that’s not to say that detracts from the form in front of me.

She looks nervously at me.

 "Apart from my husband and my doctor you are the only man to see me naked in the past 24 years." She demurs and looks at the floor. "I... am I okay to look at?"

"Well I would have whistled but its not PC anymore marm!"

She smiles and looks pleased.

"I like the corset and stockings too; they add to the over-all look."

She walks over to me and looks at the computer and then at the article in the middle of the floor.

"Can you set it up then?" She looks at me and smiles.

I nod and look at the screen. She moves the web cam; pointing it towards the machine.

"I’ll train you how to set yourself onto it. And then I will go to see your husband."

It’s two hours later and I pull up outside the office of Jacob Goldstein.

Locking the van and I go to the reception "Mr. Jamieson to see Mr. Goldstein"

The girl on the desk looks and points to the door. "He is waiting."

I enter and see the tall grey haired man jump up and hold out a hand.

"Hello pleased to see you. Did it all go well?" He smiles. Not embarrassed at all. "Is she okay?"

I nod and look at him. "Yes she is okay. She is a very good looking woman Sir! If I may say so."

He smiles and nods.

"You must think I am crazy to be working while she spends so much time at home."

"I don’t think anything at all Sir, shall we get started?"

He points to a high end desktop and I ease myself behind the keyboard.

"Okay this is the web address I have set up for your computer at home. It’s encrypted so only you can see what’s going on. Are you ready?"

He points to the large plasma TV set on the wall. "I will get it on a large scale," he grins and says. "Let it begin then."

The screen goes bright as I patch the desktop in.

The room is brightly lit and I focus the cameras.

Mrs. Goldstein is facing the camera: a huge ball gag with a tube running through the middle of it; a stainless steel band round her forehead holding her head perfectly still; the focus of the camera shows her face and her neck, which is also has a band round it.

Mr. Goldstein looks at me and smiles. Her eyes are shut and she seems asleep.

"Can we talk to her?" I nod and point to his web cam. "The mike on there will do it. I have it closed off. Do you want me to open it?"

"No we will let her know you’re here a slightly more interesting way shall we?"

"She is your wife Sir!"

He grins. "Okay then can you let me see some more of your work then?"

The camera pans slowly back and Mrs. Goldstein comes into view in all her beauty.

Her arms are outstretched in crucifix shape and metal bands enclose her wrists and upper arms attaching them to the outriggers that go out 90 degrees from the backrest. Her breasts are held in shiny thin circles round the base of them, tight to her ribcage. Each nipple has a small casing over it.

I glance at her husband. He smiles back at me. "By god sir I like your work.!"

I nod and continue the outward pan. A thick band encircles her waist pulling it in; that was in addition to Victoria’s corset. Her shaved pubic area had a thin clear wire taped to the front. That ran to another cover over her clitoris.

"That powers the vibrator attached to her clit. There is also a shock and adjustable clamp arrangement."

He nods and I roll the camera a little lower. Her legs are splayed and locked into ankle clamps around her ankle boots. Between her legs is a machine. Its 8-inch rubber dildo is just parting her lower lips. She was moving her hips slightly -- rubbing her mound on it.

Sir Roger says, "The hussy, she is pleasuring herself. Can you stop that movement?"

"Not from here sir, but I can place a pair of upper thigh bands to stop that sort of thing."

‘Poor Victoria,’ I think. ‘She has not got much movement in this as it is.’

He nods. "If you would. When can you do the work?" I get my diary out. He looks at me and says, "£300 pound bonus for you if you can get them done for Monday!" 

I nod. He smiles, "Good god man, I like good tradesman."

I show him how to zoom the different cameras in and how to split the screen so he gets all three views at once.

"Okay show me how to work this baby!" I open up a plan of the qwerty keyboard and show him the release key.

"F11 lets her go."

"Okay show me what this will do then." He looks a me and licks his lips.

"What would you like me to start with?"

He grins a wolfish grin. "Start at the top!"

"These two keys tightens the breast rings". I hold down the control keys and press the ZX keys. Lady Victoria’s eyes pop open and she smiles at the camera as the rings close round the bases and her breasts swell up into balls. I let go and turn on the microphones so we can hear her.

Her husband reaches past me and holds them down and I watch her eyes bulge as the clamps make her breasts huge.

"And to release the pressure just hold down the ZX keys without the control button," I tell him. And to the lady’s look of relief, he does so.

He smiles and asks, "The nipple clamps?"

"What would you like to do, they can vibrate, clamp or shock!"

"Well..." Now he pauses, "clamp!"

I hold down the control button and press the n button looking at the screen. "Each press tightens them one notch." I press the m button to do her other nipple.

Lady Victoria is panting and looking at the camera with a lustful moist look. I tap each one looking at her face while doing it. When I see her wince I stop.

I hold down the NM keys and then press the caps lock key. I then press the V key and she shakes her breasts a little. "Okay both nipples are on a low vibe.  They won’t switch off till you hit the caps lock key. To increase the vibrations just hold the V key and hit the + key."

"This is superb!" he looks at me. "Okay start the dildo."

I do so and we watch as the shaft starts to move, I use the wheel on the mouse to control the depth of the stroke. Victoria is panting and looking at the cameras with a growing lust. Her hips are moving with the stroke.  Her groans are coming faster.

Her husband watches with a look of lustful anticipation. He watches her as she moves towards to her climax.

Just as she gets there he asks, "Which is the shock key?" I point to it and move out of his way.

Just as his wife gets on the edge he hits the shock button. And she screams and comes.

"Bugger I didn’t mean that to happen," he groans.

I continue to show him the controls and he notes all the buttons.

He waits and we drink coffee. I admire him for his not wanting to play with his new toy while Lady Victoria regains her control. He starts to play with the breast clamps and the nipple clamps. He enjoys the control as she starts to heat up. I see he is doing all right. And decide to leave. Another satisfied customer.

He reaches out and shakes my hand, thrusting a twenty pound note in my pocket.

Going out of the office and climbing into the van I smile and set off home When I got home I thrust the twenty pound note into my holiday jar. Checking my email I smile. He has sent me a nice email.


It’s Wednesday  afternoon. And after getting a text I am sitting behind my computer. I type in a web address and Lady Victoria smiles at me from behind a huge ball gag.  Ah I love my job I think as reach for the start button.

Mr. Goldstein may pay the bills but Mrs. Goldstein has her own account and likes the after sales service I provide.

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