Lady Jane

by Rod Stiffener

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© Copyright 2001 - Rod Stiffener - Used by permission

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Part Two

I paid off the cab driver and hopped into my van. I had to tell Mike about this - how the ice queen definitely had another side to her.  It was information he would relish, and maybe even act upon.  Getting my cellphone out of the glovebox, I dialled him up.
“H’lo” he answered.
“Mike, you doing anything at the moment?”
“About to hit the sack.  Why?”
“What did you think of Jane tonight?”

“Interesting situation we got her into there.  She didn’t seem to be too averse to it, either.”
“Do you fancy her, then?”
“She’s a lady I’ve wanted to bonk for years, but she’s a stuck-up tart, millionaires-only need apply.”
“Tonight could be your lucky night.  As it happens, she is not at all averse to it.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Tie her up, and all thoughts of your bank balance just seem to go right out of her head!”
“No shit!  Where is she now?”
“At her place.  Are you interested?”
“Meet you outside.”

Mike was already parked when I got there.  He looked puzzled at me pulling up in the van, no doubt expecting me to emerge from the building itself.
“Where’s Jane then?” 
“Inside, still detained.” We headed on up in the lift.
“Is she blindfolded?” Mike wanted to know.
”Could it be managed?  I mean, I move in the same social circles as her, so there could be repercussions.  I want to stay anonymous if possible.”
“What are yer?” I teased, “Man or mouse?”
“Anyway,” I said, “I am not into rape.  Sure, she likes being tied up, but I will ask her if she wants a mystery fuck and if not, then you can piss off home again.”
“Fair enough,” he said, almost tripping over his hard-on.

I unlocked the door of the apartment.
“Wait in the passage,” I told Mike, and I went to the bedroom.
She was still there, and had obviously been trying to get free as the bedding was all rumpled up.  There was also a big damp patch on the remnants of her gown and on the sheets, spreading out to either side of her hips.
“Naughty girl, you’ve wet the bed!”
“I couldn’t hang on,” she said, “and I couldn’t get to the loo.”
“You shouldn’t piss without my permission.  For that, I am going to blindfold you.”
Another brightly-coloured silk scarf got used to tightly wrap around her head, completely blocking her vision. I sat on the edge of her bed, and toyed idly with the tangled brown thatch on her mound.  She was extremely hairy down there, thick like a rug.
“Jane, have you ever been rooted by two men at once?”
“Yes.” She said. Wow!  But I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. What Jane wants, Jane gets.
“Did you like it?”
“Yes, very much.”
“Would you like two of us to root you now?”
“Who is the other chap?”
“It is someone you know, but he prefers to remain anonymous.”
“Oh, shit ...”
“But imagine that!” I cajoled.  “A mystery cock inside you, someone you know you will meet up with regularly.  Now you’ll have to be much nicer to the men you know, not be such a bitch.  How could you possibly be bitchy to someone who has seen you get so undignified ...”

I let her mull that over as my hand stroked her cunt.  Her breathing had quickened and her chest was heaving a bit.
“Shall we proceed?” She nodded her assent. I beckoned Mike into the room, and he stood there feasting his eyes on her stretched out form,  taking in the sight of her with hands and feet bound to the bed, blindfolded, dress ripped down the front from top to bottom, her big tits and hairy fanny exposed. His cock was bulging at the front of his trousers, and as I started to get my gear off again he did the same.  Mike looked comical when naked, with his pot belly and skinny legs.  Some people definitely look better with their clothes on, and make love better with the lights off.

I sat again and kept touching Jane’s crotch, teasing her with light fingering.  Mike went to her side and grabbed a big floppy tit, lifting and pulling it to his mouth.  He latched hungrily onto the nipple, holding the massive breast with both hands like a baby with a bottle.  Even with both hands there was flesh to spare, spilling over his double grip.  Jane turned her head this way and that, but couldn’t see who it was. I wonder if you have to be a titty lover to be a good saxophone player?  It reminded me of the line from the “Commitments” movie, where trumpeter Joey “The Lips” was explaining correct embouchure to his sax-playing sidekick by saying “Imagine that you are sucking on Gina Lollobrigida’s nipple”.

Anyway, I left him to it and moved to the foot of the bed.  I parted her legs as much as her bonds would allow, so I could gaze up at her gash.  It was pretty well concealed by her generous bush when her legs were together, but opened like a carpetbag when her legs were spread.  She had pubic hair running down her inner thighs as well as on her mound, and presumably was not accustomed to bathing in a bikini.  Or maybe she was?  I wouldn’t mind getting a public eyeful of such lush pussy hair, should I see her at the beach!

Moving up, I got closer to see more clearly, and also got a whiff of the urine she had passed earlier, along with the smell of my stale semen.  I didn’t care, wasn’t going to let some extraneous body fluids put me off playing with such a delicious orifice.  I started licking her inner thighs, running my tongue over the cellulite near her buttocks, edging in closer.  She was trying to get her legs wider apart to admit me to the place she longed to have stimulated.  Meanwhile Mike had grabbed the other tit and was slurping away on it enthusiastically.  The other boob lay out flat, the nipple wet and glistening with saliva, and somewhat erect.

I was toying now with her hairy outer lips, and she was straining this way and that to try and get her clit onto my tongue.  I avoided it, preferring instead to get lots of my own saliva wetting her around her entrance lower down.  I just teased and toyed, not getting too carried away.  I wanted her to cum against my prick, not my tongue.
Mike had got up on his knees and was nudging the edge of her mouth with the end of his cock.  Despite the blindfold she knew exactly what was coming, and opened to admit him, sealing its circumference with her lips.  He put two pillows under her head to raise it so she could more comfortably bob up and down along his length.  He began thrusting gently into her mouth, and, looking at me, gave a “thumbs-up” gesture.

I got up on my own knees, keeping my body upright, and pressed my cockhead against her entrance.  It slipped in easily, but the angle was difficult with her legs so close together and I could not go deep.  Jane bounced her hips on the bed to try and get more of me up her, seeming to enjoy the feelings of having a cock in her mouth and another in her twat.  But it was awkward for me so I withdrew.
“Give me a turn at that” I told Mike.  He couldn’t argue, as he dare not speak in Jane’s presence for fear of being recognised.  We swapped places, but this time I rolled Jane onto her stomach, twisting her ties in the process.  I got my cock into her mouth and she held it, sucking gently.  Her ample bosom was squashed out from her undersides and I could reach down and play with most of the left one, digging my fingers into its spongy tissue.

Mike slapped his hands down onto her buttocks, making an audible “smack!”, then parted her arsecheeks to see what was in between.  He rummaged around with a finger, testing the openings that came to hand and generally having a good fiddle with her genitals.  Then he grasped his cock and got ready to fuck her.  First, two pillows underneath to raise her bum up a bit.  Then he pressed his advantage, heaving to get it in and pulling on her hips to keep himself there.  The bed started bouncing wildly, and I did not have to make much movement to get my cock sliding nicely in and out of Jane’s red-lipsticked mouth.  She maintained a suction that was most pleasant indeed.  Mike’s pot belly obscured any view I might have had of his thrusting cock, meanwhile he was starting to get a bit red about the face.

We kept this up for about five or ten minutes, me enjoying the sight and feeling of having my dick gently suckled by this middle-aged patrician lady, and Mike huffing and puffing as he rammed into her from behind.  He didn’t want to come yet though, he had a couple more tricks up his sleeve. He got off and rolled Jane onto her side, getting alongside her and trying a frontal approach once more.  Lifting up her thigh, he re-inserted his dick then closed her legs again so that her thighs were clamping him as he thrusted into her hairy pie.  He kissed her on the mouth,and immediately her tongue was snaking its way around his.
I pulled away the remains of her sodden gown to make her arse bare again, and got along side her from the rear.  I held my cock and ran its head up and down her arsecrack a few times, then nestled it in the dimple of her anus. 
She broke off her kiss and said “You better use some lubricant.  In the drawer of the bedside table.”

I got up and pulled the drawer open.  Among other interesting items, there was a dildo, a vibrator, a set of handcuffs, birth control pills, and a tube of KY.  Well, well, well!  Jane must have been in the Scouts; it seems she is always prepared!
I grabbed the KY and resumed my position beside her.  Slopping some on my hand, I greased up her rear, poking a finger through her tight sphincter to get some up inside her.  She winced, which I only just detected due to the rocking she was getting from Mike banging away in front.
Slopping more onto my prick, I pulled her topmost buttock upwards to open her crack and placed myself against her brown ringpiece once more.  Even with the lube there was stiff resistance, and I had to press firmly to gain an opening.  Jane broke off her kiss with Mike and rolled her head back, mouth open in a silent scream. 

My head was in, but Christ it was tight!  I waited for her bum to relax a bit more, holding still so as not to provoke further tightening of her sphincter.  Mike wasn’t helping much, with all his humping and bumping from the other side.
Feeling things slacken fractionally, I pressed again and this time I broke through.  My shaft was about half buried in her arse, tightly gripped by the sphincter but with the head through into her inner slackness.  Within her I could feel the movement of Mike’s prick in her other passage.  Occasionally his balls brushed against mine as he thrusted.
Arses get looser the further up you go, so I pulled back until my slow strokes brought my cockhead back to her ringpiece then went back in past it.  She was getting used to having me there now, and was starting to freak out a bit at the sensations of our double penetration of her.  She had one leg held up as high as her bonds would allow, so that she could to get more of us unto her.

This was all very pleasant for the three of us, and we kept at it for another few minutes.  But it didn’t allow enough freedom of movement to bring us to climax, which both Mike and Jane were now wanting quite desperately.  Some good old-fashioned missionary-style banging was called for. I pulled out again, actually was virtually squirted out by the tightness of Jane’s anus.  I got up and meanwhile Mike rolled her onto her back again.  I unlashed her feet and the instant they were free she pulled them back with knees bent and spread her thighs as wide as they would go.   Mike’s bouncing bum was a blur as he headed into the home straight, and Jane’s hips thrashed and heaved as she got him to bang against the right spot.  She was being driven right into the bed by his physical exertions, which had him huffing and in a lather of sweat. 
Jane cried out, “Oh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

A pretty superfluous remark, I thought, but it was entertaining to see her facial contortions, the straining against her bonds and the heaving of her tits as she reached a massive orgasm.  Mike’s grunting noises and jerky hip movements showed that he was not far behind her, then they both kind of collapsed against the mattress as though they had just crossed the finish line of a running race. Which was all very well for them, but I still had an erection like a flagpole.  I nipped quickly into the ensuite bathroom and like a good boy I considerately washed my prick, then went back to see what orifice was available.  Mike was sitting up and getting his breath back.  Jane was lying in a sexual stupor with legs still widespread.  I could see her opened gash amidst its forest of pubic hair, and greyish-white cum leaking from its pick folds.  Lets fill her up some more!

I mounted her and my prick practically fell inside, she was so open and loose.  It was much easier now that her legs were untied, as I could bury myself to the hilt and feel her cervix tickling the underside of my cockhead.  It was pretty sloppy in there, she’d already had two loads dumped in her within the last hour and she was almost awash. 
It took hard thrusting on my part to generate enough sensation before I could interest my balls in gushing forth a second time.  It is not as easy to ejaculate twice within an hour as some storytellers would have us believe.  The second one takes more work and is usually not as satisfying as the first.  I would much rather delay the first one for as long as possible, until my balls are practically boiling over. 

Jane herself was by now pretty unresponsive, lying there passively and just letting me use her for my own pleasure.  And that was nice.  The thought of banging a box that has just been “used” has been an old fantasy of mine.  So it took more pumping than usual and left my prick hurting a bit, but soon I had spoofed into her a second time and made her insides even sloppier.
I got up, and found Mike was fully dressed again.  He still said nothing, indeed was unable to or his identity would be revealed.  He gave me a cheery wave and headed out of the apartment, locking the door behind him.  What a sensitive and caring lover!  The minute he has got his jollies, he rushes off to his own bed to get a good night’s sleep!

I undid the blindfold, but she didn’t even open her eyes.
“Has he gone?” she asked in a whisper.
“Yes, you can look now.”
I untied her hands, and she rolled onto her side facing away from me.  I killed the light and got on the bed beside her, taking her into my arms and fitting in behind her so that we were lying like two spoons.  My hand reached over her so that my hand was buried between her voluminous soft boobs, while my flaccid prick nestled against her arse crack, which felt moist and sticky.
“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.
“Mmmmm ...” she said, already drifting off to sleep.
“Well, Lady Jane,” I said to myself, “what a discovery you’ve turned out to be.  To look at you, I would never have thought it!”

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