A Love Most Devious

by Author X

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; majick; latex; bond; cuffs; straps; blindfold; toys; strapon; rope; rom; cons; X

Svana had been moved into her new house for about a week and had just finished unpacking all her things, from furniture and necessities in the first and second floors, to her grimoires and other mystic utilities in the attic, and now she just needed to get her extra boxes put away.

During the week she had been there she had barely been in the basement except to do the laundry. Bringing down some of her boxes she looked around. There was the wall with the washer and dryer, then the wall that had the old wooden shelf fixed to it, which left behind the heater.

Walking behind the heater, she crouched to set the boxes down when the sound of rattling came out of the top box. Curious, she opened it up to find herself looking at some of her grandmother's enchanted items, self made and “better than anything a professional would make” as she would always say, and currently, the compass of disillusion was shaking like a maraca.

Taking it out, the needle started pointing to the wall next to her. Running her hand over it, she found that despite it looking like concrete, she found the texture of smooth wood, and after a moment, a door knob.

Twisting it, the disillusion vanished revealing the door. Walking in, she found an empty room, except for a table and a bottle.

Walking in, she felt the heavy layer of settled dirt and grim underfoot, and the dust on the small table was thick, but what was odd was the bottle, it was black glass, but it was warm to the touch, and no grim or anything on it, it was nice and clean.

Curious what was inside, she pulled out her swiss army knife and popped up the bottle opener. Twisting into the cork, once it was all the way in, she pulled, expecting it to resist, but it popped right out, followed by a sudden rush of smoke, then from the sudden cloud of smoke something collided with her, knocking her back onto the floor.

After regaining her breath, she found herself looking at a face, and that face was looking right back at her with red eyes. The two scurried away from each other and Svana got a good look at the person before her. She had black wavy hair tied back in a ponytail, a very smooth and slim figure, and a red tail that ended with a triangle point, and was naked.

After a minute of silence Svana spoke first, “Hi, I’m Svana, might I ask who you are and how you ended up in that bottle.”

“Oh right, I’m Evolet, and I was mistaken for an evil demon so an exorcist trapped me in there, though it seems he took all my stuff with him.”

“Your stuff?”

“Yeah, this room was my work space where I would make and test my crafts.”

“Really? So this was your house?”

“It was. So what about yourself, an angel born?”

“Why yes actually, how’d you know?”

“The last thing I heard before I was sealed away, “by the power of an angel’s feather, I seal you away”, so it would take something angelic to release me.”

“I see. You are a demon though, right?”

“Demon born. Only pure demons have horns, and as you can see, I have none.”

They sat on the floor still in silence again, and after a minute Evolet got up, “Well I hate to be a bother, this house is yours and I won’t impose, if I could just borrow some clothes and use a phone, I can probably get ahold of my family and get out of your hair.”

Getting up, Svana grabbed Evolet’s shoulder, “Well hold on, I don’t want to be rude, this was your place originally, and I’ve actually been wanting a roommate for a while, but I can’t really do that since that might reveal my Angel traits, so if you’d be willing, I could share, I did move into the big bedroom, but the other one is still empty.”

“Well, I don’t mean to impose, but if you’re sure, I can try, but I still need clothes though.”

The next few days consisted of shopping, phone calls and a few other things. Evolet turned out to have a bank account within a magic community, and after ten years her account built up quite a bit, especially since she was receiving checks from companies that had bought her designs, but Svana was starting to wonder what it was she did.

After getting all the regular stuff, Evolet was just waiting for replacements for her work room. On the day of the delivery, Svana finally decided to ask.

Evolet came out of the bathroom, nothing but a towel around her hair, Svana found herself staring again, since this was a daily thing at this point.

“Oh, Evolet, I’ve been meaning to ask, what is it you do for work, cause I don’t want to have to worry about any demonic creatures or anything running around the house, do I?”

“No, what are you imagining?”

“Well, I know those with demon blood can do things others can’t with not only their enhanced physical capabilities, or resistance to things like poisons, acid, you know, and those make good money, and it was apparent you make really good money.”

“Well, if you must know, I design bondage stuff, kinky things.”

Svana felt relief as she took it in. Sure, kinky things were profitable, “Is that it? Oh I thought I was going to have to plan on making defense potions in case something wild got loose.”

“You’re fine with that?”

“Yes, as long as I don’t have to worry about anything dangerous I should be fine.”

“Svana, are you secretly a kinkster?”

She froze, feeling goosebumps on her arms as old memories came back.

She found herself startled when she felt Evolet’s hands on her shoulder, that teasing smile replaced with concern, “Svana, is everything alright?”

“Sorry, I just found myself drifting for a second.”

“You didn’t answer, are you okay? Did something happen?”

“Are you gonna stop asking me if I tell you to drop it?”

“Not at all.”

“Fine, but get dressed first please, it’s hard not to get distracted when you’re showing off.”

After getting dressed and in the living room, she spilled the beans, years ago she had been with another angel born, he was a descendant of a battle angel, and was headstrong, and didn’t stop till he had finished what he accomplished, and that was also the case when he wanted to experiment with something new, suggesting they try out some role play that involved some bondage, and he pushed his role to far as the prison guard, even when she tried to get him to stop, he treated it like it was part of the role, till he was finally done.

Years put into that relationship fell apart after a few that night, Svana left and had been by herself, keeping to herself and her business of enchanted items and potions.

After hearing this, Evolet took her in her arms, “Svana, I’m so sorry about that, there are punks out there that don’t take the partner seriously at times, I’ve met a few myself that I refused to sell them my products when I found out they were like that.”

“It’s fine, I know there’s people out there that are more respectful, and if I’m being honest I’ve been curious about that kind of stuff before my ex, but I’ve been unable to bring myself to ask someone to even go on a date, let alone to do kinky things.”

Evolet crossed her legs, thinking, leaning back against the couch cushion, then bounced up, “Svana, you said you identified as bi the other day?”

“Yes, you said you were semi-bi, what about it?”

“Would you date me?”


“Date me?”


“Well, I’ve been thinking about asking, and after being released, no time like the present.”

“Well, sure, but again, why?”

“You’ll see.”

Right then the doorbell rang, and Evolet got up to answer, leaving Svana a little confused, apparently she had a girlfriend now.

The next few days Evolet set up her workshop, then after that took Svana out to dinner, and she found herself admiring Evolet in a suit, tie-less, and with two buttons undone, but on her it looked pretty fancy, and the hostess and a few waitresses at the restaurant seemed to think so too, since they brought her a few plates of cake, on the house.

Svana found herself a little flustered when they did, but Evolet made sure she had nothing to worry about, the night about them, and just that.

After dinner they returned home, Svana was about to call it a night, only for Evolet to give her a box, “Before you open it, wait for me to call you into my room, I’ve got something to go with it.”

With that, she sped off up the stairs. Svana stood there, waiting, nervous, but excited, when she hearn Evolet call.

Heading up, she walked into the room, which was still pretty since she only had a bed and table, but the table had been moved to the middle of the room, and laid out were a number of kink things, and the bed’s sheets were replaced with latex.

Evolet herself was naked, again, but it felt different, like she was expecting an embrace rather than just forgetting to get dressed.

“Evolet, what's going on?”

“First, open the box, then I shall explain.”

Having forgotten she was holding it, she pulled the top off, and found herself looking at a pair of dark blue latex gloves and boots that seemed to go just below the elbow.

“Svana, I ask that tonight, you join me.”

“Evolet, this is amazing, but I’m not sure what to say, I'm sure you’re an amazing Domme, but I don’t know.”

“Svana, you’re going to be the top.”

She felt herself blushing, the heat rising in her cheeks, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m a switch by nature, I take top and bottom, and being kinky doesn’t have to involve domination or submission. What I ask is you tie me up and play with a few of these toys with me, that’s all. Now look, no gags, so if at anypoint I need to I can say anything, and if you wish to ask me questions I can answer.”

Looking back down at her new accessories, she let out a breath she had been partially holding, feeling a sense of courage flow, “Can you help me with this dress please?”

With Evolet’s help, she stripped down to nothing, then put on the gloves and boots, the heels about the same height as the ones she had just been wearing.

Taking a look over the table, she recognized a few things, and some she didn’t know, possibly Evolet’s own design, heck it was possible she had crafted just about everything here.

Evolet was currently sitting on the bed waiting, and looking over, Svana noticed there were shackles and straps running under the mattress. Taking the leather blindfold, she strapped it around Evolet’s head, then guided her into a spread eagle, and cuffed her wrists and ankles, then using the straps, which were adjustable surprisingly, she secured them around Evolet’s waist, just under breasts, as well as over her knees and elbows, not only holding her in place, but also reducing her wiggle room.

After finishing this, she returned to the table and viewed her options, her gaze landing on two little latex discs next to a remote with a little knob and a power button. Taking them, she went back to the bed, sitting next to Evolet, placing the little discs on each of her nipples, each of them sticking on their own. Satisfied with her work, Svana pushed the button, and in response the discs started vibrating, and Evolet started to smile a little as wiggled a little in place for a moment, then turning her head toward Svana, “C’mon, I can take more.”

Taking it as a challenge, Svana turned the knob slowly, the vibrations increasing their power as the hum went up, but reaching full power Svana found they weren’t as powerful as she had thought, and as if sensing her confusion Evolet spoke, “These things are the prototype, so it’s mainly just enjoyable at maxpower.”

“Alright, I see I’ll need to try something else.”

Leaving the discs on, she went back to the table and replaced the remote, and reexamining the other toys, she found something more devious. At first glance it was a basic Strapon, but taking a closer look, there were ancient runes on it. Picking it up, she found that there was a little surprise in it, it was just the head of another dildo, something to tease the wearer no doubt, well since regular toys didn’t seem to do much on a demon born, then something magic might have a better effect.

Putting it on, she got the little head into position, then climbing up on the bed she positioned herself, maneuvering as she placed the head of the dildoright against the lips of Evolet’s opening, then confirming she was were she ready, she thrusted her hips forward, plunging the dildo in as far as she could, and almost fell as the short dildo in her shot up inside her.

Evolet, started to wiggle herself again, this time up and down, and though it wasn’t much, when she did move so did Svana’s intruder, leading to her realize the strapon’s magic: the dildo in her would move in sync to the dildo she was thrusting into Evolet.

“I admit, you’re really a master with these things, I give credit where credit is due.”

“Why thank you, are you not going to keep going?”

Even though Evolet couldn’t see, Svana grinned almost deviliously as she started to slowly work her hips, moving the dildo at a nice calm pace, to both antagonize Evolet and to also get used to unexpected helper.

After a minute, she started to pick up her pace, enjoying herself as she worked on Evolet, then backing down her speed when she started to feel herself get close to the edge, seeing that Evolet would probably be not that far behind.

After a while of this, she came to a stop with it all the way in, Evolet, who seemed barely affected gave a little pouty face, “What’s wrong, aren’t going to keep going?”

Though feeling a bit tired, she couldn’t help but tease, “I don’t know, we’ve been going for a while now, maybe I should go to bed, leave you here to, study, your toys.”

Evolet tilted her head back, thinking it seemed, “Hey Svana, do you trust me enough to take the top?”

Svana was caught off guard, “Oh, well yes, why ask now though?”

Suddenly something grabbed her from behind and pulled, yanking out the dildo from Evolet, and Svana found herself flipped onto her back on the mattress. Unsure of what just happened, Svana waited, not daring to look but hear something happening over by Evolet.

Evolet was suddenly over her, unbound and with no blindfold, hands placed on either side of her head, and something started to trace up her leg, making its way up her torso, between her breasts, then up her next, and looking down, she saw something red and thin with a triangular point.

“I forgot about the tail.”

“Well now you know, next time secure the tail.”

The tail started to move, making its way back towards her legs, stopping just before, wrapping itself around the dildo, and started moving up and down, and the inner dildo started to move with the motion, very slowly.

As this happened Evolet started guiding Svana as she grabbed a bundle of silk rope, masterfully working it around her, will she found her upper half secured, her arms fastened in a box tie behind her back, and her torso covered with the rope in very neat pattern, Svana was almost afraid to move in fear it might upset the balance of the ropework.

That fear was short lived as Evolet pushed her back, the rope holding everything in place, while Evolet positioned herself over Svana, lowering herself onto the dildo.

As it inserted, Svana once again felt her own moving, though this time instead of it being her assistant, it had become her interrogator. After Evolet was all the way down she took a moment to enjoy the sensation, then with her tail reached over and picked up the blindfold from the corner of the mattress where she had left it when she released herself.

Taking it in hand, she leaned forward and secured it to Svana, leaving her unable to see. She felt her moving in small movements, but was unsure what was happening, when something was placed on her nipples, something plastic and round, and realizing what it was, she barely had time to process when the vibrators turned on, the sensation feeling surprisingly nice despite the surprise.

She took a moment to enjoy her new entertainment, when Evolet started to move, riding the dildo, and she was taking a quick pace. Svana thought she was going to tease her like she had, but Evolet kept going, picking up even more speed. Svana felt herself going over, and tried to hold herself, but it came crashing down, and it kept going, since Evolet still kept going, going faster than one she thought possible, it was almost like she was a fuck machine, going fast, and unstopping.

Svana lost herself in it, trying to hold on, but found herself slipping in, unable to not relish in the sensation, climaxing repeatedly, unable to stop.

Finally after what felt like hours, Evolet started slowing, and finally stopped pulling out and flopping down next to Svana, the two just laying there, letting their bodies recover.

The next morning Svana found herself in pajamas and sitting on the couch leaning against Evolet, the two feeling tired, but relaxed as they just sat there.

“Evolet, I’m trying to comprehend how you were able to ride me for nearly three hours. What’s your secret?”

“To sum it up, there’s different types of demon based off the seven sins, and I have the blood of a battle demon, or a wrath demon, and a lust demon, or as they’re more commonly known, a succubus, and those physical aptitude of a wrath demon combined with the physical prowess of a succubus can make for long lasting stamina and strength.”

“Lucky, but also explains a lot.”


“So, I know we just got together, I was thinking we could get a new house.”

“Already, why?”

“Well, this one has neighbors.”

“Good point. But we start looking tomorrow, agreed?”



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