A Late Night Stroll

by Dan

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© Copyright 2021 - Dan - Used by permission

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I am by nature a very private person. I had kept my taste for bondage and pain to myself for my entire life until I met Cheryl, or as I call her now mistress. Now my tastes and my life are anything but private.

With no one to live out my fantasies with me, I do my self bondage and self torture in my basement. I have it all stocked with everything I need to bind and torture myself. I have a dedicated computer that I only used for connecting with women online and that runs punishment programs. I spend a lot of time down in the basement. I’ve had several custom videos made where the mistresses would lead me in torturing myself, but never had I ever played with a woman in real life. I had tried several times to gather the courage to ask my assorted girlfriends and one nightstands to indulge me in my fantasies but I always chickened out at the last moment. 

Anyway, one night after a recent failure to ask for what I needed I decided to go for it. I contacted a woman that I had been emailing back and forth for years. She had done several custom femdom videos for me. Having never thought we would meet, I shared with her all of my fantasies, she knew everything about how I wanted to suffer. So I logged on to the kinky hookup site we had been using and rolled the dice.

Slavedan: Hello MistressC. We have been friends here for a long time and I would like to meet you in person. Since you know all of my kinks and you seem to share my tastes I thought you could come to my dungeon and we could play. What do you think?

MistressC: WOW! That sounds great. I would love to make you scream, beg and humiliate you. 

Slavedan: Oh God, that made me so horny! I am so glad. When can you come?

MistressC: How about Saturday in three weeks? That will give you time to prepare.

Slavedan: Prepare? What do I need to do?

MistressC: For the first week I want you to jerk off into a jar three times a day. Save every drop. Then for the next week I want you to edge three times a day and you better not cum. Save as much of the precum as you can as well. I want you frustrated and horny. Then for the last week I want you to put on your smallest metal chastity device and lock it on. Mail the keys to me tomorrow so I have them when I arrive and you have no way to free your cock. That’s a whole week with your cock and balls locked up.

Slavedan: Yes mistress. I will do everything you demand.

And that was how it started, the most painful and humiliating night of my life.

So for the first week I did like I was told and a bit more, not knowing why I was doing it. I jerked off everyday to my favorite bondage porn while I had gagged myself as severely as I could stand. I love being gagged so much, the more cruel the better. After a week of milking my cock I had almost a cup of my own cum sealed in a jar that I kept in the fridge.

Then came the hardest part, edging for a week. MistressC had asked for three times a day but I did it four times a day at least. I made myself crazy. I would gag myself and hook up my estim and stroke and tease myself right up until the point of cumming and then suddenly I would whip my balls until the need to cum stopped. My cock would be dripping precum which would drip into the cum jar as MistressC had told me to do. I did this over and over often seven or eight times a day. By the end of the week I had more than a cup in my cum jar.

Masturbating and edging complete I took my smallest metal chastity device and put it on my cock and balls. I pulled my poor now black and blue balls through the ring that would surround and trap my cock and balls. Then I shoved my rapidly stiffening cock into the rigid metal penis sheath and quickly attached the sheath to the ring and fit the lock into the receiver connecting the sheath to the ring. I took the lock, whose key I had mailed to MistressC, and snapped it into place trapping my cock and balls for a week. I had never given total control of my cock and balls to anyone before. I had always used chastity devices for bondage, but I always had the key available. I was scared and excited and my cock was now as hard as it could get being crammed into the now painful chastity device. 

I suffered the full week in the chastity device. I urinated with it on. I showered with it on. I had to go to work with it on. I slept with it on and suffered through the painful hardons my dry wet dreams induced. Then finally MistressC arrived. She knocked on my door and I stood gaping. She was every fantasy I ever had come true. She was absolutely beautiful. I knew what she looked like from the internet and she was stunning but in person, she was truly breathtaking. 

She was dressed head to toe in shiny black leather carrying a large black leather bag. A tight long pencil skirt and a corset were the first things that caught my eye, her figure was perfect. The corset was tight but just enough to accentuate her curves in just the right way. A tailored leather top draped over her shapely breasts, thin enough to see her stiff nipple show through. Black nylons led down to her knee high stiletto heeled lace up boots. 

Her wavy dark hair had a tightly cropped haircut that framed her angular face. Pale clear skin and full dark lips painted dark crimson were brought to life by her deep blue radiant eyes. I just stood and stared, my head filled with images of how I would suffer for her. 

After a very long moment of me just standing there staring she spoke, “May I come in?” she said clearly and without emotion.

“Oh yes please MistressC! I am so sorry. Please come in,” I said apologetically. 

“From now on call me mistress. And only speak when directly spoken to. Take me to your dungeon. I want to see you bound and gagged.”

I assumed since we had been in contact for so long she knew what I liked and what my limits were but to be honest I didn’t even give safe play a thought. I would do anything she wanted. I was hers to do with as she wished for as long as she wanted.

I took her directly to my dungeon and showed her where everything was. Bondage furniture I had built and bought over the years. All of my bondage equipment, leather, latex, gags, straps and rope. All of my pain toys, clamps, and my various CBT devices. Once she was acquainted with my dungeon she said “Strip, slave!”

I quickly took off all my clothes. I was left totally naked except for the metal chastity device which was now drooling precum and crushing my erection painfully.

“I assume you did everything you were told. I can see your cock is drooling already,” she laughed. “Let’s get to it then. I want you bound and gagged as tight as I can make it. I want this binding to really be painful and one you will never forget. Let’s start with a tight corset. I brought several things of my own in case you didn’t have the right thing.”

She went to her bag and removed a tall stiff black leather corset. I had never worn a corset before but I was excited to be bound wearing one.

“Turn around slave.” she said as she began to fit the stiff corset.

As she reached around me to bring the corset around the front of me her leather clad body pressed against me and I moaned out loud with the pleasure of her touch. She was warm and soft as birds but cold and hard as nails.

“I did not give you permission to moan slave. You will pay for that with an extra cruel gag. You better keep your mouth shut.” Her tone and attitude of control made my cock throb. 

Once the corset was in place she began the long process of making it as tight as she could. She would tug all the laces tight starting from the top and work her way down. After the second pass my breathing began to get a bit labored. But she was far from done. She made three more passes of tightening the laces and grunting with exertion with every pull. The final pass she brought her knee up to the small of my back to use as leverage to get the corset even tighter. Now not only could I not draw a full breath, just breathing was painful. 

She tied off the laces and said “Now that is a tight corset. I bet it is hard to breathe, aye slave?

“Yes mistress,” I gasped.

She grabbed my balls and gave them a vicious twist and she squeezed. “That was a rhetorical question, slave. It looks like I need to gag you now.” 

I stood in quiet agony trying to breathe through the slowly fading pain in my balls. The gag was my favorite part. I couldn’t wait to be gagged by her. I had dreamed for three weeks of the cruel ways she might gag me.

“Where do you have the cum you were told to save? You may answer.”

“In the fridge, mistress.”

“Go get it while I get the first part of your gag ready. And bring me a large bowl as well.”

I made my way to the kitchen to retrieve the jar of cum. Even though I was not bound, moving in the excruciatingly tight corset was difficult and painful. I was in heaven. MistressC was so far everything I had hoped for and more. By the time I made my way back to the dungeon she had several things laid out on a nearby table.

Without speaking I put my head down and held out the bowl and the jar for her to take.

As she accepted the bowl and the nearly full jar of cum she said, “Looks like you were quite a busy slave,” she laughed, “good, all the more humiliating for you.” She smiled, cruelly.

She went to the table and set the bowl down and picked up a ziplock bag. “I brought you a treat slave. I know you’ll just love it.”

She opened the bag and took out four pairs of black lace panties. As she held them up to my face she informed me that the panties were her panties and they were all filthy. She had worn them each for days. She had wiped her ass with them. She had cleaned her toilet with them and she had pissed on them as well. She placed the disgusting panties in the bowl and twisted the lid off the cum jar and dumped my thick cum into the bowl on top of the panties. 

She picked up a pair of disposable black latex gloves and stretched them over her hands. She began to mix the cum into the panties like a chef making a salad. She even wiped out the cum jar with a pair of her panties to make sure she got every drop. Once she was satisfied that she had all the cum and the cum had fully soaked the panties she said, “Open wide slave.”

Oh my God she was going to gag me with that disgusting mess! I thought I might throw up just thinking about it. I thought the gag was disgusting but at the same time I was getting more and more turned on at the idea of having that mess stuffed in my mouth. 

She picked one cum soaked panty and stuffed it into my mouth. I immediately tasted my own cum mixed with urine. I retched violently as she laughed. 

“Better get used to the taste slave you’re going to be gagged with these panties for a long, long time.”

She took the second pair and pushed into my mouth on top of the first pair filling my mouth with cum panties. Before she put the next pair in my mouth she said 

“Now the gag gets serious cum slut.”

 She took the third pair of panties and sopped up a bit more cum leaving the last pair in the bowl. Then she began to force the cum soaked panty into my mouth. She had to pull my lips to the sides to get them all in. After much pushing and shoving they were finally all in. My mouth was literally stuffed with cummy panties. My own cum was slowly dripping down my throat. My gag reflex was kicking in worse and worse. I stood there trying not to vomit and my dick dripping. 

“Now just one more thing and I’ll help you hold all those tasty panties in.”

She peeled off the latex gloves and pushed both of them on top of all the rest. She grabbed a roll of electrical tape and placed the end of the roll on my cheek. She began to wind the stretchy tape around my head right over the great wad of cum panties. Each turn went over the wad and was pulled tight forcing the mouth packing deeper into my mouth. When she had nearly a dozen turns she broke the tape and burnished the end flat against the side of my head. My lips were white and stretched to their limit with the cruel tension of the tight cleave gag.

“Aren’t I nice to help you hold all that in?”

I was too focused on trying to breathe and not to throw up to hear her question. The next thing I felt was my balls being squeezed and twisted once again. The pain tore through my body like a train wreck. I screamed wildly into the awful gag until finally she stopped crushing my poor balls.

“ I said, aren't I nice to help you hold all that in?”

I nodded wildly in agreement that she was indeed nice to help me out like that. Oh my God that hurt so much.

“So nice of you to say slave. As a reward I’ll cover all that tape with some more tape, I wouldn’t want you drooling and dripping cum all over can I?”

MistressC then took a roll of duct tape and covered my face from just below my nose to the tip of my chin in layer after layer of duct tape, each layer pulled as tight as she could make it. The tape dug deeply into my face causing quite a distortion of my face. My eyes were red and watering.

“Now for your ballet boots. Oh you are going to suffer with these but I know you love it.” she snickered evilly. I had told her several times how much I loved the painful restrictiveness of ballet boots.

I had a pair of ballet boots that I had bought to make walking more difficult during self bondage sessions which required key retrieval. They could be locked on so I would not be able to remove them once they started to get too painful. I had tied myself while wearing the cruel boots and forced myself to walk many times so I was very good at walking in ballet boots. Mistress C put the terrible ballet boots on me but not before she went to her bag again and came back with a small handful of uncooked rice which she sprinkled in each boot. The rice I knew would instanly become a torture to my poor toes. Boots all laced up tight, the finishing touch was a small padlock on each strap at the top of the boots. The boots were not coming off without the key.

She went about the task of collecting the necessary items to keep me standing and immobile while she continued my bondage. She set up my hoist and attached a noose she retrieved from her bag to the hook to the end of the hoist.

“Stand up slave.”

I stood up as best I could. Once standing my toes were instantly in agony. Sharp jolts of pain shot into my toes. All of my weight was now on the hard grains of rice. A small high pitched squeal escaped past my horrible gag. I heard a small laugh from MistressC. Somewhat wobbly, I was able to stand without falling but it took a lot of effort .

“Looks like you’re having trouble balancing. Here let me help…” she said with mock sympathy

To “help”, she pulled the noose over my head and pulled it tight around my neck. Then she took out the slack in the rope by cranking the winch. Neck stretched, I could stand without choking if I stood upright and didn’t move too much. Being unstable, I would lean to one side and strangle myself and I had to leverage my neck to right myself. This was scary but I trusted her.

Next she strapped wide leather ankle cuffs over the ballet boots and locked them on with two more padlocks. The short chain made standing without leaning even more difficult. With the ballet boots and my ankles so close together my balance was severely impared. Now I was choking myself almost constantly. I had to get control of my balance or I was in trouble.

As if reading my mind, MistressC said, “ You better figure out how to stand in those boots quickly or you are going to be in deep trouble. I know your toes must be killing you. Too bad. I am not going to take you down until I’m done and I’ve just started.”

I was beginning to worry. I didn’t really know her. What if she went too far. OH fuck! We didn’t agree on a safe signal.

She went to my closet of bondage items and returned with my waist cincher. This was basically a six inch wide strap that was designed to crush my waist. It had two long straps that went on either side of my cock and balls and the two straps merged into one at the back and buckled in the back. It’s purpose was to keep a buttplug securely in my asshole. MistressC fastened the cincher around my waist and pulled it tight. I grunted in pain as she did. Not satisfied, she again raised her knee to the middle of my back for leverage and tightened the cincher two more notches. Now my tiny waist already being crushed by the stiff corset was in severe pain. Happy with the severity of the cincher she secured it with more padlocks. She left the long straps dangle for the moment.

From her bag she produced a huge black buttplug. My eyes flew open wide. I had never had anything near that large in my ass before. I knew it was going to hurt really bad. But it was about to get worse.

“By the look in your eyes this is a little bigger than you’re used to. Good! I want this to hurt. Oh and did I mention it can be electrified? Yeah, it will be hooked up to the most powerful remote controlled estim on the market. It’s actually a large dog shock collar, the most powerful one on the market. I had another slave modify it for me. He made it deliver a much more powerful shock and added more switches to shock more devices. You’re gonna love you bondage slut.” she said with real joy in her voice.

“Gonna need a LOT of lube I think…”

Once she had slathered my asshole and the giant plug liberally with lube, she knelt down and placed the tip of the fearsome plug right on my butthole. I was shaking with fear. 

“Would you like to beg me to not shove this thing up your asshole? It’s okay, you can beg me. I’d like to hear you beg.”

Instantly I began to beg and plead with her from behind my enormous gag. With unintelligible words I pleaded with her to not do it. I whimpered and cried my muffled pleadings. As I begged I could hear her giggling.

“Not a fucking chance slave, this is going up your tiny little asshole. Get ready, here it comes!”


With one hard shove she forced the buttplug into my ass. The pain was intense. The first push only made it about half way. She pulled it back out a tiny bit and shoved again. My scream made my throat feel as if I had torn something. The agony. But still it was not all the way in. So she backed it out a bit once more and gave such a hard push that it nearly lifted me off my feet. My head began to spin and I felt dizzy, the pain was so great. The pain took my breath away and I realized that I had to breathe or I would pass out. I sucked in air as hard as I could and began crying. The thing was finally in. It was huge. I felt so full and it hurt so bad. 

She quickly grabbed the crotch strap and fed them on either side of my balls and then between my buttocks. She fed the end of the strap through the buckle in the back and pulled up sharply on the strap. This did two things, it forced the giant buttplug deeper into my ass and it also started my screaming again. The pain seemed to double. She went in front of me and did the same with the straps in the front of the cincher with the same reaction from me. She placed a padlock on each of the straps as well.

“Next time I’ll use the big one.” She laughed wildly.

I was in so much pain. I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me. I was scared, not role playing, I was really scared.

“Have you ever worn an armbinder before?” Before I could answer she continued, “I don't really care, you’re going to wear one now,” she laughed, “I brought one special for you. Lots of straps... Nice shiny black leather… mmmmmm… Just how you like it.” she teased “You are so stupid to not set up a safeword or negotiate what was going to happen. Oh, I guess you were just too excited to play with me weren’t you? Too bad. You’re at my mercy now and I am fresh out.”

“Put your hands together behind you, slave, and make fists.”

She took the roll of duct tape and taped each of my fists into useless stumps. Then she wrapped my fists together and continued wrapping all the way up to my mid-forearm. When she was done my hands were one useless taped package. She quickly fed the open end of the armbinder over my useless taped hands and pulled the armbinder all the way up my arms. To keep the armbinder in place she fed the shoulder straps up over my shoulders and fastened them tight. She now pulled the sides together as she began to lace the armbinder up. Just like the corset she tightened and re-tightened the laces until they were as tight as she could get them. Laces tight and double knotted she secured the strap at the wrist and finished with a padlock. The elbow strap was next. This strap she gave it her all to get as tight as possible. I was pretty flexible for a man, but my elbows never came close to touching. When she was done my elbows were just touching. It felt like my shoulders were being dislocated. Of course she finished the strap with a little padlock.

Next she applied my leather body harness to secure my arms to my body. The harness went around my upper chest and my lower chest and around my waist. To keep the straps from slipping down all the straps were connected by a center strap that split at the top and went over my shoulders to connect in the back. She outdid herself with the cruelty of these straps. When tightened to her liking my arms were crushed against my body painfully. Breathing was very difficult, everything hurt and my chest was so compressed I could not expand my chest to get a full breath.

“OK. That should hold you. Let’s work on those balls of yours. That chastity device will be staying in place. Your filthy cock is now mine. That pathetic thing will be kept in chastity at all times unless I take it off to torture you. Your days of having orgasms are over. The only pleasure you will ever get is only to make the pain worse.”

She grabbed my balls and pulled down sharply and applied a sticky estim pad to the stretched skin. To keep it in place she took a wide ball strap and cinched my balls unbelievably tight. She left the cord to the estim dangle. Once she was certain the strap was tight enough she gave my poor balls a dozen or so hard slaps. It hurt so much I felt nauseous. 

Now she put the leather parachute ball stretcher on my balls just below the cruel strap holding the estim in place, and hung a five pound weight from it stretching my balls to their limit. It felt as though they might be torn off. I was now constantly screaming. This was way beyond my limits.

“Almost done slave. Just a few more things and we will go for a little walk.”

WHAT?! I can’t go out like this. Please no! People I know might see me. Everyone will know what I’m into. You can’t please please please… My begging was barely noticed as she was busying herself with the next part of my bondage, the nipple clamps.

“Alright slave now it gets serious. Up until this point I’ve been pretty gentle. But these nipple clamps are special. They are designed for pain. No, that's not quite accurate, they are designed for agony.” she said as she held up what appeared to be to ordinary clover clamps, painful yes, but not pain like she was implying.

“These are special clover clamps. They have a hole through both sides of the tip through which a needle will be pushed through.”

Piercing my nipples! Oh my God! Let me out. I don’t want this, please let me out,.Please don’t pierce my nipples. You can’t do this. You can’t!

She continued without knowing my terror. “The way the design works, I pierce your tender little nipple through the tip of the clamp and the needle stays in, that way the clamp can’t be pulled off no matter how hard I pull on them. Here we go…”

She pinched my nipple a few times to get it hard and then she clipped the first clover clamp on my nipple causing me to wince. Setting it as far back on my nipple as possible she gave it several hard tugs to make sure it had a proper bite. She brought a stubby thick needle with a ball at the end up to the tip of the clamp and carefully positioned the sharp point to line up with the hole in the clamp. She paused for a long moment and then all at once she shoved the needle through the clamp and my nipple. I shrieked at the intense sharp pain that ripped into my nipple.

“I loved that! Oh I wish you had a dozen nipples, I would do that to all of them. Hearing you scream like that makes me so wet.” She laughed and picked up the other clamp and needle repeating the same process. Same thing from me, agony and screams. My nipple hurt so much. I had played with my nipples a lot but never had I ever come close to this kind of pain. The pain was intolerable but I had no choice but to tolerate it. I was helpless to do anything else.

“Allow me to show you how these little beauties work.” 

She stuck her fingers through the rings at the ends of the clover clamps and pulled sharply down. The evil clamp pinched my nipple harder as she pulled and stretched them brutally. On top of the fresh piercing the result was too much. I screamed and tried to twist away but she was holding me in place by my painfully clamped nipples. My struggles were putting off my balance wildly. I was strangling myself and causing myself more pain and suffering the more I fought. My thrashing also got the heavy weight hanging from my balls swinging crazily.

“I’m not going to stop pulling until you stop struggling,” she yelled over my muffled screams so I could hear.

Finally I stopped and she did as she said, she let go of the rings stretching my poor nipples. I was breathing as deeply as I could to try and regain my composure but it took quite a while. I was crying with a mix of pain and terror. While I got a hold of myself she fastened and locked leather cuffs tightly just above my knees to make malking even more difficult. She connected the cuffs with a padlock ensuring I would be severely hobbled as I would soon be struggling to walk.

“All your bondage is complete. I did it all for you, I know how much you love to be in tight bondage. Damn I’m too nice. Time to finish the gag.”

Finish the gag! Please no more. I’m already choking and I can barely breathe. No more please. All of my fantasies included some sort of intolerably cruel gag, but this was reality and this gag was already a nightmare. 

“I need a video of this part.” She said as she positioned her phone on the nearby table, propping it up and carefully lining up the shot before pressing record.

MistressC went once again to the bowl with the last cummy panty in it. She soaked up as much cum as she could with the last panty and then lifted the bowl up and poured the remaining cum on top of my head. Rivulets of my own cum ran down my face. She watched the cum run down my face for a minute smiling the whole time enjoying my humiliation. As the camera continued to record my humiliation, she pulled the last panty down over my head making sure the crotch was right over my nose. She pulled it tight by pulling it from the back and wound more tape around my mouth from my chin to below my nose to keep it in place.

“A nice tight harness on top of that should do the trick I think. What do you think, slave?”

Sobbing in my humiliation and pain as my own cum ran down my face I didn’t notice she asked me a question. I found out right away. She pulled down sharply on the clover clamp rings again.

Again intense agony and screams.

While she kept pulling, she repeated herself impatiently, “I said. A nice tight harness on top should do the trick. What do you think?”

I went insane nodding furiously screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” into my gag.

She let go of the rings and said, “Good I’m glad you agree. Not that it matters. HA!”

After a few minutes my already extreme gag was made even more extreme with an extremely tight harness gag on top of it. A wide strap went over my mouth and another strap that began on either side of my nose went over top of my head. A strap went under my chin. Yet another strap went over top of my head from the side making me bite down on the wad of panties even more. When she tightened that strap the more cum squeezed out of the panties and ran down my throat causing me to retch once again. Finally a strap was fastened around my forehead to keep everything in place. Locks were put on all of the buckles just to make sure the harness was not coming off.

“One last thing and you’re all done.”

She took the noose from around my neck and clipped the rope coming from the hoist to a ring at the top of the head harness. She raised the hoist so I was slowly being lifted up by my head and stretching my neck. The gag became so tight my head was pounding and I could barely breathe. If I stayed like this for too long I would black out. Quickly she applied a tall posture collar around my neck and buckled it tight and locked it on. When she was done she lowered me down, not the entire way but enough so I could breathe again. My head was almost completely immobile. I was forced to look straight ahead.

She walked over to her phone and stopped the recording of my cruel and embarrassing gagging. “That is going to be a keeper. I bet I cause a bidding war online,” she casually thought out loud.

Online! She can’t post it online! She wouldn’t. She was only trying to scare. Oh God please don’t post it online.

MistressC picked up her bag of bondage gear and slung it over her shoulder, it was quite a bit lighter now that I was wearing so much of her gear. She lowered my head and released me from the winch. What a relief!

“Let’s go slave. I’ve got a big surprise for you,” she laughed maliciously 

She clipped a leash to a ring on the strap cinching my balls and led me to the stairs leading up and out of my basement torture chamber. Bound as I was made going up stairs incredibly difficult and painful. Everytime I would stop to catch my breath or take a break, MistressC would pull down on the nipple clamps and I got moving again. After fifteen minutes or so I had made it to the top. 

She led me to the front door and said, “You better hope there is no one outside walking their dog or jogging or whatever. It would be pretty embarrassing,” she laughed

Oh fuck what if the neighbors are out! What time is it? Oh God it’s late but what if someone is out? No! Please don’t make me go outside please don’t do this please!

She opened the door and led me outside to the porch. It was very dark and everything seemed quiet. She closed the door and slowly adjusted herself while I stood on my porch naked, bound and gagged.

“Just a moment slave, I need to fix my hair and face a bit before our walk.” she said as she opened her bag and pulled out a small compact mirror. She adjusted her hair and applied fresh lipstick slowly and carefully while I stood there in front of all the world to see.

I was whimpering and quietly begging her to hurry up. I had to get off the porch before someone saw me like this. I was praying that after a few minutes out on the porch she would take me back inside.

“I take it all that pathetic whimpering means you would like me to hurry up?”

I nodded as much as my head bondage would allow.

“Well slave, I’ll give you a choice. I will either leave you right here on your porch until morning chained to that post and you can hope that no one sees you all tied up like this. Or, we can go for our little walk. Just a little late night stroll then we can go back inside. Nod once to stay here and nod twice to go.”

I just knew that I had to get out of sight of people as quickly as possible and a walk must be shorter than staying out here tied up like this all night. I couldn’t stand the thought of being seen by anyone like this. It was too humiliating. I would end up on the internet. My friends and family would see me. Oh God I had to get off this porch!

I nodded twice.

“OK. Up to you,” she said as she laughed that cruel laugh of hers. What was I getting myself into?

“Time for your walk. Just a stroll around your lovely neighborhood. Just a few things before we get going.”

Please no no no. She can’t take me out in public like this! She has to be just teasing me. She can’t mean it. She really do it. Noooo!

She plugged in the estim to my balls and asshole to a little receiver that she tucked into a small space on my back between the cincher between the armbinder. 

She then took one pound round lead weights and clipped one on each of the rings at the end of the clover clamps. I screamed at the sudden pain and I was answered with a swat at each of the weights which got them swinging. The pain was awful.

“Just a taste of things to come.”

She then attached a thin chain to the strap cinching my balls.

“Squat down a bit, slave,” she ordered.

I did as I was told. She attached the end of the chain coming from my balls to the short chain connecting my ankles. The chain was too short for me to stand with my legs straight. If I stood up too far I would pull my balls painfully. This would mean every step I took would tug on my balls. I was in for a very painful stroll.

“Now, you will let anyone that wants to know that you volunteered for this and you want this. You are not being forced in any way. You will let them know that you are just a kinky freak that wants to suffer for me. If you disobey me in this you will suffer more than you can ever imagine and longer than you think is possible. Do you understand me, slave? Nod if you do.”

I nodded slowly. I was so terrified of her.

She took up the leash and began to lead me by my balls out onto the sidewalk in full view of anyone to see.

As I hobbled out I was in a wild panic. I was trying to walk as fast as I could but I was only swinging the weights and pulling my nipples and balls painfully. But I couldn’t stop. I had to keep moving despite the incredible pain.I didn’t want to be discovered. This was so humiliating. But MistressC just kept walking slowly ahead.

“OOOOH! I think I hear a car,” she teased.

My feet were killing me. Every step was agony. The rice was surely embedded into my toes down to the bone. I stopped for a second and the leash became taut. I tasted the pain of the estim for the first time. She shocked my balls and my asshole at the same time. It was excruciating. I froze and screamed.

“Get a move on slave or I’ll start yelling for everyone to come see the bound freak. I’ll tell everyone your mouth is stuffed with my panties that they are soaked with your own cum.” she threatened.

I started hobbling again. I was crying and tears and my own cum mixed as they ran down my cheeks. Every step tugging on my balls and the weights on my nipples swinging wildly. Even at such a slow pace I was getting winded, I could barely breathe and the exertion seemed enormous. 

There were a few lights in the houses on my block so I tried to hurry past then as best I could. I realized that the chains and weights were clinking and to my terrified ears, making an ungodly racket. I can’t be seen like this. I just can’t. Please stop this, let me go home. You can do whatever you want just please let me go home.

“You are making quite a racket. I see lights coming on all over the block,” she teased again, “No really, I think you are waking up the whole street.”

Please take me back. Please get me off the street. I have to live here. I’ll never be able to show my face again. Please please take me back. You can do whatever you want to me just please take me back.

She spoke in what I thought was a way too loud voice, “You know I am going to allow anyone who finds you to humiliate you in any way they want. I will encourage them to video you, take as many photos as they want, hell you might even make the news.”

Please no please please God no. You can’t please you wouldn’t do that. Please no. 

I had been hobbling along the sidewalk of my block when I actually did hear a car.

“Oooooh it really is a car this time slave. What if they stop? What are you going to do then?”

I couldn’t see very well due to my inability to move my head but I clearly heard the car pull into the driveway just a few feet in front of us. I heard the door open and a woman said.

“Oh my God what the hell? Is that you Dan?”

Oh fuck it’s Shelly! I had such a crush on her. We even went on a couple of dates. What was she going to think? I was so embarrassed I just wanted to run and hide but I could only stand there in pain and look at her.

MistressC said, “Yes, it is him. I’m his mistress and he is my slave and we’re playing a little game. Isn’t he a freak?”

“Is he OK? That looks pretty painful.”

“It is painful. Right slave?”

All I could do was nod and whine into my disgusting gag. I couldn’t look her in the eye. 

“See. Ask him if he likes this shit and would he like you to hurt him.”

No! Please don’t make me answer. No no no no please no!

“Is that true Dan? You like this? Do you want me to hurt you?” I didn’t answer. I was too embarrassed. 

MistressC pushed the button that shocked my balls again and I screamed and jerked violently in my tight bondage, getting the weights swinging again.

“I would answer her, slave.”

“What was that?”

“I shocked his balls.”

“Jesus! You want me to do that to you Dan?”

Not wanting another shock I nodded slowly that I did want her to hurt me.

“Well alright if you say so. I had no idea you liked this kind of thing. Lucky for you I do too!”

I had no idea. Shelly seemed so tame and run of the mill, though beautiful which initially got me interested.

“Would you like me to take a few pictures for you? Give me your phone.” MistressC asked hopefully.

“Sure! Make sure you get his tattoo. The way he’s gagged people may not recognize him.”

People! What people? You can’t show anybody the photo!

MistressC handed Shelly the control for the shocker and Shelly gave MistressC her phone.

“That thing is simple. You can shock his balls, marked 1. You can shock his asshole. He has an absolutely gigantic buttplug in his tiny little asshole. You should have heard him scream. Anyway to shock his asshole hit 2. And to shock both at the same time hit 3. There is only one level and that level is pure agony especially on his most sensitive areas,” she laughed.

“Wow! This is gonna be fun.”

“Get in there and I’ll get a picture of you two.”

Shelly came over and stood next to me like we were at Disneyland. Rather than put her arm around me and make a peace sign or something, she leaned in and smiled as she pulled down on both of my nipple clamps making me scream bloody murder.

“Got it! That’ll be a good one suitable for framing or even posting to Facebook.”

Shelly said laughing, “He must be gagged pretty well. His scream was pretty muffled.”

“Oh wait ‘til you hear what a sick fuck he is. I had him jerk off in a jar for a week. He got almost a whole cup! Busy little pervert. Anyway I stuffed his mouth with three pairs of my dirty panties that I soaked in his cum. Then I put that cum soaked panty on his head. So right now he has a mouth full of dirty panties and his own cum.”

“He is pretty sick. I think he should be punished for being so sick. Can I spank him?”

“Sure! But I have something better.” MistressC said, reaching into her bag pulling out a thin rattan cane.

“I bet that hurts!” she said as she began to flail my bare ass with the cane. She didn’t even warm up. She just started beating my ass over and over. She was whipping me hard and fast with no breaks. She was just tearing my ass up.

I nearly fell down several times trying to avoid the cane. I was being whipped by a woman I thought I knew as a normal kind person. I was wrong. She was a hidden sadist. She was whipping me in the middle of the sidewalk in front of her house while she laughed at my pain.

“Dance, cum eater, dance!” Shelly teased.

“Get a video of me caning his nipples. I bet that will really hurt with those clamps.”

“Those clamps are held on by the needles piercing his nipples. Hit them as hard as you want, they won’t come off.”

Shelly slipped her finger into the ring of the cruel clover clamp and said “Ready? This is really going to hurt Dan.”

Please Shelly, don’t do this, please it hurts so much please don’t! Pleeeeease!

“Ready, when you are Dan.”

Shelly pulled sharply down on the ring and at the same time she swung the cane right on my freshly pierced, sadistically pinched and stretched nipple. The pain made me unconsciously jerk backwards to avoid the pain. That only pulled on my nipple even more. Before I could adjust to the sudden pain Shelly struck again. The pain went through the roof. She caned that nipple ten or twelve times and then she whipped the other nipple the same way. I had no choice but to take the pain I was trapped by these two sadistic women. The way I was shrieking I was sure someone would hear. They would come see what all the noise was and save me from this cruel and embarrassing torment or maybe not.

Finally Shelly stopped, “Wow that was great! There is a link right on my phone where you can post that video directly to Facebook. Just hit send. I hope you got some nice close ups of his face and that tattoo. We can tag him so people can find him easily.”

I have a large tattoo of a dandelion on my shoulder. Anyone who knew me would recognize that if not by my horribly gagged face.

“Great!” and after a few moments, “And done. I can’t wait to see all the comments people make. You’re gonna be famous Dan.” They both laughed.

Facebook! I am friends with Shelly. Everyone I know will see me.

“Oh we got one already! ‘Looks like Dan is in for real trouble. Punish him for me too. Please post more. Love it.’”

“Great! I figure by morning he will have gone viral if we got a comment that fast. I bet we can get his Facebook password out of him pretty easily,” Shelly laughed, “then we can post on his page too.

“Great idea!”

“Hey, my name is Shelly. What’s yours?”


“Well MistressC, may I walk with you? Maybe we can walk him back to his house and we can play with him. I also have an Instagram and a Twitter account. We can make some new videos and post them there.”

“Wonderful idea Shelly. Let’s get this slave back to his dungeon. He has a lot of toys.”

“He has a dungeon and everything!? What a sick freak he is. Let’s give him what he wants and a lot that he doesn’t.”

This was a nightmare and a favorite fantasy of mine. A fantasy is called that for a reason. This was pure torture and total humilliation. I was in agony and if they actually did post to Facebook my life was over. Oh God, I needed help.

“Get moving, slave!” MistressC yelled so loud the entire block could hear it.

Just as we got started Shelly leaned in and spoke loudly into my ear and said, “You know we planned this. I did my research on you. I knew when we went out what a sick freak you were. Now you are going to find out what a sick freak I am.”

Both women laughed. This was going to be a long night...or likely a lot longer.


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