The Farmer's Daughters

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2023 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; M+/f+; bond; rope; gag; susp; barn; strip; zipties; anal; oral; milk; sex; tease; reluct; XX

Peggy and Maggie were excited their new boyfriends were willing to visit the family farm. Both were city boys, so the farm was a new experience for both. Bernie and Billy had never been on a farm to actually see pigs and cows. They learned pigs really do like being in the mud. The boys were even allowed to watch a butchering as the pigs were scalded in a large tub, cut and hung up awaiting the butcher’s knife. The girls jokingly teased the boys that they would love to hang the boys naked from the rafters like the pigs and play with them. Bernie and Billy didn’t know whether to laugh, run or take them up on the offer.

The next stop was the cow barn where daily milking took place. Twice a day, the cows would be led into the barn and would take their place into a specific stall. The cows would be secured with a vice type collar that kept them from moving. The girls showed the boys the mechanical suction milkers that would be attached to the teats that hung from the udder of a cow.

“So these things pump their tits?” Bernie asked.

“No dummy, teats not tits. Teats are the nipple ends that hang below the udder allowing the milk to be pumped out. Before modern milkers that have a sucking action, milk maids would actually squeeze each teat and force the milk into a milk can.” Peggy replied.

Bernie could feel himself start to get an erection as he imagined these two farmer’s daughters having their massive breasts suctioned by the modern milking machines.

“Bernie, you paying attention?” asked Peggy.

“Yeah, just thinking about something.”

“From the looks of your zipper your thoughts dropped down from your brain. Don’t worry you two,” Maggie noted as she reached into Bernie’s crotch, “we will have our time to play a little later.”

Bernie was a bit embarrassed, but Billy had some rather erotic thoughts of his own that were beginning to show. The girls giggled and were amused that these two city boys could think of ways to play on the farm. They continued the tour passing some farm tractors and a corn bin and entered another concrete building that appeared to be a holding area.

“You guys got horny thinking about milking boobs, but here is where the sex really takes place on the farm.” Peggy explained.

Peggy and Maggie showed the boys the bull stud area where the semen is captured when the bull ejaculates and is sold to artificially inseminate heifers. A prize bull can be a very expensive animal, and also make the farmer a sizable profit. The girls explained that a heifer is brought into the stall as a decoy to attract the bull and get his juices flowing. The cow is secured so when the bull rises and attempts to enter, the farmer is able to capture the semen in a large plastic, sterile catch vial.

“You mean someone actually jerks off the bull?” asked Billy.

“Essentially, yes. That’s what happens. The semen can be extremely valuable and profitable.”

“I wonder what mine is worth?”

“Maybe you need to try?” Maggie told Billy, cunningly.

“You’re shitting me.”

“Well, you think you’re such a stud, just step up here and we will check you out.”

“You fucking girls are crazy.”

The bantering ceased when Peggy and Maggie invited the boys to join them in the hay loft for some rolling in the hay, and other sextra activities. After hours of wild sex, the guys began to walk towards their car, the shapely farmer’s daughters invited the guys to come back the following week and promised an even more exciting adventure on the farm.

When the guys arrived, the girls had just finished milking. They said their dad was out of town all weekend and their mom was away for a few hours, so the farm was all theirs. As the guys were directed to the garage where the pigs were butchered, the girls started to hang on them, grabbing their crotch so they could hardly walk. As they went into the garage, Peggy and Maggie grabbed some rope that they strategically placed just inside the door.

“Remember, we said we wanted to “hang” you up when we were here last week?” Maggie said to the guys. “Well, let’s have some fun. I am sure you will enjoy some kinky bondage.”

“I’m not sure about this, Maggie. Why the fuck you have to tie us up, can’t we just screw like normal?” Billy responded.

“That’s just it, we don’t want to play “normal”, we want to have some real fun, now hold your hands out so we can tie you up.”

As soon as the girls were able to tightly secure each boy’s hands, Peggy grabbed some clean sponges and stuffed them in each boy’s mouth, immediately sealing their mouths with clear strapping tape. Before the guys could react, each girl grabbed a hoist and secured their knots into a hook. Billy and Bernie heard a motor begin to run, suddenly they were pulled upwards until their legs were about a foot off the ground.

Screaming through their gags and kicking their legs in protest, the captive sex toys were swinging back and forth trying to break loose. This only served to delight their devious hosts as Maggie and Peggy roared with laughter watching the male acrobats swaying back and forth. Each girl picked a man and began to take off their belt to drop their captive’s pants to the floor.

Maggie pulled Billy’s pants off and reached into his underwear to grab his hardening rod. Billy’s grunts of protest soon changed into moans of pleasure as Maggie’s hand stroked with an extra squeeze on the bulb end. Billy glanced over to Bernie who was receiving the same pleasurable services from Peggy. Soon, the briefs were off and the boys were totally exposed from the waist down. The girls unbuttoned the guy’s shirts to open up manly chests of hair.

To stop their captives from kicking, the girls took large zip ties to secure the legs at the ankles and knees. This effectively secured the boys into a swinging human log. Bernie and Billy twisted and turned, swaying back and forth to the delight of their captors.

“Ease up, guys.” Peggy spoke as she grabbed Bernie’s penis. “I bet your cock can get hard as a rock if I keep using it to spin you around.”

Bernie moaned with pleasure as her hand kept moving up and down his shaft, swinging his body in the air. Maggie grabbed Billy’s hard manhood pulling him around like a toy.

“Hey, I got an idea, let’s have a real cock fight!” And with that, Maggie got behind Billy and directed his hard sword directly at Bernie’s.

“Touché’!” Maggie yelled as the two erect penises collided.

“Take that!” as Peggy slammed Bernie’s cock against Billy’s.

The girls giggled and laughed as the boys grunted each time the two cocks smacked against each other.

“Sorry, guys, hope it didn’t hurt your poor little man friends.” Maggie smirked.

“Let’s make sure you can have some pleasure.” And with that, Maggie directed Peggy to turn Bernie’s around so his rear was facing Billy’s hard-on. Maggie moistened Billy’s erection with her most sensual lip service then pushed Billy and aimed his dick directly into Bernie’s crack. Billy kept trying to wiggle to keep from making entry. Maggie grabbed his rod and aimed it directly into Bernie’s hole while Peggy pushed Bernie slowly back and forth, giving Billy a pleasure he never realized he would enjoy.

Needless to say, Bernie wasn’t experiencing the same pleasure until Peggy took Bernie’s manhood into her mouth, sucking hard as her head gently pushed his body.

“Ease up, girls. We can’t waste any of our quality materials,” Dee, the girl’s well-endowed mother, entered the room. The lanky blond MILF had the most bodacious set of boobs the boys had ever seen. She puffed on a cigarette as she walked towards the two hanging studs.

“Oh, hi mom, what do you think?” Peggy asked.

“Oh, I think we have an excellent batch of seeds here,” she replied. With a Marlboro dangling from her mouth, Dee grabbed each hard handle, swinging the “studs” back and forth.

Neither guy was allowed to reach orgasm and became very frustrated as the girls began to drop them down from the pulley. With hands and legs tied, the boys were loaded on a wagon. The girls hitched the wagon to a small tractor and Dee drove the “catch” across the farm to the bull stud room.

As they reached the white block building the guys saw a few days before, the girls lifted the boys from the wagon and took them inside the semen “milking” area where their mother was preparing to harvest a new batch, just not from bulls.

“OK, stretch your legs,” Dee directed Billy after she untied his ankles and knees. “Lean forward and place your chin in this leather strap.”

With his hands tied behind his back, his legs secured in two leather shackles, and his mouth bulging and taped shut, Billy was totally at the mercy of the farmer’s daughters and wife. He looked around as Bernie was also led into the stud building and similarly secured beside him.

“Well boys, my daughters have personally tested your prowess and have advised me that the two of you are class “A” studs.” Dee said as she gently stroked each penis to help keep the fluids rising.

“You see, sex with my daughters was not only a pleasurable experience for each of you, but you generously donated some semen that we could test to determine quality and virility to sell to Dr. Johnson, our local fertility expert, to “plant” in his female patients.” Dee explained to her unwilling donors.

This explanation gave a whole new meaning to ‘stud farm’ as it was obvious Billy and Bernie were the studs that were going to donate sperm. As the boys moaned through their gags, Maggie and Peggy prepared them for harvest.

The girls took sanitary wipes and cleaned each penis to assure a “clean catch.” This rather sensual cleaning also served to help assure a quality erection. After cleaning, a condom type covering was placed over each rod with an elongated end nipple to assure each ejaculation was good to the last drop. A soft plastic tube that resembled a hollowed out dildo was placed over the condom. At the top of the tube was a small plastic ring that was inflated with a 10cc syringe of air, thus securing the tube on each penis.

Now the harvest could begin. The girls slowly squeezed the plastic tubes creating a suction effect that immediately increased the size of each erection and hardened the cocks to marble.

“MMMGHGHOHHMMMGHGHHG!” could be heard coming from the stuffed mouths of the human studs, moans of heightened pleasure neither Billy or Bernie have ever felt. The increased rhythm of the squeezing of the plastic cylinder was pumping jizz higher and higher towards a volcanic eruption. Billy’s muted tribal screams indicated he reached the epitome of a massive orgasm.

But, when poor Bernie was getting sexually frustrated hanging on the verge of his ejaculation, mother Dee decided to take steps to improve his performance. She strutted in front of Bernie removing her Victoria Secrets bra as she approached him. She loosened the front bra latch allowing two Matterhorns to explode into full view. She squeezed Bernie’s head between her mounds, nearly smothering him in pillow soft skin. When her hardened nipples rubbed his cheeks, Bernie launched what seemed to be gallons of hot sticky cum into the rubber catch.

The young studs were drained. Neither had experienced such a massive orgasm. Their captivity for stud service was unacceptable, but oh so enjoyable. Their fire hose ejaculations were much more than they could have even imagined. But, these women took full advantage of them, and even made money off their semen! These three vixens needed to be taught a lesson.

A few days later, Dee walked outside of the farmhouse to enjoy a smoke. The full moon provided a soothing light to see the farm. The girls were finishing up the final chores of the day and would be coming in soon. She slowly inhaled her Marlboro pushing her large breasts taught against her tight sweater. As she was blowing smoke towards the night sky, her world suddenly went dark.

Dee felt like she was swinging in the air. As she began to look around her, she realized she was in the butchering building and hung upside down from a beam. She was trussed tight with rough baler twine, so tight the rope indented her skin. Two pieces of twine were tightly tied around each tit, a piece of twine tied both above and below each nipple, squeezing her orbs and forcing the nipples to stand at attention. Twine criss-crossed her body giving her ample frame the appearance of an Easter ham.

“Well, big mamma, how do you like being hung in the butchering room?” Billy chuckled.

The guys roared as Dee wiggled and wiggled trying to get loose, swinging back and forth in the air. As she began to look like blood was flowing to her head, the guys went over and readjusted her position so she was hanging in an upright position. They removed the harsh baler twine from her boobs and looped soft white rope around each orb, forcing her massive breasts into the shape of a rocket nose cones.

“Better now, mom?” Bernie asked as he tweaked her nipples.

“MFGMFGMFMGMGM!” she tried to yell through her gag as Bernie twisted each nipple and raising it above he boob. Dee was still hanging from the beam, but tied in a more upright position. Her toes were barely touching the ground as the ropes around her boobs were also tied to the beam forcing her on to her tip toes to avoid the boob ropes from tightening . She was now well positioned to witness the next activity planned by the “studs”.

The girls just completed milking and were sneaking a smoke behind the barn not knowing their mother was “caught” smoking and now hung as if she was a ham being smoked. The guys wandered up acting playful.

“Well, are you girls done for the evening?” Bernie asked.

“Why, you boys want to play some more?’ Maggie snickered as she blew smoke towards them. “Haven’t had enough?”

“Well, actually, we do want to play some more, but this time, we make the rules of the game, so let’s all play animal farm.” Billy replied. “We got to be your bull studs so you two get to be our milk cows.”

Maggie began to run towards the butchering building and pulled the door open to find her mom bound and gagged hanging by her tits from the beam. She rushed over towards Dee, but before she could get the gag out of her mouth, a strong hand grabbed her from behind.

“Guess you can see your mom isn’t going to help you. In fact, I think she will also get to “play” with us later.” Bernie chuckled, knowing Billy would soon be bringing Peggy into the butchering room.

Bernie heard the door to the room open as Billy led a reluctant Peggy by her bound hands tied in front of her. She was shocked to see her mom elevated to the beam, tied up like a Christmas turkey. Her breasts were turning purple as ropes from the beam were looped around her boobs. A noose around her neck was being pulled by Bernie, jerking Dee’s neck towards the beam and stifling her breathing.

“Now ladies, as you can see, your mom is in a very precarious position. We have tied a “hangman’s noose” around her neck and around each breast. So I highly suggest you cooperate so your mom has adequate air supply and doesn’t hang by her tits all night.”

Bernie loosened the noose as he was speaking to allow Dee to breathe. “Hard time getting your breath, mom? Maybe you should quit smoking” Bernie laughed as the noose loosened from her neck. “OK girls, strip.”

The girls knew the guys wanted revenge. As they took off their tops, the big valleys of skin came into full view. Removing their bras exposed the massive mounds of womanhood that would soon become milk jugs. “Hand me your panties,” Bernie demanded knowing he would need these already wet female unmentionables for future use.

Bernie made the girls lay on the floor as he and Billy tied up their “heifers.” With legs secured and their hands tied behind their back, Billy attached a hook to the ropes around the ankles of each girl and activated the lift. Dee watched in horror as her daughters were raised upside down towards the ceiling. The devious sisters wiggled back and forth as they went higher and higher.

“You fucking guys are crazy, stop this right now!” Maggie yelled as she moved her ankles trying to loosen her bonds.

The lift stopped leaving the two minx swaying to and fro. Billy and Bernie dropped their pants and started moving forward towards their prey. Suddenly, the girls realized they were stopped at exactly the right height to provide pleasure to their captors.

“OK bitch, open up,” Bernie demanded Maggie to open her mouth to receive his massive erection. He grabbed her spectacular boobs, using them as handles to pull her flush with his scrotum.

“You two were so focused on getting our semen, we want to make sure you both get your own personal supply of cum.” Billy snickered as he pulled her tits to forced Peggy’s head back and forth preparing him for a massive ejaculation into her throat.

“Here we go girls!” Billy exclaimed as he felt the hot fluid racing towards the penis head. He looked over to Bernie to see whether they would have simultaneous explosions.

As the gobs of goo filled the girls’ mouths, the boys stuffed the appropriate pair of panties into their respective mouths to keep them from spitting. A quick wrapping of duct tape assured both captives would have their gifts from the boys secured as well as keep them gagged and reasonably quiet.

As she watched her daughters being humiliated by the two male captors, Dee was getting more and more uncomfortable as her massive mammaries were continually squeezed by the cruel ropes hanging from the beam.

Dee let out a muffled sigh of relief as Billy released her from the beam and the ropes loosened from her boobs. But her relief was short lived as she and her two daughters were loaded into a wagon and taken to the milking parlor.

“Milking time, ladies” yelled Bernie as pushed the cart load of “heifers” into the milking parlor.

He pulled the cart up to three clean stalls and led each “Bessie” up to her position to allow the suction milkers to do their job. Dee raised off the cart and released from the cruel baler twine that was biting into her skin. But, her freedom was short-lived as she was forced into the stall and her head secured into the stanchion. Her arms were tied behind her back and legs secured to metal poles located at the end of the stall. Her huge tits hung and swayed back and forth as she struggled to free herself.

“OK girls, as you can see, we have the “head heifer and monster milk jugs” secured into a stall that you probably just used to milk cows. As you three ladies enjoyed “milking” Billy and I, we felt it only appropriate we return the favor and “milk” each one of you with real milkers to suction your tits and maybe get out some real milk.”

The girls muffled in protest as they watched their mother being secured into a stall like a prized Holstein. The boys led the next members of the dairy “herd” into their respective stalls and secured them in a manner like their mother.

The gagged heads of each of the “cows” stuck out over the feeding trough, moaning as loud as they could with their mouths stuffed and taped securely. The jerking motion of their heads created a clanking sound of the metal stanchions banging against the metal framing of the stall.

“Kinda sounds like our ladies are moaning to have their udders milked, huh Billy?”

“Yup, cows instinctively know when it’s milking time.”

The guys gave the girls boobs a gentle smack causing the tits to sway back and forth like bells in a steeple. The guys played with the tits, squeezing and pushing them as if they were checking the fullness of each mammary.

The milkers were turned on as the sound of the suction pump could be heard throughout the barn. Dee would have the honor of getting the milkers on her “teats” first. If truth be known, Dee had already had an experience with the milkers on her boobs as her husband had a kinky streak when they were younger. When Dee first got pregnant with Peggy, her massive boobs were aching with the huge amount of milk she produced. Her husband got the idea to see if the milkers would actually suck the milk from her breasts.

Though at first, Dee was not in favor of this rather unusual way to relieve her of the pain of excessive breast milk, her husband suggested they have sex while the milkers sucked her tits. This experience was absolutely fantastic as they both reached a simultaneous orgasm and had the crème de le creme de la crème sexual experience ever.

But, this experience will be different as she remembers how her boobs, and especially her nipples, ached for days after their kinky venture into the milking parlor years ago. This young duo of boys are doing this for punishment, not for her pleasure so she really did not know what to expect.

Bernie brought out a small cup of water to moisten each nipple and tit to help the suction cups to hold better.

“Here we go!” Bernie shouted as he raised the first milker to Dee’s right breast.

“Shoouup” was the suction sound as the first milker sucked the tit into the rubber neck of the milker and pulled the nipple into the tube. “Shoouuup” as skin was swallowed into the other milker as it was attached to the left breast.

“MFGMGFUUGHGHMGFH”, Dee shrilled through her gag as her tits were sucked.

The rhythmic suction action raised and lowered each mammoth boob, causing Dee to moan with every suction pump stroke. She winced when she realized her daughters were about to receive the same treatment when she heard Bernie and Billy walking towards the girls with two sets of milkers.

“Well girls, you mom almost seems to be enjoying this experience. So we don’t want to delay each of you the opportunity to see what it’s like to be milked, especially since you seemed to enjoy milking Bernie and I.” As Billy finished talking, each of the boys reached below a girl and attached the pulsating milkers, the same milkers the girls used just a few hours before to milk the real cows.

Peggy and Maggie groaned through their gags as their tits were pulled and nipples forced into the depths of each milker suction cup. The guys had another idea that would eventually bring the girls some “Real Seal” dairy enjoyment. It was a magnificent sight to see, three sets of monstrous tits being pumped to capacity in a synchronized human opera of boobs.

Billy got directly behind Maggie and Bernie went behind Peggy. The girls could sense something was about to happen. The guys kneaded each butt cheek of their respective female companion as they dropped their drawers. When the girls heard the guy’s belt buckles hit the floor, they soon realized what would happen next.

The hardened man swords were drawn and aimed at the wet, pink targets. The pumping in and out of the huge cocks planted in each girl soon followed the rhythm of the milkers pumping their tits. Though captive, Maggie and Peggy began to shake in sexual excitement that they have never felt before. Bernie and Billy reached a crescendo of a mighty orgasm exploding massive amounts of their cum into the wet caverns of their breeding heifers.

The two young females nearly fell unconscious with such an enormous orgasm. Bound, gagged and thoroughly spent, the two female youngins’ had a sexual experience like no other. Bernie shut off the milkers and watched as the suction released the six massive tits. A red ring indicated where the milker cups had been attached, each nipple was hard red and swollen. The girls soon realized their tits were extremely sore from the constant pumping of the milkers. Though certainly were not happy with their captivity, they actually very much appreciated the kinky sex they just had with the two boys.

“If we can reload, we can each become a real mother fucker” Billy giggled to Bernie, smacking Dee on her rump as the milkers plopped off her tits.

“What the fuck is going on in here!” Dee’s husband shouted as he entered the milking parlor.

“Shittttt”, Billy yelled, “We, ah, ah, well they did it to use first, you don’t know what they did to us” Billy said sheepishly as the huge farmer entered the barn.

“You two get the fuck out of here before I call the cops. I know what these sexpots have been up to. Just git, before I change my mind.”

Billy and Bernie quickly scampered out the door, pulling their pants up as they ran.

“Alright you three bitches, your little baby seed project finally caught up with you, huh?” Dee’s husband scolded the three as he approached his wife.

“Look at you three, bound and gagged with your tits hanging down like six giant water balloons. Serves you right.” He continued to scold them as he began to release his daughters from captivity.

Their father released his daughters' heads from the stanchions and removed their gags. “Damn it, you two. Lucky those boys didn’t take you into the mountains and really teach you a lesson. Now get dressed and get into the house.”

The girls grabbed their clothes and ran towards the farmhouse wondering what their father would do to their mother.

“Well, well, well. It is certainly apparent your daughters have inherited your appetite for kinky sex, using their pussy to trick guys into depositing their cum so you all could make money selling sperm. Good god, Dee, I didn’t think you would be so stupid as to let them get involved into such a crazy scheme,” her husband continued to berate her.

Her husband looked over his captive wife and the silent milkers laying in the stall and was reminded of the wild and crazy sex they had over 20 years ago in the milk parlor.

“Well Dee, you deserve punishment, but instead I want to be rewarded.” With that statement, Dee knew what he intended to do.

Her husband got cold water and massaged her bountiful breasts to take away the soreness. He kneaded her massive globes and twisted her nipples. She responded with an inviting “UMHUMMGHUMHUH” acknowledging she was ready for him to penetrate her. Her husband reached around and started the milker suction and placed the milkers on each tit. He began the slow entrance, revving up his gyrations to the rhythm of the milkers. They were reliving 20 years ago and about to explode. Maybe he should have thanked the boys.


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