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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; bedtie; gag; kidnap; tape; cuffs; hood; transported; cons; nc; XX

Kira's hands were tied to the head of her bed and her scarf was wrapped around her face, a pretty effective blindfold. They'd had to improvise with what she had. She'd never really thought to try this kind of thing before, bondage, but her date had suggested it and he'd seemed like a nice guy. Trustworthy. He worked for a library and owned a golden retriever. If you couldn't trust a guy who owned a golden retriever, who could you trust?

"You're so hot," he said, stroking her thighs. "Let me get your feet."

"Sure," she agreed, wiggling down the bed so he'd be able to tie them. She felt the rope, actually some of her pantyhose, loop around her ankle then a gentle tug as he fastened it to the bedpost. Not too tight, she could probably squirm out, but tight enough for a little rush of excitement.

He tied her other ankle too, then moved up her body, stopping to press a kiss to her stomach where her t-shirt had ridden up. He carried on up, settling over her, then kissing the side of her mouth softly.

She gasped, turned her head to deepen it into a real kiss, but he pulled back. "No need to rush," he said, stroking his hand up her arm and taking her hand in his. "We've got all night."

"I hope you're not going to keep me waiting all night," she said, wiggling a little against the bonds. He laughed, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.

Then his phone pinged.

"Ah, here we are," he said. He stood, his weight leaving the bed. Then he seemed to be moving around. She heard the clatter of things being moved.


"I'm here," he said, suddenly back at the side of the bed. "Sorry. I'm here." His hand settled reassuringly on her hair. She hummed as he brushed down her cheek, down to her lips. She opened her mouth willingly and he slipped his thumb into her mouth. She sucked it for a second, then when he pulled it back she opened her mouth again, needy.

He put something in her mouth. It wasn't his thumb.

It was soft and big, kind of like a sponge. Way too much for her mouth and she protested but he had her face in his hands so there wasn't anything she could do as he filled her mouth.

"Shhh," he said, softly. "Be a good girl, don't you spit that out."

She wasn't even sure if she could, not without effort anyway. It was filling her cheeks and she could barely move her tongue. She made a noise of protest, then there was something pressing over her mouth, making it so she definitely couldn't push the sponge out. He wound whatever it was, another scarf maybe, around her head a few times and tied it.

"There," he said, returning to stroking her head. "All ready."

She shook her head, then tried to get the scarf off, rubbing her mouth against her arm. She recognised the feel of it, a scarf her sister had bought her for her birthday.

"I'm sorry to do this," Steve said. "I really am. You're very cute."

"Let me go, then," she said, though she was pretty sure he wasn't going to be able to understand her around whatever was in her mouth. She tugged at her arms, twisting them in their bonds, but they seemed somehow tighter than they had a second ago, when it had all felt like a game.

It certainly didn't seem like a game anymore.

Then she heard the room door open.

"Ah, you're here," Steven said, standing up again and leaving her, helpless and blind.

"I'm here," an unfamiliar voice said. Female, probably. A little deep. "And she's all ready. Good job."

"Well, I'm a professional," Steve said with a little laugh. "You need a hand or have you got it from here?"

"Oh, I've got it," the woman said. Kira shouted Steve's name, but he didn't respond so she screamed instead, then pulled at her ankles and wrists again. What an idiot, what an absolute idiot. She should have known better on a first date. She shouldn't have brought him home when Bella was definitely away until Monday. She shouldn't have brought him home at all.

The woman, whoever she was, came into the room. It sounded like she was dragging something, something she set down on the floor.

"Goodbye, then," he said. "And bye, Kira. Sorry."

And then the door closed.

She screamed, wiggled, but it didn't seem to be having any effect. The woman, who she could hear moving about, didn't even seem to respond, but panic was flooding Kira's system. This woman could do anything to her and nobody would know.

"So feisty," the woman said, eventually. She pressed a hand to Kira's stomach and Kira jerked. "Don't worry, I won't hold it against you. This must be very overwhelming but don't worry, in time you'll get used to me."

In time, what could that possibly mean? Kira shook her head and the woman chuckled.

"I should introduce myself, I suppose. I'm not going to be silly enough to take that gag out of your mouth right now but when I do, you can call me mistress. And I'm going to call you baby, okay. My sweet little girl."

Kira shook her head again violently but the woman didn't seem to care. She pulled at her arms, one of them was close to escape, she could feel it. The material holding them in place wasn't thick and had a little stretch, even as tight as it was she could probably get free.

Then the woman's hands were on her, sliding up her body and along her arms, wrapping around her fingers for a second then sliding down again.

"I've been watching you," the woman said, softly. "So much promise, and what are you doing with your life? Working as a waitress? Getting drunk every weekend? Throwing everything away."

Kira protested. This woman wasn't her mum, she didn't need a lecture. She was fine. There was nothing wrong in taking her time to find herself. There was nothing wrong with enjoying her youth.

The woman cupped her jaw, a sudden movement.

"Don't you worry," she said. "I'm going to take care of you now."

"I don't need to be taken care of," she said, or tried to say. The woman didn't respond.

She did stop touching Kira, but not for long. A few items landed on the bed, then she climbed up after them, positioning herself as Kira's side. She reached up, tugged at something around Kira's head, and then the scarf around her mouth seemed to be unwinding. Kira got ready, pressing her tongue against the sponge. If she could just get it out of her mouth, she could scream. If she screamed quickly enough, maybe someone would hear. She could get help.

The woman had obviously anticipated this, though, and her hand stayed on Kira's mouth as the scarf was taken away, holding the sponge in no matter how hard Kira pushed, then something else was being wrapped around her head, something that felt like bandages.

"There, much more secure," the woman said, pulling Kira's head up by the hair so she could pass it around. It was tighter than the scarf had been, it felt like it was sticking to her skin. The woman wrapped it a few times then fastened it off and Kira turned her head quickly, trying to wipe it off against her arm, but it was far too tight.

Then the woman's hand took her arm. Kira jerked but there wasn't really far to go and it seemed to only take a second for the woman to fasten a cuff around her wrist. She did the same to Kira's other wrist, Kira helpless to stop her, then two more, one just below each elbow.

"These look so good on you," the woman said, running her finger over where Kira's skin met the cuffs. "I can already tell you're going to be a joy."

Kira protested, but there was no chance of it being heard. All she could do was lie there as the woman progressed to cuff her ankles, then below her knees.

The woman was going to tie her up again, that much was obvious. Kira had to get away when she did, it might be her only chance.

She lay there while the woman rummaged in whatever bag she'd brought. She waited until the woman came back and, as she'd thought, she leaned on Kira's right leg and then untied it.

Kira tried to kick. She really did, she put all her strength into it. But the woman was sitting on her and there had never been any hope, really. The woman just laughed, then pulled Kira's leg over so it was by her other leg and made quick work of attaching them together with what would seem to be a very short piece of chain, by the sound it made and the tiny movement Kira found she had left.

"I won't blame you for trying," the woman said, running her hand up Kira's leg, all the way to her shorts. "I'd try too, if I were you. But it won't do you any good." And then her hands gripped Kira's knee and she applied another chain to the cuffs there, holding them together. "You'll get used to this soon enough," the woman said. She knelt down and pressed a kiss to Kira's knee, and Kira tried to jerk away but there wasn't anywhere to do. "You'll learn to love it."

Kire doubted that very much, but then the woman was grabbing her and rolling her over to her front, painfully pulling at her tied arms. The woman lent over her and grabbed one, released it, and before she could even think had it twisted up behind her back and was knelt on it. She did it again with the other arm and Kira tried to pull it away but the woman was too strong. She got both of them, and Kira's lungs, under her leg and then made short work of clipping them together too, pulling her arms tight behind her at both cuffs.

"There," the woman said, clearly pleased with herself. "Looking pretty."

Kira screamed, then wriggled. Her top half wasn't tied to the bed any more but her legs still were and even if she could wiggle away, what could she do? Fall onto the floor and hurt herself. If only the woman would leave her alone.

No chance of that. The woman climbed off her for a second, but then she was back, kneeling with her legs on either side of Kira's torso and laying something next to her head. The next second her hands were on the blindfold, untying it, and Kira found himself finally blinking at the light. She tried to turn, to see who was doing this to her, but before she could something that felt like a bag was pulled over her head.

No, not a bag, a mask.

"Now be good," the woman said, tugging at it. "I need to get this lined up right for your nose."

Kira very much wanted it lined up right for her nose too, images of suffocation flashing through her head. She lay there and let the woman position it, then pull it tight, fastening something that felt like lacing until the mask pressed tight against her face all over.

No chance of seeing now. No change of pushing out the gag and screaming.

"There," the woman said, stroking her neck. "Nearly ready now, baby. You've been so good. Don't worry, you'll get a reward soon."

Kira tried to protest but the woman pulled her to sit upright and then started to wrap something around her body. Something tight, like the bandage around her face. Enough room to breath but not enough to escape and the woman wound it quickly and efficiently around her, pinning her arms to her back.

"There, so good," the woman said, squeezing Kira's tightly wrapped body. "I knew you just needed someone to take care of you, to tell you what to do."

Kira didn't, but there was no good in protesting. The woman finally untied her feet and pulled Kira to the edge of the bed, then to her shaky legs. It was hard to stand with her legs tied too tightly to each other but the woman held her up and helped her shuffle forward a few steps until Kira bumped into something.

"Here we go," the woman said, and then, displaying the same kind of strength that had kept Kira from escaping all this time, lifted her and quickly set her down, then pushed her until she was on her knees inside something.

A box. Or a suitcase, maybe.

The woman was going to take her away.

Kira started to cry.

"Shhh," the woman said, softly. "It's okay, sweet girl, it's okay. You're going to be safe now. You're going to be cared for and loved and nobody's going to be able to hurt you." She tilted Kira over; Kira had no choice but to lie down, then pulled her legs up, bending them like she was kneeling. Kira tried to push back but there was no chance and that same material that was wrapped around her body was wrapped around her legs too.

She was completely immobile.

"There," the woman said. "Let's get you comfortable."

She pulled Kira down, then forced her legs up, jamming her into the space of the suitcase. She hummed in pleasure when it became clear that Kira was going to fit in, and stroked Kira's cheek through the mask.

"There you go, sweet girl," she said, voice almost sing-song. "We'll be home soon, then I can get you comfy. You just have to bear it for a little longer, okay?"

Kira shook her head, but she didn't even expect to be listened to. Instead, some objects were put into the case around her and the lid was closed. Kira tried to squirm but there was no space and the suitcase was closed then stood, lifting her up.

At least the woman had put her in the right way up.

Then they were moving, away down the hall and then down the stairs and out the door. Into a vehicle, the rumble of an engine, and Kira closed her eyes as she was taken away toward her new life.


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