The Ice Fall

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2005 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; naked; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; blindfold; left; discovery; tease; toys; insert; crotchrope; climax; cons/reluct; X

I met Mandy at college and by the end of the first semester we were sharing a small terrace house not far from the campus. Our interest in bondage started in a very casual way but soon we had quite an extensive collection of bondage gear and our play sessions had become a regular feature of our lives. This is the story of what happened one night in mid-winter in our third year at college.

I know I liked being tied up but this was getting ridiculous! I had been lying naked, gagged, blindfolded and hogtied on the carpet in our lounge room for ages and I was beginning to ache all over. It must have been over two hours since Mandy said that she was slipping up the road to the corner shop to get some cigarettes. It was freezing cold outside and snow had been falling all day, so she got herself well rugged up before she left. Although it was warm in the house it sounded as though a gale was blowing outside – definitely not the weather for even a short trip to the corner store.

The aches in my arms were the worst – I wish that she hadn’t pulled the rope above my elbows so tight. The fact that my body was arched back by the rope that linked my crossed ankles to the D-ring on top of the gag harness did nothing to ease my aching arms. I’d long since stopped trying to roll over on my side - the spreader bar between my knees put and end to any thought of that being a more tolerable position.

Where the Hell had Mandy gone? It was a Monday night and there wasn’t anything on in town – not even a decent film this week. As I didn’t hear our creaking garage door open I knew she hadn’t taken the car. This meant that she wouldn’t have gone to call on any of our friends as they all live a fair distance away – too far to walk in the blizzard that now seemed to have descended on the neighbourhood.

The time dragged on. My chin was wet with the drool that dribbled past the fat plug that filled my mouth. I wriggled my fingers and toes to keep the circulation going – they were about the only parts of my body that I could wriggle. I was certain that the pile on the carpet had made a permanent imprint on my stomach and boobs. The itch in my nose was now even more unbearable than the ache in my arms. I promised to kill Mandy when she returned! But still the time dragged on and still no Mandy. Then at last I heard a key in the door and the howl of the wind as the front door was pushed open.

“Ah there you are!’ said a female voice from the doorway. As a padded leather blindfolded covered my eyes I couldn’t see who owned the voice and with the gag filling my mouth I was in no position to ask.

“Mandy said that I’d find you here and to check if you were OK – you look OK to me,” the voice went on. “She called me from hospital and asked me to pop round and fetch her a few things – pyjamas, some panties, the book by her bed and the box of chocolates on the kitchen table.”

I mmmmphed in protest – they were my chocolates!

But why was Mandy in hospital? I mmmmphed again trying my darndest to make it sound like an intelligible question but by now the owner of the voice was hunting through the drawers in Mandy’s bedroom.

After what seemed like another eternity the voice returned. “Guess what I found in her bedside drawer, just the thing to fill that empty hole at your other end.”

I heard the buzz of Mandy’s very man-sized vibrating dildo and then felt it’s wriggling tip stroking all around my clit without actually touching it. Slowly, gradually it homed in on that sensitive nub pressing down on it through its little hood. The voice certainly knew how to use it to its best effect – I was steadily getting hotter and wetter. It was not long before its fat shaft was deep inside of me. The voice then got a length of rope, probably one that Mandy had left lying on the settee, and tied it tightly round my waist. She passed the ends between my legs, tucked the ends round the waist rope and then back between my legs making sure that the dildo was held firmly in place before tying the ends off at the waist.

“That’ll give you something to think about until I return,” the voice said as she gathered up the things she was going to take to Mandy. Just as she was leaving she paused at the door and added, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mandy slipped on the pavement outside the corner store, broke her arm and knocked herself out. They’re keeping her in hospital for observation – she’ll be there overnight at least – she may be home tomorrow afternoon, or it could be Wednesday. I’ll call in on the way back from the hospital if it’s not too late, otherwise I’ll come back in the morning. Bye now; be good.”

I heard the front door slam and the house again fell silent, except, of course, for the howling of the wind outside. What if the voice didn’t come back until tomorrow? But what time was it now? How long had I already been tied up?

That buzzing, wriggling intruded inside me was beginning to do its evil work. It kept on buzzing and wriggling and I kept on getting hotter and wetter. My nipples were more sensitive too and far more conscious of the rough texture of the carpet. I was sweating and biting hard on the gag. The muscles in my thighs and stomach tensed and my whole pelvic area shook as I built up to that first climax. After I came I just wanted to close my legs, but the spreader bar stopped that. I willed the intruder to stop its buzzing and wriggling, but it just kept on working away inside me. I came again several times but none of them were as intense as that first body shaking orgasm. The voice was right; the dildo had certainly kept my mind off my aching limbs for a time at least – but for how long. I had completely lost track of all time; all I knew was that it seemed to be passing painfully slowly.

Exhausted by being tied up for so long - plus the multiple orgasms, plus it being very late after a busy day – I was half asleep and I didn’t hear the door open when the voice returned. “It’s bloody cold out there,” announced the voice, “Not a night to be driving around visiting hospitals.” I didn’t care how cold it was outside; all I wanted was for that darned woman to untie me. After what seemed like an age she said, “Come on, I suppose it’s time you got some beauty sleep.” I was going to be free at last.

She untied the ropes - except the one that still tightly circled my wrists. I just lay on the floor stretching and trying to get the stiffness out of my legs. Then to my surprise I heard two clicks as steel cuffs closed round my wrists. Only then did the voice undo the rope that had bound my wrists for so long. She hadn’t undone the head harness so the fat plug still filled my mouth and I was still blindfolded. As she pulled me to my feet she said, “Come on, first a trip to the bathroom and then it’s bed for you.”

My hmmmmphing plus the way I was waving my wrists about must have got the message over that I wanted out of these handcuffs for, as she pushed me on to the bed, she said “OK, I’ll leave the keys for you, you’ve just got to find them. I’ll give you a clue – they’re not in this room.” A fat lot of help that was! After telling me that she was dog tired and that she had better go and get some sleep as she had to be up early for work in a few hours, she said goodnight. The house fell silent except for the howling of the wind. All I had to do was to find those keys.

I got to the bottom of the bed and tried to work the blindfold off by hooking the straps of the head harness on the top of the bedpost. No matter what position I tried they just wouldn’t move so I had to try and find the keys in the dark. I made my way across the bedroom in what I thought was the direction of the lounge room. I was stopped with a jolt as I bumped into a wall. I followed the wall until I came to a door - alas it only led into the bathroom. At least I now knew where I was. It was not long before I was groping my way round the furniture in the lounge room trying to locate those darned keys. No luck – I even tried sitting on the settee and feeling down between the cushions but the keys were not there.

Then I searched to kitchen and Mandy’s room, again with no luck. But when I was heading back to have another search through the house my foot kicked something on the floor in the hallway. I heard it slide across the tiles; it sounded like keys! I would soon be free! I slid my foot back and forth across the floor hoping to hit them again. It seemed ages before my toes touched something lying on the floor. I squatted down and, groping behind me, I got my fingers round what I hoped were the keys – but it just turned out to be a pair of nail scissors. It probably took me another hour of searching to find the keys. Finally I found them on the bench in the kitchen - I must have passed close to them several times before. But were these the right keys?

In my haste to free myself I managed to drop them a couple of times but, after two more sessions of groping round on the floor to recover them, I got one of them into the keyhole in the left cuff. It turned and my hand was free! Before I removed the right cuff I unbuckled the harness so I could see what I was doing, more importantly so I could get that fat plug out of my mouth to relieve my aching jaw.

I looked at the clock on the wall; it was 7.15 – it would soon be light. I had a shower and then wearily climbed into bed to catch up on my long-overdue sleep. As Mandy had broken her arm my revenge would have to wait – but her turn would come. I dozed off wondering who owned the mystery voice.

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