Heart of a Saxon

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2015 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; intruder; lingerie; rope; gag; bfold; prepare; spreadeagle; stuck; discovery; cons; X

Kelly stooped low in the bushes, hoping not to be seen. Any minute now they’d leave. Her backpack rested lightly on her shoulders. There wasn’t much in it, but the thought of its contents filled her with excitement.

Finally, they appeared at the outer gate of their mansion. Mr. Saxon drove and Mrs. Saxon, that bitch, sat in the passenger seat. Turning onto the street, they glided slowly away while the gate closed swiftly behind them. Privacy abounded in a rich neighborhood like this. Gates, high walls, alarms, hedges, on and on. Even the road leading here looked like nothing more than an ill-kept service road until it curved and exploded into manicured lawns and private tennis courts. CEOs like Mr. Saxon got to live here. Receptionists like Kelly did not.

Kelly was fresh out of college, and had interviewed at Mr. Saxon’s rather prestigious firm for a graphic design position four months ago. Kelly, it seemed, “unfortunately did not meet the required qualifications for this position.” HR representatives have uncanny skill at being the friendliest and shittiest people alive simultaneously. Or so Kelly thought.

After numerous ignored or rejected applications, Saxon Designs had been Kelly’s last hope. Without a job, she’d have to move back in with her parents a thousand miles away. Kelly didn’t make it out of the lobby before she collapsed, crying, into a sofa.

He swooped in like a knight. Eric Saxon (yes, that Saxon) sat his broad shoulders and brown eyes next to her caringly. His escort of expensive suits reminded him of his tight schedule impatiently, but he asked Kelly her name, and what was wrong.

Kelly sobbed out her story, and he just…listened. He did nothing but watch her patiently while dismissing the suits away to wait for him. He offered his hand in support and she grasped it tightly. He was warm and kind. Kelly felt immediately safe with him.

He eventually asked some questions while Kelly sniffled out her answers. About where and what she’d studied. He’d attended the same university. He seemed impressed. Kelly walked out of his downtown office that day with a big smile on her face. Mr. Saxon needed a new receptionist, and would consider Kelly for any new graphic design positions that opened up in the future.

Confident that the Saxon’s had left their home, Kelly leapt from her hiding place and sprinted for the gate. She prayed no one would peer through their hedges and see her. Heart pounding, she punched a code into a non-descript pad and almost jumped for joy when the gate lurched and slid open. Mr. Saxon kept this information locked in a desk drawer, but Kelly knew where he kept the keys.

Kelly approached the house, eyeing the ocean just beyond. She’d never seen it before but it was gigantic. Columns and parapets and…a tower?! A romantic tower, like on a castle, jutting into the sky majestically. Mr. Saxon was a prince.

Breathless, Kelly used the spare key she’d swiped to open the Saxon’s massive oak door. She was met with a beeping sound, and quickly spotted the pad for their security system on the wall. She disarmed it with another code. The home was cavernous, every room immaculate and stylishly decorated. This must be what Mrs. Saxon does all day: polish Mr. Saxon’s palace. Kelly noticed her own shoes—flecked with dirt from hiding in the bushes. She took them off and slipped them into a plastic bag she’d packed. She then took out a short note and taped it to the security pad. Kelly had thought of everything.

Kelly had worked hard at her new job, determined to reward Mr. Saxon’s faith in her. Within days Kelly knew everything the internet had to say about him. He’d been like her once. He’d clawed together his fortune and his company through perseverance and hard work. Maybe that’s why he was so nice to her. He understood her. The fact that he was absolutely gorgeous just made it easier to fall for him.

Mr. Saxon was courteous and professional toward Kelly at all times. He didn’t waste time on vain gestures like flowers or flirting. He treated Kelly exactly like every other person in the office. That’s how she knew he coveted her. Flirting was a joke, and rumors always spread. That’s why he never called her, or saw her outside of work. If there was a scandal she’d have to leave. So Kelly kept up their platonic charade, but the more she watched Mr. Saxon work in his office, so close to her desk, the more she desired him.

She listened in sometimes when he called home from the office. His voice was different when he spoke to Mrs. Saxon. It was sweet…too sweet. He couldn’t mean it when he told her he loved her. Mrs. Saxon’s voice scratched into the phone. It made Kelly’s ears burn. Someone as wonderful as Mr. Saxon deserved better than her. Someone vibrant and sexy, someone who knew his kindness and how hard he worked. After listening to them discuss their upcoming anniversary and the European trip they had planned, Kelly understood then and there how badly Mr. Saxon must want to trade up. He needed a woman who appreciated him, he just couldn’t say it yet. Kelly saw an opportunity to repay him for believing in her by giving him the escape he’d always dreamed of. By being his new, loving companion, one who didn’t hold him back.

Ecstatic to finally be in Mr. Saxon’s home, Kelly sauntered happily about, looking for the stairs. She knew Mr. Saxon’s schedule and didn’t have much time. He was driving Mrs. Saxon to the airport where she would leave for Australia for several days. Kelly didn’t know the details of the trip because it wasn’t listed on his schedule, but it didn’t really matter. With her out of the way Kelly’d have her chance. She could show her love for Mr. Saxon unhindered.

Upstairs she found their bedroom. Like the rest, it was pristine, with a stunning view of their private beach just beyond. Kelly imagined herself sunbathing, keeping her body beautiful for her husband. She pictured Mrs. Saxon under an umbrella with a floppy hat, waiting for Mr. Saxon to bring her another drink. What a joke. He deserved someone better.

Kelly sat on the bed. It was incredibly soft and it was hers, hopefully forever. When Mr. Saxon returned, she would be waiting for him and their lives would change for the better.

About a week ago she’d stayed at the office late, pretending to work while everyone else went home. Quietly, she’d slipped behind Mr. Saxon’s desk. It was so humble, so unassuming. A place for work. He cared so much, and Kelly needed a plan to show how much she cared, too. She was already privy to his schedule but she needed more, and she found it. His files provided nothing, but in his locked desk drawer she found a USB drive filled with pictures of bound women. She stared at them for hours in the dark office, enamored by this new and kinky side to Mr. Saxon. More and more of his conversations with Mrs. Saxon made sense now. The cryptic entendres, the knowing chuckles.

Studying the pictures of women in bondage, Kelly found clues for what Mr. Saxon liked. Kelly had never really tried bondage before but his tastes were…sexy. All these women were helpless, teased, pleasured, even tormented. Kelly would gladly be all those things for him. She wanted to give herself to him completely. She could be like the photos. She remembered Mrs. Saxon always playing hard to get. She must not share his kinks. Kelly would embrace Mr. Saxon’s sexuality, not resist it.

Kelly set her backpack on the ornate canopy bed and placed a small pile of meticulously folded garments on the sheets. Then she began removing her clothes. They were filthy from waiting for over an hour in the bushes. Sweat from patience and trepidation clung to her body. She couldn’t greet Mr. Saxon like this. Once naked, Kelly carefully placed all her clothes into the plastic bag with her shoes and headed for the master bathroom.

She showered quickly but thoroughly. Kelly’s skin was soft and tan. She exercised religiously, especially in recent weeks, and yesterday got a full body wax. She wanted to be perfect for Mr. Saxon, spreading soap liberally over her smooth body. Her breath shortened with each blissful thought of his hands all over her.

Dripping from the shower, Kelly quickly grabbed a nearby towel. His towel. Wrapping it tightly around her body, Kelly checked the time and sprang into action.

She dried and ran her auburn hair through a curler until it cascaded elegantly onto her shoulders. She put on her most seductive makeup. Once smoky-eyed and cherry lipped, Kelly traipsed happily back into the bedroom, thinking about how Mrs. Saxon would soon be thousands and thousands of miles away, unaware of her husband’s newfound love.

Kelly hastily searched the room, finding at last a chest hidden underneath the bed. She knew it would be there, Mr. Saxon’s collection of bondage toys. Kelly opened the chest and gasped at the coils of rope, gags, whips, everything she could ever want. Kelly had brought her own supplies just in case, but using Mr. Saxon’s would be so much more poetic.

Kelly laid what she wanted on the bed and picked through the folded clothes she had prepared. Kelly had fantasized for so long about the day Mr. Saxon would finally rescue his receptionist, and wanted to look the part. She dropped the jacket, skirt, and blouse of a business suit in a trail between the door and the bedroom, as though Mr. Saxon and his lover had burst passionately into the room. She dressed in what remained: a strapless black bra, matching crotchless panties, and a garter belt holding up black nylons. Finally, she strapped a tall pair of black pumps onto her feet, the same ones she’d worn for her interview so long ago. He’d surely remember them. Kelly had dressed sexily at the office for weeks, seeking out Mr. Saxon’s lustful eyes. Now he’d find his gorgeous receptionist waiting longingly for him at home.

Kelly produced a small piece of cardstock and a calligraphy pen. Putting her artistic skills to use, she diligently wrote her love note to Mr. Saxon. She’d rehearsed the wording in her head for days.

Now that the cat’s away, at last my handsome Eric can play…

I can give you more than that bitch ever will. Let me show you. Make me your toy and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I will prove with each caress my undying love for you.


Using scarlet ribbon, Kelly tied the note and a single red rose to the outside of Mr. Saxon’s bedroom door. He’d find it and then find her. It would be perfect.

Kelly at last hid everything away that she didn’t intend to use. Just before closing Mr. Saxon’s chest of toys, Kelly spotted several riding crops tucked against the side. She remembered how many of his bondage pictures had shown a crop lying ominously next to the helpless woman. Kelly picked one up. She’d never felt one before. Hesitantly, she gave her thigh a sharp whack with it, wincing at the sting it left. At the thought of Mr. Saxon, though, the sting became warm and tender. Anything for him. Kelly selected the longest crop in the chest, with a thin stiff head. She wanted his eyes to see only beauty, and it looked the most elegant.

Feeling like at last she was returning home, Kelly climbed into the massive bed. Picking up a rope, Kelly tied an intricate knot that created two small loops of rope held by a noose. Kelly had spent many nights learning and perfecting the ropework she’d need for her gesture of love. Eventually she could slip her wrists through the loops and tighten the noose. Tighten it enough and she’d be unable to free herself. She fed the ample slack of the rope through a sturdy post on the headboard and tied another slip knot.

Kelly tied more ropes to the bottom corners and sides of the bed before settling eagerly into the center of the mattress. Spreading her legs wide, she carefully circled rope around each ankle. Thankful for her stretches that morning, Kelly spread her legs as far apart as she could manage on the king mattress. She pulled the rope as tightly as she could, until she was incapable of budging her ankles even a little. She coiled the next ropes several times above each knee and pulled it equally taut until the ropes on the bedsides forced her legs to bend slightly and oppose the tension on her ankles. Testing her work, Kelly found her legs completely immobile. She wanted her exposed pussy to be a gift for her lover, for him to be able to do whatever he pleased. The very thought made her flush. She wanted to pleasure herself but held back. She was his to play with now, and rushed to complete her bondage before she gave in to temptation.

She placed the crop gently by her left side. Once bound it would wait with her until retrieved by a man with, hopefully, wicked intent. Looking to the rest of her materials, Kelly examined the large harness ball gag. It looked complicated but it was a common feature in Mr. Saxon’s photographs. Next to it was a large leather blindfold, so big that it had a small hole built into it for Kelly’s nose. She debated whether to wear it. She wanted to see the look of lust in his face when he discovered her helpless sexy body on his bed. But no, Mr. Saxon liked blindfolds and she wanted to be his.

Carefully, she closed her eyes and slipped into darkness beneath the leather cover. She was shocked at the total darkness it trapped her in. There were no corners to peek out into the room beyond. Tying it snugly behind her head, Kelly’s mind filled with visions of her idyllic future with Mr. Saxon. She wanted so badly to call him Eric, to call him hers, and soon she would.

Feeling around, she grasped the mess of straps that was her gag and found the silicone ball. It was large, she could barely fit it between her teeth, but after some effort the sphere filled her mouth. She fought with the straps for a minute or two, pulling until the buckle reached the tightest notch she could muster. The orb pressed deep into her stretched jaw, yanking her cheeks back and slightly baring her white teeth. A strap buckled under her chin and forced the ball down, trapping her tongue. A strap over the top of her head tightened the entire harness and pressed the blindfold immovably into place.

She pictured what her gag must look like, the crimson ball encircled by her moist lips, preventing her from resisting her lover in any way. Kelly moaned at the thought, reveling in the way that one simple sound conveyed all the pleasure she felt within. Her voice would only express her carnal love. Nothing else would be necessary.

Her bound legs made it difficult to sit up, so Kelly finally rested back onto the bed. Here she would lay until discovered by the man she loved, bound and committed to whatever fate he decided for her. Already aroused, Kelly forced herself to concentrate on finishing the job. Once helpless she could sink into fantasy.

Feeling blindly, Kelly reached above her head and found the wrist loops. This was it. After this, she’d be bound until Mr. Saxon returned home and released her, if he released her at all. He might keep her forever. Swimming in her own arousal, that thought only urged Kelly on.

Slipping her hands through the loops, Kelly pulled her arms down and tugged at the rope attached to the headboard until the noose tightened around her hands. Enjoying the constriction of the cords around her wrists, Kelly struggled and clawed at the knot, feeling it begin to loosen slightly. So she tugged again, harder this time, until she found the knot so tight she couldn’t loosen it herself. Grunting triumphantly, Kelly reached above her head and found the remaining strand of slack on the bed, which snaked up to the headboard. Using both hands, she tugged sharply on the cord, pulling it through the other slipknot. Kelly’s wrists were forced further and further above her head as she pulled the rope. For several minutes Kelly fought with her ropes, tugging the rope to remove any slack she could find in the ropes. The slipknot made sure that she any mobility she removed would not be given back to her.

Soon, Kelly’s body was racked across Mr. Saxon’s bed. Her arms and legs were held rigidly against the sheets. Her outstretched fingers could reach neither the knot on her wrists nor the one on the bedpost several inches away. Kelly tossed the rope away, listening to it fall behind the bed, and resigned to her inescapable fate. She was desperate for Mr. Saxon’s return not so she could be let go, but so he could soothe the aching flame growing between her legs. Every fiber of her being longed for him.

Thinking only of her coming bliss, Kelly sank into a trance. She lost all track of time until she heard distant footsteps echoing through the house below. Kelly’s heart pounded. She quivered with anticipation and jumped anxiously when she heard her love not rip from the door to the bedroom. He was here. Mr. Saxon was home and would discover his beautiful prize any second.

The door opened.

Kelly could barely contain herself. She heard the body glide around the room, taking in the scene Kelly had constructed. Kelly moaned with anticipation, writhing seductively in the hope that Mr. Saxon’s caress would soon flood her senses. He’d be an animal and she’d be powerless to stop him.

Standing over her, Tricia Saxon considered the beautiful young stranger bound on her bed, and read the note in her hands again. Eric, it seemed, owed her an explanation, but he’d just begun a 14 hour flight and would be unreachable until he arrived in Sydney for some secretive client meeting. Feeling rather vindictive, Tricia pondered how best to pass the time until then.

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