Good Neighbor Samantha

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2016-2019 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; straitjacket; corset; cuffs; gag; blindfold; lingerie; rope; chastity; mum; mittens; collar; buttplug; cons; X

Part One

"Sam, I have a favor to ask you."

We were drinking coffee in Barb's kitchen. I had been debating about whether taking another cookie was worth the additional time I would have to spend on the elliptical. Answering her would at least delay that decision.

"I want you to put me in a strait jacket," she said calmly.

"A strait jacket? Are you insane?" I responded.

"No," she answered, "We had to buy it online." She often made strange statements like that. I've learned to ignore them.

"Why would you want to be trapped in one of those?"

"It's Tim's birthday." she said, taking a sip of her coffee. She was on a roll. Two bat-shit crazy sentences in one minute.

"Won't he think it's odd when he comes home and finds you all tied up?"

"Of course he'll be surprised," Barb said brightly, "He knows I can't get into it on my own." She looked at her watch. "He'll be home in an hour so we don't have much time. Will you help me?"

"If I must," I said, "Lead me to your dungeon."

She paused for a moment, then said. "No, everything is already laid out in the bedroom." I was not going to ask.

As we climbed the stairs to her bedroom, Barb asked, "Have you ever tightened a corset?"

A corset! Okay! Now it all made sense! She didn't mean an actual strait jacket, it was just an euphemism. I finished the cookie, ( I'm weak, I know, I know) and followed her to the bedroom.

I walked through the door and saw the strait jacket displayed on her bed in all its euphemistic glory. It was a deep blue with black highlights.

I had seen jackets on TV, but they were always large, bulky things made out of dirty old canvas. This one was tailored to fit Barb and made of something smooth and shiny.

"Don't you love it? Barb asked, "Tim's from Charlotte."

I don't know where the thought came from, but I suddenly was worried that Barb was planning on putting me into that jacket. And that was not gonna happen!

"Didn't you say something about a corset?" I asked, planning my escape.

"This?" she asked. She had taken off her shirt to reveal her bra and corset. Both were blue with black.

Apparently bondage requires color co-ordination.

Her jeans were quickly peeled off, displaying a pair of panties and stockings. Do I really have to mention the colors?

She spun around and backed towards me. "This is so loose it has been driving me crazy all day!"

"Wait," I said, stalling, "How long have you been in this?"

"I always wear one. Haven't you ever noticed? Now please tighten it!"

Keeping watch for some trick, I pulled at the knot and it quickly released. Silently wondering what I was really getting into, I grabbed two handfuls of laces and pulled.

"Not backwards, " Barb complained, "Pull to the side!. The laces from the left are pulled to the right and the…"

I tried her method, cutting her off in mid sentence.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah," she purred, "Like that."

I knotted the laces and …

"Don't stop! Its not tight enough!"


I tried again. "Now?" I asked.

"Not yet.

I pulled again. "Now"?

"A little morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee YES!" She ran her hands down her narrowed waist following the flare of her hips. "That's the real me!"

I'll stick with my elliptical, if it's all the same to you.

"Aren't you afraid Tim will take advantage of you when you're all tied up?" I asked.

"Afraid? That's the reason I'm doing this! When he sees me bound and gagged, he becomes a new man. His cock becomes enormous and he lasts twice as long!

I really didn't ask for details.

"But what if he does something you don't want…like anal?

"Bondage is a trust. I give my freedom to him, knowing that he will protect me and NEVER take advantage of me! As for anal…the beads are in the bottom drawer along with the lube. Now, when I'm properly bound in my new toy, please strap my legs open. You'll find the cuffs under the bed. Oh, my gag is in the top drawer."

I had to be awake. I could never dream this weird.

She moved in front of the mirror on the closet door. "Now to wrap Tim's present!"

The bottom of her restraint was closed, like a one-piece swim suit. She stepped into it and pulled/wriggled it up her legs.

Okay, like an EXTREMELY tight one-piece. It was thin, very thin. The outline of her panty was clearly visible, yet the way she yanked it up meant she wasn't worried about it ripping. She put her arms into the sleeves but was unable to get the jacket on her shoulders by herself.

"Little help?" she requested.

I moved in front of her to shift the strait jacket.

"From behind! I wanna watch!"

Are all slaves this fussy? From behind I slid the smooth material up her offered arms and onto her shoulders. There were four sets of straps and buckles on the back. I started at the top.

"Nice and tight, Nice and …oh yeah…" She purred. Her encased hands in constant motion: cupping her breasts, caressing her flattened tummy or rubbing her pussy.

Once I had finished all four straps, I didn't want to be told it was too loose so I pulled each strap a bit more tight.

By this time I doubted she was still capable of giving instructions. Barb was reduced to sighs and sensual moans.

She had already threaded her arms through a loop at the front of the jacket as she tried to fit them into the loops on the side. I pulled the long sleeves through each side loop and buckled it at her back.

"And we're done." I said, eager to return to the real world.

Barb jumped on the bed and spread her legs wide. I found leather cuffs with short chains at the foot of the mattress.

Cuffing her legs wide, I hurried to leave before she added anymore to this craziness. I wasn't fast enough.

"Hello?" Barb complained, "I'm still vocal."

Shouldn't I be the one giving orders?

I pulled opened the drawer and found her gag sitting on a pile of toys that I'd rather not get into. (And vice-versa)

The gag strap was looped around a padded leather blindfold.

Subtle girl that Barb.

As I blindfolded her, she moaned and shifted her hips. She seemed to suck the gag into her mouth.

Now I had to be done…no, I wasn't.

For years I've been selling cosmetics out of my house and Barb had never bought, or even tried any of my lipsticks.

I dug through my purse and found the perfect color in a side pocket: 'I'm Ready-Red.'

I pulled her lips away from the black ball and carefully colored them. She tried to move away but…well…she wasn't going anywhere.

"Stop twitching!" I ordered, "You don't want me to smear this!"

She froze and I finished painting her lips hot-red.

I felt funny as I left her house. I mean I had just left my best friend bound and helpless. Yes it was at her request, but if anything happened to her before Tim got home, it would be my fault.

I had decided to call her in 90 minutes, unless I saw Tim's car come home before that.

I saw Tim's car pull into her driveway.

Okay, that problem was solved. I glanced at my watch. I had plenty of time for a workout before Nick and the kids got home. I usually listen to an audio book as I exercise: but Barb had given me too much to think about.

I changed into my workout gear: a ratty T shirt and shorts, and started pumping.

Was Barb oppressed? She seemed happy. Delirious even. Tim loved her and she adored him. More than that, she trusted him.

I wasn't sure if I could trust Nick that far. He was always talking about slipping it up my ass…what would he do if I couldn't stop him?

And her every day lingerie was better than my Nick's Birthday stuff . Didn't Nick deserve to see his wife in fancy undies? Dammit, didn't I deserve to feel special? Even when I was helping the kids with their homework, there was no reason that I couldn't have something special on…just for us.

Having burned off the cookies, I jumped into the shower, still thinking. I had no interest in the bondage, but I was determined to show Nick that the hot girl he married was still breathing.

After drying off I started looking for something to surprise Nick with for later. I didn't have a corset but I was…no, wait, I DID own a corset. I had only worn it on our wedding day, but I knew right where it was.

I admired it as I carried it down from the attic. Heavily boned and covered in appliqued satin it had cost me so much…but the look on his face when the dress came off was…was…something I hadn't seen in years.

Unfortunately, the only person who might help me put it on was currently mid-fuck. I doubt she'd appreciate the interruption.

I wrapped it around me and…okay, I loosened the laces as much as I could, THEN I wrapped it around me, hooking the busk thingies in front. I looked in the mirror…very nice, even before tightening. My breasts were almost popping out of the half cups.

So…I tightened. I felt taller from the first pull. My titties got bigger as my waist shrank. Knowing I would be stuck in this for a while, I didn't attempt the drastic reduction like Barb. The stockings were a struggle, (Who could bend?) but after a bit of groaning, I managed to glide the white silk up my legs. Then my panty which was a whisper of more silk.

I debated about wearing a dress, but that would spoil the unveiling for Nick, so I put on my standard jeans and blouse. I chose a heavier shirt than I normally wear, hoping to hide the corset.

And…they'd all be home in a half hour and I hadn't started dinner.


One fast call to May-Lee's for delivery…one pleasant evening of refereeing the kids, hearing about Nick's boss, learning about the water cycle, bath time, (Nick helped without my asking…did he suspect something?) and reading chapter three of Harry's adventures later, Nick and I were alone on the couch.

"How was your day?" he asked, picking up the TV section.

I stood and unbuttoned my blouse. "You tell me." I purred.

The look on his face…was even sweeter this time!

So much happiness later, we were awakened by the phone.

"Sam, I need another favor,"

Part Two

It had been six days since I learned that my neighbor and best friend Barbara thought strait jackets were fashionable. Despite our talking every day, neither of us had spoken about it.

But I had thought about it…pretty much non-stop.

Not the bondage, that part was icky, but the love, trust and lingerie were compelling. I had started to wear my best undies every day. And I loved it. It made me feel special, sexy…even when I was washing the dishes or cleaning up the kid's messes.

And my ever-faithful husband Nick could not get enough of me. We had made love twice this week. We hadn't managed that since before Marcus was born

And there was still one day of the week left and I had plans for round three!

Even better, he couldn't keep his hands off me; Kissing, cuddling…we slept with him spooning me. All because I learned that I deserve to feel sexy.

Unfortunately, my special lingerie drawer was not all that special. Other than my honeymoon corset, all I had were a few pieces he had seen a dozen times. My sleepwear was worse.

I needed to go shopping, and I needed help in choosing the right outfit, (As much as I wanted to say outfits, my budget was limited.)

It was Barb to the rescue in two ways. Secondly, she would help me find the sexy stuff, but first, it would be her money paying for it.

Barb was finally buying some make-up from me! Good thing too, otherwise I would be choosing my lingerie from the dollar store.

I drove us downtown listening to her explain corset variations. Corset, Waspie, Basque, Merry Widow, Corselette, Shapewear, Girdle…

She was starting to scare me. All I wanted, all I could afford was a bra and panty set. She was making plans to turn my closet into a lingerie showplace.

I didn't see anything I liked at the first three places we went. Mainly because all I looked at were the prices. Why is it that the less material it has, the higher the price?

Does Goodwill have a lingerie section?

Finally we found a hot red bra, panty and garter belt combo I could afford. Although I had to use my emergency twenty to get the matching stockings.

Other than Barb picking up a box of something at the pharmacy, Nothing much happened on the drive home. But as soon as she put the coffee on…

"That didn't take long at all." Barb said brightly, "We'll have plenty of time for you to tie me up."

I guess she saw my hesitation.

"Oh I'm sorry, How could I have been so thoughtless? It's your turn to be bound!"

"What??? No…NO!!" That's really not necessary!"

"Are you sure? " She purred. "I have some nice red rope that will match your new undies! It would be a wonderful surprise for Nick."

"I think the kids might wonder why mommie is hanging from the ceiling."

"Sorry," Barb said, "I can't do suspensions. But I do know how to make a rope dress!."

"What's a rope dress?" I asked in confusion.

"I weave a rope harness around your body. You'll love where I place some of the knots! You then cover it with your dress and let Nick untie you tonight!"

"That's not going to happen." I said dryly.

"He won't untie you?"

How do I get into these conversations? "No, I mean I don't want to be tied up." Her face fell. "I don't mind tying you," I said hurriedly, trying not to hurt her feelings, "I just want to be able to scratch where I itch."

Having said that tying her didn't bother me, I knew what was next. The long walk upstairs to her bedroom. This time, no cookie.

Also no strait jacket. There was nothing on her bed. And why was Barb carrying that box?

She unbuttoned her blouse. "This is something I've always wanted to try! I didn't mention it last week because I didn't want you to think it was weird."

No comment.

And no corset either, only a blush-colored satin bra. Just when I thought I knew what was happening…

"You've stopped wearing corsets?: I asked.

"I had to." She said as she pulled off her slacks. "Ever since this was locked on."

She was wearing a chastity belt. It was thin, form-fitting and…SHE WAS IN A CHASTITY BELT!

"Why?" I managed to ask.

"I'm being punished for wearing make-up without permission." She said calmly.

It was too much. "Barb, you're going to stay with us. I'm sure Nick has the tools to cut that off. Tim is abusing you and."

"It was my idea."

What? I mean WHAT?

"Tim loved the make-up, that's why I bought so much from you. I had been searching for a reason to be locked in this, and you putting lipstick on me was a perfect excuse!"


"Tim was against it, until he saw how sexy I am in it. He told me I could wear it overnight, but I insisted on a month."


"We settled on two weeks. Two whole weeks without sex! It's going to be amazing!"

"But…sex is good." I stammered.

"So is being horny! The anticipation is incredible. I can not wait for the day this comes off! I suck Tim off every night and he still can't get enough of me. We've never been closer."

One of us was not from this planet. I was starting to think it was me.

"You're already in bondage." I pointed out. "Why do you need me?"

"I want to be a mummy."

After everything else, this sounded normal.


"Elastic bandages."

Yup, nothing odd here. I heard a 'ding' from the kitchen. Our coffee was ready.

She opened the box she had brought up. It contained roll after roll of the elastic wrap. "These won't really hold me, I'll need a few extra restraints."

A perfectly reasonable request. She put a thin leather collar on and picked up two leather…things.

"Bondage mittens." She explained. "For later." She finished undressing until all she had on were the collar and belt. I had never been in the same room as an aroused, semi-naked woman.

Going to confession this week should prove interesting.

Barb folded the end of the bandage over her toes and wrapped it around her foot and then up her leg. She wasn't trying to get it as tight as possible, so she needed two rolls to wrap just one leg. "The next layer will be a lot tighter." She said.


She used more rolls to cover her body, clipping the last end above her breasts. I was relieved when she hid her tits. Those erect nipples were just too…there!

"Now I'll need some help." She said as she tugged the mitten on her hand. This mitten did not have a separate thumb and was a lot longer than any mitten I've ever worn. There was a metal ring at the tip of it. They went on fairly easily and I quickly laced and buckled them secure.

It was up to me to finish her wrappings. No matter how I tried, the bandage would not wrap around her mitten. The leather was too slippery. In desperation, I tied one end to the metal ring and started wrapping.

For whatever reason, I only needed one roll to do each of her arms.

Wrapping her head was a challenge. Under orders, I started above her collar and went up. The bandage went under her chin, over her head, across her eyes…you name a direction, I used it.

I knew we weren't done. We're never done. I had to help her to the bed, then get the short length of chain from her nightstand. (As long as I didn't have to open any drawers, I wasn't going to argue)

The chain went through the collars rings at the back of her head, then clipped on to her mittens. (After she had crossed her arms like a good mummy.)

Following that, I had to make her two legs into one. Needless to say, I had to make it "Nice and tight, no, tighter!"

Something about being in bondage makes my friend into a real brat.

Wrapping her gave me a good workout. I really had to strain to get the bandage to its proper tightness. When I finished, there were three unused rolls in the box.

I was not going to mention this.

She assured me she was fine, so I left her to her fantasies. She wasn't gagged and the wrappings were not tight at the neck. On that we both agreed.

I felt it was safe to leave her alone.

At home, I enjoyed a long shower, followed by a bit of modeling in front of my mirror. Oh yeah, I looked hot. I found a red dress in the back of my closet and wore it to hide my purchase from Nick.

I even wore a pair of red heels. Now I was the one who was color-coordinated.

I thought of Barb, happily bound and waiting for her husband. I did not understand her. If she enjoyed sex, why deny herself for two weeks? And what did the bondage do? I loved pulling Nick to me and hugging him as we made love. She couldn't do that.

It just did not make any sense…but…she was happy.

I began to make dinner, feeling my breasts pushed upward and together by my new bra. I felt sexy, I WAS sexy.

And I had a loving husband and two amazing kids.

Barb had more money and a nicer house than I did. She was thinner, younger and (Grrrr) prettier than me.

But I knew I was happier.

Part Three

I waved from the front door as the school bus accelerated up the block. As I turned to enter my house I heard a call from Barbara, my next-door neighbor. "Samantha! Coffee's hot!"

That's odd. Tuesday is my day to make the coffee. Why would Barbara make it today?…unless she needed another favor.

"And I have Fasnacht Kuechles."

Definitely a favor. And a big one. No doubt.

I'd be a fool to go over.

"What's new?" I asked, wiping the cinnamon sugar off my upper lip.

"Same old…oh, did I tell you we won the lottery?"

I looked around her immaculate kitchen, where she rarely (Ever?) cooked, and knowing they already had more money than anyone else on the block…I still managed to keep my voice level. "No, I don't think you mentioned it. I didn't know you played."

"Hardly ever, but a girl at church was selling them, so I bought a few. It's only for two hundred thousand dollars, but it was a nice surprise."

"I think Marcus was selling them too."

"Of course I bought some from Marcus, but none of his was a winner,"

My day was complete. Might as well get it over with. "So…the favor?" I prompted.

"I didn't…well, anyway. One of the things we bought was a new chastity restraint. And I know you love helping me get ready for Tim. So…please?" She asked as she waved another pastry under my nose.

Okay, what had happened to the plateful of pastries? Why my plate covered in crumbs while her plate was clean…and what choice did I have?

"Dungeon?" I asked, pointing downward.

"Being refurbished." She answered. "I have it all laid out on my bed. You're going to love it!"

Cleaning the few crumbs from my face, I followed my soon-to-be captive to her bedroom.

There was someone lying on her bed…no, not someone, Something…Something in the shape of a woman.

She had a collection of cuffs, chains and …god-knows-what on her bed. It was red with gold edges.

Oh my god…she wanted to be Iron Man!

"Did this…get-up… cost the whole twenty-five grand?" I stammered.

"Of course not!" Barb answered brightly. "Most of our winnings are re-doing our basement. Wait…let me correct myself. Most of our winnings were taken away in taxes. The little that's left is being used to make a better dungeon. With a few other small purchases."

Okay, enough delaying. I took off my housecoat, revealing the long satin gown I had worn underneath.

(Thank you Goodwill.)

"How do I …wait…is that a metal bra?"

Barb nodded gleefully. And here I thought underwires were bad enough.

"Let's start with that." Barb suggested, removing her designer sweat suit. She wore nothing under it. I had assumed that we had a "No nudity" clause in our friendship. I was willing to tie her, but I didn't need to see her shaved…

Shaved…her pussy was shaved.

"Did you shave your legs and forget to stop?" I asked in confusion.

"You mean you haven't shaved for Nick? Oh girl, you need to do it right now, Oral sex is so much better!"

…"I'd rather just tie you." I never thought I would say that!

Barb had not waited for me, She'd wrapped the main part of her bra around her body and was pulling the shoulder straps…er…chains into place.

It was a front-hook bra, but in this case, there was a lock in place of the hook. Her shoulder chains ended in a flat oval that fitted over a metal do-hickey that jutted from between her breasts.

Another pair of chains dangled from this juncture. I couldn't wait to see where they got locked to.

She fitted a small circle to this mess and clicked it shut.

"That feels amazing!" She said as her hands caressed the shiny metal she had locked over her tits. "What do you think?"

I think you're crazy, I think you have too much money. I think you should be locked up.

Yeah…I know.

"Not my thing, but you look good in it." Anything to get this over with. "What next?"

She picked up a pile of chains. "Hmmm, start with this collar?"

Ever in a rush, she had the collar around her neck and was fumbling to close it. "Let me help." I offered. I was curious to see how this stupid think locked on. Barb must have sent all her measurements because this collar was not adjustable. I pressed the ends together, only to have them spring apart when I let go.

"Hello?" Barb said sarcastically, "You need to insert the lock pin!"

Well yeah, anyone could see that.

"What's a lock pin?" I asked. As I had said, Not My Thing!

She took what looked like a thick thump tack and directed me to hold the collar together.

"Notch goes up." She said as she popped it into place.

I was not going to ask what notch.

"Then the cover goes over it," She continued, "Opening goes up of course."

Well of course it does.

"Then the lock slips into place and, (Click) I am nicely secured."


"Elbow cuffs next." She said a little breathlessly.

I looked at the things on the bed, trying to figure out which one was an elbow cuff.

She reached behind her and shook something that was hanging behind her.

"Elbow, cuff. A cuff for my elbows."

I grabbed a few of the lock thingies and hoped I could figure out what to do.

Chains hung down her back with a pair of cuffs attached to them. I put one of the cuffs above her elbow pushed the lock pin into the hole. The pin was slightly oval so it could only go through two ways. I saw the notch in it, and made sure it was up.

The cover had an opening that matched the notch. When I put the lock into place, it fit perfectly, keeping the two parts together.

I quickly trapped her other elbow. It was kinda fun.

Now I could see how these chains were connected. They formed a triangle, with cuffs at two of the points and her collar at the top.

The chain between her elbows wasn't very long. It forced her to keep her arms close to her sides while making her thrust out her chest.

Which was probably the whole purpose.

Another pair of chains were attached to the sides of the collar and they also ended in cuffs.

"Did you know the Spanish word for wife is 'Esposa?' And that Esposa also means handcuffs."

"You keep a gag in the end table. Right?" I asked quietly.

"Several actually. Why?" Her eyes widened. "You wouldn't!"

"No talky!" I said, "Let me work."

I locked a cuff around each of her wrists. The short chain between them allowed very little movement.

I looked at the remaining restraints. Everything seemed to connect to a chastity belt. But…

"That's not the belt you were locked in."

"May I speak?" She asked meekly.

"What? Yeah…I wasn't going to gag you. I was joking."

She pouted, I got the puppy-dog-eyed pout because I wasn't going to gag her.

One of us is crazy…right?

"Different belt?" I prompted.

"A girl needs more than one." She said simply.


I lifted the belt only to drop it immediately. "Tell me THAT isn't going into your pussy!" I hissed.

"No," She said in a demeaning voice, "Butt plugs do not go in pussies."

You know, she asks a lot. If it ever got out that I was tying her, I would have to move. I don't know what this stuff does, and frankly, I don't want to know.

But if she wants to ride a butt plug, I was in the mood to help!

I held the waist belt closed with one hand and grabbed the crotch piece with my other. "Any last words?" I asked.

Not waiting for a reply, I slid the lubed metal up her butt and pressed the metal pieces together. She arched her back as much as her bondage would let her and sucked in her breath…and then she exhaled in a sigh of contentment.

"I told you that you'd like anal."

No, you didn't and no thanks.

I was getting used to these lock pins and her belt quickly …nicely secured.

At the side of her belt was another lock point. A chain that held several cuffs was hanging from it, but the lock and not been clicked shut.

Determined to not ask Miss Stuck Up, I remembered the chains that hung from her bra. They reached the sides perfectly.

Before closing the locks, I spied the short chains from her handcuffs. They also were designed to be locked there.

With everything in place, I snapped the locks.

Two pairs of cuffs remained; at the thigh and ankle. Each had a short chain attached to its twin, so Barb would have to take short steps. It took me very little time to finish her bondage.

I took a good look at my prisoner. Her hands were useless, locks and chains were attached to every bit of her body. She had a metal plug trapped in her body and who knows how long she'd be stuck like this?

And…it suited her.

"One last thing." She said.

NOW what? I groaned to myself.

"That gift bag is my way of thanking you."

Well I felt about three foot tall. I tried to refuse, especially after I heard a suspicious clinking from the bag, but five minutes later I was alone at my kitchen table, pulling the tissue paper out of the bag to reveal…

A shiny pair of handcuffs.

At least she had included the keys. Assuming those keys actually opened those cuffs. I wouldn't put it past her to try and trap me.

As it was STILL not my thing, I wasn't overly worried.

Before setting the gift bad aside, I saw there was an envelope inside.

Just a plain envelope. No writing on it.

Inside were a few pieces of paper.

From my bank. "This is to inform you that your mortgage has been paid in full."

Oh there was a lot of legalese, and therefores, but the simple fact was…Barb had used a good chunk of her lottery winnings to pay off my mortgage.

And I had shoved a plug up her ass.

How could I possibly thank her for this.

I looked at the cuffs.


But I think I'll need to get a fresh razor first.


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