Give And Take Roommates

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2024 - bentbliss - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; anal; group; rope; hogtie; outdoors; mast; hum; tease; climax; messy; buttplug; hum; XX

Author's note: This is a cleaned up version of my first story I wrote back in late September 2019 for a long time vanilla friend. She gave me a few parameters of what she wanted, at my insistence, which mostly shaped the number of characters and specifics about each. It was over the next couple weeks after I wrote this that I wrote the two Halloween stories (Spirit Trap and Tricked and Treated By A Goddess), followed by two and a half of the It's Good to Be The Queen stories, and then the first Subspace: Emma’s Fetish Cruise Adventure. It was a year later that I submitted the two Halloween stories. More than two years later before I wrote anymore with the sequel and partial rework to the first Subspace before taking the plunge with that series which is currently still going. I have heavily debated on whether to ever publish this one for years. In many ways this is lighter in scope of craziness or darker themes compared to my other works so far. But there is still the same sassy tone from some of the characters you often see in my other works if that interests you.

Valerie began to sob and mumbled, "I give up."

Myron finished sipping his smoothie and began smiling, "I didn't quite hear that, honey."

Valerie was a very small woman by most standards. When she was standing she didn't quite even hit 4'10". And while she was fit, she didn't really have much muscle from never being able to put on weight no matter what she did and stayed around 90 pounds. Her black shoulder length hair is pulled up into a tight braided ponytail with a leather strap woven into the braids. The leather strap is attached to a number of ropes and a pole holding her body taunt like a bow in a very strict hogtie. Her naked latina body shimmered with sweat not only from the baking sun but also the five plus hours she has struggled to escape. Her lips quivered for a moment before her facial expression changed, "Dammit Myron, I give up. Let me out."

Valerie watched as Myron stood up, all 6 feet of him and a solid 199 pounds. Her thoughts momentarily go to how great he looked. His dark skin and short hair along with short beard were incredibly handsome to her. He dressed better than any man she had known and she knew how fit he was underneath having been workout partners for years. God, if only he wasn't gay, she thought. After all, Myron and her, along with Brad, had known each other since they were little kids and now lived together as roommates even after college.

Myron took one last sip of his smoothie and grabbed a bottle of water before walking over to Valerie. Myron reached the table Valerie was tied on and pretty much tied to. The grating of the table had been digging into Valerie's thigh, stomach, and breasts the whole time. To keep her and the table more steady, the umbrella pole to the outdoor table also became part of her bondage predicament as it rested flush between her thighs and ass as it split her cheeks open from her arched position. Myron stopped directly in front of her. His crotch was slightly up against her face as he leaned forward folding the umbrella closed. Valerie had dreamed of being able to taste him. This was the closest she had been to it and yet she was tied so tightly she couldn't even move closer to it much less get it out of his pants and into her mouth. Valerie gave a frustrating whine and attempted to lick it through his pants.

Myron took a step back, "Naughty little girl. Maybe I should tell your mother."

As Myron leaned down in front of Valerie, she responded, "Stop calling me a little girl. You know I hate that."

Myron laughed while giving her a drink of water, replied, "But a very naughty little girl wouldn't try to take advantage of her gay friend who is already helping her out."

After swallowing her water, Valerie replied, "Fuck you. You know I think you're sexy and that I have wanted you for a long time and then you come stick your crotch right in my face. Just let me out now."

Myron smirked, "Well it seems that would be my choice if I decide to let you out. Maybe I can let you stay here until Brad gets home and maybe you can beg him to let you out. He may even let you suck his cock first."

Valerie's eyes widened as she begged, "Please, I can't take this any longer. It is really hurting. Please Myron."

Myron stroked her hair and wiped the tears from her face. "Such a good little girl saying please." Valerie went to speak but Myron placed a finger over her lips to warn her to be quiet. "I will let you out like usual but you will endure a little longer and hear what I have to say. The more you argue, the longer you remain like this. After all, you have been in this position for over 5 hours now."

Valerie gasped, "What!"

Myron smiled and responded, "Your endurance seems to be getting better. So are my skills tying you up. You haven't made any improvements on escaping since we started. Seems like your escaping days are at an end. These past four or five times, you have made no leeway towards escaping. For the most part you have been happy with it. You like to pretend you want out when you really enjoy the struggle, the control, the lack of being able to get out whenever you want. This is what you want from Brad but he doesn't have the temperament or desire to do this with you. If he did, I am sure he would have already. My guess is you asked and he said no so you asked me to satiate your fantasies. And you satiate his needs when he is lonely and horny. Well mostly anyways."

Valerie's mouth opened but Myron cut her off. "Look, I know we all love each other. We have both slept with Brad. And I know you want to sleep with me as well. That is on me. But you trust me to help you with your fantasies and I have asked nothing in return. That is going to change."

Valerie's lips trembled and the strain on her body became more evident that she is no longer enjoying it. She responded, "What do you mean?"

Myron stroked her hair and began removing parts of her bondage that allowed her body to relax a bit as he replied, "I know we are going past your limits here so you have two choices. I can untie you now and I stop helping you with your bondage time and you find someone else. Or starting right now, when you don't escape and require me to release you, you must deal with my terms of release."

Valerie shook and gave out a sigh. She looked at Myron and said, "I don't want to stop doing this or find someone else but I also don't know what you are thinking of in terms of my release. That scares me a bit."

Myron, who had been walking around the table, patted her ass before speaking, "I understand it is a bit scary. But we have known each other since elementary and you know I have never done anything to harm or hurt you."

"I know Myron," she said while trying to get a little more comfortable.

Myron squatted down so he was eye level with Valerie. "You want your cake and eat it. Well I do too, honey. I will not hurt you or try to do anything outside your boundaries but this is a lot of work for me as well. I have put in over 6 hours of my time. I think I deserve some of what I want in return. You may enjoy some of it and not other parts. But if you want to continue this, then you must agree to what I want you to do. If you don't we will walk away from it today. If we continue and you give up, your only release is to agree to my terms or stay bound until you escape or ask for a new offer. The later offers will require more than the previous ones so you would be better to take my first offer or get better at escaping. Personally I think you like this idea and you are soaking wet at the thought. Am I right?"

Valerie quivered and nodded but said, "I still am a bit scared of what you will expect of me but yes I am soaking wet because part of me wants something like this. Can I get some ideas of what to expect even if it is not what you will ask right now before I make my decision."

Myron nodded and gave her another sip of water before replying, "Sure thing honey. Now this is a small sample off the top of my head and I will definitely come up with more things later. It can be as simple or include you doing my chores around the house for a specified time, controlling your wardrobe or your sex life including masturbation, and having a threesome with me and whomever I choose. For those threesomes you will be required to perform the way I expect. Those are just a couple ideas I have so far. Now first decide if you want to walk away and have me finish untying you or I will put you fully back into your previous position and make my first offer and you will get to decide to take it or spend more time escaping waiting for the next offer which will demand much more of you. Also since you ask me at least once a month, you will be expected to keep it up. You can ask more frequently but I reserve the right to say no. What will it be, honey?" Myron kissed her cheek and moved around the table.

Valerie's eyes were wide open and her mouth couldn't decide whether to open or close. One thing was certain, she was rocking her body as much as she could, fucking the pole and the table as much as possible while still pretty restrained. "Tie me back up. Please fucking tie me back up. It fucking hurts but I am so fucking horny and want to do this."

Myron smacked her ass enough to get her attention. "Stop it you naughty little girl! I didn't let you relax so you could do that. You will control yourself or I will leave you for another hour before my first offer. And while you may hate it, little girl is all you deserve to be called when we play. Deal with it and no more profanity towards me. You may regret letting me do this but I plan to have fun. Clearly you think it will be fun, so it will work out."

Valerie grunted as the ropes tightened and arched her back once again. Myron refused to let her talk until she was back in her previous position. While it took much time to release the little bit before, it required a lot more time and effort to get her back into position. Myron mentioned, "I am curious as to the interesting tan lines my little girl will have after hours in the sun tied up."

Valerie blurted out, "Fuck me!"

Myron chuckled, "Only in your dreams, little girl."

Valerie groaned, "Are you sure? I would be happy with that reality."

Myron yanked tighter, finishing up the last knot. "Maybe I should leave you here longer before my first offer."

"No. Please don't. I am beyond my limit. Please give me your offer. I will do anything," she begged, "within reason."

Myron walked across the yard, grinning to himself while she begged for him to come back. He grabbed his smoothie and took a drink before heading back. He stood in front of her with his crotch in her face again. "Don't think of licking or anything else. Well ok you can think but don't do it. I needed a drink as I have been working harder than you little girl," as he patted her head. "I find your begging a little cute. Reminds me of some of the naive boys I have had in my time." Myron got back down to eye level with Valerie, "My first offer is ....."

Valerie listened despite her pain and discomfort. She was wide-eyed in shock at what he was asking of her. Not only was there disbelief at some of it but excitement and fear as well. She would be getting things she would enjoy but she would have to also do something she is very reluctant to do.

Myron began finishing up, "If you fail to get him to agree, you will promise to be put in your chastity belt. I know you own one, for two weeks and I keep the keys. You also are not allowed to orgasm until the act happens or in two weeks after the chastity belt is removed. That is my first offer, little girl. I will throw in a bonus that is only good for this offer. I am a little dirty spending all this time out here and need a shower. It is clear you do as well. You can join me if you choose and can wash my body. Only your hands can touch. Do a good job and I may let you give me a hand job. I know how much you are dying to get a hold of it. What does my naughty little girl have to say?"

Valerie breathed deeply, "I am a bit scared because parts of it are fucking scary and part of it I don't have any control on whether it happens. The chastity is not as scary as the rest even though I have not done it for two weeks. I know there won't be a better offer tonight. I agree but I am worried I will fail. Can you please release me now?"

Myron looked her right in the eyes, "You won't fail as long as you give it your best. I know you and he has no chance as long as you perform as expected. You will be fine, little girl. I bet you will love this experience more than you expect. And you are clearly worked up enough to also endure it." Myron kissed her cheek and stood up and began removing her ropes. "Remember, no orgasms from you. Will you be joining me in the shower?"

Valerie's head was loose enough to turn and nod. Not sure if she wanted to speak right now as she waited for her bindings to finish being removed. Myron helped her off the table and walked her back to the house to let her do what she needed before joining him. Valerie gave him a quick kiss on the cheek along with a thank you which was the usual tradition when her session was over.

Myron was in the shower letting the water pour over him. The door slid open and a trembling voice meekly said, "Is it ok to come in?"

Myron turned around and saw Valerie standing there shaking. He looked at her and waved her in. She came in still shaking and quiet. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I am scared, nervous, and really excited all at once and after the long session, I am drained as well. Mostly I think I need a hug," she replied.

Myron grabbed her in a big hug but her being so short he had to reach down. Valerie squeezed tight, as her face really could only reach his chest. Myron thought out loud, "Part of me wonders if you did this, so can you hug me naked."

Valerie began to cry and tried to pull away. Myron held on and told her he was sorry. They remained like that for minutes while her crying ran its course and slowly began laughing. Valerie spoke up, "If I wasn't an emotional wreck at the moment, I would be devouring the sights of your body. Instead I got better with being in your embrace, both of us naked in the shower. This worked better than I could have planned." As she looked up at him smiling and laughing, they let go. "I guess it's back to the deal, hands only," she giggled.

Valerie took a step back and began admiring his body that she had dreamed about for years. He stared back at her, before handing the items she would be using to clean him. She shivered a moment and said, "I have waited a long time to get to this point with you. You see me naked often but I have never had the privilege to see your amazing body. I may not be a man but I have no doubts that man or woman could resist you."

Myron blushed a bit, but Valerie began her work on cleaning him starting at his chest. As she meticulously worked over his body, she asked, "Why couldn't you be bi or at least be attracted to me enough to want to fuck me?"

Myron looked down at her as she was on her knees cleaning his legs and shrugged. Valerie continued on licking her lips first, "What do I need to do to get you to desire me?"

Myron ran his fingers through her wet hair and replied, "The obvious thing is for my little girl to become a big boy." He began laughing but she punched him in the gut.

Valerie laughed at him, "You would like that wouldn't you?" She looked down at herself. "Honestly I am not much of a woman. I guess little girl is more appropriate. I have hardly any breasts at all and can make myself pass as a guy. Some of the guys you have brought home were far more girly than I am. What will it take?"

Myron looked down at her and held her chin up so she had to look right past his cock to see his face. He responded, "I do love you very much. Always have for years, just not in the way you want. I can't answer why but you are important and always will be. Think about it right now. You are seeing me naked, staring past my cock not far from your face. As you said, you waited for years and today you get to touch it and maybe even play with it. Not to mention I have been your bondage partner for years and yet today, I changed our relationship in that department. Things are changing hopefully for the positive. I don't know what the future holds. Maybe someday things will evolve to more. Who knows what will happen. After all, you didn't expect any of this today. If tonight goes well, it could change many things and maybe you will get your wish down the road. I don't want to give false hope but you will always be my little girl. No one else will ever get to be that."

Tears had formed in her eyes and sniffled a few times as she listened. But the smile at the end had them both feeling better. She would have to live with being his little girl. The only one he would ever have. That made her feel so much better and special. "Can I suck your cock?" she asked.

"Don't push your luck, little girl. You can give me a proper hand job so I am not pent up for tonight, unlike you," he responded.

"Aww!" She exclaimed, grabbing a hold of his cock and worked on cleaning it before stroking it to give him release. "Can I taste it when it comes out?" she asked.

"Isn't that what naughty little girls always do?" he exclaimed.

She nodded and worked furiously wanting to taste him even if deep down she wanted to take her time. She still had lots of work tonight and she needed a short rest if she planned to make it through tonight after everything so far today. She couldn't be happier and totally freaked out at the same time. She could hear him panting and looked up at him as he was staring up. He was getting close and she was the reason even if only it was her hand. She continued as he reached down and grabbed her hair. He didn't pull or anything but held on as she brought him to his climax. He gave a little squeak that was far too girly for someone of his size. She opened her mouth in front of his large thick cock. She wanted it in her mouth even if she wasn't sure she could fit much as she had never been with anything this size before. His cock jerked as she kept stroking as his warm cum hit her lips and face with less than she hoped getting into her mouth. She milked it for all it was worth trying to get every last drop while he groaned and squeaked. He thanked her but she thanked him even more. She cleaned him again after he settled and then Myron made his way out to let her finish shower.

Later that evening, Brad unlocked the front door and walked in the front and exclaimed, "Holy shit! You look fucking sexy as hell. Are you looking to get fucked cause I am all for it."

Brad stood about 6'4" and 250 pounds. He was a football player all the way up through college and it showed in his physique. His brown hair was kept short and his face clean shaven to really show his strong facial structure. He was very muscular and could look intimidating without any effort. Brad was coming home from work still in his suit, while looking a bit tired the sight before him had his attention.

Valerie smirked, "I don't know Brad. I thought I would stand here dressed up super sexy with my pussy leaking my juices down my legs as we speak knowing you would walk in the door any moment. Maybe sex isn't what is on my mind. Here, have a beer and take a seat so we can talk first. Assuming you still want that chance to fuck me."

Brad was speechless and looked at Valerie. She was wearing a skin tight leather dress that literally leaves nothing to the imagination. No bra or panties and the dress's length barely covered her front and was not likely fully covering her ass. Brad clearly could see she was not lying about her leaking. As he looked down further he noticed no stockings and just 6 inch red heels that still left her nearly a foot and a half shorter than him. He met her eyes and she had gone all out with her makeup and hair to get his attention. He stepped up and took the beer and headed to the couch.

Brad saw Myron sitting watching TV and greeted him as he sat. Brad was sipping his beer not noticing the nod between Myron and Valerie. Valerie walked up to the TV bending over to turn it off while her dress slid up, fully exposing her ass as well as her dripping pussy. Brad, focused on the sight, began to stand but Valerie told him to stay seated. She stood up and turned around pulling down her dress but still left everything partially exposed. She stared at Brad who seemed eager to start.

Valerie started taking steps towards Brad as she spoke, "We know there is going to be plenty of fucking tonight. That has been made obvious."

She reached Brad and straddled him as she continued. "Tonight won't be the same as others. Tonight, I want you to fuck my ass and fuck it long and hard. Make me your little anal whore you have long desired."

Brad swallowed and went to speak but Valerie cut him off. "There are a couple of conditions. First, this is going to be a threesome with Myron. Understand he has no desire to fuck me, he will be fucking you. You can also fuck him in return if you want. We know you swing both ways. But you will being fucking me while he fucks you. Second, I am going to be bound. I know you don't care for it but if you want my ass, it will be with me restrained which will be better for you as I will be at your full mercy. Myron will tie me up so you don't have to worry. Third, you are not allowed to touch my pussy unless you make me cum while getting fucked in the ass and you have cum in my ass as well. You can play with any part of my body while fucking me except for my pussy. If you feel you can't do that, I will put on my chastity belt to ensure you aren't tempted, if you would like. And last before I suck you off before sending you to the shower, you can choose what I wear while you take my anal virginity. I know you usually have me naked but since we are all doing things differently tonight, why not experiment. After all, you seem to like what I am wearing now and you know it is accessible. I really want to be your bound little anal whore. In fact, I am begging you to please accept this. We have all been friends far too long not to do this. Are you in, big man?" Valerie started unzipping Brad's pants in anticipation of his answer.

Brad looked over at Myron, "I am sure you had something to do with this."

"Well sweetie, couldn't have a threesome if I wasn't. We all get something we really want while giving up something at the same time. It will be fun and you know it. Could end up being a common activity for us. And you know I have wanted your sweet ass for a long time and you get hers at the same time," Myron smiled in response.

Brad looked back at Valerie who had his cock in her hand now, "Well if this is what it takes to get in your ass, then you get your wish little anal whore. Better get sucking," as he grabbed Valerie by her hair and yanked her down onto his already hard and waiting cock. It is similar in length to Myron but nowhere near the girth. Valerie thought she might be a bit luckier to not get as stretched as Brad will. Valerie continued bobbing up and down with Brad trying to make her deepthroat him. She gagged a few times but worked it until he held her head down the full length of his shaft as he her throat as he shot his load down her throat. Valerie gasped for air as he let go of her head.

"Ass," she snarled at Brad.

"Yes, I am getting yours. And you love it and me," he responded.

"And one day I will take your ass after you choke on my cock," she retorted. Myron began laughing while Brad's face turned red. "What am I wearing and do I need my belt?" She asked as she stood up.

Brad thought for a moment, "What the hell, the dress can stay on but the shoes gotta go. I haven't seen you in your belt. Maybe someday but not tonight."

"Go take a shower and we will finish getting ready," Valerie shoved two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out offering them to Brad. She pulled them back just before they reached his lips. "Anal whore, baby. Both of us. You get none of this," as she stuck them in her mouth sucking them clean before turning around and bending over for him. Myron just chuckled.

Brad jumped up and smacked her ass leaving his large handprint and headed to the shower. As Valerie rubbed her ass Myron came up and smacked the other side. "Didn't want that side to feel left out. Let's get you tied up, little girl."

She pouted at him for a second and he kissed her cheek. Myron told her, "You knocked it out of the park. Think you had him at the door truthfully. I am proud of you and you don't have to wear the chastity belt for two weeks. Now play up your enjoyment for anal with no complaining and then beg us both to suck us clean and you may get your wish of my cock in your mouth, little girl." Valerie squealed with excitement.

As Myron finished up the last knot leaving Valerie's wrists tied to her ankles, face down and ass up. He slipped a pillow between her legs lifting her butt in the air more. "This position suits you well. Enjoy the experience, little girl. Make me proud." Myron encouraged her.

"Tied up twice in one night. Mmm. I could get used to this," mumbled Valerie.

"Careful what you wish for little girl. I may leave you that way all night."

"Promise?" Valerie purred.

"Oh definitely. With you tied up I get Brad all to myself then."

"Hey, no fair. You can still play with me tied up."

"Or we can put you some place out of the way and make you watch or just listen. How does that sound, little girl?"

"No, please. I want to be a part of the fun."

"What if the fun is to tease you and leave you helpless and horny?"

As Valerie was about to respond, Brad walked in and whistled at the beautiful sight of Valerie's ass in the air. Her dress was too short to actually cover it in her present condition. "Ready or not here I come," exclaimed Brad.

Myron halted Brad as he tried to head towards Valerie. Myron jestered to Brad to leave the room for a second. Brad headed out and Myron punched his ass along the way causing Brad to jump and skitter forward. As they reached the living room, Brad stopped and turned around. Myron was on his heels and kissed him on the lips before he could say anything. Brad was momentarily taken by surprise but returned the kiss. They wrap their arms around each with Brad's partially stiffened cock rubbing up against Myron.

Myron broke the kiss but not the embrace and said, "For many years I have wanted to do this. Even a little jealousy has crept up knowing all those you have slept with including the guys. I was never jealous of you and Val but I did feel a little empty being left out. I love you and I love her. Tonight we want to show our appreciation to each other. I want you to understand we are not your normal hookups. We care and we want you to not only enjoy but to show your appreciation as well. Do you understand me, cowboy?" Brad nodded as Myron slid down gripping Brad's semi erect member.

"There is a lot of vulnerability going on. Starting with you as you are silent compared to normal. I know she is very vulnerable as well. She wants more than anything to make us both happy. She is going to do her best to enjoy this and make this special as I hope we all do but she is scared and nervous as well." Myron stroked Brad slowly, getting him worked up. "Be slow and gentle at first. Build her up, play with other parts of her to distract her from what is happening then wait for her when she wants more from you. I will let you two start first so she is comfortable before I join in." At that, Myron wrapped his lips around Brad's shaft and began sucking.

Brad groaned, "You know I love you both even if I am a bit selfish." Brad grunted before continuing, "Man if I knew you could suck cock so well, I would have asked earlier and saved myself some of those embarrassing times."

Myron bobbed down as far as he could on Brad's cock before popping it out. Myron smiled and said, "Looks like you are ready, cowboy. I wouldn't mind if you help me get ready."

Brad smiled and answered, "Sure thing, sis. I should probably get an idea of what I am going to take." As Myron stood, Brad pulled down his pants since he was already shirtless. He worked his way to remove his boxers, Brad shouted, "Holy shit! You're gonna be thick as fuck. Never had one that thick before."

Myron feigned surprise, "Your sis, too big for you big boy?" He laughed at the shock on Brad's face as he began to touch it with his hand. "Don't be shy, it hasn't bitten anyone yet. Not even Val during her hand job earlier. She desperately wants me to fill her up so if little Val is willing, a big boy like you should take it no problem. Come on, cowboy, have a taste. Val won't be going anywhere until we release her."

Brad dropped to his knees and began stroking Myron's shaft.

"Are you and Val a thing?" Brad asked before taking a quick lick before encircling the Myron's shaft with his lips. He slowly began working as Myron stiffened in arousal.

Myron responded, "Dear God no. Don't get me wrong, I love her more than anyone. Only you are equal to her. But I don't have the same attraction to her as I do you and other guys. It is not for a lack of trying. She badly wants to be attractive to me. I have spent years helping her bondage fantasies because she trusts me and you are not interested. But I never once took advantage though I am sure she has silently hoped. Today was the first time she saw me naked and was allowed to touch it for the first time. She wishes she was in your position now. But it was an incentive to get her more motivated for this tonight."

Brad gave one last thrust down Myron's shaft before popping it out. "So you manipulated this?," Brad asked.

Myron responded, "I guess so, cowboy. But we all are getting something we have waited a long time for and maybe it will lead to more in the future. I think I am ready, don't want to be spent before I fully work your ass," as he let go of Brad's head. "Go take her anal virginity. Make her beg for it. Deep down she craves it and start gently." Brad got to his feet and nodded before heading to the bedroom.

Valerie for her part was curious to where they went and why they hadn't started. Her mind raced at all the things going on, feeding the fear and excitement. The way she faced, she couldn't see the door. When Brad swatted her exposed ass, she moaned with a bit of pleasure while shouting out, "What the fuck!"

Brad ran his fingers along her inner thigh collecting some of her leaked juices. Valerie shivered and begged, "Please don't. I am so on edge and I don't want to cum yet."

Brad licked then sucked on his fingers right in front of her. "Why not?" he asked.

"I am here to be your anal whore and I figure if I am so worked up that I can likely cum and desire doing it more," responded Valerie.

"Is this what you want or are you doing it for Myron and his scheme?" Brad asked.

"For fuck's sake, Brad. You just licked the juices running down my leg. You know I am horny as fuck. Am I scared? Yes. Nervous? Very much so. Do I want this? More than anything right. Yeah Myron got it started but this isn't anything I didn't want deep down. He gave me a nudge. You have wanted this for years and it is right here in front of you. Take me like I know you want ever since you walked into the door as well as most of your life. I am not tied up because I am forcing myself to stay and do it. I am tied up because it calms me, arouses me, and generally makes me feel great. Actually I have been tied up much of the day which has helped me get into this mood. So Brad be yourself and use me like the filthy anal whore you desire. Make me want it now and in the future. Please Brad, I want your cock buried in my ass. Pound it until you fill me with your seed. Please!"

Brad stuck a finger into Valerie's mouth and began moving in back and forth as her lips wrapped around and began sucking it. He pet her while finger fucking her mouth. "You made me wait years for this moment. Now I am going to make you wait in your horny desperate state, my soon to be anal whore. Actually I think I am going to fuck Myron first, right here in front of you so you can see the bliss of being a true anal whore," as Brad pulled his finger out her mouth. Myron on the other side is grinning ear to ear.

Valerie screamed, "No please fuck me now. I want to be your anal whore right now." She struggled to break her bonds, whimpered and began to cry.

Brad stood up as Myron came over. Myron bent over near Valerie looking her in the face. Brad had taken a moment to grab some lube and applied it as he now stood behind Myron and his toned dark exposed ass. Brad looked at Valerie and told her, "We will get to you soon enough, after all you didn't want it for years and Myron has waited patiently for years for this and it is his idea. So I am going to reward him first while you learn."

Brad pressed the tip up against Myron's sphincter, Myron quickly tried to relax and he felt the pressure start to push. Valerie stared into Myron's eyes and watched his anticipation with her own anticipation. Myron let out a slight purr as Brad broke in and Valerie saw Myron's face enjoying every bit of the brief encounter so far. Brad slowly worked his way in and began slowly pumping in and out. Myron cried out, "Fuck yes, ride me cowboy."

Brad began to pick up the pace and Valerie could see the pure joy in Myron's face. Myron looked at her and smiled, "You will get your turn honey. After I'm a used bronco, first."

Valerie squirmed to try and get any friction as she was so horny and no longer wanted to wait. There is little to no movement that would help her as she groaned in frustration. She thought Brad would come in and just take her immediately but that didn't happen and now he was torturing her by making her wait with no way to get away or relieve herself. She just wanted their touch from either one of them. She was no longer scared or nervous, she was down right frustrated and horny as hell. She whimpered, "Please fuck me. Touch me. Anything besides this."

Brad and Myron both smiled at her but neither gave into her desire. Brad was riding Myron pretty hard, enough to start shaking the bed. Myron was moaning and crying out sounds of pleasure. Brad was panting louder before he shouted out, "I am going to cum in your ass, sis."

Myron shouted, "Fucking finally. Fill me up, cowboy. I have waited far too long for this. I need it all deep in there. Don't let me down and fill me until I can't take anymore." As Brad shot his load deep inside Myron, Myron shouted out, "Oh my glorious fuck hole!"

Myron twitched and shuddered as each spurt filled him up more. Myron's eyes rolled as he gripped at the blanket in ecstasy. Valerie looked on with a smile and a small hint of jealousy. She wanted her turn.

Brad slumped down on top of Myron for a moment. They thanked each other and kissed passionately. Brad announced, "I am done, see you guys in the morning."

Valerie flipped out bouncing around in her bounds. Her face was red and fraught with anger. Before long she blurted out, "Fuck you Brad, you promised. You better get over here and fuck me. I offered you my ass that you wanted for years. Don't you dare walk away or you will never get another chance."

Brad smiled at her, "I don't need your ass when I can have Myron's any time." Myron snorted. "Also you can't do anything about it anyways. You are Myron's little bondage bitch and you can't go anywhere at the moment." Valerie looked at both men in horror.

Myron chimed in, "Maybe if you ask nicely, we will let you clean us up. If you do a good enough job he may get hard and take you as promised. Though I am guessing you won't get the load size I have inside of me. Plus whether he wants to or not, I am going to get his ass tonight as promised."

Valerie began begging, "Please Brad. Let me work on getting you hard again. While I am less excited about what your cock is covered in, I am desperate. Please let me try at least."

Brad motioned to Myron and they both went to a different side of Valerie and lifted her before placing face at the end of the bed. Valerie began to say something but Brad shoved his flaccid, dirty cock in her mouth. "Clean it well, especially if you want it in your ass next." Valerie gagged initially but Brad was holding her head in place.

Tears of frustration were still coming down. Part of her wanted to be let go and go to her room and finish herself, but the other part of her was begging for more. She had dreamed of this and wanted it more if she really thought about it. Mostly it turned her on so much more and made her more desperate. It didn't stop her tears of frustration but she was willing to endure the two men she loved.

Myron hadn't expected the change up that Brad threw but he wasn't going to complain. He was hoping for it at some point in the evening, likely after the planned encounter. He was a bit concerned for Valerie but she hadn't actually asked to stop, if anything she was just really horny and in need of release. She's a tough little girl and he was proud of her resilience.

Brad enjoyed his changing of plans. They had manipulated him for years when they wanted, especially Val. Getting her ass had been a dream of his for as long as he remembered and now he was making her wait. Val may never be the prettiest girl, but she was always there and he probably took her for granted. Well she was prettier than Myron but he made a good sister as well. He ignored Myron way too much and he seemed pleasantly surprised when he was fucked first knowing how much Val meant. They take care of him even when he doesn't deserve it. Brad let go of Valerie's head and she gasped for air. He let her finish licking him over on her own before backing away.

Valerie clearly pouted, "You're not hard yet."

Myron chimed in, "Brad needs a longer break. We can offer you a chance at anal release to help you out but as usual it comes with a cost. Maybe you will like it anyway."

Valerie pleaded, "Anything."

Myron asked Brad to go finish cleaning up first as he told Valerie his offer, "Brad will finger you and work on stretching your ass before he fully penetrates you. You will be allowed to cum since he will be penetrating your ass." Valerie looked relieved until Myron started again, "But you have to play used cum receptacle and cock and ass cleaner well except cleaning your own ass since you can't reach. I will even encourage him to feed you your own juices if you do well. How desperate are you little girl? Do you want to lick my ass now because tonight might be your only chance."

Valerie frowned and was conflicted. He kept making these really tough offers to get her to do things she wouldn't normally do or hadn't thought of. It was one thing to get ass fucked but she had no desire to do rim jobs and clean out the used cum. She knew a number of people do it. But she was pretty desperate and did say she would do anything and didn't want to back down. She thought Myron was secretly enjoying this. Some day she would find a way to use this against her big sis. She started to smile in spite of her reluctance. Enjoy this she told herself.

Valerie responded, "You have a deal. You like to make these things tough but one day it will backfire or I will get an opportunity to make a deal with you."

Myron laughed at her as he flipped her over onto her back. Her knees were still up against her chest as her arms were forced straight while still tied to her ankles. Valerie muttered something about not being a sack of potatoes. Myron straddled her face lining up his ass so her tongue could reach.

Brad walked in, "Did anyone think to record this, cause I want to record this moment." Brad popped out a video camera and Myron choked. Valerie was shifting and it was clear she didn't want to be recorded.

Myron looked at the camera, "Mr. Limpy, she is waiting for you to finger her ass and stretch it out until you know, you can get up again."

"Fuck you sis. I dropped a big load in your ass first instead of hers and this is how you repay me." Brad moved onto the bed anyway, camera in hand.

Myron replied, "No one agreed to be filmed and she is quite upset and making this rim job less pleasant."

Myron shifted as Valerie was trying to yell, cutting her off, "Try to relax and enjoy cause you're about to feel some pressure." Valerie tensed when she felt Brad reach her sphincter. Myron once again told her, "Relax honey or it will hurt more."

Brad slowly got his finger in and began fucking her slowly. The tension lessened slightly. Valerie was finding that rim jobs are not so bad but being a receptacle for used cum was not as pleasant. Brad's finger had surprised her but once the initial shock wore off it started feeling reasonably good. If he would go faster she might cum soon but Myron wouldn't let her talk while he drained Brad's used cum into her mouth.

Brad kept the camera close as he used his finger in Valerie's ass. He was setting up to add the second without warning. He pulled out the finger and then placed two when he reentered. Valerie squealed and then moaned within a few seconds of adjusting. A minute later, Valerie was trying to fuck his fingers in hopes of getting an orgasm. She noticed that the cum stopped coming from Myron's ass but he made no move to get off her face. Valerie moaned louder and screamed as a fountain of cum splashes into Brad's camera.

Brad shockingly said, "Oh she's a squirter, I didn't know. Fuck she got it all over my camera. At least that should be quite the video to post." He laughed maniacally, having stopped fingering her after she squirted.

At this point, Myron had gotten off of Valerie's face. She was breathing heavily trying to catch her breath and calm herself as her body twitches after her first anal orgasm. Finally after a minute she spoke, "First off asshole, you wouldn't know I was a squirter cause you have never made me cum before."

Brad interjected, "Told you we should do anal."

Valerie rolled her eyes, "Fuck you. Next time you want sex, I'm going to use a very large strap on your ass until you cum."

"Oh, threats from my tiny little sis. Trying to make up for your lack of size?" He sarcastically commented.

Valerie sneered, "I don't make threats, only promises. Much like if that video gets posted, I will bite your dick off."

"You're kind like a Chihuahua, all bark and no bite." Myron groaned and Valerie snarled ready to attack. "So how are you going to stop me if I post it now." Valerie began to buck and scream profanities at the top of lungs trying to get to Brad but looking more like a turtle stuck on its back.

Myron interjected, "Enough Brad. This is supposed to be fun and now you are being cruel for no good reason." He stroked Valerie's head trying to calm her down. He continued, "She trusts us and that's why she agreed to this. Don't be a douche bag and ruin it before we even finish."

"You can't even see her face. You sat on her face for the parts it would have shown up in," Brad exclaimed.

"Not the point. You didn't ask hers or my permission. Trust man. We trust you, don't mess that up. She is in an emotionally vulnerable state especially after her orgasm. Even if they don't see her face, she is pretty unique in her physique that people will figure it out. So let it go and talk to her later about it. Let's finish the night on a good note." Myron retorted. Brad agreed and Myron asked Valerie if she was ok and she nodded. "I am betting that orgasm helped?"

Valerie shuddered, "Don't think I have ever had one that strong before. It was intense."

Myron got up and walked over to Brad and kissed him while fondling Brad's cock. He whispered into Brad's ear, "Time to take her anal virginity and for me to get to fill your ass." Brad seemed calmer as Myron got down and started licking Brad's cock. After a couple of strokes and sucks, Brad came to life down there again.

Myron walked over to Valerie, "Are you ready to be his anal whore and lose your virginity? You may get another orgasm like that if you still have enough pent up energy." Valerie shuddered again and licked her lips before nodding. "Then beg properly for it like you have all night, like a good naughty little girl."

She looked up and smiled at Myron. It offended her to be called that all her life but since earlier in the afternoon when their relationship changed, she knew it was now who she will always be for her big sister. She looked over to Brad, "You can be a huge fucking dick at times. But tonight I want that big cock of yours to finish what you started and make me your anal whore. Please take my virginity that you have wanted to take forever. Make me scream in ecstasy. Try to split me in two as you think I am so dainty. Most importantly, please fucking make me cum like that again and I will be begging you to anal fuck me all the time. Take me now. Please!"

Brad came over without a word and flipped the turtle known as Valerie over and scooted her ass to the edge of the bed. Myron dumped some lube on Valerie's ass, while Brad took care of his cock. He finally says, "You want me to start soft and easy or should I see if I can break you in half?"

Valerie laughed at him, "You wish you could..." Brad went from zero to full in one quick stroke. Valerie screamed out, "Holy fuck!" Her body shook and gasped.

Brad replied, "Too much for you already?"

Valerie quipped back, "You think one stroke is going to break me, asshole. Or do you not have the stamina to try to break me? Unless your real goal is to make me an anal whore first before you try to break me. Either way, you should probably start fucking me before you get too excited."

Brad pulled out and slammed back in. You could hear the two bodies slapping together. Valerie's face was driven into the bed, her hands were clenched tight into balls and her toes curled. She hoped he couldn't hear her gasps but at least he couldn't see her tears. She knew he just wanted to hear her give in and ask for a more gentle fuck but she challenged him. Relax, breathe, and focus on pleasant things. He will not break me, she thought.

Brad continued doing it for another dozen or so thrusts before shorter but still powerful thrusts. Valerie gave a few squeals and groans but endured. Brad finally spoke up, "Are you sure you're a virgin back here. Beyond being super tight, you have taken it better than a pro. I guess bronco busting time is over." He slowed his pace to smoother more rhythmic strokes.

Valerie's face was still buried in the bed but her crying and nerves were starting to calm down. Valerie felt a hand come in from the side under her arm and reached the top of her dress. The dress was pulled down just enough to expose one of her little nearly flat breast. Fingers tweak her nipple and her head shot up, she sniffled, "Fucker!"

Brad laughed, "She's alive and yes, I'm fucking you. Thank you."

He bent forward to tweak her nipple again when Myron joined in and thrust his cock straight into Brad with about as much mercy as Brad gave Valerie. In the process, Brad slammed deep into Valerie breaking his rhythm and causing her to gasp. Myron knew Valerie pretty much asked for it but Brad needed to be taken down a peg himself. Brad screamed, "Holy fuck!"

Myron laughed from behind, "The cowboy couldn't break his steed so now he gets Brokeback Mountain."

Valerie snorted as Brad groaned. Myron continued thrusting into Brad who thrust deeper into Valerie. Squeals, moans, and groans from all three permeated the room. The anal train began to pick up rhythm and the three of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Brad was in a pleasant conundrum. He was living his dream of finally fucking Valerie's ass. His ass was also completely filled with Myron's rather large and thick cock. Pleasure from two sources is great but it's hard to focus and fully enjoy both. For the moment, his prostate was well massaged and really turning him on and making him want to cum soon. He really wanted to make Valerie cum again and get more opportunities to use her ass in the future. Myron just felt so good. He just couldn't complain. Then again he and Myron were going to be spending more time together as well. Brad could only think of how awesome this felt. He was glad these two set this up.

Myron was kissing the back of Brad's neck just taking in the pleasure of finally fulfilling his deepest desire. Today he decided to take some initiative to get more of what he wanted. He realized he would get many opportunities with her as her bondage addiction was just too great for her to stop. He would make sure she was well taken care of as he always had but this added dimension gave her fantasies a purpose for him. Though he was still unsure what to think about his relationship with her. She was very much attracted to and wanted him, but he wasn't and never had the same attraction. For the most part on a regular basis she wasn't all that feminine and she pointed out he had been with much more feminine guys. He had allowed her to see and touch me in ways she had only dreamed of yet he was unsure if he wanted to let it develop further. He didn't want to be cruel and lead her on that way. He felt he really needed to think about it.

Valerie's rough start, which was her own fault letting her temper get in the way, had turned into a much more pleasurable experience. It hurt so much and while she was not much for a lot of pain, she wanted to prove a point to Brad. He wouldn't break her, especially not with his dick. She was always trying to prove her toughness not only to them but to everyone. It was part of her insecurity about her size. While she knew Brad wouldn't break her, Myron's changes and intimate knowledge of her strengths and weaknesses was another matter. A small part was glad he wasn't interested in her. But she would be lying to herself if she didn't wish he was interested and tried to break her. He already had been pushing her all day today. It was tough and further than she had let anyone try so far. Not that she had much choice after agreeing to his terms during her bondage session. She shuddered at the thought of what the future held with them because things had definitely changed. Up until the end of her earlier session, her ass was very much off limits. Myron made sure not only that she was going to get it used but used by the guy who has wanted it the longest.

The scary part was after the initial emotionally driven start between Brad and her, she thought it felt pretty good once things settled. She hadn't forgotten the amazing orgasm she had just from Brad's fingers in her ass. She had never experienced that intensity before. She was quite wound up for hours today and the whole thing was surreal and helped. But yeah if that was what it took to feel like that, she wanted more. She was still desiring more, maybe it was time to get Brad to get her emotionally charged and increase the intensity. With a wicked smile on her face that no one else can see she said, "Hey Myron, I was pretty clear that if Brad wants to fuck my ass again he should probably make me cum again like earlier."

Brad's eyes went wide and he growled as Myron chuckled and responded, "Aye, little sis."

Valerie started in again with, "Maybe he should pull out and use his fingers since that is the only way he has ever made me cum anyway, or you can show him how it is done. Either make him cum while you are in his ass or take his place and finish fucking me."

Brad snarled, "Fuck you, Val. You want to be an anal whore, then get used to the roughness that comes with it as well." Brad began thrusting deeper and harder. Valerie gasped and moaned while clenching her fists tight. It hurt but for whatever reason it also turned her on more. Brad continued bucking back and forth not only fucking Valerie's ass hard, but his own as well. While it turned him on more, he couldn't keep it up very long. As he slowed, Valerie whined in displeasure.

Myron, on the other hand, was breathing hard and decided to pick up the pace since Brad slowed. Myron breathlessly said, "I am going to finish fucking you and fill you like you filled me so you can stop getting distracted by me and finish her properly." Myron worked in and out furiously. All three were moaning with pleasure.

Myron, as he got close, told Brad, "Remember cowboy, this is just a start of what our future holds. Next time we shall see about getting some chaps and cowboy boots and roleplay a bit." Myron tensed a second as he began to spill his load in Brad's waiting ass. Brad moaned while Myron held Brad's hips tight.

As he finished, Myron hugged Brad from behind while still inside of him and said, "That felt really good. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Let's do it again soon. Maybe later after you are done with Val."

Myron let go and pulled out as Brad turned his head. Brad looked over at Myron as he said, "That was awesome. Never had anyone that size inside me before. Maybe when I am done with Val we can leave her tied up and go another round and give her an up close and personal view."

Valerie blurted out, "What?"

Myron laughed and kissed Brad passionately. As Myron released his kiss he stated, "Maybe you could have her clean you while I make you my sexy gay lover again. But I need to go get you a plug because we don't want to waste my treat to you that our used cum receptacle is dying to have since you will be shaking that sexy ass and it will leak out before she gets what she is owed. Don't let too much out before I am back."

Valerie gave a defeated whimper as she would happily skip being a receptacle, but she agreed and knew he was going to exploit it to the fullest. Also Brad was mostly at a stand still deep inside of her waiting. She tried to grind but he slid out some, holding her away while still being inside her a couple inches. Brad slapped her with his other hand and told her, "Hold still or you will have to wait longer." Valerie whimpered more.

Myron walked back in with a small and medium butt plug in hand. He looked at Brad, "Which one do you want? Remember we want it to stay in."

Brad looked and thanked a higher power; they are smaller than Myron. He was not excited about wearing one as much as having Val lick his ass clean. So he quickly chose the medium one. Myron moved up behind him and inserted since he was still well lubed up. Brad grunted initially and let it adjust quickly hoping it would stay in because he really wanted to finish in Val soon.

Brad removed his hand that was holding her ass away and thrust hard into Val. She screamed out in surprise and a bit of pain. Brad grabbed her by her hair on the back of her head and pulled her up slightly so her face wasn't buried in the bed. Valerie cried out and tensed up. Brad leaned over a bit as he tilted her head sideways so she could look at him slightly. Her eyes widened but Brad, with a greedy smile, asked her if she was ready to be his anal whore.

Valerie, being sassy as usual, replied, "Can I change my mind and have Myron make me his anal whore like he did to you?" Myron spit out whatever he happened to be drinking at that moment and began to cough. Brad's face turned red until he saw that wide evil grin on Valerie's face. Brad let her head go and pulled out of her ass. He grabbed her and flipped her over onto her back.

Leaning over he stared down at her before speaking, "I love your sass and your fieriness. It's a big part of what I love about you. But tonight you have put yourself in a predicament that you can't get out of without one of us helping. You want to be my anal whore?" He rubbed her soaking pussy covering his fingers in her juices. She nodded frantically. "Then you will play by my rules for being my anal whore."

Brad placed his fingers covered in Valerie's juices on her lips. She opened her mouth and he slid his fingers in letting her suck on them. He started speaking again, "I doubt you could stop the comments even if you want to because they are instinctive reactions now. But as you see they also come with consequences. You're horny and getting desperate and each one will continue to delay your release. While I was going to wait and continue to wear this plug. You will be a receptacle now until I am satisfied you have cleaned me well. Afterwards you will apologize to both of us and beg once again. Make sure you truly mean it. It may well be your last chance tonight."

Brad pulled his fingers from her mouth and her tears were beginning to flow. He leaned down and kissed her. He whispered he loved her as he pulled the plug out of his ass and placed it in her mouth. "Clean this first."

Brad got up on the bed while holding the medium plug turning and slowly fucking her face with it. She was definitely not thrilled but resigned to her fate. Once he had waited long enough he placed a pillow under her head propping it up slightly. He pulled the plug out and lowered himself over her until he felt his ass on her lips. As she started licking, he waved Myron over and started pulling down Valerie's dress until both her breasts are exposed now. He massaged and gently tweaked her nipples intermittently. Myron reached the bed and Brad leaned over to him enough for Myron to realize he wanted to make out. Myron feigned like he was about to faint but climbed up and licked his lips with Brad.

Brad finally decided he was clean enough and broke his kiss, "Let's switch and let her clean you and I will play her some more down there."

Valerie grunted and then squealed as Brad twisted both of her nipples harder than he had. Then he lifted himself off of her. He turned around and put his cock in her face. "Quick rinse," he smiled as he placed his cock in her mouth as she opened it. He let her clean the first few inches by letting her tongue and sucking do the work before pulling it out and had her lick the entire length from various angles. He finally got up and Myron replaced Brad.

Valerie cooed as she finally got Myron's cock in her mouth, maybe. As it got closer she realized just how thick it truly was and seemed less sure it would fit in her mouth. Then again he may not let me take it fully in my mouth and have me lick the length like Brad did. That thought was slightly more disappointing.

Before Myron's large erect cock could reach her, something touched her pussy and she squealed before moaning in pleasure. Myron had her start licking the length from the side as Brad rubbed her pussy. He warned her not to cum or the fun ends for her tonight. Valerie begged Brad to stop but he instead told her to hurry up and clean Myron. Valerie was once again too frustrated and on edge that she didn't know how long she could hold it. She frantically cleaned Myron who petted her head whispering that she would be alright and was doing a great job. Myron removed the pillow and tilted her head back to straighten her throat a bit more. He positioned himself in front of her. Her eyes widened in panic and she cried out, "Please stop both of you."

Myron looked at her worriedly and even Brad stopped touching her though she could not see him. She pleaded, "If Myron puts his cock in my mouth with you touching me, I will squirt a fucking lake all over you. Hell even if you don't touch me and he has me suck his cock, I probably will still squirt a lake. I don't want this to end. So unless you will let me cum to this now and still continue then I beg you to stop and let me start begging to be your anal whore."

She sniffled as she continued, "I want to come again so bad and could easily just do it. I have wanted to get Myron's cock in my mouth, as well as everywhere else, for years. It would be worth it to end the night that way. But you fuckers have got me so worked up being an anal whore especially after getting me to cum from the anal fingering. I am even more worked up now but also starting to get really drained and unsure how much more I can handle before breaking down completely. I know you're smiling Brad thinking you would like that but you won't. I will be done and miserable. Maybe you and Myron can continue your fun but I won't. I don't know if or when Myron will offer his cock to me again but I really really want you fuck my ass until I explode. Hopefully multiple times. Please Brad, finish off you pathetic little fucking anal whore. I don't want it, I fucking need it now. Please finish inside my tight little ass. I want to feel what it is like. After seeing your faces tonight I need to know even more. I am also very sorry for being a sassy, feisty bitch to you guys. Take me before what little resolve I have left is gone."

Brad laughed at her, "I really didn't think she would apologize. Honestly we love that about you. Looks like you're about to break now, though. It's about time."

"Fucking asshole!" she shouted at him.

Brad nodded to Myron and they flipped her back over face down, ass up cutting off anything else she may have planned to say. Myron stroked her hair helping calm her as Brad lubes back up. Brad stroked her pussy a couple times causing her to moan and cry out. He grabbed her waist in one hand and guided his cock to her ass with the other. He asked her one last question, "Gentle or rough?"

"Quit being a whiny bitch and fucking impale me al...." She said until Brad complied and impaled her with the slapping sound of their bodies meeting. She screamed out and he offered no mercy as it seemed she wanted none. It only lasted about 30 seconds before she screamed out, "I am gonna squeeze your dick off!" She proceeded to squirt her cum all over the bed beneath her. Brad slapped her ass and kept going as she shook and moaned uncontrollably.

"Who's my fucking anal whore now?" Brad asked.

Valerie shook, her face still buried in the bed, as she replied meekly, "I am."

Brad slapped her ass hard, and said, "We can't hear you."

Her head had popped up from the slap as she yelled, "I am your fucking anal whore now, you fucking asshole."

Brad laughed some more as he continued to fuck her. She didn't see the two of them motioning each other. Brad pulled out and she was quickly shifted with her face hanging off the bed. Brad crawled up behind her on his knees leaning forward and impaled her again. He rested some of his weight across her back and reached around to play with her breasts. Valerie could see Myron's feet in front of her but did expect him to grab her hair and pull her head up. Her mouth opened to speak but Myron's massive cock filled her mouth, cutting off her breath and any potential words. As Myron face fucked her, forcing her to gag and struggle to get her breath, Brad picked up the pace in her ass. Myron removed his cock long enough for her to get a short breath. This sent her body shuddering into another violent orgasm. She felt her juices spraying everywhere.

"Good little girl. Now take a deep breath and take it in as far as you can and hold it as long as you can because this is your last taste for now. Ready?" Myron asked. Valerie, exhausted and excited, nodded yes.

Myron slid his cock back into her mouth nice and deep as Brad forcefully impaled her from behind. Valerie struggled to fully take in Myron because the sheer girth was more than she ever handled. His length was less of an issue as it was similar to Brad's and she had successfully deepthroated him before. She tried to relax and take more, little by little, but she was also running out of air and her gag reflex was fighting her. She wanted this to last as long as she could. She literally was impaled fully in her ass and wanted to complete it with her mouth. She was fighting off the panic to try and pull out.

She was shaking and Myron was asking her if she was okay but it was not like she could really communicate. Actually she has no idea how to let him know to pull out. She gives one last push to get him further in. She felt her nose touch skin as her eyes began rolling and her consciousness fading. Myron quickly pulled out and checked if she was okay. She coughed and sucked in deep breaths as excess saliva and other fluids drained out.

Tears streamed down her face as she finally caught her breath, as Brad shouted out, "Little Val was just spit roasted balls deep by our cocks. That was fucking hot. Fuck we should have filmed it cause no one will believe it. Now we have to do it again and make sure we film it."

Myron looked at Brad seriously but Valerie chimed in, "Shut up you fucking perv. If we ever film anything it will be you as the tied up bitch begging to be my anal whore before getting spit roasted." Brad just laughed but Myron just shook his head. Valerie added in, "Finish fucking me already or don't, I'm exhausted."

Brad responded, "You are not getting off that easy." He started fucking her again, "Who is my little anal whore and be nice about it or we will start again."

Being tired and not wanting to drag this long night out further she responded, "I am your perfectly sexy, most beautiful, angelic, adorable anal whore."

Myron laughed as Brad fucked her harder. He then asked, "Is my little anal whore going to dress up and beg me even better than she did this evening every time for me from now on?"

Valerie moaned, "This little anal whore will gladly do it." She paused a couple seconds before continuing, "After I make you my anal whore as I promised."

Right then Brad's face contorted has he yelled, "Oh fuck!"

As he started cumming as hard as he ever had. Valerie gasped as he filled her with his cum. He fucked her frantically as is poured in while Brad moaned and panted heavily. This set Valerie off one more time as she screamed loudly while squirting all over again. Her legs and the bed beneath were soaking wet. Brad slumped down and Valerie giggled. After a little bit it was down right laughing.

Myron looked at her asking if she was okay. She shook her head. Calming down enough she sputtered, "The perv may have a point about filming it. I would have loved to have seen his face when he came so hard in my ass after I told him he was going to be my anal whore next." Brad groaned but said nothing. Myron laughed and agreed with Valerie.

"You two wait here. I will be back in a minute," Myron said as he walked out.

They were too tired to move even if she could. Both, while tired, were very pleased right now. Myron eventually came back with some water for everyone and another object in his hand. Valerie admired his body as he walked in. She got more from him today than she ever had before and she jealously wanted more. She sighed to herself and decided to be happy with the gifts she gave her today. Though she was unsure she wanted this other gift as she assumed it was likely for her.

Myron handed water to Brad who was still partially hard still in her ass. Myron knelt down and began giving her water to drink. After a few drinks, she asked if he was going to untie her. Myron shook his head, "No, you still have your cleaning duties to perform, little girl, even then you will remain tied for the night."

Valerie frowned, "I understand the cleaning part but why the night?"

Myron smiled, "You don't remember earlier tonight when I offhandedly mentioned keeping you tied up all night and you replied 'promise' to it? The answer is yes, I promise. You may be regretting that especially after being tied up for more than a third of the day already. Like you, I keep my promises little girl. Now I know you want to know what this is for," as he held up a rather large butt plug. It was different in that while metal, it looks like it could expand stretching whomever's ass out. Not only that, but she noticed a little lock at the bottom.

She nodded, "It clearly has my attention. Before you insert that, I really need to use the bathroom and if I am to remain tied then please change my position. I can probably sleep like this but I would appreciate something different if I have to sleep while bound all night."

Myron nodded before speaking, "I will untie you once you are done cleaning and then will bind you in another position after you use the bathroom. Before that you have a choice in front of you. You can be a final receptacle for the load in your ass. I know you don't care for that. Or you can be a real anal whore that you seem to have fallen in love with and have this locked into your ass for the night keeping Brad's load inside you while body absorbs most of it until we release you tomorrow. I have no doubts your ass is sore but you did quite literally ask for it. Also just think of it as another form of bondage for you to endure."

Valerie purred at that thought. She then asked, "Isn't there a smaller one I could wear like Brad did earlier?"

Myron smiled before responding, "The lockable one only comes in one size. Plus it is clear you're a size queen, little girl."

Valerie flippantly responded, "Look at me, even without you two and your overgrown parts, everything makes it seem like I am a size queen." Everyone started laughing at that. She shuddered before continuing, "I will agree to your fancy butt plug if you don't ask me to be used as a receptacle all the time, at least on the first offer no more than every other time at most. I don't mind the rim job itself. I can deal with the cleaning if that is how I get your cock in my mouth. Just need to find a way to get you to fill my other two holes and then you can declare me a size queen. I took all of your cock before I nearly passed out. That's better than Buttercup back there."

Brad's head which had been resting on her back popped up, "Hey. I wasn't competing to see who could deepthroat the most dick. I would have said Myron would win easily until you took all of him."

They all laughed at that while Myron passed the plug to Brad. Brad inserted it, making Valerie gasp not just the size but at the cold metal. Myron told Brad how to lock it in. As it expands inside her ass Valerie screamed out, "What the fuck! It fucking huge. Much wider than Brad. Take it out!"

She heard the lock click as Brad laughed and told her, "Too late my little anal whore." He smacked her ass as she started thrashing. Brad got off the bed and made his way around.

"Please take it out, it's too fucking big!" she tried pleading while sobbing.

Myron stroked her hair attempting to calm her down. He soothingly explained, "Give it a little time to adjust. Moving isn't going to help. Know that its width is still smaller than me. If you can't handle this you can't handle me." Her eyes went incredibly wide as he explained it.

"Plus Buttercup over there took me like a champ. You just need to get past this initial shock. You are tired and your ass took a pounding for the first time today." Her sobbing slowed and she was no longer thrashing. Myron kissed her head, she whispered how it already feels better. Then he asked, "Still want me to fuck your ass after that?"

Valerie bit her lip before she responded, "Yes I freaked out. It has been a long day but no way am I going to pass up on chances to fuck you. Even if you took me rougher than Brad did. I am not letting you off that easily, sister."

Myron smiled and asked, "Brad first or your love juices you squirted all over the bed?"

Valerie sighed and acknowledged Brad first. Brad made his way over as she worked on cleaning him thoroughly and quickly. Then looked up after she was done asking how she was supposed to clean her used juices. They shifted over the wettest spots and made her lick the full surface. Myron also told her she will remain locked until she washed the bedding and remade the bed.

Valerie grumbled but knew she was stuck until then. When Myron was satisfied he began to untie her. He explained that if she wanted to sleep in bed with them tonight she needed to not clean up after using the bathroom so that she remained a filthy anal whore for them the rest of the night or she could clean up and be tied up in her own room and left her there for the night. She wanted to be cleaned up and this was a bit humiliating but she agreed to stay a filthy anal whore through the night literally.

He helped her pull off her dress that was scrunched around her midsection at that point. He followed her into the bathroom and tied her hands behind her back before allowing her to use the toilet. He helped her sit down and waited until she was done. Then he helped her back up, not allowing to even wipe. He offered her another drink in the room before having her lie down and binding just above her knees and ankles. They lifted her up onto the bed lying on her side. Brad climbed in behind her and basically was spooning her which she really enjoyed. Myron joined in on the other side of Brad, spooning him. They were all tired and well on their way to sleep.

Myron's thoughts as he drifted to sleep, that things turned out better than he expected when he thought of this. He was excited that Brad and him finally got together and that it seems it will continue at least off and on knowing Brad. His change in his relationship with Valerie is more confusing. He initiated it and he liked taking charge of her and she clearly enjoyed it. But he is afraid she will expect this to evolve more, which it may but not how she expects. Or maybe he is worried how it will change him.

Brad knows he is often selfish and takes the other two for granted. Getting to fuck Valerie's ass after years of being turned down was great. Looks like he will get to do it more often now. Myron turned out to be more fun than expected. He should have tried this long ago. His two best friends accepted him and wanted him sexually even more so. Maybe he will spend more time with them than random people. They make it far more interesting.

Valerie was wiped out. Four orgasms in one night would likely be enough but she had been kept on edge, frustrated for hours, and thoroughly used. That thought made her quite happy, even more so that she was bound much of the day longer than she ever had. And now has to stay this way overnight. She has dreamed of this. More so she dreamed of someone taking control of her in these situations. For the longest time Myron just went with it allowing her to enjoy her kink for brief periods. But he has changed that and now she desires more but she is unsure how far he will go. She knows tonight was a show and shouldn't expect this as often as she might hope. He gifted her with so much including seeing him naked and allowing her to actually touch him in a sexual way when he had turned her down for years. She will need to remember to repeatedly thank him for all of this including making her become an anal whore. Brad had wanted it since they first had sex. She had no idea what she was missing until tonight. She was wondering if she was already addicted. She smiled to herself finally falling asleep.


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