Evil Eva

by Ivy

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; kidnap; hogtie; transported; gag; collar; whip; nc; cons; XX

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Part 5

Eva swapped the whip from hand to hand as she gazed at me. I decided not to look at her so she couldn’t see how afraid I was and put my head down. It occurred to me that she couldn’t easily add to the pattern, as she referred to it, while I was in the hogtie, and I was determined not to make anything easy for her. As soon as she started to undo the rope holding my ankles up, I started twisting and thrashing. She threatened that I was only making things worse for myself and eventually, with a lot of effort, undid the knots. Finally, she managed to tie my ankles to the foot of the sofa, but then I curled up into a ball. She stood up looking hot and frustrated.

“Ok, Emma, you win,” she said to my surprise. “I can’t be bothered fighting with you and I’m wasting time.” To my great relief, she dropped the whip. “I only want Alice’s laptop.”

She looked around the room, then left, presumably to look round the other rooms. A couple of minutes later she returned and took the ball gag out of my mouth.

“Ok, where is it?” she demanded.

“It’s not here,” I lied. “She’s got it with her.”

In fact, it was in the safe hidden behind a picture in the bedroom. Installing a safe was one of the many precautions we had taken since Eva nearly stole everything and Alice was very diligent about locking her laptop in it when we were out. As another safety measure, only she knows the combination. However, I didn’t want to tell Eva any of this as I’m sure she wouldn’t believe I didn’t know how to open the safe, which could lead to very painful consequences.

“Liar!” snapped Eva. “Where is it? Tell me or I’m going to hurt you.”

I looked at her. She looked tired and stressed and seemed to have aged since I last saw her.

“Eva, I’ve told you. Please don’t hurt me. There’s nothing else I can tell you, it’s not here. Anyway, there’s no way to access the money through the laptop anymore. Lots of security measures have been put in place since your attempt to steal everything.”

She was quiet for a moment. I was again conscious of how helpless I was. Eva disappeared into the kitchen and re-appeared with a sharp vegetable knife. I nearly threw up when I saw her with it.

“You’re coming with me, Emma,” she announced. She proceeded to untie my legs from the sofa, then stuffed the gag back in my mouth and buckled it tightly.

“Now hop out to the car and if you resist in any way, I’m quite happy to use this.” She pressed the point painfully against my nipple. I shrank away in fear.

I did as I was told. The rain was still pouring down and by the time I got to the car we were both soaked. Eva opened the trunk and pushed me in, slamming the lid once my legs were out of the way. It was dark, musty and claustrophobic in there and I just hoped there would be enough air for me. The rain drummed on the car as we set off.

I bumped around in the trunk as Eva drove fast. I was cold and shivering after my soaking earlier. After maybe twenty minutes, the car stopped and Eva opened the trunk and ordered me out. With her help I struggled out and she held me as I hopped through the pouring rain through the door of what looked like an old, abandoned building on its own in the countryside somewhere. I looked around but didn’t recognize the area. She pushed me into a room which looked as though it had seen recent occupation. There were a couple of chairs, a small sofa and a mattress on the floor. Through another door I could see a bathroom. Eva led me to the mattress, helped me lie down and left me. A minute or so later she was back, drying herself off with a towel and holding a bottle of water. She then proceeded to dry me off, wrapped a blanket over me and removed the ball gag. After feeding me some water from the bottle, she sat down in one of the chairs. I looked at her and, strangely, a feeling of calm came over me.

“So, what’s the plan, Eva?” I asked. “You don’t have one, do you? You’re just making this up as you go along.”

“I have a plan,” said Eva, but I knew by her eyes she was lying. “What do you think of this place? Paula told me about it. She used it as a holding area for slaves occasionally when she couldn’t bring them to her main premises. I had a feeling it would come in useful.”

“I think you were watching our house and saw the car leave with a couple of people in it. Because of the rain, you couldn’t see that it wasn’t me and Alice, so you broke in, assuming the house was empty. Then you found me, couldn’t find the laptop, so decided to take me while you worked out your next steps. It’s kidnap, Eva, pure and simple. It’s a serious crime to add to the others you’ve committed, and you’ll never get away with it. Where does it all end?”

“I don’t care what you think,” Eva snapped. “And I would be careful what I say if I were you. Remember this is a slave holding area and there are plenty of discipline implements here that I could use on you. Also, I can just gag you again any time I want. In fact, that’s a great idea.”

Eva picked up the gag, jammed it in my mouth and buckled it very tightly. The straps cut painfully into the sides of my mouth. She grabbed one of my nipples and pinched and twisted it hard, causing me to cry out through the gag.

“Now shut up or I’m going to whip you,” she threatened and disappeared into another part of the building. I lay there helpless and in pain, something I was getting used to, I reflected bitterly.

A few minutes passed and Eva returned holding a phone to her ear and a nasty looking leather whip in her other hand.

“Yes Madam, she’s here now. I can bring her to you any time…. Yes, I can do that. Let me set it up and I’ll call you back in a few minutes.”

“Get up!” Eva ordered as she put the phone down and swung the whip threateningly. I struggled to the edge of the mattress, swung my legs round and with Eva’s help, got to my feet.

She produced a piece of rope from somewhere, looped it through the ring at the back of my collar, over a hook on the ceiling I hadn’t even noticed and tied it off tightly. Without a word, she left the room leaving me shifting around trying to relieve the pressure on my neck. She was back a moment later with a laptop, tapped in a few keystrokes and a moment later I glimpsed an older woman appear on the screen. From what I could see, she was formally dressed, with a severe unsmiling face. I guessed she was in her late fifties.

“Madam?” Eva spoke to the screen, “Can you see and hear me ok?”

“I can,” the woman replied curtly, in a gravelly voice.

“This is the slave I was telling you about,” said Eva and proceeded to pick up the laptop and walk around me a couple of times.

“Yes,” the gravelly voice replied, “She looks like she has slave potential. I see someone has punished her recently, though not very severely. Whip her for me, I want to see how she reacts.”

She delivered this instruction in a matter of fact way, as though she was doing something as mundane as ordering a coffee. As soon as I heard her words, a bolt of fear shot through me. Eva positioned the laptop carefully on a nearby chair and approached me with the whip. I tensed my body in anticipation and screwed up my eyes. As if in slow motion, I heard the swish of the whip through the air and screamed into the gag as it impacted on my already painful backside. Five more followed in swift succession and I was near to fainting when Eva finally stopped.

“Was that to your satisfaction, Madam?” Eva asked.

“No!” snapped Madam. “I want to see a whipping. That was hardly more than a mild chastisement. If I purchase her, she will be subjected to far more serious punishment than that every day. Now whip her properly all over and pay particular attention to her breasts.”

“Yes Madam,” said Eva in a submissive tone.

I hadn’t recovered from the initial six strokes she had delivered and couldn’t believe what was about to happen to me. I was so scared and panicked that I felt on the verge of collapse. Eva approached with the whip again and I looked directly into her eyes. I could see some regret there and I felt she didn’t want to do this. Nevertheless, she swung the whip back aiming at my breasts and I screwed my eyes up again. Expecting agony any second, I opened my eyes just in time to see a body fly in and crash Eva to the floor with a resounding thud. The whip went flying across the room and I realized Jeannie was now sitting on top of an inert Eva looking at me with a big grin on her face.

“All over, Emma,” she said as she grabbed Eva by the hair and banged her head on the floor.

To my left, I saw Alice approach the laptop.

“Go to hell, you sadistic old bitch!” she snarled at the woman, and slammed the lid closed.

“Darling, are you ok?” Alice asked, kissing my face tenderly and removing the gag.

“I’m ok…now, “I stammered and started crying. Tears rolled down my face as waves of emotion rolled through me. Alice hugged me and began untying me and throwing each piece of rope to Jeannie as she did so. Soon I was free and Alice helped me lie on the sofa. She held me close and we both watched in silence as Jeannie finished tying a still stunned Eva into a tight bundle. A couple of minutes later, Jeannie stood up.

“Now we wait for that evil woman to recover before we interrogate her,” she commented, smiling pleasantly. “Emma, my love, I’m so glad we got here when we did.” She came over to me, took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately before sitting in a nearby chair.

“How did you find me?” I asked.

“It was lucky,” said Alice. “We got to the restaurant, but it was closed because the roof was leaking. We could have gone somewhere else but we both agreed we’d been too hard on you leaving you hogtied and hooded. So, the plan was to come back and untie you and all three of us would head out. As we got close to the house, we spotted what looked like Eva driving away and decided to follow. She led us here. We couldn’t get too close, but we watched from a distance and saw her take you into the building. After that it was a case of sneaking up here and in without being seen or heard. Luckily, she didn’t lock the door, so we got in ok. Then we just had to choose our time to take her down which Jeannie accomplished with ease. So here we all are. You’re safe and not too damaged, thankfully.” She kissed me again.

“If you hadn’t turned up when you did, “I said, “I’d have suffered terribly, and probably by now be on my way to Madam Gillespie’s – I assume that is who that awful woman is. And what being in her clutches would be like doesn’t bear thinking about.”

At that point there were a couple of groans from the body on the mattress. Jeannie had tied Eva into a ball with her body bent double and her legs folded up to her chest. She’d also tied her bound ankles tightly to her wrists which were bound behind her back. As a result, Eva lay on her side, hardly able to move at all. She opened her eyes and looked at us all, then struggled for a moment before lying still again.

“I’m sorry, Emma, I’m so, so sorry,” Eva said in a faltering voice. “I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have sold you to that woman…” Her voice trailed off and tears started to run down her cheeks. “I couldn’t have…but the money, I had to have the money…I’m so sorry…” And then she cried and cried, tears pouring from her. We looked on, no-one saying a word till Jeannie broke the silence.

“Yeah,” she said sarcastically. “I bet you’re sorry now that you’ve been caught. Looked to me like you were going to follow Madam’s orders and if we hadn’t intervened, you’d probably be selling Emma into a life of hell at this minute. Cry as much as you like, it won’t help you now.”

Alice remained quiet; I looked at her.

“Let’s leave her here and go and discuss what to do with her in another room,” I suggested.

Alice nodded and the three of us went through the door, me still naked but wrapped in the blanket. We found a kitchen which contained a table and four chairs. Alice went back to the other room and got me a couple of large cushions to put on my chair, but it was still quite painful for me to sit down. Jeannie found some teabags and boiled the kettle and soon all three of us were sitting drinking tea. After the events of the day, it seemed to me very civilized.

“So, what are we going to do with that bitch?” asked Jeannie.

“I think she’s a deeply unhappy woman,” I said. “I want to hear her side of the story.”

“If she’ll tell us,” said Alice.

“We can make her tell us.” said Jeannie with a glint in her eye which I found a little disturbing. “I wouldn’t have any problem in beating her story out of her. Think what she’s put you through, Emma.”

“Nevertheless,” I said, “let’s just ask her first. And we need to tie her in an easier position.” Alice had tied me up once in the same position as Eva and I knew that it became very stressful very quickly. I suspect Jeannie knew that too.

In the end, we decided to take one of the kitchen chairs through and tie Eva to that so we could “interrogate” her, as Jeannie referred to it. Over the next couple of hours, she told us her story without the need for any painful incentives, much to Jeannie’s disappointment. We learned how she and her brother were orphans who were adopted by an abusive couple who both died in a car crash when she was fifteen. Supporting her brother, who was drug dependent and owed money to loan sharks, took all her income and she still needed a final $50,000 to get him out of trouble and back into rehab. She told us how she escaped from Paula’s van after the crash, despite having her wrists and ankles tied; the back door had burst open and once she had woken up, she hopped round to the front to find Paula unconscious. Paula’s phone was in the footwell, and she used Paula’s finger to access it. She then was able to work out where she was and call her brother to come and get her. She was also able to find the contact details for Madam Gillespie. Her testimony was regularly interspersed with tears and apologies, and we mainly listened in silence. Finally, we retired to the kitchen to discuss what to do.

“I think she’s a decent person at heart,” I said, “and I want to forgive her.”

“Are you mad?” asked Jeannie. “Think what she’s done and to you in particular!”

“You helped her initially,” I reminded Jeannie, who went quiet.

“I want you to give her her job back,” I said to Alice. “And lend her the fifty thousand so she can sort her brother out and start getting back on her feet.” Jeannie looked incredulous but remained silent.

“It’s a big risk,” said Alice. “But I do need a finance director and she was really good. And all the controls I’ve put in since she tried to abscond with all the money means that it’s impossible for her to do that again. But I don’t know if I could ever trust her.”

“Let me get this right,” said Jeannie. “Eva robs you, canes you both, kidnaps you, nearly sells all three of us to Madam, escapes, kidnaps you again Emma, whips you and nearly sells you again. And after all that, you’re proposing to re-employ her, lend her fifty thousand and act as if nothing happened? I can’t believe it, I really can’t. Don’t you think she should pay at least some penance for what she’s done?”

We argued to and fro for the next half hour. I wanted to forgive her and move on; Alice was on the fence and Jeannie wanted some severe punishment for her but didn’t really know what. For the sake of the company, none of us wanted to go to the police. Eventually I came up with an idea.

“After today, I need a break from being the slave around the house for a while,” I said. “And I think Eva should learn some humility and suffer at least some punishment for what she’s done. So how about we lend her the money now and promise to give her the job back in one month? And that is premised on her agreeing to be a full-time slave to both me and Alice before she starts back at work. Only if she agrees and then becomes a slave to us both for a full month does she get her job back. And when I say slave, that entails everything – domestic service, bondage, punishment, slave storage, wearing a collar full time etcetera. What do you think? Oh, and another condition is that she passes on details of Madam Gillespie to the police. I can’t bear to think that there may be some girls suffering there as we speak.”

Alice and Jeannie discussed it for a few minutes. Jeannie still thought we were letting her off way too lightly but eventually they both agreed. When we went back into the other room and told Eva what we had decided, she agreed immediately and then began crying again.

“I can’t believe you’d be so kind to me,” she said between sobs, “after everything I’ve done.”

She anonymously released contact details for Madam Gillespie to the police that evening. We heard later that three female slaves in significant mental and physical distress had been found and freed, and that Madam was in custody.

Another Sunday morning has rolled around. Alice and I are still in bed when there is a polite knock at the door. At our bidding, Eva enters carrying tea and toast. She is naked apart from chains on her wrists and ankles and the slim metal collar locked around her neck. Eva seems to have taken to her role very well, as though some submissive trait has been released in her, and Alice and I have grown quite fond of her over the last three weeks. Now that the situation with her brother has been sorted out, she seems relaxed and happy.

Jeannie is now a frequent visitor. She enjoys seeing Eva in her role as a slave but, of course, primarily comes round to see me and Alice. This has developed into a somewhat complex triple relationship, but it works for all of us. Jeannie has taken over Paula’s business and is busy setting herself up as a dominatrix. She has suggested that I could help her by acting as a submissive to her when that role is required, but also that she could teach me to dominate her (mainly male) clients. I have to say that the suggestion appeals to me, but I have yet to decide. It would certainly be a lot more interesting than my current office job.

As for me, I’m mostly recovered now but something is missing. I put my tea down, turn sideways and start caressing Alice’s left breast.



“Could you…could you…tie me up… and store me somewhere? Please?”

Alice put her tea down and gazed at me. That dominant, controlling look that I adore flitted across her lovely face.

“Lie flat on your stomach, hands behind your back, legs together!” she barked. “Now!”

Moments later the collar is round my neck and the metallic click tells me it is now locked in place and I can’t remove it. As rope is pulled tightly round my wrists, cinching them firmly together and I feel Alice tying off the first of many tight, unreachable knots, a strange feeling I can best describe as loving tranquility rolls over me. Everything is how it should be, and I sigh contentedly.


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