by douglbond

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I suppose it had only been three months, but it seemed like a really long time since Amy and I had our first group bondage adventure - The Bondage Ball. Our good friends Lori and Todd had invited us to join them at a bondage party in April. The Ball was a 4-hour party where everyone who attended had to wear some sort of locking restraints for the entire party. It was an eye-opener for us. We had no experience with public fetish play before then, but we gathered some courage and we loved the party.

Mostly, we gained the perspective that there are a lot more people in the BDSM lifestyle than we ever imagined. And these people were normal. They had regular jobs, lived in regular neighborhoods and wore regular clothes to work. Just like us. Amy and I love bondage but its not a “lifestyle” for us. Neither of us is “owned” by the other. In fact, we switch roles often and there isn’t a dominant or submissive in our family. We simply love the feeling of restraint. This allows us to enjoy ourselves. No pain. In fact, we laugh and play with our toys. Turns out, our friends Lori and Todd are the same. Our first and most recent adventure pushed our boundaries a lot. We went to a party at someone else's house and both of us wore restraints the whole night. Everyone at the party did. It was exciting and embarrassing and stimulating, and arousing and humiliating and… well… It was new. When we got home after the party, we stayed up for 4 hours talking about all the events and how it made us feel. That night was a steroid shot for our love life. We are having sex four times a week and every time is as wild as we can make it. Amy ordered $500 in new toys that showed up in a giant unlabeled box on our porch a week later. And we’ve used every one of them!

Four weeks ago, Amy was having lunch with Lori at Lucci’s Tavern, down the street from our house. Lori and Amy get together for lunch often and they had debriefed the crazy party on several occasions. We loved the party but one of the rules of the event was that no one discusses outside the circle of friends. All five couples at the party were all connected as acquaintances, but the only one of the couples we knew as friends were Lori and Todd. As the girls talked, Lori mentioned plans to have an all-girls event. Keri is going to host. The evening would be similar to the last party: a formal invitation would be left in our mailbox with the details and secrecy is paramount. As it turns out, Amy told Lori “Yes- I’m in” before she even mentioned it to me. But I wasn’t offended. In fact, I was curious and happy for her.

Just as predicted, in the mailbox on Saturday Amy brought an envelope and a small box tied together with ribbon. On the envelope was stamped, “Game On.” We read the letter together:

Join us at 6:00 PM on the Eighteenth of September for Game Night.


2215 Maple Court

Dress – Casual (No nudity)

Bring with you all items on the back of this card. And wear the contents of the box.

In the box was a brand new remote control Butterfly Effect vibrator.

On the back of the card were a list of cuffs, gags, collars – basically all the restraints we own. I told Amy that this will be wild. We both wondered what the event would look like. In the envelope was a smaller letter addressed to me. It said: “Dear Tom, Game On is an all-girls night. Please lend your lady for an evening of adventure. Also, our fabulous evening of games needs a referee. Would you serve as our Referee and help enforce the Rules?”

“What rules?” I asked Amy.

She shrugged, “I’m not sure… this is the first I am learning of the event.”

“I suppose I can referee.” Based on the list of items to bring, the evening seemed promising.

Friday was upon us and Amy and I drove out to Keri’s place. It was far off the beaten path and set back off the road almost half a mile. Kevin was away on business this weekend but when we pulled up, I noticed three other cars in the driveway. I recognized Abigail’s but wasn’t entirely certain who drove the other two. We pulled up just before 6:00 PM.

Per the instructions, Amy was wearing black Lulu pants, a long Texas Rangers t-shirt that she has had since college. Her hair was back in a pony tail and she wore cute sandals to show off her new pedicure. Amy was not new to remote control vibrators but she said this one was different. There was a phallic portion that inserted and a flat portion that covered her labia and clit. I asked her on the drive if she had turned it on and I got a look that resembled the happy but surprised emoji!

We got out of the car and I grabbed the overnight bag with all of our toys. It was pretty heavy and made a lot of noise as I lugged it up to the front porch. Amy rang the bell and Keri threw open the door welcoming us inside. She directed us to the main room where Abigail, Lori, and Angie were hanging out near the home bar drinking Champagne and laughing. Amy ran over and hugged Lori. I felt somewhat out of place. I was the only guy here tonight and it was clear this was a “girls-only” sort of party.

Keri hooked her arm in mine and pulled me over to the kitchen table where she asked me to start setting up. She gave me a letter and asked me to read the letter and follow the instructions. Meanwhile, she left to the main room and began laughing it up with the other girls. All of them were in casual clothes: leggings, t-shirts, and socks. They looked like they were about to have a slumber party.

As I peeled open the envelope, I pulled out two sheets of paper. On the first, were the instructions for the night. It read, centered across the top: “Game Night.” And just below in italics: “Adult Monopoly.” The instructions asked me to read the following out loud to the room of women. “Tonight we will be playing adult monopoly. The evening should be full of fun and laughter but because we are all so competitive here, I have asked Todd to serve tonight as the game referee. He will ensure the game is played fairly and no one has an advantage over anyone else.” This seemed to explain why I was the only guy in a room full of beautiful women getting tipsy in lounge wear. Somehow I felt up to the challenge.

I read further, “Adult monopoly will proceed according to the same rules as regular monopoly with one exception. In addition to using money as currency, players will also leverage their individual freedoms as well. With each debt incurred during the game, players will be restrained according to the monetary value of the debt they owe. Players can purchase their way back out of restraints. And in the end, the last player standing wins. There will be one winner and four losers. Bankruptcy is defined as any player who has no money and is fully restrained hands and feet and unable to protest or see (blindfolded and gagged).”

Lastly, Keri took the paper from me and she read the last paragraph to the girls. “First, we will begin the game in the same condition: I have purchased a uniform for every player.” She then handed out small gift bags to each lady. “Next, when a player is bankrupt, they will remain bound and gagged until midnight. When a player is ‘bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded and is otherwise rendered completely immobile and helpless’ then she is eliminated. At that time, the player who forced bankruptcy will apply a special lock to the bound player.” Keri held up a sturdy basket of heavy-duty master locks. “This basket contains locks that are all ‘keyed alike.’ The key for the “keyed alike locks” will arrive by courier at exactly midnight. These locks will be called the midnight locks and cannot be removed until the key arrives. There is no extra set of keys in this house.”

All of the ladies looked nervously at one another when Keri indicated that there would be no release until midnight. It was only 6:30 at the time Keri was reading the rules. Conceivably, someone could be bound for several hours before release. “Another twist, the first loser will be required to stay the evening bound hand and foot in whichever restraint the winner chooses. She may go home tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Lastly, everyone brought their own box of restraints. Todd will be using these all through the evening. If you do not want to play, you may opt-out, but you cannot stay for the game. If you choose to stay, you can only back out by using the safeword “Red” and Todd will release you immediately. However, if a player uses the word “Red”, Todd will snap a photo of you in your current predicament and post on your social media page.

I began arranging all the restraints. Everyone brought about the same toys but there were a few I had to familiarize myself with. The ladies went to the back bedroom to change. According to the rules, each lady would wear her Butterfly Effect vibrator in her panties and tens unit pads on both breasts and inside each thigh. In a moment they all returned dressed exactly the same. They all wore orange prison uniforms that seemed to be at least two sizes two small for each of them. In fact, Keri’s jumpsuit struggled to zip over her impressive DD breasts. While each of them re-assembled in the main room, Keri began setting the monopoly board out on the floor and I began familiarizing myself with the rules. Keri had a copy of the value sheet for each restraint and shared a copy with each player for reference.


  1. Required items – and associated Monopoly value:
    1. Locking leather wrist cuffs - $60
    2. Locking leather ankle cuffs -$50
    3. Locking collar - $25 for leather - $50 for metal locking
    4. Handcuffs in front $75
    5. Handcuffs in back $100
    6. Leg Irons $75
    7. Hands and arms locked together in front $150
    8. Hands and arms locked together in back $250
    9. Hogcuff $500
    10. Spreader Bar legs $300
    11. Spreader Bar Arms $250
    12. Ballgag $150
    13. Inflatable gag $175
    14. Open Mouth gag $100
    15. Blindfold $250
    16. Posture collar $200
  2. Optional Items:
    1. Fiddle $300
    2. Yoke $300
    3. Mittens $200
    4. Splints $300
    5. Hood $400
    6. Monoglove $400
    7. Straitjacket $500
    8. X-tower $500
    9. Bench $600
    10. Stocks $1000
    11. Cage $750
    12. Shock Collar $10 per setting. Max $100 for setting of 10. Max $100 per trip around the board
    13. E-stim – Breasts $10 per setting. Max $100 per trip around board
    14. E-stim – Thigh $15 per setting. Max $150 per trip around board
  3. Goals – the goal of the game is to take all of the other opponent's money and render them inescapably helpless, unable to refute the title of winner. Players may receive money from the banker in exchange for a restraint. The amount of each restraint is listed above. When the money is returned to the bank the restraint will be removed by the banker. The banker will apply and remove all restraints and retain all keys. 
  4. Purchasing properties:
    1. Players may only purchase property with money. Money exchanged for restraints cannot be used to purchase the property until the player’s next turn. 
  5. Penalties for landing on owned property:
    1. Penalties must be paid in cash or accept restraints worth equivalent cash. If the player chooses restraints, the relative value will be paid from the bank to the property owner.
  6. Penalties for houses and hotels:
    1. Houses/Hotels – when a player lands on a property with houses he/she may pay the rent (in money or equivalent restraint dollars)
  7. General rules:
    1. All players are clothed. No nudity. No sexual contact. Each player will attach four electrodes and appropriate wires under clothing to the inner thighs and breasts. An optional addition is a remote vibrator.
    2. Restrained players can still play despite restraints even if they cannot physically roll dice or move pieces. Other players will roll and move fairly for the player unless he/she has reached bankruptcy-level restraint.
    3. No rope restraints. All restraints must have locking capabilities.
  8. Special events:
    1. Income tax – Pay income tax and Handcuffs behind the back for 3 turns. If already cuffed, add the next level of restraint
    2. Electric company – No electricity = no lights. Blindfold for 3 turns.
    3. Water Works – If a player lands on Water Works, they must roll two dice at separate times. The first dice is for levels 1-6 for thigh electrodes. The second dice is for breast TENS levels 1-6. Next, the Player rolls one dice to determine the number of turns that the TENS is activated. If the player cannot tolerate the TENS at the prescribed level for the prescribed time, the player forfeits the game, is placed in bankruptcy restraints, and left to monitor the remainder of the game until there is a winner.
    4. Railroads – Same as standard properties
    5. Luxury tax – The vibrator is a luxury. Hands cuffed behind the back. Remote vibrator activated for two times past go. If player has orgasm, player goes straight to jail in full restraints. See below.
    6. Go to jail – If game has a cage, player must forfeit the next three rolls and be confined to cage. If player is already restrained, restraints remain in place for the cage. If no cage, may substitute restraint position decided before game begins. In some cases, chastity cage can be substituted. 
    7. Free parking – Immediate release from all restraints
    8. Chance:
      1. Advance to Boardwalk – As card instructs
      2. Advance to Go – As card instructs
      3. Advance to Illinois - – As card instructs
      4. Advance to St. Charles place – As card instructs
      5. Advance to the nearest railroad – As card instructs
      6. Advance to the nearest utility – As card instructs
      7. Bank pays you dividend of $50 - – As card instructs
      8. Get out of jail free – As card instructs
      9. Go back 3 spaces – As card instructs
      10. Go to jail – As card instructs in full transport chains
      11. Make general repairs on all property. Houses $25 and Hotels $100 – As card instructs
      12. Speeding fine - – As card instructs and addition of handcuffs behind back for 3 turns
      13. Take a trip on the reading railroad – As card instructs
      14. You have been elected chairman of the board. Pay each player $50 – As card instructs
      15. Your building loan matures. Collect $150 – As card instructs
    9. Community Chest:
      1. Advance to Go– As card instructs
      2. Bank error in your favor collect $200 – As card instructs
      3. Doctors visit – Player must wear straitjacket and cervical collar for 3 rolls. If game has permitted, casting, splints, or wraps can be added/substituted.
      4. Sell stock $50 – Player is placed in yoke/fiddle/stocks for 3 rounds.
      5. Get out of jail free – As card instructs
      6. Go to jail – As card instructs, Full Transport Chains
      7. Holiday fund – As card instructs
      8. Income tax – Player wears shock collar for three turns. Any other player who rolls doubles will activate shock. Collar will be set to the level of the doubles roll. (Max 10)
      9. It’s your birthday – Player rolls dice to determine number of hits with agreed upon impact toys. If restrained, must remain restrained. Banker will administer impact. If player unable to tolerate impact, must forfeit and will be placed in maximum restraints for the remainder of the game.
      10. Life insurance matures – Remove all restraints from neck up.
      11. Hospital fees – Straitjacket for 3 rolls
      12. School fees – Must sit in corner of the room, unrestrained for 3 rolls. No speaking, no moving, no turning around. If player moves or speaks, they forfeit the game, enter maximum restraints for the remainder of the game.
      13. Consultation fee – Player to the left decides on restraint to place on the player.
      14. Street repairs $40 house $115 hotel
      15. Inherit $100
      16. Beauty contest collect $10

Each of the five ladies was given a copy of the rules and a few moments to study them. No-one had questions but there was an uncomfortable hush as each sipped their champagne and looked around the room. Keri slipped away for a moment and came back into the room pushing a full-size St. Andrews Cross. It was remarkably beautiful. She asked me to help her roll in a cage on wheels that was about the size of a large dog crate. Lastly, she returned with a set of standard pillory stocks made of polished aluminum. She and Kevin were evidently much more committed to the S&M relationship than Amy and I were aware. I don’t know where they stored these things, but secretly I was curious what else was in there.

“That should about do it,” Keri explained. “Now who wants to go first?”

Each of the ladies selected a board piece. I noticed Amy was the shoe. She was always the shoe when we played monopoly at home. Once the pieces were chosen, they were all put in a hat and I pulled them out randomly to determine the order of play.

  1. Abigail
  2. Keri
  3. Amy
  4. Lori
  5. Angie

First up was Abigail. She had a bead of sweat on her brow as she rolled a 5 and 4. Connecticut – “I’ll take it.” In a typical monopoly strategy, she bought the property at the first chance. As she handed over all six of her starting $20 her hand was shaking. Maybe she knew that she might not have the freedom to pass money from one hand to the next if her luck didn’t prove strong.

Each girl that rolled after her did the same. They started by buying properties in maximum strategy. Who knows how long this game is going to go, but none of the ladies wanted to be the first one fully bound and gagged to just sit and listen till the game finished out.

The first couple of trips around the board were relatively uneventful. Each lady tried to appear overly confident but a deep look in their eyes of fear and unknown kept them from saying much. All except Keri. Keri had thick red lips and dark eyes that allowed her to look at you as though there was nothing you could say or suggest that she hadn’t done before. Even I was a little intimidated by her bedroom furniture and her obvious experience using it.

Lori was the first to flirt with some restraints in an effort to save some money. The rules stated that you could don restraints for money, but you couldn’t use that money until the next roll – therefore you can’t buy a property by just agreeing to restraints. So, during Lori’s third roll, she landed on Marvin Gardens (narrowly missing a trip to jail) but she just lacked the money she needed to buy the property. Committed to not being in the same position next roll, she then agreed to wear some hardware in exchange for some cash.

Per her request, I handed her the locking metal neck collar, a pair of leather ankle cuffs, and $110. I offered to help attach the new gear, but Lori was quite adept and had no problem snapping the collar in place followed by the leather ankle cuffs. She even placed the padlock through the buckle and closed the lock. She glanced my way with a grin to show she needed no instruction in this department. The collar didn’t seem to bother her at all. The other ladies seemed to watch her carefully. Each sipped nervously from almost empty glasses of champagne. My role in the early game was basically just to be the Banker. I watched the girls playfully tease each other and I nursed a beer between financial transactions.

The restraint compromise paid off well for Lori. Her next roll was two fives and she quickly purchased Boardwalk for the required $400. All the other ladies slumped back in their seats when Lori made the purchase. It was as if they could foretell their own future should they land on the fateful piece after she has had time to decorate the property with some houses. Such a move could land any one of them in the dreaded position of terminal bondage. Each eagerly plotted to secure Park Place and prevent the monopoly.

Angie was next to run low on cash. Possibly because she had purchased the most property so far. She owned 7 properties and did not want to miss the chance at Park Place. But she was flat broke and knew it would be two laps around the board to garner the needed $350 to seal the purchase. The odds of her making it twice more before any other girls had the chance to gobble up the piece was low. So, after her turn, she conceded to some hardware. Angie needed $350 for any future purchase. She spent a good 10 minutes trying to calculate the most money for the least restraint and ultimately settled that the armbinder (monoglove) was her only choice to keep some freedoms and still get the money she might need. Once she conceded to the deal, I gave her the $350 which she quickly tucked under her side of the board. Then she stood up and backed over toward me as I pulled the complex contraption out of the equipment pile.

I wasn’t new to the armbinder. Amy and I bought one three years ago and Amy loves it. I’ve tried it a time or two but it's pretty tight on my upper arms. There were two in the pile and the one I selected was different from the one Amy and I own. Ours has a vinyl single glove connected to a long strap connected to a neck collar. This one is made of thick black leather with long heavy leather straps. This was also the first restraint that I needed to help apply.

It occurred to me that over the years I had put Amy in almost every known position in bondage… I had never secured restraints on anyone else. I glanced over toward Amy for visual approval. She winked and motioned her hands to communicate “Make it tight.” Angie knew the procedure and interlocked her fingers behind her. I pulled the sleeve up over her arms until her hands were in the bottom of the leather sack and the sleeve approached her upper bicep. Next, I started wrapping the straps up over her shoulders as I had seen in pictures online. With one strap over each shoulder, I began buckling them back to the sleeve.

Suddenly, Lori stood up quickly, motioning for me to stop what I was doing. She came to help me fix the straps and explained that this monoglove is designed to cross in front of the subject. She pulled each strap over Angie's shoulders and crossed the straps across Angie's chest. Pulling each strap to the point of a yelp from Angie, Lori explains that this is much more secure and there is no way Angie is going anywhere in this… ever. As Angie spun around toward me, her already giant breasts were outlined in leather and bulging in front of her as her arms were pulled taught in the back. Her bra was clearly outlined through her garment and the lines crossed at a gentle angle across the top third of her very large breasts. There was a single belt that was designed to wrap around the wrists which I fastened as tight as all the other straps. I sure didn’t want to get schooled by Keri again on how to apply the restraints. And I sure didn’t want to be fired from my new job as Chief Bondage Rigger.

I glanced at Angie to get confirmation that she was going to be OK in this position and she glanced down at her chest as if she was trying to look over the side of a boat. Then she looked back up and caught my eyes as she nodded her head and sauntered back toward the game board. There is a certain walk that always seems so helpless when a person is walking without their arms at their side. As Angie walked, her arms, useless behind her, she was almost off balance as she took her seat back on the stool around the table. As she sat down, she tried to remain in control and quipped “After all, I can always give the money back to get out if I need.”

The first big event of the evening happened on the seventh time around the board. It was 10 minutes after 7:00 when Amy landed on the Community Chest. A look of despair fell over her face as she prepared to take the top card off the Community Chest. It could go either way as some cards were advantageous and others were downright terrible. All the girls stared at her and they knew it wasn’t good when she flipped the card over and her mouth fell open. She handed the card to me and it read “Hospital Fees.”

All of the girls quickly grabbed their reference sheet and discovered Amy would be forced into a straitjacket for the next three rolls. Reluctantly, she stood up and we went to the equipment table together. There were two straitjackets on the table. Angie and Abigail both had brought one each. One was hospital white and made of canvas and the other was black leather. Both were real institutional jackets.

Since Angie had to wear the leather armbinder, I thought it would look like favoritism if I didn’t make Amy do the same. I lifted the jacket off the table and Amy was shaking nervously. I held it up to her, wide open, and she slid her arms into both sleeves. I began buckling the jacket in the back. I must admit this was a real turn-on for me. I suddenly became aware of my responsibility in the game and I got rapidly nervous about how I was going to tie each of these girls up and maintain a straight face. Not to mention hide a giant erection!

Once I had Amy buckled in as tight as I could pull the leather straps, I then threaded her arms through a thick double-stitched loop in the front. Next, I pulled the longest strap to the back and used the roller buckle to get as much purchase as I could in securing her in a cocoon for the foreseeable future. The jacket had a large collar with extra large D-rings that kept Amy from looking down much. The D-rings even blocked some of her downward vision. I was certain these would prove handy at some point. Lastly, I pulled the two leather straps from her front between her legs, and fastened them in the back. This design was created to prevent someone from sliding the jacket up over their shoulders but frankly, that wasn’t going to happen here tonight either way. She couldn’t move an inch. As Amy twisted her body at her waist, it was as if her arms, shoulders, and torso were all one piece. She was completely helpless. I helped her back to the stool around the gameboard. All of the girls were giggling and teasing her. She looked nervous, but I think she was loving it.

Play continued. Lori was up and she rolled doubles. All night she had been claiming she wasn’t very lucky, but doubles gives you a chance to roll again. And she landed on Park Place. Luckily. She had bought freedom from her neck collar and ankle cuffs. She even had some cash in reserve and she decided to buy Park Place and attempt the dreaded monopoly. But the purchase cleaned her out. And it would be quite some time before she had enough to decorate her new real estate. Everyone knew that she was the new leader. And it wasn’t even 8:00 yet. Still 4 hours to midnight.

Next up was Abigail who rolled big, landing her on Oriental. With the $200 from passing go, she was able to buy it for $100. Now Abigail had the first Monopoly on the board. She knew she wanted to waste no time equipping the property with houses and hotels to make the first corner of the board a light blue landmine for future players. She would need $50 per house and hotel. To max all three properties she needed $750. She spent a few moments debating whether to spend a little and grow the property or go big to try to trap future victims. She didn’t have much hope for any other board monopolies so she decided to go big. She spent some time studying the menu of restraints and the relative dollar values. She knew she didn’t want to go on the x-frame or the stocks because it was giving up so much control in the game, and she didn’t want to wear a hood unless she had to. So the only way to get to $750 was to wear a pair of arm splints ($300), leg splints (300), and a ballgag ($150).

I pulled the money from the bank and handed it over to Abigail. She secured it in her pile of cash and I fetched the splints from the table. Arm/leg splints are very stiff tubes of leather that can be attached to the subs limbs essentially immobilizing the knees and elbows. While they don’t sound very hard to wear, they render normal use of the limbs helpless. Without elbows, you cannot make adjustments. It is impossible to raise or sit down without help and in Abigail's case, She had no way to resist the red ballgag that I forced deep into the back of her mouth and fastened as tight as she could tolerate.

With drool pouring out of her mouth, she said that she was “O-hay” and used her hands to give me the thumbs up to proceed with play. In order to walk back to her seat at the board, she had to sling her legs from side to side. Doing so caused her upper torso to move in a manner that left no doubt she wasn’t wearing much bra support. The zipper on her jumpsuit was quite loose and at one point everyone thought she would have a wardrobe malfunction. But there wasn’t anything Abigail could do about it. Her hands extended 3 feet in front of her in the tight leather tubes that prevented her from making any wardrobe adjustments.

Another round passed by uneventfully. Keri offered to roll for Amy. She had one more dice roll before the jacket came off. As everyone reassembled, Keri rolled Amy’s last throw and she landed on Chance. Could her luck be any worse? She was so nervous. Still in her straitjacket, this could be terrible. Amy looked to Lori to help her with the Chance Card. Lori grabbed the card, flipped it over, and gave Amy an evil grin. Amy panicked as Lori turned the card around. “Bank pays you $50.” Overwhelmingly relieved, Amy knew it was her turn next and she looked to me to take off the jacket. I quickly helped her unbuckle and she stretched her arms. After a moment she came back with a big smile and said “I’ll take my $50 now!”

8:22 PM

The next rounds began to get interesting. Lori had paid back her account and was out of her cuffs and collar. And Angie had paid off the armbinder. There were three properties left and Lori and Abigail still had the only Monopolies. Abigail got $100 off of Keri and paid off the ballgag. She still had the arm and leg splints in place.

Keri had been anything but quiet. She antagonized everyone and was first to laugh and poke fun at each additional restraint. She would even tease some of the other girls by brushing their hair out of their eyes in an evil way to remind them that she was still free. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough opportunity to buy many properties and she landed on “Get out of Jail” twice. So far, her only restraints were a pair of handcuffs behind her back so she got free. She was pretty squirmy when she had them on and could get both her hands around to her front so she stayed in control of her own dice.

The girls weren’t drinking much anymore. Maybe because the restraints prevented them from getting their hands to their mouth. Keri was sitting on some sizable cash but jeopardy struck when she landed on “go to jail”. As required, she was placed in transport chains (hands cuffed in front to waist chain and leg irons). Since Keri had been such a frenemy to the other ladies by actively ensuring that every restraint was applied to the fullest restrictive capacity, I took some pleasure in locking Keri up. As slowly as possible, I started by selecting a pair of hinged handcuffs. I ratcheted one cuff on each wrist in front of her. Next, I affixed a very secure lock box over the hinges and snapped in place. Next, I made her face away from me and put one knee on a chair while I attached the ankle cuffs with the shortest chain to each ankle. Next, I wrapped a transport chain around her waist and threaded it through the lockbox. Instead of passing the chain around the waist to padlock the excess length, I passed it directly between her legs. As I walked around behind her, to pull up on the chain she jumped and tried to quickly look back at me. Instead, I pushed her shoulder forward and padlocked the chain in a very tight position. I walked back around her and the chain was pressing firmly on her vibrator. Her hands and feet were tightly bound, but her mouth was free and she was using it liberally.

I desperately wanted to stuff the largest inflatable gag in her mouth and squeeze the bulb until she had panicky eyes.. but I didn’t. I respected the rules. I escorted her to the cage which faced the board. With her hands cuffed in front, she couldn’t crawl into the cage. Instead, I helped her in the cage where she would have to lie on her side or her back to tolerate the position. This looked really uncomfortable and I closed the gate and applied the padlock. The sound of that lock really startled her and she knew she was the victim at this point. She remained there for three turns. As it turns out, that wasn’t the worst idea.

8:42 PM

All of the girls began to fall on bad luck over the next few rounds as the next rounds were murder. Lori landed on Luxury tax. This requires her hands cuffed behind her back and her remote vibrator activated. I fastened standard handcuffs on Loris's wrists behind her back. She looked back over her shoulder with a sultry grin as she volunteered her wrists for metal restraints.

As I locked the cuffs in place, it occurred to me. I was holding all of the remotes, but we didn’t think to label them. The only way I could find out which remote was associated with which player was trial and error. I activated the first remote and immediately got a glare from Amy. Clearly, that wasn’t hers (but good to know which one was). I activated the next remote and didn’t get a look from anyone. On the second inspection, Keri yelped from the cage in surprise. The third time was a charm. The next vibrator made Lori wiggle about and it was clear I had the right remote.

Angie landed on Abigail’s Connecticut and had to pay $600. She was completely wiped out. She even had to take a posture collar and open mouth gag for a round to shoulder the cost. I was impressed at how hard it was for Angie to follow the game with her neck stiffened and mouth wide open. She fought hard not to drool on the gameboard or the money.

Meanwhile, Abigail was doing pretty well. She had been able to escape any real predicament over the last few rolls. She had paid off the arm and leg splints. In fact, she was probably the leading favorite. She landed on Community Chest and received the speeding fine. She went back in handcuffs and then hit a major bump when she landed on Boardwalk and had to pay Keri. She only had $50 But that wasn’t going to get her there so she added a collar and some metal fist mitts. Her logic was that she couldn’t use her hands anyway so having them bound and mitts wasn’t much different.


Amy was up next. She was doing pretty well and had some significant properties collected but hit a speeding ticket and was cuffed behind. Amy was always pretty agile in cuffs. She was so crafty when she had them on, that the only time we used them at home was when she would wear them for extended periods (mostly when she lost a bet). Our longest was 24 hours and she weathered it like a champ. But little did she know, her luck was really about to change. She threw the dice and as they started to settle, she was already doing the math. The dice landed her on the community chest! Since her hands were bound behind her, she couldn’t really draw a card. Lori’s hands were cuffed but she reached around her side and grabbed a card for Amy. She couldn’t hold it high enough to read it, so she dropped it on the ground and all the girls (except Keri who was still cuffed in the cage) gathered around. They were almost silent as Amy screamed “oh no…no way.”

The card read Income Tax. This required a shock collar. Amy and I had toyed with a shock collar about 5 years ago and she wasn’t a fan. She looked to me for immediate mercy and I shrugged. “These are the rules, although I suppose you could refuse but we all know what will happen if you choose that. And you aren’t in much of a position to resist.”

She worked her way onto her feet and ran around the game to meet me as I was strolling over to the equipment table. She pleaded for mercy but in reality, she had no intentions of giving in. Deep down she was so competitive. But I could see the real fear that was evident on her face as I retrieved the leather collar with two metal probes positioned directly in front. In the back was a battery-operated fuse box and a wireless remote. Amy dropped her head in defeat.

I lifted her blond hair up over her head and slid the collar around the front of her neck. I began to buckle the collar tight because we don’t want any arc to form when the level gets high. I gave her a small low-setting buzz to make sure it was working. She yelped to indicate that in fact, it was working. This was going to be really hard for her since her hands were cuffed behind her back. There would be nothing she could do to soften the blow of the electricity jolting into her neck. For the next three rounds, every time someone rolled doubles, the collar would be shocked at the level of the doubles (max 10).

The next turn was Keri. She had finally earned her release from jail. First, I unlocked and opened the cage. Her eyes followed mine as I pulled open the door and began to help her out. I reached under both of her arms to deliver her from the cage and I couldn’t help but feel the width of her giant breasts pushed into my forearms. Once free from the cage, I stood her upright and began unlocking her chains. As I released the crotch chain, she shuddered briefly.

Because her confinement was not financial, I removed all of her restraints. And she was now the only person in the game without any bondage at all. Although she seemed intensely happy with her newfound freedom, she was not in a very good position to win the game. The other ladies had been gobbling up property while she was confined away. It might have been better if she had been blindfolded so she couldn’t see how disadvantaged she really was. At that moment, she glanced at the clock and realized it was only a quarter past nine. A look on her face, let me know that if she lost, she might have to spend two hours or more in that same position. I don’t know if Keri has ever been arrested in real life, but it was clear she did not like that level of confinement.

With some luck moving her way, the next round she landed on Tennessee which she acquired and now had her first Monopoly. All she needed was some money to be able to adorn them with houses and hotels. She accepted some hardware in exchange. She couldn’t stand the idea of having her legs restrained any longer. She really liked her new freedom. She promptly requested a loan for the fiddle, fist mitts and she would be the first to attach her breast e-stim.

Keri was a tough girl. But everyone was surprised with the new choice. She was convinced it was easy money. She asked to try a level 4 for 2 rounds. I first placed her hands in the metal fist mitts. Next, her wrists were positioned in the fiddle. Both arms were at right angles and her metal-covered useless hands were directly in front of her face blocking her view so that she could see her own reflection in the shiny steel. Due to the angle, she couldn’t lower her arms enough to see the board over them. So she had to look around. Next, I clipped the leads to the e-stim into the power box and set it to level 4 as she requested. She jerked back quickly for a few moments until she could get used to the new sensation. I clipped the power box to her jumpsuit in the small of her back to ensure that she didn’t try to manipulate the power dial. As if that were even possible given her current position. Her arms and hands were completely useless.

Several rolls were less eventful. And in fact, Lori made it the entire trip around the board twice without the big O,” or at least as far as anyone knows. She seemed perky during these two rounds, but kept quiet with her head down. With the handcuffs in place, she had no way to adjust the vibrator so she could only move its position by changing her own seating. When she got back to go for the second time, I removed the cuffs and stopped the vibrator. She seemed a combination of disappointed and thankful.

Angie was up next. She still had enough money in her bank to pay off some of her restraints. She was gracefully wearing the posture collar which required that she turn her shoulders to look at anyone because her head was fixed facing forward and tilted up so that she struggled to see the board. And even worse, was the open-mouth gag that made her words hard to understand and the drool was embarrassing. Most of the girls would have thought she would pay off the gag, but Angie surprised everyone when she handed over the $200 and asked to remove the collar.

I quickly deposited the money and gave her the keys to the collar. She unlocked the padlock and removed the collar at once. She stretched her neck and said “ahhh, yuch etter.” Then she picked up the dice, and rolled double 3’s. This landed her on the reading railroad which was still unclaimed. I offered her the property, but she only had $100 to her name. She contemplated taking on some bondage for the difference, but then decided she wanted to focus on her other properties.

Just as she started to hand the dice to Amy, she realized – double 3’s – Amy got shocked! It was a little hard to understand what she was saying, but we all realized that she wanted the remote to Amy’s collar. As I handed it over, I saw Amy’s face tremble in fear of what was about to happen. Just then, Angie positioned herself directly in front of Amy. She slowly turned the dial up to 6. Then in a dramatic pause, she slowly pressed the button to deliver one strong bolt of lightning directly into the front of Amy’s neck. Amy’s eyes pinched shut and her head thrust backward. Her hands pulled tightly on the cuffs binding them behind her as she wanted so desperately to comfort her neck with her own hands. But there was nothing she could do. She just had to bear the pain as Angie looked on and laughed through her oversized gag.

It took several minutes for Amy to recover from the shock. As she re-engaged in the game, she sat back up. Hands still worthless. She realized it was her turn to roll next. She sat safely on free parking, but was quite afraid of rolling a 10 and going straight to jail. Her reasoning was clear. She only needed to make it back to Go and she would have served her sentence and the shock collar would come off. But if she went to jail, she would be imprisoned for 3 rounds in the cage and the collar stays on – thus increasing the probability of one of the other players rolling doubles by a factor of 3.

She desperately did not want to try to survive another three rounds with that electronic devil device secured around her neck. She didn’t trust anyone else's luck so she insisted on rolling the dice herself. Angie handed her the dice behind her back. Amy pulled her hands to one side and hurled the dice at the board. As she began counting the numbers she realized something scary. She did escape the “go to jail”. But unfortunately, she rolled double 6’s. Everyone looked at each other and the question on everyone's mind was the same. Does she have to shock herself? Amy quickly looked to me for help. I felt somewhat obligated, as the designated referee to render an opinion.

I retrieved the rules that Keri had inscribed before the game. Should any person who lands on Income Tax, must don a shock collar. Any time “doubles” are rolled, the player is to receive one electric shock with settings adjusted to reflect the value of the combined roll (Max =10). There was no description of who was to administer the shocks. Everyone wanted to be the one to send the jolt, but Amy insisted on doing it herself. She held the box in her hands behind her back. After a couple of minutes, she took a deep breath and pushed the button. Immediately she knew what she was fearing. Every muscle in her neck tensed up and she jolted away from the board. Near tears, she looked at everyone around her.

The remaining girls were looking down in sympathy but were all secretly afraid of the same thing happening to them. And to make matters worse, since she rolled doubles, she had to roll again. Her next roll would be a 5/3 combo and land her safely on go. I walked straight over to her and removed the shock collar and handcuffs. Amy wrung her wrists and massaged her neck both in an effort to bring relief but also to bask in the feeling of being free again. She felt accomplished and knew she was still in the game. And without any restraints, she was at a slight advantage.


Lori suddenly hit a run of bad luck. She landed on one of Abigail‘s properties with a hotel. Lori only had about $150 so she knew it was going to take a pretty good leverage to get enough money to pay her debt. She accepted a yoke and a pair of leg cuffs as well as an open-mouth gag. I went to the table and found the yoke first. I began by placing the leather strap around her neck. Then I adjusted the links of the arms as far out as they would go and placed her wrists in each cuff. She looked just like the secretary in the movie with James Spader. With her arms out to her side, she really couldn’t protest anything. Her logic was that this would still allow her to roll the dice but we would later see that that was pretty comical. Her whole demeanor changed when I went to place her leg cuffs. She told the group that she had not worn ankle cuffs since she was in college. I was excited to hear the story but she disclosed that she had a real run-in with the law and was taken into custody. She spent 24 hours in a holding cell with ankle cuffs and a prison jumpsuit just like the one she was wearing tonight. I think that made her feel all so real. Laurie quickly offered to help. She said that a tequila shot would take her mind off of it. So before I fixed her open-mouth gag, I helped her down a shot of tequila and a squirt of lime. Once the gag was in place no one could understand what she was saying.

Angie, who was broke and still in an open mouth gag. threw the dice and her top-hat landed on Community Chest. And this time she drew a card and it said “consultation fee”. Both girls had to look at the cheat sheet to remember the implications of this card. As per the rules, Consultation fee meant that the player to the left (Abigail) would decide on a restraint to add to her already helpless predicament. After a couple of minutes, Abigail made her decision. She wanted Angie in fist mitts, locked to a collar. This wasn’t on the menu of restraints, but we all agreed that there didn’t seem to be any reason it couldn’t be done. So I found the largest lock I could find in the stack (for dramatic effect) and tightly locked her metal mitts to her steel collar.

Abigail rolled next. She landed on Kentucky and had to pay Angie $200. Angie had no way to receive the money, but Abigail was nice and tucked it in with the rest of her cash. This was Angie's last money. It would get interesting if she didn’t make some more.

Keri was doing well with her e-stim. Since this was her last trip around the board, she took her money and bought her way out of the fiddle and mitts. Her roll landed her on Electric Company. The penalty was a blindfold for 3 rounds. She happily put on the blindfold and enjoyed the freedom of her arms and legs not being bound.

Bad luck fell on Amy again. She was just crawling back from her previous adventure. The collar was off and her handcuffs were free. Just then she landed on Lorie‘s boardwalk which had two houses. Amy was going to need to come up with almost $800 to settle a debt. There are not many options. She had about $150 in her bank but there are not many restraints that can be combined to get toward $800. She knew that she was going to have to take severe measures so she agreed to go on the Saint Andrew's cross and a head harness ballgag.

They stopped playing for several minutes. I walked Amy over to the cross and made sure this was her best plan. She confirmed that it was her idea and I began attaching her to the cross. This was possibly the coolest design for a St. Andrews cross I had seen. To begin with, the ankle cuffs were screwed to the board. There were wooden shelves for her to stand on and these could be adjusted but ranged from about 6 inches to 18 inches above the ground. The frame was big enough for Keri’s husband Kevin but if you adjusted the shelves it worked for a petite woman like Amy. I moved the shelf to about 15” from the floor and had Amy step up on it. This positioned her perfectly in the middle of the “X”.

Next, I fastened the leather cuffs to her ankles. Next, I began attaching her wrists. The cuffs for the hands resembled suspension cuffs and encased the entire hand with a very large strong D-ring at the top. This connected directly to a ratchet strap that was anchored at the top of each arm of the ”X”. Once I had her secured in the cuffs, I tightened the ratchet until it had Amy stretched out as far as she was able to stretch.

Next, there were several straps that passed through slots on the board to wrap around the arms and legs at several levels. Once these were tightened, there was no way for Amy to wiggle or adjust. This cross was like an upright rack that stretched the victim to their limits. With Amy’s arms high above her head, her breasts were up front and center. Her legs were spread wide and she was abundantly vulnerable. Now she was truly helpless.

She looked on to the game wondering if she would ever come down. All of the girls snickered and knew that it was getting close to the end for Amy. Amy received $650 which I combined with the $150 she already had and handed over to Lori. Lori quickly chose to pay off her debt, gave back $475, and asked that I remove her restraints. Well, that’s what I assumed she said, it was hard to yell through the open-mouth gag.

The next move would shock everyone. Once free, Lori rubbed her wrists, stretched and massaged her jaw, and then got up from the game and walked over to Amy stretched out on the cross. Amy’s arms and legs could not have been pulled any tighter as she was much too small for the massive frame. Lori began running her finger around Amy’s lips which were stretched wide around the 3-inch head harness red ballgag. Next, she grabbed the zipper of Amy’s suit and unzipped it all the way to the crotch. Everyone gasped. In part because Amy‘s amazing breasts were contained by a very tight patent leather bra but everyone was surprised to see that she was wearing a full steel chastity belt. She had wires coming out of the bra as instructed and pads attached to the inside of her thighs. No one really knew that Amy even owned a metal chastity belt and I have to admit I blushed a little bit too.

I felt obligated to explain that when we planned to come to the party tonight, we thought it would be especially exciting if she wore her chastity belt. I’m sure she was surprised when she had to take her clothes off and put on a jumpsuit but if it hadn’t been for Lori, no one would have been wiser. But now, her arms were stretched out, her breasts were exploding out of the tight leather coverings, and her shiny belt with locks was the only thing anyone could seem to be focusing on.

Amy’s eyes were wide open. She was paralyzed with embarrassment. Lori inspected the belt, almost admiring the craftsmanship. She lifted the metal locks and let them fall back onto the steel plate making a knocking sound and sending vibrations directly into Amy’s sex. Amy had the prescribed vibrator in place under the belt and everyone could see the pink wings sticking out on both sides of the metal crotch-plate. Amy kept trying to look down at herself but was unable to because of the tight position. She looked at me for mercy but all I could do was shrug my shoulders. Those are the rules. With continued snickering, everyone returned to the game.

Lori had an uneventful round and landed on free parking.

The game really started to fall apart at this point. Stakes were high and there were a lot of land mines on the board. Each player just wanted a safe roll and to survive to the next round. Angie was up next, but she only barely survived. She rolled a lucky seven but it wasn’t lucky at all. She landed on Community Chest. Her card read “Pay stock dividend” – 3 rounds in the stocks. Now the stocks in the room were simple. They resembled a modern metal version of the same ones you see in old torture movies. The prisoner would be forced to bend 90 degrees at the waist and place their head and hands in the stocks where they were trapped by their wrists and neck. The stocks belonged to Keri, but the hand size was adjustable.

Severely disappointed, Lori stood up. She was still in the fist mitts and collar. She made her way to the stocks where I greeted her by raising the top bar. Angie bent over at the waist 90 degrees and I put my hand on the back of her head as I helped her place her neck in the large cutout. I guided her wrists into the two other holes and lowered the latching lid. I fastened a padlock on the end and there was no way Angie was ever getting out of these stocks. I don’t suppose I had ever actually seen a pair of stocks up and close. They were intimidating. They were much heavier than I had expected and once the top piece was down and fastened, it was abundantly clear that the prisoner would not ever get free. And worse, she couldn’t sit, or slouch. She had to stay at 90 degrees with her ass up in the air. In addition to it appearing to be uncomfortable, Angie looked very exposed, but told herself “it's only for 3 rounds.”

Just as play was about to resume, Angie shouted something startling. She said, “It's still my turn, and I want to buy some houses”. Just before her confinement, she glanced at the board. She knew there may not be 3 rounds left and she desperately did not want to be the loser. She owned the Pacific, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania properties and she giggled as she noticed that three of the other four girls were one roll away from her property. If she managed to put some real estate on those properties, not only would she get the money but she may be able to put some of them out of the game.

She needed $750 for hotels on all 3 properties. She only had $20. Lori shouted out, How are you going to buy hotels for $20?"

“I'll take a loan.”

She asked me to do the math to find out what restraints she could still agree to that she wasn’t already wearing and wouldn’t put her out of the game. All that was keeping her in the game was she didn’t have a gag and blindfold. I grabbed the cheat sheet and within a couple of moments, I came up with a plan. She couldn’t have any of the cuffs or fiddles because she was already restrained. But I had a plan. If she took leg splints for $300, a spreader bar for $300 and she could pick a blindfold or gag for $150. That would equal the $750 she needed for the hotels.

Angie agreed and I placed the three hotels on her green monopolies. First, I decided to place the leg splints. Angie is not very tall, so to get the splints in place, I had to push up her jumpsuit and get the leather wrapped around her thigh as high as possible. I don’t know if it made Angie uncomfortable with me wrapping leather straps just between her sex and her thigh, but the rock-hard erection in my pants says that it was awkward. Once I had both legs securely locked in the straight position without any way to bend, I fastened the spreader bar between both ankles. This pushed her legs out 42” wide and her ass was just suspended in the air. She was spread so wide, that we all wondered how long she could stay in that position. Angie couldn’t see her own body because of the stocks. She elected for the inflatable gag. I fastened the gag in her jaws and tightened the buckles so there was no way she could push it back out. As I began to inflate the gag, she looked up at me in such a submissive way – almost as if to ask for mercy. Now she was ready to watch some of the other girls fall.

Amy was up. She wasn’t in any position to roll her own dice, but she could see and her anxiety was clear. Keri, blinded by her new hardware, agreed to roll for her since she was enjoying the use of her arms. Lucky for Amy, she landed on chance. Her card said “speeding ticket” which required hands bound behind the back. That didn’t seem to apply here, so all the girls agreed that she could have a bye. But she passed go, and I personally tucked $200 into the tight band on her chastity belt.

Lori was doing a lot better overall, but she wasn’t free from the dangers. Her roll landed her on Speeding Ticket and she had to go back into handcuffs. I put her in some hinged cuffs and took the time to place another pair above her elbows. This really pushed out her chest and she was proud as she pointed her DD cups at each player almost threatening.

And fall they did. Abigail rolled next. 5/3 = 8. This put her luckily escaping Angie's new trap and safely on Community Chest. Now for the card. Doctors Visit. Player must wear a straitjacket and a cervical collar. We didn’t have a cervical collar but Lori had brought a 5” posture collar with d-rings. This would work very well for our situation. I gave Abigail the choice of straitjacket (leather or canvas). Abigail explained that she gets hot so easily, could she choose the armbinder instead. She pleaded that it would serve the same function but wouldn’t be as hot. I looked at Lori and Keri and they didn’t have any objections. I helped Abigail into the armbinder pulling her arms and shoulders back and providing a wonderful picture of her oversized chest. Next, came her posture collar. I placed and tightened the collar to the point she could not move her head in any direction. She was immobile from the waist up. Paralyzed in straps.

Keri, too, missed Angie's hotel trap, but she couldn’t avoid landing on North Carolina adorned with a hotel and owned by Mrs. Lori. Keri was Lori’s biggest challenge. All she had on was the blindfold, which she removed with her hands to confirm that we weren’t cheating her. She owed Lori $1500. She only had $900 so she was going to have to go in bondage debt. Keri was no stranger to hog-cuffs. She had long arms and was pretty flexible. Hogcuffs would get her $500 and a metal locking collar could buy her another $50. She was still $50 short. It looked like this might be the end and she would have to take a gag to pay her debts, but Lori agreed to waive the $50 if she was allowed to adorn Keri’s new jewelry. Keri agreed. With policelike authority, Lori ordered Keri onto her stomach and hands behind her back. Lori grabbed each wrist and ratcheted a pair of hinged handcuffs at least one click tighter than Keri had expected. Lori then bent both knees up and interlaced ankle cuffs around the handcuffs and quickly onto each ankle. Keri’s hands felt the ankle cuffs and chain as if she might find a way out of her predicament. Meanwhile, Lori walked around her with pride and confidence in her restraint abilities. Keri wasn’t going anywhere and she was one bad roll away from being the first loser.


Next, my Amy was the first one out of the game. She found the same fate as Keri except she landed on Boardwalk. She only had $200 to her name and she was already helplessly bound and gagged on an X-frame and had been most of the game. Lori celebrated as her first game piece was the one that took out the first leader. I reminded Lori that she only got paid Amy’s $200 plus anything she could put on Amy that wasn’t duplicative.

Lori thought for a minute and she had a plan. She gathered some supplies and approached Amy. First, she began by revealing two power boxes, one for each stim. She preset the settings to 10 and attached them to the breast and thigh pads. Just to be mean, she clipped each battery pack into the waistband of Amy's chastity belt. I wanted to help Amy but there wasn’t anything I could do that wasn’t unfair. The Tens units would get Lori $250 so I don’t know if she did it for the money or just to celebrate her triumph. Next, she pulled out some bondage tape and began wrapping it consecutively around Amy’s head and eyes affixing her head against the headrest. She used an entire roll of tape and not only could Amy not speak, but she couldn’t see or even shake her head. She could not communicate at all and she was still stretched out wide with shocks to her breasts and thighs every 30 seconds. She squealed as each shock hit and her hands shriveled and her toes curled. As if to relish in her victory, Lori grabbed four locks off the “keyed alike” tray and replaced the locks on each wrist and ankle which essentially welded Amy to that x-frame till midnight.

The field was smaller. Loris's next roll was free parking. How could luck fall on her so unevenly, but now I took off her cuffs and she was a free bird.

Angie was up again. Her trap had failed and she had leveraged everything for it. She was locked in stocks, hands in metal mitts, tight metal collar, legs spread wide and stiffened by leather splints. There probably isn’t a more vulnerable position. She was angled so that she could see everything happen on the board, but she couldn’t do anything about it. The inflatable gag ensured she couldn’t even protest. Lori happily rolled Angie’s dice and when the dice stopped tumbling, 1/3 was showing. Not an everyday 4, but the worst 4. Because it landed her on Connecticut.

Now Amy owned Connecticut and she was out of the game. But all her cards went to Lori. So here Lori was again, in charge of someone's fate. Lori knew she would only get $150 for a blindfold and that was all it would take to get Angie out of the game, but she noticed that if she put her in the hood, she would get $400. So Angie spent the next 15 minutes strapping Angie into the super tight sensory deprivation hood which was over her already gag-stuffed mouth. Angie could not resist. At all. She had to sit there and take it. From this point forward she would have difficulty hearing and it would be impossible to speak or see. She was OUT OF THE GAME.

Lori grabbed three more locks off the table. One locked the stockade shut. The other two locked the 42” spreader bar between Angie's legs. Angie was bent over, legs spread as wide as possible, with unbendable knees. And it was only 10:24PM. She would have to endure another one and a half hours in this position. And even if one of the other girls wanted to find mercy on her, it would be impossible to help her out because the keys to the midnight locks weren’t even in the house. Her body language looked defeated.

Lori, Keri and Abigail were all that were left. Lori had some cash, but Keri was hogcuffed and blindfolded and Abigail was sitting upright in a straitjacket with no way to protest. Abigail was next. Obviously, with no way to throw the dice, she had to have assistance from Lori. Abigail was sitting on Community Chest so when Lori threw a 6/4, it put Abigail on the Electric Company.

Abigail saw what was happening before Lori even moved her piece. It was about to be lights out at the electric company. As I reached back to the table of equipment, I discovered that there were no simple blindfolds. Lori suggested we improvise and she grabbed a roll of bondage tape. She walked up behind Abigail, who was completely unable to turn around and see, and she quickly wrapped the top half of Abigail's head with heavy layers of black shiny bondage tape. Abigail knew that she was only one big hit away from being out of the game. She really couldn’t afford much more bad luck. As Lori started to wrap, Abigail said out loud that this might be the last light she sees until well after midnight.

Keri was up next. Still in a hogcuff, she could not roll the dice. It seemed as though Lori was taking control of the game. Lori had over $2K and no bondage gear. It was apparent that she couldn’t be touched. Lori grabbed the dice and rolled for Keri. 3/3. This landed Keri on Luxury tax. Fortunately, after the last debacle, I laid out the vibrator remotes so I could tell whose, belonged to whom. I found Keri's vibrator and activated the remote. Now that the room was much more quiet without all of the noise, we could hear the faint noise of buzzing between Keri’s legs. Keri began to squirm rather quickly. It was clear that this vibrator was having quite an effect on her. She would have to go around the board twice, in order to get the vibrator turned back off. If she were to have an orgasm during that time, she has to go straight to jail. A fate she doesn’t particularly want while hogcuffed. Fortunately, she rolled doubles so she got another chance to move forward quickly.

Lori grabbed the dice and tossed them on the board. 5/4. This definitely indicated that Keri had passed go for the second time, so I promptly removed her blindfold. Maybe this was generous so that she could see Lori running the entire game. Lori was relaxed and getting a little mouthy. She pranced around the board stepping over her restrained victims and making the casual glance back at Amy and Angie who fell to fate so early.

Lori pranced Keri's board piece easily up the board until it stopped on chance. Then, Lori grabbed the top card and flipped it over. “Player advances to Boardwalk.” Amy was the original property holder of Boardwalk, but upon her loss, Lori took it over and had maxed the hotels. Now Keri would have to pay Lori $2000. Keri knew she didn’t have that kind of money and she knew what this meant.

What we didn’t know was that Keri had been holding back an orgasm that was ramping up to a blinding level of pressure. As Lori finished reading Keri the verdict of her expense at Boardwalk, Keri’s eyes rolled back and her head tilted all the way up as she let out a powerful uuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Her hands were clenched and toes curled. The chains of her hogcuff rattled as she began to violently jerk against them screaming “stop, stop, stop.”

Out of compassion, I stopped the vibrator cold and Lori and I stared at her not knowing what to say. Abigail, who could hear the commotion but could not see, was asking what happened. Then it occurred to me. She wasn’t “yet” out of the game. At least not until Lori decided what she wanted to do with her debt. So now, Keri had to be taken to jail. Lori helped me. We each grabbed an arm and a leg and lifted Keri’s limp body into the jail cell. Just as I was about to close the door, Lori insisted that I wait. There was the matter of the $2000. Lori grabbed her price list and headed to the restraint table. There isn’t much you can put on someone who is already bound in hog-cuffs and in a tiny cage. But that didn’t stop Lori from trying.

First, she began by placing another pair of handcuffs with a chain above Keri's elbows -further pulling her upper arms together behind her. Keri had incredible breasts and they were so firm, that she was propped up just while laying on her stomach. Lori then started to put the blindfold back around Keri’s eyes, when Keri said, “Wait! I can’t do this. You have to let me out. I need to be loose. I give up.” Lori looked quickly at me, and I glanced back at her. I jumped up and started searching for the handcuff keys to turn Keri loose. She tapped out. Lori ran to the kitchen and grabbed her cell phone. She came back to the front of the cage and pointed the camera directly at Keri and snapped a photo. She turned and then began typing for a moment. Suddenly, she turned the phone around to Keri to let her see the phone. Keri could see herself, bound in steel laying in a cage loaded on Instagram. One press of a button and it is posted online for everyone to see.

Lori asked Keri if she really wanted to forfeit. “Those are the rules,” Lori said.

Dropping her head in defeat, Keri acquiesced that she did not want to forfeit and that she would be a good sport and play the game out until midnight. Lori then wrapped the blindfold around Keri’s head and forced a ballgag deep in her mouth. Next, she grabbed another set of handcuffs with a chain and placed one cuff around Lori’s wrist cuffs and the other to the roof of the cage. This effectively held Keri facedown and unable to move about the cage. Keri’s knees were wide apart, so Lori placed a short length of chain around each knee and pulled it wide to each side of the cage, and snapped a lock. Not only could Keri not talk, see, or protest in any way, she couldn’t move either. Paralyzed in steel, she laid on the cold floor of the cage and rested her head on the floor beneath her. Last, Lori slammed the door to the cage closed (for effect) and fastened a midnight lock. Ensuring Keri would not be coming out until after the midnight keys arrived. It was 10:50 PM.

Next was Lori’s turn. She tossed a 5/4, landing her on States Avenue. This was a monopoly with a hotel by Keri until two minutes ago. Now, Lori owned it, so there were no consequences.

Next, Abigail looked like a deer in the headlights. It was her turn and of course she was still bound tight in a straitjacket and posture collar. If she could only make it to GO, this was her last round and she would be as free as Lori. Well, except she had no money. Abigail was sitting on Electric Company and tossed an unfortunate 7. This put her on Tennessee, a monopoly owned by guess who? – Lori. Abigail owed $950. And she only had $50 to her name. Lori wanted to try to find a solution that didn’t take out of the game. It looked like mercy, but in fact, Lori was playing with her last victim like a cat with a wounded mouse.

Lori grabbed her sheet and began pondering. The armbinder limited a lot of the options for more aggressive restraint. Lori returned a moment later with an idea. She decided if we were to put Abigail in the cage ($750) and a spreader bar ($300), she could pay her debt and remain in the game.

I pointed out to Lori that the cage was already in use and that it was too small for two people. Lori quickly improvised and asked that I help her. She had an idea. We walked over to Keri and helped her to her feet. Then Lori guided her over to the cage. The cage was only about waist tall so Lori began by pushing Keri face down over the cage. She then grabbed a short 4” piece of chain and snapped a clip on both ends. She then attached Keri’s D-ring in the front of her posture collar to one of the bars on the cage. This forced Keri to be bent over the cage with her ass high in the air.

Keri had a wonderful ass even if she was wearing a prison jumpsuit. Keri wanted to use the spreader bar, but Angie was already using it. So, Lori kneeled down behind Keri and began pulling her legs apart, wider and wider. In fact, much wider than any spreader bar. Lori put two leather ankle cuffs on Keri's ankles and with a short piece of chain, she attached one ankle at the front of the cage and one at the back. Now, Keri was helpless. She was bent over the cage at a right angle with her neck chained down and her arms bound in leather behind her back. Her legs were spread wide and chained to the cage preventing her from repositioning. She wasn’t out of the game, she still had the freedom to protest (and she did a lot of protesting), but she was alive another round.

Lori grabbed the dice and rolled again. Once again, she landed on her own property. The game was certainly going her way. And without hesitation, she grabbed the dice and threw them again for Abigail. Both Lori and Abigail thought that this would be her last roll before terminal bondage and those dreaded midnight locks. But much to her surprise, she landed on Community Chest. Since I was closest, I grabbed the card and flipped it over. “Birthday Surprise” Player rolls dice to determine the number of hits with agreed-upon impact toys.

This was the first time impact came into the game. The rules state that the banker must administer the impacts. Lori grabbed the dice and rolled two fives. Not for sure what my next step should be, I walked over to the table to survey the impact options. There were three floggers, two paddles and a cane. I examined each and made a slow motion strike onto my own hand to get a feel for the impact.

Knowing full well that Abigail would not be able to see the instruments, I did feel obligated to describe them for her and allow her the choice. I pointed out that she couldn’t be in a better position for impact play as she was bent at a right angle over the cage. Abigail asked me to pick the middle flogger and to “go easy.”

I agreed and began to take my place at the best angle for striking Abigail’s ass. Lori suddenly jumped in the way protesting that flogging is not effective if someone is wearing pants. Lori grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors and began cutting the pants off of Abigail’s jumpsuit. As she cut through the jumpsuit, you could tell by Abigail's face that she was quite embarrassed. Lori and I were both surprised to see that Abigail was wearing vintage panties and a vintage corset. White silk with some lace edging, her panties were completely soaked in the middle. She was bent so far over that you could see there was a relatively large bulge over her sex where the pink remote vibrator could barely be seen. The corset was attached to thigh-high stockings.

Abigail tried to explain that she felt mature in vintage wear. Regardless, her ass was one of the finest structures I had ever seen. I felt pretty bad having to strike such a beautiful shape. To preserve her panties, Lori lifted them so that they recessed in the crack of her ass. I backed away a couple of steps and started easy with a couple of backhand lashes. I checked in with Abigail and asked if she was ok.

She nodded her head and very sheepishly said, “you can go a little harder.”

Forehand, I took two strokes about 50% harder. Abigail yelped and tried to wiggle her waist, but her spread legs would not allow her to adjust an inch. I checked in again. She said, “harder”. This time, I swung my arm and made terrific contact with both cheeks just where they transitioned into her legs. She squealed with pain and excitement. “Cane, Cane, Cane,” she uttered as she relaxed her head back down.

Honoring her wishes, I changed to the cane. Abigail had four strikes left. I began with the cane, taking large blows. Spanking Abigail made me feel weird for sure so I didn’t even pause. I completed all four blows without stopping. Once complete, I placed my hand on her butt to soothe the pain. Her cheeks were on fire and her head slumped. Knowing that she was out of the game, she called Lori over and asked for the gag.

Lori obliged. She inserted a penis gag deep into Abigail's mouth. She then wrapped her entire head in bondage tape so that Abigail could escape for a while. Lori then grabbed three midnight locks and fastened one on Abigail's collar and one on each ankle. The game was over. And it was 11:07 PM.

Now with four of the five girls bound and helpless, Lori looked over to me and asked “What now?” Not knowing exactly, I looked over the rules. It didn’t say what we should do. I felt like we should start by picking things up. Lori and I decided we should clean the place up a little. The moaning and whining was a little annoying so we turned on Keri’s TV to some calm music and drank a glass of wine as we put away the board and washed her dishes.

Once everything was clean and put back together, we both sat on the couch and examined the field of losers. Lori was quite proud of herself. She kept reiterating that she really wasn’t very lucky. It was only 11:30 and Lori looked over to me and with a sneaky grin, she said, “I wonder what they are all wearing?”

I didn’t really know what she was getting at, but watched Lori jump from the couch and retrieve the same kitchen scissors. She looked at me as if to ask “Do you want to do the honors?”

I quickly declined, but that didn’t stop Lori. She started with Angie. Angie was bent over in the stocks. Lori began by cutting the sleeves off of Angie's jumpsuit. She followed down the middle of Angie's back and cut the pants off. She even took off each knee immobilizer to remove the legs of the suit and put the splints back in place (maybe a little tighter). Angie came to the game in an innocent satin bra and panty set. Her very large breasts hung down in front of her and put great strain on the aqua-green bra straps. Her panties were satin and covered her sex. Her vibrator was clearly in place and Lori tapped it with the handle of the scissors just to generate a jump from Angie. Angie would have loved to protest the forced stripping, but she had no way. She was completely immobile and would remain that way until midnight.

We both agreed that Keri’s outfit would have to remain a mystery. There was no way to cut it off with her in a hogtie in a cage. I continued to pick things up in the living room. I was separating the various restraints and I glanced at the clock. It was still only 11:33 PM. I could tell the girls were antsy.

I decided to walk over and check on Amy. Amy was still stretched out, unable to talk or see. Just to make her position more exposed, Keri had placed a throw pillow behind Amy’s back to thrust her metal-covered crotch forward even further. I was quite turned on by her chastity belt. I knelt down and began to tap on it. It seemed very secure. The steel was thick and it covered everything.

Just then, I felt a strong buzz coming from under Amy’s belt. I looked back, and Lori had activated all the players remote vibrators. She grinned at me and said, “let's play one more game… who comes first.” I was turned on by the idea and couldn’t wait to see what happened.

But what happened next blew my mind. Lori is such a quick thinker. As I stood in front of Amy, Lori grasped the zipper just below her own neckline and unzipped her jumpsuit. As the top fell off her shoulders, it quickly fell all the way to the ground. Lori gracefully stepped out of the legs of the suit. She was wearing a red patent leather bra and panties. She had modest C cup breasts that projected straight forward and seemed to sit just under her chin. The patent leather bra pushed her breasts up higher and I was mesmerized.

I tried not to stare, but it's no surprise that I think she wanted me to. Next, she walked over to the equipment table. She grabbed a metal ammunition box and opened it. It was full of small vibrators and dildos which she readily dumped out onto the table. Next, she turned on and activated every vibrator (including her own). She dropped the remotes into the box and slammed the lid closed. Then, she placed a midnight lock on the box and it was sealed. There was no stopping the vibrating until the stroke of midnight. It was 11:30 PM.

Next, to make things fair, she grabbed a pair of leg-cuffs and quickly snapped them on both of her own ankles. She pulled a ballgag in her mouth, the only blindfold we had left, and then laid on the floor on her stomach. She lifted her feet, put the handcuffs on one wrist and wrapped the chain around the leg-cuff chain, and snapped the other cuff on her other wrist. By herself, she put herself in a bound and gagged hogcuff with a buzzing vibrator.

I was speechless. The place was clean, the board was put away and I was roaming around the room examining all of the losers in their extreme positions of vulnerability. I didn’t feel guilty taking longer glances because now no one could see what I was doing.

I squatted down behind Angie in those rigid stocks with her legs spread. I could see between her legs to the remote vibrator sticking out ever so slightly from around her panties. Through her legs, I could see her large breasts hanging down pendulous and her bra was stretched to the point of snapping from the weight of her giant chest.

Keri's fists were clinched in the hogcuff inside the cage. She had given up trying to find freedom and accepted her fate.

Abigail was bent over the cage. Legs spread wide and neck cuffed to the cage. Her head was thrown back and her knees were quivering. I think she was mid-O.

I didn’t touch any of the girls except Amy. Now that I felt like we had some privacy, I started by running my hands and fingers down Amy’s arms over her chest. I reached inside her bra and felt both perfectly erect nipples. And I ran my hands down the middle of her stomach over her metal chastity and through her legs. Her legs and arms would tremble every time my hand touched her skin. I placed my hand over her eyes and put strong pressure as I pressed my rock hard dick against her chaste lady-parts. She was the most vulnerable and most beautiful I have ever seen her.

Vibrators were whizzing, each girl was moaning, and there was no hope in sight when I heard a powerful knock at the door. As I opened it, there was a manila envelope on the ground. I broke the seal and looked inside. A single Masterlock Key just as expected. There was no one around and no car was leaving. I shut and locked the door.

I came back inside and spent a brief moment deciding who to unlock first. Lori was locked last, so she wasn’t in any distress. Angie’s head was thrown back and there was a long muffled noise so I didn’t want to interrupt whatever was going on there. I figured Amy would be the logical first choice. I started by taking the locks off her hands and feet. Her arms fell down beside her, limp and lifeless. Once her legs were free she fell down to her knees and collapsed to the ground.

I gave her a soft kiss on the head and threw a blanket over her. I then began freeing each of the girls in the same manner. Each rolled to the ground and curled into a fetal position. I covered each with a blanket and watched them rest. Once all the girls were freed, I went back to gather Amy. She was in a deep slumber so I picked her up and carried her to the car, leaving the other girls without bonds and resting comfortably around the living room.

I sat Amy in the back seat where she rolled onto her side longways in the bench seat. As I got in the driver's seat to drive away, I remembered what she looked like stretched out on that x-frame. What a pleasant vision I had captured in my mind – rest assured to never forget this night.


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