by Jackrabbit

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© Copyright 2001 - Jackrabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/m; M/f; naked; outdoors; bond; rope; gag; bfold; cuckold; creampie; denial; oral; sex; cons/reluct; X

This story took place several years ago and the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Deb and I had a friend named Ken who was without a steady girlfriend for no reason that we could ever figure out. Ken was a good friend and Deb and I felt sorry for him and the three of us did alot together. Besides he was always alot of fun to be around. I was an average looking guy and considered myself very lucky to have Deb. Deb was a very good looking girl with an honest 36d chest and a voluptuous body. She ordinarily dresses very plain and when we were in high school she was one of the best kept secrets around. 

I often tried to talk Deb into screwing around with another guy because I found the idea a complete turn on. Deb would not admit it but our average sex was always better when we talked about such things. Once when we were at a party and drinking, Deb admitted that she thought Ken was hot and on the way home from there we went parking in the woods, but Deb made me wear a rubber, just like always, even though she was on the pill. 

Ken, Deb and I set up a mid week camping trip, we had never been camping together before,  and we were looking forward to it. I wanted Deb to show off her body to Ken and I helped her pick out what to wear. We travelled to the park in Ken’s pick up truck and Deb sat in the middle, Ken did not mind at all as Deb flirted with him all the way there. Ken and Deb talked me into setting up the camp while they went down to the river for a swim as it was about 90 in the shade. 

When they got back I suddenly remembered Deb’s white string bikini and how hot she looked in it. Ken must have thought so also because he had a hard on that seemed way bigger than mine on it's best day. Ken and Deb had apparently talked about what they wanted to do and I had little choice but to go along with what they wanted. I can't explain why but I found the whole situation  very hot. We built a fire and after dinner they decided on truth or dare and I went along. The first few questions were tame but soon Ken was asking about Deb’s chest etc. 

Deb told Ken on a truth that I was into bondage and Ken dared Deb to tie me up so I could not escape. I asked what if  got out of it and Deb told me if I got out I could do anything I wanted to her for the rest of the camping trip. And if I did not escape I would be at Deb and Ken’s mercy for the duration of the trip. Deb had tied me up before and she could never keep me from getting out in under five minutes, so I thought it was a good risk. I asked how long I had to get out and Deb decided I had two hours but they could distract me any way they wanted. I agreed. 

Deb told me to drag my sleeping bag over to a spot she indicated and to strip off all my clothes and to put on a blindfold she gave me and wait. I was selfconcious about being nude it front of Ken but decided I wanted the prize more than my modesty. In about ten minutes I was tied spread eagle between four trees on top of my sleeping bag still blindfolded. Deb had never tied me up this way before and I suspected she had help. I also could not use one hand to free the other  and suspected I was stuck. When the blindfold was removed Ken told me he and Deb were going to get to know each other better in the tent and if I wanted to stop that I better hurry up and get out. I tried to get out but was tied so tight I could hardly move. I thought there was no way Deb and Ken would do anything and I told them so from my position outside the tent. That only motivated them to teach me a lesson and they came out on the picnic table and they kissed very passionately. 

Ken then started playing with Deb’s nipples that were sticking through her thin top and he seemed to wait for Deb to stop him but instead she turned into a lusty wild woman and had her first orgasm. My cock hurt so bad I would have done anything to get untied just to bring myself off, but nobody was paying attention to me, and it looked like I had a front row seat to the show! Deb was already hotter than I ever got her and she pulled Ken’s shirt off and then knelt down in front of him and pulled his shorts down and she was rewarded with a large hard cock in her face. I don't know how big Ken was but he was about three inches longer and another inch around than mine which was as hard as it had ever been right in front of me for comparison. 

Deb had never given me a blow job before but Ken seemed to enjoy what she was doing and soon she was bobbing up and down on him like a pro. Ken stopped her and told her he did not want to waste it like that and Deb let him go and got up. Ken pulled the strings on Deb’s top and attacked her firm breasts, she seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Next Deb’s strings on her bottoms were pulled and off they flew and they landed near me. It was then that I spoke up and told them I give up and that they'd taught me my lesson and they could let me go now. Deb spoke first and she told me she was not going to let anything stop her from having a good time this weekend, and that if I gave up, I lost fair and square. I told her and Ken that I gave up and please let me go. Deb told me she and Ken had won, and I was at their mercy for the duration. 

Deb then came over and told me to close my eyes and open my mouth and I would get a big suprise. When I did I was rewarded with her soaked string bikini shoved into my mouth as a gag. She told me she did not feel like discussing anything right now, she just wanted to get screwed. Ken came over and picked Deb up and carried her to the picnic table and put her on it, he tried to work his cock into Deb’s tight box. I could see it stretch and soon Ken had it inside and was pounding away on her for some time until he came. The sight of Deb’s chest bouncing back and forth with Ken’s thrusts is something I will not forget. Then he went right back to work on Deb and  I got to watch the show for over two hours until they were done and went to bed. 

I could not believe Ken could come so many times and neither could Deb I heard her say. Shortly after they went into the tent I heard them at it again and when they were done Deb came out and over to me and told me thank you for lending her to Ken, this was the best sex she has ever had. She also told me that I still was the best at something, and she would always have a need for me. With that she pulled the bikini out of my mouth and forced me to eat her out until she was clean, during  that we came and I noticed how much bigger her box seemed now. 

The next morning I was let go and we all went down to the river with soap to wash up. I watched Ken and Deb wash each other most completely and I wondered what they had in store for me. Ken thanked me for lending me Deb even though I had no real choice. As strange as it sounds I enjoyed being submissive and looked forward to whatever they wanted me to do today. Ken and Deb got dressed, Deb in her short cut offs and white blouse, Ken in shorts and a pull over shirt. I was told to stay nude as we were going for a ride to the hardware store. I was blindfolded and gagged and put into the back of the pick up, with a cap, and my hands were cuffed behind me with the cuffs that I gave Deb as a gift the year before and she would never use. 

We drove for about 15 min. and both of you got out and came back soon after with what sounded like a bag of stuff, for what I would find out. We drove some more and went into a trail by the way the truck bounced around, and we stopped. I was pulled out and led into the woods aways and Ken started to tell what he had planed for me. I had to admit it was very clever and would keep me out of the way for most of the day as Ken had planned, so he and Deb would not have me watch them. The blindfold was removed and I could not believe how hot Deb looked watching me get abused, I'm sure she was enjoying it.

I was recuffed with my hands in front of me and the key to them went around Deb’s neck. Next Ken tied about ten knots in a huge length of ¼ rope, about 250 feet of it, into the center link of  the chain holding the cuffs together. Then he put crazy glue on the knots so I could not untie them, even if I could reach them, and threw the rope over a horizontal oak tree limb and pulled me up onto my toes. Next he wound the rope around over under and through all sorts of trees until he tied it off way far away over a huge tree limb about 15 feet off the ground with a slip knot from the ground. Then he paced off 250 feet the other way and stuck something into a tree. Ken came back and as I was hanging there on my toes he told me it  should be obvious what I have to do to escape as he put a small razor blade to cut the rope off into the other tree. 

He gave Deb a deep kiss in front of me and I could not even protest because I was still gagged, but Ken did tell me to have fun as he was going to. Ken also told  me if I walk straight down that path and cross the main road I would eventually come to the campsite. Ken and Deb left and I got myself off the first tree and after about an hour I got to the razor and cut the rope off and took off the gag and found my way back to the camp, very slowly, because I was barefoot, and I had  to wait and hide for a break in traffic until I could cross the main road. Once in the camp Deb and Ken were dressed in different clothes and obviously enjoying the afterglow of great sex, and discussing our next adventure. 

We had many more over the years!


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