Confessions of a Teenage Bondage Slut

by Ropedgirl

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I give Gromet permission to post my email address as it is written out here, within this story: linnndsay (with 3 “n”s) at hotmail dot com. I’m not giving a clickable link in order to reduce automated spam from trolling bots; I’m sure you all understand.

My name is Lindsay, and I’m a submissive bondage-lover. Some of you might be familiar with me from the blog ("Bound + Loving It") I used to update under the name of "ropedgirl." I’m in my mid-20’s, and sort of your classical "English rose" of a girl, with very fair skin and brilliant red hair. Along with enormous fetishes for stockings and opera-length satin gloves, I've absolutely loved being bound and helpless in rope for almost as long as I can remember. The feel of the soft cotton or nylon against my skin, wrapped tightly around my wrists and legs, and holding me helpless in its grip… it always gets me extremely hot and bothered. As a young girl, I remember seeing ladies in movies and TV getting captured, bound and gagged by villains; tied to railroad tracks; etc., and the images excited me. I can’t explain why, but I wanted to experience that for myself. Thus began my life-long journey.

I started playing with mild, non-sexual self-bondage as a tween, and it developed steadily and rapidly from there-on. I was very much into bondage by the time I was a horny little Catholic high school girl (you know the kind), complete with opaque white lolita stockings and pleated plaid skirt. For most of my early self-bondage experiences until I was old enough to drive myself around and buy better materials, I mostly tied myself up in shoelaces that I knotted together to form strands long enough for more than 1 or 2 loops (I was and still am a fairly petite girl, so a typical athletic shoelace was both plenty long and thick to serve as an adequate restraint), and used scarves or bandanas to gag myself. Occasionally, I’d get ahold of a clothesline of some kind for some reason or another, but they were difficult to deal with until I became handier at what I was doing. I started tying myself up fully-clothed, but gradually dressed-down as I became more comfortable with what I was doing and with my sexuality, until I started tying myself up completely in the nude by the time I was about 16 or 17. It was also around this time I started “dressing-up” specifically for myself in the form of lingerie or some sexy little outfit.

I had my earliest experiences actually submitting to someone in their ropes as a late teenager. I only ever really had 2 serious boyfriends in high school, but it was the second guy I was with during our junior and senior years with whom I did everything. He was the one with whom I lost my virginity at 17 (he was a couple months older than me, but I gave myself to him for the first time for his 18th birthday), and we started playing with bondage shortly thereafter. Of course I was already into bondage on my own long before I had even met him, but he brought it out into the relationship where we could have fun with it. He was the first one I ever truly submitted to, and the one with whom I had most of my bondage firsts. We had the amazing luxury as teenagers of having pretty much an entire two-story house to ourselves on most weekdays after school from about 3 pm until 6, and then a bedroom from about 7- or 8-on, without a "hard" curfew on non-school nights. So on Fridays, we were incredibly fortunate to have a LOT of time and space to play and experiment. A lot of our time was spent with more “vanilla” sex (still incredibly hot when sex is fresh and new), but we definitely played with a lot of rope, tape, and some of the lighter toys.

One of the first things he did after we started getting into bondage play was to go buy a bunch of new bundles of nylon rope (I had some of my own, but we needed more, especially for more interesting and/or complex positions that might require particularly long sections) and several different rolls of different kinds of duct tape. Most people (especially people who aren’t into either bondage or home improvement) might not realize it, but there are actually quite a few different types of tape that all have slightly different characteristics when used to gag me. And I loved to have him tightly seal my lips with tape. He always used at least 3 long strips - often more - and always forcefully pressed them over my mouth to ensure I stayed quiet as I struggled against my bonds. The firm way his hands pressed the tape over my lips, sealing them, muzzling and silencing me for him, was so much more intensely erotic than when I gagged myself during self-bondage play. In case you can't tell, I also have a huge gag fetish! And then the sensation of him winding soft, silky, sensually sexy nylon rope around my knees, wrists, and ankles…. Oh! I enjoyed being in his ropes so much more than I could ever begin to describe. About a month after we started seriously playing with bondage, he bought me my first ballgag: it was a fairly simple one, about 1 3/4" of foam rubber, a ½” leather strap, and without any frills. Feeling him buckle that into my mouth for the first time was absolutely heavenly!

He was just as much into dominating me as I was into submitting to him, which was such a wonderful way to introduce me to the world of bondage. His favorite thing to do to me – and I have to admit it was definitely one of mine, too – was to rope me to the bed in what might be termed an “Eiffel tower” position (wrists together "above" my head, legs tied apart to the base of the bed), gag me tightly with duct tape, then have his way with me. He also really liked to tie my wrists together above my head (usually anchored to the bed in the same way), then frogtie my legs and rope them apart for sex; that always got me so indescribably hot! I enjoyed bucking and whinnying for him like the horny little filly I am as he rode me! He kept me bound and squirming for hours-on-end (not at-a-time, mind you), and I adored being his helpless plaything.

He would occasionally rope me up nude, wrists; ankles; knees; and chest, and just leave me on the bed to squirm and struggle sexily, loving to watch me wriggle in my bonds, intensely aroused and completely frustrated. My gagged moanings for attention would get louder and louder until he finally just stuffed one of the vibrators he'd bought for me into my moist pussy to “quiet me down,” like an animal being given a treat. He put me in my first hogtie, and I absolutely loved it. The extra little bit of helplessness has always given me such an intense rush. My first hogtied orgasm was amazingly powerful; I shook the bed so much more loudly than I ever had before, I was a little worried afterward (after my head cleared!) that the neighbors might've heard something. I remember when he first rolled me over onto my side so he could vibe me, I squealed in such surprise and ecstasy behind my gag you'd never have known the source was a girl - much less a bound and gagged one!

So now you know a little bit about my background, and I hope you feel a little better-acquainted with me. I apologize for the way this "story" was mostly background, but I hope it was still enjoyable. I promise this is just the beginning of what I hope to be able to share.


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