Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: MF/f; Sbf; fpov; doll; F2doll; packaged; objectify; caught; transported; cons; X

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Chapter Six: The Missing Doll

Later that day I finally heard the sound of someone moving about the apartment, hopefully, I would soon be free, as my own body’s pressing desires needed to be attended to. But at the moment they didn’t seem to be in any rush to enter the bedroom, I lay there and listened to the sound of voices talking, and I wondered who was inside of the apartment, and did I really want them to find me like this.

Eventually, the bedroom door opened, and a woman entered the room. Once she switched on the light, she could clearly see the box and the lettering on top describing the contents enclosed within. She moved closer to where the box lay on the bed, and then looked in and saw the sex doll strapped down inside.

And then spoke. “Urgh! Gross, big brother, leaving your sex toys out for people to see.”

I wondered who this person was, and remained still and didn’t dare to move, even though my body desperately desired relief at that moment, I no longer cared, as I didn’t want myself revealed to this woman; especially after I heard her comment about her brother, this must be his little sister, maybe she was here for a visit, something that he hadn’t told me about.

Then some other voices entered the bedroom, “What the…?” Another female spoke, “Your brother is into some freaky stuff.”

“Yeah, seems that way, even though he said that he had a girlfriend, he still keeps this thing laying around.” The other female, who I now knew as his sister said.

“That’s sick, why would you need a sex doll when you have the real thing?” asked her friend, “is he a pervert?”

“No, he’s gentle and kind, you’ll see later when he gets home from Mum’s house.” The sister replied. “In the meantime, what do we do with this… thing?”

“Well, I’m not sleeping in the same room as that, and we definitely need to change the sheets after finding this thing there.” The other said, and then continued, “We could throw it in the trash.”

The fear of them throwing me away, disposing of me as just an object, one that seemed to disgust them both, nearly overcame my reluctance to move or speak, and I nearly gave myself away, but was saved when the sister replied that the doll belonged to her brother and that we couldn’t throw the doll away.

“But we need to put it somewhere, your Mum will be here soon and will be staying in the spare room, so we can’t put it in there. And it definitely isn’t staying anywhere in this room, too freaky, it may come to life and kill us all.”

“You watch too many horror movies! The chances of this thing coming to life are zero, it’s just a thing, a sextoy for his pleasure, and nothing more,” the sister said while laughing.

“Horror movies or not, that doll has to go,” the other demanded.

“I know let’s take it down to the basement, he has a storage locker down there, all of the apartments do, we could stash it away and then clear up after.”

“I’m not carrying that sex doll in that box, it screams sexual pervert, what would others think when they see us carrying it?”

“True, we would have to cover it somehow, and we’d need a trolley, I think that the janitor has one of those.”

“Couldn’t we wrap it in something and then get the janitor to take it downstairs for us, I’m sure that we could use my feminine charm to get him to do the grunt work. After all, it worked on you.”

“You always seem to have guys, and me, twisted around your little finger!” the sister said. “Okay, you go ring the janitor for the trolley while I look for something to cover this thing with.”

When they returned, I heard them speaking to each other. “Okay, the only thing that I could find big enough were these trash bags and some tape.”

“Great, that should work,” said the friend, “the janitor will be here soon.”

“Okay, great, now all we have to do is cover the box,” the sister replied. “You grab the box at one end while I place the trash bag over it.”

“Gross, do I have to touch the box?”

“Here you have the bag and I’ll do the box, okay?”

Inside I felt the box shifting slightly, my mind torn between wanting to be set free but also not giving myself away and embarrassing not only myself but my partner as well. Trapped as I was inside the box, dressed as his sex doll, and waiting to be used by him when he was supposed to return home. Now those plans are long gone from my thoughts, if it was anyone other than his family I may have spoken and asked to be set free, but the humiliation that we would both face overwhelmed any desire on my part to reveal myself. I lay there and tried to remain still as they moved the box and I watched as the trash bags encased the box and hid it from view.

“You have to be quick, this box is heavy, the doll must weigh more than it looks.”

“I’m moving as fast as I can, I just don’t want to touch the box, you never know what gross thing that he’s done with this thing,” her friend replied.

“The quicker we get done, the sooner we can do some gross things of our own! Before big brother gets home.”

“Cool, that sounds like fun.”

Sealed Away

In the end, they had to use several plastic trash bags to cover the box, some ripped on the corners in their haste to get the box covered, while they needed more to cover the entire box. Unseen by me inside they added tape to the outside to make sure that the bags sealed the box containing the doll inside. Now any hope of me gaining my freedom was gone, I was sealed off away from the outside world, covered in the blackness of the plastic bags, nobody would know that inside was a tightly bound female dressed as her boyfriend’s sex doll, waiting to be used by him.

The next sound that I heard was a male voice. “Is this the package that you want stored?”

“Yes, please, if you could take it down and place it into storage, that would be great,” the sister’s voice said.

“It’s rather large, I may need a hand with it.”

“I’m sure, with your help that we could all move it downstairs without too much trouble, it looks like you have big strong muscles,” the other female voice replied, using her flattery on the weaker male mind. “And it’s not that heavy, I’m sure someone with your body could easily lift it.”

“The three of us will make it easier,” said the sister, her voice now more commanding.

The box moving startled me, and I must have let out a little squeak of surprise when the box was picked up, hopefully, it wasn’t heard by those outside, I would have been mortified if I was found out by them all. I tried to remain as stiff and still as possible, not easy when they seemed to fumble carrying the box with me inside out of the bedroom.

“There, see, easy as,” the friend said, “No problem at all, I knew that your big strong arms could carry such a light-weight box.”

“More awkward than heavy, still soon be on the trolley and out of your hair,” the male voice replied.

Feeling more movement of the box, it was now placed upright, luckily for me with my head at the top and not at the bottom. The straps around me tightened and held my doll-suited body to the rear of the box. The strap around my neck tightened and I feared that I would be strangled by it, but luckily once the box was on the trolley it was tilted back and eased the tight strap around my neck, though just enough to enable me to breathe, it held me tight and cut off my ability to call out.

The trolley then moved across the floor, with the box now strapped down and secure, the janitor could easily move it on his own. Inside I felt the rumble as the trolley moved across the carpet of the apartment, then the much smoother tiles and I knew that I was now outside in the main corridor and on my way to whatever fate awaited me. The final bump was when the trolley entered the lift to take me downstairs to the basement.

But as the lift doors opened, I heard a familiar voice, that of my partner as he said hello to the janitor, and then introduced his mother who was here to visit. After the usual pleasantries, they were on their way and the janitor pushed the trolley into the now vacant lift. The sound of him whistling a tune as he carried out his latest task, and the dropping feeling deep down inside my tummy as the lift descended. I knew that I was stuck.

Again, as much as I wanted to get free, I didn’t want to reveal myself either, especially to his own mother, how well would that go down? Not only was I dressed as his sex doll, but I was contained inside the box that he had made to keep and store his sex doll in. She would forever wonder who this strange woman who seemed to have her son involved in kinky stuff was, certainly not the sort of girl that would be suitable to marry into the family.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the sound of the lift doors opening, we must be down in the basement I figured. Then the trolley moved and I was being taken somewhere, though I didn’t know where, or could see where I was, the outer covering did well to hide the contents of the box. A couple of turns later and the trolley stopped, and the box again became upright, causing my breathing to again become restricted, so much so that I eventually blacked out and didn’t feel the final movements of my box as the janitor placed it into the storage locker.

Stored Away

Luckily there wasn’t too much room inside the locker and my box was placed flat on top of some old furniture that we had stored in here, so I lay flat with my back resting on the top of whatever was beneath me. The locker door was closed and locked by the janitor, and the only other person with a key was my partner. I would be stuck in here for the foreseeable future, and hopefully, I would be rescued by him at some point, but when?

Eventually, I recovered from my blackout, and tried to move, but found that I was still tightly held by the straps inside the box. I couldn’t see out or where I was but as I listened all I heard was silence, with the occasional sound of machinery in the distance. I now knew that I had been stored away down in the basement, the box containing my dollsuit-clad body would eventually be found, and hopefully, his sister would let him know what she had done with me.

But upstairs in all of the excitement of getting together, I was forgotten about. When he arrived home he saw his sister and her friend had moved into the main bedroom as they had planned, not thinking that they may have found the doll box that he’d hidden away under the bed and out of sight. But he was more concerned with getting everyone comfortable and enjoying their visit, making sure that they had what they needed and not worrying about anything else at that moment, especially not the doll encased inside the box down in the basement.

It was much later in the evening when they had returned from a restaurant that things started to fall into place. He had tried ringing me on my phone but was unable to get a reply, not knowing that my phone was switched off so that I wouldn’t be disturbed while being his doll. Unable to get in touch, he was disappointed that he hadn’t been able to introduce me to his family, and he said that to his sister when his mother had retired early to bed, tired from her trip.

“Shame that you didn’t get to meet her tonight, you’ll love it when you do.” He said.

“Yes, it would be nice to finally meet her, after all you’ve told us about her.” His sister replied.

“She means a lot to me.” He said, “My whole world at the moment, apart from you all, I mean.”

“If she means so much, then why do you still keep a sex doll in your bedroom?” His sister finally asked, something that she had wanted to find out about, “I don’t understand the need for something artificial when you have the real thing.”

“Oh!” he suddenly said.

“Yes, we found your doll, waiting for you inside the box on your bed. It freaked my girlfriend out finding it.”

“What did you do with it?” He asked, now starting to realise where I was, and had been found.

“We got the janitor to dispose of it.” She said, “After all, you don’t need it anymore.”

“No, you can’t have…” he replied with a look of shock on his face.

“Had you there, big brother, she’s safe and stored away down in the basement.” His sister teased.

Making his excuses he quickly left the apartment, dashing to the lift, he quickly got in when it arrived but was closely followed by his sister. “I’m coming with you.”

Knowing not to argue with her, he had more important things to see to, he wondered and dreaded what he’d find when he got to the storage locker. All sorts of questions and scenarios ran through his mind at that moment. His sister could sense that he was troubled, but couldn’t understand why, and tried to reassure him that his doll was safe, all the while wondering why he looked so concerned.

When the lift door opened in the basement he quickly made his way to the locker, fumbling with his keys, his hands shaking and his sister took them from him and wouldn’t let them go until he explained himself and why this sex doll meant so much to him. He knew that he was stuck, there was no way that he could hide the fact that he and his girlfriend liked to play games with her as the doll. He took his sister by the arm and then started to tell the whole story to her, telling her about how we both liked to share our fantasy of me being nothing more than a sex doll for him to use and play with. Then he explained to her about the box containing the doll, and then the penny dropped.

“Quickly, we have to get her out!” announced his sister.

“That’s what I plan to do.”

Reaching for the lock, they soon had the door to the locker open, looking inside he couldn’t see the doll box, which to him was bright pink and gold. “Where is it?” he said.

“There in the plastic trash bags, we wrapped it so as not to let the janitor know what my pervert brother stored in his bedroom.”

“Quick, we need to get her out.” He then said as he grabbed hold of the box.

Swiftly they moved the box from the top of the furniture and out into the corridor, they both then began ripping the outer plastic that concealed the box inside. Hoping that the contents were still alive and undamaged. The top of the box was quickly removed, and the doll was revealed to both him and his sister, still strapped and unmoving inside.

“She’s not moving…” he said.

“Untie her and get her out.” His sister said, slightly disturbed that there was a woman inside the doll. And slightly fearful that she may have accidentally killed her brother’s partner.

Inside the box I had felt the movement, I had been drifting in and out of consciousness while stored inside the locker room. The return of fresh air started to bring me around, though still tightly strapped I couldn’t move and I seemed unable to speak at the moment, my mouth dry and my throat sore. I could only watch as the light entered into the box as the outer covering was removed, then with the lid removed I could finally breathe clean air and started to come round.

Concerned with my lack of movement his sister asked, “You’re sure that this isn’t a real doll, she looks like one.”

“Yes, I’m sure,” he replied, slightly relieved that I was still alive, his initial worries now gone from his thoughts.

It was then that I took my first deep breath, quickly the straps were removed and I was lifted from the box, held in my partner's big strong arms.

“Good to see you’re still with us,” he said. I smiled in reply.

“Sorry that we had you stored away,” I heard his sister say, “We didn’t know…”

After I had recovered some more and finally had been given something to drink, I began to feel better from my ordeal. He had tried to remove me from the suit, but with the key upstairs in the apartment, the only way to do that was to destroy the suit, which I told him that I didn’t want to happen. It seemed strange being there with another woman, while I was dressed as a sex doll, my naked latex body on display.

“Sorry, but we have a slight problem here,” said the sister, who was introduced to me as Jane. “There’s no room upstairs for her to stay, with Mum in the spare and us in the main bedroom, and you on the couch, where is she going to go? Especially when dressed as a sex doll.”

“But she doesn’t want me to destroy the suit, so I could take her back to her apartment I suppose.” He said, looking at me and his sister for answers, “And I guess that you don’t wish to be seen by my mother dressed as you are?”

“No, thanks, that would be too much,” I replied.

“Well, we can’t take her out in public either in the suit or naked, there are just too many people around,” Jane replied, “What do you suggest brother? Mother was wondering where you were when I got the drink, so we need to do something soon.”

“I don’t know…” he started to say, but then I cut in.

“I can stay here, inside the locker. Until things get quieter.” I said, “And you can then take me home.”

“What? No…” he said.

“It seems like the only option right now.” Jane agreed with me.

“It’s safe and warm, I’ll be okay,” I said. “And it’ll only be for a short time.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Jane said. “And we need to get back upstairs before Mum starts looking for us. We can come back later for her.”

“You’re sure?” he asked me.

“Yes, I am, but on one condition,” I told them.

Here I am strapped back down inside my doll box, tightly held to the rear of the box looking like just another sex doll waiting for her owner. After they had returned me back to the box as I had requested, they placed the top back on and even covered the box with an old blanket to hide me from view. They had then relocked the storage locker and had both returned back upstairs to his apartment. Leaving his sex toy safely hidden away and out of sight.

I was later freed, and a couple of days later finally managed to meet his family before they left to return home. It was a bit embarrassing to see his sister again, but she never brought up the subject about me being her brother’s sex toy. We had a great time but I was pleased to see them go, either due to the fact that his sister knew and may have told her girlfriend, but they never let on, but I was happy to get our lives back to normal and the doll box out of storage.


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