Chloe's Mistress

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2023 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; collar; oral; cuffs; chain; buttplug; cons; X

Chloe had spent the morning trying to look nice for her mistress Jane, who had become her soul mate over the last couple of years they had been together. She had brushed her blonde hair and applied her make up in the subtle manner the way her mistress liked. Chloe had even slipped on a pair of Woolford seamed stockings and the five-inch stiletto heels as she bent down to attach the stockings to her suspenders of the corset she had worked hard to tighten and squeeze her tiny frame into.

She spied her reflection in the looking glass mirror and she gasped. She looked amazing even if she admitted to herself. She was ready to present herself to her Mistress and she even dared to hope that Jane would take her out to the nice Bistro in town for a spot of luncheon and perhaps to show her off to Jane's girlfriends.

As a mark of respect to her lover she would let Jane choose her dress to wear out and whether to wear the corsets matching panties. Jane had to work that morning but had left Chloe explicit instructions to be ready to go out when she returned. Chloe looked at the tiny gold wristwatch she wore. A Christmas present from Jane. It was getting late, so Chloe sat on the corner of the bed. Her mistress hadn't made any missed calls or messages. Chloe would be cropped, and hard, if she had not answered her call. She yawned so she rested her head on the pillow for a minute and closed her eyes. Unfortunately for her she fell asleep. Poor Chloe was sound asleep when Jane entered the house in a foul mood because of her workload which just seemed to increase even with everything she had already addressed in her OUT tray.

She stormed up the stairs to the bedroom ready to discard her work clothes. As she entered the bedroom she shared with her lover, she noticed the lingerie clad cute blonde asleep on the bed. She had even squeezed into the corset Jane had bought for her because she liked the colour on Chloe as it went with her blonde curly hair.

The blonde woman seemed to sense she was being watched and turned to look rubbing sleep out of her eyes.” Good morning, Mistress,” she said when she recognised her lover in the doorway.

“Good morning to you too Chloe. I see you have disobeyed me. Didn’t you want to come to brunch with me today? You aren’t even ready. Sometimes I think that you want me to punish you?" The blonde shook her head no as Jane turned to the closet to grab some day clothes before she stripped off her office wear and tossed them into the corner near the linen basket. Chloe would pick them up to sort into colours and to wash later. Jane pulled a tight-fitting black sweater overhead to cover a lacy bra and the rest of her body and rolled the sleeves up her forearm. Next, she pulled up a dark pair of shiny panty hose and pulled the black hose up her legs as Chloe watched in lust and awe as her mistress dressed herself. Last she pulled up a slinky thong and a dark check mini skirt and sitting on the bed avoiding Chloe's stocking clad feet she pulled a pair of stiletto ankle boots on her feet and stood in front of the mirror to admire herself. She caught Chloe staring at her in the mirror. Jane worked out like a dog at the gym to stay in trim for her lover. She looked good, she knew it and it showed in the mirror but she also stayed fit so she could play sex games with her lover.

“Well, how do I look darling?” she turned and smiled. “I think you should also wear the locket,” was Chloe's reply. She valued Chloe’s input. Chloe meant more to Jane than just a submissive. Jane took the locket from her jewellery box and slipped it over her head. “So, how do I look now darling?”

“Scrumptious, not that I should care as you aren’t taking me out, are you?” Chloe pouted. Jane liked the look, and the locket was the right touch. It held pictures of herself and Chloe.

“I told you to be ready and you are half dressed, where are your panties or your dress huh?”

“I left them off in case you might not want me to wear knickers and as for the dress; You are my mistress so I thought you should decide.”

“ENOUGH, I don’t want to hear any more. You will not be petulant any more. I told you to be ready to go out. So, you think I am scrummy. Good enough to eat out even huh?” Jane raised her voice angry at her submissive. Then she climbed on the bed and straddled Chloe slowly edging her way up the bed until her crotch was inches from Chloe’s face where she sat down with her crotch over Chloe’s mouth.” Enough of your petulance, now get to work and make sure you do a good job.”

Chloe was trapped with the full weight of her mistress holding her to the bed. She slowly started to lick her mistress pussy through the pantyhose tracing the folds and creases of her labia until she could taste the wetness through them and her mistress was wriggling her crotch over Chloe’s mouth when she bucked and sat down hard over her mouth and squealed as she came on Chloe’s face through her panties.

“That was very nice Chloe thank you, but you still aren’t coming out with me! Aren’t you going to beg me?” Jane teased but was surprised at how quiet her lover was.

A sulky Chloe kept quiet and turned her head away from Jane “It wouldn’t do me any good would it?”

Jane walked over and stood behind Chloe and kissed her neck, “No it wouldn’t.” Something wasn’t right Jane couldn’t figure out what it was at first. Then it dawned on her. “Chloe, where is your collar?"

When Chloe’s hand raised to her throat Chloe knew she was in big trouble. The thin leather collar with a ring at the throat was in the en suite bathroom where she had removed it before she had showered. She even said as much as she apologised. “Do you even remember where we were when I gave it to you?” Jane said accusingly, “Of course I do, a Japanese restaurant sometime in early August two years ago. I held my hair out of the way and you fastened it."

"Then do you know if I give a girl, a submissive girl like you, that I love, a collar, it’s like you throwing my engagement ring back in my face when you took it off.” Jane explained as calmly as she could while biting her tongue at the rage she was suppressing. She found the collar and tossed it over the bed. “Put it on,” Jane hissed and bent down and pulled out a small suitcase under the bed and put it on top of the bed. Then she opened the suitcase that was lockable and a discreet place to store their fetish toys. She pulled out a couple of lengths of chain. “You took off my collar. If I punish you right now, I will probably slap you about as severely as I can and hurt you. You are or at least you were my submissive. I don’t want to hurt you at all. You will stay here until I get back. Then I want you to decide if you want to be my submissive and have me as your dominant mistress.”

Chain was wrapped around Chloe’s ankles and then padlocked to the foot of the bed. Jane moved to the headboard and locked a chain to the collar and pulled it tight to the headboard and fastened the lock. The collar tightened and Chloe whimpered in protest. “Be a good girl one more time and rollover.” Jane grabbed for the case again and mistakenly grabbed a shiny metal plug. She forced the plug into Chloe’s mouth. “Make it nice and wet because I won’t give you any lubrication.” She held her palm out for Chloe to spit the butt plug into her palm. Jane sat on the back of Chloe’s thighs and watched with fascination at how calm Chloe was being as she used her thumb to press the plug into Chloe’s puckering butt hole, as her butt opened to enclose around the cold shaft of the plug where it held firm.

She groped around the case and pulled out a set of Darby-8 handcuffs with which she gently circled Chloe’s wrists. Jane used the key to screw the cuffs tightly closed, trapping Chloe in the tight metal bands. Chloe gave a small twist of her hand and a tug. She knew her mistress would make the cuffs as tight as she could out of respect to her submissive. There was more fumbling in the case. This time Jane dropped the cold chain over Chloe’s bottom then the chain was pulled about her waist and locked. The chain passed over the cuffed wrists and pulled as tight as she could bare into a crotch chain that split Chloe’s pussy and then it was locked in place. "You can see I don’t want you to escape but that crotch chain is very tight. She passed her fingers underneath the chain and pulled at it. Chloe gasped.

“I am not a monster Chloe. If you don’t want me to be your mistress, at least I will let you rub yourself off on the chain so you can come. When I get back later this afternoon you and I will discuss what we both want from this relationship. You have been a great submissive. As your Domme, it was never my job to dress in thigh high stiletto boots and leather, but to allow you as my submissive to be free to express your submissive nature which I believe you have. You were always ready to play when I wish to put you in a situation like here and now. When I get back, if you still want me as your submissive, I will punish you. The ropes will be tight and the gag large and you will wear a proper collar not a leather piece of crap. Your collar will be 22-carat gold and you will ask my permission to remove it and you can also expect me to clamp your tits and pussy.” Jane bent over to the case and pulled out a ring gag. “Now Chloe will you fight me or open wide like a good submissive?”

She turned to avoid the gag. “Mistress, will you punish me like now?” Chloe was meek and mild once more. It had shocked her; that her mistress wouldn’t be in her life.

“Chloe darling you took my collar off, of course I have to punish you.”

“Mistress, I am sorry I hurt you.” Jane looked down at the helpless submissive. She hesitated when she thrust the gag toward the blonde’s mouth, but Chloe twisted her head once again. “Mistress, please hurry back. I have been naughty and should be punished.” The blonde turned her head and opened her mouth wide for Jane to push the ring gag behind the submissive’s teeth. Jane pulled the gag strap as tight as it would go. She knew Chloe was still hers and the submissive would never accept a slack rope or even a loose gag. Jane was smiling when she brushed the blonde's hair from her face before shutting the bedroom door and tottering on her heels down the stairs and off to town to find a jeweller. She had to price up a thick golden chain to replace that leather collar.


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