Chain Ladies Tea Society

by Budman

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© Copyright 2023 - Budman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m+; bond; chastity; mast; training; cuffs; naked; leash; collar; public; hum; strapon; sex; oral; whip; punishment; cons; XX

Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and .

We continue our Femdom stories. Skip it and the other future Femdom stories if it’s not your thing – but you might just enjoy it and reading will help continue the character development and the story line.


Chapter 8 – Paul’s First Tea

Dee knew It was time to talk to Paul about attending The Ladies Tea Society meeting next Sunday. She didn’t know why she was putting it off, perhaps it was because she was afraid Paul would refuse. She was the dominant and they were developing into a very solid Female Led Relationship. But it was, as it must me, a consensual relationship. And this was a BIG step.

Dee had asked Paul to serve her a glass of wine with dinner. This wasn’t that unusual, and she even gave him a few sips as he knelt next to her chair. She was also unusually generous with the amount of dinner she hand fed him from her plate. But Paul really started to suspect something was up when she asked him to bring her a second glass of wine after he finished the dishes. When Paul brought the wine into the den, Dee was sitting in her usual chair but she had not turned the TV on. “Oh shit,” he thought, “what’s going on?”

Paul presented the glass of wine to Dee and then knelt, naked as usual except for his chastity cage, in front of her. She took a large sip of wine, put the glass down then took Paul’s face in both her hands. Now Paul was getting really nervous.

“Paul,” Dee began, “I need to explain some things to you before you answer, but,” and Dee stopped to take another sip of wine. Paul stared at her intently, this might not be good, he thought.

“I want you to go with me to the Ladies Tea Society on Sunday.” Dee said with a rush.

“Oh, is that all!” Paul blurted out, “I thought you wanted a divorce or something.”

“Oh Paul, why would you think that? I love you!”

“Well, you are kind of acting like… weird and stuff. You never have two glasses of wine!” Paul replied.

Dee laughed, the tension broken and started to explain.

“Paul, the Ladies Tea Society isn’t exactly a bunch of gossiping women discussing flower arranging while sipping tea.” She started.

“Yea, I kinda figured out there was probably more to it than that. Things always get more interesting around her on Mondays, you suddenly have all kinds of ideas. Pretty cool ideas actually. What is it, some kind of BDSM book club?” Paul asked.

“Uhhh, close,” Dee answered, “It’s more of a Femdom club where Women bring their submissives, naked and usually on a leash, and enjoy being served by them while they discuss BDSM and FLRs.”

Well, now it’s out there, Dee thought as she watched Paul’s face intently.

It took Paul a minute to absorb that statement. His first thought was “Wait, Dee spends her Sunday afternoons surrounded by naked submissive men! That’s SO COOL. No wonder she always comes home wet.”

His second thought slipped out verbally, and it wasn’t very submissive in tone, “Why am I just now hearing about this?”

Dee’s first reaction was to get angry, “how dare my submissive question my judgment!” Her second reaction was fear, “he thinks my participation in the Society is like cheating on him, he hates me.”

What she blurted out was: “I’ve never let any of those men touch me Paul!”

His next words really confused her, especially because he said them, not with anger but as a genuine question. Paul asked, “Why not?”

Dee took another sip, more like a gulp, of wine. In fact, she finished the glass.

“You want me to cheat on you?” Dee asked.

“Who said anything about ‘cheating’, I just want you to be happy, to serve you in any way that makes you happy. If this ‘club’ makes you happy then I’m all for it.”
“Well,” Dee replied, “it does make me happy, and it doesn’t involve anything I would consider ‘cheating’.”

“OK, tell me about it.” Paul replied.

And Dee proceeded to tell him how Julie had contacted her, how she was her sponsor and mentor.

“That explains the mystery of Will and his knowledge of chastity cages then.” Paul mused.

Dee continued to explain what would be expected of Paul if he attended, the nudity, the submissive behavior, and the required ‘initiation’ in front of Mrs. Wainwright and the entire club.

Paul was in agony and even Dee could clearly see the pain and discomfort he was in. His dick was trying to break its steel cage. It was pushing so hard on the cage that his balls were being stretched to their limit.

“Oh my god Paul you slut.” Dee laughed as she pulled the key to his cage from around her neck. “I need you to focus on this, so unlock yourself and jerk off, I’ll give you a mercy orgasm this once.”

Paul quickly unlocked himself and sighed as his Penis sprang free and quickly expanded its full and throbbing size.

“Thank you Ma’am,” Paul almost moaned, “but it doesn’t feel right to jerk off now, I haven’t earned it.”

“Are you arguing with me?” Dee returned to her dominant voice!

“Here, take this empty wine glass, stay on your knees and jerk off into the glass. I don’t want a mess on the floor.”

As Paul started to stroke off, he thought about all that Dee had told him about this Ladies Tea Society. Did she really have concerns that he would object? Did she not see his devotion to her?

“Are you going to take all day!” Dee said after just a minute.

“OK, Paul,” he told himself, “focus on that initiation ceremony Dee explained,” and within a few more strokes he had a huge amount of cum, surge after surge, flowing into the glass.

Paul closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling. It had been months since he’d had a real orgasm, not a ruined one, and this one was epic.

“Drink it.” Dee said.

“What,” Paul thought. He came out of his post orgasmic haze and looked at the wine glass, then looked up into his wife’s face.

“Drink it. You said you wanted to earn this orgasm, so drink it.” Jill said, and her tone of voice made it clear that it wasn’t a suggestion.

This was new, Dee had never made Paul drink his own Cum before. He couldn’t decide how he felt about that, so he simply didn’t think, he drank.

“Take the glass to the kitchen, rinse it out and come back here, quickly!” Dee instructed.

When Paul returned his penis was almost limp and Dee handed him the chastity cage, Paul knew what to do with it.

“So, do you have any questions?” Dee asked when she had the key securely back around her neck.

“What time Sunday do we leave?” Paul asked with a grin.

“I’m serious Paul. I hope this is fun for both of us, but Mrs. Wainwright and the entire group of ladies take this Society very seriously. I explained the confidentiality rules to you, and you MUST take those just as seriously. You KNOW Mrs. Wainwright is a sweet old lady but you also know she can destroy anyone who crosses her. This group is her baby, so don’t take this lightly. You can ask me anything right now. So, like I said, do you have any questions.”

Paul thought for a while, realizing this was important to Dee.

“Did Will get in trouble for speaking to me that day in the bathroom?” He finally asked.

“I don’t think so,” Dee answered, “at least Julie didn’t say anything if he did. He didn’t tell you anything about the Society, he just revealed that he knew what a chastity cage was. But I wouldn’t do something like that if I were you. You have to keep the two sides of our lives completely separate. You just NEVER talk about the Society, or FLR or anything outside of the Society.

“Can you drill me on the rules and behavior between now and Sunday? I want to be perfect for you! I don’t want to make any mistakes that would disappoint you!

“Oh Paul,” Dee almost cried, “of course I will.”

And for the next three evenings, Dee drilled Paul as he was fixing dinner, during dinner and as he was cleaning up dinner.

“When and how does a submissive speak?” Answer, “only when spoken to, starting the answer with 

Ma’am’ and ending with Ma’am keeping all answers short and to the point.”

“Where does a submissive look?” Answer, “at the ground unless running an errand when he may look where he is going EXCEPT a submissive NEVER looks at a woman’s face.”

And so it went all week until Sunday.

On Sunday morning Paul fixed an extra special breakfast, then after cleaning up the kitchen he spent extra time showering, shaving, including his genitals, and making sure his body was perfect. Dee was amused at the extra care he was taking.

When it was time to go, Dee took a small chain and two small padlocks. She locked Paul’s leather cuffs behind his back then ran a small but strong chain between his legs and locked it to the end of his chastity cage, pulling what remained of his penis down and between his legs. She wanted to do something more than simply bring Paul in naked and this seemed like a fun idea. Besides, Paul would not have to serve her this week, that would be handled by Will or some of the other men at the table. Paul would learn to serve tea in the coming weeks, but not today.

After getting him chained up, Dee wrapped an overcoat around his shoulders, led him into the garage and put him in the passenger seat. She then clipped a six-foot leash to his collar and laid it in his lap before buckling his seat belt. Neither of them said much on the drive to Mrs. Wainwright’s gate. As she pulled up to the keypad Dee turned to Paul, “You still sure? Last chance to back out.”

Paul replied, “What? Did you forget the code?” and grinned.

“Oh, you’ll pay for that snarkiness,” Dee thought as she punched in the code. But she was also smiling.

As Dee parked and came around to help him get out of the passenger seat, Paul felt nerves for the first time. It suddenly hit him, as Dee pulled the coat from around his shoulders, that he was going to be completely naked and helpless in front of a bunch of strangers AND probably a few people he knew. It wasn’t the sexuality of being naked that suddenly bothered him, it was, well, he wasn’t exactly buff. He had a bit of a belly, and the hair on his chest and back formed kind of weird patterns, and . . . Well, too late now as Dee led him towards the door by his leash.

There were several other cars pulling in at the same time and as women and as Dee passed them, he relaxed a bit. Especially when they passed Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox getting out of their Cadillac. Wilcox was the president of the major bank in town and at least 80, if not older. He had a huge belly and so many wrinkles on him that you couldn’t tell where one body part started or ended. “OK,” thought Paul, “I guess I don’t look so bad, considering.”

It was about then that Dee jerked his leash so hard he almost fell forward. “Eyes!” she whispered angrily. Paul realized he had been looking around at all the cars coming in and the people getting out of them. Oops. He lowered his gaze to Dee’s feet.

When they entered the front door, Paul was as amazed at the opulence as Dee had been on her first visit. At least as much as Paul could see from the corners of his vision. The marble floor was sure nice. As they passed through the foyer Paul realized that Dee was taking the chain with his Chastity key from around her neck and placing it in a basket, held by an elegantly dressed lady who spoke with Dee but completely ignored his very existence.

Once out on the Patio Paul couldn’t help but steal a quick glance around, hoping Dee wouldn’t notice. Dee, on the other hand, was intentionally not looking at Paul, hoping he would steal a glance and be totally intimidated and awed. He did and he was.

There were naked men everywhere. Some being led behind their women, some kneeling next to chairs, some walking alone carrying plates of food or drink. And the ladies! They were all magnificently dressed in long flowing dresses, sharp blouses, elegant jewelry with hair and makeup immaculate. Paul was suddenly aware that his Penis was being crushed by the cage. He needed to calm down. Just about that time, feeling that he’d had enough time to look around, Dee gave his leash another hard yank.

“You just can’t control those eyes of yours! Don’t you dare embarrass me! Get on your knees and take a close look at my dress shoes. You see all that driveway dust, that’s what you should be noticing. Lick it off – clean my shoes!” Dee ordered, and her tone clearly meant business.

This was new. Oh, Paul had seen submissives clean shoes with their tongues in porn videos, but it had never been a part of Dee’s and his play. As he knelt to get his tongue on the sides of Dees right high heel, he was all too aware of how obscenely his ass was displayed.

Julie had seen Dee come in and had witnessed the little scene that Dee had orchestrated. She knew it was orchestrated because she and Dee had brainstormed ideas for how to humble Paul right out of the gate. As Julie walked over, with Will in tow on his leash, she added to Paul’s humiliation. “Oh dee, It’s so good to see you. And don't worry, I’m sure no one noticed how badly your Paul is behaving. Goodness, it certainly is taking him a long time to clean your shoes. You would think he’d never done this before.”

“Oh, he hasn’t,” Dee replied.

“Hmmm, well, let’s let Will show him. Will, get down there and clean Dee’s left shoe!”

Paul had never expected to feel this much humiliation, certainly not within minutes of arriving. His co-worker was just as naked as he, kneeling at his wife’s feet, rapidly and enthusiastically licking her other shoe. And if Paul didn’t get busy, even though he had a head start, Will was going to finish before him. What neither man saw was the knowing and satisfied look between Dee and Julie.

When they finished, they heard Dee say, “Paul, you should thank Julie for letting Will help you, it seems her shoes are dirty too!”

Will moved to help Paul but Julie pulled him up short with his leash and Paul was left to clean both Julie’s shoes. While he did so, both women made small talk as if nothing extraordinary was going on.

Once all four shoes had been licked clean the ladies headed off towards their table. Julie gave Will a hand signal that he knew meant ‘stand and follow’. Dee, however, instructed Paul, “You can crawl.” That meant that the other three of them had to amble slowly to let Paul keep up, but it was a beautiful summer day, and they weren’t in a hurry.

Dee took her seat at the table and both because of her briefing and by watching the other submissive men around the table, Paul knelt next to her chair on the right. Julie sent Will to get tea and some pastries while they talked and other ladies joined them at the table. Paul had some fantasies about what “Tea” would be like and so far, this experience had been NOTHING like what he expected. So why was his penis still straining against its cage?

The conversation at the table moved smoothly from standings in the local tennis club, the low stock at the food shelter, favorite recipes, and a sale at a local dress shop. At no point were any of the men mentioned or their presence acknowledged. When Will or one of the other men came back to the table with hot tea, delectable pastries or appetizers it was like they were not there, they were not thanked and were hardly noticed.

And then it was time for the program to start. As always, Mrs. Wainwright got everyone’s attention and then introduced Carly Blane the program chair.

“Today’s program is about fucking!” Carly exclaimed without preamble. That got a laugh from the ladies. “There are times when you may find yourself just in the mood to have a penis pound you into the mattress. But no matter how great that might feel at times, we wouldn’t want to give our man the idea that he was in control, that we needed him for anything, or worse actually allow him to have an orgasm inside of us; even if we can make him lick it out afterwards.”

At this point, a little shudder went through Paul’s body. Dee had made him eat his own sperm and he knew, from porn, that it was a thing with dominant women, but the thought still disgusted him. Dee noticed the shudder and had a pretty good idea what it meant. She filed that info away for later!

Carly continued her introduction. “Today we will learn about two solutions that will get you a satisfying fuck while keeping your man chaste and in his place. First up Melody Alexander and her husband.” Paul noticed that the program chair had not bothered to introduce the man by name.

“Hea Y’all,” Melody began with a sweet voice in a deep southern accent. “I bet y’all have all used a strapon, right? I have several in different sizes that I ream my Boy’s ass with. But I keep this one for my use.” and Melody held up a very realistic looking dildo that looked like it was probably made of silicone. “Some years ago, I bought a novelty molding kit. It came with some forms and molding sand. You dampen the sand, put it in a form then press ‘somethin’ into the form to make a mold. Can Y’all guess what we pressed into the mold.”

There was general laughter. “That’s right Y’all, I let the boy here out of his cage, and we pressed his penis into a cylindrical form. Then ya mix up the silicone and pour it in. In just a few minutes you have a perfect replica of a penis, and you never have to use the real thing again.”

There was a general round of applause. “Oh, but there’s more.” Said Melody in a perfect imitation of a southern TV Pitch man on ‘As seen on TV’. I had the boy here drill a hole all the way through the length of the silicone, just like a real urethra. We then glued this rubber hand pump bulb with its little hose into the back end and then mounted the whole thing on a strap-on harness. Now he can fuck me with his dick while never taking off his chastity cage. Ain’t it great!” she ended enthusiastically!

“So let me show you how it works!” Melody had her husband, who had been kneeling at her side, stand up and she wrapped the various straps around his waist and legs, tightening them down a lot. As she was doing this she commented:

“The URL where you can get a silicone molding kit is in the program handout on your tables by the way. I’ve also found that the same kit can be used to make perfect copies of your breast ladies, which, when inserted into a bra could be perfect for those of you into cross dressing or sissifying your husbands. But that’s a program for another time.”

Melody then held up a plastic bottle of what appeared as white liquid. “There is just something about feeling a penis squirt warm liquid against your cervix as you’re comin’ that really adds to the feelin’ you’ve been well fucked, ya know? So, I found this stuff online, I also put the link on the sheet. It’s the boy’s job to figure out exactly when I’m in the middle of an orgasm and pump the bulb here,” and at this point Melody squeezed the black bulb and a white, thick liquid came forcefully squirting out of the end of the silicone penis.

Once the strapon was firmly strapped in place just above her husband’s real penis, in its chastity device, Dee saw something she really didn’t expect to see at a Tea. Melody leaned over the presenter’s table facing the audience and lifted her skirt up, flipping the back up over her back.

“Now for the demonstration Y’all!” she announced, “and do forgive me for not being very lady like, I tend to get a little loud when I’m cumin’”

Her husband took the silicone cock in his left hand and the bulb for the fake cum in his right and, standing behind Melody, proceeded to mount and start to vigorously fuck her. Dee wasn’t quite sure what to make of all this. She had to admit that due to how Melody was facing and the way her knee length full skirt cascaded around her, you really couldn’t see anything. But then again, it was hard to miss what was going on right in front of all the members. Dee looked down at Paul, who really couldn’t see much from his kneeling position, but she could tell from the way his penis was painfully straining against his cage that the whole scene was getting to him. She had to admit, it was getting to her as well, I guess they would have to get one of those molding kits!

“Y’all don’t mind me, since I didn’t have a lot of foreplay, hubby is going to have to work at this for a while.” Melody commented as she rocked back and forth on the top of the table.

“Well,” said Carly as she moved the program along, “we’ll let Melody continue her demonstration as we call on Dawn to explain the second of our methods!”

Dawn stood up and Dee immediately noticed that her husband was not wearing a cage and his penis was erect and throbbing with a very nice upward curve that ended in one of the largest bulbs Dee had seen on any man. He also noticed that his wrist cuffs were locked together behind his back; no sense causing him any temptation!

“Silicone is alright,” Dawn said with a smile as Melody was beginning to moan on the table next to her, but if you want the real thing here’s what I do.” And she held up a tube of “Americaine.” This stuff is sold in pretty much any pharmacy in the hemorrhoid section. It’s basically a numbing crème designed to take away the pain and itching by deadening the nerves. But deadened nerves can’t feel pleasure either.”

And at that she squirted about half the white contents of a large tube into her hand and started just slaving it all over her husband’s penis.

“It soaks in, so don't use it liberally!” Then she tore open a condom package and held up the condom so the ladies could see.

“Next, I use extra-large condoms. Extra-large because if it’s not tight it doesn’t transmit sensations as well. I also like the ribbed ones because, as you can see, I’m going to use at least three, sometimes four and the ribs make them even thicker.”

And sure enough, she rolled four of the ribbed condoms over her husband’s erect penis. But before she rolled on the first one she squirted the second half of the tube of American into the condom.

Dawn took her husband’s chin in her hand and looked right into his eyes but spoke loud enough for the whole audience to hear: “You know the game, Vince, you have permission to come, as many times as you want as long as you cum before my second orgasm is done. And Vince, if you come, I’ll give you a hand job every day next week! Seven hand job’s Vince, think about it and do your best.”

Dee could hear Melody starting to pant and was repeating “yes, yes, yes,” over and over. It seemed she was getting louder as time went on. This was obviously having an effect on Vince as his penis, even with the weight of four condoms and a tube of numbing cream, was standing up at a 45-degree angle. Dee looked down at her subby and Paul was obviously in serious pain from his cage and had stopped watching the demo, instead staring at the ground in front of him. Dee doubted that it would help relieve his excitement as Melody was making more and more animalistic noises as she approached her first orgasm. Dee was getting very wet as well. “oh what the hell,” She thought as she spread her legs and grabbed Paul by the hair, literally dragging him between her legs. As she looked around, she realized that most of the women at the tea were slouched down in their chairs while still watching the program intently.

Dawn hopped up on the table next to Melody, but Dawn laid on her back, pulling her skirt up over her belly. She used one hand to guide her husband’s penis into her vagina as she propped her hose clad legs up on his shoulders. Just as Vince was starting to pound into Dawn with great enthusiasm, Melody reached her first orgasm with a loud “Ohhh FUCK Yessssss!” and then went quiet.

“Vince knows he has almost no chance of reaching an orgasm,” Dawn explained while hanging her head over the edge of the table, “but hope is a wonderful thing and it’s all the motivation he needs to work himself to exhaustion.”

Melody’s husband was starting to resume his previous pace and Melody was already starting to build up to her second. Dawn too was starting to breathe faster and, although not as noisy as Melody, was obviously enjoying the incredibly violent pounding Vince was giving her. Dee was starting to float, listening to the sloppy licking and sucking sound coming from several sources under her table including her own crotch. She was concerned that Paul would be so excited he would attack her pussy, but Paul was doing a wonderful job. He was remembering exactly how she liked it, starting with genteel licks along the side of her clit. She almost wished he would have attacked her clit, she really wanted to cum AND it would have given her an excuse to punish him later.

In the span of just a couple of minutes it seemed that everybody came – well, the females at any rate. Melody and Dawn both came loudly, and their almost animalistic sounds pushed Dee over the edge. Apparently, the same thing happened for several other women at Dee’s table. When Dee regained her senses, she waved Paul to kneel at her side, sat up and started to adjust her skirt. What amazed Dee the most was the way conversation and in fact the whole demeanor of the Tea returned to normal in minutes. There was a polite round of applause as the Program Chair thanked the presenters and the charity chair started a presentation on needs at the foodbank.

Then it was time for the initiation ceremony. Paul had been so involved in eating out Dee and trying to listen to the program at the same time that he had forgotten he still had to be examined. When Mrs. Wainwright stood and said “And now we have the honor of hearing a petition for membership,” Paul felt his stomach flip.

Paul noticed that six men, naked of course, were bringing three large, velvet covered, high backed, throne like armchairs to the front. When they were in place Mrs. Wainwright went to the middle chair and the current President and Vice President of the Society took the other two. Their men knelt beside their chairs as they sat down.

Mrs. Wainwright, as founder and chairwoman continued, “Dee has petitioned to admit her husband Paul to our society. Dee, bring Paul forward please.”

The entire assembly got eerily quiet, and all the ladies' eyes turned to the front. “The men, of course, kept their eyes on the ground at their ladies’ feet.

Before standing Dee leaned over and whispered “Paul, you’ll do fine, I’m proud of you, just remember your training last week. Focus!”

As Dee stood she pulled on Paul’s leash indicating he should also stand and as she walked to the front he remembered to stay behind her and to the right at the length of the leash.

When they reached the front, Paul was directed to stand in front of the three thrones facing the audience. Dee stood to his side and faced him so that she could see both the audience and Mrs. Wainwright and the other officers.

“Lace your fingers behind your head, elbows back, back straight, spread your feet. Further. Elbows back more. Do NOT move from that position Paul!” the President said.

“Dee, tell us about the candidate before us,” the Vice President added.

Dee had been prepared for this part of the initiation by her mentor Julie. She had thought about what she would say but she was still dreading it. She and Paul weren’t really into humiliation play and she was about to seriously humiliate him.
“This is my husband Paul,” Dee began, “We’ve been married four and a half years. We met in college. I’m pretty sure I was the first girl he dated, and I had to ask him out because he never got up the guts to ask me. (Someone in the audience shouted, ‘why’d you bother’ and there was general laughter.) He is a mechanical engineer and works in the Chain Manufacturing new product engineering department.” (And again, a comment was shouted out ‘Looks like somebody needs to reengineer him.’)

Dee ignored the shouted comments, and her comments got even more personal. 

“As you can all see he’s pretty flabby with this pot belly,” she said as she reached out and grabbed Paul’s belly fat, “and he has weird hair on his back and chest,” as she played with the swirling pattern on his chest, “and crooked deformed toes. Oh and one nut is larger than other.” And she grabbed both his testicles in her hand and squeezed. (‘Shave it off!’ someone shouted about his hair. ‘Crush the big one with a clamp!’ someone else shouted. Every time someone shouted there was a round of laughter.)

“He’s known to have a snarky attitude,” Dee continued (‘A big penis gag will solve that!’) and he can’t control his eyes (‘Try opaque contact lenses.’ ‘just slap the shit out of him’), and most of what he was trying to look at coming in here today was other men. (‘Probably afraid he doesn’t measure up!’).

“Oh he doesn’t measure up,” Dee replied to the heckler, “he’s just average length but pencil thin!”

“He was reluctant to clean my shoes before coming in today!” (‘Practice makes perfect! Make him do it every night when you come home!’)

“When we first got married, I didn’t realize how inconsiderate he was in the bedroom. After I started attending Tea It occurred to me that I only got an orgasm once for every four or five times we made love, but of course he came every time!” (This got a round of loud shouted comments, ‘Shame.’ ‘He shouldn’t get more than one for every 10 of yours.’ ‘He shouldn’t get ANY.’)

“But worst of all,” Dee finished, “his oral skills are seriously lacking, he keeps pausing to rest or to swallow his spit. He starts too fast and lacks skill. All the ladies at my table got off before I did just now.” (The chorus of comments was the loudest yet and Paul’s face was turning a bright red. ‘Make him wear a brank till he learns to do it right.’ ‘Send him over to this table!’ ‘I’ll loan you a ring gag!’ ‘Buy a cattle prod, works wonders!’ ‘Better yet, I’ll loan you my man anytime you want, he has the longest tongue I’ve ever seen.’)

Dee went on for several more minutes detailing Paul’s failures in folding her clothes, times he had prepared inedible dinners or left the toilet seat up. The longer she went on, the louder and more brutal the hecklers became. Paul was beginning to think he had no chance to be admitted and he was mortified.

When Dee finally stopped, Mrs. Wainwright told Paul to turn and face the officers. She then rose and walked to within inches of Paul, looking right into his face, daring him to look up from the ground at her.

“Paul, you seem to be a pretty poor specimen and candidate for admission in this body. If we have mercy on your wife and admit you anyway, do you promise to take the judgment of this council as to appropriate penance?”

Paul was so relieved that he wasn’t automatically out, that he said “Yes Ma’am” without really thinking.

“Do you promise to obey and submit to Dee in all things and at all times? To submit to any woman in this society during society events? To work hard to be a worthy submissive for your wife?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I don’t think the back row of tables heard you, Paul!” the President barked, startling Paul into repeating loudly “YES MA’AM!”

“Dee,” Mrs. Wainwright asked, “Are you willing to administer whatever penance the council decides?”

“Yes, Mrs. Wainwright.” Dee said firmly.

“Then let us confer, remain in position Paul.” And Mrs. Wainwright and the officers walked off into the house.

They were gone almost ten minutes but for Paul, standing at attention, naked in front of the entire assembly it seemed like hours. He was sure they had changed their mind about admitting him when he heard (he didn’t dare raise his eyes and look) the officers returning.

“Paul, it has been decided,” announced the President, “Dee will administer a penance of thirty strokes with the ceremonial strap across your ass to begin your journey into deeper submission and to earn you admission into this Society as a slave.”

“You must take beating in a way that brings honor to your wife,” the Vice President continued, “you must not break the position you are currently in, specifically you may not move your hands from the back of your head, jump or dance around, bend over or bend your knees. You may grunt or moan but you may not scream, cry or make any loud noise. Within five seconds of each stroke you will say the following: ‘Thank you Dee for improving me, please strap me again.’ You will say this in a loud, clear voice. If just one lady in the audience didn’t hear you clearly she may call out ‘repeat’ at which point the last stroke is invalid and must be repeated. Madam Vice President will count the strokes.

The President handed Dee a leather strap, it looked old and weathered, a wood handle with a thick, heavy two inch wide, 24 inch long piece of cowhide attached. Dee took a few practice swings then said quietly to Paul, “look at me.” When he did, she read the acceptance in his eyes and swung the strap. Her technique was poor, she had never wielded such an implement before. Her first blow landed almost entirely on Paul’s near cheek at an angle. Even so, the force of the impact almost caused him to lose his balance and then the pain hit. He sucked in a huge breath and almost let out a scream, but since he was still looking at Dee, he saw her obvious alarm at what he was about to do, and he clamped his mouth shut and screamed into his teeth.

“Thank you Dee for improving me, please strap me again.” Paul managed to say in a loud clear voice.

Dee was frankly amazed at how sincere Paul sounded.

Before she could swing again Mrs. Wainwright spoke up.

“Dee dear, I realize you haven’t done this before, but you need to swing level and visualize the strap hitting across the entire of his ass. If you miss that badly again I’m afraid we won’t be able to count that stroke. And Paul, focus on breathing and you may put one foot slightly in front of the other to maintain your balance.”

Dee swung again. This time she did better but struck Paul’s ass almost too high,

“Thank you Dee for improving me, please strap me again.”

And Dee did. After the fourth stroke she felt more confident.

“Harder dear,” Mrs. Wainwright said, “much harder.”

Dee started swinging harder. Each time it took Paul longer to regain his composure and say his Thank you. And Paul’s voice became less steady with each stroke. His ass was on fire and Dee had already covered almost all of it with red stripes so now each blow was landing on top of another. He didn’t know how much more he could take and keep standing.

Whack. That one hit right at the bottom where the ass joins the leg and it took Paul’s breath away.

When he finally was ready to say his “thank you,” the Vice President cut him off, “too long, more than five seconds, that stroke doesn’t count.”

Dee was mortified, they had only gotten to twelve strokes and Paul had already earned another. She was thinking she should ease up but when she looked at Mrs. Wainwright it was obvious the matriarch knew what she was thinking because she said, “If your arm is getting tired Dear, I’m sure my fellow officers and I could take turns relieving you, we want to make sure Paul isn’t deprived of a full and meaningful penance.”

Dee swung again, even harder than before.

On stroke 25, Paul was starting to wobble on his feet and was breathing fast and shallow, it was like he was crying without emitting a sound. On 26 even Dee had trouble hearing his Thank You speech. Sure enough several women called out “Repeat,” and the Vice President said “Stroke doesn’t count.”

Paul wasn’t sure how he made it through all 32 strokes, he was in so much pain that he was barely able to stand. His back was no longer straight, and his elbows were not pointing straight out, but nobody was correcting him. Dee was amazed he was still repeating his Thank You in a loud if very tired voice that still sounded sincere.

Mrs. Wainwright stood and walked up and stood directly in Paul’s face again. She took his chin in her hand and said, “Well done Paul, your penance has been paid, you and Dee are now full members of the Tea Society. You may drop to your knees, lay forward on your stomach, keep your arms out in front of you and prepare to listen.”

Dee stood beside her prone husband as Dr. MacDougal came up to examine Paul’s ass and rub some white cream gently on a few spots where Dee had broken the skin. Even the gentile touch of her gloved hands made Paul wince in pain.

When the Doctor had finished Mrs. Wainwright continued. But before she started speaking, she put her leather shoe right on Paul’s neck and pressed down, not enough to hurt but enough that he got the message.

“Paul, I know you’re in pain and floating on endorphins but you need to focus and listen, really listen. This society's continued existence, even in a town like Chain, depends on one thing, confidentiality. What happens at Tea Society, stays at Tea Society. If you break this rule, in even a minor way, I WILL break you and Dee. I know where you live, where you work, and every one of your secrets. You will lose your jobs, your ability to get a job in this town, your friends, and your status. I created this Society, and I will protect it. You never talk about anything related to Tea Society in public. You don’t even give a knowing nod to another member or make a casual comment like “See you Sunday.” You can talk about Tea Society in the privacy of your home, but you NEVER put anything in a text or e-mail that refers to the Society, its members or its activities.


Paul was in pain and floating, but he definitely heard the message. “Yes Mrs. Wainwright, I understand.”

The Vice President then took over and, reading from notes, proceeded to lecture Paul on expected behavior but Paul barely heard most of what she said, he was in way too much pain and Dee had drilled him on all these points.

“Ladies,” The President announced, “Please welcome Dee to full membership. And this Sunday’s Tea is adjourned.

After the Tea, when Paul and Dee were back in the car, Dee was nervous. The program at this Sunday’s Tea was far more, um, ‘exciting’ than any she had been to recently. If she had known she probably would have delayed Paul’s first Tea. She was also worried that her criticism and humiliation of him during the initiation, not to mention the beating, had been more brutal than she had intended. She had just gotten carried away with all the ladies’ shouts of encouragement during the humiliation. And once the beating began, she was terrified that Mrs. Wainwright would take over if she wasn’t judged to be beating Paul hard enough. Now, She was just worried about how he would react to all of it. After all, their relationship, their dominance and submission, was really based on consent and communication not brutality and humiliation. Would today scare him away from the lifestyle?

Slipping completely out of Dom mode, Dee quietly asked “So . . . . what did you think, Paul?”

Paul was still floating on endorphins too much to notice Dee’s change in tone. He was also way too excited to hold back, “OH Mistress, now that we’re members will you take me next Sunday? My butt is on fire! I can barely bear to sit down, and I’ll feel the sting for days! But I wish I could have seen more of the program, not that I didn’t LOVE eating your pussy but the idea of fucking without feeling it sounded really HOT. Which method will you try first, Mistress?”

A huge smile spread across Dee’s face, and she finally exhaled all the tension she had been holding.

Reverting to her sterner voice she said, “You will have no choice but to attend every Sunday we are available from now on! As to how you please me in the future, I see no reason to try both the dildo and condom methods. When we get home, you can order one of those molding kits and on your way home from work tomorrow you can buy several tubes of Americaine and a large box of extra-large ribbed condoms.” Now a huge smile spread across Paul’s face.

“But Paul,” Dee continued, “seriously, you know all that stuff I said was just part of the initiation.”

“Well,” Paul said thoughtfully, “honestly, I don’t enjoy humiliation play because it doesn’t really affect me. When I saw fat ol’ Mr. Wilcox was a member I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. And I have total confidence in your love. But I also know there was a lot of truth in what you said. Please don’t stop me, just listen. I was a lousy and inconsiderate lover before we started FLM. And I do still have a lot to learn about pleasing you and that’s why I’m excited about Sunday afternoons! And would you like me to shave my body hair? Although I may need some help with my back.”

“Paul, I love you!” Dee said quietly, then in a more authoritative voice, “and add an electric manscape shaver to your list of things to get on the way home tomorrow.”


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