Chain Ladies Tea Society

by Budman

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; chastity; mast; caught; naked; oral; cons; X

Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and .

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Chapter 2 – Dee's Invite

It had taken several years after their marriage for Paul to convince Dee to play chastity games with him. He had stumbled across some femdom porn back in college and ever since he had been fascinated with both femdom and chastity. But being the shy and submissive type, he never got up the courage to tell Dee. At one point he bought a cheap, black plastic cage that he hid from Dee. It wasn’t very comfortable or secure but wearing it excited him in ways he couldn’t completely explain. When Paul finally got the courage to show the cage to Dee, she didn’t react much at all. It wasn’t that Dee thought there was anything wrong with the cage, she just couldn’t understand why Paul wouldn’t want to have sex with her. Dee didn’t lack self-confidence, she knew she was hot, so why on earth would Paul not want to fuck her!

But after a few months, Dee learned that Paul was pretty good at oral, and he certainly seemed to enjoy eating her out, especially when he’d been wearing his cage for a day or two. So, she agreed to play around on weekends, locking him up on Friday night and Unlocking him on Monday morning. But she still enjoyed a good fucking once or twice during the week.

One Sunday morning, she walked into the bathroom when Paul thought she was still sleeping. He had pulled out of the cage and was wanking off. For some reason she couldn’t explain at the time, it made her really mad. It was like he was cheating on her . . . with his own hand! Without thinking she walked up to the shower and turned it to full cold.

“You need a cold shower!” Dee said angrily, “NO, don’t touch the control, you just stand there and take it! And put that pathetic thing back in its cage. Are you so weak that you can’t control yourself for me? This was your idea and now you’re cheating on me?”

And she walked out of the bathroom.

Paul had never been so turned on! Or cold!

He didn’t know what to do. How long did she expect him to stand there in the cold water? Should he turn it off?

“Well,” Dee yelled from the bedroom, “Get you pathetic little penis out here and let’s discuss this!”

Paul stuffed his penis back in the plastic cage, dried off and walked sheepishly back into the bedroom, his penis already starting to grow and strain against the cage.

“Oh my god,” Dee said, noticing his cage, “this is turning you on! Go stand in the corner. No stupid, facing the corner. Put your nose in the corner.”

Dee laid on the bed, fluffed up a pillow and got comfortable. She needed to think. Was her husband so weak that he couldn’t even go a weekend without breaking rules that HE had asked for, just to get off? How could she trust him around other women if he was that weak?

Dee thought some more.

He was getting pretty good at oral sex, and that was a lot less messy and didn’t require her to do anything. And frankly, she didn’t usually get off when he fucked her because once he spurted, he usually rolled over and went to sleep. But he did seem very attentive and, what was the term, submissive, and more focused on her orgasm when he was locked up.

Well, if Paul wanted to play chastity games, this game was about to get serious. Dee pulled her laptop off the nightstand and started browsing.

After an hour of standing naked in the corner Paul couldn’t take the suspense any longer.

“Dee? Are you still angry? Can I turn around now?”

“Do you EVER want to have sex with me again?” Dee asked.

What kind of a question was that, Paul thought? “Of course, Dee!”

“Then I suggest you stay just like that until I tell you otherwise!”

At least another hour went by and Paul’s legs were getting numb from standing in one place.

“Come here and sit on the floor at my feet!” Dee instructed.

When Paul was looking up at her sitting on the bed she continued.

“Do you still want to play chastity games? And think carefully because this shit is about to get real if you answer yes!”

“I love when you lock me up!” Paul exclaimed, “I’m so sorry I pulled out, but I was thinking about you when I did! I shouldn’t have broken our rules. Yes, I want to continue.”

“OK, you need to understand why I’m angry. This was YOUR idea, you set the rules and yet YOU cheated on them. Basically, you cheated on ME. And that makes me angry. I’ve calmed down now, and I’ve been doing some research. That plastic thing you are wearing is a toy. If you want to continue you will go to this website, take the measurements they require, order this stainless-steel device, and pay for express shipping. When it gets here, I will lock it on your penis and you will wear it 24/7 for as long as I decide. And if you ever want out of that device, you’re going to have to get a LOT better at licking my clit!” And Dee walked out of the room leaving the laptop in front of Paul.

It took almost a month for the custom-made chastity cage to arrive and during that time Dee would not lock Paul up on weekends, she wouldn’t even discuss it. She also didn’t let him touch her short of some cuddling at night. But Dee did spend time browsing the web. In fact, she spent a good bit of time on Paul’s computer looking at his browsing history. She watched free videos on Femdom, thinking that most of them were ridiculous. Why would a woman who was supposed to be ‘in charge’ wear those ridiculous and uncomfortable leather corsets just to dominate a man? And the high heel boots, seriously, those things must be impossible to stand in! She also discovered and read a lot of blogs, blogs by professional dominatrix, blogs by males locked in chastity, blogs by single guys wishing they had a keyholder. Oh, she learned SO MUCH terminology and gained so many ideas.

One night, when Paul came home from his job in the engineering department of Chain Manufacturing, Dee was waiting at the front door with a small box in hand.

“It’s here” was all she said before adding, “Strip.”

“Right now? Before dinner? Here?” Paul asked incredulously, but his penis was already starting to swell at his wife’s firm commands.

Dee said nothing, just continued to stare, so Paul put the mail down on the entry table and started to strip. By the time he took off his underwear his penis was at full attention.

“Oh, this won’t do at all,” Dee said. “Come with me.”

And leaving his clothes lying in the entry way she led the way into the kitchen.

“This should ‘help’” Dee said, taking a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer and slapping it onto Paul’s crotch.

After several minutes of numbing cold, she got the desired effect and started to read the directions and pull Paul’s testicles through the ring. She had to stop twice to apply the frozen peas because Paul’s member just didn’t want to calm down. She also had to pull, push, wiggle and work the whole device together. Paul, apparently, had ordered one of the shortest tubes he could get!

Finally, she turned the key, and it was done. Paul looked down and could both see and feel his locked penis straining at the cage. He was going to have to calm down . . . . but this was SO hot!

“Can I get dressed now?”

“NO, you may not. In fact, I think you should be naked anytime you’re in the house unless I give you explicit permission to wear clothes. You should strip the minute you walk in and carry your clothes up to our room. And in the morning, you should carry your clothes downstairs and get dressed in the mud room before going into the garage or outside to do yard work.”

Paul just looked at Dee and said “yes ma’am!” Then he thought, where did that come from?

Wow, this is moving fast, Dee thought, then told Paul, “Fix yourself something to drink and come to the table, dinner’s ready.”

They sat at the table, Paul naked in his new cage, and had the same conversations they had every night. But when it came time to clear the table and do dishes, instead of working as a team as they usually did, Dee simply went to the den and turned on the evening news. Paul got the message, from now on, the dishes were his responsibility. And that would just be the beginning.

After NCIS, Dee announced that it was time for bed. Normally on a weeknight Paul would stay up several hours later than Dee as he just didn’t need as much sleep. But not going to bed together was one of the minor little things that had always irritated Dee about their marriage. So, when Paul said “OK darling, sleep tight!” she just stared at him with the same “eat shit” expression she had used when she told him to strip earlier.

Paul got up and followed her to the bedroom.

After they had brushed their teeth and Dee had changed into her nightgown, she lay down on the bed, on top of the sheets and spread her legs. The message was obvious. Paul laid down between her thighs and started licking.

The next morning, as he was showering, Paul realized Dee was watching him.

“I don’t think I can pull out of this one.” He said defensively.

“Is it pinching? Comfortable?” Dee asked.

“It’s going to take some getting used to but I’m managing.” Paul answered. “Are you going to remove it before I go to work?”

“Nope!” was all Dee said. “Oh, and the instructions suggest you pee sitting down.”

Paul realized that he had no idea what Dee had done with the key after locking the device last night.

All day at work Paul was incredibly self-conscious. He was sure the cage was making noise every time he sat down or stood up. He worried about the bulge. He worried about the lock rattling. And he kept trying to get erections that were painful! But nobody seemed to notice and so he got through the day.

As the days went on Paul became increasingly concerned that Dee wasn’t ever going to let him out. Didn’t she understand that men needed to cum? So, when the weekend following the arrival of the device was almost over and Dee hadn’t said or done anything about the cage he asked,

“So, um, do you remember where you put the key?”

“What key?” She replied innocently.

“This key.” Paul answered, pointing to the cage.

“Paul, are you asking me to unlock you?”

“Well, I thought it would be fun to make love before the weekend is over.” Paul said sheepishly.

“I agree,” Dee said, “In fact why don’t you see if you can give me four orgasms in the next half hour and if so, I’ll consider letting it out next weekend.”

Oh, this is fun, Dee thought as she watched Paul’s face fall like a toddler who’s just been told they can’t have ice cream.

Sometime in his second week of Chastity, Paul was coming out of the bathroom stall at work when he noticed a young co-worked washing his hands at the sink. When Paul took the next sink over, the man, who Paul didn’t really know but had seen around, said quietly, “You might try wearing a jockstrap, it hides it better. And a rubber band around the padlock keeps it from rattling.” And walked out.

“What the hell!” thought Paul. “Does it show? Does he know? Who else has noticed? Wait, is he wearing one?”

Paul didn’t get a lot of work done that afternoon as he couldn’t stop thinking about what the young man in the bathroom had said. He checked the online employee directory and found Will Matland by his photo. Will worked on the same floor, just across the hall in purchasing.

Paul wondered, should go talk to him, pretend he didn’t know what he was talking about, act indignant?

Ultimately, he did nothing, and didn’t see Will for weeks.

But the next Tuesday, when Paul came home, Dee was bouncing up and down excited when he walked in the door from work. She was holding a large, square envelope and was almost too excited to speak.

“I got an invitation!” she squealed.

“OK,” Paul said, “invitation to what?”

“To tea! At Mrs. Wainwright’s house! This Sunday afternoon! Mrs. Wainwright!!! Do you know what this means?” Dee bubbled.

“Uhhh, that you’re going to drink tea,” Paul said rather confused.

“Of course I’m going to drink tea! But Mrs. Wainwright!”

“Yes, the chairperson of the board of directors where I work.” Paul said, still confused why Dee was so excited about tea.”

“Oh, men!” Said Dee. “I’ve been volunteering at the Animal Shelter and the Food Pantry and several other charities that Mrs. Wainwright supports in the hope she would notice me. I guess it finally worked!”

“Why did you want her to notice you?” Paul asked.

“Why?” Dee exclaimed, “Because she controls everything in this town. If you want to be invited to parties, to clubs, to leadership roles in charities, to anything you need her blessing. That Carol Quin has been flaunting how much Mavis Wainwright likes her for years and years and I’m tired of hearing about it. Now I have an invitation to her MOST intimate Sunday gathering. Carol is going to be SO jealous!”

“Women” thought Paul. But then he was the one preparing dinner, naked, locked in a chastity cage.

The invitation was very elegant. Printed on fine linen stationery in embossed ink, it invited Dee to Mrs. Wainwright’s home on Sunday afternoon next, at 2:00 pm.

It specified that dress was semi-formal and must include a skirt below the knee and heels.

There was one other requirement to the invitation that Dee now noticed. She should call an acquaintance of hers, Julie Matland to get more instructions. That was strange, why not just put the instructions on the invitation?

The next day Dee called. “Julie, it’s Dee.”

“Oh, hi Dee, Mavis told me to expect your call.”

“Yea, I got an invitation to her Tea Sunday, and I’m glad to talk to you, but I don’t understand why I needed to call for instructions?” Dee asked.

“You’re calling to get the standard first timers warning. Mrs. Wainwright always asks the person who nominated the new member to make sure she understands the rules before attending.” Julie explained.

“You nominated me?” Dee was confused; she didn’t even know Julie that well.

“First of all, Dee,” Julie started, “let me make sure you understand that what I’m about to tell you Is extremely private. The Ladies Tea Society is extremely private. You don’t have to join, but no matter if you do or don’t join, if you EVER talk about anything I’m about to tell you or talk about The Tea Society to anyone outside the Society, Mrs. Wainwright will ruin you and your family. Period. Do you understand?”

“I was in a sorority in college Julie, I know all about secret rituals and stuff, it’s cool!” Dee said.

“No, it’s not. This isn’t ritual mumbo-jumbo,” Julie said seriously. “Just tell me you understand!”

“Ok, . . . . I understand.” Dee said, getting just a little apprehensive.

“Will tells me that Paul is wearing a chastity device.” Julie announced.

“Did Paul tell him?” Dee asked, surprised.

“No, Will wears one as well and could tell. You really need to get Paul some jock straps and either tape the lock down or use a rubber band to keep it from rattling.” Julie said.

“OH MY GOD!” Dee replied, “I’m so embar . . . . wait . . . Will wears one?”

“Yes Dee,” Julie said laughing “That’s why you need to understand, the Ladies Tea Society is a group of women who are in FLRs.”

“What’s an FLR? Is that like the Daughters of the American Revolution – DAR?” Julie asked, still confused.

“Oh, you have so much to learn, and that’s OK because that’s why the Tea Society exists. No Dee, FLR means Female Led Relationship. Julie stopped to let that sink in.

“So, I didn’t get invited because Mrs. Wainwright noticed my charitable work?” Dee asked, a bit disappointed. “It was all because Paul wears a cage?”

“Oh, she knows you work at the shelter and the pantry. As soon as I mentioned your name, she remembered you. But yes, I nominated you last Sunday after Will told me about Paul.

Dee, at the Society we help each other understand how to lead and control our men. And Dee, you need to be prepared. Almost all the members will bring their partners, and they will all be naked and in chastity, including my Will.”

“Oh!” was all Dee could say.

After a short period of quiet while she let Dee absorb the news, Julie continued. “If you don’t want to come, that's OK, Mrs. Wainwright will understand and there will be no negative effects on your husband’s career or your life, UNLESS you talk about anything you’ve learned.”

Dee wasn’t even considering not going. She HAD to be a part of this. There was an entire society, including Mrs. Wainwright, who had their partners in chastity? And brought them to a Tea naked!

“Wait, do I have to bring Paul on Sunday?” Dee asked suddenly in panic.

“NO. Do not mention this to Paul at all. Let him think it’s just a group of gabby women getting together to drink tea and gossip. You need to come several times before we include Paul.”

Julie went on to remind Dee that she should dress elegantly. Do her hair, makeup, wear hose and ALWAYS wear a skirt with heels. Pearls or other nice but not gaudy jewelry is also appropriate. Julie then gave her the address and the gate code and told Dee she looked forward to seeing her Sunday.

Julie hung up with a smile on her face. Paul’s tongue got very tired that night.


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