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Authors Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order which means you should absolutely read chapter 43 first. Also, If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1 as well as Chapter 13 – 15 which sets the background for Schwartz Iron Works.

I’ve seen a number of Crucifixion scenes in porn videos, and for me, they always miss the point. The Dom can’t just leave the submissive alone in her suffering. I guess it doesn’t make for good video, but rather than let the position slowly wear the submissive down, they always have to ‘play’ with the sub. In this story I lay out my vision of an erotic BDSM crucifixion.

As with most of my stories, there is some setup and character development at the beginning.


Chapter 44: Crucifixion Picnic, Procession

Meanwhile, the sun was up in the yard and Peggy was in hell. She had done a lot of BDSM scenes, some of them extreme, but she had never suffered like the previous ten hours. She had cried all her tears out hours ago and was just standing, bent at the waist, suffering. At least she wasn’t cold anymore, the sun had risen enough to warm the yard. When she heard the footsteps of the approaching ‘centurions’ she was so relieved she started crying again, partly from pain but mostly from relief. She was still facing crucifixion but at least they would let her out of this damn cage!

A procession came across the yard. Juan and John led, in full Centurion costumes, helmets and all. Behind them were six vestal non-virgins in flowing white togas with gold sashes across their shoulders and around their waists, looking very elegant. The non-virgins surrounded the cage and were gently chanting “pain and suffering, agony and despair.” Somehow the chant, the elegant togas, the way her co-workers would not make eye contact with her, and her total exhaustion and pain caused a deep psychological depression to cover Peggy. She lost all will to fight and just slumped in her chain collar and waited.

Juan and John stood beside the cage door, facing away from Peggy. The non-virgins continued to sway, chant, and avoid looking at Peggy. After a few minutes the company’s flatbed truck started to back into the yard and stopped with the back of the truck about six feet from the cage. The bed of the truck had been modified with benches down each side. In the middle of the truck bed a 4 x 4 pole, about eight feet tall had been mounted. The pole had two u shaped iron shackles hinged on each side and a larger u-shaped shackle at neck height.

Juan unlocked the cage and John leaned in and unlocked the iron collar around Peggy’s neck. Peggy, despite intending to appear strong, found her legs wouldn’t work and collapsed on the floor of the cage. Both Juan and John grabbed her under the shoulders and dragged Peggy out of the cage and literally threw her onto the bed of the truck where she lay, face down, with her hands still tied behind her back.

Two step ladders were produced and placed on either side of the truck tailgate. The non-virgins proceeded to process to either side of the truck, climb in and arrange themselves around the pole. Juan and John climbed in after them and grabbed Peggy by the arms again, pressing her against the pole facing the back of the truck. Once they had her positioned, they closed the shackle around her throat, pinning her neck to the 4 X 4 so they could untie her hands. When the centurions started to move Peggy’s arms from behind her back to above her head to attach them to the wrist shackles, she screamed. Having spent the night with her arms behind her, the shoulders were so stiff that the pain of having them moved suddenly was intense.

John, having been tied or chained by Mrs. Wainwright many times, knew exactly why Peggy screamed and stopped moving her arm, letting it slowly back down to her side. Juan, who was inexperienced with BDSM dropped her arm in shock and stepped back, a move that Peggy would later kid him about.

“Take your time Peggy, roll your shoulders, when you’re ready, lift your arms above your head please.” John said kindly. Juan just stared at Peggy’s feet, embarrassed he had dropped out of character but still concerned for Peggy. When she had regained her composure and moved her arms a bit, Juan and John locked her wrists into the overhead restraints.

Once everyone was in the truck bed and Peggy was secured, two of the non-virgins put on very non-roman latex gloves, grabbed jars of grease from under the bench and stood. Several of the machine tools in the Schwartz shop were fed a steady supply of heavy grease. The dirty grease in these machines dripped into catch basins where it could be recycled. The girls had filled a couple of quart jars with this black, dirty, heavy grease and began to apply it all over Peggy’s body. She was not expecting any of this. She was expecting to be crucified at the picnic, but all this lead up was leaving her stunned. The non-virgins rubbed the grease on her arms, her chest, her back, her legs. They smeared it everywhere, putting at least a half a jar in Peggy’s hair. She was a dirty, greasy mess from head to toe when they finished. But the non-virgins weren’t done yet. One of the women produced two strips of white cloth, about 3 inches wide, and a piece of rope. First tying the rope around Peggy’s waist, they then put one of the cloth strips between her legs and up over the rope in front and back, forming a barely there loin cloth. The second strip was tied around her chest, just barely covering her nipples and leaving significant underboob showing.

It was early on a Saturday morning so there were very few people out and about, but there were several cars that fell in behind the truck as it emerged from Schwartz Iron Works and started moving slowly towards Mrs. Wainwright’s estate. They passed a number of people on the streets who waved or honked their horns. Chain Alabama was just kinky enough to not question a nearly naked woman, bound to a pole in the middle of a flatbed truck full of toga wearing romans.

As the truck made its way down several city streets and out towards the river, the non-virgins kept quietly but mournfully chanting “pain and suffering, agony and despair.” Peggy was exhausted and nearly hanging in her wrist cuffs but even so, she closed her eyes and tried to relax. Every time the truck hit a bump or pothole, her body was jerked painfully against her bonds, and she was shocked awake.

 It only took about 15 minutes to reach the gravel parking lot that formed a trailhead for various trails along the river. One of these trails led to the back of Mrs. Mavis’s mansion and the large grassy field behind her patio and pool. When the truck stopped, the step ladders were produced, and the non-virgins filed off and formed a semi-circle around the back of the truck. Peggy was unlocked from the pole and unceremoniously pushed off the back of the truck, falling in a heap on the ground.

“I’d suggest you pee slut.” Jerri said.

Peggy looked around for where she was to pee. As soon as Jerri had given the instruction, her bladder had emphatically told her this was a good idea. Jerri just stared at her. “Well?”

So, Peggy squatted, pulled her loin cloth aside and peed in the gravel.

While she was relieving herself, John and Juan had dismounted the 4 X 4 timber from the truck and threw it on the ground. As they prepared it, Peggy noticed several things for the first time. In the exact middle of the timber, four ½ inch holes had been drilled in a square. There was also a ½ inch hole at each end of the timber. Juan was at one end and John at the other securing large eyebolts into these holes. Once done, they tied two thick ropes around the timber, one about two feet from one end, the other about two feet below that. Jenni and Jerri stood on either side of Peggy and had her bend at the waist. Juan, who was immensely strong, picked up the 4 X 4 and positioned it along Peggy’s back with one rope at her neck. He then wrapped each end of that rope across her shoulders, crisscrossed them between her breasts and back up her sides, tying them on top the timber. The other rope went around her waist and the timber several times and was tied off. The top ½ of the timber was now tied to Peggy’s back and the bottom half, like a tail, dragged behind her, making it impossible for her to stand up straight.

The trail to Mrs. Wainwright’s was wide. It had probably been a farm or fire road at some point. The non-virgins formed two lines on either side of Peggy and her cross beam. Juan and John took up positions on either side of her. They took riding crops out of their belted waist.

“Walk prisoner!” Juan said as he struck Peggy on the ass.

The refrain of chanting “pain and suffering, agony and despair” began again as Peggy tried to start walking. It was harder than she expected. The timber was heavy, and the part dragging on the ground was putting up a lot of resistance. The ropes across her shoulders and chest were her only leverage and although the road was slightly downhill, it took significant effort to get moving. John struck her other ass cheek as Juan grabbed the rope around her waist and pushed her forward.

Twice on the walk she fell. The first time she just didn’t notice the root and tripped. She fell to her knees and the shock of the heavy timber landing on her back almost drove the air out of her lungs. It scared Juan so much he almost broke character to ask her if she was ok, but Jerri, knowing what a tough bitch Peggy was, gave him ‘the eye,’ and he closed his mouth. But Juan did watch more closely and when Peggy tripped the second time, he grabbed the timber. Good thing he did, because she fell flat on her face and Juan was able to cushion the weight of the timber. But as they helped Peggy rise to her feet again, she was covered in dirt, leaves, and twigs, all stuck to the oil on her entire front side.

It was only about 200 ft down the trail. Good thing because it was becoming obvious that Peggy wouldn’t make it much farther. As the procession emerged into the field there wasn’t a large crowd yet but those present stopped what they were doing and looked in awe at the procession. The non-virgins were still chanting mournfully in their white togas. Peggy was a filthy, exhausted, bent over mess.

The caterers were setting up the grills, several 10 X 10 ft pop-up canopies had been set up and under one Dr. MacDougal was setting up a first aid station along with her nurse. The drink truck was in place. Mrs. Wainwright was comfortable in her lounge chair which her male slaves had brought out and four of them were in attendance around her. Three or four other couples had arrived. Everyone had been told that the fun would start at about 10 and it was only about 9:30 am.

The procession took Peggy to a vertical 6 X 6 pole set in cement and towering at least 10 feet. Around three feet from the top, four ½ inch holes had been drilled in a square pattern that matched the ones in the timber Peggy was carrying. A Jeep with an electric winch on the front was parked about 4 feet behind this pole and the cable already ran up over the top of the pole. A 10-foot ladder was propped against the side of the pole.

Peggy was relieved of the burden of her cross and her wrists cuffed behind her back. Jerry and Jenni led her over to Dr. MacDougal’s tent where the Doctor took her vital signs then cleaned the oil off four places on her chest and attached electrical contacts. These were routed to a monitoring box that was taped around Peggy’s waist. One of her toes was also cleaned off and a blood oxygen optical sensor clipped onto the toe and taped in place with medical tape. Both of these devices, the monitoring box and the blood oximeter, connected to Dr. MacDougal’s phone via Bluetooth.

To kill time, Jerry and Jenni then led Peggy around the grounds, letting those present and those rapidly arriving, a close-up view of the soon to be crucified prisoner. They also made her drink an entire 12 oz bottle of water. Peggy just wanted to lay down and sleep, but the two non-virgins kept her moving and people poked, prodded, and ridiculed how filthy she was.

While Peggy was being prepared, Juan and John were preparing the cross. Using the winch they raised the cross bar, climbed the ladder, matched the pre-drilled holes, and bolted the two timbers together in a classic cross. Then they routed two pre-made cables through each of the eye bolts on each end of the cross bar. One end of each cable was left hanging from the eyebolt to near the ground. The other end of each cable was attached to the hook on the Jeeps winch. When Peggy’s wrist suspension cuffs were attached to the cables, the Jeep would be able to pull her into a crucified position in minutes, eight feet into the air. Most importantly, it would be able to lower her down even faster.

At a carefully chosen spot on the front of the pole was mounted the footrest. This was a triangle of wood that provided a place for Peggy to put her feet. But the top of the ‘rest’ was angled down at 45 degrees. The purpose of the angle was an important part of the torture. A person standing on such a support has their toes pointed down and their ankles bent down. In that position they can’t lock their knees. To stand, they have to use their leg muscles continuously.

At around 10 am, Peggy was led back to the cross. The finest quality wide leather suspension cuffs with a dowel for the wearer to grab were strapped on each wrist. The cables from each end of the cross were clipped to these and the cables raised until Peggy was standing beside the cross, her arms raised but her feet firmly on the ground. John then wrapped a leather thong around her ankles a few times and tied it off, binding her ankles together.

The non-virgins formed two rows, facing each other in front of Peggy. Juan and John, the Centurions, stood behind them. Her boys brought Mrs. Wainwright’s lounge chair, with her sitting regally, carefully between the rows of non-virgins and set her facing Peggy. The prisoner was starting to get some strength, and with it some sass back. “I’d bow down before the great Mrs. Wainwright but I’m a bit tied up right now.” Jerri and Alicia were heard gasping and everyone else looked shocked, you just didn’t talk to the queen of Chain Alabama that way.

Mrs. Wainwright just smiled an evil smile. “Prisoner,” she started, “what is her name anyway?”

John, who was used to responding to his mistress immediately, answered “Peggy, Goddess!”

“Ah yes, Peggy,” Mrs. Wainwright continued. “Well Peggy, You have been accused of being a cock tease. Of intentionally trying to seduce men by encouraging them to think they might have sex with you. I’d ask how you plead but, frankly, I don’t give a damn, just looking at you I can tell you’re guilty, flaunting your body in those skimpy strips of cloth.”

Peggy had expected a “trial.” She was expecting some play charge like offending the gods or something. But Peggy had known she was a lesbian from the day she hit puberty. She had NO interest in men and certainly no interest in teasing them. Who the hell thought up this charge. In her tired, sleepless, mind she lashed out. She started cussing: “Fuck, no way, I’ve never been near a cock, this is bull shit, have no interest in any fucking men, what bitch came up with this idea. You whores all know I’ve never been anything but a lesbian.”

“If the prisoner is going to be uncooperative and profane, Centurions, please silence her.” Mrs. Wainwright said calmly and solemnly. Of course, this had all been discussed beforehand, so John and Juan knew exactly what was expected. John untied her rope belt and pulled the cloth strip that had formed her loincloth from between her legs, ripping it between her labia as he pulled it out. Juan, meanwhile, was untying the thin strip around her breasts. Peggy was now naked, surprise, surprise, and she had a pretty good idea what was coming next. She clamped her jaw shut.

“Open up.” Juan said.

Peggy just kept her jaw clamped while John rolled up the strip of cloth he was holding.

“You know I can make you open up, just do it!” Juan said.

Peggy kept her jaw clammed shut.

Juan pinched her nostrils closed with one hand and grabbed a nipple with the other. Juan had very strong hands. Peggy screamed and John stuffed the rolled cloth in her mouth, forcing it open even more. Juan then let go of her nose and nipple and wrapped his strip of cloth around her mouth, trapping the rolled cloth in place as a gag.

“Good, now we can proceed in an orderly fashion.” Mrs. Wainwright said. “Prosecutor, present your first witness.”

By now about 30 people had arrived at the picnic and most of them were standing in a semi-circle watching the scene.

Jenni stepped forward, “I call Centurian Juan. Please make your statement.”

It hadn’t taken a lot of encouragement to get Juan to play a Centurion, but Jenni had to talk with him for hours to convince him to be the one accusing Peggy of being a cock tease and then coach him on how to play the part. Juan KNEW Peggy was a lesbian, but he genuinely liked her. Jenni had to convince him this would ultimately add to the overall experience for Peggy, and she would thank him later. If not, he could apologize and blame it on Jenni.

Juan began his carefully prepared speech. “I deliver iron and steel raw materials from Atlantic Steel to Shwartz. Every time I make a delivery Peggy arranges to be the one to accept and help me unload the product. All the girls wear overalls, but Peggy always loosens the front of hers when I come and a couple of times has even undone one of the straps, showing an immense amount of side-boob.”

Peggy was furious. Mock trial or not, this was just lies. She had NEVER. Her eyes were burning into the back of Juan’s head. It was probably a good thing he couldn’t see her expression, or he wouldn’t have gone on.

“And if,” he continued, “she has to bend over to pick something up, she faces away from me so her shapely ass is facing me. Her overalls are shorts, very short, and her ass cheeks peek out from under the shorts when she bends over. She always wiggles her ass as she picks something up.

“I DO NOT!” Peggy thought with anger. She would have screamed but she knew how stupid it would sound through the gag.

“If she’s helping me pick something up, she bends over extra far so her boobs dangle under her overall top and, I don’t know how, but she always makes them swing.” Juan complained.

There was a chorus of “Shame,” and “Slut,” and “You poor man!” from the non-virgins which was picked up by the rest of the crowd.

“LAAARRRR” Peggy tried to shout through her gag, but Juan continued.

“She is such a shameless cock tease that I frequently get an embarrassing, um, you know, um a swelling. I can’t help it. I have to go in my truck cab and, up, get relief.”

The crowd started again with this ‘admission,’ “You poor man,” and “Crucify her!” and “Make her suffer like he suffered!”

Mrs. Wainwright silenced the crown with a wave, “Thank you for your brave and honest testimony Centurion. Can anyone corroborate his testimony?”

Several of the non-virgins started talking at once.

Alicia: “Oh, that Chica has been trying to get him into her overalls for months.”

Bev: “The slut is always tormenting pour Juan.”

Helen: “Shameless, absolutely shameless behavior from a fellow so-called lesbian.”

“Silence! I’ve heard enough. I’m ready to pronounce sentence.” Mrs. Wainwright shouted.

“For the crime of CLAIMING to be a lesbian while shamelessly teasing a defenseless man with her body you are judged to be a cock tease,”

From behind the cross, John produced a rough wood sign that said “Cock Tease” and hung it with an attached rope around Peggy’s neck so it hung just above her breasts.

“and sentence you to be crucified until almost dead.” Mrs. Wainwright intoned ominously.

“FKKK TISSS” Peggy screamed as someone in the Jeep flipped a switch and Peggy rose up against the cross until her arms were pulled out at 45-degree angles to the ends of the cross bar and the footrest was about ½ way down her calves.


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