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Storycodes: MF/f; bond; mum; wrap; tape; gag; blindfold; electro; tens; toys; tease; denial; climax; force; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 36: Sr. Year, The Mummy Abides

“OK,” Regina said as they calmed down, “NOW it’s time to finish this Mummy.”

Fred was looking around for something to clean up the remaining cum as the left-over napkins were done. Regina started to pull her panties back up and then had a thought.

“Here, let me,” she said, as she took them off her ankle and wiped the cum off the floor.

“Well, I guess she’s not putting those back on.” Fred thought with a grin, not yet realizing what Regina really had in mind.

Meanwhile a small glob of cum was very slowly easing its way down Clair’s cheek – and it tickled. It was maddening because she couldn’t do anything about it. She tried shaking her head, but Fred was holding it. She tried reaching it with her tongue but couldn’t. She tried extreme smiling, but that didn’t help. It ITCHED and realizing she couldn’t stop it made it itch worse.

“Fred dear, would you get that little glob right there,” she asked.

But Fred, sadist that he was, had realized she was desperate to get rid of it and had correctly surmised why.

“No, I prefer your makeup just the way you applied it dear. Besides, it helps you realize just how helpless you are,” he said.

“ARRRGGGGGG” Clair exclaimed in frustration, making Regina smile.

While Fred continued to hold Clair’s head, Regina brought another device out of her box. This was a hydration backpack that she used sometimes when running in the summer. It had a hose that was designed to let the runner suck water out of the pack without using the hands. She carefully placed it in Clair’s mouth, without disturbing the blob of cum still slowly making its way down her cheek. She taped the tube into the side of Clair’s mouth with medical tape.

Next Regina pulled a medical respirator mask out of her box and used its elastic strap to place it over Clair’s mouth and nose using a little extra medical tape to make sure it sealed where the water tube passed under it. More medical tape was used to tape two cotton makeup pads over Clair’s eyes.

“Clair,” Regina explained, “all you must do to get water is suck, just take it easy and swallow in small amounts. If you get too much and choke, I imagine it’s going to be quite distressing, although not as bad as choking on cum. Please try your water now.” Regina watched as water moved through the clear tube, looked at Fred and nodded.

Regina then used a pair of the safety scissors to cut the cum soaked cotton padded crotch out of her panties and carefully stuffed it in the two-inch air tube, making sure the fabric didn’t completely block the tube. She watched Clair for a minute to make sure she could still breathe, she could, but Regina was also pleased to notice through the clear mask that Clair was wrinkling her nose. Regina wasn’t sure how long the aroma of that potent ejaculate would last but for now it had to be pretty strong.

A pair of ‘old school’ wired earbuds went in next, with cotton pads over the ears and tape to hold it all down. Then, keeping the wires, water tube and breathing tube clear, Regina started wrapping vet-wrap around Clair’s head. She went over, under and around the entire head until the only thing showing was the breathing tube sticking out one end and the ponytail sticking out the other. Once the vet-wrap was done, with Fred still helping hold up Clair’s head, they started wrapping her head with Duct Tape.

When Clair heard the distinctive sound of the Duct Tape being ripped off the roll she panicked again. She could just barely hear it with the earbuds in, but it must have been close to her head. Up to now she had only had one small panic attack, but perhaps it was her brain realizing that her mummification was about to be completed, that she couldn’t hear, see, or even breathe easily made her realize just how totally and completely helpless she was.

She wanted out.

She wanted to stop.

She started bucking and screaming inside her mask.

At the same time the heart and vitals monitoring software on the iPad started beeping loudly and the heart rate display went red.

Regina also panicked and immediately picked up the safety scissors, ready to cut Clair out.

Fred was holding Clair’s head with his left hand, and he immediately cradled her head against his side, hugging her a bit while simultaneously putting out his right hand to stop Regina.
Once Regina paused, Fred pressed down on Clair’s chest with his right hand and hugged her head with his left.

“CLAIR!,” he said loudly but calmly, “I’ve got you! I’ve got you Clair. I love you! I’ve got you Clair. I love you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m OK, I’m OK, It’s OK,” Clair started repeating. At first, Regina wasn’t sure what she was saying through all the layers of mask and tape, but Fred’s calm was contagious and she started to calm down along with Clair.

“Shit!” Said Regina once she started breathing again.

“Just a panic attack,” Said Fred, “I’ve seen them before, just never quite this bad. We’ll pause for a few minutes then make sure she wants to go on.”

Regina busied herself with hooking the earbuds to the same iPad that was monitoring Clair’s vitals and finding the white noise audio file, setting it up in the music player for loop but not turning it on yet. Fred continued to hold Clair’s head.

After a few minutes, Fred was satisfied Clair’s breathing was returning to a normal rate and her heart had slowed down.

“Clair,” he asked in a loud voice, “is this too intense? Do you want to stop?”

Clair took as deep a breath as all the tape and straps would allow and said in a clear, strong voice, “No Sir.”
“What’s Fred’s birthday Clair?” Regina asked.

“April 7,” Clair replied.

Fred nodded at Regina indicating that was correct. “Good idea checking her brain function!” he said.

Fred and Regina worked together to slide Clair and her board down on the exam table so that her head was supported. Regina then put another small square of foam under her head, and they added one last strap around Clair’s waist and all the way under the exam table to make sure Clair didn’t roll or fall off, as unlikely as that was. Regina then rechecked everything, starting the white noise playing and turning it up to the volume she had pre—tested on herself to make sure it was loud enough to cover room noise but not too loud to stop Clair from relaxing. She checked the catheter bag, and all the wires to the monitor and temperature sensor. She plugged the Hitachi into an extension cord that had a foot switch and positioned the switch under the exam table.

There was one final thing to be done, Regina had to deal with those tassels that Fred had puzzled over. Taking an Exacto knife out of her bag and extending the blade, Regina made a precision cut around each tassel. Fred watched protectively as Regina cut a circle of tape away and then pulled the tassels and cones out of the tape leaving a neat, round hole in the tape with Clair’s nipples and nipple rings sticking proudly out.

Finally, Fred understood that the nipple cones had just been to protect Clair’s nipples and piercings until Regina could ‘free’ them.

Fred gave Regina a high five and smiled broadly as he brought a pair of clamps with contacts on each side from his TENS bag.

“These pass the current across the nipple, not across the chest,” he explained to Regina, “the sting can be quite sharp but no danger to the heart. And they shouldn’t damage the EKG machine although the readings while they are ‘on’ may be wild. I’ll just put the clamps behind the nipple rings so that they don’t slide off but can be worn for hours.”

“Time to relax,” Fred said, “I’ll take the first shift if you want to rest.”

“I’m good,” replied Regina, “but I will visit the ladies’ room before we settle in.”

Inside her mummification, Clair spent some time ‘feeling’ her bondage. She tried moving every part of her body, one thing at a time starting with her head and working down to her toes. Nothing moved more than a few centimeters. She tried taking a few deep breaths and the intense smell of Fred heightened her arousal even more than the bondage. She tried hearing anything outside her encasement, nothing but the white noise. She tried imagining how she looked from outside and hoped that Fred was taking a few photos.

After a while, she started to drop into a very relaxed state. As the body relaxed completely, the mind followed. Time became meaningless. Although it was early in the evening Clair realized that she was becoming sleepy.

When Regina came back, Fred realized, somewhat sadly, that she had changed out of her Nurses uniform.

“What happened to Nurse Ratchet?” he asked.

“She has to stay clean and be returned to the Theatrical Department next week. If I stay this ‘wet’ I’m afraid there is going to be a big stain on the back of that skirt before long.” Regina said as she realized she was becoming more comfortable discussing sexual things around Fred.

“I think it had the desired effect on Clair,” she added.

Fred resisted saying, “It was certainly having an effect on me.”


Regina and Fred discussed strategy.

“Here’s what I was thinking,” Fred started, “if we think she is starting to or has fallen asleep, we shock her nipples. Trust me, she’s going to nearly levitate off that table. I’ve set that channel of the TENS to the highest strength she’s ever been hit with on her nipples. It WILL keep her awake.

Every two or three hours we turn on the TENS in her vagina at a setting that will stimulate her while we also turn on the Hitachi. We try to edge her, that is get her really close but not let her cum. I say two or three hours because we should vary it so she can’t predict what/when it’s going to happen.”

“Sounds evil!” Regina giggled.

“So can we use the monitor to reliably tell when she’s falling asleep?” Fred asked.

“Yes, and I think we should let her fall asleep occasionally.” Regina replied.

“Would it be that bad to make her go 24 hours without sleep?” Fred asked.

“Well, assuming she’s been up all day today, it would be more like 43 hours but no, that’s not long enough to start hallucinations or any other serious side effects. I just think it will be much more disorienting. If she falls asleep, when she wakes she will have no concept of how long she has been under. Was it just a few minutes or hours?” Regina said, sounding like a psychology researcher.

“Good idea,” Fred replied.

“And” Regina continued, “when we wake her up from a deep sleep with shocks, for just a few seconds it will be terrifying. In fact, we’ll have to be careful not to trigger another full-on panic attack.”

“Hmm,” Fred was a little concerned about that too.

“Everyone’s vitals are different,” Regina continued to explain, “So I’ll need to see her readings when she’s completely out. Then I’ll also need to see what happens as she’s approaching an orgasm. Come to think of it, I wish I’d taken her vitals before today when she was cumming, so I could see where her heart and respiration peaks. Oh well, we’ll fake it.” Regina laughed.

Since about 30 minutes had passed while they talked, Fred decided to test all the equipment at least once. He hit Clair’s nipples with a quick jolt just so Regina could see how to operate the TENS and watch Clair make the table bounce even though she could barely move. But they could both clearly hear Clair scream, even thru the respirator mask and layers of tape. Regina noticed Clair’s pulse shot up 20 bps and her breathing almost doubled. Then Fred turned on the vaginal TENS and the vibrator at the same time. The monitor showed that Clair held her breath for a beat then her breathing slowed but her heart rate stayed elevated. “Interesting,” thought Regina.

But Fred wasn’t ready to give Clair a serious session yet, so after just a few minutes he turned everything off. Clair could be clearly heard saying “Awwww,” through the mask.

“Mummies don’t talk!” Fred said loudly right by Clair’s ear as he hit the nipple current and held it for a full second.

“Wow, there goes that heart rate, that must really hurt,” Regina commented.

“Oh god,” Clair thought when the first quick jolt hit her nipples, “He’s got it on high, that really hurt!” Then some part of her brain realized that she couldn’t do anything to stop the pain, and she felt the panic start to well up again.

“Fred loves me, Fred has me, Fred is out there,” she started telling herself again and again until the panic subsided. Then she felt the vibrations, both inside and outside. The Hitachi combined with the TENS current was creating the most amazing feeling inside while the Hitachi attachment was transmitting vibrations directly onto her clit and to her ass hole all at once. It felt wonderful! And then it stopped almost as soon as it started. “Awwww” came out of her mouth without thinking. And she knew it was a mistake as soon as she heard Fred’s distant and muted voice over the white noise.

“SHIT,” she almost screamed as the current hit her nipples, “shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!”

Fred made sure Regina understood how the TENS controls worked. Turning the vibrator on and off was pretty simple with the foot switch. So, Fred left Regina in charge and found a spot to relax and play games on his phone. Over the next twenty-four hours they took turns. One of them would ‘cat nap’ while the other sat right next to Clair. Whoever was ‘on watch’ would play with their phone, read, study or whatever, but if they felt drowsy, before they fell asleep, they would wake the other and switch. Every time they switched, they would brief the other, how long since a shock or edging, had Clair fallen asleep, etc. They also watched and refilled the water bottle and made sure the catheter bag was not going to overflow.

For Clair, time passed very slowly. It didn’t take her long to figure out that Fred and Regina weren’t going to let her sleep, at least not for very long. She didn’t have a gag in her mouth, just the water tube and the breathing mask over her mouth and nose. But she also figured out after only a few painful shocks to her nipples that the TENS unit was better than a gag. She wasn’t going to be asking for the vibrator, complaining about shocks or indeed, saying anything except perhaps screaming.

Clair tried to stay awake, she really did. But it was dark, and the white noise was numbing, and there was nothing to do, and after a while, even though she wasn’t tired, her brain just started to shut down. She drifted off.

Regina noticed both pulse and respiration had hit a new low. She wished she had some kind of motion sensor on Clair’s eyes so she could detect REM sleep, but she would just have to guess. She made a note of the new low pulse and respiration rates then decided to see if she could tell from Clair’s reaction to a shock if she was fully asleep or just very relaxed.

When Regina hit the nipple shocks, there were just a few heartbeats before Clair gave a little cry, then a full-on scream. Regina took this as a good indication that the pulse rate she had observed was in fact ‘sleep.’

Any time Regina or Fred noticed Clair’s pulse and respiration fall below that level that indicated sleep to them, they shocked her nipples. It seemed to Clair that every time they shocked her, they held the button longer. Clair became increasingly desperate to stay awake. Her nipples HURT, they had started aching all the time now, not just when they were being shocked. In her desperation Clair tried thinking of anything. She remembered vacations, class lectures, great sex or bondage. But as time wore on it became harder and harder to stay awake and avoid the shocks. If only her captors would use the vibrator more.

Regina felt reluctant to use the vibrator or the TENS channel attached to the dildo in Clair’s vagina. She knew that was probably silly, but it felt like making love to Clair so it just seemed like something Fred should have exclusive domain over. But she had, to her surprise and fascination, no real problem hurting Clair. Regina became fascinated watching Clair’s vital signs as she played with shocking her. Regina didn’t realize she was shocking Clair longer and longer each time she woke her up, it wasn’t intentional, just the result of releasing her inner sadist. But Clair certainly noticed and assumed it was by design to punish her for continuing to fall asleep.

In her boredom Regina even started randomly shocking Clair even when she was wide awake (according to her vitals). Sometimes she would hit the button very briefly just a few minutes after a longer ‘wakeup’ shock. Other times she would wait ten or fifteen minutes and then hit Clair.

For Clair, helpless and mentally numb in her mummification, it was terrifying and relaxing at the same time. When the shocks had only come with sleep, she felt she had some control. The pain was at least her fault, her failure. But when the shocks started coming completely randomly, she was lost. And over time her mind gave up and a sort of total submission to her bondage and the pain set in.

But then there was the vibrator and the waves of electrical pulses in her vagina. Clair didn’t have any way of knowing that the stimulation came only when Fred was on the controls and Regina was causing her the most pain. If they had asked her she probably would have assumed the opposite. Fred was finding as much delight in tormenting Clair with pleasure as Regina was in hurting her. At totally random times he would turn on just the vaginal TENS stimulation, OR he would turn on the vibrator, OR he would turn on both. A few times he left them on as short as five seconds. Other times he left them on, and on, and on, watching Clair’s vitals intently and trying to guess when she was close. He paid more attention to her respiration than her pulse, figuring out early that Clair could ‘relax’ into an orgasm.

For Clair it continued to be periods of terror intermixed with periods of intense frustration. When Regina took over from Fred about 10am she checked Regina over visually as well as looking at the monitor as she always did.

“Fred, did you notice this?” she asked as she pointed to where the Hitachi cord exited from the wrapping around Clair’s crotch.

“No, what?” Fred asked.

“This cord is wet, there is liquid oozing out of the wrappings around the cord.” Regina replied.

“NO SHIT.” Said Fred, “Do you think she squirted? I didn’t think I let her orgasm?”

“No, if she squirted that would go into the catheter,” Regina reasoned, “but I never knew a woman could cream this much. For it to run all the way down the Hitachi handle and out by the cord she must be SOAKED.”

“Damn I’m good!” was all Fred said as he walked back to his relaxation area.

Clair WAS wet. She had never been this sexually frustrated, and that was saying a lot considering she was married to Fred. She had been helpless before but had never felt this totally, completely, utterly in someone else’s control. She had no way to move, no way to control anything that happened to her, no way to stop the pain and no way to orgasm, no matter how much her body wanted to. She had no idea the time – had one hour passed, or days. She was losing her mind, that is to say her conscious thought was fading into a relentless cycle of blankness followed by pain followed by blankness followed by frustrating pleasure, followed by blankness, followed by… endlessly.

The cycle continued. Fred and Regina would grab an hour’s sleep off and on during Saturday night and into Sunday. Fred or Regina took turns going out for food and by Sunday night the trash cans in the room were full of takeout boxes and bags. Frankly, both of them were starting to get bored by mid-day Sunday and looking forward to this ending. Yes, it was fun tormenting Clair but the routine was getting old.

At 3pm on Sunday, they agreed it was time to give Clair her first orgasm of the weekend. They wanted to force her to have as many as they could, then they wanted her to spend a few more hours in her isolation, which Regina figured, correctly, would be much harder to bear without the sexual frustration.

Fred started with a 15 second hit on both the nipples and dildo current to make sure Clair was fully awake. Her screams told him it worked. He then put the dildo current on very low and waited five minutes as they watched her pulse and respiration settle then start to slowly rise. He then turned on the vibrator and turned the dildo current up to maximum pleasure pulses.

Clair, in her fog, expected yet another tease, but the pleasure kept building and building and building. Then as she expected, it cut off just before she reached the release she sought. But then it went back on again. It took her brain a while to realize that it had never done that! And it didn’t go off again, and she built, and built and CAME.

Regina was shocked at the guttural sounds that came out of Clair’s mask. It sounded like a wild animal had inhabited her body, an animal called lust. She growled and growled as her whole body tensed and actually bowed as much as her bondage would allow. And then she collapsed, and her breathing stopped, and her pulse started dropping. Fred looked at Regina with alarm, but Regina was calm and in just a minute Clair started breathing again.

Once her breathing steadied, Regina nodded and Fred turned the vibrator back on. The shock of it caused Clair to take a quick intake of breath, then she started panting. Regina was concerned she would hyperventilate so she reached over and took the TENS unit from Fred’s hand, hitting Clair with a very short but sharp nipple shock.

“Breathe, Bitch!” Regina growled loudly next to Clair’s head.

It worked; Clair came out of her fog enough to focus on breathing.

For Clair, the isolation, the lack of sight, hearing or other stimulation meant that ALL she felt was the vibrator. Its effect on her body was SO much more intense since all of her brain was focused on just one small part of her body between her Anus and her Clit. It took less than a minute and she came again. It was so quick that neither Fred nor Regina registered that she had cum, so the vibrator stayed on, and on, and on.

“Turn it off, turn it off, I can’t, I can’t, please, no more, please, make it stop, no, please…" Clair started begging after the fourth earth shattering orgasm. They were coming so fast that for all intents they were continuous. Regina was staring at Clair’s body with wide eyes and open mouth, she couldn’t imagine what this felt like. Fred just had a huge grin on his face and his erection was about to split his pants.

Fred leaned next to Clair’s head and said loudly “It’s not stopping until you’re so numb you don’t feel it anymore, so just suffer for me Clair!”

“Oh god, please Fred, please, I can’t take anymore, turn it off, please, of shit I’m cumming, please stop…" Clair wailed so loudly that even through the mask and tape Fred was worried someone in the building would hear. But he didn’t turn off the vibrator.

After a good five or more minutes Clair started to quiet down, she was just mumbling now and her body had stopped shaking. Fred left the vibrator on for another minute then turned everything off. Within another minute, the vitals’ indicated Clair was asleep.

Fred went out to get dinner and Clair slept for about an hour. Then by agreement, Regina hit her with a long nipple shot.

“This is what we call a mind fuck.” He told Regina, then Fred leaned next to her head and said, just loudly enough for Clair to hear,

“Did you enjoy your first 12 hours, slut? Time to wake up and start Sunday.”

Of course, it was already Sunday night but Fred correctly guessed that for Clair time was meaningless.

The statement shocked Clair, she assumed her orgasm fest had been the end, like the grand finale of a fireworks show. To be told it was only half time created total despair.

“Please, Fred.” Was all she said, to which Fred simply said “Mummies don’t talk,” and hit her with several seconds of nipple pain.

“Fred,” Regina said quietly, “don’t you think she’s had enough?”

“I agree, we’re almost done, we’ll let her fall back asleep and then start cutting her out,” he replied.

Since she had an hour's post orgasmic cat nap, Clair managed to stay awake for almost an hour out of fear of being awakened by yet another nipple shock. She was still in despair. Twelve more hours to go? She was no longer wet or high on endorphins. This bondage was just agonizingly boring now. She wanted out, it wasn’t fun or sexy anymore. Twelve more hours of this?

And then she drifted off. And the next thing she realized that something or someone was moving the Hitachi between her legs and the movement on her clit was painful! It woke her up.

Fred and Regina each had a pair of safety scissors. Regina started beside the Hitachi cord and started cutting down one leg. Fred started next to the air hose intake and started carefully cutting up the top of Clair’s nose and across her forehead. Once he had her head free and the mask and water tube off he kissed her. “I’m so proud of you!” he said.

Clair was in too much of a fog to say anything, but the kiss felt good!

It took them about 15 minutes to get Clair cut out and during that time she barely moved. Once her torso was cut free, Regina carefully and gently took her arms and moved them around, eventually moving them above her head. Clair was surprised at how painful this was until she had stretched several times. Finally, Regina removed the catheter and Fred started to remove the butt plug.

“Stop!” Clair said firmly, the first thing she had said since being cut out. I need to do that in the girls room or we’re going to have a mess to clean up!”

After Regina got her robe and helped Clair to the bathroom down the hall, they sat Clair down at the folding table.

“I’m STARVING!” Clair declared and Fred pulled out the Sub sandwich he had saved for her. Regina started packing up the equipment she had borrowed, and Clair started attacking the sandwich like Fred was wishing she would attack his penis. True, he had gotten off as they had wrapped Clair, but the last 24 hours had been a denial experience for him as well and he was ready to get Clair alone at home. He was also very curious. He and Regina put a lot of effort into this experience, and he wanted Clair to tell him all about it. Now that she had eaten, Clair just wanted a shower and a very long sleep.

“So, tell us, how was it?” He asked as Clair devoured the last of the sandwich.
“Most INTENSE experience of my life! I want to do it again, longer! When can we do this again?” Clair said and then yawned.

And then they heard an almost whisper from Regina, “When is it my turn?”

Fred and Clair looked at each other somewhat in shock. After a few heartbeats Fred said, “um, I thought this was just an academic exercise to you? And anyway, you’ve been acting like a bad-ass Dominant the last 24 hours. Are you saying you want to try being a sub now?”

Regina turned around and looked at them both. She looked like she was about to cry.

“It’s OK, Regina,” Clair said quickly, “I understand. When I first saw my Mom in bondage, I got over the shock pretty quickly but I also didn’t think I was interested. Look at me now! We just didn’t realize your interests were, um, becoming more diverse? Whatever, it’s OK, of course Fred and I will ‘give you a turn.’”

“But we need to spend some time talking and building understanding, like we did with this play session,” Fred added, “and tonight is not the time. Looks like we need to set a date for another dinner get-together.”


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