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Storycodes: F/f; bond; cuffs; cage; cell; chain; bedtie; toys; tease; sex; oral; caught; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Oops, Jill has to go to tennis in her “Bob’s Bitch” collar.

Chapter 22: Cell, Cleaning and Tennis

After letting Jill rest for about an hour, Helen took one of her new creations down to the cell. It had only taken her a few minutes with the equipment at Schwartz Iron Works to make a full body chain that worked with the cuffs and collar that Bob had previously commissioned from Shwartz. When she took the chains down, Jill had fallen asleep on her bed, so Helen ran the chains along the cell bars making a clanking sound.

Once Jill was awake, Helen had Jill back up to the handcuff slot in the bars and attached one end of the chains to her collar. The other end of the chain formed a Y that provided two ends to attach to the steel cuffs placed around Jill’s ankles. The Y part of the chain gave just enough slack for Jill to walk in small steps. Finally, there were two short pieces of chain attached to the vertical Y chain about Jill’s belly button. These short pieces connected to the steel wrist cuffs that Helen locked on. The vertical chain was not quite long enough for Jill to stand straight, she had to bend at the waist and hunch slightly. She could work with her hands but couldn’t reach low enough to touch her clit nor much higher than her breasts.

Once all the cuffs and chains were locked on, Helen walked back to the key cabinet and grabbed the key to the chain between Jill’s collar and the ceiling rail and unlocked her from the trolly system.

“Upstairs you go.” Helen said, pointing out of the cell.

Jill shuffled across the room and up the stairs, looking like a sad slave girl all hunched over.

Once upstairs, Helen attached Jill’s ankle to the upstairs chain and instructed her to clean the entire upstairs, dust, vacuum, scrub the bath tile, sinks, toilet, everything. Jill looked at her chained wrists then looked up at Helen with a puzzled look.

“Figure it out!” Helen said while fingering the pocket holding the taser.

Jill got the message. First, she figured out that by using a step stool in the hall closet she could reach the cleaning supplies on the closet shelf with her mouth, bring them down to the floor and then pick them up with her hands. She also found that she could lean the top of the shower tile using the same step stool and holding the brush sometimes in her mouth and sometimes in her hands. Of course, all this required a lot of shuffling back and forth between the closet and the bathroom carrying the step stool and supplies.

Cleaning things at waist high or below, like sinks, toilets, etc. was difficult in chains but not impossible. Jill continued to move the step stool ahead of her so she could dust the tops of dressers, and other high surfaces. Mopping the bathroom floor and the upstairs hall’s wood floors also turned out to take a lot more work than Jill expected without full use of her arms to push the mop. She basically had to hold the mop and shuffle her whole body back and forth across the floor. Vacuuming took a similar amount of effort.

By the time Jill was satisfied with the upstairs and managed to put all her cleaning supplies away she was exhausted. Helen unlocked her ankle from the upstairs chain and simply pointed downstairs. Once down the stairs, a slow and careful process in the full body chains, Helen locked her ankle to the ground floor chain and instructed her to clean the bath in the guest bedroom (now Helen’s bedroom), the ½ bath and dust and vacuum the entire ground floor. This was turning out to be a long afternoon for Jill.

And after another two hours of shuffling, climbing, and bending to clean the ground floor, Helen unchained Jill’s ankle and took her into the kitchen.

“Bob will be home in an hour, if you expect to get off tonight, I suggest you plan and cook a meal worthy of getting laid!” Helen said and then left an already beyond exhausted Jill in the kitchen and went to retrieve the Hitachi vibrator from downstairs.

Helen parked in one of the stools at the bar in the kitchen and watched Jill. Any time she thought Jill was not going to be busy for a few minutes, like when Jill put a frozen steak in the microwave on defrost, Helen would call out “Inspection” forcing Jill to assume that position. Helen would then use the Hitachi to edge Jill for several minutes. This went on all through dinner preparation. Jill prepared Bob’s favorite and a simple but classic, Steak, baked potato with cheese, chopped onions, bacon bits, and a tossed salad with lots of fresh ingredients. Jill thought about grilling the steak but decided not to go back and forth to the deck but use the broiler instead.

Helen’s phone dinged, she read a message then announced that Jill was to go to the entry hall and assume the Nadu position. “I expect you to remember all of the lessons about positions I taught you!” Jill discovered that she could assume Nadu quite easily while wearing full body chains.

Bob opened the door and Jill remembered to keep her eyes down, although what she really wanted to do was jump up and hug Bob.

Bob dropped his suitcase right in front of Jill, didn’t say a word to her and walked right past her. “That smells good Helen, is that steak?” Bob asked.

“Sure is Bob, rare just the way you like it with a baked potato and salad.” Helen answered, as she winked at Bob. Then to Jill she said “Jill, take the suitcase to the bedroom, unpack it and put the dirty stuff in the laundry then return to the kitchen.”

“Damn,” Jill thought, “not only is she taking credit for the dinner I prepared but she’s sending me upstairs!”

When Jill came back down Helen had served Bob the dinner Jill had prepared, and he appeared to be enjoying it! Helen motioned for Jill to approach her, and she unlocked and removed the chains connecting her collar, wrists and ankles. She then said “Wall” and Jill found a blank section of kitchen wall to lean against and assumed the position.

As Bob ate, Helen detailed to him all that she had done to Jill, not that Bob hadn’t already watched much of the security cam footage in fast forward. As Helen did so, she periodically called out a position for Jill to assume, running her through the entire set several times before Bob finished. 

“Well Helen, I bet you’ve had a long three days and are looking forward to some time off, but would you mind taking Jill upstairs and chaining her to my bed? I need to type up my trip report before tomorrow.” Bob asked and again winked at Helen where Jill couldn’t see.

“Of course, no problem!” Helen answered as Jill thought “well this isn’t exactly the homecoming I was expecting!” and she started getting pissed off.

Upstairs Helen suggested that Helen use the bathroom as she turned down the bed and attached four lengths of light chain to the corners of the king-sized bed.

“Helen, what’s going on?” Jill asked in frustration, but Helen simply pointed at the bed and Jill climbed on and assumed the position.

When Helen had Jill stretched tight and her cuffs locked to the chain with small padlocks, she made sure Jill could see her put the keys in one of her pockets. “Don’t think Bob will be needing these before I get back tomorrow.” Helen said, looking right at Jill and smiling.

No, this was definitely not going the way Jill expected.

“Oh shit,” Jill thought as Helen took a powerful egg vibrator out of the nightstand and pushed it into Jill’s vagina. She turned the external controls on high, said “have a good night” and left.

Back downstairs, Helen handed the keys to Bob, “Well, I’ll head out now, I’m going to spend the night at the Ironworks, I have some projects to work on for the next couple of days.”

“Is she all ready?” Bob asked.

“Oh yea, I’ve been edging her all day and I put the egg in her, she’ll be both desperate and really pissed off at you by the time you go upstairs. Have fun Boss!”


Bob didn’t have to do a trip report. He was the V.P., people wrote trip reports to him. He watched some TV and generally relaxed, rinsing off the dishes but leaving the final cleanup for Jill tomorrow. Actually, waiting to make love to his wife was one of the hardest things Bob had ever done. The video’s from Jill’s cell had turned him on in ways he hadn’t expected. But he also wanted to play out this current game he and Helen had devised.

Jill was getting more and more sexually frustrated and more and more angry at Bob. The egg wasn’t enough, even on high, to even bring her close to an orgasm but it was really annoying. After a few hours Bob decided he couldn’t wait any longer and went upstairs but he still had a few plays.

As he walked past the bed he said, “I’m feeling really gross, I think I’ll take a shower before bed,” and just continued into the bathroom. Jill could hear the water running, Bob brushing his teeth, Bob drying his hair, how long could he take at this!

After what seemed to Jill like an eternity, Bob came through the bathroom door, naked and sporting an extremely hard erection.

“Finally,” thought Jill.

“Oh Bob, I’ve been waiting for this all week, I’ve been so good, I’ve suffered for you, Helen’s put me through hell, but it was worth it,” Jill said passionately.

“I’m glad,” said Bob with a yawn, “well, I’m tired after a long flight, you can tell me more about it in the morning.” And he turned out the light, curled up against her side, and was quiet. Jill could feel his penis pressing against her hip.

Thirty seconds ticked off in silence. Thirty seconds of Jill’s blood boiling, the egg still vibrating and Bob doing his level best to stay still and quiet.

“YOU BASTARD!” Jill screamed despite being chained, spread-eagle and naked on the bed. “I’ve taken hell all week just for you and I’m sopping wet and horny as hell and YOU want to go to sleep!” And Jill kept up a constant tirade of how unjust Bob was being.

She finally stopped when she realized Bob’s body was heaving. He was laughing and trying to suppress it, but he was shaking the whole bed. He was laughing at her. The bastard planned this! The bastard!

Bob pulled the egg out of Jill, rolled on top and thrust into her in one powerful shove. It wasn’t hard, she was sopping wet.

The sudden thrust knocked the breath right out of Jill. “Is that any way to talk to a man with this hard of a shaft woman?”

“OH god, Bob!” was all Jill could say as Bob started slow, deep and powerful trust in and out.

Bob knew his body, and he wanted to give Jill a ride worthy of her week, so he had used a bit of numbing orgasm extending cream when he was in the bathroom. He slammed into Jill’s stretched body again and again and again. Jill met him with her hips as much as the chains would let her but mostly, she just absorbed Bob’s passion. She came! She came again! She was rising to a third when she felt Bob’s warm ejaculate pulse into her and that tripped her into the most powerful orgasm of the three.

After laying on top of her for several minutes to catch his breath, Bob rolled off and grabbed a handful of tissues from the nightstand. He cleaned his penis and Jill as much as he could.

“Well, now I really am tired, good night, Jill,” he announced, and he curled up against her side and was asleep in minutes. Even chained up, Jill was soon fast asleep as well.

Nature, however, will prevail and Bob, like all men, had to pee shortly after his orgasm. When he returned to the bed, he unlocked Jill’s wrists and ankles. She didn’t stir, just curled up with him as they both fell back asleep.

The following weeks fell into a pattern. Routines were established. Helen would always return to the household by the time Bob left for work on Monday and would watch Jill during the day, returning her to Bob’s custody in the evenings. Sometimes Helen would prepare dinner. Sometimes Bob would prepare dinner when he got home. Occasionally Helen would bring Jill upstairs in chains to prepare dinner. Sometimes Jill would eat with Bob, kneeling on the floor at his feet, and sometimes at the table. Usually, Bob would simply take leftovers down to her cell. Helen would occasionally join them for dinner and might even join them in watching a movie. But most times Helen left as soon as Bob got home to run errands, etc., usually coming home to sleep in her room. Bob never pried into Helen’s life outside of work.

Jill frequently stayed in her cell continuously for days except for the daily exercise sessions and frequent edging. But Jill really looked forward to the nights when she could come upstairs for dinner, they would watch a movie or TV together and then sleep like a normal married couple. Except of course that Jill was in cuffs during most of the evening and chained to the bed to sleep.

Jill’s normal days were not nearly as rough as her “hell week.” Most days she stayed in the Cell alone. On these days, Helen would bring her a single meal mid-morning and Bob would bring her dinner. Helen would always open her cell and allow her to pull her chain trolly to the exercise bike or treadmill at least once a day. At least every other day Helen would ‘hose Jill down’ with the garden hose, allowing her to wash and air dry. And of course, any time Helen was horny she would simply remove her cargo pants, sit on Jill’s bed and spread her legs. Helen was obviously a nymphomaniac and could and would come two and three times a day on Jill’s face. Jill was getting extremely skilled at meeting Helen’s sexual needs.

Thursday was always house cleaning day and Jill would clean both floors of the house wearing chains. She was getting quite good at the process. Helen always inspected and usually found some minor deficiency to warrant using her belt on Jill’s backside. It would take a serious shortcoming indeed to warrant using the taser, but Helen always had it with her.

Jill was always the model prisoner, cooperative, polite, helpful and never complaining and Helen never really found a reason to punish her.

Once or twice a week, when the mood struck her, Helen would torment Jill just because. Sometimes it was a simple bondage like handcuffing her wrists through the bars where she had to stand in one place for the day. Sometimes it was more involved, like a strict hogtie for a few hours. Other enhancements were always used, like nipple clamps, Icy Hot, vibrators, and whatever evil Helen felt like imposing on Jill. And of course, there was the orgasm restrictions and increased edging whenever Bob dictated it, which was usually for at least a day before he expected to fuck Jill.

Helen enjoyed using all the toy’s that Bob had purchased from Schwartz. She would put Jill in the neck stocks frequently. She also found that when she put Jill in the neck stocks AND the ankle spreader that it was extremely fun to whip Jill on her tits and stomach until she could flop and twist and manage to turn over. Then she would whip her ass and back until she turned over again.

Another bondage Helen enjoyed watching was putting Jill in the scavenger’s daughter all afternoon. The hard cement floor pressed on her ass bones until she was begging for release – Helen would then rock her on her back, sit on her face and get eaten to at least two if not three O’s.

On Fridays, when Bob arrived from work, Helen usually packed a bag and left for the weekend. She used her weekends to do projects at Schwartz Iron Works and slept in the communal bed with her friends and co-workers. Bob might ask Helen to stay Saturday morning if he had a golf outing but normally, he and Jill had the weekend to themselves. Bob varied their activities and might include anything from near naked gardening in the backyard to a day of strict bondage ending in flogging and sex.

Tuesdays were the one exception to the pattern. Tuesday was Tennis Day. Helen would rise early and release Jill from the cell and all restraints including using the special magnetic keys to remove Jill’s “Bob’s Bitch” collar. Then Helen had the morning off. Jill would run upstairs, Shower in the real shower, fix her hair and put on a tennis outfit. She would pack a bag with another casual outfit for lunch. Jill would also fix herself a good breakfast to power her through the morning.

At the courts by 9 am, Jill met her foursome who practiced for an hour, then had a match with one of the other Chain Tennis Association teams until about noon. After the match the girls would shower and change into their casual clothes going to lunch at one of a dozen good places in Chain. This one “normal” morning helped keep Jill in shape but also helped keep her balanced and sane. It was good to just have a few hours of “girl talk” with friends. And nobody ever seemed to ask why Jill was never around the rest of the week.

After lunch, Jill, who was expected back home by 2pm, would strip and wait for Helen on her knees in the cell. She would NOT lock the cell door or lock her collar on and to the chain until Helen did so. Helen was almost always there at 2 when Jill arrived, but if she wasn’t Jill waited. If Jill needed to make doctors’ appointments for physicals, teeth cleaning, etc. those were done on Tuesday afternoon if at all possible.

One Tuesday after Helen had been Jill’s keeper for several months, Helen had a date to go bike riding in the mountains and to lunch with a new girl she had started seeing. She was so looking forward to her date that she wasn’t paying as much attention as she should to releasing Jill. She took the chains off but forgot to take the collar off. Jill was so excited for Helen; she was focused on interrogating her about this new person in her life and didn’t even notice Helen hadn’t removed her collar. And Jill was so used to wearing the collar 24/7 that she didn’t even notice it was still there until Helen was long gone and Jill was getting in the shower.

Not too worried, Jill finished her shower, got dressed and fixed some breakfast, then used her Children’s Phone to call Jill.

“Helen? I’m so sorry to bother you today, but you forgot to take my collar off this morning. Can you tell me where the magnetic keys are?” Jill asked.

The phone was silent for a long while and Jill was starting to worry that Helen was angry.

“Uhh, in my pocket.” Helen replied. “And I’m already in my friend’s car on the way to the mountains.”

The implications to Jill were clear, Helen couldn’t ask her new friend to turn around or to drive her by Jill’s house without having to explain too much.

Helen then added, speaking in code: “Figure it out Jill,” And hung up.

“Oh shit,” Jill thought. “I really don’t want to miss my morning and the girls won’t have time to find a substitute. But what will they think when I show up in this heavy metal collar with ‘Bob’s Bitch’ engraved in bold letters? There is absolutely no way to remove this collar without those keys.” And Jill sat down in the kitchen and cried for a bit.

“Oh, to hell with it!” she said out loud as she grabbed the car keys, her racket and bag and headed out to the car.

All three of Jill’s teammates were already on the practice court when Jill walked on. She had already decided that she was just going to play the collar as a joke that Bob had played on her and hope for the best. As each of the women noticed her in turn, Maggie raised her eyebrows and smiled, Carmen tilted her head to the side then looked away hiding a laugh and Karen yelled “Hell Yes! It’s about time.”

“What do you mean?” Jill said, “I’m not late?”

“Hell, no girl, it’s about time you admitted you’re kinky!” Karen said loud enough for the whole tennis complex to hear.

So much for playing it cool, Jill turned bright pink as all three women came over to the bench to look at Jill’s collar.

“Why you been in the closet so long, girl? We always figured you had some kind of kink, showing up here with red rings around your wrists that you tried to cover with sweatbands.” Karen said.

“Si, and you never around during rest of week!” said Carmen.

“Don’t let them give you shit,” Maggie jumped in, “your life is your life.”

“Well, if we gonna get some practice in before our match we better get started and talk about this at lunch.” Karen the team captain said, “So you can take that thing off now that you’ve shown off.”

“Uhmmm,” Jill started, “That’s why I’m still wearing it, I don’t have the special keys, I can’t take it off.”

“That collar looks heavy, it’s likely to break her collarbone if she jumps around much.” Maggie, the sensitive one in the group pointed out. So, after some discussion, Maggie loaned Jill a tea towel which the women wrapped around the collar and secured with some athletic tape.

When they finished practice and changed courts to meet their opponents for the morning, not one comment was made by the other team about Jill’s collar.

In the locker room, Jill took off the tape and towel, showered and put on her lunch outfit.

“Chain is a pretty progressive town but I’m not sure you want to wear that to lunch, want to skip this week?” Karen asked.

Jill almost started crying and looked at the floor.

“I think we can take that as a no,” Maggie said. “I have an idea.” Maggie pulled a colorful head scarf out of her pack and wrapped it decoratively around Jill’s throat, mostly hiding the collar. “The colors don’t really match your outfit, but it will do,” she declared.


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