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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 15: Cell, Jill Cheats on Bob

The projects with the Schwartz Iron works continue and Jill discovers she may be bisexual. Enjoy.

After a few weeks, Bev called to tell Jill they had the decorative gate done and ask if Jill would like to drop by their workshop and see it. Jill was so excited she was over within an hour. Helen saw her coming and took her back to Bev’s corner of the shop. Jill was amazed at the work of art Bev had created but Helen was amused that Jill kept stealing glances towards the door to their living quarters.

When they finished looking at the gate, Helen took Jill by her work area to show her the progress on the cell walls. “Welding iron bars into cell walls isn’t that challenging, I’m OK at this type of welding so they are letting me build your cell. I don’t think I’m ever going to master welding smaller or thinner pieces and welding aluminum or Titanium, I screw that up every time.”

Jill looked concerned and Helen thought she was concerned about the quality of her work, “OH don’t worry, Bev inspects every weld I make!” Helen said quickly.

“Oh, it wasn’t that,” Jill said, “I just worry about you, it doesn’t seem like you’re happy here?” she said kindly.

“I love the other women here, we’re family, and I love the ‘vibe’ here. But I’m discovering that Metal Art just may not be my ‘thing,” Helen explained, “I’ve realized that compared to these other women, I’m just not a very good artist. I’m crap as a welder. I am good at helping with installs, but my size is limited there so I’m usually just a helper.”

“Well, I hope you find fulfillment in life,” Jill said sincerely.

“Soooo,” now that you’ve seen the progress in your orders, do you want to get a cold drink? I’ve seen you sneaking looks at the door back there,” said Helen with a kindly smile. “Besides, you might be interested in the predicament Jenni’s got herself into.”

“Jenni’s still in the cell?” asked Jill as they walked back to the living quarters.

“Oh yea and after she bit Alicia, we may not even bother holding an election on the first.”

“She BIT one of the employees?” Jill asked, amazed.

As they entered the door, Jill was surprised by the sight that greeted her. She didn’t know Jenni and Jerri played this hard.

The cell door was standing open but that didn’t matter, Jenni wasn’t going anywhere. She was standing with her belly pressed against the cell bars and her tits sticking out between the bars. Two leather straps were wrapped around her body, holding her to the bars. One strap was around her waist and one just below her shoulders. Her hands were cuffed behind her. She did not look happy.

“What happened?” Asked Jill in genuine amazement.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” a voice with a Hispanic accent said from the kitchen area.

“Jill, meet Alicia, tinsmith extraordinaire and a really mean bitch.” Helen said, smiling.

Alicia stopped chopping cucumbers for the salad she was working on for dinner.

“Nice to meet you Jill, are you the metal fence?”

“And the cell Helen is building,” added Jill. “So she bit you?”

Jill noticed that Jenni was glaring but keeping her mouth shut, she was in no position to argue.

“Yep, I got back from a few days off and I was really horny, so I came straight to the couch.” Alicia explained in her Hispanic accent. “I wanted a nice slow ramp up and several orgasms. I told her to start licking slowly. The Bitch wouldn’t listen and kept sucking my Clit too hard. I was gonna cum too quickly, so I kept telling her to lick, don’t suck. The third time she sucked me into her mouth I hit the shock button and she bit me.”

Jenni couldn’t stand the perceived injustice any longer, “Well what did you expect, when you shocked me while your clit is between my teeth.”

Then Jenni screamed and bent her knees, picking her feet off the floor but hanging herself by the two straps in the process. Alicia had pressed her remote.
“If you’d listen,” Alicia yelled, “I wouldn’t have shocked you anyway, so you still deserve to be punished.”

Alicia was still holding the button down and she held it up where Jenni could see. Jenni could probably hold her feet off the floor for a long time, but the straps were cutting into her skin badly and she was pressed against the bars by her own weight. The pressure of the straps and bars made it impossible to breathe and Jenni was starting to look panicked. She realized that sooner or later she would put her feet down or pass out.

For several minutes Alicia held the button until Jenni finally had to put one foot down and take the pain just to get a breath. During all of this exchange, Helen kept an eye on Jill. This was a customer, after all, and when she brought Jill back to the cell, she hadn’t expected things to get this intense. Helen was about to take Jill outside, but Jill didn’t look horrified, she looked mesmerized. Helen let things play out, not that she could have controlled Alicia anyway, only one of the twins could do that.

Alicia let go of the button and put the remote back in the pocket of her overalls. “bitch,” She mumbled under her breath, then added, “Somebody edge her while I finish the salad.”

Jill looked at Helen with a puzzled look. “I didn’t think they were allowed to get off in the Cell.”

“OH, she won’t get off,” Helen explained.

Jill almost jumped when Jerri, who had walked up quietly behind her said, “When you press the vibrator against the clit shield it vibrates your whole crotch. It feels wonderful, but the sensation is so dispersed that it’s not enough stimulation to get off. Trust me, I’ve endured the torment many times, right dear sister?”

Jenni just glared.

Helen and Jerri shared a look between them. With a glance, Helen non-verbally communicated why she was letting a customer witness such a private moment between the staff. Jill was enjoying this on some level.

Jerri asked, “Everything all right with your order Jill? Jill?”

“Huh,” Jill realized she had missed something.

“I asked if everything was OK with your order?”

“Oh, it’s just wonderful,” said Jill, distracted while looking back at the scene before her.

Jerri smiled and nodded at Helen, accepting Helen’s decision to let Jill stay and giving her permission to continue with their customer as she saw fit.

“Would you like to edge her Jill?” Helen asked.

“She’s a customer for god’s sake Helen!” Jenni almost shouted.

“And you’re not in charge while you’re in the cell, bitch!” Helen said, but she obviously was more amused than angry.

“Uh, edge her?” asked Jill.

“Yea, take the Hitachi there and press it to her clit shield. You can move it around, take it off, put it back, rub it on her thighs, her asshole, even her nipples, the twins have very sensitive nipples.” Helen explained.

“Would that be OK with Jenni, she seems pretty angry.” Jill asked.

Helen was standing slightly behind Jill. She took her remote out of her pocket and held it up where Jill couldn’t see but Jenni sure could.

“Jenni, please beg Jill to edge you, so that she knows you REALLY want and deserve this. She’s spending a lot of money with us, and we really want her to have fun.” Helen said, all the while fingering the remote where Jenni couldn’t miss the message.

“Jill, please use the vibrator and edge me, I would really like you to.” Jenni said without much enthusiasm. Helen was tempted to make her do it over again, but Jill was already turning the Hitachi on. Helen went to get Jill a kitchen chair, so she didn’t have to kneel. Jill sat down and got comfortable, she was having a great time experimenting with different placements of the vibrator on the shield, different pressures, and how long she could hold it there before Jenni started to pant.

Although she couldn’t move much with the straps around her body, Jenni was starting to rock her hips and pant. Jill decided it was time for a break. When she turned the Hitachi off, Jenni whined. Jill walked back to the kitchen island where Alicia was fixing a big salad for the group’s dinner.

“You look like you’re having fun. You ever edge a girl before?” Alicia asked.

“No, no, I’ve never done anything like this.” Jill replied with wide eyes.

“Well, you’re doing great Chica.”

“You’re not mad anymore?” Jill asked?

“I was never mad Jill, it’s never a good idea to play when you’re mad. I was just messing with Jenni’s head,” Alicia whispered, “Still am.”

“You guys don’t play the way I expected,” Jill said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she doesn’t call you Mistress or Mam, she’s always mouthing off and trying to give orders. When Bob and I play, I’m very submissive, I try to be his ‘good girl’.” Jill explained.

“Jill, in the BDSM community there is an acronym: YKINMK or Your Kink is not My Kink. It’s usually thrown at someone online who is insisting someone else is ‘doing it wrong.’”

“Oh, no, I wasn’t suggesting you guys were doing anything wrong,” Jill said quickly.

“I know you weren’t, and I wasn’t saying that you and your husband are doing it wrong. The point of YKINMK is just that there are many ways to do Kink. Jenni and Jerry are ‘Brats.’ They get off on taunting us into making life more and more uncomfortable for them. You’ve met them both outside the cell, you know they aren’t like that in real life. It’s just how we play.” Alicia explained.

“Do they use a safeword?” Jill asked.

“Nope. But the twin outside the cell never plays with their sister and always has veto over anything going on. They won’t let things get out of hand because they know that next month, THEY may be the one in the cell.”

“Now why don’t you go edge her some more while I call everyone into dinner. Would you like to stay and eat with us?”

“Oh, dinner, I actually need to get home and fix our dinner, I didn’t realize what time it was!” Jill exclaimed. “But I can take time for one more round.” And she grinned at Alicia.

Jill picked up the vibrator and after just a few minutes had Jenni panting and rocking her hips again.

“Jill, please get me off,“ Jenni whispered, “These bitches will tease me all evening and I’ll die! I haven’t cum in over a month Jill, please, just press harder on the clit shield, please. Just try Jill, please!”

Jill didn’t answer, she just continued to move the vibrator gently around the shield, lifting it off when she thought Jenni was enjoying it too much, putting it back when she calmed a bit.

After about five minutes, Jill stopped and stood up. She realized all the employees and Jerri were gathered in the kitchen ready for dinner. It was time for her to leave, although she would have liked to edge Jenni all night.

“Thank you for your hospitality,” Jill said formally to the group in the kitchen, “Oh, and you should probably know that while I was edging her, Jenni begged me to get her off and called all of you, what was the word, oh yes, “bitches.”
Jill heard Jenni whisper “Cunt!” behind her.

She also heard, “Well that wasn’t very nice.” “She’s the bitch.” “Well, I know who I’m voting into the cell for the rest of the year.” And a cacophony of other comments.

Then she heard Helen say, “And I was going to share some of this salad I made with her. Now I think I’ll just give her some cucumber.” Helen was walking towards the cell carrying the largest cucumber Jill had ever seen! The thing was at least eight inches long and four inches in diameter.

“And we can make a cucumber taco!” a girl Jill later found out was Peggy. Peggy was carrying a bottle of hot sauce and walking towards the cell.

Jenni sounded seriously scared now and was apologizing like crazy, “I didn’t mean it, you know I love you girls! Seriously, I don’t deserve the cucumber and please, not the taco.”

Bev and Helen passed Jill holding a pair of small, special pliers and kneeled in front of Jenni. Two other employees Jill hadn’t met went into the cell and grabbed Jenni by the ankles. They pulled her legs back and apart, causing her to hang on her straps and open her legs. Jill realized Jerri had stayed back at the kitchen counter, watching but not participating in whatever was going to happen.

Jenni was seriously begging for mercy now. Helen winked at Jill indicating that everything was OK. Jill could tell that this wasn’t the first time the employees had done… whatever it was they were doing. They were working as a team.

Bev and Helen used the pliers to unscrew two of the barbells going through Jenni’s labia and shield, moving the shield aside without completely removing it from the third barbell.

Alicia reached through Jenni’s legs and inserted the cucumber into Jenni’s vagina. It was obviously stretching Jenni because she was gritting her teeth and a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Punta is so wet she sucked this thing right in.” Alicia sneered.

The cucumber was too long to go all the way in but it was just the right length for Bev to pull down on Jenni’s labia and get the barbells back in. Now the cucumber was pressing down on the shield and causing it to painfully stretch the barbells and with them Jenni’s labia. Jenni tried to clamp down on the Cucumber and keep it in, but she was so wet, and it was so large that it kept pressing down.

“Oh God, it’s too big, it’s too big, it’s gonna rip the rings right out of my labia, please, please cut a little off the end, please, just a little.” Jenni was desperately begging.

Jill turned to look at Jerri, to see if she would stop this, but Jerri was fixing herself a plate of salad and barely watching or listening to her sister.

“Now let’s fix the taco!” Alicia said enthusiastically, “You like your Taco’s hot, right Punta? Like your mouth!”

“I’m sorry Alicia, I didn’t mean it, I swear, not the Franks, that stuff is awful.” Jenni was outright balling now.

“Frank's red hot sauce, we put that shit on EVERYTHING,” Alicia laughed as she poured a liberal amount behind the top of the clit shield.

All of the girls went back to the kitchen, leaving Jenni strapped to the cell bars, trying to stop crying and calm herself, trying to absorb the pain.

“It’s a shame you have to leave,” Alicia said, “that stuff is liquid fire on tender skin. By now it has run down her clit and all around her labia. It will really start to burn in a few minutes and burn for at least a half an hour. Great dinner entertainment.”

“God I’d love to stay, really, I would, but Bob will be home for dinner and, well, my kink includes service. I need to have dinner for him,” Jill said.

“We understand,” said Helen, “I’ll walk you out.”

“Is Jenni going to be OK,” Jill asked as they walked out.

“Oh girl, she’ll be floating on the pain all night. Trust me, this isn’t an unusual night for Jenni or us.”

Helen wasn’t the quiet submissive girl Jill thought she was, Jill was learning that Helen was really quite a strong, confident woman.

On the drive home, Jill was replaying the afternoon, especially edging Jenni.

She edged Jenni. She had sex with another woman, sort of. Was it sex when you used a Hitachi? Of course, it was sex. She had sex with a woman.

Jill pulled into a parking lot and started to cry. She had sex with a woman.

She had cheated on Bob with a woman. She hadn’t intended to. She hadn’t even realized she was cheating on him at the time; she had been enjoying herself too much.

Would Bob leave her? No, probably not, but he would surely be mad? Disappointed?

Jill cried for a while then decided there was only one thing to do. She had to be honest. She had to salvage her marriage. She had to confess.

When Bob got home, he could smell pizza cooking but when he entered the kitchen, Jill was kneeling on the floor naked and crying. She looked up at him with an expression of pure agony. Jill was never this dramatic, he knew this wasn’t because she had burned dinner.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked, moving to comfort her.

Before he could cross the kitchen, she wailed, “Oh, Bob, I cheated on you.”

That stopped him cold in his tracks.


“I cheated on you,” Bob felt the anger starting to well up inside of him as Jill added “with a woman.”

That took a second before Bob’s brain comprehended the last part of that sentence. And several more seconds passed while his brain thought:

“No way Jill is a lesbian, she likes my dick too much and I have no doubt she loves me, a man.

A woman huh, I wonder how that happened, OHHH, Jill went to that Iron place today.

Hmmm, three way!

Naw, those girls at the iron place are half my age and not even close to my type, too much ink, piercings, and weird hair colors.

Oh wow, they are half Jill’s age too.”

“Well now,” Bob thought, “How the hell do I handle this.”

He went to the oven, opened it and said, “OK, so how long till the pizza’s done, I’m hungry.”

Now it was Jill’s turn to have to process unexpected words.

Just like Bob, Jill’s brain whipped through a series of rapid-fire thoughts:

“He doesn’t care. He isn’t jealous. He doesn’t love me.

Of course he loves me. He loves me so much that it’s OK with him.”

Then Jill got mad. “I spent an hour crying my heart out and it’s OK with him if I cheat?

Wait, is HE cheating?

Oh hell no, this is Bob, he loves me.

But that new assistant of his is hot and her tits are huge!

Naw, this is my Bob.”

Then Jill looked up at Bob and, through her tears, realized he was smiling at her.

“The fucking bastard,” she thought as she stood up and started to beat on his chest with her fist.

“I have been crying for at least an hour. I was so worried you would divorce me or something and you’re standing here smiling!”

“So, do you want to tell me all about it before or after we eat pizza?” Bob asked.

“Neither,” said Jill, getting control of herself. “It’s a crappy frozen pizza anyway. You’re taking me out to Luigi’s. After I fix my makeup and get dressed, that is.”

Jill fixed her makeup, put on his favorite dress and Bob did take her out for an “everything” pizza and a nice bottle of wine. Jill told him the whole sordid story in detail, including the part about the cucumber and the hot sauce. Later she wondered if including those details had been a good idea.

“You know, if you decide you’re bisexual, it’s OK with me. I do think, in the future, that we should tell each other if we’re going to play with someone else, but I realize this happened spontaneously and it’s OK Jill, really. I’m more intrigued than mad.”

“So, do you want me to give you a ‘hall pass’?” Jill asked, looking at him intently.

“No, Jill, you’re all I can handle right now and you’re all I need. If that ever changes, you’ll know because we will have talked about it as soon as it started changing, understand.”


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