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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; cell; cage; electro; naked; piercing; chastity; oral; cons; XX

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

A bit of a slow start to this chapter, hang in there, once I get some background out of the way it gets better. Enjoy.

Chapter 13: Cell, Schwartz Iron Works

Life was good for Jill and Bob since Clair had gone off to college. Jill’s weight was under control thanks to regular walks and rejoining her tennis team. Bob was also building a reputation at work as an outstanding salesperson, and one who went out of his way to help others. Bob never hesitated to coach or help younger or less experienced salespersons. It was obvious to both management and his coworkers that Bob was more concerned with the company’s success than his own.

It was still a surprise when Bob was called to the Chairman of the Board’s office. Mrs. Wainwright’s family had founded Chain Manufacturing and still owned the majority of the stock. As a result, her word was law. And Mrs. Wainwright was an imposing woman, Bob had heard many stories. So it was with some trepidation that Bob made his way to the top floor and into the Chairman’s reception area.

“Go right in Bob, she and Mr. Wilson are expecting you!” the assistant said, smiling.

“Oh shit,” thought Bob, “the President of the Company is here too.”

Pleasantries were exchanged and Bob was surprised when Mrs. Wainwright seemed to know all about him and his family. She asked how Clair was doing at State, She asked how Jill’s tennis team was doing, and she talked about Bob’s golf game, which was abysmal.

Shortly, she got down to business.

“Bob,” She said, “We’ve been watching you. You’ve exceeded quotas consistently for years in one of our historically toughest territories. Yet you still find time to coach and counsel with your co-workers, and that coaching makes your division one of the best in the company.”

“Thank you, but I’m just doing my job.”

“Well now you’re going to do it as a part of our executive team as V.P. of Sales," she said.

Bob was in shock. He thought there were at least two people above him in line for the retiring V.P.s job, one of them was his boss who was gonna be pissed!”

Mr. Wilson continued, “You’ll report directly to me Bob, you’ll get the V.P.s corner office of course, an assistant of your choice, roughly double your current salary and a small percentage of all your divisions sales as a commission.”

“And” Mrs. Wainwright added, “you’ll receive stock options. We like our executives to own a part of the company. Assuming you accept of course.”

Bob was in such shock he could hardly stammer out “Yes, Of course!” which he later thought wasn’t very professional, but Mrs. Wainwright and Mr. Wilson looked at each other and smiled.

When he got home Bob found Jill in the kitchen, he picked her up by the waist and spun her around saying “Your husband is the new V.P. of Sales!”

After celebrating, Bob announced that he was putting an order down on a Tesla Model S and asked Jill what celebratory purchase she wanted to make. She thought for a minute and said, “To replace that old wood fence around the back yard.”

“Seriously?” Bob was surprised, “I mean I agree we want to stay here. This house is perfect for us and I wouldn’t want to buy some McMansion just because we’re rich. But I thought you would at least want a car or some jewelry or maybe to hire a maid to clean this place.”

“My car’s just fine,” Jill exclaimed, “and I have more Jewelry that I ever wear. And why would I want a maid? I get off on service, cleaning the house naked and in chains turns me on. But that damn broken-down fence bugs me every time I walk out in the backyard. I don’t just want to replace it with more Home Depot wood sections, I want a nice, custom-made Iron fence and gate.”

Bob had no words. His wife could be unpredictable but a fence? He just smiled and nodded his head.

Later that week, Jill found herself entering through an impressive decorative double gate into the junkiest work yard she had ever seen. It was so junky with piles of iron rod, sheets, and beams, that she almost didn’t drive through the gates. In the back of the yard, she found a large industrial building that wasn’t much better, it was rusted and had weeds growing up the side. But Schwartz Iron Art had been recommended to her as THE place to get her fence.

When she walked into the building everything changed. There was every type of metal working equipment, and it was all clean and neat. All the iron inside the building was neatly stored in racks. Several young women were hard at work bending, shaping, and welding. Jill was surprised, she didn’t see a single man in the shop. One of the workers looked up, noticed her, and called out “Jenni”.

In a few minutes Jill saw a woman walk out of a door in the back of the shop smiling. “You must be Jill, I’m Jenni, come on back to the office it’s a little quieter. Jenni was wearing blue jean overalls and there was obviously nothing under the top. Her hair was orange, and the left side of her head was shaved, she was obviously the artist behind Schwartz's better work.

Over the next hour, Jenni showed Jill some of their work. They did gates, burglar bars, art installations, iron fences, and much more. Jill was impressed with the artistic quality and the mechanical quality of their work. Back in the office, Jill watched as Jenni sketched out some ideas and they made plans for Jinni to come out to the house to take measurements.

At one point, one of the employees came through the office and entered a door in the back. Jill just got a glimpse of what she was sure were cell bars. When the employee came back out, Jill was sure she saw cell bars. As they were wrapping up Jill decided to indulge her curiosity. She liked Jenni and didn’t think she would mind.

“I noticed that all your employees are female, that’s kind of unusual for a business like this so I’m impressed.”

“Well, we try to recruit women interns from the local technical college but there aren’t many that enjoy this type of work. We also recruit women studying metal art at the University. I think women have a better sense of design,” said Jenni.

Jill decided to go all in, “I couldn’t help noticing that you have what looks like a jail cell in the back?”

Jenni didn’t say anything for a while and Jill expected her to deny it or claim it was art or something.

All Jenni said was “The employees aren’t supposed to go back there when we have customers in the office.”

Jill took this as an admission and decided to risk more, “I wish we had a cell, my husband and I use a chain and two padlocks. A cell would be so much more fun.”

Now it was Jenni’s turn to ask personal questions, “On you or on him?”

“OH,” Jill said, slightly embarrassed for assuming, “I’m the one locked up. And of course, it’s consensual, I mean I like it, being helpless and all.” Jill stammered then finally shut up.

“OK, that’s good.” Jenni said getting more amused with this customer by the minute.

“So, is that your husband in there?” Jill asked assuming a FemDom situation and then immediately added, “I’m sorry, that was too personal, I should just shut up.”

Jenni liked this woman, she was funny, and obviously kinky and curious. And Jenni knew the story, everybody in Chain did, she had new money. So, let’s humor her and see if some business results.

“Come see.” And Jenni walked off towards the door.

On the other side of the door was an open floorplan living area that had been built in the back quarter of the industrial building. It was simple, but very functional and neat. There was a kitchen and eating area on one side, a living room and sleeping area on the other side, and no walls. Jill assumed the small, enclosed area in the back of the sleeping area was the bath. But right in the middle of everything was a free standing cell, about 8 ft by 8 ft by 10 ft tall. It looked solidly built.

And inside the cell was a naked woman who looked exactly like Jenni, right down to the haircut and color. She had a simple mattress on the floor, a camping toilet and nothing else. Jill felt weak at the knees and took in a sharp breath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you,” Jenni said watching Jill’s reaction, “this is also consensual.”

“Oh, it’s not that,” said Jill, “I was just, well, just picturing myself in that cell.”

Jenni laughed, “Well, then let me introduce you to the prisoner, my twin sister Jerri.”

As they approached the cell, the ‘prisoner’ dropped to her knees, spread her knees widely, leaned forward and put her forehead on the floor and clasped her hands behind her back. Jill looked at Jenni.

“When any of us approach, the prisoner must assume that position until given other instructions or until we walk away," she explained. “If she doesn’t, all of the employees carry one of these little remotes with them at all times.”

Jill thought she heard the woman in the cell whimper quietly.

Jenni continued, “if she doesn’t behave, we just press this button.”

Jerri tensed in the cage but Jenni didn’t push the button.

“What’s the button DO? Jill asked, and she thought Jerri whimpered again.

“Relax Jerri, I’m not going to press the button just to demonstrate, and stand up, conversation mode.” Jenni said.

“You must be Jill,” Jerri said, taking a deep breath, “nice to meet you. To answer your question, if you look closely, you’ll see that the floor is made of thin metal strips embedded into the epoxy of the floor. Every other strip is connected to an electrical frequency generator, similar to a medical tens device but much stronger. If my sister had pressed the button, I would have been in extreme pain for however long she chose to hold it.”

“Jerri designed and installed the system,” Jenni added, “she’s quite good with electronics. If you’re standing, the pain in your feet is so bad, because of the limited contact area, that we usually drop to the floor and lay down to spread the pain.”

“We?” Jill asked, “You mean you’ve tried it?”

Jerri and Jenni looked at each other then Jenni said, “might as well explain the whole lifestyle to her sister, she seems cool.”

Jerri took over, “We take turns in the Cell. Since we’re twins, most of our customers never notice and since we discuss all business, we can swap running the company seamlessly too.”

Jerri went on to explain, “On the Morning of the 1st of every month they hold a company meeting. You’ll notice that there are six padlocks on the cell door. Each employee has a key to one padlock. Whoever is out of the cage will strip and be locked in the cage with her sister. During the meeting the employees will review production, financial and sales reports. Every employee is a part owner, their compensation is minimum wage plus an equal share of the month’s profits. That means they are all highly motivated to do a great job.”

Jenni continued, “Of course it also means that they hold us accountable for our performance as sales and management.”

Jerri interrupted, “and that’s not all they hold us accountable for.”

“There are several other ‘company benefits’ to working here,” Jenni said, “the employees may choose to take free room-and-board by living here. If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re all lesbians or at least bi-sexual, so we all sleep together in that big king bed. At least those outside the cell sleep there.”

“You see that round opening in the Cell bars?” Jerri asked, “The one right next to that comfy padded lounge chair. Well any employee may lay on that couch, any time day or night, scoot her cunt right up to the opening in the bars and get a ‘tongue lashing’ from the prisoner. Failure to be VERY enthusiastic and skilled can be very painful for the prisoner.” Jerri said, waving the remote around.

“ANY Employee?” said Jill.

“I’m not an employee, I’m an owner, we’re not THAT depraved.” Jerri said, “but don’t worry, the sister that’s ‘out’ gets plenty in the action in that big king bed.”

“Or on that couch or on the kitchen table, or in the shower or. . .” Jenni added.

“You may get the impression that the sister in the Cell gets a little frustrated. Have you noticed my sister’s lovely jewelry?” Jenni asked, and pointing to Jerri’s crotch said, “Spread ‘em.”

Jerri held her thighs open with her hands. She was completely clean shaven. She explained, “Each of us has four labia piercings down each side plus a clit piercing. This lovely titanium shield covers my clit completely. It’s held on tightly by the four barbells that go all the way through both labia and the holes in the shield. Those barbells also make any penetration impossible. The shield prevents almost all stimulation. You can rub it around and get very frustrated, but it’s domed enough that no part of it touches the clit itself. You just can’t get off wearing this damn thing.”

“Well, you designed that ‘damn thing’ sister,” Jenni laughed.

Jerri continued, “So back to the monthly meetings. Once both of us are locked in, and the employees have reviewed the company’s performance and our performance both in and out of the cage, they take a vote on who spends the next month in the cell.”

Jenni added, “Sometimes they vote just because they want a fresh tongue, or one of us may have done something to piss them off.”

“Yea,” Jerri said, “like last month when I lost my cool over the Brinfield Dairy order and yelled at everybody.”

“Yup,” Jenni agreed, “that’s why you are inside this month for sure. Frankly I think they are still mad about the way you handled that. You may be in there for a few months. If I were you, I’d work harder at your oral skills.” 

“The losing sister stays in the cell.” Jenni continued, “If the clit shield needs to be moved the employees will bring in two special pairs of pliers, remove the bar bells from one and install it on the other. There are little balls that screw onto the ends of the barbells. With the pliers, they can be tightened so tight that there is no chance of unscrewing the little things with just fingers. Trust me, we’ve both tried.”

“And with all the loud passionate sex going on all around you at night and the clit licking all day, you get where you really want to get that shield off.” Jerri exclaimed.

One of the employees stuck her head in the door then quickly said “Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize the customer was in here, I’ll come back.”

“No, no, Bev, come meet Jill. We may make a cell for her.” Jerri said to signal to Bev that it was OK to talk in front of Jill.

“Nice to meet you Jill, I hope you are getting a good tour.” Bev said.

“Yes, thank you,” Jill replied with a smile, “it’s all very interesting.”

“Bev is our most talented welder, she can drop a smooth, consistent bead with the best of them.” Jerri then asked, “Did you need something?”

“Oh, not really,” Bev replied,“ I was just going to take a short break,” and tilted her head towards the prisoner.

“Don’t let us stop you,” said Jill, adding, “Jenni and Jerri have been explaining all the excellent employee benefits to me and I’d love to see a satisfied employee.”

Bev looked at Jenni who just shrugged as if to say, “Go for it if you want to.”

Like most of the employees Jill had seen at Schwartz Ironworks, Bev was wearing a pair of blue jean overalls. She unbuttoned the two buttons at the shoulder straps and let the overalls drop to the floor. It didn’t surprise Jill that there was nothing underneath and that Bev was also clean shaven.

Jenni had never seen cunnilingus in person and up close. And she was close. Bev had labia that were much longer, thicker, and meatier than Jills. The variety in the human body was amazing.

“I don’t want some long, drawn-out romance slut.” Bev growled at Jerri, “I need to finish those sconces today so don’t mess around, just get me off!”

And Jerri dove in, putting her arms through the bars and grabbing Bev’s waist, she pulled her hips towards her.

“Ohhh, that’s good, right there, suck it bitch!” Bev instructed.

Jill watched Bev’s breathing quicken, she saw her back arch and then her hands started kneading her own breast and pinching her own nipples.

After several minutes, Jill realized her own breathing was getting ragged, and she was definitely getting wet. She was also staring right at Bev’s cunt, mesmerized. She felt that was rude, even though she had been invited to watch, sort of. She pulled herself away to look back at Jenni.

“Lovely, isn’t it. So different from making love with a man. A woman just knows what to do.” Jenni said.

Bev moaned in the background and started panting.

Jill nodded but decided to get back to business before she started showing a wet spot in her slacks.

“It is,” she agreed, “but we should probably go back to your office and set up a date for you to come measure.”

As they walked back to the office, Jenni thought, “somebody is discovering she’s bi.”


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