Button's Square

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2024 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/mf; bond; slave; dungeon; shop; cuffs; costume; latex; chair; straps; hood; toys; remote; fucking-machine; cons; X

This story is meant as a lighthearted April Fool’s nod to the people that make this site happen and inspired my own musings. Names have been altered to sort-of cloak the not-so-innocent. This is purely a work of (hopefully droll) fiction and fantasy. I hope you find it amusing and is received with the same appreciation and comedic intent in which it was conceived. Any website mentioned is fabricated for the purposes of this story.

Button’s Square – a humorous erotic farce

Mid-morning was just coming on. Not far from a derelict Underground terminal, two women walked nearly side by side in matching taupe trench coats and black bell caps, down a hardscrabble side street off Piccadilly. The slightly older of the pair had a stately air about her as she swung a large set of keys in one gloved hand and a purse by the strap in the other, her black patent leather heels echoing loudly on the pavement. Her companion was noticeably slender and a touch mousy as she hurried to stay close, nervously glancing around as they went. The lead woman stopped abruptly in front of a nondescript storefront of plate glass with stacks of well-thumbed books piled haphazardly in display. A shabby wooden shingle hung over the door, large faded black letters that were barely discernible read, ‘Button’s Second-Hand Books’.

“My Deirdre! I had no idea your shoppe was so tucked away.” Being an avid reader, she jumped at the chance to help at her friend’s bookstore, perhaps learn a few things about publishing.

The woman with the keys gave a sidelong smirk at her companion as she unlocked the door. A bell on a coiled spring rang overhead as she held it open, the slender girl nearly running inside. Deirdre gave one last look up and down the street before proceeding in and locking the bolt behind her. The girl noted how dimly lit the shoppe was as the books on the shelves seemed to absorb any ambient light. A fine layer of dust coated almost everything. The plaster walls and ceiling were cracked, the paint a depressingly drab blue. The floor was made up of rather squeaky and worn narrow applejack planks whose reddish color gave off the illusion of warmth in the otherwise chilly space.

“Right. I was ‘round earlier to set things up for you. The shoppe is closed today and Monday, but you will still need to make sure all is in order and cared for. I’ll be back from Calais Monday afternoon. Call me if you have any issues.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Deirdre swept toward the middle of the building where a counter with a corroded antique brass cash register stood sentinel. “There’s no call for that, Jacquelin.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Deirdre rolled her eyes as she took off her cap, her black bobbed hair falling quickly in place. She set her handbag on the counter. “Keys: always on a hook when not in hand. Your phone stays under the counter.” The many keys rattled, almost singing as they were placed on a cast-iron peg on the wall. The girl handed over her phone. “Now, no notes over fifty pounds. Take the quid out of the till after you’ve locked up and put it in here.” She pulled a large leather-bound volume of ‘Don Quixote’ off the shelf behind the counter, revealing it to be hollowed out. Jacquelin’s eyes widened as she took note. “Coin can stay in the drawer.”

“Right. Notes in Don. Lock up first. Coins in the till.”

“Are you sure you’re up for all this?” A narrow judicious gaze squared on Jacquelin.

“Oh yes, Deirdre! I promise I won’t let you down! Rob’s out of town for the week as well visiting his parents in Lincolnshire.”

“Well… Follow me.” She took the keys back off the hook and walked to a narrow corner at the back of the store where there was a closed wooden five-panel door with a bent red tin sign on it that read ‘Private – Employees Only’. The room held the usual office trappings with one exception. There was a noticeably large rectangle cut into the floorboards with a flat brass ringed pocket handle coved into one edge. Deirdre stepped to it and pulled it up with a huff. The trap door swung up and rested against some metal filing cabinets pushed against the wall. Stone steps beneath descended into a darkened corridor. “I was told a previous owner made this up just before the Blitz. Right, let’s see how you dressed for the occasion. Put your things on the coat rack.”

Jacquelin took off her cap, letting her fire-red curls down. Removing the coat, she was outfitted in a white strapless latex dress trimmed in black with a dangerously short hem. Fishnet stockings and shiny white pumps accentuated her legs. A pair of thick studded black cuffs adorned her wrists. The ensemble and her makeup gave the impression that she was out for a night at the club.

“Not bad, but tomorrow you may want to dish it up a bit more. You want them intimidated but enamored. Loose the wrist cuffs, now. You need to exhibit that you’re in control. Remember the three most important points: respect, consent, communicate.”

The young girl nodded and with a beginner’s assurance repeated in a clear voice, “Respect, consent, communicate.”

Deirdre removed her coat and hung it up as well. Jacquelin was apprehensive at the sight of her friend’s outfit. Deirdre had a black bullet-studded choker around her neck and a black leather gromet-studded corset with decorative chains which pushed her cleavage all but over the top. Black leather gloves stopped at her elbows. Her leather hot pants matched the corset and knee-high stiletto boots. The pair carefully proceeded down the stone steps to a locked metal door. “The morning should take until nearly open. Noon will be a rush to get lunch on. The evening will take much longer. In any case, spend as much or little time as you like so long as everything is tended to. Now, down here beyond this door I’m Mistress Tamora. It is imperative to address me properly in their presence. As you are somewhat unfamiliar and a novice you will be addressed as Lady Lapin. DO NOT allow the slaves to get away with familiarities under any circumstances.”

“Yes Mistress.” A large key clanked within the lock and the door slid on rollers to one side.

Jacquelin gasped as the crimson room with black rubberized flooring on the other side stood in stark contrast to what she imagined given the state of the rest of the building. Mistress Tamora leaned into her, “Do close your gob and try to look like you’ve been in a dungeon before.” Jacquelin did as she was told as she scanned the reasonably lit and sterile room, her eyes still betraying her shock. Mistress Tamora hung the keys on another hook just inside and took a tablet off the wall from next to the keys.

Inside and to the left of the door the wall held a large number of S&M implements and gear on hooks, shelves, and pegs. Everything from paddles, whips, handcuffs, spreader bars, yokes, ropes, various gags, dildos, anal plugs, vibrators, chains, and a host of others proudly organized and displayed. A series of motorized devices lined the floor below. The room had a selection of bondage furniture spread about with a St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, pillory, milking table, a small cage on rollers, and an exam table with stirrups. Various points on the ceiling, floor, and walls had yellow painted ring-like anchors bolted down. The far wall featured two small jail cells of steel bars; a narrow wall between them. A small bunk and stainless-steel prison sink/toilet combo were in each. To the left was another pair of doors. One was solid metal with a padlock marked in a black spray paint stencil ‘Our Dear Buttons’. A sliding slot at eye level allowed for access and a view in. The second door was made up of more steel bars. Inside, a large ring hung from a chain above and there was a drain in the floor. A garden hose with a sprayer was connected to a spigot.

There was a dais in the middle with a high wing-backed velvet throne looking on at the opposing wall to the right. It was this area that caught Jacquelin most off guard. There was a fridge, microwave, small wet bar, and some lockers on the near half. A large computer server and bank of two monitors were against the other end of the wall. In front of the screens sat what resembled a woman and a man, each encased in black latex with a black leather hood which locked at the back. With noise canceling headphones on, they were fully bound to padded metal sheathed chairs. A soft whirring sound seemed to be coming from the base of each. Small brass locks in the buckles prevented their undoing the straps over their limbs, heads, and bodies. Each had a trackball under one hand while a small tablet was under the other. They scrolled and tapped as their monitors fed through lines and blocks of words. The headrests were fashioned with large blinders on the sides to prevent them seeing each other or others in the room.

“They can’t hear or see us for now. Do you remember everything I told you?”

Lady Jacquelin Lapin was startled out of her astonishment. “Oh! Umm…”

Mistress Deirdre Tamora gave a displeased sigh and rolled her eyes yet again. “I put all the instructions in a file on this tablet for reference, but I’ll go over them one last time, so pay attention. You will feed the lot breakfast and dinner in their cells. At noon I’ve found it’s easier just to loosen their restraints. Your day starts at 6 a.m., the shoppe is open from 9-to-4. Lock up for lunch. There is more than enough food in the fridge for while I’m away.

“Now, play time and discipline in the morning is meant to give them incentives for after the shoppe is closed. There are some general ideas of what to do with them in the tablet as well. Use your imagination… within reason. I do not tolerate any abuses. The safe word in this dungeon is Oklahoma. It’s easily understood even with a full cock gag in.”

She walked toward chairs with her nervous friend in tow. “Mind the anchors. I painted them, but still manage to stub my toe often enough.” She wheeled around giving Jacquelin a start. “Address the interns by their slave names at all times. The bloke is Slave Adam and this strumpet is Slave Eve. They don’t know each other by actual name, sight, or intimately either. I’ve made quite sure of that. Their contracts and info are also in this tablet, but you needn’t bother with them. Two lockers contain their effects and the clothing they showed up in. The third is full of cleaning supplies for the dungeon. At the end of each day, they are to wipe, mop, and dust everything before you shower them and lock them away. Depending on how much empathy you have you can really make them work for it. Even if it is clean, I do enjoy watching them try all the harder.”

“How long have they been here?”

“These pair are up the day I get back. I wanted to make sure you could care for a pair of seasoned slaves. They shouldn’t be too difficult as they know my expectations. For sanity sake and to keep myself from getting bored with them I only allow three-month internships. The ad is buried in the ‘Personals’ on the ‘Forum’ tab but I still have a waiting list. They pay a small fee to fulfill their submissive desires, and I get them to publish story proposals to the site. It’s slow going and torture in itself to read and reread so many; making corrections, notations, formatting, posting, and emailing back and forth for clarifications or updates. That’s why this arrangement appealed to me and my partner so many years ago. The time spent editing and proofreading goes on their resumes after.”

“Oh! I didn’t realize it was so much work!” Jacquelin thought about all the times she and her boyfriend had accessed buttonssquare.org to add some spice to their carnal enjoyment. She logged in every Sunday evening without fail to read the latest updates. When Deirdre filled her in as to her side job as a dungeon and erotic web mistress, and how she needed help while she was away, Jacquelin was very eager to oblige as she looked up to her. Now that she was where the sausage was being made, and filled in as to how, it seemed to be truly daunting.

Mistress Tamora read the worry on her friend’s face, “I know it seems like being a nanny, and truth be told it largely is. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any enjoyment out of it either. You ready to meet your slaves for the week?”

“Yes, I suppose so…”

Deirdre crooked an eyebrow and gave a hard look. “Yes… what?”

“Oh! Um, yes Mistress Tamora!”

Taking the headphones off each of the slaves, Mistress Tamora stepped in front of the chairs and said firmly with dramatic flair, “Time for a break and to meet a… colleague of mine. Slave Eve, Slave Adam, say hello to Lady Lapin.” She motioned for the girl to step into view.

In near unison they responded “Hmmow Mmyby Maphinn.” Lady Lapin took small tentative steps to be alongside of her guide as she stared in curiosity at the pair. A wide covering with snaps on the sides were over their mouths. The only visible parts of their bodies were their eyes and private areas. Eve’s breasts were also exposed due to an opening in the chest of her suit. The female ground her hips sensually as a dildo slowly worked in and out of her sex from an opening in her seat. The man had a very restrictive chrome chastity cage on his genitalia. He ever so slightly bobbed up and down while his cock flexed within its confine.

“Are they alright?”

“Oh yes. Would you like them to speak plainly to you?” Lady Lapin gave a concerned nod to her friend. Mistress Tamora unsnapped the thick stubby cock gags from over their mouths. They both yawned and worked their jaws, letting soft moans escape. “What do you say to Lady Lapin for her generosity?”

 “Thank you, Lady Lapin.”

Mistress Tamora smiled and said “Feel free to ask them anything you wish. But you lot remember, no speaking unless spoken to.”

In a small voice, “You, Slave Adam. Why are you fidgeting like that?”

“Oh, Mistress allowed a cock in my arse during today’s work. Mistress Tamora, would you increase the speed please?”

“Tutt tutt Slave Adam. All play and no work makes Jack a filthy little pervert,” she rhymingly teased. “The chairs were done by a subscriber years ago, went by Mechster. In addition to the restraints you see, these chairs can penetrate, or double penetrate, a slave and administer electric stimulation via wire leads. The dildos themselves can be changed out from behind. The tablet controls their speed, depth, and rotation, as well as the electrical output commands.”

“Oh Mistress! Please increase mine, and deeper! Please?!” Slave Eve couldn’t restrain her desire for more vigorous pleasure. Likely spurred on by the passage she was reading.

“How dare you! Such insolence, and in front of my guest no less!” Mistress Tamora quickly whispered to Lady Lapin, “This is a good chance to establish your dominance as she’s willfully talked out of turn.”

Lady Lapin’s eyes wandered as she considered for a moment before deciding to channel her Royal Marine father. In an abnormal scream of rage for her, “ALL RIGHT YOU MAGGOT! Back to work or it’ll be the LASH for you!” A mask of wrath over her face as her curls shook, her fists balled up.

The dungeon mistress’s jaw dropped in surprise before she gave an off-guard scoff at her friend’s over the top delivery. “…One moment,” and she slipped the noise-canceling headphones back over their ears as genuine fear reflected in their eyes. She took Lady Lapin by the arm out of view. “That’s… a bit too much. Dial it back some, and then some more. Remember they are here of their own free will. We show respect and never, EVER, abuse. Got it?”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I just don’t make a pig’s ear of it while you’re away.”

“Well, it’s nice to know you got it in you, but just go easy. It’s like playing a character in a play. I like to think of my snidey old school matron, the type who got the lesson across but didn’t hesitate to take the piss out of ya and use a yardstick to do it.” Lady Lapin registered a sudden understanding. “Now, think about what would be an appropriate punishment for what Slave Eve has done.”

Thinking about how she talked out of turn and pleaded for more pleasure than was given, a lightbulb went off. “Stick her in a chastity belt for the rest of the week! Tie her to the cross and tease her with a vibe!”

“That’s very good,” the pride and approval from Mistress Tamora was palpable. Handing over the tablet she continued, “Right, go straight away and tell her the punishment and why. Switch off the cock between her legs first.”

Lady Lapin moved in front of Slave Eve and stopped the dildo at its midpoint before removing the headphones. She considered her title, the regal connotation of it, and in a calm high-born tone she stated, “Slave Eve. For speaking out of turn and requesting more than what was so charitably given, you will be confined to a chastity belt for seven days. Further punishment will be supplied on the cross this evening.”

“Y… Yes Lady Lapin.” The lament in her voice was gilded with acceptance of her crime. Lady Lapin snapped the cock gag in and placed the headphones back on as she eyed Slave Eve slowly getting back to her editing.

“Very well done Lady Lapin!” Slave Adam, noting a shift in the tone of the room, got back to work as well. His mouth unrestrained, he freely moaned as he bobbed in gratification while he worked. The ladies moved back to the dais. “If ever the safe word is given, everything stops and communication begins. If they are done, they are done. You will release them from all bonds and if they wish to leave, then that’s that. There is to be no animosity toward anyone. We are professional and courteous to their wishes. Understand?” Mistress Tamora took the tablet back and tapped the screen. Classical music began to softly play from hidden speakers.

“Mistress Tamora, earlier when you said you have a partner… who would that be?”

“Ah! Buttons of course!” She gave a small laugh, “Our partnership is as friends and business associates. We have a mutual respect for what we each bring. We make a small go of selling bits ‘n bobs to our readers. Perhaps you’ve seen the link to the storefront?”

Lady Lapin thought for a moment, “Oh, yes Mistress! Rob did buy a few novelties some months ago.” She flushed, realizing that she’d just let Deirdre know that she had adult toys of some sort.

“You needn’t worry about filling orders. Buttons and I will take care of that when I get back. Just make sure the slaves are tended to and you’ll do grand. Buttons actually started the site before I came on board. His situation and our arrangement are rather… unique. Here, it’s time I introduced you.” They walked across the room to the white steel door with black stenciled letters. “Don’t let him fool you. He can be very convincing. His care and happiness are of utmost importance. Without him, there is no Button’s Square.” Before Mistress Tamora slid the door slot open she gave a serious look to her friend. “Never treat or talk to him as you would a slave. Be yourself. When you address him, you are Jaquelin. Now, why don’t we say hello.”

The slot slid open, revealing a white padded room with a comfy looking bed, computer on a desk, and a locked trunk in the far corner. “Ah! Deirdre! Back so soon? Oh! Is this your friend you’ve told me about? She looks like one of the Spice Girls she does!” Jacquelin was completely disarmed and couldn’t help but smile at the affable balding little gentleman, cheerfully smiling back at her from the middle of the room. Other than his striking resemblance to Donald Pleasence, she thought it odd that he was so chipper given he was bound in a white straitjacket.

“Hello again Buttons! You worked out the next chapter yet?”

“Come, come. It’s much too early for that! I’m still working out how my maidbot ends up in the Mars colony in the clutches of space cowboys.” He ambled up to the door. “Any chance of an advance?”

“Now Buttons, we’ve done that one time too many. Last time you got an advance, I didn’t get your story for nearly ten months.”

“Well, you can’t blame an old dog for old tricks. Now, who is this lovely Aphrodite with roses for locks!” Jacquelin smiled even harder as she briefly looked down. His charm was inescapable even if she thought he was a bit mad. She honestly forgot there was a locked door between them.

Blushing, she brushed a curl over her ear, leaving her hand to rest on her shoulder. “I’m Jacquelin. It’s nice to meet you Buttons. I, um, I love your site. I read all the stories as soon as they go up.”

He chuckled, “Well, I couldn’t believe all that! What brings you here with this salty old fishwife?”

Deirdre took the remark in playful stride. “Oy! You know the deal. You get yours when I get mine. No need for names, especially with old thrown in between!”

“I, uh, was actually hoping to learn a bit about publishing, maybe the writing process. Deirdre says…”

Smack! Button’s eyes went wide in alarm as he looked from one of the women to the other in quick succession, his mouth slightly ajar. Mistress Tamora said in a stern monotone, “That’s your second warning… Lady Lapin.”

The open hand spank to her latex covered buttock stung. Jacquelin didn’t know what to do, her words stuck in her throat as her mouth hung open in shock, eyes wide. Buttons tried to break the ice, “I’m afraid she is rather a stickler for the rules.” He risked a joke, “They can be a pain in the ass.”

The jest clicked and Jacquelin unfroze. She gave a genuine laugh as her friend gave a sidelong look at her with a sly grin. “I’m sorry... I was saying, Mistress Tamora says this would be a good experience for me to gain some inspiration.”

“And a touch of confidence. I’m sure there’s a wonderful talent in there just waiting to be released.” The tension resolved, Mistress Tamora put a kind arm around her protégé. “I’ll be back next week and I’m sure she’ll have the start of a wonderful story to tell.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, Mistress.”

Buttons resumed his glowing persona, “You can help me get on with my chapter! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my current work.”

“Ah! Up to your old tricks again? Watch him, he’ll charm you right out of your knickers.”

“Come, come! There wouldn’t be any harm done! And you said she just needs experience.”

“Go, Go! You answer with a wicked tongue! Well… alright. But I expect it finished when I get back, or the piper gets paid. You up for it Lady Lapin?”

Jacquelin smiled brightly, “Oh, yes! It’d be an honor Mistress Tamora!”

“You know the drill Buttons. Jacket comes off, words get written. And no indulgences.”

He furrowed his brow, “Yes, yes fine. You’ll have your pound of flesh. Working alongside such an enchanting and beautiful lass, I’m sure it’ll be out in no time at all!”

Lady Lapin blushed and smiled as she looked at her feet again, playing with her fingertips.


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