Brag's Female

by LilCthulhu

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; drug; training; buttplug; toys; gag; naked; collar; sex; reluct; XX

Continues from

Part 3

Chapter 1.) Adapting to Bondage

Madison had been at the beach, submitting herself to Brag for the past 14 days. During the first two days, he had solely trained her by forcing her to pull a heavy palm trunk over the sandy beach close to their camp. Later on, he instructed her to serve as a pack animal by carrying heavy jugs of water from a spring in the jungle back to campsite and pulling heavy logs and stones for the construction of a small shelter and carrying equipment and loot when he went on hunting trips.

On occasion, especially after returning back to camp following a long day of hunting, Brag would sit atop her shoulders and let her carry him, almost like she was a horse or mule.

Madison found it extremely humiliating and exhausting. However, over time, she began adapting to the physical and mental changes brought on by the drugs. Her muscles grew, and her skin adapted to the intense sun, allowing her to run barefoot through rough terrain with ease. Eventually, she stopped resisting and gave in to her situation, which was aided by the fact that Brag had steadily improved her outfit.

Madison's old gag was replaced with a bridle-like piece of wood, featuring a large ball in the center. Similarly to her old gag, the new one was covered in sweet tasting leaves, which Brag changed twice a day. At first, she tried to suppress the weird instinct to suckle on it, as it made her drool excessively. However, after a while, she realized that the leaves effectively numbed the pain she was experiencing in her legs and arms, so she began to drink more and more of the sweet nectar.

Furthermore, Brag fashioned a leather collar for Madison from her old belt. Despite her initial reluctance, she had to admit that the little monster was quite handy. He was able to cut and saw the belt easily, and after a while he had formed a collar from it. It fit snugly around her neck and did not chafe or scratch her skin. He even created a ring in front, using some metal wire he had found on the beach, allowing him to easily leash her.

A little further down from the belt, the most restrictive item in Madison's outfit was located; her harness and armbinder. Her arms were still forced into a reverse prayer position on her back, albeit it didn't cause her as much pain or cramping as before. A series of tight ropes formed a web, holding her hands in place while pressing her palms together, and her elbows against her back.

Along with inhibiting her use of her arms, the harness was vital for Brag to connect things to Madison, allowing her to pull or carry them around. Therefore, Brag devoted much effort into ensuring that this part of her outfit was perfect. Despite having opened the harness twice to clean and improve the ropes since her capture, he always took care to tie the rest of Madison's body down and stun her with poison. In short, Brag paid close attention to ensure that she was never able to use her hands.

The harness had also been improved making it even more inescapable than before. Not only did it continue to tightly bind her hands, but it also now circled over and under Madison’s breasts, constricting them but also providing support when she was moving around. Considering how sophisticated the rest of her outfit was, this change was likely intentional.

Further down from the breast part of the harness was the last and most humiliating piece of Madison's outfit. It had not changed much, but it was still a constant source of discomfort. A set of ropes were tied to form panties and directly connected to her harness. The central rope of this sinister construction was snug between her butt cheeks and dug deep between her pussy lips. To make matters worse, it contained carved wooden dildos that were firmly held inside of her, and there was no way for her to get rid of them.

The dildos in Madison's outfit were the primary method of her control. On one hand, they prevented her from relieving herself without assistance, resulting in a dehumanizing situation and a brutal blow to her self-esteem. However, it was the oil that the wood was oozing that was even more insidious. The oil was an incredibly potent aphrodisiac that ensured she was constantly horny. It was so strong that she could barely focus on anything else but the overwhelming urge between her legs.

Chapter 2.) Change of Mind

Madison wasn’t exactly sure what day it was when she woke up this morning. Like always, her ankles had been tied together during the night and connected to her elbows with a short rope, effectively preventing her from getting up or moving around. But she had enough room to rub her legs together, attempting to move the dildos inside of her and get a little sensation.

Later, when Brag woke up, he just smirked at her attempts to relieve her sexual needs. Like every morning, he massaged between her legs. His fingers ran over her wet pussy lips, roughly rubbing them against the rope trapped between them. It didn't take him long to make her hump his hand and moan with delight. But as always, he stopped just a few moments before Madison could cum.

The first few times he had done this, Madison had tried to argue and scream in protest, but her tantrums always ended with a painful spanking and scolding words. So, she had learned to behave. Moaning in frustration and rubbing her thighs together was okay and even made him smirk a little, but she avoided anything else so she could stay on his good side.

The most frustrating thing about the situation was that Brag never 'used' Madison. In her naivete, she was sure he would take advantage of her. She dreamed, fantasized, and hoped that he would provide her with relief from her sexual frustration. However, he remained disinterested. It was driving her crazy. For once in her life, all she wanted was to get used and fucked hard, yet she was trapped with a man who showed no interest whatsoever. How could this be so incredibly unfair? If he wasn't into it, why did he tie her up and treat her as he did?

Madison had tried to seduce him multiple times. Offering her body to him, she would turn around and wiggle her butt, begging him to take her from behind. However, he always just laughed and patted her rear, forcing her to get back to work.

Madison felt rejected and increasingly desperate as each attempt failed. At first, she was confused and hurt, but now she believed that she must earn sex with him. If he fondled her when she did well, then he knew what she wanted and at least like her, she thought. So she tried harder and harder to impress him, believing that eventually he would accept her and let her orgasm. Despite the absurdity of this idea, she wholeheartedly believed it and became determined to not only do what she was told but to do her best to please him.

Now Madison felt like her efforts were working. She hadn't received any serious punishment in days, and her Master was teasing her with more intensity and frequency. Though she hadn't yet had an orgasm, she was sure she was getting closer. It just had to be that way!

As she fantasized about sex with Brag, he began to prepare breakfast. Madison was fed the same bitter leaves as always, but she chewed them with a smile on her face. Brag noticed her happy expression and returned it with a smile of his own. He rewarded her with a loving pinch on her left nipple, and she nodded happily, feeling a sense of satisfaction. "Mad'son ugglu," he said, and she nodded again, feeling an odd rush of satisfaction.

Chapter 3.) Morning Routine

Brag kept a close eye on his female as he made breakfast and fed her. He had noticed a change in her behavior over the last few days. She had stopped resisting him when he did things she didn't like and had put more effort into her work. He had also noticed the telltale signs of "glassy eyes," a common symptom of the taming process. While she wasn't completely loyal yet, he was pleased to see that she was submitting to his dominance as long as he kept her under tight control.

"Mad'son happy?" he asked, noticing her sheepish grin as she stared at him. Of course, she didn't fully understand, but she nodded anyway and continued to chew her leaves obediently. Brag responded with a smile of his own.

"You're doing great, girl," Brag said, then added, "I think it's time we start thinking about going home." The female responded with a blank stare, as she was unable to understand and had been trained not to speak on her own. "It's going to be a long trip," Brag continued, petting Mad'son's large breasts. "We need to prepare."

After giving her one more gentle pet, he untied the rope that had been restraining her legs. Mad'son immediately stood up, towering over him. Brag couldn't help but marvel at how strong and tall she was. She could carry things that not even the strongest man could lift. Brag was sure that his dominion over Mad'son would earn him the respect he deserved once they arrived home.

Brag held his crop in hand as he herded Mad'son away from the camp and tied her to a nearby stone before removing her plugs to allow her to relieve herself. Only a week ago, she was still shy and nervous, and it would take her some time to finish her business, but now she had given up on all modesty and did so without hesitation.

Once she was finished, Brag rinsed her down with a few handfuls of water before pushing her plugs back in. He knew Mad'son loved this part of their routine, so he gently massaged her needy pussy as he listened to her moans. However, he made sure not to overdo it, as he didn't intend to let her cum just yet. That would come later if she continued to behave well.

"Okay Mad'son, we need to gather fresh water and supplies for the trip. We'll be on our way for a couple of days, passing through tough terrain," he explained, not expecting any response. "Come on, girl, let's move," he added, patting Mad'son's butt with his crop.

Chapter 4.) Preparations

Madison didn't fully understand what Brag was telling her in the morning, but the day turned out to be exhausting. Brag made her carry heavy caskets of water from a nearby spring to the camp, which was a two-hour walk. Additionally, Madison had to lift more than she was used to, and it took a toll on her.

Without much of a pause, Brag led her back to the jungle to forage for plants. Madison was leashed and followed him around, waiting for him to put leaves, chunks of wood, and roots into a basket on her back. She soon realized that most of what Brag picked up was for her to eat or use in some way; the leaves she ate and the special wood he used to carve her dildos with.

Though Madison's old self was fascinated by the plants and wanted to study them upon returning to civilization, her much bigger new self was mostly bored and annoyed by the lack of movement. Standing around all day made her uncomfortable, and the dildos in her cunt and ass didn't move either. She pranced from one foot to the other, desperate for some stimulation.

It was already afternoon as Brag led Madison back to the beach. The basket on her back had become heavy, but it was bearable. Once they arrived at the camp, she was relieved of her burden, only to be loaded up with hunting equipment. She was tasked with carrying spears, baits, nets, knives, and baskets to transport the loot.

The rest of the day and the early evening were spent hunting and checking Brag's old traps. Madison hated it. Silently stalking through the jungle and carrying her master's equipment was no problem, but whenever Brag was actively hunting something, he tied her to a tree or stone and left her alone. Tied up and in bondage, she was vulnerable and unable to defend herself. All she could do was to wait, nervously listening and hoping for Brag's return.

However, as Brag began to check his traps, Madison began to understand what he planned. Usually, Brag reset his traps if they had been triggered, but today, he only took his loot and reusable parts. Finally the hard work made sense. He was getting ready to leave.

The realization made Madison pause. While most of her drugged mind didn't worry much about anything anymore, there were still parts of her that were aware that a search party had no chance of finding her in the thick of the jungle. Only on the beach did she have a chance to be rescued. If Brag left and took her with him, chances were that she would probably never be found.

Chapter 5.) A Night at the Beach

It was already dark by the time Brag and Madison finally returned to the beach. The hunt was moderately successful - nothing to boast about, but it was good enough to satisfy Brag. He was reasonably sure he had enough supplies to make the trip back home.

However, Brag was worried about Madison. He noticed that she was brooding and seemed less excited to follow his commands. Though she wasn't resisting his orders, her bad mood was clearly noticeable. Perhaps she had finally caught up to what was happening and didn't approve. Brag thought to himself, "Her tribe must be boat people. That's how she ended up on that beach in the first place. And that's why she doesn't want to leave - she hopes to return to her people."

During their long march back to the beach, Brag had spent a lot of time mulling over what to do. If he didn't address the issue, Madison could become difficult, sabotaging all the progress he had made with her and potentially becoming a serious threat to him, even with her bondage. He needed to erase any doubts in her mind and make her accept her new role. He needed her to forget about her old life and fully embrace being his female. Brag had an unorthodox plan in mind, but he believed it might work.

Back at camp, Brag stuck to his routine. He helped Madison unload and assisted her with using the toilet, cleaning her, outfitting her with new plugs, and finally, giving her water and food. She appeared visibly exhausted and grateful for the chance to rest - good conditions for what he had in mind.

Of course, she snapped out of her thoughts when he started rubbing between her legs. Like any female, she was a slave to her lust and immediately spread her legs, moaning in anticipation. As he often did, Brag stroked his fingers along the outside of her wet pussy lips. It didn't take long for her to start gyrating her hips, humping against his hands in search of release. Her worries vanished, replaced by the intense pleasure building within her.

"Oh mighty spirits," Brag murmured reverently, "bless this woman with fertility, so she may bear strong sons." His words were spoken in a solemn tone as he continued to tease her sensitive pussy lips. It was usually much later into training that a female would experience her first time with him. Men were expected to learn to read their female’s cycles and control their carnal urges by only mating to procreate and reward true loyalty. However, this was an exceptional case; Brag intended to use sex as a means to truly break Mad'son and make her submit completely.

Mad'son barely registered the holy words Brag spoke; her focus was solely on the pleasure between her thighs. Even if she could have focused on anything other than her pussy, she wouldn't have understood anyway. She was simply overjoyed to be touched in such an intimate way.

As Brag withdrew his hand from her aching pussy, Mad'son groaned in disappointment. But then, he surprised her by standing behind her and pushing her forward. A nervous shiver ran through her body as she sank to the ground, pressing her heaving breasts into the sand and raising her shapely ass up in the air. With the girl now presenting herself in such a lewd manner, Brag resumed stimulating her with his hands.

"Accept that you belong to me, Mad'son, and the spirits will gift you with strong sons," Brag said as he untied the ropes holding the plugs inside Mad'son's cunt and ass. It was a risky move to free a female from her plugs without securing her to something else. However, Brag believed that if Mad'son willingly surrendered to him, it would cement their bond and erase any doubts from her mind.

Like many females before her, Mad'son did not attempt to fight back. Instead, she groaned with primal desire as Brag removed the plugs from her pussy and ass. She even wiggled her ass in invitation, presenting her gaping asshole and dripping wet pussy to him. She was practically begging for him to take her. Brag stood behind the towering female while she remained on her knees, gripping her hips tightly as he slowly slid his throbbing member into her pussy. Mad'son moaned in surprise, startled by how big he was.

The second and third thrusts were still slow, but Mad'son was enthusiastically pushing back against Brag, following his lead and cooperating fully. Soon enough, Brag began to vigorously pound into her, eliciting tense moans of pleasure with each thrust. It didn't take long for Mad'son to climax hard, experiencing the orgasmic relief she had been craving for so long. But Brag didn't stop there. He continued to pound into her, drawing out her orgasm and making her crash into a second, then a third climax. Her inhibitions had completely vanished, and she was gasping and moaning incoherently.

Finally, Brag held her tight and pumped his seed deep inside of her. Mad'son collapsed into the sand, breathing heavily as her body drowned in waves of blissful afterglow. She let out a guttural moan as Brag inserted the first plug back into her ass, her muscles clenching as they were forced open again. The second plug soon followed, triggering another deep and uncontrolled moan from Mad'son as her pussy was filled up again, trapping Brag's seed inside of her.

Afterward, Brag re-tied the ropes, ensuring that the plugs would remain inside of Mad'son, proceeding to tie her ankles, before fastening them with a short rope to her arm harness. He tenderly caressed her behind while she was still basking in the afterglow, slowly drifting off to sleep with a content smile on her face.

Chapter 6.) On the way Home

It had been three days since Madison had left the beach with her Master, consumed by thoughts of their intense sexual experience. Her pussy dripped with lust as she constantly fantasized about it. Suddenly, a painful sting from Brag's crop snapped her back to reality and she let out an exhausted groan, realizing she had to climb yet another uneven hill carrying all of Brag's belongings; kegs of water, baskets filled with food, tools, and other supplies. If it hadn't been for her Master's crop, Madison would have collapsed long ago, but he kept pushing her, forcing her to go beyond her limits.

During each short break, Brag would briefly reward Madison by fondling her tits and pussy. It was clear, however, that Brag had no intention of allowing her to orgasm. She had forgotten about her concerns for getting rescued or returning to civilization and instead, her entire being was consumed by the task at hand and her carnal yearnings. The drugs in her system, plugs in her ass and cunt, and tight bondage ensured that sex was all she could think about. Brag's cock was the only thing on her mind, and she desperately longed to feel him inside of her again. 

She truly had become his female.


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