Bound For Vegas Bondcon 2004

by Pierced_m

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© Copyright 2004 - Pierced_m - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; Sbm; D/s; bond; chast; piercing; tattoo; cons; X

Part One

My Mistress/Wife, Denise, directed me to relate the events that occurred during O/our Las Vegas / Bondcon weekend.

Just a quick update for those of you that haven't read any of O/our stories.  Mistress and Her friend Linda are Corrections Officers at a men's prison and i received a medical retirement years ago which left U/us fairly well off and allows me to be a 24/7 bondage slave. Both my nipples are pierced in .0 gauge and i have a frenum & Apadravya .00 guage piercing.

As W/we travel from L.A. to Las Vegas quite often Mistress was looking forward to O/our next trip which would be Bondcon weekend, Jan 9th,10th & 11th.  i contacted O/our casino host at the Tropicana and arranged a room, which is always a Suite in the front tower.

The plan was that i would drive up on Thursday the 8th with all O/our luggage and toys, set up the Suite and wait for Mistress & Linda, who would fly in on Friday and take a Limo from the airport to the Hotel.

Wed night Mistress packed Her suitcase and handed me two envelopes marked #1 & #2 and instructed me to open envelope #1 tomorrow morning after She left for work and to follow the instructions.  i love it when Mistress gives me sealed instructions as it means that an interesting and exciting time is ahead.  i had a fitful nights sleep thinking about the envelope and Bondcon.

Finally morning came, i made Mistress Her breakfast and cleaned up as She prepared for work. i walked Her to the garage and Her car, watched as She drove off and hurried upstairs to the dungeon (Converted bedroom) where i had left the two envelopes.  i tore open the envelope and began to read. Shower, pack my suitcase with the clothes layed out for me in the closet, pack the toy bag and prepare myself for the drive by doing the following.  1. Lock a 2" ball stretcher around my balls, 2. Put on my penis chastity tube,(A 4" long metal tube which is 15/16" dia and is held in place with my .00 gauge frenum piercing) 3. A nipple stretcher on each nipple. 4. Insert large butt plug.

My final instruction is to stop at the bank and withdraw $3,000 dollars, drive to Linda's house pick up Her luggage and head to Vegas stopping in Baker to open the second envelope in the Arco gas station restroom. Once i got everything on i loaded the car and headed to Linda's house.  i used my key and entered the front door.  Just inside the door were 2 suitcases with an envelope on top marked #3.  i grabbed the envelope and suitcases and headed to the bank.  After a quick stop at the bank i was off, bound for Vegas.

The chastity tube had been difficult to get on as my penis kept getting hard and it continued to do so on the drive to Baker. The chastity tube however did it's job not allowing me to become fully erect and causing me discomfort. At last the sign reading "Baker 11 Miles".

As i exited the 15 fwy i picked up envelope #2 and i could feel that it contained something other than just written instructions on paper.  i quickly parked in the Arco station lot and hurried inside to a stall in the restroom.  Tearing open the envelope i saw it contained 4 (.22 gauge) needles, an alcohol swab, a DVD marked "Leather Mistress", and written instructions from my Mistress.  My instructions are to insert 2 needles into each of my nipples from the bottom of the nipples upward forming an "X".  Now i have to admit when my Mistress use's the needles on me i get very excited, however any time i have to do it my self i just get scared.  i removed the first needle from it package and pulled it from the plastic safety cover, placing the tip to my right nipple.  Slowly but firmly i pushed the needle into and through my nipple.   i opened the second needle and quickly pushed it through the other side of my right nipple.  (When i pierce myself it always seems as if the needle is making a crunching sound as it goes through which does not happen when Mistress does it.  i think it just in my head.)  

OK, one nipple down one to go.  As i place the tip of the third needle to my left nipple i notice my hands shaking a bit, and i look away and take a deep breath.  When i look back i see that i have poked my nipple with the needle tip and have drawn a small drop of blood.  (Having my cock keep trying to get hard isn't helping things either.)  i push the needle in (there is that dam crunching sound) and through. i ready the fourth needle and look down at my left nipple.  my hand is really shaking and now my eyes don't seem to want to focus.  After a few deep breaths i touch the needle tip to my nipple and push.  i see the tip break through the skin and push it through a little more to even things up.  Looking down at my nipples i see that the left one isn't as much of an "X" as the right one.  Hope i don't get punished for that.  Reading on i see that i am to watch the DVD on the portable player in the car on my drive to Vegas. (Thats good and bad because watching the movie is going to make my cock want to get hard inside the chastity, which is bad for me.) And the last instruction is that when i get checked into the Suite and unpacked i am to open the #3 envelope.

Back on the freeway and heading towards Vegas i turn on the DVD.  The DVD makes the drive go quick, (2 girls get a job as live in maids.  When they break a vase they are put into several different heavy leather bondage positions, until they submit to the Mistress.)

i pull into the Tropicana valet area and have a bell man take the bags as i head off to check in.  (Wonder what the bell man would think if he knew that 2 of those bags contained bondage gear?)  After check in i head up to the Suite and have the bags delivered and get everything unpacked.  The Suite is two story with a guest bedroom, living room, (Big Screen TV) dinning area, bar, and bathroom.  The second story is the bedroom with balcony overlooking the living room, another big screen, bathroom with a badeau and Jacuzzi, shower and sunken tub.

i pick up the #3 envelope and sit down in the living room and turn on the TV, as i am tearing open the envelope.  i see that it contains a drawing, written instructions and an envelope marked #4.  i look at the drawing and see that it is a Star Burst with the name of my Mistress "Denise" in the center just like the Star Burst i have tattooed around each nipple.  The instructions inform me that at 6:00PM i have an appointment at Star Borne Tattoo Parlor on the strip. (i know it well as they have done all my tattoo's) i am to have the Star Burst with my Mistress name in the center tattooed above the one on my left nipple and the colors are to be blue & purple. i am to remove the needles just prior to going into the tattoo shop. 

Until my appointment i can enjoy some free time and do anything i want even gambling.  After my tattoo appointment i am instructed to get something to eat and again free time until midnight at which time i am to return to the room and open envelope #4.  i check my watch and see that it is 1:45PM which gives me about 3 1/2 hours until i have to leave for the tattoo parlor.  i take 3 one hundred dollar bills and place the rest into the safe, and head down to the casino.

Once in the casino i walk around a little and settle at a $25 dollar blackjack table which is just about at the end of a shoe.  i wait for the shuffle and a new shoe so i can get a fresh count.  (i have been gambling for 25 years and learned how to count cards. i can tell you that it really works and "MOST" of the time i make money, that's why my Mistress will let me play in my free time.) After about 1 1/2 hours i colored up and left the table up $400.00.  i decided to head downtown to the Golden Gate Casino and get a 99 cent shrimp cocktail (Best in Town) as i had not had anything to eat, and i wanted something in my stomach before i got the tattoo. Well i had 2 shrimp cocktails and checked my watch.  It was only 4:45PM so i walked across the way to Glitter Gulch (Titty Bar) to have a beer and take in some eye candy.  (This is OK with my Mistress although i think She whip's me just a little harder when i go in there.)  i sit down at the bar and pay for my $15 dollar bottle of beer and water, and turn to look at the stage.  Since things are a little slow at the Gulch the girls are on me like white on rice trying to get me to go for a lap dance. i normally would go for 1 or 2 but with the nipple stretchers, needles, chastity, and plug i opt to say no to all and just watch the girls on stage.

One of the girls has very large Boobs with pierced nipples.  i go over to the stage, watch Her dance, stick a couple of five dollar bills in Her g-string and go back to the bar.  i finish my beer (Not a big drinker) look at my watch, 5:25PM, time to head to Star Borne.

i find a place to park near the tattoo shop and begin the process of removing the 4 needles from my nipples, not to much pain or blood, good. As i remove the last needle a police car pulls into the parking lot and slowly cruises past my car and stops.  my heart is going a 100 miles an hour as a (Female) officer gets out of the passenger side and stops behind the car next to me. in the mirror i can see that the driver (male officer) has gotten out of the car and is leaning over the roof of the police car watching his partner.  The windows are tinted on my car so i don't think She has seen me, but i also don't want Her to think i am up to something if She has seen me.  my mind is racing, as i throw the last needle into the small bag on the passenger side floorboard.  i button up my shirt and open the car door stepping out.  As i stand up and close the car door we both look eye to eye.  i see She is writing the other car a ticket.  As we look at each other, i ask if it is alright to park here.  She continued to stare at me which seemed like an hour but was only a second and then She said, "Yes its OK, this is a handicap violation."  i thanked Her, activated my car alarm and walked towards Star Bourn. As i walk away i'm thinking that was a close one, not knowing if needles are legal in Vegas even if you are just sticking them into your nipples.

i go in the front door and upstairs to the tattoo shop.  i see our guy "Tom" in his cubicle finishing up a girl that is getting a Tiger on the back of her neck.  Tom sees me and lets me know it will be just a few more minutes.  (Mistress and i are known here by Tom as he has done all O/our tattoo's.)  i begin to look around, you never know when you might find something i could talk Mistress into letting me get. Tom gets finished with the girl and ask's me what i have for him.  i give him the Star Burst drawing and show him where i want it.  It takes him a little while to redraw the pattern onto stencil paper and put the pattern on my chest. Tom has me take my nipple stretcher off and a few minutes later i am on the table getting my new tattoo. Now anyone that's ever gotten a tattoo before knows, they either hurt a little or a lot.  Well this one was hurting a lot, and i'm no sissy when it comes to pain.  45 minutes later and i was finished.  A little cream, a bandage and i was on my way, taking only a moment to replace my stretcher.

i stop and have one more shrimp cocktail and then it's back to the Tropicana.  i see a dealer that i like and sit down at Her table.  i buy in for $200 and start betting $25 per hand (Blackjack).  After a couple of hours i check my chips and see that i am up $50, which isn't so bad as i was tipping the dealer & cocktail waitress the entire time.

i decide to play one more shoe and then head up to the suite.  i'm glad i stayed because this was a great shoe for me.  i cashed out from the table with $900.00.  after cashing in my chips i head up to the suite.  i put the original $300 back in the safe and put my total winnings in an envelope ($1,100.00) on the desk for Mistress.

i turn on the tube an start watching a movie waiting for midnight so i can open envelope #4.  As i watch the movie i remove the bandage and apply lotion to my new tattoo.

Midnight finally arrives and i tear open envelope #4 and remove the written instructions and begin reading. my instructions start out by saying that for every dollar that i lost i was going to get 5 swats with the riding crop.  Well i'm OK there because i'm up money. i continue and am instructed to strip naked, remove and clean the butt plug and use the bathroom, which i do.  Next i am to put on leather ankle & wrist cuffs and lock them on, once thats finished i am to take 2 small pad locks and lock them onto my nipples between the barbell and back nipple stretcher ring.  In doing this it makes it so that i am unable to remove the lock or stretcher until the locks are unlocked with the key that only Mistress has.  (This puts a lot of pressure and extra stretch on my already stretched nipples)  

Next put on a skin tight leather hood which has eyes, nose, mouth openings and zippers shut.  i am then to put on the 4" collar and lock the hood zipper onto the lock of the collar.  i am then to go down to the first level and put out the Do Not Disturb sign and lock the door. i look out the peep hole, seeing no one i quickly open the door and slid the sign into the key card slot.

Then its back upstairs to the second level bedroom/bathroom/jacuzzi and make sure the Do Not Disturb sign is out but that the door is unlocked so that Mistress and Linda can still use their key to get in.  (The 2 level suite has 2 entrances, one on the 21st floor and one on the 22nd floor directly into a small hallway leading into the bedroom) Hoping that the signs will keep housekeeping from coming in the room i continue reading the instructions.  As instructed i lock a 3' spreader bar onto my ankle cuffs and lock a 4" chain onto a "D" ring on the front of my collar, and center myself on the bed.  i then slip a blind fold over the hood covering my eyes and pull it snug.  Last but not least i lock my wrist cuffs together and to the other end of the 4" chain. The chain is short enough so that i can not reach the blindfold or much of anything else.  i lay back to await the arrival of Mistress and Linda which should be around 8:45AM Friday morning.


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