Bound by Bonnie

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2017-2018 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; blindfold; collar; rope; climax; oral; chastity; pillory; blackmail; corset; cd; buttplug; nc; reluct; XX

Author's Note: I just wanted to try my hand at a different type of story...for me at least. Let me know if I should continue it.

Chapter One

Bonita threw the paper aside in disgust. "There's nothing playing! Is our second date too early for me to tie you up and fuck your brains out?"

I was about to mention wanting to see the new Pixar feature, when the second part of her speech reached my brain. There was a definite offer of sex, but there was also a condition.

Don't care. Want sex.

"No, it's not too early." I answered. I've always had a way with words.

"Great! You get naked and I'll slip into something less comfortable!" She hurried out of the room and I was left to ponder her statement. I pulled off my clothes and folded them on a chair.

Then I just stood there, waiting. Ever try to look casual when you're naked? After a few minutes something black whacked me in the shins. "Put it on!" She cried. I picked it up. A leather blindfold.

I buckled it on and continued to wait. Now I might not be facing the correct way. For all I know, I'm trying to impress the fridge.

I jumped when she grabbed my butt. "What is it about your ass? I've been drooling over it since I first saw you in those green shorts!"

"I don't own a pair of..."

"Enough with the talking, come here and kiss me." I leaned far over to kiss her. It's not that I'm that tall, she's that short.

As I wrapped my arms around her I was able to feel her clothes. She had something light and silky covering something firm.


As I kissed her, she her arms went around my neck....and secured a collar on me. I straightened and felt the tight leather.

"Oh yeah....that looks good," she said in a husky voice. "On your knees slave boy, I'm just getting warmed up!" I knelt. "Hands behind your back now....oh yeah...just like that." I could feel her wrap a soft rope around my wrists, then she wound the rope between my wrists. "Oh so you like that do you?"

I had a hot woman, wearing something kinky, who was talking dirty and she tied me up for sex. Why did my erection surprise her? She had added more ropes to pull my elbows closer..and that was fine. It was the rope around the base of my cock and balls that worried me.

Then she ran that rope between my as cheeks and knotted it to the wrist rope. If I moved my arms I had a good chance of removing part of my body that I was rather fond of.

And then it got nasty. First she I had to spread my knees wide so her ropes could bind my balls. (I was in no position to argue, so I did whatever she told me!) Then a line ran from testicles to my big toes.

Standing and walking were no longer possible, however hitting real high notes seemed all too likely.

"How does it feel?"

"Um...really odd." I honestly answered.

"How does THIS feel?" She asked as she caressed my cock. "Or this?" Her other hand was covered in lube. Oh damn, this woman knew how to give a handjob. I started to thrust my hips to her strokes.

Bad idea...rope says don't move! I stayed still and let her pump me for a few more seconds. "I'm gonna, I'm gonna..." I tried to warn her."

"Shhhhh, Of course you are." She cooed. My body jerked as I spasmed. I think the pressure on my balls added to my orgasm. Whatever the reason, it was a good one, but I HAD hoped for a bit more.

"My turn." She said as I heard her drag a chair closer. She lifted her skirt and let to cover me. She dug her heels in my back, encouraging me to lean forward, (I did...Carefully!) and lick her pussy.

I could feel her nylons sliding over my shoulders and I slurped and sucked her pussy. The only things preventing me from throwing her to the floor and fucking her were her ropes.

And the fact that I had just emptied my balls...minor detail.

That I had cum in less than a minute was embarrassing. Her orgasm in just a few seconds was amazing!

Not to mention powerful. Her legs drove me deep into her pussy and held me there while she painted my face with her juices. With a cry of "Enough!" She pushed my back on my heels. "Now I need a cock in me!" She said.

A minute or two earlier I could have answered her call. Now she'd have to wait twenty minutes or so. A guys gotta recharge.

I could feel her squeezing and pulling my package. Don't let my softness stop you...that feels damn good. Her hands felt so cool on my shaft.

They still felt cool as she moved away....

"Um Bonnie...what?"

"Don't worry slave boy. I just put away your dickie until I need it later."

I didn't know she could do that...

"I still need a cock in me NOW!" She said as she returned. "So open wide and meet your brother." I guess I wasn't fast enough because she twanged the rope on my balls.

I opened my mouth, brother did I open! When something solid was pressed on my tongue, my lips sprang together, but it was too late. She was already buckling the gag behind my head. I heard a sharp snap under my what?

I had a rubber dick locked in my mouth. This was not the strangest thing that had happened to me this night. While she was there, she took off my blindfold. I blinked a few times, trying to clear my vision.

What I focused on was Bonnie back in her chair with her legs spayed wide open. She had attached a leash to my collar and used it to pull me closer. As I inched forward I saw that the cock in my mouth had a twin stretching in front of me. Oh Brother Dick, Bonnie always liked you best.

I worked my way forward, wondering where her skirt had gone. (That's right genius, you're about to pleasure a woman and you're worrying about her wardrobe.) With a soft squish I slipped into her.

She grabbed handfuls of hair and drove me into her again and again. I started to get cross-eyed, watching her clit slide along the shaft. I shifted up to press against her pearl and was rewarded with a long moan.

"Yeah, deeper slave boy, harder." She cried, "Show your Mistress how much you adore her!"

"Um...okay." I thought. She continued to rock me back and forth, telling me I was a good slave and other endearments. I had to close my eyes as she rode the rubber shaft.

Suddenly she gave a loud cry as her legs tightened against my head. She pulled me so close my nose was pressed against her pubes. She banged my face into her again and again. Her legs muffled it, but I'm fairly sure she howled for a bit.

Finally all pressure was released and she....deflated. I slipped out of her and dutifully remained where I was: My rubber cock hovering a few inches away from her pussy.

"Oh yeah, I ain't never letting you go." She breathed. Then she stroked my gag. "Look at you, all ready to do it again! My horny little slave."

Actually, whatever she had locked on my cock was feeling tight. Could I be enjoying this?

She leaned forward and unbuckled the gag. Then she moved closer, smoothing my hair. "You look so good wearing your gag. It suits you." She continued to play with my hair. "Anything you want to say?" She asked.

"Yeah, I.." I was trying to find the right words. Somehow asking: 'What the fuck is wrong with you?' while she had my balls in a vise did not seem to be a good idea.

I settled on "Why? You don't have to tie me up to get sex. I'm all for it! Why the ropes?"

"Are you familiar with heroin?" She asked calmly.

My blood froze. I was helpless and she was talking about hard drugs. Keeping my voice light I answered. "No, never felt the need."

"They say the first time you use it is incredible, and you spend the rest of your life trying to recreate that feeling. I think sex is the same."

"You use heroin to.."

"Oh fuck no!" She interrupted. "I don't even drink! Only time I tried vodka, I swallowed an ounce and returned a quart. I was making a comparison. I think our bodies are always trying to remake the conditions of that first orgasm."

"The first time you made love involved bondage?"

"No," She grinned a little sheepishly, "Horses."

She had joined me on the floor and continued to stroke and play with my bound body. It felt good and my penis prison was definitely too small. Trouble was, she was treating me like her pet. I don't think I liked that.

"It was my first time on a horse and I was amazed at all the leather and straps they use to control it. What an incredible feeling. I have always been the smallest girl around, and here I was, making this giant beast go where I wanted.

"I had my first orgasm smelling leather and controlling something so much larger than me."

She pulled my head into her lap. "Ever since then, All I want to do is be in charge. I make all the decisions and you obey because that's the way it is."

She playfully pinched my nipples as she talked. "My rules are simple. You are always bound and obey my slightest whim. I get at least two orgasms to each of yours..." She leaned her head near mine. "And here is the best part. Your first one is by hand. I suck you off for the next. Then you get to fuck me."

She reached down and was bouncing my bound balls in her hand. "And if you are able to get it hard after get to ram it up my ass."

She squeezed my package. "I've never had anal. Think you can give it to me?"

"I'd like to try." I admitted.

"Good boy!" She cried as she started untying me. I was freed in a surprisingly short time. Well, aside from the cock lock. I stood and stretched.

She frowned at me. "No more of that. Sit!" She pointed to the floor.

I sat and she reached under the couch and pulled out an aluminum...something.

It was three or four foot long with four holes in the middle of it. She unsnapped something and it opened.

"Feet here, hands here!" She commanded. I placed my ankles in the semi circles on the outside and my wrist went to the openings on the inside. She lowered the upper half trapping me. She snapped it closed then added a small lock.

It had only taken a few seconds and I was unable to move. I might have been able to scoot along the floor, but my freedom had lasted less than a minute.

"Open wide!" She suggested and popped a ball into my waiting mouth. At least this one didn't have me sucking on a cock.

She grabbed my shoulders and eased me onto my back, hands and feet held above me.

My legs were forced wide open, with my cock straining to get free of its plastic prison. She fumbled a bit before I felt the hard cylinder sliding of my shaft. My cock sprang to attention and into her greedy mouth.

She had great skills with her hands, but her mouth was amazing. She licked, nipped and tongued me but kept easing off whenever I got close to release. I was frantically chewing the gag, begging her to let me cum.

I was getting close, so fucking close, but I still expected her to stop when I felt a finger slide up my ass as her hand squeezed and stroked me.

I exploded into her mouth. She held on, one hand pumping my cock while her lips sucked every drop out of me.

She got to her feet and straddled the bondage thingie. One foot on the floor, the other on my chest. She rubbed her sopping pussy against my right hand and commanded. "Make me come, slave."

To be honest, I really could have used a nap right about then, but instead, I gently caressed her nether lips. She purred and ground it against my fingers.

I parted her, sliding two fingers in while my thumb rubbed against her clit. She rhythmically humped my hand. Soon, hot drops of her juices were splashing on my chest. She kept riding my hand, long after it had gone numb.

Finally, after several orgasms, she seemed satisfied and dropped to the floor. She playfully pulled at my limp cock. "Aw, not up for round three?" I shook my head and grunted 'No.'

"My pussy is hot and ready for you!" She teased. My balls were empty and I was done for the day.

"Oh well, if you can't you can't." I felt her pull my balls and slide something up them, pausing to force my cock into it as well. Then she nestled it against my body. It felt like a metal ring. Then something cold pressed back my cock. She maneuvered me around for a bit until she was happy with where I was. Followed by the inevitable snap of a lock.

Why was she still playing her bondage games? There was no way I was going to be able to get it up.

I asked her this when the gag was removed.

"Was this the best you've ever had? She asked.

Of course it was. But it also worried me. What was she going to do to me next?

"Are you going to cheat on your Mistress with someone else?"

Oh hell no. Not until I got this damn thing off my cock.

"Then you don't mind if I lock away my property until I need it." She said. "I told you, ALWAYS bound."

I didn't have an answer for that.

She freed my from the aluminum and I reached for my clothes.

"Ahem." she said, pointing to the stains on her carpet. "You don't expect your Mistress to clean up after you," Her voice hardened. "Do you?"

"Ah....Do you have a rug shampooer?" I asked hopefully.

"It's in that closet." I opened the door and found the rug cleaner with a few pieces of lingerie draped on it. "Be a good slave and wear your uniform while you work."

My uniform......panties and stockings?

"Is there a problem slave?"

"No....Mistress." Crazy lady has keys to my cock...just go along with her games until....well, until.

Under her directions, I hooked a garter belt to my waist and rolled the stockings up my legs. The panties were bright pink with layers of ruffles on the ass. A small lacy apron completed my outfit. The thing locked around my cock was all metal and looked impossible to remove.

I wound up vacuuming and shampooing the entire carpet. She was working on her laptop as I cleaned, smiling as she watched my every move.

Finally I was allowed to get dressed. Problem was, I had to wear the panties and stockings under my jeans.

At least I was able to leave the apron behind.

I had a bolt cutter that would easily break the lock off. There was not going to be a third date.

I kissed her good bye, promising to see her on Friday. Before I left she showed the computer screen to me.

That little old vacuuming cross-dresser, me. Damn, I looked content!

This was not good.

She pressed a few buttons and my facebook page came up.

MY page.

My contacts page.

Her finger hovered over a button. "When you come on Friday, you'll wear a new set of pretties. I think something in a nice baby blue color. Bra, panties, stockings and..something you hope will please me.

"If I am displeased I will share your movies with your friends."

I got the message.

"And.." She clicked a few more buttons. The companys website appeared.

I was too sunned to reply. She walked me to the door. "I'm so looking forward to our next date." She patted my ass. "Dream of me!" She cried as the door slammed.

What had I gotten myself into?

Chapter Two (added: 2017/04/15)

I drove home slowly. When my mom warned me to always wear clean underwear in case of an accident, I'm pretty sure she meant 'ones without ruffles.'

I got in my apartment safely and quickly got naked....well, as naked as I could be without using bolt-cutters.

A quick search on the computer told me I was trapped in a "Popular Men's Metal Steel Cage Device Sex Toy." other words...a penis prison.

Which was surprisingly affordable.

It was perfect for long-time wear and undetectable under loose clothing. It prevented all stimulation while allowing for ease of urination.

When had these become selling points?

I was getting distracted. My question was...what do I do? Stay locked or have Bonita ruin my life?


Another internet search, about a half hour of study followed by a few minutes of bending a pair of paper clips....

And I had a set of lock picks.

I couldn't believe that it took me less than ten minutes to pop the lock and remove her chastity. Now I could enjoy my week of freedom then lock it back on just before our next date. She would be none-the-wiser and I would have earned more of her incredible body.

Damn I'm smart.

I did need to buy lingerie...that was not going to be easy...but it would be worth it, the sex was that good.

With all my problems solved I was heading for a quick shower when my phone buzzed. It was a call from Bonita.

"Have you lost weight?" She asked, sweetly.

"" I answered, "Why do you ask?"

"I could have sworn you weighed more when you left my place. About two ounces more.....of metal."

My mouth was literally hanging open. I was blank for a few seconds, then I was filled with the terror of what she could do. "I can explain!" I blurted.

"Go ahead." She purred.

"I'm sorry! Please don' anything." I said lamely.

"Don't you deserve to be punished?" Her voice was still sweet, but there was a husky undercurrent. "After all, you were warned. I should have used a nice collar, but you took advantage of my trusting nature."

Now she sounded like a disappointed teacher. "Lock it back on and get dressed, you have some shopping to do."

I looked at a clock. "Now? Everything's closed."

"Not where you're going slave boy. You had better be out the door in two minutes or I'll update your status to "Sissy."

The chastity was very easy to get on. Both my cock and balls were trying to retreat into my body, so there was plenty of room in the tube. When I grabbed the jeans I had been wearing I heard a shrill note from my phone.

"Panties and stockings!" Was all she said.

It was enough. I had never worn stockings before tonight and had no experience in how they go on. Fortunately they were still attached to the garter belt. I got them and the panties on, grabbed the rest of my clothes and dove out the door.

Hopefully in less than two minutes.

I finished dressing while waiting for the elevator. Luckily for me, no one was in the hall. Bonita gave me directions and warned me not to get lost. Suddenly I was struck by a question. 'How had she known I wasn't wearing her undies? And how did she know that the chastity was off? The drive took forty minutes and I was more confused at the end then I had been at the beginning.

I pulled up at the back of a store. A door was open and I could see a woman smoking a cigarette highlighted by the light spilling out.

"You have kept me waiting!" Complained a woman with a heavy French accent. "I am not some coeur de barrage."

"You're not a heart of roadblock?" I asked in confusion.

"Shit, you speak French." She said in a New York accent.


"Get in asshole." She ordered as she ground her cigarette out.

I got.

It was a storeroom of a lingerie store. There were a half dozen full shopping bags on the floor... and chains hanging from the ceiling.

"Sign this." She said, thrusting a credit slip at me.

I looked in horror. "It's almost three thousand dollars!" I gasped.

Wordlessly she pulled the paper out of my hands and shoved another at me. This one was over three thousand.

I saw other papers behind her.

"Got a pen?"

Having signed away most of my life savings, I was instructed to lock chains to my ankles and wrists. Once I was locked in, she used a remote to retract the chains.

This woman had insulted me, robbed me and forced me to be her prisoner.

Why was my chastity cage getting snug????

"Open." She commanded, holding a cock gag to my mouth. "Bonnie says this gag was your favorite." It was wet with a slightly spicy flavor.

"Worship me as you suck my juices."

She placed a full length mirror in front of me so I could watch everything that was about to happen to me.

She reached into my pockets and removed my keys, wallet and phone and dropped them in a small sparkly purse, which she put in a shopping bag.

"I always forget to strip them before the chains. Oh well."

She walked behind me and grabbed the waistband of my jeans. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of shears slicing through cloth.

She cut my clothes off, leaving me in my shoes and Bonnie's lingerie.

My cage was too damn tight!

"Not your color." The lingerie fell in tatters. Now I was scared. What if Bonnie blamed me for that?

She pulled off my shoes and tossed them in the bag. Still holding the shears she grabbed my trapped cock and balls. "Are you going to be a good slave and wear what your Mistress gives you?"

I nodded like I have never nodded before.

"Let's just make sure." She picked up a small tag with a delicate wire and threaded it above the lock. With a zip it was tightened. Then, her shears got WAY too close to me as she snipped off the excess wire. "Only way to get it off was to cut it. Not a good idea. Bonnie was already pissed at you. Much more and she'll go all billboard."

She read my confusion. "You know those animated billboards?" I nodded, there was one across from my office. "Want to see your pictures on them?"

The cage was suddenly loose.

"Bonnie has decided your punishment." At last she put down the scissors. "You are no longer allowed to wear male underwear. Starting next week you'll have panties, stockings and a cami under your clothes and you'll sleep in a nightie."

'Cami' was that short for camouflage?

"But that's next week. Right now you have earned a thinner you." She picked up a white leather corset and wrapped it around me. The only opening was in the back, so she had to lace it before tightening.

It ended just below my chest. It was heavily boned, I could feel it shaping me even before she finished lacing it. She started from the bottom of the corset and worked her way up. I was pretty sure she was doing it wrong, but I was hardly in a position to tell her that.

Not that I would have, she was scary!

She seemed pleased with my bondage. As much as I would have liked to disagree with her, the fullness of my cage told me I was enjoying the attention.

I expected to feel the corsets squeeze, instead I heard the soft whirring as something descended from the ceiling.

It was another one of those aluminum things. This one had openings for my wrists and neck. She pulled it behind me and fussed with it for a few moments. Then it began a return trip to the ceiling.

And my corset quickly tightened: the laces were tied to the damn thing!

At first she had to hold the corset in place, but it quickly tightened and she stood back and watched my increasing discomfort.

It was fascinating, watching my waist shrink as the pressure increased. Every time I inhaled the corset got a bit tighter. But when I change. It became harder and harder to breathe. Soon I was panting, unable to get more than a sip of air.

Eventually, it couldn't get any tighter. I stood there, impossibly stretched by the chains. She lowered the device a bit and knotted the laces. Then she cut away all the excess.

She pulled a package of white stockings from one of the bags and uncuffed an ankle. She expertly rolled the stocking up my leg and attached it to three garters which hung from the corset.

"When you are my property, no hair on your body." She said, breaking the silence. "She's new so she still thinks of you as human."

From her desk she took a measuring device that I had seen in shoe stores. I dutifully stood on it has she determined my size.

"Are you kidding me? I just sold out!" She smacked me on the ass. "You're doing this on purpose!"


"I'll see if I can find something in your size." Another swat to the ass. "Don't go anywhere!"


After a very log wait she returned with a shoe box. "A three inch heel. What kind of punishment is a three inch heel? It doesn't even lock on!" Another smack to my ass. "Not that locks scare sissy boy?"

She fitted the red shoes on my feet, buckling the ankle straps a bit tighter than needed. Then she slid a pair of panties up my legs.

The panties were a lacy pink with a tiny bow in front. I was actually glad to wear it because it helped to support the weight of my chastity.

When she had finished my transformation she looked me in the eye. "Here's the deal. You're allowed to wear your old shoes when you get home. The corset stays on until your Mistress says otherwise."

She grabbed my face in her hand and pulled me closer. "When she gets tired of you, I'm going to complete your training. It will be fun...for me."

"Next time we'll get your gut to a proper size." She unlocked one wrist. "You have one minute to get out of my sight. If you are still here it means you want me to start your real training. I'll assume any of the bags you leave are to thank me."

She freed my other hand. "Get going asshole, before I decide you need make-up."

I grabbed the handles of all the bags and stumbled out the door. The alley was well lit and most of the buildings had cameras.

And they all seemed to be aimed at me.

I found the purse and my car keys, dumped the bags on the passenger seat and sped for home.

Then I slowed down. If I had been worried about the reaction of being caught in just panties....

The gag was really making my jaw ache.

I looked at myself in the mirror.


I parked in an empty lot and unbuckled the gag.

Or at least I tried to. It took me a few minutes to discover that I had to first pull a pin out of the buckle before I could open it. If I had attempted to ungag myself at her shop, I never would have made it out the door in time.

Conniving bitch.

Finally I was parked on the street in front of my building. How was I supposed to get to my apartment without being seen? For once I was glad we didn't have a guard or security cameras.

I waited until the closest car was two blocks away before I made my move. I grabbed all the bags and stumbled up the front stairs.

Woman may think a three inch heel was nothing, but I could barely walk in it, running was impossible.

I decided to take the stairs...I knew they'd be deserted. Before I made it to the second floor I was gasping. I blamed the corset but I had to admit I had never walked up these stairs before.

I was able to get in my apartment without any neighbors opening their doors. I dropped the bags and sank into a chair.

What had happened to my life? Eight hours ago I was going out on a date with a hot girl. Now I was dressed like one! My cock was locked away, a scary woman wants to shave me while my date was threatening to make billboards of me in drag.

And my hips are killing me! Why do girls wear these damn things?

At least I'm allowed to take the shoes off. I tried but the corset prevented me from bending. I finally knelt and freed my feet.

I hadn't gone to the bathroom in a while and I wasn't really sure what peeing through this tube was going to be like, but I didn't have a lot of choice.

What a mess! The stream hit the metal near the tip and splashed all over. I quickly turned and sat, allowing all the pee to make it into the bowl. I cleaned up as best I could.

It was getting late..or early...both applied, so I decided to get some sleep. I could probably have removed the stockings, but I doubted I was flexible enough to get them back on. So I slid into bed wearing my corset, stockings and panties.

Slide was right! The stockings made the sheets feel very slippery. In some other situation it would have been enjoyable, tonight it was a distraction.

I stayed in bed for an hour before I gave up and went to my computer.

I started to research corsets.

Just typing "Corset" got me fifty million options.

"Male Corset" reduced it to thirty three million.

Did that mean there were only seventeen million sites for women?

Okay..."Man forced into corset" How many sites would answer to that?

Nine million.

"Man forced into chastity and corset."

Almost seven million.

I was thinking of how to further reduce my choices when I got a message from Bonita. "Can't sleep?"

"More like can't breathe."

"Renee tends to go to far." So that was the bitches name, "She didn't actually hurt you, did she?"

"This corset was way too tight. I think it's the wrong size." She didn't reply for a minute, then said. "Come on over. I'll fix the corset."


"I can wait for next weekend."

"I'm on my way!"

I wormed my way into a pair of sweatpants and a loose hoodie. A pair of loafers completed the cover up. Hopefully my third drive of the night would end this nightmare.

Bonita was waiting at her door, wearing a long black robe. I felt my cage tighten.

Was this damn thing going to let me know every time I saw something I liked?

We hugged and I felt a soft smoothness under her robe.

Bonita pulls me into the room and yanks off my hoodie. "Oh my goodness that looks incredible!" She moans as she pulls the sweatpants to my ankles, revealing the panties. "Keep quiet and follow me!" She said she grabbed my bound cock and led me into a small room. "Lose the shoes." She commanded. I kicked off the pants and shoes.

There was a short thin metal pole in the middle of the room. It had a small platform on top which seemed to be the perfect height...

for my cock.


Sure enough, Bonnie fiddled with the height for a few seconds until the platform rested behind my balls. Then she produced a second piece of metal which she secured to the first, creating a set of cock and ball stocks.

"You have no idea how much I want you right now!" She purred, dropping to her knees. "Mine, all mine!"

She fished my cock out of the panties and ran her tongue along it. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. It looked like a scene from a porn movie, and just like a movie...I felt nothing! My prison allowed me to feel her hot breath and a little dampness as her tongue slipped over the gaps in the metal, but nowhere near enough to get me over.

And she knew it.

She licked, nibbled and tormented me. When I saw the evil glint in her eye, I knew what was coming, but I was powerless to stop it.

She took me in her mouth.

I could feel the sweet teasing, the light biting, the tongue bath, the suction. I couldn't stop myself as I grabbed her hair and forced my dick deeper into her mouth. She was both my fantasy and my nightmares come true.

It didn't matter. There was nothing I could do to increase my pleasure. I tried everything, The cage grew so tight I hope my cock would break it apart! But in the end, I released Bonnie's hair as my hands fell uselessly to my side.

"Are you done?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes." I said...fighting back tears.

"You know, I told you how it was my fantasy to use you for my pleasure." She ran her fingers through her hair, "Seems to me that I was the one being used there." I kept quiet. "Are you telling me you need to be punished again?" I REALLY kept quiet.

"I guess I'll have to think on that. Maybe after a good nights sleep."

"Yeah," I agreed, "Sleep sounds good."

Oh," She said in that sweet voice, "We are going to have such a busy morning!"

She held up handcuffs. "But first!" And she locks my hands behind me.

Then, oh sweet miracle then she takes out her key and unlocks my chastity. The thin wire Renee added breaks with a slight yank. And my cock was free! In less than a second I am large, hard and in cha...

Well, two out of three.

It was quivering with need. A few strokes or maybe a single lick and I would explode!

Instead, Bonnie grabbed a spray can and coated my cock with a freezing mist. As I was still bound to the cock stock, I couldn't avoid it. My proud erection disappeared and my cock shrank and shrank.

Bonnie opened the hinged circle which had been behind my balls. In its place she took a slightly smaller circle and fitted my balls through it. Then she used her thumbs to force my shrunken cock through.

I've learned when Bonnie's smile is widest, my troubles are greatest.

Her grin was from ear to freaking ear.

She held up the chastity I had been wearing tonight. Then she brought up a new tube. It was about one third as big as the one I had found so small.

No way, no fucking way!

Psssssssssssssssssssssttttt went the spray can.


She pushed the small cap against my glans and aligned prongs with holes in the metal circle I wore. Both pieces hooked together at the top where she slid a key in sideways. A hard twist and she left part of the key in it, completing the lock.

"I hadn't planned on using this one, but it was the only chastity I had with a different lock." She grabbed my balls to insure she had my full attention. "Do not look up how to pick this lock! I can borrow another one from Renee that is so much worse."

She leaned in closer. "Instead, find out what a sounding is, and see how many chastity cages have it available."

I had no idea what she was talking about, and I was still terrified. Then all the questions I had asked myself started to get answers...

"How did you know?"

"Oh you big dumb ox. It's how I afford this house and all my toys. I'm a hacker."

She bounced my trapped balls in one hand, "And you never piss off a hacker."

Chapter Three (added: 2018/09/01)

"I must admit," Bonnie said, "The corset was a pleasant surprise. I thought Renee would put you in a cami or something. Did she loan this to you?" She walked around my helpless body. "No way would she sell this for twenty bucks."

"Twenty?" I craned my next to follow her. "Your friend sold me six bags full of god-knows-what for over three grand!"

Bonnie eyes locked on mine. How could someone so small be this terrifying? "You better not be lying." She finally said In a very soft voice.

I have never been so happy that I told the truth.

I marveled as Bonnie jumped into sitting. She was on three computers, her phone, a pad and the microwave...although the last one was for tea.

After a while she looked at me, "$3,217 sound about right?"

"No, it was under $3,100."

An eyebrow went up. "So you are telling the truth." She muttered. She went back to attacking her computers as I concentrated on not getting an erection.

After a few more minutes of activity; "Okay, done! Your money is back with a small bonus, and the shipment of heels she desperately needs was just routed to Boise.

"What's in Boise?"

"With any luck, short people." She spun around in her chair. "Now let me get you out of that corset...unless you want to keep it on?"

"I'm really looking forward to breathing again. I have such fond memories of air."

"Shouldn't take long to untie....wait." She grabbed scissors from her desk. "This will...say what?"

"What?" I answered automatically.

"The lace she used has a metal core. These shears can't cut it."

"You mean I'm stuck?"

"No, I'm pissed." She left me and rummaged under her sink for a bit. She straightened holding bolt cutters."Wish me luck." She said as she moved to my back.

"That depends on what you are planning to cut off." I said, trying...and be funny.

Two soft "Tttks" later I could feel the crushing squeeze lessen. Bonnie pulled the laces from their holes and my comfort increased.

Before it was completely unlaced, I felt it slid down my body. I took my first deep breath in hours. "Thank you." I breathed.

"Oh I thought of the way you'll thank me." She whispered, pulling the old corset away. "But for now, kneel."

"Um...." I wanted to keep her happy, but if I went down, my balls were going to stay up. She held up a small cotter pin. "Down!" She commanded.

The post collapsed as I knelt. My knees hit the floor without any damage to my cock and balls. She tousled my hair. "Such a good pony."

Say what?

She busied herself buckling a leather contraption to my face. I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to do as all it limited was my peripheral vision. But it was now part of me. I gave my head a test shake. It didn't shift but I heard bells ring.


She held a metal rod to my mouth. It looked like a large capital H. Dutifully I opened wide and she pushed it in then spent a minute or two attaching it to my head restraint. Finally a strap went under my chin, forcing my teeth against the rod. I could feel padding as I bit, so that wasn't bad.

The metal piece I could feel bouncing at the back of my tongue. THAT was bad.

"Most people do not understand the proper function of reins" She lectured. "A simple bit in the mouth does not fully convey to the slave how much he is controlled."

She must have touched the damn thing, because the plate lifted off my tongue. "Thank GLUUURRRK!" The second I started to speak, she pressed it down.

It was horrible. No matter how hard I bit down, I couldn't stop that plate from crushing my tongue. I had to fight to not throw up. I didn't try to talk again.

"Remember when I told you I wanted to control you? Well, there's actually a bit more to it. Get up slave." She smiled and the pressure on my tongue was lifted.

"What excites me, what REALLY gets me wet, is being able to do something to you, something you hate, and there is no way for you to stop me!" As she talked. She freed me from the pole.

The plate tapped against my tongue. "Imagine you had locked a chastity belt on me, after shoving a remote controlled vibrator up!"

My torture didn't matter, my cock twitched at her words....or tried to at least.

"Even if I wasn't bound in any other way, I couldn't stop you from making me cum. I'd be helpless. Your.............prisoner."

Call me crazy, but I think she was enjoying the idea too.

"There are a few fun things I can do to you. A! An ELECTRIC butt plug! Shocking you because I can. Did you know some chastities have electrodes attached? Just imagine I am lying at your feet with my pussy and ass filled with toys....and you know if you get hard, you'll fry your dinkey."

Her hand caressed my leather-crossed face. "Instead, I decided to play nice. You wear a curb bit. It makes you instantly obedient to my slightest wish."

She snapped leashes to the bottom of the H thingie. "If I want you to follow me, all I have to do is lightly pull and you'll go where ever I lead." She amused herself by walking around the room as I desperately tried to keep the leash loose.

"Or." She said as she unsnapped the leashesn through them over my shoulders and re-attached them to the top of the H. "I can be behind you, say in a cart. You'd pull a little pony cart for me? Wouldn't you Trigger?" With that, she pulled back on the reins and I gagged.

Years ago I read that we are the only mammals that can't breathe and swallow at the same time. Turns out we also can't breathe when a psycho is playing horsey.

Great wracking sobs escaped from me when I was allowed to breathe again. I had fallen to my knees at some point, but that didn't matter.

The only thing I cared about was getting out of there alive.

She was crazy.

And not fun crazy.

"Too much?" She asked lightly. "Let's try again. UP!" I shot to my feet before she could force me.

"Good! Now, how about we get those lazy knees a bit higher?" She shook the reins, "A BIT Higher! I made a joke!"

Being gagged, I didn't have to laugh, but I did lift my knees as high as I could with every step.

She flicked the reins. "Put some life in it! Up Up UP!!!" I had to lift my legs at an angle to avoid my bound balls, But I kept my legs moving. Anything to keep her happy.

"That's right, you just march in place." She commanded. "Hey, raise your arms so I can whip that naughty ass!"

I moved my cuffed wrists up my back, huffing with the effort of marching. It had been a long night.

Bonnie was silent, no doubt planning her next torture. Suddenly she was in front of me.

"STOP!" She yelled at me. Her hands grabbed the sides of the H and she pulled my face down to hers. "Why isn't it working?" She cried.

All I could do was stare at her as I sucked in all the air I could. What was her problem?

"I finally get a toy to play with and it is not right!" She pushed my face away. "I dreamed of this night for so long. Trapping you, playing with you, BREAKING your spirit. Making you my devoted slave..."

She flopped into a chair. "But it's not right." She got to her feet and paced around me. "I wanted to tame a wild stallion. I would win of course, but only after a magnificent struggle that lasted weeks....MONTHS!"

She sat again. "Instead I get all the exciteent of a pony ride at the kiddie zoo." She grabbed a magazine and flipped through the pages, not really looking at it. "I guess it's not your fault, maybe I'm too good at being a Mistress." She stared at me, pouting.

What the hell did I do wrong?

More importantly, what would she do to me because I disappointed her?

She threw down the magazine and approached me. "Sorry it didn't work out." I felt a cuff fall off my wrist. "No hard feelings?"

What? And I do mean What The FUCK? She rummaged in a drawer. "You take off the head piece, I'll get the key to your chastity."

I grabbed the leather and pulled..swore...then I carefully felt for the buckles that would get this piece of shit off me. It wasn't easy, but I was inspired.

As I still wasn't sure if this wasn't just another one of her crazy tests, I gently put the gag on a table. She unlocked the chastity.

I didn't waste any time getting dressed. She pulled me down for a light kiss, shoved something white in my hands and ushered me out the door. "I hope you had fun." were her parting words.

She had given my the white leather corset I had been trapped in. Was it a hint, an order...WHAT?

I mean, ten minutes earlier I had been worried about dying, now I was back in the friend zone? I drove home slowly, carefully, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Later, in my apartment, I was still in a daze. I couldn't just dismiss it all saying she was nuts.

She was, but why was I so confused?

Sex, of course. The sex had been incredible and she had promised more.

Always a good thing.

She had used me, made me into a sex toy.

Okay, some of that was fun.

But the cross-dressing, the choking, crazy Renee...that had all been horrible.

Hadn't it?

Then why did I feel empty?

Winston Churchill had said that he felt the most alive when a bullet barely missed him. Maybe it was the excitement I missed.

Yeah, that was it. The Adrenalin rush of danger, coupled with the excitement of sex, Forbidden Sex! Of course I wanted more! Who wouldn't?

I had to figure out how to get her back. But first...

First I had a more pressing problem. I sat in front of my screen and typed the question that had been plaguing me.

It took me a number of false starts before I found my answer.

"What is a cammie?"


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