Bondage Co-eds

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2018-2019 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; armbinder; hood; collar; cuffs; tickle; whip; chastity; rope; strapon; straitjacket; spreader; leash; buttplug; toys; clamps; cons; XX

Chapter One

"I need to get ready for mid-terms!" Mai-Li whined.

"So do I." Ada said as she unbuttoned her roommates blouse. "But I also have to make sure my cookies are still here when I get back.

"Cookies?" Asked the Asian girl, wearing only her white silk bra and panties.

"Cookies." Ada confirmed, "A large package of Lemon Oreo's. Either I lock them away or I bind you. This way is more fun. Now arms behind your back."

Dutifully, the smaller girl moved her arms into position. Ada frowned as Mai-Li's elbows pressed together. How did she do that so easily? Her own elbows couldn't get within six inches of each other.

No matter, she retrieved the single glove from under the couch cushions and pulled it into position. The long zipper hissed as it closed the soft leather. Ada snaked the leather straps under her friends armpits, crossed them on her chest, then over the shoulders to be buckled to the glove.

Mai-Li had been silent while her arms were bound, but the sight of the leather hood make her speak. "Oh no...not that damned helmet. I hate that!"

"The last time I didn't cover your mouth, you ate the banana bread my mom had sent me!"

"That was so good. I hope she bakes more soon!" Ada pulled the laces taut, forcing Mai-Li to speak through clenched teeth. A two-inch wide collar was added, covering the laces.

"Are you finished?" Mai-Li asked.

"Of course...........................not. Sit!" She said, offering the computer chair.

Mai-Li sat.

Leather cuffs were wrapped around her ankles. The connecting chain was clipped to the ring at the bottom of her arm-binder, pulling her feet back and off the floor.

"What test do you need to study for?"

"Medieval History." Came the muffled reply.

Ada pulled up the chapters on her laptop and readied the text for a slow crawl. "All comfy?" She asked perkily. "I could cut off your panties if they bother you."

"Just go."

"Oh one last thing." Ada said causally, "Locks."

Mai-Li's head shot up. "Locks? I don't need locks! There is no reason for locks!"

"Are you sure?" Ada asked sweetly, "Locks are ever so useful in preventing someone from sneaking in here and freeing you while I'm away."

Ada snapped the last lock shut. Small brass padlocks swung from every buckle and zipper. She activated the slow parade of words on her computer and left her dejected friend to study.

Ada adjusted her skirt as she slowly walked to her first appointment. She had to smile at Mai-Li's protests. She loved the hood but wanted a gag to go with it.

Ada could not understand why a girl would scream if she had to touch a real cock was so upset that she couldn't suck a rubber one.


The bondage had been fun, but it had only been used to delay Ada's leaving the dorm. She was not looking forward to her afternoon.

Mary, her sister had assured her that it was the easiest way to improve her grades, even supplying a list of teachers who would help her.

It had better be worth it. She knocked on the office door.

"Enter!" Came a crisp command.

Ada entered and stammered out her memorized speech to the severely-dressed woman behind the desk. Dr. Matson had been waiting for this day since she saw Ada's name on the class registry. She opened the bottom drawer on her desk and tossed the contents to Ada.

Ada was torn. She was happy that her tests would be at least a grade higher, but she was scared at what she would have to do to get that increase.

At least the gag had a smaller ball. After gagging herself, she buckled on her collar, letting the cuffs dangle behind her back. She removed her skirt and waited. Dr. Matson motioned her to turn around where she buckled the padded leather around her wrists. She unzipped Ada's skirt, then motioned for Ada to take off her sneakers and socks.

Ada stood wearing only a red bra and panty.

The instructor sat on her swivel chair and pulled a cat-o-nine-tails from the other bottom drawer. She lifted her skirt. Ada's head entered the tented opening and paused.

Powerful thighs trapped her head as the first blow from the whip landed.

'That wasn't so bad.' Ada thought, 'Didn't hurt at all.' She felt her teacher relax the grip her head, only to shift a little forward and close her legs again as the whip struck. This one was a bit firmer, but still was much less than she had been expecting.

Matson kept inching her way towards Ada's trapped face.

Soon, all too soon, Ada's gagged mouth was pressed against Dr. Matson's pussy as the whip caressed her exposed ass.

Ada's face was covered in wetness as The older woman rode it to a climax. Although the blows were not hard, each one made Ada jerk forward, forcing her gagged mouth to rub against the soaking pussy. Ada was surprised that a whipping would only warm her ass. It actually was making her wet! She began to lift her ass up, wanting more. The pressure of her teachers legs increased as she came.

Then Ada felt someone else press something down over her ankles, trapping them against the carpet!

She could feel legs on the outside of hers, preventing her from moving her legs in any direction.

She squealed into her gag as the feather tickled the sole of a foot. She tried to shift away from the delicate touch but she was helpless.

Her arousal was quickly replaced with laughter.

She hated to be tickled. She squirmed and fought to free herself more than she had when being whipped. That had been surprisingly pleasant. This was torture.

As she tossed, her mouth was still pressed tightly to a soaking wet pussy. Ada could feel her teacher's passion increase...the bitch was going to cum again!

Ada had other concerns. She could feel her control of her bladder slipping away. She was bound, semi-naked in front of a teacher and a stranger, her face was covered with pussy juice and her only thought was not peeing.Suddenly Ada felt herself pushed away from under the skirt.

"Oh that is enough," Dr. Matson managed to gasp. "One more orgasm and I might never let you leave."

"But I was just getting started." The strange man complained. "I'm sure I can make her pee."

"I said enough!"

"Yes dear." he replied sullenly as he removed her gag.

"Ada dear, Have you met my fiance? Soon this college will have another Dr. Matson."

"Sweetheart, I thought I was going to keep my own name..." The glare he received was more effective than the gag in Ada's mouth.

Ada looked at the little man. He had a wide cloth below his knees. So that was what had held her feet down.

"No," Ada said slowly, "I don't think I've had the pleasure..."

"He teaches Medieval History."

"My roommate takes that!" This conversation could not be happening.

"Then she just earned an A."

"Yes dear. What is his or her name?" the man asked as he unbuckled he rest of her restraints.

"Mai-Li." Ada answered, rubbing her wrists. (Oh that feels so much better.) "She's the one who looks like she should be in a video game."

A wide smile spread across his face. "Oh the cute one. Do you think she would be interested in..."


"Yes dear." He whispered.

"I need to freshen up. When I return I expect you to have a proper apology ready." She motioned to Ada. "Shall we?"

"Yes Ma'am." Ada answered as they left the office.

After a thorough face wash, Ada reapplied her make-up getting ready for her next two appointments.

They were both typical men. She gargled after each visit.

She had one appointment to go. Mary had said Dr. Walkert was always her favorite. All she would have to do is play herself to orgasm while he watched and tried to orgasm...but would not be able to.

His cock would always be locked in a little plastic or metal cage. In future visits she could torment his trapped cock any way she wanted. But this first time, there would be no contact.

Ada had her favorite vibrator in her purse and was looking forward to an orgasm or twenty.

She entered his office and repeated the speech for the last time that month.

"Sorry, not interested."

Ada had been reaching for her top button. "I'm sorry...what?"

"Your sister had something special. Your not my type."

"All right...," Ada said quietly, "If you will excuse me, I have a bit more studying to do than I had planned on." She reached for the doorknob.

"Wait." Ada paused. "Your average is easily a B+. Why are you willing to put yourself through all this embarrassment for half a grade?"

"It's my father, If I get less than straight A's, he will force my younger sister to study day and night, so she won't be a failure like me."


"Mary protected me, I must do the same for Rachel."

Walkert thought for a moment. "Come back in an hour. I think I may have a solution."

Ada hurried back to her dorm knowing Mai-Li would need a break. In their room she found her friend as she had left her, although Ada was positive the puddle was new.

"Having fun?" Ada asked pleasantly.

"I have been on the edge for the last hour!" Mai-Li said through her clenched teeth. "You had better gag me when I cum because I will be loud!"

"That is not important right now."

"It is always important!" Mai-Li insisted.

"I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first?"

"Let me guess," The bound girl said. "You traded the keys for a bag of magic beans."

"Not a full bag. What do you think the bad news is?" Ada used her key to remove the many locks.

"They are Lima Beans. I hate those."

Ada gave up. She could never beat Mai-Li in an ad-lib contest. "The good news is..." She said slowly, "You already have an A in History."

"What? How?"

"You wouldn't believe me." Ada unbuckled the shoulder straps of the armbinder. It slid off without being unzipped. "Show off." She muttered.

"What is the bad news?"

"I have to go back out for a bit, so you have to be tied up again."

"What is the bad news?"

"When I return, I'm going to need you to lick me until my muscles turn into pudding."

"What is the bad news?"

"This!" Ada said, Wrapping the padded blindfold around her head. "And this!" She added, pushing a rubber cock gag into Mai-Li's open mouth. The Asian girl immediately pulled her hair aside to make it easier to put on. The five straps pulled the gag deeply into her mouth as she moaned in appreciation.

"Kneel" Ada commanded as she pulled the spreader bar from under the couch. She removed the lock and placed her roommate's ankles into the out semi-circles. Then she pushed Mai-Li's body over and directed her hands into the waiting arcs.

She closed the bar carefully so no skin was pinched. Then giving her roomie a friendly smack on her ass (Hmmmm..feels nice from this side too) Ada returned to Walkert's office.

"Please, sit." He said as She entered. "Your sister was willing to orgasm to improve her grade. I assume you are willing to do the same."

"Yes Sir."

"Are you willing to not orgasm?"

Ada looked at him in confusion. "How's that again?"

Walkert spoke slowly. "Are you willing to not have sex for, oh say, two weeks. And in return, I will raise your grade to at least an A."

Ada considered this. "Yeah...I think so. But there would be no way of proving it. You can't be watching me at all times."

He smiled. "It is easier than you think."

Ada started to worry. " She asked in a small voice.

Walkert reached behind his desk. "I bought this for my wife many years ago, hoping we could..." He paused, putting a cardboard box on his desk. Then he continued, "In any case, she was about your size. It's fairly adjustable, shall we see if it fits?"

It was a metal chastity belt. Polished silver metal with a pink liner.

Ada's eyes widened. "When you say you bought it many years're not referring to the middle ages or something? I mean....You don't sparkle in the sunlight, do you?"

He put the belt on his desk. "Welcome to Team Walkert."

"Two weeks, You're not going to pretend to lose the key?"

"Two weeks, unless you have a doctor's appointment or....We'll this is a little embarrassing. When was your last....."

"Just ended."

He looked at her. "You are a very good student. You may earn an A on your own."

She sighed. "I can't take that chance. How do I get into this?"

"Skirt and panties off and I'll do the rest."

She felt funny stripping in front of him. But considering what she had planned to do...

The belt easily fit around her waist. He pulled and shifted the metal until it was the size he wanted. Then he pulled the crotch piece into place. Her nether lips were squeezed together through an oval opening in front while an obscenely large circle forced her ass cheeks apart.

He slid a piece of metal over where the two pieces met and closed it with a sharp snap. Then he stuck a key into the side of this last piece, twist it and removed the key.

"How does it feel?" He asked.

"Just like all the other ones I've worn," Ada answered casually.

"You mean you worn these..."

"Joking!" Ada said. "It feels....odd." What she didn't dare say was that it was making her horny!

"See if you can slip it off." He requested. A few tugs satisfied them both.

She was stuck.

"One last detail." He said. He positioned a metal screen to cover where her lips were sticking out and secured it with a small padlock.

"If it gets too much, I will remove it whenever you ask," He said. "You may want to sleep with a pillow between your legs."

Ada barely paid attention to what he was saying. Bondage was something she enjoyed as a prelude or part of sex. She had never been bound long-term.

Two weeks was an eternity!

She pulled on her panties.

"This is my personal number. Call me anytime if there is an emergency."

"Won't your wife mind if I call?" Ada asked.

"Not for the last three years." he answered in a monotone.

She finished dressing and thanked him...although she wasn't sure for what...and made her way back to her room. 'Can anyone tell? Am I walking funny? Is the locking clicking with every step?' These questions and dozens more tormented her as she walked.

But one fact overwhelmed all her worries.

She was fucking HORNY!

She was often horny, of course. But relief was always just a Ladies Room away. What girl didn't carry a mini vibrator in her purse?

But now...fourteen days... Three hundred and thirty-six hours...let's see, six times three hundred is eighteen hundred, add six times thirty-six..two hundred sixteen makes Two thousand sixteen...multiple by ten ....

Fuck it! It was forever.

Ada was surprised to find herself at her dorm room. The door was locked. Was Mai-Li out or...

Ada smiled. Mai-Li was definitely still at home. She unlocked the door quickly closed it behind her. The air was heavy with Mai-Li's musk. She watched as her friend bounced her ass...searching for a lover who would rub her sodden pussy.

At this point, Mai-Li would probably allow a guy to...

Ada shook her head. No, the only cocks Mai-Li liked were those rubber ones she could bite as hard as she liked.

They had already thrown away three gags that she had chewed through.

Ada crept past her bound lover until she was behind her. Every bit of her panties was soaked. Ada carefully reached forward and ran her index finger along Mai-Li's crack.

With a muffled squeal, Mai-Li tried to grind her pussy into the unseen hand. Ada pulled back for a second, only to grab her friend's pussy. She used two fingers to rub on either side of her clit. Even through the silken barrier it was more than enough to make Mai-Li scream as she came.

And came...and....

Ten minutes later, Mai-Li collapsed as much as the spreader bar allowed. Ada used the nearby key to open the device and Mai-Li bonelessly flopped beside it. Ada had to remove her head restraints, Mai-Li had neither the strength nor the co-ordination to unbuckle the leather straps.

"That was..." Mai-Li paused for about ten seconds, searching for the word. "Nice."

"No wonder I have to help you with your Creative Writing assignments." Ada said dryly.

"I need a drink, no, I need two!" Mai-Li announced. "Water, and then you!" She pushed herself to her feet. "Get rid of that skirt unless you want me to chew a hole in it!" She said as she staggered into the kitchen.

"Take your time, we gotta talk."

"You talk, I'll listen." Mai-Li said after chugging a bottle of water. "I promised you a tongue-lashing."

"Don't worry about it...Unless you have an aluminum fetish."

"What do you mean?" Ada lifted her skirt. "What did you do?"

"My sex life is about to enjoy a two week vacation."

"What about ME?" Mai-Li wailed.

Ada frowned, "I can probably find one online for you but it may not be here on time." Mai-Li pouted. "Listen, it's bad enough that I am bound in this contraption, I really don't need you throwing a hissy-fit on top of it.

A strange look came over Mai-Li. "But I'm the subbie, I'm supposed to be bound," She walked to her room talking to herself. "The subbie is bound, MUST be bound..."

She soon returned carrying a leather case Ada had not seen before. "Strip!" She commanded in a stern voice.

"Knock it off, "Ada said, "I gotta YEEEEE!" She held her hand to her face where the blow had landed. "What are you.."

Mai-Li held the quirt before Ada's face. "Strip!"

Eyes watering, Ada took off the few items she was wearing.

The quirt jerked upward. "Stand."

Ada stood, confused at her friend's behavior. She had never been aggressive, even when Ada had begged her to do the binding.

Mai-Li walked around the almost-naked girl, tapping at the chastity with her quirt. "I like this. It will be a challenge." She threw open her case and withdrew a long, thin red rope. She found the middle of the rope and looped it over Ada's head, tying a knot under her chin. She spun the rope so that a single, thicker rope reached her belt. Dividing it back into two ropes, she wound each length around the belt.

Silently she placed Ada's wrists against the belt then wove a web of rope, binding Ada's wrists to her sides. Another length of rope was tied to the rope collar and Mai-Li ran the soft material around Ada's breasts, gently lifting and squeezing them as the rope tightened.

More rope followed, trapping her legs and pulling them behind her back. When Mai-Li finally rested, Ada's bondage forced her head back and made her look forward.

Where had this skill come from? Mai-Li had always refused to bind Ada, claiming she was a submissive and had no interest in being on top. Now she was using rope far better than Ada ever had.

What, repeat what the fuck?

Satisfied, Mai-Li's panties floated down her legs and she kicked them to the side. She sat in front of her room-mate, legs stretched to either side of the bound body, her pussy less than a foot from Ada's face.

Mai-Li retrieved their most-used vibrator from under the couch. "You don't mind if I relax a you?" She asked sweetly.

Ada was forced to watch her friend as the vibe slid into herself until the soft prongs rested against her clit. With a gentle cry the vibe buzzed to life. Instead of enjoying a quick orgasm, Mai-Li teased herself, constantly easing the toy away just before she was about to cum while Ada squirmed in frustration without even a gag for comfort.

Before she allowed herself release, Mai-Li buckled a gag around her head to muffle her cries, then she turned the vibrator to her favorite setting.

Her orgasms were long and wet. Many times she arched her back and thrust the vibrator deeply inside her. Each time her cries were louder.

When the batteries died, Mai-Li tossed it aside and slid forward, pressing her pussy tightly against Ada's mouth. She wrapped her legs around her friend's head to pull them closer. Then she rode the willing mouth until she collapsed on her side.

Mai-Li's legs were too unsteady for her to try walking, so she crawled to the table and pulled Ada's books to the floor. She opened one at random and placed it near her captive.

One untied knot later, Ada was able to move her head.

"Let's see how easy it is for you to study." Mai-Li muttered as she staggered into her bedroom.

Ada waited for her friend to return and admit she was kidding.

Then she heard the snores.

"I don't fucking believe this." Ada muttered as she used her dripping nose to turn the pages. "The resale value of this book will be zero!"

Most college students learn that text books make excellent pillows. Ada woke as Mai-Li was untying her legs.

"What...what time is it?" Ada asked blearily.

"Around three." Mai-Li said as another rope loosened. "I planned to leave you tied up all night but your snores were keeping me up."

"I don't snore."

"Oh? Mai-Li paused, "So I don't need to untie you?"

"I snore, I snore!" Ada admitted. "I also need to pee! Please hurry!"

With only her legs freed, Ada ran to the bathroom. She used a foot to flip the top open and quickly sat, her hands still secured to the side of her belt. After a brief moment of hesitation, she was able to go. Her pee spattered through the screen.

"I'm going to need help wiping!" She called.

"I'd rather untie you!" Mai-Li responded.

After Mai_Li had removed and put away all her ropes: she had Ada pose in her belt.

"Interesting." She commented. As much as I love submitting to you, seeing you in this makes me want to wrap you in rope and never let you go!"

"It comes off in two weeks." Ada said dryly.


The girls went to their separate rooms. Ada quickly feel asleep thanks to her exhaustion and a pillow between her legs.

In the morning Ada wondered how to hide her newest...accessory. She decided to wear her interview outfit and tell anyone who asked that she had an appointment after classes.

So she wore black tights, a plaid knee-length skirt, blouse and blazer. She examined herself in the mirror. No one would know what she had locked on.

But she knew....BOY did she know!

She added a sanitary pad between her legs. She knew she would only get more horny the longer she was locked up.

In the common area between their bedrooms, Ada saw her empty package of cookies. Almost empty, Ada corrected herself, Mai-Li always left the last cookie.

Vowing revenge, Ada left for her last day of review classes before exams.

The most extraordinary aspect of her day was how ordinary it all was. A few friends commented on her clothes, but almost everyone was too focused on Wednesdays tests.

That night, Mai-Li insisted on binding Ada because she needed silence to finish her Art project.

Ada said that she would be quiet because she had a ton of studying to do...

"Hold still!" Mai-Li commanded as she tugged the sky-blue discipline helmet over Ada's head. "The sooner this is on the quicker we can get to work."

Ada remained silent...and thoroughly confused. Finally she was the one getting tied, but Mai-Li was suddenly aggressive. Not to mention a master, (Mistress?) of ropework. She had been allowed to remove her coat, blouse and skirt before being commanded to sit in the computer chair.

"There!" Mai-Li said as she finished lacing the hood closed. Ada felt her buckle the built-in collar, covering the knotted laces."Are the grommets in place?"

Ada could see through the two metal-rimmed holes. The third, larger opening was at her mouth. "They are fine...can I study now?"

"Of course...not. I can't have your incessant chattering disturbing my studies, now can I?" The rubber cock was neither long nor thick.

It was just extremely effective. Mai-Li buckled in in so there was a bit of play in it. Ada still had no chance of spitting it out, but she was easily able to move it in and out of her mouth, giving a rubber dick a long, slow blow job.

Ada moaned. As if she wasn't already going out of her mind with need. Ada wasn't surprised when she heard the two locks snap closed, but she had been hoping Mai-Li had not bothered.

Mai-Li pulled one of Ada's legs up and closed the wide manacle around her ankle. She looped over the seat before locking it to her other ankle. Ada's legs were drawn up, forcing her to open her knees widely, exposing the crotch of her tights and the metal barrier behind it.

Mai-Li strutted into her room to finish an art project leaving Ada free (HA!) to study for Wednesdays round of exams.

While Ada worked on her anti-derivatives and indefinite integrals, her left hand began stroking her leather helmet: following the seams and flicking the damn locks.

Soon she leaned back in the chair as one hand caressed her bra and the other slid under the tights waistband.

As her cocksucking increased in speed and intensity.

She whimpered through her gag as her questing fingers were unable to give any pleasure.

Her left had pinched a nipple (When had she pushed her bra up?) as her right searched for a way around that fucking metal.

There was no way to cum. Her bondage was minimal but effective. Then Ada realized she had only one possible escape.

She would ask Mai-Li to take her anal cherry. Hopefully that would give her the release.

She was willing to beg. She was willing to do anything.

Using her hands, she guided herself along the computer table to the door of Mai-Li's room. She entered to see Mai-Li was painting a woman's head blue, with metal-rimmed eyes and mouth.

Great, now she was a model.

She motioned for Mai-Li to remove her gag. A request that she had always instantly obeyed and Mai-Li was as well.

"What's wrong?" Mai-Li asked.

"Please fuck me!"

"Sorry A, I don't have a can opener."

"Up the ass!" Ada cried, desperate for any attention.

Mai-Li brightened. "That I can do!" Ada felt her gag shoved back in her mouth, a blindfold added and had a pair of cuffs secure her hands behind her back while Mai-Li collected a few necessary toys.

Thirty minutes later, Ada's blindfold was pulled off and she saw her roommate dressed as she had often dreamed.

A domino mask, spiked collar, a jade-green corset that left her pert little titties exposed, matching stockings and gloves and shoes...

And a harness around her hips with a glistening black dildo thrust forward.

Chapter Two (added: 2019/06/07)

Mai-Li took her time in removing Ada's restraints, savoring the moment. One by one the pieces fell to the floor, until Ada stood trembling, wearing only locked metal on her hips and leather trapping her head.

Ada was both frustrated by the glacial pace her captor had chosen and dreading it's completion. It was taking forever and yet she was scared knowing what was to come.

She felt a combination collar and breast harness get fitted to her. As ever, the more bondage items she wore, the more naked she felt. Recognizing the restraint that had often held Mai-Li, she put her arms before her and soon felt the soft leather slide up them.

Mai-Li busied herself arranging and securing all the straps of the bolero style strait jacket. The compression at her upper chest coupled with the securing straps below her breasts pleasantly squeezed Ada's tits.

Ada's arms were crossed in front of her and buckled snugly behind her back. A front loop hanging from between her breasts was tightened around both arms, limiting Ada's movements. Then a wide cuff was closed around her ankle, which turned out to be part of the spreader bar which forced her to widen her stance.

She felt more than she heard the leash snapping to her collar.

Ada had often begged Mai-Li to bind her. But her roommate had insisted that Ada was the owner and she was merely a slave. The one good thing she had learned from her chastity was Mai-Li was an amazing Mistress with many hidden talents and toys.

The bad thing she had learned was how badly she needed sex.

Finally, the moment she had been dreading. Mai-Li helped her to her kneed, then pressed her head to the floor. Pressure from her leash made her hunch into a ball. Her helmet scrapped along the rug until her ass was invitingly thrust high above her.

"At least the leather protected my face," Ada mused. When she couldn't straighten, she knew the leash had been tied to the spreader.

She was finally going to get her ass filled. And hopefully, find some relief.

Suddenly the orgasm didn't seem all that important. She was tempted, MORE than tempted to use her safe word-motion-noise. But before she was able to make that decision, she felt Mai-Li beside her and a mild pressure at her anus.

"Just how long is that thing?" Ada worried. Then she realized Mai-Li was not using the large plug attached to her waist harness, but had a (Hopefully smaller) one in her hand.

Ada felt the slick head press against her and slip in for a little bit, then slowly retreat; only to re-enter a little further.

It took a while for her to feel the wide base on her ass, which meant she had taken the whole plug into her butt!

It wasn't that bad, but it also wasn't that good.

She was hornier than ever, but no closer to cumming.

After a few more deep thrusts with the occasional twist, the plug was fully removed. Then a new, larger plug was slowly forced into her.

Ada winced a little until she felt the base settle into place. Again, although the twisting and pumping were pleasurable, she still was unable to cum.

As each toy failed, a larger one was tried. Frustration, coupled with a growing soreness had replaced any hope of release.

A surprisingly small plug easily slipped into Ada's over-worked ass. Ada was wondering what help it would be when she felt it expand. She knew Mai-Li was squeezing a small bulb to force this plug to grow but bigger did not mean better.

Until it started to vibrate.

"Why the fuck didn't you start with this one?" Ada's thoughts screamed.

All the failures and soreness were forgotten as wave after wave of desire flowed from the plastic intruder. This was what she needed. This one would do it!

Ada tightened her vaginal muscles and leaned back, trying to suck the toy in deeper. She could feel the sweet vibrations reaching through her, approaching her clit. So close to granting her the release she craved.

She held her breath as she arched her back, here it comes....!

Okay, she bent her back, pushing her ass out to catch every last vibration...

So she shook her ass to send the vibes to her waiting clit...

And she humped an invisible lover ....

And she sank into a pile of defeat...

She tried...


Nothing worked.

It took a while, but finally the buzzing ceased and the plug popped out. The buckle was loosened and Ada was able to pull her arms free of the front loop. The pressure on her neck was removed as her leash was untied.

That was when Ada realized the plugs had had a definite effect on her.

She fought to her knees as her leather-covered hands frantically pushed the blindfold up. She struggled to her feet and ran as quickly as she could manage to their bathroom. The spreader made her sidle sideways through the door, but she was able to sit on the toilet before disaster struck.

Ada was still semi-trapped in her leathers and Mai-Li only entered the small room after a series of flushes had cleared the air.

When Ada's mouth was emptied, she commented, "What do you call that treatment? The electric enema?"

"You asked for it. Did it help?"

Ada sighed. "Yeah, kinda. I'm no longer dying of the hornies, but I still haven't come."

"What are you going to do next?"

Ada shrugged. "What else can I do? I'm going to study. But first, I shower."

After a long hot shower, where her shower head still refused to grant relief, Ada settled down to continue her studies. Mai-Li had offered to add a few "Study Aids....with locks." But Ada felt bondage only made things worse.

So after cushioning her chair with some extra pillows, Ada returned to her books, stopping only when her exhaustion blurred the words.

All too soon she slide into her desk. As a famous plastic spokeswoman once said, "Math is hard." Ada was inclined to agree most of the time. But she had studied her ass off (And in) and found herself with time to check her answers before the timer sounded.

Math wasn't hard, but her seat was.

She had an hour before her next class, enough time to hurry back to her dorm and see if she could add anything to her essay on Iwo Jima before printing it.

Part of her essay traced the decision to use poison gas against the entrench Japanese forces. The measure had been approved at every level until it reached Roosevelt. He vetoed it.

Her assignment had required her to express her opinion on an historical event, and back up that opinion with facts. That part was covered. The second half was to retell the event, citing as many sources as possible.

Boy, was that covered. She had been debating about including the movie "The Sands of Iwo Jima" on her list, as the movie has little to do with the battle. But damn it, she had sat through the silly thing, and she wanted credit for it.

The requirement was at least a page on how her research had affected her. She had filled five pages and could have gone on for many more.

She hit print then slipped the small stack of papers in the binder and hurried to her class, her throbbing butt reminding her of the previous lights bad decision.

Ada had spent her lunch hour mulling over what had happened. (She also ate her lunch. Turns out she could eat and think simultaneously.) She had retained almost every formula she had read the night before and used them effectively on the test.

Her memory was good, but not THAT good. What was different?

The only things she could come up with was the belt...and her aching ass.

She studied with them and still had both when taking the test.

She had read a paper on how important it was to study and take test under similar conditions.

Better grades through chastity.

Who knew?

She just had to take her Archery test before she could get ready for the two hard exams on Thursday. Walkert's Chemistry and Advanced Programming.

"I need a butt plug."

Mai-Li dropped the collection of poetry she had been reading. "No you don't. Did you know Emily Dickinson spent the last fifteen years of her life locked in her home alone? Maybe I should become a fempoet."

"I do!" Ada insisted. "And the term is "Poetess" or just "Poet" and no you shouldn't."

"Why another plug? Didn't you stink up the place enough yesterday?"

"I think it helped me study." Ada reddened, "It's worth trying again." Ada went on, explaining her theory.

"What size?

"One I can take out in two hours?" Ada stammered. "And not before?"

Mai-Li smiled. "Now your talking! Now go get naked and I'll find a few items to REALLY help you concentrate."

"But I need something I can feel during the exam!" Ada protested.

"No problem, Just bring me that padded bra I love seeing you in!"

Half an hour later Ada found herself once again bound on the floor, this time with her wrists strapped to the outside of her ankles.

It was only Velcro, but it was good enough for a quick capture.

Her ass was of course, High, open and inviting.

Her gag was new to her. Instead of a ball or a rubber cock, this one featured a flat plate. It was thin, her teeth almost touched and it didn't press down on her tongue. And yet...

She hated it. The smallest movement of her tongue caused it to touch or rub against it. Talking was impossible and swallowing wasn't easy.

Gagging was always an option. And not in a fun way.

Ball gags never actually crushed your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, no matter what bad fiction may have said. It was easy to move your tongue around behind it, even allowing you to touch the roof of your mouth.

If that was of interest for some reason.

But this fucking thing prevented almost all movements of the tongue.

It was nasty and it was effective.

Ada both loved and hated it.

Mainly hate.

Ada steeled herself for the coming intrusion. She knew it wouldn't relieve the infernal itch, but, hopefully, it would take her need and use it to focus on her studies.

"I think your theory needs work." Mai-Li said as she loomed over her captive, "Your sore ass helped you once. Now you need a new distraction for today's subjects."

Mai-Li guided her friend onto her back. She held up a metal circle with a line through it. "These!" She said, unable to hide her smile, "These will be all the help you need tonight!"

Ada was confused. It looked like a "No...something..Allowed" sign. A circle with a line.

Then she saw Mai-Li twist the ends of the center line and saw it separate in the middle. It was held a few inches from her face so she had a clear view of it.

The line was made of two small screws that could be tightened so they met in the middle of the circle...and where they met had small plates with tiny teeth.

Whatever was trapped between them would be squeezed and tormented by pressure and those teeth.

While her gag prevented Ada from speaking, it allowed her to growl. Where was Mai-Li planning on putting that fucking thing?

And why was she looking at her breasts?

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh SHIT!

Mai-Li grabbed a nipple with each hand. She squeezed and rolled them until each one was hard and perky.

Ada didn't try to squirm free. There were many ways she could have justified her compliance, but the simple reason was...curiosity.

She hadn't liked the butt plug, but it wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. Maybe nipple clamps would be the same.

Mai-Li positioned the clamp into place on her left nipple and slowly turned the screws. Almost immediately, Ada felt an increasing pressure that stopped before it started to hurt.

Then her right nipple was trapped.

Ada rolled her shoulders, enjoying the sensation. "Feels nice!" Ada thought.

Until Mai-Li tightened the left clamp a bit more.

"MMMM!" Ada moaned in warning. That hurt!

She glared as her right nipple got the extra twist.

Mai-Li added yet another turn was completely uncalled for! Her eyes filled with tears as her poor nipples were crushed.

"All done." Mai-Li said cheerfully. "Now put on your bra and hit the books!" Twin rips freed her hands and Ada carefully cradled her breasts as she got to her feet. Slowly, gently, she let her breasts hang free. The clamps seemed to tighten as she lifted her arms to unbuckle the gag.

She bit the gag in anger as she tried again, This time moving her arms as little as possible to free her mouth. At least her questing fingers did not find a lock. A rough jerk unbuckled the restraint and Ada let it fall into her hand.

"Got kinda enthusiastic there, didn't ya?" Ada hissed. "Since when do we go rough?"

"You said they had to be felt for a couple of hours. Admit it, the pain is already a lot less."

"Of course N..." She paused before saying "Not." Her nipples were not happy, but it was a manageable pain.

"Fine!" She snarled. "But why do I need a bra?"

"Because you'll wear 'em again during your exams."

"I only wanted to feel the effect."

"My way is better," Mai-Li insisted. The...comfort they give you as you study will be there all through the exam!"

Ada wanted to tell her that there was no way she was going to wear them twice...but it made sense.

A terrible sick twisted sense.

With careful, measure movements, she picked up her bra and eased her arms into it. She maneuvered the straps over her shoulders but she was unable to reach the bra clasp.

Well....not without setting off the clamps again.

"Little help?" She asked, turning her back on Mai-Li.

"Glad to." Mai-Li replied, hooking the bra as tight as possible.

The pain was down to a dull ache as Ada entered the world of aldehydes and allotropes.

Three hours and seventeen minutes later, Ada closed her books and notepads, lowered the top on her laptop and sat back with a smile.

She was primed, she was ready, she was fucking prepared!

She skimmed the straps off her shoulders and pulled the padded cups forward. Her nips were still held between the tiny, nasty-looking plates.

Ada had wondered if they had slipped free, as she hadn't felt any discomfort in well over an hour.

Oh well...she pulled the bra to her waist and spun one of the screws, freeing her nipple from its tight prison. She was reaching for the second piece when her first nipple....reacted.

"Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhh!!!!" Ada hissed, trying not to howl in pain. "Shit fuck hot-damn motherfucker that hurt!" She moaned. Her breath came in hoarse pants As the pain eased down to a dull ache.

"I am never..." Ada began to vow...until her attention was drawn to her still-trapped nipple. "Mother flaming fucker." She said softly as she twisted the small screw loose.

An hour later She extinguished her light to grab a good eight hours of sleep before her final review. She wore another padded bra to bed. This one protected her tender nips from rubbing on the sheets.

Morning brought a new set of problems.

Her nipples didn't really hurt.

The twin clamps sat on her end table. Ada would have sworn they were smirking. With a long sigh she finished her morning ablutions and dressed. Panties with pad over her chastity and stretchy pantyhose over those. Small heels and a full skirt to make sure nothing showed. To hide her new torments, she chose a thicker blouse to couple with her most padded bra.

She did not want to have to answer any questions about her nipple jewelry.

But before her outerwear could cover it....she had to apply it.

Maybe because she knew what was coming.

Maybe because she was doing it to herself.

Or maybe because she hadn't fully recovered from from the previous day, but this time her nipples really hurt as soon as she had tightened the tiny screws.

"A plus or bust." She muttered as she looked at her pinched flesh. "Please don't bust."

Quickly, yet carefully she finished dressing and reviewed Chemistry one last time.

In class, she arranged her skirt so no one could possible see her belt. There was no way anyone could possible know, yet she had to make sure. Then Walkert entered the room, and HE knew.

He smiled as his eyes swept the room. The briefly lingered on Ada as she felt her cheeks redden.She was his prisoner, his captive. His plaything.

The realization swept over her, THIS was bondage. She was locked into a chastity belt because he wanted her in one, and she would not escape from it until he felt it was time.

She could have removed the clamps secretly as she sat, but she was helplessly held by the belt.

She felt her thighs moisten as the overworked pad flooded.

This was it, this was real. She was bound, the helpless slave she fantasized about so many times. As she kept her fetish hidden, she now hid her bondage from others, yet he knew. He was the only one who could...MIGHT free her!

Ada had always considered herself to be a switch; She didn't care who got tied, as long as someone was caught, but now....Her submissive nature took over.

She was a captive, a prisoner.

A slave.

And she loved it.

After days of doing anything to orgasm, she now had to fight NOT to cum.

She realized with a start that the exam has begun and everyone was writing. She turned over her test paper, not knowing when it had been placed on her desk and feverishly raced through the questions.

Her mind whirled. "Don't cum, do not cum...but I need to so badly, just a little one? Do not cum, not here, not now.......You do not have permission to cum"

She looked up from her desk. The room was empty, she was alone. She didn't know what answers she had written if she had written anything at all.

Her test paper was gone

Probably her future along with it.

Her plan to better her grades had failed.

She had failed Mary.

And that hurt most of all.

In bed that night she tried to remember her day. The Chem test was a blur, She was fairly sure she had been to Advanced Programming. At some point she had removed the clamps.

Not remembering that pain was nice.

But what had happened during her Chemistry test?

She didn't feel like a slave now...She didn't WANT to be a slave.

There was more to life than bondage.

Wasn't there?

What had she written on the test?

There was nothing she could do about it. That exam was finished. She had a pair of electives on Friday, but she wasn't worried about either one.

No, what consumed her every thought was the Chemistry exam, and her reaction to Walkert.

She had looked forward to the week of no classes, but know that just meant a week without distractions.

What the hell had happened?

Saturday was an eternity. Mai-Li kept trying to cheer her up, even bound her in the strait jacket for a while.

Bondage wasn't the answer. It was the cause of her misery.

Ada rarely missed Church on Sunday, but this week, it didn't seem right to attend. Being bound during service seemed...wrong. At least Mai-Li wasn't around. She had a job interview.

So she was home alone when Walkert called and asked her to meet him in his office.

"Yes Sir." She answered meekly.

All too soon found herself sitting in front of him. She didn't feel submissive. She didn't feel horny.

All she felt was terrified.

With a sigh Walkert began: "Because of your ....extracurricular activities, I was willing to raise your exam a full letter grade, but I hope you realize your test results make that impossible. I tried to tell you that it wasn't necessary, you could do it on your own, but you refused to listen. Next time, please believe me."

What the hell was he blathering about?

"You got the second highest grade on the exam." He explained. "Only a girl named Julia managed to be half a point better than you."

"I didn't fail?" Ada stammered.

Walkert laughed. "Unless you were planning on answering every question perfectly, no, you did not fail. I hope your week locked up wasn't too difficult for you.'

Then he placed the key in front of her.

"You're free."

Mai-Li bumped through the dorms door carrying to bulging shopping bags. "I know just the thing to cheer you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuPPPPP!

Ada stood poised by their bedroom door. She wore her red leather corset, tightened to its limit, matching stockings and stilettos. Her right hand held a quirt.

What she was NOT wearing was something that locked.

When she got back to her room, she had enjoyed the longest, hottest shower of her life. Afterward, instead of trimming her pubes as she usually did, she had shaved away every hair, so her freed pussy was fully on display.

Now she glared at her roommate. Pausing between each word, she growled; "You...have...been...a...NAUGHTY...girl!" She slapped the quirt against her palm to accentuate the last word and instantly regretted it.

The little fucker hurt!

"Go put on the clothes I have selected for you and I MAY be lenient!"

Mai-Li was transfixed, "But I was the Mistress," She whispered, "You were was..." Although her mind was unable to decide if she was a Dom or a sub, her body knew. She slowly walked into her bedroom and began to strip.

Mai-Li's body was quivering. Ada wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, but it certainly was interesting. Ada wished she had seen Mai-Li's reaction to the items on the bed. She should have expected the gag with the flat metal plate and the nipple clamps.

Tit for tat...or something. Ada had added a simple rope harness around her breasts. It made Mai-Li's nipples harden just before the clamps closed on them.

The thigh-highs and ballet boots looked amazing on her. Ada suspected they she was supposed to be wearing them.

The blindfold, collar and wrist cuffs were pretty much standard apparel in their room.

None of those were causing Mai-Li's reaction of course. Her body was trembling because of the position Ada had bound her.

Her arms were stretched across their kitchen table and tied off to either corner. Only her head and shoulders touched the table. If it wasn't for the blindfold, Mai-Li would have had a lovely view of the ceiling.

Her back arched and her legs were widely spread and loosely tied to the tables legs. Ada doubted anyone could stand while wearing ballet boots, Mai-Li was struggling despite having most of her weight supported by the table.

Ada lightly rubbed the pussy she had been forced to lick for the past week. Mai-Li moaned but was unable to thrust her hips because of her bondage.

Ada smiled at this.

She continued to lightly play with her captive. Making her experience some of the frustration of not being allowed to orgasm.

Speaking of which....

Ada picked up the metal belt, taking care not to bump into anything and fitted the belt around her friend's waist.

Ada paused, disappointed that there was no reaction.

It wasn't until the front plate was pulled into position that Mai-Li knew what she was about to wear.

Desperate cries and please of mercy were audible despite the fiendish gag. She shifted her hips trying to prevent Ada from securing the lock.

The sound of the lock snapping shut was electric and seem to echo around the small room. Ada went to the top of the table and pulled the slipknot free with a single yank.

With her arms no longer bound, Mai-Li dropped to the floor, her legs still pulled open and her hands desperately searching for a way around the metal barrier.

Ada had spent a week proving that the belt worked perfectly.

Ada watched as the struggles slowed and eventually stopped.

One last thing.

Removing the blindfold, Ada made a production of dropping the key in the box and seling it with tape.

"Did you know the mail room is closed all week?

Gently, she placed her friends hands behind her back and locked the cuffs together. Then she snapped a leash onto the collar and pulled the submissive's head where it belonged.

Between her thighs and ready to lap her juices up for the rest of the night.

Suddenly, a week without distractions seemed to be a wonderful thing.

She was sure Mai-Li would agree.

She was not in any position to argue.


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