Bondage Barbie 17

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; leather; toys; con; X

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Chapter 17 – “The Meal Game”

It was my turn to play “The Meal Game”; Beth had done it last Saturday evening and failed.  There were two main pieces of equipment needed for the game – the chair and Dawn!

The chair was an oversize, heavy, straight-backed dining room piece that we had modified.  There were locking casters on each leg and just above them a piece of ½” plywood formed a solid platform.  Above that there was a half-moon shape cut out from the front of the padded seat.  The inside edge of the cut out had a series of small screw eyes at about 1” intervals and there was a threaded socket in the seat just in front of the backrest.

Dawn had taken us some time to prepare.  From a naked start she was now more like a leather-covered ball.  First lacing her into a wasp waisted corset we then forced her gloved and mitted hands and arms up between her shoulder blades.  Straps from the corset held her elbows together and we added small clamps to each nipple.  A one piece, high-necked leather top with built in bra laced down the back, over the rigidly held arms, to her waist.

Spreading her legs I inserted a large, lubricated butt plug in her rear rosebud and watched as Beth gleefully worked to get a huge dildo inside Dawn’s vagina.  Both articles had thin wires protruding from them.  A skintight pair of latex panties had gone on the girl and we duct taped around the legs and waist to make absolutely sure there would be no leakage on to the leather gear.  I paid particular attention to where the wires came out.

We worked her legs into kid leather toreador pants and laced the waistband to matching eyelets around the bottom of the leather top.  A wide belt and crotch strap made sure the inserts were held firmly in place.  Rolling her over on her stomach we each laced one of the pant legs from just below the knee to the ankle and tightened the stirrup straps under her insteps. 

We strapped her legs together at the ankle, calf and above and below the knee and then started on the single leg, heelless, ballet boot.  Once her feet were forced in incredible arches in the shoe portion Beth and I knelt on either side of her and started the long process of lacing the boot to just below her crotch.

Back over on her stomach we bent her legs at the knee and Beth sat on the foot of the boot, gradually adding her weight until it was touching Dawn’s lower buttocks.  The moans coming from behind the temporary ball gag did not distract us at all. I used a wide strap with roller buckles to hold her legs in that position and then we fitted her bent legs in a heavy leather sleeve and laced that closed around them.  I used a small piece of tape to hold the wires to the back of the crotch strap and we proceeded with the next step.

This involved placing a cushion at the base of a 30” metal pole that was in a floor socket and lifting Dawn so her knees were on the cushion and she faced the pole.  A couple of straps held her upright against the pole so we could work on her head.  I popped the ball gag from her mouth and Beth offered a glass filled with a Gatorade type drink.  Dawn didn’t bother pleaded with us she knew it was a waste of time; she just took the straw in her mouth and emptied the glass.

The heavy rubber swim cap followed soft leather earplugs, and then I tucked in her hair and fastened the chinstrap under her left ear.  I used my thumbs to force a soft sponge gag behind her teeth and then fitted her upper teeth into the top groove of the plastic mouthpiece.  Beth put pressure on Dawn’s lower jaw until I could get her lower teeth in to the bottom groove.  The play was minimal and there was no way, without help, that she could open her mouth wide enough to get her teeth out of the grooves.  Several turns of 2” surgical tape finished sealing her mouth.

The hollow stiff leather inserts slid into each nostril and then Beth fitted the black kid discipline helmet over our victim’s head.  While she laced it down the back I smoothed out every wrinkle until it encased Dawn’s face, head and neck like a second skin.  A reinforced leather flap with eyelets spaced around it was built into the helmet to frame her face.  There were small openings under the nose and eyeholes enabled her to see us.

I laced the bottom of the helmet to the high neck of the leather top while Beth tightened a gag strap and head harness on the girl.  Narrow bands from the gag strap ran up each side of her nose before meeting between her eyes, going through the flap and over the top of her head to buckle at the back of the gag strap.  Further bands across the forehead and under the chin completed the harness.

At the center of the gag strap, directly over her mouth was a thin metal bracket with grooves at the top and down two sides.  The harness made sure there was no movement in it.  Releasing Dawn from the pole we positioned her kneeling on her bound legs; Beth straddled her shoulders and gradually lowered her weight forcing the hapless girl to bend at the waist until her chest was crushed against her thighs.

I quickly ran a wide strap around her body to hold her in position and then we buckled further straps from D rings at the back of the belt, across each shoulder, to further D rings at the knee of the leg sheath.  We had our leather-covered ball.

We moved the chair so its back was braced against the wall, locked the caster brakes, then lifted Dawn and worked her, feet and ass first, into the cavity under the chair seat.  It was a tight fit but we had put her in before and kept up the pressure until she was in place.

I held her helmeted head so she was staring at the ceiling and Beth connected the eyelets in the flap framing her face to the screw eyes in the seat cut out.  More straps from the inside of the front and rear chair legs held her body motionless.  I uncoiled the rest of the wire from the inserts and attached the terminals at the ends to the appropriate spots in the small box attached to a front chair leg.

Releasing the brakes and moving the chair away from the wall we slid a board that matched the chair back down into slots on the outside of the back legs so it cut the view of the body under the seat.  Wheeling the chair through into the dining room we left Dawn immovably fixed inside the chair with her leather covered face level with the seat.  Beth went to start cooking dinner and I went to shower and change.

When I was done I checked on our “Chair”, poured us a drink and took over the meal preparation while Beth went and got ready.  Beth came back looking lovely in a soft, cream leather cocktail type pantsuit and we sipped our drinks as we completed the arrangements for the game.  The bolt of a large, well lubricated, butt plug screwed into the socket on the chair seat and we fished the wire from it until it could be connected to the box with the others.

The base of a sizeable dildo slid into the bracket over Dawn’s mouth.  The first 2” of the appliance was completely flexible allowing it to bend in any direction.  The wire from it joined the others and then a cover snapped on the box leaving an on/off switch on the outside.  A small tank of oxygen fitted under the seat with Dawn and the tube from it slid through the flap at an opening between two eyelets, passed the dildo and into one of Dawn’s nostrils where it locked in the leather insert.

With dinner nearly ready it was time to start “The Meal Game”.  I was wearing a floor length light blue leather gown with a low cut, tight bodice.  It clung to my body to the hips and then the skirt flared out and down to the floor covering my stiletto heels.  One narrow panel at the back of the dress, from just below my buttocks, had been removed and there was nothing under the rest of the dress except me.

Beth helped me to lift and gather my skirt until I could hold it up out of the way.  Straddling the chair seat I gradually lowered myself on the butt plug and as I did so Beth guided the dildo protruding over Dawn’s mouth inside my vagina.  When my cheeks had settled on the padded seat Beth tightened a strap across each of my upper thighs and then lined my legs up with the front legs of the chair before strapping them securely at the ankles.

I let go of the skirt and arranged it to drape over my legs and down each side of the chair.  Without the back panel it fell naturally to the floor.  Beth plugged in an extension cord from the chair to a wall outlet, reached under the front of my skirt and, turned on a slow flow of oxygen so Dawn would not suffocate.  Then she flipped the switch on the box, adjusted my skirt and pushed the chair into position at the dining room table – the game was on!

The object was to eat the meal while carrying on a normal conversation without giving any indication of the sensations assailing your system.  The problem was that the four embedded, and silent, appliances were wired to a time clock that activated any or all of them in a random manner for moments or minutes at a time.  In addition, Dawn’s nostrils were within an inch of my clitoris.

Beth served the first course and I remained impassive as I ate even though the dildo in me was buzzing away.  After serving the main course Beth, sitting across the table from me, mentioned how interesting it was that my nipples seemed to be trying to poke holes through the leather bodice of my dress.  I smiled and continued to eat, determined to win; I had already beaten Beth’s time from the previous week.

Suddenly, with dessert half finished, it happened.  The clock must have turned on both of Dawn’s inserts at the same time because her breathing became a rapid panting.  With warm air caressing and stimulating my nub almost unbearably the butt plug and dildo inside me started vibrating simultaneously.  Beth grinned evilly as the low moan escaped my lips and I dropped my spoon.  I had failed and lost “The Meal Game”.



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