Bondage Barbie 15

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; leather; con; X

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Chapter 15 – The Rawhide Experience

My most ambitious outfit for Dawn was also extremely expensive. Preparing for its use the next day I put all the components in a large bucket and lowered them into the hot tub overnight.

To keep her quiet during the process Beth forced a large rubber ball in Dawn’s mouth and buckled a strap around her head to keep it in place.  A blindfold kept her from seeing the rest of the preparations and I pulled the bucket from the hot tub, put it on a small trolley and wheeled it over to the table where we had her strapped down.

She was on her back with wrists attached to brackets at each side of the table top and the adjustable metal stirrups held her legs wide apart, knees bent, and immobile.  She was completely vulnerable.

Lots of lubricant didn’t stop the moans as I pushed in a pump up butt plug, connected the hand pump and let Beth inflate it.  An over size dildo followed and then we released one leg at a time to get the latex panties on her legs and up over her buttocks.  I used a waterproof tape to seal them around edges at the waist and legs.

Re-positioning the arm straps to nearer her elbows we worked a pair of thin, tight rubber gloves on her hands and tucking the thumbs across her palms.  As Beth held the fingers folded into a fist, I taped them over.  Reaching in to the bucket I located one of the rawhide elbow length mitts that had been soaking all night and fitted it over her right fist; Beth got another one started on the left hand.

The lacing was also wet rawhide thongs and we used large blunt needles to thread them through the eyelets and pull them as tight as possible until we could knot them at the elbows.   Beth plugged in two large handheld hair dryers and we each directed a stream of warm air at the rawhide covered arms, watching as it gradually dried out and contracted.  We paid special attention to the laces to make sure that as they dried, they pulled the edges neatly together.

Out of the bucket next came a rawhide jacket that we worked up one arm at a time.  The sleeves came down to the elbows and there were 3” diameter openings for her nipples and the top of her breasts; it closed down the back.  With Dawn in a sitting position, and the ends of the mitts tied to the side brackets, we threaded the needles again and went to work closing the back and joining the sleeves at the elbow.

This time the drying process took much longer because when the jacket was nearly dry I bent her arms up between her shoulder blades and held them while Beth strapped them in place and then we worked a rawhide pouch over her elbows and up her arms.  When this dried they were locked immovably behind her.  As we continued to direct streams of air at the outfit and all the moisture left it the colour changed from dark to light – it looked just like suede.  Well, I guess it was!

The next step was to get her into a pair of rawhide pants and that was quite a job.  Finally a few inches at a time, we got them on her, flipped her on her stomach, and laced them down the back from knee to ankle.  The crotch laced up the front and the eyelets around the waistband matched those on the bottom of the jacket.

The dryers went back to work until she was encased in smooth, dry and very, very tight raw leather.  The bucket was nearly empty except for some more laces, something I was saving for her head and a bikini crotch cover.  It went on next and when it was dry Beth strapped her legs together while I went to fetch a one-piece black kid leather body suit with a single leg boot.

The boot portion, which extended to her thighs, had a ballet shaped foot and it took both of us to get her feet started into it but we finally managed and worked the rest of it up her body.  When her upper body and shoulders were covered we reached for some more lacing material and the needles.

Taking our time to make sure the whole thing was smooth and wrinkle free we started at her feet.  On one side of the full length opening was a leather flap about 2” wide with a velcro strip down its underside.  A matching strip was on the other side of the opening.  As we finished lacing the boot part and continued up the suit the edges of the opening were only 1” apart.  The suit had a reinforced corset built in from the crotch to below her breasts.

Before we pulled the edges together over her chest I took two short pieces of the wet lace and we fed them through the eyelets circling each breast, pulled them tight, then dried them.

We finished lacing the suit to just below her neck with the wet rawhide and then I used a dry piece to close it up to her chin.  As the warm air flowed over them the edges of the kid leather drew together until the laces were dry.  The flap then closed to make the join just about invisible.

With the blindfold off and the gag out her pleas to us went unheard as we filled her ears and pulled the rubber cap over her head.  The new gag packed her mouth and was held in place with a couple of turns of tape.  Hollow nostril inserts followed and I reached into the bucket for the last wet item.

The rawhide helmet had openings just for her eyes and nostrils and stopped just below her chin.   Beth held her head as I laced it down the back and then we dried it.  The black kid discipline helmet also laced down the back and then to the neck of the body suit.  A leather gag strap went around her head and her tearful eyes were the only thing showing that was not leather.

She was as rigid as a board as we slid her off the table and carried her over to the wall of the living room.  A simple, heavy gold chain went around her waist and the ends slipped over two wall hooks on either side.

She stood immobile, her weight on the toe of the boot, bound about as tightly as I could conceive.  The black kid formed to every curve of her body and was a masterpiece for my video camera.

Beth and I sat on the couch with a nice drink and enjoyed the scene.  When it did come time to release her the thongs would have to be cut – that’s what made it so expensive – but worth every penny.


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