by Caligula

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Storycodes: F/m; mpov; fpov; bond; straitjacket; buttplug; diapers; gag; blindfold; sendep; rope; tease; denial; mast; cbt; cons; XX

Author's Note: If you have not read the , please do for the necessary background. This story can stand for itself, but the backstory drives this story.

This represents one of my deepest fantasies. It is a hope Domina will come through one day.


You may recall not too long ago, Domina introduced me to a straitjacket and the joys of pegging. That day was certainly one that has remained firmly in my mind for some time, and we have enjoyed this activity several times over since that day. It has been fun, but each other time cannot compare to that first time.

Domina is very much a mind reader when it comes to me. She knows intuitively when I have had a rough go at work or in general. She has come up with an ingenious plan to help me through these tough times. Such was the case recently.

About a week ago, I had had all I could take. Work had been a drag; there were more bad things than good. I was tired, irritable and done. I came home on Friday, and Domina met me at the door as she always did.

"Hiya Sweetie. How was work?" she asked as she kissed me.

I grunted.

"I see," she said.

I went to the couch and sat down, picking up the remote and flipping channels incessantly. I was not so much looking for something to watch as I was trying to digest the week and its annoyances. Domina, meanwhile, busied herself in the kitchen. She was wrapping up supper for the night.

She called me to eat. I went to the table, sat down and began to eat in relative silence. All I wanted to do was go to bed and forget about everything for a very long time.

We finished, and I helped clean up the dishes, put leftovers away and cleaned up the kitchen. The entire time I was dead silent.


He came home. I greeted him at the door as I normally do. He was anything but responsive. It was painfully evident he had had a rough week and wanted very little to do with anyone, including me. This bothered me for a long time until I realized it was not me but the world. I also concocted a plan that day to help him deal with the funk.

"I see," I replied as I watched him go to the couch and settle in. He was in his cave. I just smiled to myself and kept working on supper.

I called him to eat, and we ate in silence. We finished, and he helped clean up like always. Even at his worst, he will still help out around the house - even when not in total bondage.

We got done, and he returned to the couch. I let him be while I went to get things together.

I went into the bedroom and started arranging things on the bed. I laid out the straitjacket he loves so much along with a vibrating butt plug and a new surprise I had bought recently. The new bondage gag was going to be one of two surprises tonight.

I went into the bathroom and drew a hot bath. Normally, he takes a shower. I was thinking he needed something a bit different tonight. Returning to the bedroom, I hid all of the goodies. I did not want him to know until it was time.

I walked back into the living room. He had lain back, eyes closed. Yes; this was an exceptionally bad week. I hoped my plan would work.


The entire time I was numb to the world. There was nothing on television. The Internet did little to nothing to help. I heard the sound of the tub filling. Domina was getting a bath. I sighed heavily and lay back, closing my eyes and wondering if alcohol would help.

I heard a noise come into the living room, so I opened one eye. Domina was standing there.

"Please come with me. I want you to soak in the bathtub," she asked, extending a hand to help me up.

I agreed, somewhat reluctantly. I was tired and did not feel like a bath. I wanted to relax, shower, take a melatonin and hit the sack. My mind was already on Saturday.

I walked into the bathroom, and I could see the steam rising from the tub. I undressed while Domina stood by me, silently. I worked my way into the tub. It was hot, just how I like it. I lay back, closed my eyes and allowed the water to work.

As soon as I did, I felt Domina grab a leg. She began to scrub it gently with a loofah. It was apparent I was getting a bath tonight.

Even though I was ill, I still was in the right mind to remember what to do.

"Thank you very much," I murmured as Domina continued working on each leg before moving to the arms.


I made sure he settled into the tub and got comfortable. He really likes hot water, and I knew it would help him relax his muscles. Once he settled in, I started to bathe him, beginning at his legs.

"Thank you very much," he said, in somewhat of a trance.

I smiled. He may be my slave and bottom, but he is also my husband and partner. He has gone above and beyond for me on my worst of the worst, so it is only right I return the favor. Meanwhile, my plan was developing in my mind.

I continued cleaning him, making sure to get his entire body. I cleaned his groin but was careful not to arouse him. I wanted him relaxed and comfortable.

I wrapped everything up and left him to soak.

"Get out when you are ready. Take your time. I will be in the bedroom when you are done," I said, rising and stepping out of the bathroom.

I left a towel and some lotion on the counter. I jotted down a quick note for him and left to get things together.


Domina finished up with the bathing portion. She was rather quick with the groin area, which suited me well. I was in no mood for anything but perhaps a beer or seven and my bed.

"Get out when you are ready. Take your time. I will be in the bedroom when you are done," she said. I heard her get up and leave the bathroom. She turned off the light and left me to relax.

After about fifteen minutes, I drained the tub. I got out of the bath and saw Domina had left a towel for me as well as a note. I read it:

"Towel off well. Put on some lotion. Come to the bedroom."

I toweled off, sighed deeply and used some of the lotion. It was not a girly, smelly one, so I was relieved about that. I made sure to get really dry, thinking Domina would rub my back or something similar to help me fall asleep.

I stepped into the bedroom, stopped, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them, my shoulders drooped. I seriously just about began to weep. I could not believe what Domina had planned.


Stepping back into the bedroom, I pulled out his straitjacket, favorite butt plug and the new surprise I had for him. I had also stepped into the kitchen for a glass of water and a melatonin. I knew if he took a melatonin, he would sleep all night without needing to get up and pee. This was important to my plan. I had a backup anyway.

I spoke, assuming my dominant voice. "I know you are tired and give out. It is obvious you have had a long and tiresome week. You will be sleeping in full bondage tonight. I have you a melatonin to take as well. Come here, and get ready."

He walked over. I could see the obvious look of pleasure across his face. He knew what was going to happen.


I saw Domina had taken out my straitjacket and laid it out on the bed. I was likely going to be in it for a while or so I hoped.

She looked at me and in her dominant voice, spoke clearly. I know when she does this to obey without question. She does not raise her voice normally, but the strong silence she uses carries enough for me to know better.

"I know you are tired and give out. It is obvious you have had a long and tiresome week. You will be sleeping in full bondage tonight. I have you a melatonin to take as well. Come here, and get ready."

She had me turn around, and I heard the sound of a latex glove. I knew immediately what to expect, so I dutifully bent over. I felt her fingers around my anal opening before sliding in gently. I moaned softly. She worked her hand in and out a few times until I was good and lubricated.

I felt the tip of a butt plug pushing at my rear. I took a breath, exhaled, relaxed and allowed the plug to fill my bottom. Domina put her hand on my shoulder to turn me around. There was something in her hand.

She held an adult diaper. "This is new," I thought to myself before coming to the realization of what was about to happen. I was going to be sleeping in my straitjacket tonight. The diaper was in case I had to pee. Domina is so wonderful. I slipped into the diaper.

I slid the jacket up and over my arms. Domina said nothing and began the slow process of buckling the jacket onto me. I shivered as I inhaled the scent of the black leather.

She reached under me, pulling the crotch straps up and between my legs and testicles. She was very careful not to pinch anything or touch my swelling member. She made sure the diaper would not interfere nor be too uncomfortable.

"Cross your arms," she said.

I complied. She pulled the arms together tightly before I felt the buckle cinching down. I adjusted my arms slightly for comfort. Domina turned me around and spoke.

"You will be staying the night in your straitjacket. I will be around monitoring you of course. Take your melatonin. Here is a sip of water," she said, holding the small pill before me.

I took the pill and a sip of water. I began to thank her again, but she quickly put her hand to my lips.

"Say nothing," she said. She reached down, pulled the strap that holds the arms down and tightened it. I winced slightly as she did. She turned me around so I faced away from her. I did not expect what happened next.


He does not respond well to orders unless I speak softly yet firmly. When I do speak in my dominant voice, he is normally very responsive and drops much more easily.

"I know you are tired and give out. It is obvious you have had a long and tiresome week. You will be sleeping in full bondage tonight. I have you a melatonin to take as well. Come here, and get ready."

He stepped over to me, and I turned him around. I slipped on a latex glove and made sure to snap it. I know he loves the sound of the snapping latex, and he knows what it means as well. I helped him bend at the waist. I squirted a bit of lube into my gloved hand and began to work my fingers into his rear, taking my time as I did so. I was rewarded with a slight moan. A clue that he was right where I needed him to be.

I picked up the butt plug and lubed it well. I slowly worked it into his rear and watched the muscle close over the flange. The plug was not going to come out any time soon, but I had some insurance. I turned him around and held up the first of two new additions to our play time.

My plan was to have him in long term bondage - overnight. I also knew he would need to pee at some point, so the diaper was the perfect solution. His eyes sparkled ever so slightly. I began to get wet. Pleasuring him pleased me as much as it did him. He worked the diaper up and over his groin, attaching the diaper on the sides. It was time for the straitjacket.

I held out the jacket, open, and he slid his arms into it. I turned him around and began at the top, buckling down each strap, one after another. I worked slowly and methodically. For him, this is a part of the experience, the knowledge that soon he will be helpless; I will be in control. I heard him inhale deeply. He was taking in the smell of the black leather.

I reached between his legs for the crotch straps. I had to be careful; the diaper and straps could pinch or become uncomfortable. This would defeat the purpose of the evening.

"Cross your arms," I said. The two ends came up and fell to each side of his waist. I took them up and buckled the arms down tightly. I wanted him to know I meant business tonight. I turned him around.

"You will be staying the night in your straitjacket. I will be around monitoring you of course. Take your melatonin. Here is a sip of water," I waited. He took the pill, swallowed and took a sip of water. He opened his lips to speak, but I silenced him.

"Say nothing," I said, looking him directly in the eyes as I pulled the last of the straps, the one that holds the arms down and keeps him from lifting his arms over his head. I pulled the strap a little harder than usual. He grunted. All was going exactly to plan. I turned him around again.


"Open," I heard from behind me. I knew to expect a gag. I did expect what happened.

Domina had recently made another purchase and bought a muzzle gag harness. The ball slipped easily into my mouth, while the bottom of the gag rested on my chin. She began the process of strapping the gag down. One strap over my head, one behind my head, and one under the chin. This gag was not coming out.

Then, everything went dark. She had slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I could not see a thing. She spoke.

"These are noise canceling headphones. You will not be able to hear anything once I have these on your head. They may fall off during the night, but the melatonin should keep you in a deep enough sleep," she said and slipped the headphones over my head.

She turned me around, again, and pushed me back until I felt the bed touch the back of my knees. I instinctively sat back, laid back and swung my legs onto the bed. Domina lifted the covers over me. She lifted the blindfold for a brief second and said "I love you," before kissing me on the forehead and lowering the blindfold.

I felt her get off of the bed.

Then, total silence.


He was not expecting the new muzzle harness, but it was time to introduce it to him. I thought about the full bondage helmet, but since he would be sleeping, I wanted his nose to be as free as possible. I pulled the gag up to his lips, and said, "Open."

He did so willingly, and I placed the gag into his mouth. I began strapping the gag down. I knew once on, this gag could not be pushed out of his mouth. I reached down, picked up the blindfold and put it on him. It was time for the last of the surprises.

I had tried the headphones earlier, and they did in fact cancel out any sound. I turned the television up considerably but could not hear anything. I took the headphones off before I turned the television back down.

Big mistake. Let's just leave it at that.

I slipped the headphones onto his head and settled them on his ears. I helped him lie down on the bed. I covered him up and lifted the blindfold briefly.

"I love you," I said, kissing his forehead and replacing the blindfold.

I rose off of the bed, checked to be sure he was in good shape and left the room, turning off the light as I did.


I squirmed. The plug in my rear was certainly doing its thing. I tried to move my arms to no avail. I could not see or hear anything. I grunted a few times to see if she was still around, but even if she was, I would not know unless she physically touched me.

There was nothing I could do but lie there and wait for the melatonin to kick in. My memory of the week was already beginning to fade. I was entering subspace, and it felt good.

I smiled under my gag and sighed a happy sigh. I squirmed a bit more for good measure, knowing I could not escape. I was happy and content. Sleep overtook me in short order.


At this point, I went back into the kitchen, fixed something to drink and went to the living room to relax. I fired up Netflix and surfed around for something to watch. I was sure to set the baby monitor before I left, just in case. The gag did not inhibit breathing at all, so I was not concerned about that. I was more worried about if he would fall off of the bed and hurt himself.

Finding something decent to watch, I paused Netflix for a second and went back to check on him. He was squirming quietly in the bed and slightly moaning. I smiled to myself and returned to my spot in the living room.


The last thing I remember was squirming around in the bed. The next thing I knew I was awake again. I still could not see or hear anything. I reached out with my leg to my side to see if Domina was lying next to me, but she was not there.

I know she would not leave me alone in the house, so I started grunting loudly into the gag. The baby monitor would pick up the sounds, and she would know I was awake. I lay there in bed for a little while. I admit, my jaw was getting sore from remaining open for so long, but other than that, I was quite happy.

I felt the headphones come off of my head and Domina's voice. "Well, good morning sleepy head. I hope you rested well. If you have not already done it, go ahead and pee in your diaper. I would rather you do that than get you out of bed right now. I have other plans." Her voice trailed off at the end. Thinking nothing of it, I let my bladder drain. It was a very odd feeling.

Next, I felt the blindfold coming off, followed by the gag. It took me a second to adjust to the light, but as soon as the gag was out, the blindfold was back on. Apparently, I am not to see anything. The headphones went back on as well.

I exercised my jaw for a few seconds. I waited. "Domina? Are you there," I asked into the air. Of course, I couldn't hear if she was there, but I wanted to know.

I felt a straw come up to my lips, so I knew what to do. The orange juice was deliciously cold, and I drained almost the entire glass.

Next, I felt Domina lean over and kiss me deeply. I heard her moan as she did. I felt her tongue on my lips and hand on my face. I was getting excited. Really excited.

I started humping the air, imagining she was riding me to orgasm.

Then, nothing. I assume she left me to my thoughts.

I swear, that woman is a mind reader. She knows exactly how to frustrate me to no end.


I woke up some time before he did so I could get ready for the rest of his treat. I bathed and got dressed in some of his favorite clothes.

I was back in the living room when I heard him on the baby monitor, so I went to tend to him. I stopped by the kitchen for a glass of OJ. He needed the liquid and some calories.

I did not know if he had used his diaper or not, but I did want him to. I am planning on doing this to him again at some point, so he needs to be accustomed to using the diaper. I pulled the headphones off his head and spoke. “Well, good morning sleepy head. I hope you rested well. If you have not already done it, go ahead and pee in your diaper. I would rather you do that than get you out of bed right now. I have other plans." I left the last bit cryptic on purpose.

I knew his jaw would be tired, so I wanted it off. To get the gag off I had to remove the blindfold, but I did not want him to see anything. I had to work fast. I unbuckled the gag first. I removed the blindfold long enough to get the gag off and immediately put the blindfold back on him. The headphones followed soon after.

I stood there, silently, while he worked his jaw for a moment. I wanted to be sure he was okay. After a second or so, he spoke.

"Domina? Are you there," he asked into the air. There was trepidation in his voice. He knows I would not leave him in a dangerous state, but he also did not know what was going on.

I put the straw to his lips. He instantly drained the glass. I pulled the glass away and leaned over. His face was beautiful. I could not resist. I kissed him deeply and fully. I moaned as I began to get wet. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

My tongue traced his lip for a second before I pulled away. I placed my hand gently on his face and traced the outline of his mouth. He was getting excited and began to hump the air. I love getting him worked up and flustered. It makes the rest of the experience so much fun.

I giggled and walked out of the room.


I spent the next few minutes humping the air, desperate for some relief. Domina was driving me absolutely insane with her treatment. Any thoughts I had of a bad day had long since passed. At this point, there was only one thing on my mind, and knowing Domina the way I do, two things were going to happen: 1. relief was quite a long way off; 2. relief was going to be absolutely mind blowing.

I grew frustrated with dry humping the air. I continued to squirm, remembering the plug filling my rear. My prostate was in constant reminder of the plug's presence. I had emptied my bladder, but the constant pressure made me think about urinating.

"Domina? Domina, please. Please come, and provide me some relief. Please," I realized I was begging in a way I never have before. I also realized I was speaking to the air. Or was I? I could not tell, seeing as I could not see or hear anything.


I left him there for a good 15 or so minutes, just to get him that much more frustrated. The more I deny and tease, the more we love it. I also wanted as many endorphins as possible creating his natural high. I was certain at this point the bad day and memories had long since fled, but I was feeling mischievous and had some new ideas in mind.

I went quietly into the bedroom and found a handful of his work ties and some towels.


I lay there. I thrashed about some more and had an idea. I could roll over on my belly and rub myself against the bed. That should provide enough friction to provide me with what I so desperately desire.

I started to turn over. I felt Domina get onto the bed.

"Please," I whimpered, thrusting myself at her.

Domina turned me back over. I felt one of my ties going around my ankle and a towel going behind my knee. She tied the loose end to my upper thigh. She did the same thing on the other leg. I could not move my legs down, so turning over would be very difficult if not impossible.

I was confused and intrigued at this point.

Then I learned the point of the towel.

My leg was lifted back towards my chest. I felt Domina tie off the other end of the tie to a loop near my shoulder on my straitjacket. She did the same on the other side.

My diaper covered butt was completely helpless. My groin would be as well.

I was in real trouble, but I was so happy. I shuddered to think what would happen next.

She slipped off the bed again and disappeared.


I caught him trying to turn over to relieve himself, so I knew I had to work fast.

I climbed on the bed down at his legs for the next part.

He whimpered, "Please." He thrust his hips vainly in the air.

I giggled again, knowing what was coming next.

I tied one of his ties around his ankle and slipped a towel under his knee. This would keep some of the pressure off of his knee during the next phase. I tied the loose end of the tie around his thigh before doing the same thing on the other side.

I was grinning madly and giggling equally so. This had to be absolutely driving him insane at this point.

I slipped another tie under his knee and pulled his leg up and towards his chest. I tied the tie off onto a loop near his shoulder on his straitjacket. I did the same on the other side.

His diaper covered butt was in perfect position.

I smiled at my handiwork and got off the bed. I wonder what is on Netflix?


I could not move my legs or my arms any more. I pulled and tugged against my straitjacket. I know good and well there is no escape, but I was desperate to try anything at this point for some relief.

My thoughts began to race. "Maybe I can bargain. I will do anything. All she has to do is name it. Please, please, PLEASE! I have got to cum! Please, Domina, please," I was thinking to myself.

I began to speak out loud, hoping she was in the room and could hear me.

"Domina, please. Please provide me some relief. I will do anything you ask. Please. I cannot stand this any longer. Domina? DOMINA," as I went from whining to screaming.

Big mistake.

She again climbed on the bed. She leaned over my face, her hair brushing the side of my face.

She locked her lips onto mine again. I tried my best to prevent her from releasing my mouth.

Domina pulled away, and I rose to meet her face again. I had to have more!

Domina rewarded me with my favorite penis gag. When I lifted my head, it was exactly what she needed to reach behind my head and attach the strap.

"DAMN. She is good," I thought.

I whined into my gag, turning my head in her direction.

Domina started at the top inside of my knee with her hand and slowly rubbed down to my diaper covered crotch. My excitement grew, and I whined louder.

Her hand stopped where the diaper met the crotch. I felt her get off of the bed again.

I wanted to cry at this point. I whined as loudly as I could into the gag. I began to babble in muffled tones.

"Please! Please! Please," I screamed into the gag.

I am gagged. Blind. Deaf. I cannot move my legs. My groin is covered in an adult diaper. I am completely at the mercy of Domina.

Have I mentioned how much I love this woman?


I had just settled down on the couch with a cup of tea and fired off Netflix when I heard the screaming.

This is exactly the moment I was waiting for. I giggled again.

I got up and went back into the bedroom. I found his favorite penis gag.

I climbed onto the bed and leaned over his face. I was sure to let my hair cascade over his face. He loves to feel my hair on his face.

I leaned in and kissed him deeply. How little he knew. The penis gag was moved close to his face.

I slowly pulled back from the kiss. Just like I thought, he stretched up, mouth open, wanting more.

I slammed the gag into his mouth and quickly reached behind his head, buckling the gag down nice and snug.

I wondered what was going through his head now besides the whimpering. Was that a tear I saw in the side of his eye?

I placed a hand on the top of his knee. I slowly slid my hand down to his crotch. His breathing intensified. His body was perfectly still, so I stopped at his crotch.

I had Netflix to watch.

"Oh well, maybe later," I said out loud, knowing he could not hear me.

I climbed off the bed.

He tried to tell me something.

"Yes honey, I love you too," I replied.

Netflix is waiting.


Science tells us there are five stages of grief: I had been through denial and bargained.

Now I was getting angry.

Domina was going to release me and do so now! I started fussing into the gag. Loudly, so she could hear. I wanted out of this bondage. I wanted relief. Dammit, I want it NOW.

I told her all of this through the gag.

I started thrashing my body in anger. I was going to get my way or else.



You know how to deal with a two year old having a temper tantrum?

You let them get it out of their system. For a big boy, however, it is so much more fun to make it worse.

Back to the bedroom I go.

I could hear him barking demands of me through his gag. He was beyond frustrated. I could see his body in violent turmoil.

"You are going to hurt yourself. I cannot quite make out what you are saying. Can you please speak up and maybe a bit more clearly," I asked him, politely and quietly.

I wonder what the five stages of grief are again? I will have to look it up. I felt around the bed. I found what I was looking for.

"There it is," I said to him.

I found the switch to the butt plug.

I turned it on low.

"There. This should make things much better," I said to him.

He became really quiet and still suddenly.

"Hrm," I thought out loud, "I wonder why he stopped so suddenly?"

I patted the side of his thigh.

I forgot to pause Netflix! Gotta hurry!

I climbed off of the bed and returned to the living room.


I felt Domina on the bed.

"Let me out! Now, dammit! This is quite enough of this crap. Let me out," I ordered her to do so. I was going to have my way. I was screaming in the gag.

The buzz of the butt plug reminded me of who I was and more importantly, who SHE is.

I froze and hushed.

I felt her hand on the side of my thigh. She patted it in a "Good boy. Now, you be good." sort of way.

I felt her get off of the bed.

I felt the buzz of a butt plug.

I felt like I was going to die.

I felt so in love with this woman.


After about thirty minutes of the movie, I figured now was a good time to check on him. Surely by now that nonsense of throwing a temper tantrum was over.

I went into the kitchen and found the kitchen shears.

I returned to the bedroom. I could hear the slight buzz of the butt plug. I went into the bathroom and got a washcloth and ran some warm water over it.

I climbed back onto the bed and started cutting the diaper off. I was certain his groin could stand to breathe a little bit and was probably sweaty and nasty.

I pulled the diaper away. He began to whimper in a way I have never heard before.

"Wow. You could chisel through granite with that," I said to him and giggled.

I wiped down his groin area. You need to be careful when doing this, so I took my time and went extra slowly. His penis was exceptionally sweaty.

Oh, so very slowly. One should not hurry when wiping someone down after all. He writhed around in anticipation.

I remembered something else. I got back up off the bed, getting ready to return to the movie.

I could hear him. I think he said, "Where are you going? If you are going into the bathroom, I would like some lotion on me, please."

I went to the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of lotion. Back to the bedroom. Back on the bed.

"Would you like some lotion on your groin," I asked him. "Oh, crap. I am sorry. You cannot hear me. Well if you do not, please speak up. No? Okay, great."

I squirted some lotion into my hands and vigorously rubbed my hands together, warming the lotion.

I placed my hands on either side of his penis. I started to rub the lotion into his skin. Down the groin and up behind the testicles. I repeated this about three times, just to be sure he was well lubricated.

Again with this weird noise. What the heck is he doing?

I could feel the vibrations of the plug in his rear.

I stopped, admiring my handiwork. I put a bit more lotion onto my hands and again, rubbed them to warm up the lotion.

"Okay, I am going to put a bit on your penis. If you do not want me too, just say so. No? Okay, great," I said to him.

I lightly placed them on either side of his penis and started from where his penis meets his groin. He dropped down onto the mattress. I guess he wanted me to really be sure I covered his penis well with lotion.

I worked my way up his shaft. His hips rose as my hands did. Apparently, he really likes lotion.

He tried to tell me something. I assume he wanted more lotion.

"You don't want to waste lotion, honey. So I am only going to use this much," I told him.

I pulled my hands off of his shaft. His hips dropped to the bed. He began to thrash about again. I had better get off the bed before he hurts me.

He tried to tell me something again. I think he agreed on not wasting lotion.

"Perfect. Moving around like that will help dry you off. Do that for a few minutes," I said as I climbed off of the bed and returned to the living room.

"What's that? Turn the butt plug up a bit? Sure, love. Anything you want," I said as I turned the butt plug up a bit more to about medium.

I hummed a little tune. Making him happy makes me happy. I know how happy he is right now.

I could hear him thanking me all the way in the living room.


I am delirious. I do not know what time it is. Is it day? Night? Is anyone there?

I felt Domina climb on the bed again. I was relieved, again.

She began cutting around my diaper. She was taking off the diaper.

She was taking off the diaper! I was going to get some relief!

I felt the diaper come off, and cool air flooded my groin. If I could only touch my penis right now, I could get off in seconds and feel so much better!

Domina began wiping me down with a warm cloth. The cool air met my groin, and I had an intense feeling of satisfaction. Maybe now that I was clean it would be time.

I will show her how good I can be. All she needs to do is mount me, and I will handle the rest.

I pushed my hips up and twisted in the air. Surely this was turning her on.

Why is she getting off the bed again?

"Where are you going," I asked, sounding like a three year old wanting a toy from the store.

I felt her back on the bed.

Warm lotion began to course my groin. My eyes rolled back into my head.

I spoke gibberish in my gag.

Why is she moving so slowly? What the hell is she doing? I want to cum!

Her hands met under my testicles and slowly rose up and pulled away.

Oh. My. God.

She touched either side of my penis, well down into the groin, almost pushing against the pubic bone. I knew what was coming. I buried my hips down. I wanted the full shaft coated in lotion. It was time. I am going to get to cum!

She pulled her hands up slowly on both sides of the shaft. My hips rose to meet her. All she had to do was push back down with her hands and up again.

"Good. Now, go back down and up again. Please! It will only take a second. I will cum, and we can go do something. Hawaii would be great," I was explaining to her through the gag as her hands reached the tip of my penis.

My hips were as high as I could reach. I steadied myself, waiting to drop my hips for the next inevitable stroke.

Her hands slipped off the tip of my penis. That was all I got. My hips slammed back onto the mattress.

You could scramble an egg on my body, I was thrashing around so hard. I was also screaming into the gag for someone, anyone to come get me loose.

Have I mentioned what happens when I throw a temper tantrum?

The butt plug's vibrations increased some.

She got off the bed.

I screamed into the gag.


My hands slid off of his penis. He did, after all, not want me to use too much lotion.

Something made him uncomfortable. I bet I knew what it was.

"You want me to turn the plug up again? Okay, but I do not want it much higher. Bad things may happen," I said to him while he was explaining to me what he wanted with the plug.

I turned the plug up to medium and got off of the bed.

I could hear him thanking me as I left. He is so kind and thankful.


By now I was starting to hallucinate. I was imagining things. The vibrations in my rear were just strong enough to keep me aroused but that was about it. I could not do anything but lie there and wait.

I started to cry slightly. I wanted release so badly I could not take it any more.


I heard the blubbering coming through the baby monitor. I was thinking it was about time. He had been in his straitjacket for about 12 hours. I did not want him to cramp.

Time for phase two. I stopped in the kitchen for a glass of ice water and straw. He would need some hydration. Off to the closet. Then the bathroom where I stripped.

I grabbed two pairs of gloves and a bottle of lube. Oh, and something for me.


I went back into the bedroom and put the ice water on the nightstand. I lay back down on the bed next to him and removed the headphones. He would be able to hear me for the first time in some time. I nestled up next to him and started to speak.

"Hello lover. I know you had a bad week last week, so I hope this has made you feel better. You have been so good and sweet to thank me for all of the things I have done for you. It has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it got me very wet. I just have to do something about it. So, if you do not mind, I am going to pleasure myself for a little while. Maybe we can do something for you later, okay?"

He was just about fully in tears. I held the vibrator up to his ear and switched it on.

He jerked and turned his body towards mine. It was obvious he wanted some contact of some sort. He began to speak through the gag.

"Oh, you want to watch? No, I feel shy right now. I prefer you listen," I cooed.

I reached down with the vibrator to my clit. I was very wet and swollen. This was not going to take long. I pushed him back over.

Him on the other hand…


I felt Domina lie down on the bed. She pulled the headphones off of my ears. This was it! She was taking everything off of me!

I could feel her breath on my ear as she spoke slowly, "Hello lover. I know you had a bad week last week, so I hope this has made you feel better. You have been so good and sweet to thank me for all of the things I have done for you. It has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it got me very wet. I just have to do something about it. So, if you do not mind, I am going to pleasure myself for a little while. Maybe we can do something for you later, okay?"

I felt her vibrator turn on by my ear. I jumped not expecting this.

"No! NO! Not the vibrator! Let me do it! Sit on my face! Let me tongue you to orgasm! Please," I was yelling into the gag and turned to her, hoping she would listen and remove me.

I heard the devil in her voice, "oh, you want to watch? No, I feel shy right now. I prefer you listen."

The sound of the vibrator moved away from my head. She pushed me back over.

Domina is going to kill me.


I slid the vibrator onto my clit. The waves of joy ran through my body. I started to moan, but made sure he could hear me as I did.

My juices ran across the tip of the vibrator. My moaning got louder as I could feel the buildup.

I shuddered as I came. My body shivered in pleasure. I made sure he could feel every step.

"Mmmm. Damn, that was good. Would you like something?" I asked sweetly and innocently.

If only we could see each other's faces. He was crying now. I wanted to cry too. Out of laughter.


I could not turn back to her. I had to lie there and listen to her as the vibrator did its trick. I heard her moaning increase, and I swear she leaned over to me to make me hear it better.

I felt her body twitch against mine. I knew exactly what was happening.

I lost it. I started crying.

I heard her in my ear again, " Mmmm. Damn, that was good. Would you like something?"

All I could do was cry at this point. I was in that bad of shape.


I was almost done with him. Almost. He has been good, and he will be in a good mood for a long time to come after this. I wonder if I can ever do him one better than this? I will have to see what I can come up with.

I shifted away from his side and worked my way down to his crotch. The buzz of the butt plug was still going, but it was time to do something different. It was also time to end this. I was afraid he would cramp after being locked up for so long.

"Okay. We are going to play a game. I have two pairs of gloves and my hands. I want you to tell me which one you like the best. What we do next depends on your answer. Let me know if you understand," I said, making certain he could hear me.

He sniffle-grunted. I assume he was fine with this.

I pulled on the leather gloves. Soft, kid skin black leather. He loves these.

I touched the inside of each knee and down to his crotch. I worked my way back up and down several times. I wanted to know what he thought.

"Well," I said, "what do you think of these?"

All I heard was sniffling.


I felt Domina slide down to my crotch. Something was about to happen. I just didn't know what. She spoke.

"Okay. We are going to play a game. I have two pairs of gloves and my hands. I want you to tell me which one you like the best. What we do next depends on your answer. Let me know if you understand."

I sniffled, trying to speak, but all that came out was a low, guttural sound.

I felt her hands go onto the inside of my legs and work their way down to my crotch. She did this several times over. She never touched my penis or testicles.

"Well, what do you think," I heard her ask.

I sniffled. I did not want to say what I really wanted to say.

I spoke through the gag, "I enjoyed them very much. Would you please use them to get me off now?"


If he only knew at this point.

I heard him say something. I had an idea it was something along the lines of, "Get me off now, damn you!"

"Okay. I see how you like the leather ones. Now, what do you think of these," I asked him, snapping the latex onto the end of my hand. I saw him shudder.

He loves the feel of latex.

I again repeated the actions from before, starting at the knee and going down to each side of his penis and testicles. He tried to move himself over to a hand to do something, anything for some sensation of touch.

"Well," I asked sweetly?

He groaned again, saying almost the exact same thing as before.

"I see," I replied, "now, one more thing to try."

I pulled the gloves off. A flash of inspiration came to me. My giggle turned into an evil, wicked grin.

I can be such a bitch when I want, and he loves me for it.


I heard the snap of latex. Domina knows how much I love the feel of latex. I love it almost as much as I love the feel of leather.

She did the same thing as before, running her hands down the side of my knees and stopping on either side of my groin. This time, I tried to push myself over and onto her gloved hand. Anything to have her touch me.

"Well?" I heard her say.

I stifled back tears and said almost the same thing.

"Thank you. I enjoyed them very much. Please get me off," I said into the gag and between tears.

There was no answer.

An idea came to me. I could move my legs and grab her. Maybe she would give in and finally get me off! Perfect!

Except I forgot my legs were bound. When I tried to grab her with my legs, her mood suddenly shifted.



Again, he mumbled something through his gag. I saw tears streaming down his face. He was going mad.

Suddenly, he tried to grab me with his legs. One of them hit me. Not hard, but hard enough so I would have reason for my inspiration from before.

I shoved his legs away and feigned mock anger.

"How dare you! Just who do you think you are, and what do you think you are doing? I have a good mind to leave you here, or better yet, douse you with ice water, put you in your chastity cage and leave you again. Do you like this idea," I semi-yelled at him. He could not see me trying not to laugh at the same time.

His head shook from side to side. I could hear him apologizing through the gag. There was fear in that voice.

"Hrm. What shall I do with you? I have the perfect solution. You wait here," I said, "and here is something for you to remember just who is in charge around here."

I turned the butt plug up again. This time to 'absolute torture.'

I got off of the bed.

A second flash of inspiration hit me.

I could make a lot of money doing this if I were not so deeply in love with him.


Domina shoved my legs off of her. I could hear the anger in her voice as she did so. I screwed up, royally. I had a feeling what was coming. The tears increased as I began to beg for forgiveness.

"How dare you! Just who do you think you are, and what do you think you are doing? I have a good mind to leave you here, or better yet, douse you with ice water, put you in your chastity cage and leave you again. Do you like this idea," she yelled. I winced at her voice.

I started shaking my head and begging through the gag.

"Please! No! I made a terrible mistake! Domina, please! I will be good! I am so sorry! Domina, no, please, no, Domina," my voice trailed off as I heard her get off of the bed.

She spoke, "Hrm. What shall I do with you? I have the perfect solution. You wait here," I said, "and here is something for you to remember just who is in charge around here."

The butt plug ramped up inside of me.

All I could do was cry.

I love this woman.


I did decide to get some ice, but not for his penis. I had a more devious idea. I also grabbed some of our bondage string.

I climbed up on the bed near his chest this time. There is something about some good old fashioned nipple torture that is just delicious. I love it. He does too.

I leaned over to his ear so he could hear me. I spoke slowly and deliberately.

"That was not nice. You could have hurt me. I am not pleased with that behavior. You must be punished for it," I said into his ear.

He was all but bawling now. He was begging through the gag not to be placed in his cage. I could tell.

I pulled the nipple flaps from the straitjacket. I put the ice on one nipple.

He screamed. He was not expecting this. His nipple reacted appropriately and stood up, ramrod straight.

He began to squirm away. He knew what was coming, but he was powerless to stop it.

I put the clamp onto his first nipple. Before he could catch his breath, I hit the other nipple with the ice. Same reaction with the same conclusion.

I tugged on the chain a few times to check and be sure the clamps were tight. I could not tell if he was crying in pain, frustration, joy or what.

I left his side, back to the bathroom for another pair of latex gloves. I left the lube in the room on purpose.

I crawled back onto the bed between his legs. Gloves, lube and string at my ready.


I was in tears now. I did not want to be in chastity. I would be good. I would not have any more bad weeks. I would do anything at this point, even yard work outside in full bondage. I was beside myself thinking what horrors awaited me.

I felt Domina climb back on the bed, near my chest this time.

My mind was racing. I was squalling through the gag for forgiveness.

"That was not nice. You could have hurt me. I am not pleased with that behavior. You must be punished for it," I heard her say next to my ear.

I tried to stop crying, suck it up and be a man about it. I accepted my fate.

I felt the flaps coming off around my nipples. Then the ice cube hit.

I screamed into the gag. That ice was cold and unexpected.

I stopped screaming long enough to realize what was happening. I tried to wiggle away.

The first clamp hit my right nipple. The ice hit the left with the same reaction soon after.

I squirmed in a paradox of pain and love. Domina pulled on the chain a few times for good measure. The clamps were secure. I was secure.

She got off of the bed.

I was going to be left alone again.

I felt her return to the bed and my groin. I gulped. At this point, my body is wearing out from sensory overload. I am about to explode mentally. I am at my breaking point. We have never been this far before.


I could tell he was getting tired. His body and mind were almost at its limits. I was watching his color the entire time, making sure he was not too flushed. I expect he was hungry and thirsty. I need to wrap this up.

I just cannot bring myself to do it, though.

I took the latex gloves and snapped them onto my hands again. I reached in and removed the butt plug, switching it off in the process. I set it aside on the bed. The sheets would need washing anyway.

I grabbed the string and began to wrap his testicles, separating them into two hard globes. I pulled on the string and watched his testicles stretch.

I cannot explain what I heard. It sounded like crying, screaming, joy, frustration, anger and pain all at one time.

I put a bit of lube on my hand and rubbed it in. I placed my finger on his bud and slowly entered him. I found what I was looking for.

The male g-spot is the prostate. It is stimulated anally. I have never milked him before, but it is on the list. Now, I was just being plain evil.

I took the other hand and wrapped it around the base of his shaft, barely touching it. It was hard enough to realize my hand was there but not hard enough to create enough friction to get off.

I was soaking wet. I was rubbing his prostate.

For about five seconds.


I felt Domina pull the butt plug out. That was such a relief.

I felt the damn string.

Domina masterfully wrapped the string around the base of my testicles and shaft. Deftly, she worked each testicle into its own small package. I could feel it.

She yanked on the string, pulling my sac down.

There is no word to describe what I went through. The noise I made was primal, basic. It would scare small children.

Her finger touched my rear. Her finger was going in. Her finger is in. Her. Finger. Is. On. My. Prostate.

Her other hand touched the base of my shaft. There was no way I could achieve orgasm the way she was holding it. I would have to let the orgasm come from the prostate massage.

She pulled her finger out. I felt the plug go back in.


I pulled my finger out, and there was almost no response. It is almost as if he was completely spent and exhausted. I knew he had enough, so it was time. I put the butt plug back in and cranked it as far as it would go.

I reached up and untied his knees and thighs so his legs would come down flat. I shimmied my body up to his belly, settling down. I left a trail of my juices behind.

I semi-squatted over his penis and guided it into my waiting self. I grabbed the clamp chain with the other hand. I was about to ride a bucking bronco. I only hoped he would not throw me off. I reached down and turned the plug back on, cranking it to full speed.

Holy shit.


I felt her untying my legs. Both of them fell down onto the mattress. Domina climbed up my legs to my stomach. I felt her rock forward, grab my shaft and guide it into her waiting vagina. She grabbed the chain between my nipples.

The plug came back on. It was set to eleven.

[Author note: I seriously thought about ending the story here. I had no idea how deep of a sadist I was.]


What happened next is a blur. His hips rocked into me so hard I did almost fly off of him. As soon as I was almost airborne, he dropped back to the mattress and shot his hips back up again.

I have never felt him this hard in my life. I have never felt him be this primal. I was actually a bit scared. I am glad he was bound and gagged. His look may have scared the life out of me.

The first wave of orgasm hit me. I was hanging onto the chain for dear life. I let go of the chain and grabbed the strap holding his arms down. If I had not, he was going to buck me off.

Then he went off.


As soon as I felt the insides, something broke in my mind. It was almost like inhaling a deep breath after almost drowning. I was not a person. I became an animal in heat with a single, solitary focus of mating no matter what the cost.

Time froze. Everything ceased to exist. The only thing I was aware of was my penis inside of her. There was nothing else that mattered.

I felt her body as she orgasmed. I did not care. I was not even cognizant of anything. I was a beast. Raw, unbridled beast, and I was going to let loose with my load.

The first contraction hit. Then a second. Then a third. Three waves of pleasure sent me over the edge. It is a good thing Domina and I live alone in a rather rural location. Someone would have called the law if they heard me.

I pushed her up one more time and froze in the air. I am sure she would fall off, but I did not care at that point. The final wave overtook me, and my hips fell to the bed.

It was over.

Domina stayed on me for a few seconds. I could hear her breathing. I could feel her legs quiver against me.

She rose off of my penis.


The waves of orgasm hit him. His body was wracked in pleasure for a good ten seconds. He screamed into the gag so loudly I was not only glad to have gagged him but worried he would swallow it.

He lifted himself so high into the air I thought he was a contortionist and dropped back just as quickly.

I stayed on top of him for a few minutes, making sure I could stand. I was shaking a good bit myself. I made sure he was okay. He had been through a lot.

I rose and slid off of the bed. I went to his head and undid the gag. I replaced the gag with the straw from the ice water from before.

"Slowly. You will cramp if you do not," I gently told him.

He um-hummed while drinking. He pulled his mouth away, exhaled deeply and was stone still. Satisfied, I went to the bathroom to clean up.


I was done. I was physically and mentally spent. There was nothing more I had in me for anything. I was, however, incredibly thirsty. I felt the gag coming off, followed by a straw. I started to suck greedily. Domina chided me.

"Slowly. You will cramp if you do not," she said in the voice of a nurse or angel. I could not tell the difference.

"Um-hum," was all I could get out. She pulled the straw away and stepped away. I assumed she had gone to clean up.


I returned to his side. The plug was still humming, so I switched it off and gently removed it. I untied his testicles and removed the nipple clamps. He winced as the clamps came off. I massaged a bit of life back into them. He smiled in appreciation.

I helped him sit up. I made sure he had his balance before helping him stand to remove the straitjacket.

I unbuckled the jacket. It fell to the floor in a heap. His arms lay at his sides. He did not have the strength to reach his blindfold.

I took it off. He immediately sat on the bed and adjusted his vision.

We did not speak. I stood in front of him, stroking the sides of his hair. It was matted in sweat. His eyes were puffy from the tears from before.

He looked up at me.


The butt plug was still burning inside of me. Domina returned and removed it with the same care as it had entered. She untied my testicles.

She pulled the clamps off of my nipples. I winced as the blood flowed back into them. Domina gently massaged some life into them. I smiled, showing my appreciation.

I went to sit up, and Domina helped me. I was about to stand, but she held me down. I realized what a good idea this was, I could have fallen I was so spent.

I rose, and Domina turned me around. The buckles from the straitjacket began to loosen. Finally, the jacket was undone. It slid from my shoulders onto the floor.

I could not lift my arms for the blindfold. Domina sensed this and removed it for me.

I sat back down. My eyes started to adjust.

I was a mess. I was coated in a thin layer of sweat. My eyes were burning from the crying. Domina began stroking my hair. She did not say anything.

I wanted to say something, anything to her at this point. This was the most amazing experience we have had in our life together. I looked up at her, searching for the right thing to say.

She looked back at me, kissed me softly on the lips and walked into the bathroom. I heard the sound of the water filling the tub.


As he began to look at me, I knew what he was thinking. There was something about a simple 'thank you' that was woefully inadequate. He was looking for something better.

I knew what he wanted.

I leaned over and kissed him warmly. I pulled away, allowing my hand to trace his face as I did. I smiled and walked into the bathroom.

I wanted a bath.


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