Be Careful What You wish For Online

by KW

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Storycodes: F/m; discovery; D/s; bond; femdom; cd; boots; corset; gag; tease; cuffs; denial; oral; strapon; cum; climax; true; cons; X

I have been married for 15 years. My husband has a athletic body and average looks but is a high level businessman. I have a less athletic body but have always attracted men quickly with my figure. So, I discovered months ago that my husband was surfing the web on some fetish sites. One of the windows had not been closed, and I sat down to the computer and discovered his secret. It was a female domination site. I always knew that powerful men like to have a hot woman controlling them. I suspect that ALL men want a hot woman controlling them. lol

I started to check the history on the computer and was really shocked. He REALLY wanted me to take charge. There were sites on lingerie, bondage, strapon, spanking, electrostimulation, forced orgasm, forced feminization, crossdressing, and more! I think my jaw was open as I opened each link. Why would he want this, I thought to myself. I decided to observe for a few weeks. After seeing his links, I was able to pick up quicker on the subtle hints. Things that he might want me to do. Hmmm, I thought. This could actually be fun!

I found that when I did something similar to his secret links, he was much more willing to do anything that I wanted. When I did nothing wild, he was... not quite a jerk, but just friendly. Nothing more. The tough part was whether to confront him or surprise him with some games and scenes. I thought confronting might be too negative for both of us. Instead, I decided to fullfill his sex dreams. Of course, you know the old saying... be careful what you wish for! lol!!

The plan was to push him to the edge and try to keep him there. After many years of sex, I knew that his interest in games ended right after he had a good orgasm! I needed to keep him on edge all day, and that's what I planned. With all of his secret links, it was hard to incorporate everything. I thought that I would pick the ones that I would have the most fun. After all, he loved everything. If he didn't like it as much, I could make him regret his dream by forcing him through every bit of it... and then some! If he really loved it, I had to be careful not to let him cum. It would probably take a change to that scenario to make it linger without orgasm. I had to keep things in mind that I thought he would really dislike just to bring him down from a near orgasm.

After a lot of online shopping, I had my plan. I'm not sure why, but it was getting exciting for me! The first part of my plan was to make sure that he had a few drinks. Not a lot, but a few to relax and not fight the wild ideas, even though I know that they were his deepest desires. I also needed to start earlier in the day to be sure that funtime could last several hours. A short time would not stick in his brain. I really needed to break him, so to speak.

I mapped out a day that we both had off. Unbeknownst to him, I had cancelled our plans with friends. When he arrived home at lunch for a half day off, I explained that I had cancelled our plans and made new plans. He looked a bit dejected. I handed him a drink. Within an hour, he was right where I wanted him. So, I suggested that we play some sex games. He eagerly agreed!

I let him know that there were rules to be followed. He agreed. First rule: what I say goes.

So, I ordered him to strip naked. He happily complied! lol I had three scenes to complete. Three or bust! Maybe it should have been three and bust! I wanted to do three things which would lead to his ultimate climax! 1.) Forced Crossdressing, but I had to do this without allowing him to stop me. 2.) Pegging. Definitely need to have control. 3.) Finally, bondage like he had never seen. We had dabbled in tie-up games, but this would make sure that he would break!

On to scene 1.

With him naked, I locked on my new posture collar which would prevent him from have the full view of his glory. Next, I added a ball gag which would be useful as I ventured down a road that I thought would test his willingness. So, I had to take his option out of the picture. Loverboy was all in, now!

With his collar and gag locked on, I quickly went to work. I started slowly with some panties and nylons. He looked surprised and tried to protest, but I could see his manhood getting harder by the second! I added a bra and then went for the whole deal! Since he couldn't look down, I pulled out the stiletto boots that I bought in his size! I made him help me pull on his boots. Quickly, I locked the boots on with special heel locks! No need for any other bondage. I simply added satin gloves. He was mine at this point!!

I added a corset and laid him on the bed for tightening. I was getting SO wet! He needed something... I went to the closet and found and old skirt and hot top that were from my slut days. Perfect! Now, the test. I warned him not to speak unless spoken to. I removed the gag. Silence. I slapped his ass and said, "Hey sweetie, how 'bout some oral sex?!"

He smiled and quickly answered with a resounding, "Yes!"

I asked him to wait a minute while I took the keys to the firepit at the back of our yard. "If you can't take it, the keys are back there." I laughed.

"Before you please me by licking my pussy, you will clean the house. Here are your things. I handed him cleaner and dusters". He looked dumbfounded. "GO."

After a while, I ordered him to the bedroom where I had changed to a nightie. I ordered him to lick me until one of us was exhausted. lol!!
But first, I cuffed his wrists so that I would remain in control. Off we went!!

I was soaked, and he was exhausted a short while later. I couldn't give in!

It was time for scene 2.

I locked ankle cuffs on him. Then, I left the room and returned wearing a strapon didlo. "On your knees!" I ordered.

Amazingly, he complied. I ordered him to open his mouth. I started very slowly, but kept challenging him, or should I say "her" to take it deep! I could hear him slurp and gag on occasion. It was so great to see him suffer through one of these! For some reason, I was getting wet, again. I loved the control!

Ordering him on the bed on his back. Attaching a spreader bar to his ankles and wrist cuffs, he was ready. I could see the excitement in his eyes. Of course, maybe a little fear. lol!

Moving his bar up to his head with his wrists locked in the middle, he was completely helpless. I held the bar with one hand while sliding my dick in his ass. What power!

I rode him for a few minutes until he looked exhausted. Perfect!

He was ready for scene 3. Telling him that I had no keys, he was stuck. I went outside to retrieve the key for the spreader bar, only.

This allowed him to wait on me in fem for a while. Drinks, please!

Scene 3.

He didn't cum while I fucked his ass, but really looked pleased. Shortly after, though, he was a bit cocky. Time to shake him up before his orgasm.

"Let's go," I said. "To the garage."

He followed a bit hesitantly. I jumped in the driver's seat and said, "Get in!"

He declined. I said, "Ok, the house is locked and I am opening the garage door!"

He quickly jumped in and was clearly scared and agitated. "What the hell!" He said.

I quietly backed out and pulled away. It was dark out, by now. He begged me to go home.

I said, "If you don't shut up, I'll make you walk!" Not another word. lol!!

I simply drove around the block and back in the garage. I ordered him inside, and he was already running in on his heels! I followed and ordered a drink. He served me.

"Ok, go to the den."

I had ropes ready. I tied him like an expert. Although I had played with ties before, I had done some research on his websites. Soon, I had him completely immobile. He was getting cocky, again, so I threatened the gag. He shut up.

"Ok," I said, "See you after my movie." He laughed. I didn't.

I left to my bedroom to watch a movie for an hour. When I returned he was exhausted and nearly as I left him.

"Awe, such a hot piece of ass all tied up!"

His cock started to spring back to life. I took his cock and gave him a mind blowing blow job catching every drop in my mouth. I didn't swallow, though. Instead, this load went from my mouth to his in a long passionate french kiss that he could not stop.

"By the way," I said, "I found your websites very entertaining. I hope you did, too. If you want out, the keys on on the chair at the firepit at the back of the yard!"

His look of shock was priceless.

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