Batgirl - The Return 8: Cause & Affect

by StealthBinder

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Part 8: Cause & Affect

The weekend brought nothing new to report on any front, and Gotham City enjoyed a weekend of relative calm. As always, crime was in the news, as were the Caped Crusaders. But as of late, things were calm, and the exploits of the super criminals were in a lull, or at least the early planning stages.

And nothing new was reported on the Wentworth front either. Dick’s Saturday night date with Catherine never happened, she being a no show at the restaurant they had arranged to meet at. When he called to find out where she was, her cellphone went straight to voicemail, as if it was turned off. He considered heading to her luxury suite to check on her whereabouts, but both he and Bruce thought better of it, not wanting to be become overbearing and scare her off, especially if she was still interested in Dick or entertaining someone.

But oddly enough, Brad had dropped from sight too. That had Bruce worried most.

“When Brad Wentworth gets quiet, it means he’s about to make a major move.” Bruce reflected.

Barbara arranged to meet with Jennifer again at the Wentworth Estate for the afternoon. The two dined and chatted on a range of topics, but nothing substantial or business oriented. It was girl talk, nothing more. But Barbara could tell Jennifer was interested in more than just light chit chat.

“The view of the ocean from my bedroom is so wonderful this time of day. We could take tea there, if you’d like to enjoy the beauty of the day.” Jennifer said.

Barbara suspected Jennifer was hoping for more action in the bedroom that just sipping tea and watching waves, so she played along.

The two leisurely ascended the stairs and moved to the master bedroom. They stood at the veranda railing for a few moments. Jennifer was right, the view was magnificent. They watched birds fly, boats sail and a large cargo vessel slowly move toward the horizon for several minutes till one of the domestics brought up a pot of tea and served them. Seated on garden chairs Jennifer dismissed the servant, telling her she wished not to be disturbed for the remainder of the afternoon. The pretty woman nodded her head and left, closing the bedroom door behind her.

“Well, alone at last.” Jennifer said after taking a sip of her tea. Barbara nodded, taking a sip herself, bracing for whatever Jennifer had in mind.

“It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a chance to really talk.” Jennifer continued.

“Yes, what with everything that’s happened.” Barbara replied.

“I hope you don’t mind me being a little too forward asking this, but have you taken my advice?”

“Your advice on?” Barbara took another drink of her tea. She knew Jennifer was probing, wanting to take the girl talk down the intimate path. But she decided to keep up her image as a shy librarian.

Jennifer smile. “You know, with Bruce Wayne.”

“Oh, yes. Well, he loved the garter and the stockings. He wouldn’t let me take them off all evening. He plans to buy me several more pair, if you would tell me where you purchased them from.”

“Yes, of course. I knew he would enjoy them. Every man loves seeing a nice set of legs in stockings. And?”

‘Ok if she wants a story. What I won’t do for the team.’ Barbara thought to herself. “And yes, we played a bondage game. It was very exciting.”

“Oh please, don’t tease me. I’d love to hear the details.”

“I’m not very good at telling erotic stories, so please pardon me if this sounds a trifle dull compared to you.” Barbara said. Jennifer just smiled and waited. “Well, we were in his bedroom and we started getting intimate. I wore fore mentioned items plus a matching set of undergarments. He was very happy with how I looked. After a few moments, I got up my nerve and asked if he’d like to tie me up, but I asked if he’d do something different, other than just to the top of the bed. Bruce said he did and proved to be quite creative. Instead of the usual, he had me stand at the end of his bed, and he bound me spread eagle, at least It I think you call it. Though he did have me remove my undergarments before binding me”

“Were you gagged?”

“Oh yes, just not a first., But as things progress he said I was getting too demanding and making too much noise so he gagged me with a couple of handkerchiefs.”

“What did he do?”

‘She’s more excited about this that I am.’ Barbara thought. “Well, at first, he just looked at me, kind of devouring me with his eyes. I have to admit, it was maddening to have him just looking at me and do nothing further. But with this look of desire in his eyes for me, I soon found myself squirming in my heels anticipating his next move.

“After what seemed like an eternity, he finally began to run his hands over my restrained body. Everywhere he touched it seemed like electricity shot through me. Before long I was withering to his touch and begging him to do more to me. But he ignored my pleas, gagged me and continued to torment me with his hands and lips, the whole while pressing his hard, manhood against me.”

Barbara noticed Jennifer squirmed in her chair. Erotic stories must get to her, but Barbara didn’t want to belabor the story, even though she suspected Jennifer wanted every scandalous little detail.

“He gave my chest a good long fondling before his hand finally slipped between my legs to caress my clitoris while his free hand fondled my chest. I climaxed in moments, faster and harder than I ever thought possible, yet even after I was calming down, he was relentless on me and forced me to come again a moment later. He then dropped to his knees and performed oral on my till I climaxed again.”

“Aggressive man that Bruce Wayne is. And then?” Jennifer prodded.

“Well for a few moments, nothing. I was spent for the moment and he knew it, so he just let me dangle in my fetters for a bit to let me recover. In the meantime, he stripped himself naked and sat in a chair, watching me. That had a very powerful effect on me, watching him watch me, wondering what he was going to do next, and seeing, well, seeing how obvious it was that he was very aroused. I wanted him so much at that moment. But there was nothing I could do about it, which made me even crazier for him.”

“I bet you were squirming like mad by now.” Jennifer commented.

“I’m sure I was, that is, till he finally stood before me and.” Barbara paused, pretending she was remembering to be a good, quiet librarian. She picked up her tea cup. “Well, you know what man can do to a woman, and he knew what I needed then.”

“Bravo my dear, bravo.” Jennifer said, clapping lightly. “I think you’re getting it. Oh, how envious of you I am right now. How I wish I could have been in your pretty little shoes.”

‘Sometimes, being in my pretty little shows is not all it’s cracked up to be.’ Barbara thought to herself. ‘But then, sometimes it’s great being me….” She thought, thinking of the night she was in the purple pleasure suit.

“I should be thanking you for emboldening me.” Barbara replied. “I’m not sure I would have done it without your encouragement to step out beyond my prior limits”

“That’s what friends are for.” Jennifer replied. “To encourage and help one another. I hope you will return the favor to me someday.”

Barbara knew what Jennifer was angling for. Even though she was lonely, she still had her needs, and right now she wanted those needs meet. And Barbara did state she’s like to reverse the roles they played last time.

Time to put up, or shut up and ‘put up’ sounded like a lot more fun.

“Well, you do have some pretty little shoes on.” Barbara said slyly, taking a sip of her tea. “And I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at playing the dominate role, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Jennifer stood and took the cup from Barbara. “I was so hoping you’d say that.” She took Barbara’s hand and led her back into the bedroom. A moment later, Jennifer had retrieved her large box of bondage toys from the closet, placing it on the bed. As Barbara looked through it, she noticed Jennifer was removing her dress. Under her garment, she wore a boned black satin corset with lace trim and attached garters holding up sheer nylon stocking and a small black satin g-string panty. The corset supported her breasts, but left her boobs completely exposed while it defined and displayed her perfectly shapely figure. Her entire figure was fantastic, accented by her remaining attire, which highlighted her long legs and well-formed rump. Her body was a spectacular as any high price swimsuit model.

“I always feel so feminine when I wear pretty things.” She commented.

Apparently the rich young widow anticipated and expected to play today.

Barbara nodded, but said nothing in reply. By now, she had selected a set of padded leather cuffs and several ropes.

Jennifer moved to the end of the bed, but faced away from it. “Tie me like you were, please.”

Barbara placed the buckling cuffs onto Jennifer’s wrists and ankles. She took instruction from the blonde widow, pulling the strap one notch tighter before securing it. She then took her left wrist and looped a rope through the ring before hauling her hand up above and trying it to the top of the bedpost. Barbara repeated the procedure with her right hand.

“Mark sure you get it good and taut.” Jennifer said.

“Of course.” Barbara replied then gave the rope a firm tug, which made Jennifer gasp in surprise.

Barbara climbed off the bed and started on her hostess’s legs, spreading her feet apart before securing her ankles to the bottom of the bed. This caused Jennifer to sink down, which added more tension to her body and made her bondage even more restrictive, just as planned but pretended not to notice this fact. Though she was the one often tied up, Barbara still knew how to render someone completely helpless when needed.

Barbara stepped back and surveyed her work. “There, I think that will do the trick.” She said. In fact, she knew it would. The ropes holding her spread eagle were pulled tight, leaving practically no slack for wiggling. The knots were well out of reach of her captive’s fingers, and the bedpost too thick to bend or break. Jennifer was completely immobilized and without help, a prisoner for a long as Barbara wanted.

Jennifer struggled and tried her best to work her way free of her fetters. “Oh yes, I think it will.” She replied a moment later. “But I’m not completely defenseless.” She said with a spark of excitement in her eye.

“Oh, yes, I knew I missed something.” Barbara replied. In reality, she already selected the needed item, but purposely let it slip her mind to keep the novice act up. She looked through the box and retrieved what she preplanned to use. She crawled onto the bed behind Jennifer, who was straining to see what her captor selected.

Barbara purposely brought the gag down over her captive’s head, so her eyes could see the large bright red ballgag with leather straps before it lowered down to her lips. From the numerous teeth marks it had, Barbara assumed it was a favorite of both Jennifer and old man Wentworth alike.

“Oh yes” Jennifer hissed as she opened her to receive the gag. She moaned when Barbara pushed it in and buckled the straps tightly behind her head tightly, firmly planting the gag in her mouth, The large orb was too big to let Jennifer close her lips, so the bright red ball was visible between her bright white teeth and her bright red painted lips, and framed by her bright blonde hair around her face.

Jennifer made a lovely and sexy damsel in distress.

Barbara stood by and watched the young widow go through her paces. Her well sharped figure wiggled and twisted as much as the ropes would allow, which was very little. The sturdy bed was so well made it hardly creaked at all as Jennifer fought against her bondage, with a dreamy look, look in her eye and deep, erotic moans coming from her gagged mouth.

The lovely, sexy damsel in distress sure loved being a damsel in distress.

Barbara could relate. Though pleased with herself for once getting the upper hand on a lovely female, she was a bit jealous of her. As much as being bound and gagged in the midst of a super villain’s death trap was terrifying, she still thrilled when she escaped it. Catwoman had always added erotic angles in her attempts to end Batgirl’s life, which made the whole experience even more thrilling, in retrospect. But most of all, she loved being rendered helpless by a lover who’s intent was an evening filled with kinky play and mutual sexual pleasures.

But neither Barbara Gordon nor Batgirl had much time logged as being the aggressor in bondage play. Prior to her last adventure with Jennifer, Barbara never had a woman tie her up for an extended period of time and had the throws of passion heaped upon her without her very life being threatened. Batgirl had been placed in countless bondage ties in her crime fighting career, and Barbara had lovers render her helpless many a night. Barbara never was offered the part of the applier of bondage, only the willing and eager receiver, and till just recently, only with men.

Batgirl had been propositioned many times to have her rescued party repay her heroics with a night of kinky bondage sex, by men and women alike. Though tempted the female caped crusader never accepted the offer.

Now she had the chance to play out that role. She approached a fine feminine figure, and seeing a one that was finely fettered was quite appealing. Though she liked the power she had, she still preferred the more submissive role of damsel in distress and having the singular attention of the man who rendered her such.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t enjoying her current role.

Though Jennifer was enjoying her enslaved state, it was obvious she wanted things to go further, for her captor to do just more than watch her struggles. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and her hips were thrusting constantly, both areas wanting some form of attention. Her eyes were pleasing with her captor as were her groans of wanting need. She suspected Jennifer’s crotch was hot, wet and full of desire.

Barbara was feeling the same way, so she decided to do something about it. She stepped forward and began to run her hands over the restrained blonde’s torso. Jennifer responded with a long moan as Barbara’s fingers glided over her exposed skin. When her hands finally came to her breasts, gently taking them both into their grasp, Jennifer let out another long, satisfying groan, also to say ‘what took you so long’. And when Barbara took her hard nipples between her finger and thumb, lightly pinching them, Jennifer nearly went out of her mind with lust.

This was another first for Barbara. While a handful of women had gotten a handful of her breasts while she was in a helpless state, Barbara never willingly groped another woman’s restrained body. And she liked the power it gave her over her bound partner, choosing when to inflict pleasures on her captive and when to withdraw it, much to Jennifer’s displeasure. But the withdrawal would only be short lived.

“I think I need to add a little more to your situation.” Barbara stated before she moved out of Jennifer’s view. Jennifer heard her guest rummage through the box of toys for a moment before she returned to view. When she did, she had a surprise for her.

Barbara showed her the shiny silver bullet vibrator, the one Barbara assumed was used on her the last time he two played their little kinky game. It would not be the first time it would be used on Jennifer when she was bound and gagged at the mercy of her captor.

‘Better to give than receive’ Barbara thought to herself as she moved Jennifer’s panty aside and probed her slit, easily sliding the device inside the merry widow’s damp pussy. With her panty back in place, Barbara quickly tied a rope around the blonde’s slender waist, then fed the rope between her legs and back up, tying off the rope tightly, securing the exciter rope in place and sealing in the powered tormentor.

“I would hate for it to fall out.” Barbara said as she tied the final knot in place. Both women knew the rope sliding across Jennifer’s clit would only enhance the captive’s enjoyments. Barbara showed Jennifer the other item she retrieved from the box. It was a set of silver nipple clamps, tweezers style with black rubber coated tips and a silver chain connecting them, the same ones she wore when found that night by Batgirl.

Jennifer moaned deeply and thrust her chest towards the librarian, prodding her to add the tantalizing devices to her helpless figure. Barbara did, seeing both the added pain and delight the metal tormenters gave to the kinky loving widow. Turning the vibrator on threw the captive into her own world of restrained and erotic pleasures, the place she so missed being in since her late husband passed away those weeks ago.

Jennifer was ignorant of her guest, who after watching her host squirm to the pleasure gives while struggling in her restraints for several minutes, decided to stretch out on the large bed and wait out the game, viewing her captive’s erotic toils from the back side. Though watching Jennifer enjoy her plight made her horny, she opted against doing anything about it. A proper, reclusive librarian would never do such a thing, especially in public. But she might consider doing so as Batgirl, if the situation presented itself in the future.

Barbara was getting a small glimpse into why Catwoman had so liked to act out her dominate cravings out on Batgirl.

Out of sight of her controlled hostess, Barbara got out her cellphone and checked emails to make sure nothing was pressing then texted Bruce, making sure the phone was set to silent.

“As expected, she wanted to play.” She sent to Bruce.

“You called it correctly. Want to be in her place?” he replied a moment later.

“I was, 2 weeks ago.” She replied, thinking about a scene she was in herself.

“I see. It was one that’s worth repeating.” the text replied back.

“Thinking I’d like that as well, tonight.” She replied. Just as she sent the message, Jennifer’s buildup had reached peak and she cried out, the orgasm overwhelming her as she came long and hard, her head throwing about and her body thrashing against her restraints while the crotch rope rubbed her clit and the vibrator teased her without relenting.

But as the orgasm slacked, Jennifer didn’t, still excited beyond control, still struggling in her fetters as she began her next cycle, wanting more of the erotic play.

“As long as conditions permit, count on it.” Bruce replied. She knew what ‘conditions’ meant, if the caped crusaders were not needed. But watching Jennifer start again made her hope Gotham City would have a quiet night tonight.

Barbara put her phone back into her purse and returned her attention to Jennifer, who was quickly working up to another orgasm. She decided to give Jennifer another hour of play before releasing her, or if she showed signs of having enough, whichever came first.

Either way, the merry widow put on a good performance.

While Barbara dreamed of her possible rendezvous with Bruce that evening and the performance she would give, a nightmare was ending in a downtown apartment within Gotham City.

She didn’t move, for her head was still spinning and her body felt heavy. She kept still, hoping both would feel better soon. At last, she managed to open her eyes, but saw little. Her vision was blurred and what little light there was blinded her. She closed her eyes and waited a while longer before she tried it again, willing herself to come out of her slumber. Eventually the haze lifted and she was able to keep her lids open. The room was familiar, recognizing it as her own bedroom.

She also felt something pressing against her. When she could move, her hand felt the body of a cat snuggling against her, yet it felt strange, but couldn’t feel the softness of its fur for her hand was gloved.

She slowly propped herself up, able to at last think clearly. Yes, it was her room, dimly lit with a single lamp on the table behind her. But as familiar as it was, something was very different, but she couldn’t quite understand what it was.

“At last, you’re awake.” A male voice said softly. “I was beginning to worry you might not.”

She slowly turned to see a man standing nearby. At least she assumed it was a man, for he wore a dark gray suit and tie, but had a hood over his head covering all of his face down his shoulders. Even his eyes were shroud by the covering, yet allowed him to see out.

“That was quite a blow to the head you took.” He added. “You’ve been out for days.”

“Who are you?” she managed to say.

“Yes, quite a blow.” He replied. “I’m sure you remember. I’m your Benefactor.” He replied.

“Benefactor?” she replied.

“Yes. Your bankroll, your financial partner so to speak.” He replied. “The one you pay your tribute to.”

“Yes, I remember now.” She replied as she sat up. “What happened?”

“The same as always.” He replied. “Are you sure you can stand?” he said as she edged off the bed.

“I’m fine.” She replied as she stood, only to too weak to stand. He caught her in his arms, but she soon had her balance and was able to stand.

“Remove your hands.” She said. “I said I was…”

It was then that she saw herself in the full length mirror. She was dressed all in black, from her neck to her feet, the form fitting catsuit showing off every curve of her shapely body. It fit like a second skin, soft and silky to the skin yet almost like a rubber consistency. A matching mask was over the upper part of her face to hide her identity, though everyone knew who she was. She wore gloves of the same material, only tipped with golden claws as fingertips. On her feet were black ankles boots with ridiculously high heels of golden spikes and around her hips was a golden belt, slung low to accent her small waist and marvelous hips and ass. From her neck hung a large heavy gold chain with a large pendent, which settled between her well displayed breasts. Lastly, atop her head, a set to black ears, like those a cat would have.

It was the seductive image of Catwoman, the voluptuous feminine master thief

“I’m purrr..fect.” she replied as she admired herself in the image and never looked better.

Behind the shroud the man smiled to himself. He knew at that moment, it worked. The transformation was complete. She was Catwoman.

“You always are.” He replied. He had to admit, she looked very hot. “Do you remember what happened?”

“Not clearly. Tell me.”

“Your last caper. You were close to succeeding, when Batgirl arrived. You fought, she must have hit you on the head but you managed to escape and return here. You’re kittens were caught by the police. You were out cold when I found you here.”

“Batgirl.” Catwoman replied. “That purple bitch again. When I get my…” she looked at her hands, “claws on her next time, I’ll rip her to shreds. How long have I been out?”

“Several days.” He replied. “Which means you’re behind on your schedule, and your payments to me.”

“You know I’m good for it.” She sneered. “But I don’t remember the caper. What was I going after?”

The man sighed, acting annoyed that he was telling her all this. “You were trying to kill Jennifer Wentworth, and take her fortune.”

“Yes, yes, I remember purr..fectly now. And I promise you, I will get it. And Batgirl too.” She replied as she sat in a chair, he legs dangling over the side seductively, running her hand over her leg “But not immediately. I will strike again, but first a little teaser, to throw Batgirl off the scent. Then, I will spring my trap and take care of the both of them in one swipe of my paw.” She said, making a small swipe with her hand.

“You have something planned?” her Benefactor said, surprised she was thinking so wickedly so soon.

“Mostly,” she replied as a cat jumped up into her lap, “and it will be a very classic event. You have done enough for me these last few days. You may leave me, for I have work to do.”

Without another word, he left Catwoman in her room. Once he got on the elevator, Brad took the shroud off, so no one would see him in it and ask questions. He strolled to his car as if nothing had happened the last several days. His clothes and all he used were already in the trunk.

Inside the car, he smiled again as reflected on his efforts of the last few days. Between the drugs, the sounds she heard, the images she saw and the sensations she felt, Catherine completely transformed into Catwoman.

It worked.

It really worked.

And it worked better than he could have imagined.

Once she saw herself, she really believed everything she saw and heard. She didn’t question or doubt anything. It was like she’d been Catwoman all her life. Catherine was gone, maybe forever. In her place was the master thief herself, wearing one of Catherine’s own kinky outfits, though slightly modified to make her more catlike.

Everything that alluded to Catherine had been removed from the apartment, donated to charities or in a dozen dumpsters around Gotham. Her cell phone was erased and at the bottom of the Gotham River. Every picture, article of clothing, treasure and perfume that reference his sister was replaced with items of a feline nature. Of course, some of Catherine’s more erotic clothing fit nicely into her new Catwoman persona.

Even her live in maid was disposed of. Upon her return from her mini vacation, she was jumped by Brad, bound, gagged and kept in her small room, thinking her mistress has given her over to him for a night of kinky pleasures as she’d done before. She willingly served his needs, doing her best to please and pleasure him and thought she did it well. But to her shock and confusion, she was removed from the apartment the next evening, packed in a small crate and loaded on a ship heading to the Middle East to become just another pretty girl in a vast harem of pleasure slaves.

Catherine no longer existed, or was at least so suppressed that for the time being, she was missing.

Catwoman has returned.

And she was ready to get her revenge, both on Jennifer Wentworth and on Batgirl.

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