Batgirl - The Return 4: Making Plans and Progress

by StealthBinder

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Part 4: Making Plans and Progress

As Barbara rode back to her office, another family meeting was about to transpire.

Brad drove his expensive sports car into the secured underground parking of Catherine’s luxury condominium. He took the elevator to the top floor of the high-rise building, the entire floor being Catherine’s domain, having the code to reach it without calling for access. He rang the bell and waited, annoyed that it took so long for the maid, a pretty and petite brunette, to answer.

“Is she here?” he said as he pushed in, brushing aside the petite servant and entering without letting her challenge him or stating his business. The suite was magnificent, and for the money, it should be. The views of the city were spectacular, especially at night. Besides the fashionable, modern decor and furniture, Catherine also kept several cats, which Brad had little love for.

“Yes, Master Bradley, but she’s unavailable at the moment.”

Brad looked the woman over with a cold stare. “Unavailable?”

“Yes, sir. She’s… entertaining, a guest right now and ordered she not be disturbed.”

Brad knew what that meant. “Male or female?”

The maid took a breath, looking worried, wondering who to disobey, who will be the maddest and what her punishment would be by defying either of the Wentworth’s. Brad’s cold glare helped her decide.

“A female, sir.” The maid replied, knowing well not to lie to Brad.

“Where?” he said firmly

“Her, her bedroom, sir, but please don’t….”

“I know the way.” He said as he threw off his coat and headed off to Catherine’s bedroom. Even the cats knew enough to get out of his way. The door was unlocked, so he carefully turned the handle and gently pushed the door open a few inches. The sight he saw was nothing less than he expected it to be.

Catherine was indeed entertaining a guest, dressed in a very tight black vinyl corset which showed off her hour glass figure perfectly. Her chest was free of the tight fitting material, allowing Brad to see her nipples were as hard as pebbles. Attached to the corset were straps that held up sheer silk stockings with wide tops. On her feet were expensive spiked heeled booties shoes that laced on and she wore matching elbow length gloves to complete her outfit. She finished with heavy silver and black leather jewelry.

But it was her guest that was being entertained. Predictably, her guest, a very attractive oriental woman with long jet black, was hardly doing anything, other than moaning and squirming. She was naked, expect for the black thigh high stockings, garter belt that held them up and 5” stiletto heels. The girl, maybe 20 years of age, was laying spread eagle on Catherine’s bed, lashed down with leather cuffs and straps tightly stretching her to the four corners of the huge bed. A thick leather collar was wrapped around her neck, with straps running to the bedposts, holding her in so she couldn’t move her head. A leather pouch was between her teeth, with straps encircling her head to hold the gag in place, the gag nicely filling her mouth. There was no way she could move, complain or escape, which is exactly how Catherine likes to keep her female guests.

Catherine was lying on top of the helpless girl, between her outstretched legs, but propped up on her elbows so her hands were on the restrained girl’s boobs, squeezing them with each move she made. Around her waist was a belt, with another coming up between her butt cheeks. Brad knew she was wearing a strap on dildo, with one flexible fake cock buried in the restrained girl’s pussy and another in Catherine’s. Catherine was busily thrusting her hips, driving the dildos into each of their pussies, fucking them both with hard deep strokes over and over. The girl’s eyes alternated between closed tightly and wide eyed shocked delight as she grunted hard around her gag, her face displaying how much she was taking immense pleasure in the kinky encounter and was close to coming. And from Catherine’s continues stream of groans, it was apparent she was on the verge herself.

Neither noticed Brad slipping into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. The blinds were all drawn and the only light was near the two women in the kinky scene, so he was nearly hidden in the shadows. He stood by, watching his sister fuck the helpless girl over and over, till both climaxed. The oriental girl came first, crying out so loud he was glad the chick was gagged to cut down on the noise. Even before her climax was subsiding, Catherine exploded into her own, panting and yelping as her body trembled through the climax, squeezing the restrained girl’s boobs with all her might. When it was over, Catherine collapsed onto the bound girl as they recovered, both breathing hard. It was then they heard Brad slowly clapping.

The oriental girl had a look of panic on her face at being caught in the kinky lesbian bondage act, but Catherine just peered over her shoulder at their solo observer.

“I said I was not to be disturbed.” Catherine griped. “There are some things I’d like to keep private.”

“And miss this, not a chance.” He replied, stepping forward. “My, she’s a pretty one.”

“Yes, she is.” Catherine said, looking down at her bound and gagged playmate. “And she’s a fun one too.” She added as she slowly extracted herself from first the girl and then the bed. The girl looked bewildered at the siblings, wondering what was going on, and worried at what might happen next.

“You make me jealous.” He replied as she stepped closer, getting a good look at the bound woman. Indeed, she was gorgeous, with flawless skin and amazing features. “You do know how to pick ‘em.” He said, wondering how her mouth would look filled with something other than the gag, and how it would feel to have those lips wrapped around that something other.

“You get your share of the hot women.” Catherine replied as she removed the harness. “This one’s all mine.” She added.

“You were never good as sharing.” He said, his cock rock hard just thinking how he’d like to take his sisters place.

“Only because I know that big cock of yours will wear her out if I give her to you. I still have big plans for this pretty little one.” She said, as she put the harness into a drawer, but rummaged through for something.

“My loss, I suppose. But As much as I’d like to stay and watch you two play further, we need to talk.”

“I we must, but let me make sure she’ll be ready for me when we’re done.” Catherine said, pulling a duel action vibrator from the drawer. “Just let me get this set up, to keep her entertained.”

A few moments later, the large rubber cock was buried in the helpless girl’s pussy, the small attached teaser vibrator placed right over her clit and strapped down to hold it in place. Catherine turned the devices on, making the clit teaser work her playmate over as the large internal cock moved up and down while lightly vibrating. The girl moaned through her gag as the device relentlessly ravished at her, but not enough to let the captive climax.

After enjoying the view for a moment, the Wentworth children left the bedroom, Catherine turning off the lights to leave her restrained struggling partner in complete darkness before locking the door to prevent further unwanted entry or possible escape. They moved to Catherine’s sitting room where they could talk alone.

“Going over full time to women for good, or is this a passing fancy?”

“No, brother, you know I enjoy it both ways. Just with women, I like to play the dominatrix, while with men, I let them top me and do what they like when I’m all bound up and under his control.”

“You know, you’re playing dangerously here.” Brad scolded. “If word ever got out of your antics…”

“Relax, dear brother. No one’s going to know.” Catherine stretched out on the swede couch, making no effort to cover up her sexy exposed figure. She seemed to delight in showing it off, no matter who cared to see.

“Who is she?” Brad said, not caring if she was naked or not. He’d seen her plenty of times like this.

“Some girl I got from the modeling agency. Jade she called herself, I think. It’s not her real name so I don’t know for sure and really don’t care.”

“And if she figures out who you really are?”

“Relax, will you. She won’t. None of them ever do. The agency lines them up for me, just as they do for you. She’s so fresh off the boat she doesn’t even know much of the language and knows nothing of where she is. She doesn’t know my name or even what city she’s in right now. She was blindfolded the whole way here, right until I got her into the playroom, and will be again when she leaves and ships off to the west coast.”

“And when will that be?”

“Depends when I get bored with her. She’s been here since yesterday, so a few days more, perhaps a week at most. This one seems to enjoy the games so she may be around longer than the norm. You can have her when I’m done with her, if you like.”

“As pretty as she is, I hardly want your castoffs.” Brad replied. “Besides, I prefer blondes.”

“Bull.” Catherine replied. “I know you’re doing that sexy redheaded assistant of yours. I hear she likes being tied up under your desk sucking your cock off during conference calls and loves when you do her bound and gagged bent over your desk when the mood hits you. Talk about being dangerous. If she turns on you, think of the mess of a lawsuit she can make.”

“She does love it, but that’s my business.” He replied. “She knows there’s plenty of a naive woman out there ready to take her place if she makes any trouble. She’s paid to keep her mouth shut and knows the world of hurt she’ll be in if she doesn’t. But we have other things to discuss than our sex lives.”

“I take it you’ve developed a plan regarding Jennifer.” Catherine said as a cat jumped up on the couch with her.

“I have.” He replied. “She’s about to have a tragic accident, one that will give the papers plenty of headlines and return our family fortune back to its rightful place. And no one will even suspect we had anything to do about it.”

Brad detailed is plan to his sister. Catherine listened intently as she petted her cat. She asked a few questions along the way but could not see any flaws in his plan.

“The only problem I haven’t solved is getting onto the estate without being seen.”

“I can help with that part.” She replied. “But why us? Why not hire someone professional to do it?”

“Because paid help is unreliable and their loose lips have a tendency to brag about their conquests. And it will attract too much unwanted attention. Since our fortunes both rise and fall by this little job, we have a mutual interest to keep our yaps shut. Are you nervous about getting your dainty hands dirty”

“It’s something I’m not sure I’m capable of doing.”

“I’ll give you half a billion reasons that will make you capable. Besides, you hate Jennifer as much as I do, and you get to channel your dominatrix side into the effort.”

“I like that idea. Very well, I’m in. When do we do it?”

“I’ll get things in motion, but we won’t move for several days, till we’re completely ready and had time to build the cover stories.”

“You’re loving this, aren’t you.” Catherine replied. “I bet you have a hard on just thinking about this.”

“You could say that.” He replied. “But I’ll save it for when it’s over and she’s gone.”

“No big brother, I won’t let you go out on the streets with a stiff cock. Who knows what kind of trouble you’ll find!” She said in mock concern as she stood. “Wait here for 10 minutes then come join me in the playroom.” Catherine left the room while Brad waited the allotted time before following after his sister.

Lit menacingly, Catherine’s playroom was 1 part bedroom and 1 part dungeon. The furniture included a large sturdy bed perfect for restraining a captive to in many ways, sturdy wooden chairs and stools, a brass stripper poll, a metal tube frame, stocks, eyebolts on the walls and a closet full of enough bondage apparatuses to keep and torment a half dozen subjects captive simultaneously.

In the playroom the oriental girl, ‘Jade’ was kneeling on the floor, still wearing her stockings and heels. Her hands were behind her back incased in a black leather monoglove and her legs were bound together with tight leather straps. A belt ran from the end of the monoglove to her ankle restraints then to a small ring in the floor, making sure she would stay in one spot. Brad could see a small vibrator was strapped onto her crotch stimulating her clit to keep her aroused and motivated, which by her not stop squirming she was, aided by Catherine kneeling behind her playing with her boobs.

“She has a very nice mouth, doesn’t she?” Catherine said, sliding a finger into mouth, which the girl immediately began to suck on while moaning. “It seems a shame to waste it, don’t you think? I can tell you she eats pussy like a professional, so I bet she sucks cock just as well.”

“Let’s find out.” he replied as he stepped forward and opened his pants, exposing his oversized manhood.

The girl didn’t hesitate when he presented his hard cock to her lips, taking him into her mouth entirely, which was a trick in itself. She was good, making it most pleasurable but without rushing, helped along but the mechanical tormentor against her clit and the female tormenter fondling her chest. After working him over well for several minutes, Brad took ahold of her head and fucked her mouth like he would her pussy, coming down her throat a few moments later. The girl drank the massive load he pumped into her then sucked the remaining dribbles out, and in the process kept him rock hard though it all.

When done, Catherine again gagged the would-be model and left her kneeling on the floor as they exited the playroom, the vibrator still tormenting the oriental captive but not giving the desired relief she hoped would be her reward. She struggled on the floor, hoping to get free enough or enough stimulus to make herself climax, pleading through her gag for one of them to make her come as they departed.

“Sure you don’t want her for a day or two?” Catherine teased. “Seems she knows what she’s doing. Add her in with your assistant and make it a double header, seeing which gives the better head.”

“Maybe. Let me know when you’ve grown bored of her and I’ll tell you if I have time her or not.” Brad said as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door. “Either way, she needs to be gone before we make our move. We don’t need any distractions. And don’t tell her anything, we don’t need any loose ends, dear sister.”

“Brother, dear, you know I never leave loose ends.” She replied as her brother exited her apartment.

Catherine headed back to the playroom and her prisoner. She too was excited and wanted relief. As much as she wanted a stiff cock to give her a good hard fucking right about now, for the time being she’d have to settle for the young oriental chick licking at her pussy. She’d pick up that stiff dick at the party later tonight.

Later that evening at Wayne Manor, another discussion was taking place.

Barbara had come by for dinner and recounted her afternoon to the Dynamic Duo, leaving out the part about erotic encounter between the two women. She had cleaned up her sketches of the Wentworth estate and downloaded it, along with plots and drawing from the Gotham City Assessors office, to the BatComputer so everyone had a copy. Bruce also updated his comrades about his progress, which was going slow but steady. Dick departed after the briefing to freshen up before heading to a party that he heard Catherine was planning to attend, already making some headway into her personal life. Retiring to his bedroom, Barbara recounted the kinky afternoon bondage adventure to Bruce.

“I really don’t know why or how it happened.” Barbara concluded. “We were talking, she was opening up, telling me almost anything and the next thing I knew, I was naked, bound, gagged and she forced me to orgasm.”

“And Dick thought he drew the assignment that might get him some action.” Bruce commented. “Maybe I should have paired up with the widow.”

“Believe me, you wouldn’t made the progress I did.” She replied. “Besides, I’m not sure she would have reacted the same way with you.” She joked.

“Perhaps, but you sure reacted.”

“Do I denote a hint of jealousy?”

“No, as long as you did it for king and country.” He said with a grin.

“Of course. Well, mostly.” She replied. “I mean, I did it for the sake of serving the greater good of Gotham City, but I have to admit, it was rather exciting. But you need not worry, there’s still one thing only you can do to me while I’m tied up that Jennifer will never be capable of.” She said as she lightly ran her fingers over his crotch though his slacks, feeling his stiff manhood below. “And you do it so well I can’t help but want it.”

A short time later, Barbara was encased in a sheer bodystocking and spiked high heels, standing at the end of Bruce’s bed, her arms and legs forming a large X due to the leather restraints that held tightly her in the pose. A simple but long knotted scarf served as a gag that kept her words muted but let her sensual moans and groans pass through. Bruce inflicted awesome sexual amusements upon her for almost 2 hours, making her squirm constantly and uncontrollably, and climax on his command. He entered her from behind several times, playing with her body through the smooth material but showed amazing control by not coming, adding to her pleasures over and over.

At last, he took her hard and deep, blasting his orgasm into her as they climaxed in unison. After, she was tied wrists behind and ropes all over her figure from her heeled feet to her full chest, lying on the silk sheets of his bed, slowly being toyed with till she was crazed with desire and begged to orally make love to his now fully erect manhood. She made him come and drank his seed and he repaid her by fingering her to a completely satisfying orgasm when he was drained. And to her delight, he kept her tied up as they slept, being awoken when he had entered her from behind during the night as they spooned, making her come a few seconds before he filled her with his juices again as he fondled her chest to help the process along. They fell asleep, with Barbara still tightly bound but completely comfortable in his escape-proof bondage.

At the exclusive party at downtown Gotham City club, Dick Grayson was also making progress that same evening. He caught Catherine’s eye, who looked amazing in a short vibrant red party dress that showed off her long legs and a plunging neckline that advertised she didn’t need any help holding up her ample chest, and matching stripper class high heels. They talked, drank (Dick being very careful to keep sober and alert) and danced, timed perfectly so when a slow song came on, he could display his physical interest in Catherine. An hour later, they were at her penthouse, naked in her bedroom. Once was not enough for her and she loved it when he eagerly agreed to tie her spread eagle to her bed for him to do whatever he wanted with her. Dick did just that, licking her to orgasm three times before having sex with her twice, both times coming into the thin condom he insisted in wearing.

He left around 3am to her disappointment, claiming he needed to be a school early the next day, but having arranged another date with her. Exhausted but satisfied, he was happy to be in his bed back at Wayne Manor, pleased his efforts at getting close to his assignment were working out so well and had such great extra benefits.

Dick never suspected that in the soundproofed room next to Catherine’s bedroom, a bound and gagged girl was hopelessly struggling on a bed in her well applied restraints, her pussy stiffed with a dildo, wishing for either her freedom or her captor’s additional attentions.

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