The Art of Silk Surrender 9

by Dannyinsilk

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© Copyright 2009 - Dannyinsilk - Used by permission

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The Art of Silk Surrender- Part 9

Aurora and I arrived at the shopping mall about fifteen minutes before the shops all began to close up for the day.  The mall itself didn’t close until eleven or twelve, but usually everyone pretty much cleared out and went elsewhere once there was nothing open.  There weren’t any late evening restaurants or arcades or anything to attract customers for the main evening hours. 

Not having had time to go back to her apartment, since I had left her roped naked to the old maple tree until nearly dinner time, Aurora had decided to borrow one of my mother’s simple cotton tops and a nice, wool knit skirt that suited her figure.  Thanks to my long nap while she was bound standing up, Aurora insisted that I not only wear one of my satin camisole tops with the buttons of my shirt fully open, she made me go with my hands bound together in front of me the whole way.  She agreed to let me hide my bondage with a rolled up sweater like a criminal suspect in handcuffs, but she made me agree not to ask to be untied until we actually got to the store and were able to get Tracy’s permission to release me.

So, of course, Aurora insisted that we were still a bit early, and she began dragging me around to other stores, and trying to get me to “accidentally” reveal my tied hands to some unsuspecting sales person in another store.  I was pretty good at dodging this, but I think there was one guy at the shoe store we visited who registered that my undershirt was not one a regular man would be wearing.  Aurora saw this and poked me in the ribs to try and make me reveal the spaghetti straps more clearly.  I told her it was time we should get going, and then bustled out into the mall again and waited for her to join me, my face a definite shade of pink.

We got to the lingerie store just as Tracy was getting ready to lock the front doors, and she smiled when she saw me and beckoned me inside.  When she saw Aurora filing in behind me, she grinned appreciatively at her tall, radiant beauty, and extended her hand warmly.

“I’m Tracy.  Now that I meet you, I completely understand why Danny’s all head over heels.  You’re stunning!”

Aurora clasped the shorter girl’s hand with both her hands, and smiled one of her enigmatic looks.  “Aurora.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking Danny on as a customer.  If we had the budget, I’d burn every other stitch of clothing he owns and have you outfit his entire wardrobe.  He should wear silk or nothing at all ‘til the day he dies.”

Tracy grinned in support, and looked at me as she locked the door behind us.  “He does look amazingly good in it, doesn’t he?”  She reached over and took my sweater from over my wrists, and saw the silk sash binding them firmly together.  “Oh my.  Have we been a bad boy this afternoon?”  She laughed and poked my ribs just as Aurora had done moments before.

Aurora smiled and took the sweater from her.  “Not at all.  He’s being rewarded for being a particularly good boy, actually.”

Tracy moved toward the rear of the store and spoke back over her shoulder.  “Even better.  Just give me a second so I can go turn off the security cameras.  We want to be as comfortable as possible, and taping the whole visit is . . . well, we’ll leave that sort of thing for another time.”  She laughed gaily and disappeared into the back office area.

I held my wrists up to Aurora, and she shook her head.  “Now, now.  Don’t be trouble.  I’m sure I didn’t hear the young lady say anything about untying you yet, did she?”

I let my hands sink down again, and tried to distract myself by scanning the store, looking to see what displays called out to me, now that I felt so much more at home there than the first time I came in.  Before my eyes even made one complete circuit, Tracy was striding back towards us, carrying two large, empty boxes.

She put them on the floor in front of us, and spoke.  “One for each of you.”  In response to our quizzical looks, she continued.  “Strip off.  Everything in the boxes.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You’re perfectly safe.  The store is locked, the cameras are off, we’re all alone.  It’ll be so much easier if you just both get naked.  I can put everything out of the way in the back, and we can get to work.  Oh, is it all right if I untie his wrists for a moment?”

Aurora smiled and nodded, and then began working at the buttons of my mother’s blouse.  Tracy grabbed my hands and quickly loosened the knot of the silk belt, and tossed it in the box in front of me before scurrying back to her cash register/work station.  I slipped off my shirt and it followed the silk tie into the box.  As Aurora filled her box, my shoes and socks, then jeans went into mine, and in a moment we were standing there, she utterly nude and me in nothing but the burgundy silk camisole I wanted Tracy to comment on.

Tracy reappeared with a handful of satin strips and belts, and took a long, approving moment to digest the vision that was Aurora fully naked.  Both women were clearly aroused by the moment, and Tracy reluctantly took her eyes away at last and did notice me in the silk top from her collection.  “Danny, you do look good in those camis.  Aurora, you just look good.”  We both blushed in response to the praise.

Taking this as my cue, I peeled off the last bit of clothing, and dropped it in the box.  “I’ve been naked in a lot of studios and such, but this is the first time I’ve been utterly nude in the middle of a retail store.” 

Tracy smiled.  “Well, I’d be lying if I said it happened all the time, but . . . certain liberties are taken . . . every once in a special while.”

Aurora commented on her armful of sashes.  “What are those for?”

Tracy grinned.  “Use your imagination.  Come on, you two.  Time’s a wastin’.  Let’s have you over here first, shall we?”  She took Aurora by the hand and led her to one side of the store, and positioned her with her back to a tall display rack with poles built solidly right into the wall.  With all the ceremony of putting sampled clothes away, the smaller girl looped belts around Aurora’s wrists and quickly bound her hands above her head to the top row clothing rod about three feet apart, so she was stretched out quite secure and helpless.  A quick cinch of her ankles together, and Aurora was easily immobilized.

“If you were any taller, I’d need a chair to do you up properly,” Tracy joked.  “Comfy?”

Aurora tested her bonds, and seemed comfortable with her situation.  “Yes, fine, thanks.”

The salesgirl then positioned a soft, satin padded chair with a firm, straight back facing the taller woman about ten feet away, and patted the seat efficiently.  “Right.  Danny, sit yourself down here, please.”

I moved over and slid nervously in the chair, facing my bound, beautiful angel, who smiled at me encouragingly.  I spoke to Tracy as she moved around behind me.  “What’s the plan here?”

Tracy smiled as she grabbed up my wrists and began lashing them together behind the chair back.  “Your unbelievably hot girlfriend here is going to give you a little fashion show.  I want to make sure you stay focused, so I’m just going to strap you to your seat until we’re done.”  Without further comment, she pulled my ankles back one at a time and tied my feet up and back so my knees were opened wide and my feet were dangling helplessly from the back rungs of the chair.  Another few quick loops around my waist, and I was not going anywhere without assistance any time soon.  She gave me a quick once-over, and couldn’t resist commenting on my rising penis.  “Now isn’t that cute?  That’s the prettiest penis I have ever seen!”  I smiled the way I always do when I hear that.

Aurora smiled at me.  “I think she’s done this before, Sweetie.”  Tracy laughed, and stepped forward with some strappy thing in her hand that I couldn’t see.  Aurora’s eyes lit up when she saw it, and Tracy raised it up toward her face. 

“Open wide, Angel.”  Aurora accepted the object into her mouth, and Tracy stretched up to buckle the straps behind her head tightly.  Turning to me, she explained.  “I’ve just gagged your partner here with a penis gag.  I’m sure she’ll tell you all about them . . . when she gets a moment.”  She giggled again, and moved off.  I could now see that most of Aurora’s lower face was covered by a large strip of leather that, I assumed by the description, had a good sized dildo thing on the opposite side, filling Aurora’s mouth and perhaps some of her throat as well.  She seemed comfortable with it, and I saw her nipples expressing their pleasure at her situation, so I settled into my own bondage and waited to see what would happen next.

What did occur was much as Tracy had said.  Aurora, thanks to Tracy’s help, modeled for us, for me, a series of stunning robes, gowns, teddies and camis, all with the special feature that they went on with tie bows at the shoulders, waist and wherever, so that they could all be put on or taken off without interfering with a person who was tied up as Aurora was, or in most any other bondage position as well.  Tracy went into great detail as to how useful this was when you wanted to dress or strip a slave without having to waste time untying them, or if you wanted to ensure continuous enslavement without risk of the victim or slave getting loose on you. 

Despite the delicate fabrics and the even more delicate ties and straps, Tracy assured us that there was little problem with durability, and Aurora confirmed with nods and grunts that they felt quite comfortable, secure and very, very sexy to wear.  After a good hour of this, I was definitely getting quite excited, both at my own helpless bondage, and the whole experience of watching Aurora getting draped in glorious silks, and then quickly made naked again, all before my eyes like magic.  The scent of the luscious fabrics all around me, and the way Tracy kept wafting the garments across my naked, bound skin was intoxicating and very, very exciting.

At last, she decided that I had seen enough, and it was time for me to get a taste of it myself.  She untied me from the chair and strung me up against the next rack, so that Aurora and I were spread out, side by side, standing like two live bondage mannequins, arms up and tied off firmly, and legs fixed together like twin angels reaching for the heavens.  I got to feel the luxury of having the robes and gowns tied onto my own naked body, over and over again, and my penis was getting harder and harder with each passing sample.  There were several pieces I really wanted to buy for myself, and a selection I wanted to get for Aurora as well.  The tie straps were such a good idea, I couldn’t wait to get them home to include them in our lovemaking. 

After my own modeling session was done, Tracy got me down again, and retied me back in the chair as before.  She moved to a table display and moved off the piles of garments on it, then moved back to Aurora.  First she removed her penis gag, and I finally got to see that there had been a full six inches of thick dildo in her mouth this whole time.  She worked some feeling back into her jaw as Tracy untied her arms.  Getting the blood flowing in her arms again, she let the smaller woman lead her to the cleared table, and she was helped to lie down across it with her knees open at one end.  Her arms were quickly lashed over her head to the legs of the table on the far side, and she was rapidly bound into such a position that her head was dangling free on one end, and her bare pussy was clearly exposed at the other. 

Tracy moved to my chair and slid it toward Aurora, positioning my face right into her exposed cunt lips.  She, then, began to remove her own clothes and explained.  “Now, we’re going to play a little game.  It’s called “Who Comes First”.  Danny, you’re obviously going to do your best mouth action to make Aurora come, and I’m going to move around here so Aurora can work on me at the same time.  If you can make her come before she makes me come, you’ll win.  If I come before she does, then she wins.  Understand, everybody?”

My eyes volleyballed back and forth between the naked salesgirl and my darling Aurora’s glistening pussy lips.  I wanted nothing more than to dive my face into her warm, inviting nest and give her a most wonderful tongue dance to glorious ecstasy, but the evening had clearly taken a sudden, sharp left turn, and something about Tracy’s change in demeanor gave me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I tried to formulate my thoughts into a useful question, but everything kept dissolving into a murky mush as I watched her slide herself closer and closer toward Aurora’s inverted face. 

Aurora seemed quite eager to comply with the rules of the contest, and her hair cascaded down in black, silky waves of glistening perfection as she tried to position her head to get a good angle to tongue the smaller creature bearing down on her with her legs spread wide open.  Finally, I managed to stammer out a question, but it seemed utterly irrelevant to my real need for understanding.  “What does the winner get?”  I asked, and instantly felt as if my whole purpose for being there was exploded into submission to whatever Tracy’s real intentions had in store for us.

Tracy smiled enigmatically.  “Something very special, I assure you.  And . . . begin.”  She moved herself right up into Aurora’s face, and Aurora was so hot and excited, she began to kiss and lick Tracy’s cunt with great enthusiasm.  I was so confused and excited, watching the two girls go at it, that it was a good minute or so before I realized at this rate, I was sure to lose whatever prize was in store for the winner.  Suddenly in a panic, I dove my face forward into Aurora’s warm, inviting lips, and found her to be very wet already.  I began to lick, probe and kiss all over and around her clit, and she responded by bucking hard against the belts holding her fast to the table top.  Both women began moaning louder and louder, with rising passion and energy, and I got caught up in the spirit of it all by licking harder and harder.  The whole scene rose to an incredible crescendo of excitement, and suddenly, Aurora’s entire body convulsed in a shattering orgasm, nearly collapsing the table out from under her.  Seconds after she began, Tracy shrieked and moaned as well, and it was clear I had won the contest, but not by very much indeed.  Had I delayed another few seconds, I would never have stood a chance.

As both women slowly came down from their ecstatic explosions, I leaned back into my chair and began to realize that I was so hard myself from all of this that I could have been sent over the edge by a butterfly fluttering by anywhere near my penis.

Suddenly, Tracy was in front of me.  “Well,” she gasped.  “I guess you win.  Let me get you ready for your prize.”  I watched her free my waist and my legs, and she helped me stand up, my cock bobbing eagerly for any sort of attention it could find.  Overwhelmed by my own raging excitement, in a sea of confusion as to who I seemed to be becoming, I could do nothing but numbly allow her to guide and manipulate my form in a daze of baffled anticipation.

She gave me a throaty laugh, and took hold of my bobbing cock with such a masterful touch that she managed to make me even more excited, and yet still prevent me from erupting into her warm, strong fingers.  “I have to say, Danny, that is amazingly the prettiest penis I have ever seen.  I just can’t get over it.”  Tracy marveled at it for a good moment.  Aurora chimed in, her head dangling down in exhaustion.  “Isn’t it, though?  Apparently everybody says so.”

I smiled sheepishly, and let Tracy move me over to the cash register counter, and bend me forward, resting my chest on the counter.  I felt her tie my feet apart to something at the bottom of the platform, then saw her come around in front of me, and loop a belt around my neck, binding my head down against the wooden structure.  I finally got a moment to digest her nakedness, and determined that she was a very, very beautiful nude.  Much more compact and rounded than Aurora, she was still a stunning young lady, and my cock strained in space, desperate for any contact with anything.  I was utterly in love with Aurora, but a gorgeous naked woman is hard to argue with on any terms, never mind when you’re strapped nude, bent over a counter in the middle of a lingerie store.

I felt her release my hands, only to bring them forward and tie them off spread out along the length of the countertop.  In seconds, I was very firmly bound in place, and could barely move beyond wiggling my naked ass foolishly. 

“Ready for your prize, hun?”  I heard her ask, huskily from behind me.  “What do I get?” I inquired, getting suddenly a bit nervous.  She came around in front again, and I saw something dangling between her legs.  I went very cold, very quickly, and she lifted up my head by my hair enough to stuff my mouth with a handful of silk fabric scraps, then tie them in with another satin belt.  Grunting and moaning, I saw that she had a dildo strapped to her waist, and it was not a small one.

Back around behind me, I felt her hands on my ass cheeks, and she was suddenly smearing something around my asshole.  “You get to help me test out this new strap-on dildo I have, Danny.  It’s really designed for use on a woman’s vagina, but, since you won the contest fair and square, I have to try it up your ass instead.  Do keep track of how you like it, since I will want a full report after I’m done, okay?” 

She laughed, full of devilish glee, and I felt my sphincter open and the tip of the dildo began to penetrate my virgin backside.  Bucking and protesting into my gag, I soon realized there was no escaping this shocking turn of events, and I quickly determined that the best idea was to try and breathe through it as much as possible, to try and lessen the pain of this unexpected invasion.  Falling into a form of sub-space instinctively, I felt the penetration deeper and deeper into me, and the pain turned into a neutral sensation that crashed through me like waves in the surf, and I just let it all happen.  I had a vague sense that Aurora was yelling at Tracy and trying to free herself, but my thoughts were in such a state of complete befuddlement combined with the flooding of sensations of the huge object being firmly introduced to my virgin rear passage, there could have been a bomb attack in the next store and I wouldn’t have been fully aware of it.

On and on, I felt the pressure build and go deeper, then I believed Tracy was fully inside me with her “new toy”, and she began pumping it slowly in and out of me, and, I assume, getting some reverse part of it stimulating her at the same time. Whether it was a full double-length dildo, or just had something rubbing her clit, I had no idea.  But she was surely enjoying herself as I endured my ordeal.  Finally, she erupted in another shattering orgasm, and she eased the enormous dildo out of me, and rested her sweat-covered breasts and arms down across my naked back, gasping in satisfaction and purring with the pride of her total domination over me.

I slowly returned from my sub-space fog, and found myself trying to assess the strain on my ass of having had such a large, unaccustomed thing ramming in and out of me back there.  It didn’t hurt exactly, but it was far from what I would call a happy feeling.  And yet, I realized my cock was still very hard and eager for action.  Whatever had happened to me, it had not lessened my own arousal and my own desire for satisfaction. 

I felt Tracy’s weight lift up off my back, and suddenly, I was blindfolded with a soft, silk scarf.  My arms were released, but I was too weak and disoriented to try anything.  In a second, my wrists were bound behind me again, and then my feet were retied, ankles together.  At the last, the belt around my neck was released, and I was hauled up straight, then forced to hop and wiggle some distance in the darkness of my blindfolded bondage across the floor of the store.  Teasingly, Tracy guided me into brushing against several racks of amazingly silky garments, but somehow managed to prevent my cock from directly participating in the contact.  Feeling I was much nearer the front of the store than I wanted to be, I was helped down onto my knees, and felt Tracy move away and heard her doing something with Aurora. 

After a moment of creaking and muffled voices, I felt another body kneel and be positioned to my left, and knew in my heart it was Aurora, bound, blindfolded and naked, right beside me.

After a moment of further rustling around, I heard Tracy’s voice out of the darkness in front of me.  It seemed as though she was dialing a number on a cell phone.  “Hello?  Security?  This is Tracy in the lingerie store.  I’ve apprehended two shoplifters who were hiding in the store at closing time.  Can you send someone up to arrest them and call the police, please?  Oh, thank you.  I’m so glad you’re on duty. . . .”

As Aurora and I both shuddered in sudden shock and cold fear, I heard Tracy snap the phone shut and felt her bend down toward me.  As she spoke again, her hot breath was right on my cheek, and I shuddered again at her announcement.  “Well, you two.  It seems you’ve gotten yourselves into a bit of a situation.  I’ll give you two choices.  Either you willingly submit to a few more games I have in store for us all this evening, or I hand you over as you are to the security guard and you can explain yourselves to the police, and see if anyone believes you.  I’ll give you a moment to think about it.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  Oh, wait.  You’re gagged.  Too bad.”

She erupted in deep, throaty laughter, and a chill ran through me.  What had started out as something cozy, loving and sensual had suddenly all gone horribly wrong, and our lives might be changed in ways we would never recover from.  What was going on?  How had we both managed to misread this woman so completely?  I was scared.  Really scared.  And yet . . . my penis was still hard.  I could feel it sticking straight out in the open air in front of me, desperate for the attention it had been denied so far in all this.

I felt Aurora jerk beside me, and realized she had jumped at the sound of the shop door being opened and closed.  I heard the unmistakable sound of a man’s footsteps, accompanied by the clanking of keys and possibly handcuffs move to right in front of us and stop.  A throaty baritone voice descended on us out of the darkness.

“Well, well, well.  Seems you’ve caught yourself a couple of hardened pervert types here, Missy.  Quite a job you’ve done.  Excellent work, if I do say so myself.”

Tracy replied, in a voice all honey and innocence.  “Oh, Officer.  Whatever shall we do with them?  I feel so . . . invaded!”  I laughed darkly to myself in spite of the peril of our situation.  After all, it was me who had been the one invaded mere moments before.

The man’s voice continued.  “Let’s get ourselves a good look at them here.”  I felt my blindfold being loosened, and it slid away.  My first instinct was to look to Aurora, and I saw her blindfold being removed as well.  Tracy was standing, in nothing but a long, satin robe, beside her, holding the two scarves we had been blinded with.  I turned in front to see an athletic young man in a security guard uniform standing in front of me.  He was resting his thumb on a taser holster, and had a couple of pairs of handcuffs dangling from his belt.  He stared down at me, at Aurora, for a long, silent moment, then smiled broadly, clearly becoming quite aroused at the bound naked prisoners kneeling before him.  For some reason, I told myself it was Aurora who was arousing him, but he kept looking back and forth at both of us, as if he couldn’t make up his mind. 

Finally, he spoke again.  “Did you explain things to them, baby?” 

Tracy nodded, and then continued.  “Baby, I told them.  What I didn’t tell them is that you’re my boyfriend, and that we’re both bisexual and very interested in exploring our dominant sides.  I imagine it’s easier for two subs to fall in love than two dominants.  We just can’t seem to get into the whole surrendering control thing.  So, you see, you two are just perfect for us.  You can, like I said, consent to play with us for the night, or Jimmy can arrest you, and your lives will be ruined.  What do you say?  Fun and games, or end of the road?”

They both loomed over us, smiling and hoping very much we would cooperate with their master plan.  Aurora and I looked at each other, and realized that we really didn’t have much to lose by cooperating.  I understood no one would believe me if I tried to make trouble for them, and . . . who knows?  It was all about the adventure, or so we had been saying to each other.

I nodded softly, and it seemed to melt something in Tracy.  Her posture and her whole attitude seemed to relax, and she began to bluster a bit of an apologetic ramble.  She clutched the folds of her robe closer to her as she moved around in front, letting the guard, Jimmy, put his arm around her affectionately.  “I really don’t want you to think we’re bad people.  It’s just . . . been very hard for us to find people for us to play with.  And, when you called me last night, and were so open and honest about who you were and what you were into . . . well, I guess we got a little carried away.  If you can trust us after this, I do hope you can have some fun with us.  I really don’t want to hurt you.  Either of you.  You’re both very attractive and full of such open-hearted love and passion.  Can you submit to us and enjoy the ride?” 

Aurora and I exchanged another glance of surrender, and I rolled my eyes at her as if to remind her that she was the one who opened this door by forcing me to make the phone call.  She nodded back to me, and sighed deeply.  She bowed her head to signal to them that we would willing submit, and I quickly did the same.

Jimmy and Tracy sprang into action and we found ourselves hauled up and quickly repositioned back against the counter as I had been.  Aurora and I found ourselves both taken over and over again by both of them, she in both passages, I twice more in my exhausted anal opening.  My shoulders were getting really painful, and it finally occurred to me that it was the pain of my ordeal on Joanna’s rack asserting itself in earnest.  I tried to decide if it helped me take my mind off my ravaged asshole, or if it was only making things worse, and really couldn’t determine an answer.  I just kept retreating into a dark, muffled, mirthless chuckle into the silk of my gagging.

After the couple had finally satisfied themselves with screwing us both, they experimented with giving us both a good hand spanking, and I found it mostly just took my mind off my aching sphincter and shoulders.  I resolved to remain open to the possibility of introducing it into my play with Aurora another time, since I was hardly feeling what you would call receptive to its potential pleasures. 

I can’t say whether I really found Tracy’s dildo much different than Jimmy’s rock hard penis inside me, except to say that he was in fact a bit softer and noticeably smaller, which gave me an odd sense of relief to offset the fact that a man had just taken me more or less against my will.  Or at the least, by way of indirect and unsolicited influence.  I had been blindfolded most of the time anyway, so, what did it matter, I thought.  Looking for any kind of silver lining, it occurred to me that I would probably be much less nervous being touched by the men in the art studio after this, and I found myself chuckling to myself at that notion.  I sagged against the counter top, and pondered how far all this would go.

My reverie was quickly dissolved as we were hauled up and tied back spread on the clothing racks as before, and I felt myself being dressed up again.  Tracy’s practiced fingers dragged apparel onto my naked body, but the sensations were of different types of garments than before.  They removed my blindfold and revealed to me that I was being dressed up in a full ladies’ lingerie set.  Silk stockings adorned my legs, held up by frilly, silky garters.  A pair of crotchless satin panties had been added, and my penis and balls were fed delicately through the opening and now rested on display on a bed of deep blue satin and lace trim.  Pretty as a picture, I mumbled into my gagging, and laughed yet again darkly.  My unrepentant member bobbed up as if to say it quite enjoyed being framed in sexy, girly underwear and yet being still free as a bird and ready for adventure.

A matching bra was added across my chest, and the feminization of my attire was complete.  I hoped very much that they intended to stop there, and I looked around desperately to see any signs of shaving gear.  Tracy saw the concern on my face and quietly reminded me that I had made it clear from the beginning that I had no interest in actually cross dressing, in surrendering my male identity, but they just thought, since I was a model, that they would have me model the things they wanted to see me wear, and didn’t care that it wasn’t particularly turning me on or not. 

And I will say, it was not.  Despite my penis insisting it was ever ready for action, I just felt silly, not turned on at all.  I saw Aurora being strapped into a similar outfit, except she was crammed into a very tight fitting corset and bustier setup.  She looked sexier than ever, and I think she really enjoyed the feeling, so I made a note that it was something to investigate further.  I saw her studying my outfit, and I rolled my eyes at her again to show I wasn’t having as much fun as she seemed to be.

Once we were done up, we were taken down and retied again, hands behind, and blindfolded once more.  My gagging was finally removed, and I was knelt down and forced to give Jimmy a blow job.  It wasn’t too bad, but again, it didn’t really do much for me to do it.  I was laid down on a pile of satin fabric, and someone gave me a blow job, and I’m really not sure if it was Jimmy or one of the girls.  In any case, it was done sensitively and vigorously, and I was happy to get an orgasm of my own at last, so I just relaxed back in the silky darkness and enjoyed it.  Enjoyed it quite a bit, actually.

As a grand finale, Jimmy and Tracy decided that, since we were models, we should act like it.  They tied us up dressed as we were to poles in the store display window, having our blindfolds off long enough to let us know what was happening, then we were blindfolded once more after we understood we were now on display for anyone who happened to be still wandering about inside the mall.  I was still dressed as the hairiest transvestite on record, and they tied a leash to my cock and balls and secured the other end to another pole, leaving me permanently hard and on display as such.  Aurora was lashed to a makeshift X-frame, with her pussy bare and still dripping from all her stimulation. 

The couple thought this all was incredibly funny, as well as hot, and they told us they were going out into the mall to take pictures for their private collection of us in the window.  They must have either decided to make love with each other, or else they went out for a meal, because we were left in that state for what felt like a couple of hours by my estimation.  

At last, we were rescued from the display window, and brought back inside the interior of the shop.  I had my blindfold removed, and Aurora was stripped naked once more.  Her arms were bound strictly behind her back, and her blindfold was left on.

Tracy and Jimmy made a big display of sudden kindness, trying to let us know how much they really enjoyed playing with us, and then Tracy came back out from the back with two big bags.  One of them, she said, was full of the clothes we had come in wearing, and the other contained a wide selection of satin attire and even a couple of sets of expensive silk satin bed sheets.  They were a gift to us from them, to say thanks, no hard feelings, and even to leave a door open to possibly playing again, of course under more openly consensual circumstances in future.

Jimmy then announced that he would escort us as we were to our vehicle, me still clad in the bra, crotchless panties, garter and stockings, and Aurora, bound naked and blindfolded.  Before we had a chance to resist or object, we were hustled out of the store and into the mall court.  Aurora balked more than I did, being naked and in darkness, but Jimmy firmly grabbed her forearm and marched her toward the exit.  I, with the two heavy shopping bags in my arms, decided the only thing was to comply as quickly and quietly as possible.  Dancing through the shopping center in the middle of the night in ladies’ underwear was hardly my idea of a thrill, but it was certainly unlike anything I had been through before, and that was beginning to say something, I joked to myself.

I tried to calm Aurora by giving her a running commentary on our progress, and reassuring her that nobody was anywhere around to see us, and she seemed to be comforted by this enough to be herded through the night out into the parking lot.

We made it to the car okay, and Jimmy, suddenly all gentleman, delicately helped Aurora into her seat, and buckled her safety belt on politely.  As I squeezed myself behind the wheel, he bustled around to try and shake my hand.  “No hard feelings?  You’re really hot, you know.  I had a great time with you.  With both of you,” he added, so as not to offend.  He suddenly seemed so vulnerable and nervous, I didn’t know what else to do but shake his hand quickly, then gun the engine to signal a desire to leave.  He waved as I shut the door and pulled away, and he looked like a little boy, hopeful in the thought of having made a new, cherished friend with exotic, new toys he had wanted to share.  I shook my head, trying to begin the ordeal of processing the whole thing, and finally turned to Aurora.

“Shall I take off your blindfold?  Are you cold or. . .”  She shook her head vigorously, and then burst into the deepest, most raucous laugh I had heard from her in our brief, but incredibly intense time together.  On and on, she roared, naked, bound, blindfolded, strapped to her car seat as I navigated through the night air toward home.

At last, I could do nothing but begin to join her.  We laughed and laughed, from someplace deep inside our hearts.  We laughed until the corners of the night itself laughed along with us.

When we finally got home, I helped her inside, tossed our packages into a corner, and gave her a long, hot, soapy bath, and took a quick shower while she soaked in the tub.  Then we crawled into bed and fell asleep in each other’s loving, naked arms. 

And we dreamed.

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