Amy's Surprise Awakening

by ElectroPainLover

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; bond; metal; cuffs; nipple; bfold; gag; hemp-rope; ropewalk; stuck; torment; pain; toys; mast; climax; release; revenge; reluct/cons; X

It took what seemed like an eternity to pull myself out of the deep chasm my mind was in from sleep mixed with hang-over. I was in a vicious cycle of minimal consciousness for a few seconds mixed with sleep for a few minutes. My mind felt like it was in an eddy, able to pull myself just long enough to suck in a breath of air, then, pulled back under until panic made me try that much harder to get back up for another lungful of air.

Dragging myself out of the pit of my sleep seemed steep and full of pitfalls.

I felt some odd, out-of-the-norm, feelings that prevented my mind from saying “fuck-it” and rolling over and falling back into a deep sleep to allow the headache and wooziness subside without me having to endure their repercussions. It seemed as if I were standing and unable to rollover.

I was slowly able to center a minute part of my mind on what seemed to be out of place and causing me more discomfort than just the headache and nausea.

My wrists were bound (not out-of-the-norm); my shoulders ached (out-of-the-norm); my ankles were bound (not out-of-the-norm); I felt pain in my crotch (sometimes the-norm, sometimes not-the-norm); my jaw ached (usually the-norm); my nipples burned (out-of-the-norm).

I tried to center my mind on the things that were out-of-the-norm when I usually woke up in the morning.

As I sleep bound in cuffs nearly every night, the fact that I could feel steel cuffs encircling my wrists and ankles was definitely a normal feeling when I woke in the morning. However, since I usually bind myself on but not too my bed, the pain in my shoulders should not be there. I have gotten well past my shoulders hurting during a night’s sleep with my hands secured behind my back.

I would also, but only sometimes, sleep with a crotch-rope halving my vulva. So, the pressure between my lips could or could not be considered out-of-the-norm. I also slept with a harness gag forcing my jaw wide open much more than I slept with a crotch-rope, so this could fall into the norm category. The burn in my nipples, on-the-other-hand, was by far the most out-of-the-norm sensation my deeply-fogged mind could grasp onto. I own and use nipple clips, however, only during wakeful play and never when I sleep. I used my nipples and their highly apparent discomfort to help clear the sleep/hang-over haze which tried to maintain my consciousness as its prisoner.

As my minds focus brought itself closer to full alertness as I centered my thoughts on why my nipples were in distress, I found, what I thought was a burning of my nubs was actually an achy, sore, tenderness. From my long-time experience with nipple-torture and the many devices which can be used to produce painful stimulation of the vast number of nerve endings which centered in them; I fully understood that the clamps pinching the nubs on my 34B breasts, had, in-fact, been on for quite a while. (Actually, my bra size should actually be a 35C, but, I prefer a tight fit rather than a loose one.)

The understanding of long-time wear of nipple-clamps allowed my mind to focus on the why had I not removed them. This led me to ache I was feeling in my shoulders.

As I tried to move my focus away from my nipples discomfort (which, was very difficult as they really did hurt and throb), I tried to focus on what was causing the burning in my shoulder muscles. A tug on my wrists proved that they were securely attached to something above my head, thus, leading to the reason I had not removed the clamps on my nipples…I could reach them. Within that same tug on my wrists, I could also feel that I could not bend my elbows. This could only mean one thing, so, I focused my mind on the feel of the cuffs around my wrists and elbows, confirming my suspicion. I was in my own restraint system.

The reason the lack of being able to bend my elbows made me believe I was bound using my own restraints was simple…I had all my steel bondage devices made by a custom manufacturer of steel bondage devices; Jessi’s Toys.

Jessi’s Toys made custom-built, custom-sized, bondage devices…not just strict and inescapable, but elegant as well. Polished stainless steel, without a single pinch-point, and, highly contoured edges on the manacles, made long-term wear quite comfortable. Also, each piece is custom fitted. Jessi’s Toys requires you to send in pictures of whatever part of your body you wish to have a restraint made for. The picture has to have a ruler placed next to the body part and the sizing is made from the picture. They even allow a one-time resizing free of charge…but, the original pricing is high, though inexpensive for the quality.

I knew these were my restraints because I had Jessi’s Toys custom make some restraints that would not allow me to bend my elbows. Each set was a manacle that fit above and below the elbow, then, had a piece of steel that covered the outside bend of the elbow. It definitely works well, I can’t bend my elbows and allow my hands to move much more than an inch right now. The bicep cuff also allows for the option of adding a chain or spreader bar between them. Through my testing, I could tell I had my twelve-inch spreader bar attached between them.

My mind has become clear enough through my focusing on small individual pieces, as opposed to trying to get the big-picture all at once, to put two-and-two together and come up a figure somewhat close to four.

My nipples hurt because I could not remove the clips which pinched them because my hands were locked straight above my head, thus, causing my shoulder muscles to stain, causing the burning I feel in my shoulders.

Ok Amy, you got that much figured out. I told myself in my mind, knowing, without a doubt, the pain in my jaw was caused by the large ball-gag; held in by a head-harness; forcing my mouth to gape widely. Thus, trying to vocalize my words, even to myself, was pointless.

I could also feel that I was partially hanging by my wrists, however, I could make out that my feet were bare and on dirt. With my mind studying the feel of my feet also allowed me to assess that they were being held quite a bit wider than my shoulders…probably about three-feet apart. My feet were flat on the dirt below them which meant I could lift myself a little by standing on their balls. So I did.

Lifting myself onto the balls of my feet allowed me to assess the somewhat strange discomfort I felt between my pussy lips. As I raised myself, I felt the pressure which pressed against, and caused a little pain in, my womanhood relax a little.

Ok…so I feel a rope between my labia but not over my mons or up my butt crack, and, no rope around my waist must mean I am straddling a rope that is high enough to press against me.

I could not have done this to myself…not in the state I was in last night.

So what the fuck?

Fuck…I just realized that I’m blindfolded as well, damned-it.

Did I actually black out last night and go home with some pervert?

Was the Uber driver I planned to call the perv?

I remember that Monica and the girls wanting to leave the bar and that I wanted to stay…I just can’t remember too much that happened afterwards.

 Struggling against my bonds, testing if there is any way I could struggle free. I know I can’t escape from my cuffs, they are built too well and fit too tight to get out of without unlocking them.

Damn…whatever this contraption is that I am tied too is not going to let me get loose. Whatever it is that my hands are locked doesn’t seem to want to budge.

Good. My feet aren’t locked to the ground. The first good thing I found on this weird morning.

I just wish my damned head didn’t throb so bad. I either need to drink less when I do go out or drink more often to get my head used to it. I just wish I had a few aspirin right now. In fact, fuck that, I wish I had the ability to take some aspirin right now.

God, my nipples and shoulders hurt. I think my nipples top my headache, but it sure would be a photo finish.

So, I must now ask myself, why are my feet free to move with the exception of the spreader. Why are they not secured to the ground somehow?

Another bout of struggling and now I think I have an answer. My hands can be slid forward and backwards. They must be attached to a bar or some kind of rope. I guess whomever did this to me wants me to be able to move forwards or backwards. But why?

There must be some reason. The rope between my legs is hemp. Why would anybody expect me to drag a rough hemp rope across my pussy if there were not a very good reason to do so.

Fuck! If I could just see. Maybe, just maybe, then, I could figure out what the fuck I’m expected to do.

Is there a way for me to release myself from this at one of the ends of this mother-fucking rig? If so, should I try going forward, or, backward first?

Fucking blind-fold. Ah, but I am quite sure that whomever put me in this position wants me to curse it. That’s their twisted little game. Or, is this a fucking game?

There’s still the possibility that some son-of-a-bitch or some bitch is sitting and watching me struggle with this shit. I can’t hear anyone, but that doesn’t mean there not there.

Oh, if and when I decide to try to get to one end or the other is this rope going to hurt. I hope they don’t believe I am dumb enough or naïve enough to not know there are knots along the length of rope. Come on. I’m smart enough to know that. And they will really hurt.

Now, let’s see. Knots would hurt more going forward than backward. Or, at least they should. I believe the purpose of the knots would be to also attack my clit as I tried to slip over it. Would that mean I am up against the rear of the set-up and have to move forward?

No. I distinctly remember when I tried to lift myself off the rope that I felt pressure lessen equally in the front of my pussy and the rear of my ass. I must be in the middle.

So, shit, which way?

I’d try to get this blindfold off. But, if its mine, as the rest of the shit I am in, then it is completely un-removable when it is locked on. And, yes, the little fucking locks are back there. I can feel them move when I move my head.

Oh, this bastard! It must be a guy. I don’t know too many chicks that would get off on doing this to another girl. At least none that I can think of.

Hmmm, I could think using reverse-psychology. Maybe they want me to abuse my clit by going forward just to find I can’t release myself in that direction, and have to endure the knots again, in the other direction.

I wish I could see if there are knots. But, come on Amy…there has to be. Do you really think this was meant to just be a little discomforting with just an irritating hemp rope? No fucking way! There’s knots as sure as I am locked up here.

I wish could figure out a few things before I commit my-self to start abusing my pussy. Is there a way to release myself at one end or the other? If so, which end? And, how far away from each end am I? I can’t even tell how long this damn thing is. Fuck!

Release only opens up a whole other can-of-worms. Where the fuck am I and how do I get home when I do get free? Are my clothes here? Will I have to try to get home while naked when and if I do get free?

Damned it! All these fucking unknowns with no simple way to answer them or figure them out. All because they decided to make me blind and unable to see what’s around me. Ah, but again, remember you know that that is why they put it on. To fuck with your mind.

Well, shit! My damn nipples are hurting far too much for me to just stand here and wonder about this shit and wallow in my misery. I have to make some sort of decision of what I am going to do.

Oh damned this rope hurts when it slides down there. This is some stiff-assed-shit! Wow!!

No knot yet at least.

Oh fuck! Thought that too soon. And, this fucking thing feels huge. Maybe I should have started backwards first.

I’ll try to lift myself up as much as I can to breach it.

Son-of-a-bitch! The fucking rope just lifted the little bit I could. I guess walking on my toes won’t help. Fuck!

Oh my God this damn knot is hard on my clit! Ouch! Ouch!! Fucking A that hurts!

Great! Got it past my clit and now it’s in my pussy. Fuck that hurts!

Come the fuck out of there you little bastard! Ow! Let go!

Damned that hurt! I sure hope there aren’t any more like that one. Fuck, I hope there aren’t any more period!

Wow this rope hurts. Damn! It’s going to rub me raw in no time if this damned thing is too long.

Well, seems like I’ve gone a way’s without another knot. Damned this rope sure is rough though. Shit!

Oh Fuck! Not again. Doesn’t feel as big as the last though. I hope that’s a good thing.

Not near as big. Still hurts though. Ouch! Okay, past my clit. Damn! Rough on my vagina though.

Oh God! I’m glad that one remained outside of me.

Ok…rough but I’m making progress.

OUCH! FUCK! SON-OF-A-BITCH that hurt! What in the FUCK was THAT!

Felt like a zap of electricity! This bastard!

Can I handle getting myself across that, or, am I fucked right here and now!?

Well, shit, it’s the electricity or that big fucking knot again.

How’d I get shocked by hemp rope? If I try to bare it, how far does it go? How long will it last?

More fucking questions that I can’t answer. What a fucking mind-game this shit is.

Gotta try.


Oh wow…did that wear me out…beside hurting like crap!

Thank God it was short. Sure ground myself against the rope getting past it as quick as I did, but, wow, I got past it.

Oh shit! What’s that? Feels like my huge vibrator. How could I ever get past that?

I must be near the end, or, I’m not supposed to reach the end.

Let me reach…stretch…yes, I feel the post holding my hands up.

Keys. The keys must me here somewhere.

Oh my god…that feels good!

I guess I had to push against the vibrator to get it to work.

Oh wow…rub it harder. Get my clit against it. Oh…finally…something that finally feels good!

Oh…I’m building…mmm…feels so good!

Feels like you are in for one mind-numbing orgasm Amy.

Hump it! Hump it!! OH…WOW…YES…YES…YYEESS!


What was that?

Oh God that was great! Man, I sure need a rest. But, that damn vibrator is sending vibrations through the rope. Feels so good against my labia and pussy. MMM…so soft and sensual.

What’s that?

Shit!!! Yes!!! Keys!!! Right in my hands!!! Keys!!!



Oh my pour shoulders. They hurt so much now that I can lower my arms. Wow!

Nipples! Get them free!

Oh!!! Son-of-a-bitch!!! Rub it. Rub it.

Now the left. Oh fuck…that hurts!!! Rub it. Rub it.

Wow! They still hurt, but they’re free.

Keys off of string…turn…turn…free.

Get this fucking blind-fold off! Where’s the lock…oh…ok…key…shit...wrong one…try this one…damn it, too many small keys…ok…this one…YES! Got it!

Oh damn. Where the fuck am I. Looks like a barn. I’ve never been here!

Gag…get the gag out…where I am can wait.

Cool. First key.

Ease it out…oh…flex the jaw…work it out.

Legs…get one free and get off this rope.

Almost reaching…almost…just enough…key right…key left…aw…right ankle free.

Off of rope…leg over…wow…much better.

Ok…there…that’s free too.

Elbow binders. Damn it. How do I get them off by myself?

Ah…mouth. How can I get the keys to my…

String. Keys back on string. Pull, pull. YES! It broke.

Lower keys to mouth…got ‘em.

Cuff key…tongue…tongue. Ok. Cuff key ready

Keyhole…get it…ok…oops, wrong way…adjust…no…turn right first…ok…left…ok, left is free.

Finish the left…ok…let it drop.

Right…ok…lower…let it drop.

Fuck!!! I’m free!

Clothes? …Ok…there…folded.

Shit…left ankle still locked…there.

Undies…what the fuck? A note!?


Hope you had fun! Ain’t payback a bitch! Told you I’d get you back! Twenty-four-hour ball-tie. Yeah…payback is a real bitch.

I hope you enjoyed your orgasm. You either had to orgasm or piss to be reading this. Rope had to get wet to drop the keys.

Anyway…you’re in Rick’s barn. Door your ass was facing while you were tied. You’ll see the house. Looking forward to a chat, not to mention, which release method you chose. I really hope the rear. I thought the front was too easy.


            Love ya,



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