The Adventures of Raika Élan Esq Chapter 2: A Burglary

by Thanos

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Storycodes: F/ff; bond; rope; gag; tape; kidnap; tease; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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The Adventures of Raika Élan ESQ.: Hostage of the Year (Runner-Up) Chapter 2: A Burglary

DATE: JULY 25TH, 2006


Aimee DeLigotage was cleaning and drying her rope when her smart phone buzzed. The raven haired beauty with flawless alabaster skin enjoyed boiling, heating and oiling her own hemp. Although she was skilled in many types of restraints, her preference for rope derived from its aesthetics and this process of preparation.  Moreover, the use of rope gave more meaning to her vocation and her rope artistry was an extension of her: This is my work.

She had used her alias so long that remembering her real name took a few seconds. Her father was a mercenary of German ancestry. He styled himself an arch anti-communist primarily to enrich himself in the employ of the CIA. Through various illicit ventures, he amassed a tiny fortune, from which he generously cared for his only child out of wedlock. He was a good father when he was around but he met a mysterious and unfortunate end in Thailand in 1985.

Aimee’s mother worked as a renowned dominatrix who catered to the rich and powerful throughout Europe. The movie Matrisse inspired the French citizen to enter the profession. Aimee’s father engaged her services. Their professional relationship turned amorous and Aimee resulted. Her parents were fond of Aimee and they kept up the appearance of a family until her father’s death.

Because of her itinerant lifestyle, Aimee’s mother sent Aimee to be schooled at a convent, in France. Aimee was a good student and excellent athlete but had some discipline problems. She was accused of taking liberties with her fellow students. To the Sisters’ dismay, she seemed encouraged rather than dissuaded by strict corporal discipline.

When Aimee turned sixteen, her mother moved her to London. While finishing her education, Aimee studied to be a dominatrix.  Her mother’s arrest on spurious charges relating to a political scandal caused Aimee to flee to Hawaii. There she continued her training in rope and martial arts.   A renowned Oriental Mistress versed Aimee in the Eastern arts and the John Willie style of bondage. She longed for her own Sweet Gwendoline, but not necessarily one who was blonde. Aimee “interviewed” many candidates, both willing and unwilling, over the years, but lacked a suitable match.

 She checked her email. It was encrypted as the cash envelope detailed. Aimee typed in the password: “kinbaku” and the text appeared:

“7pm, 732 Elm Street. 5th floor. Bring materials, one to secure.”

Aimee recognized 732 Elm as the Bryant Building, a five story office building located on the outskirts of the financial district in a trendy area of converted World War II munitions factories. Now the neighborhood featured numerous condos, night clubs, and offices. The eastern half of the top floor belonged to Élan and Associates, a law firm where she had previously transacted business. The lobby was attended 24/7 so she would have to use an alternate route. Its roof could be reached from a building across the alley. It was a relatively short hop for the former heptathlete.

Aimee donned her burglar uniform: skin tight leather pants, Oriana style motorcycle boots, leather jacket with matching gloves, and a white t-shirt. This outfit highlighted her lithesome, muscular figure. A rigid thermo foam pack, fitted snugly to her back, contained her apparatus. A soft leather hood for concealing her identity completed the outfit. It was put on and zipped up to reveal only her eyes at the appropriate moment. For everyday wear it was stylishly utilized as a head wrap. In this attire, Aimee could travel relatively unnoticed, a punk rock girl on her way to see a local band, quite a common sight in the city.

Aimee concealed her sole weapon, a six inch stiletto with a serrated edge. Aimee began storing her wares in her pack. “One to secure,” in Aimee’s mind, meant about three hundred feet of rope cut into various lengths, duct tape and a roll of vet wrap. She filled her pack with these items and other assorted lock picking tools. She needed to keep it light to ensure accomplishing the fifteen foot jump across the alley.

At the appointed time, Aimee climbed the fire escape on the building next door, an abandoned warehouse. Aimee performed the leap from rooftop to rooftop without much challenge. Aimee descended from the only opened skylight and encountered an Asian woman in her early thirties. Aimee guessed that she was of mixed descent. Her chestnut brown hair rested on her shoulders.  Unaware of the intruder, she viewed her laptop through thin glasses. She boasted almond eyes, a round face, voluptuous lips, which she colored a deep red, very high cheekbones, a tiny nose and flawless tanned skin. Deep in concentration, she suddenly noticed Aimee.

“Ms. DeLigotage I presume? Right on time. I hope you brought plenty of rope,” demanded the comely woman who rose from behind her desk and approached Aimee. An impeccably tailored ensemble: shark skin grey suit jacket with matching a mid thigh pencil skirt, perfectly complimented the attorney’s figure. Her jewelry consisted of a thick silver chain necklace and silver studs. Five inch black sling back pumps finished the ensemble. Aimee noticed that she walked with the confidence of a powerful person. Surprisingly, when she reached handshake distance she turned away from Aimee and interlocked her fingers behind her back.

 “Raika Élan, Attorney at Law. Let’s get started.  We don’t have much time.” Raika stood five foot two inches tall.  She dipped her knees a bit so that Aimee stood a foot taller. Raika turned her head while her hands remained clasped. Her dark eyes pleaded for cooperation. Suddenly the confident executive adopted a submissive stance which Aimee welcomed. Regardless, Aimee did not relax her demeanor.

“Hold on a second, lady, how do I know this isn’t a trap?” Aimee countered. “What benefit comes to me, other than a lovely captive?”

“Beside the ten thousand in cash in the envelope on my desk, your cut will be in the six figures. We can discuss the particulars as you secure me. This has to be a convincing.  My assistant can spot a weak job.”

Aimee acquiesced, “We’ll start with your wrists and then you can explain.” She expeditiously reached over her shoulder, retrieving a length of hemp cord from her pack. The burglar had ingeniously fashioned a hole in the pack to enable her to retrieve the coiled ropes. A suitable length for wrists was always loaded to be extracted first.

The Asian nymph counter offered, “Wrists and elbows. I need to be helpless in case anyone interrupts us.” Aimee complied. As the first ropes were applied, the captive involuntarily released a quick sigh. Aimee noticed the linkage of Raika’s elbows stretching her modest jacket. Its three buttons strained and the compression of arms behind revealed Ms. Élan’s rather generous bust, especially for a petite woman. Aimee wanted to test them to determine their natural composition but decided that there would be time for that later.

“I love the feel of the treated hemp against my skin. Where do you buy it?”

“I make my own. It takes a lot of time but I like to get it just right. I love the ritual of boiling, cutting, and drying. But I generally use it on all my captives, you aren’t anything special.” Aimee prevaricated. Aimee had tied up many attractive women, but she sensed this one was different. Nonetheless, she did not want to let down her guard.

Raika tested her bonds, twisting her shoulders, wriggling her arms, and kinking her wrists in a vain attempt to elude the biting cords. “Nice, firm, yet comfy… It would take me quite a while just to slip out of this simple tie… I definitely picked the right person. The last time wasn’t a fluke. I should warn you. Some consider me a female Houdini.”

Aimee was not amused. “Whatever. You’re just some mouthpiece I waylaid a while back. Ran into you and your lackey by accident. ” She started binding the Raika above and below her breasts.

“Ah yes, the perils of working late,” the counselor grunted as Aimee clenched the rope underneath her protruding chest. “My assistant and I escaped but it took me two hours to remove her gag so she could undo my knots with her teeth. Enough small talk... I am a patent attorney. This is my firm. Our computer network contains the programming used by some of the leading investment banks. I can’t exploit them, but if someone was to steal the algorithms, I could show them how to profit.”

“I am interested, money is always a good start -- a little rope play is definitely a bonus.”

The attorney, her arms affixed behind her, turned and faced her mask co conspirator, “Good, let me explain. There is a process called high frequency trading, which uses a millisecond advantage to anticipate trades and profit. Normally it is done by super fast computers. But my client has unknowingly developed a method to siphon off tiny portions of the sums anonymously.  If I was to do it from my own computer, I would violate my attorney client relationship. Worse yet, I would get caught. But if someone was to steal the algorithms, by say coming in here and tying me up…”

Raika seated herself on a low back chair at the small conference table in the office.  She bent forward and then dangled her arms over the back. Aimee took her cue, quickly securing the woman at the ankles and knees. Raika grimaced a little at the application of the ropes.

“Too tight?” asked Aimee uncharacteristically. Consensual bondage was new to her vocation.

“No this is good. I am flexible and have good circulation. The jacket will help cushion my arms. And it has to be convincing. My assistant will be back in three hours and she has to be certain that I could not extricate myself from this position. On my computer desktop is an icon for the network. Click on it. Then select download files to the external hard drive. A portable external drive is already connected. The “about” file will give you the instructions. If you can operate a computer you can follow the instructions, I am sure you can find someone who can. All you need is internet access to transmit the virus.” Aimee complied and the machine started purring and humming.      

Raika continued, “The download should take about an hour. You can finish me off. I assume you don’t need any direction.”

Aimee’s suspicions were somewhat satisfied. She eased her guarded demeanor and proceeded with her renowned professional skill. “Normally I don’t, but I want to make sure my partner is comfortable… comfortable and secure.” Aimee then bound Raika’s wrists to her waist through the back of the chair. Then another set of ropes was applied to fasten her to the chair. Each time she tightened a cord, Aimee put her foot on the chair to gain leverage.

The bound barrister babbled on, occasionally grunting due to Aimee’s tightening machinations, “The virus is designed to access super... HNNNT!...computers around the world. It will piggyback extremely minute orders onto gargantuan ones -- a ratio of ten cents per million dollars... HNNNT!...An account in the Caymans will receive the profits,  …AHHmmm!... then the funds will be automatically wired through a number of banks around the world. The proceeds will be divided in half and deposited in separate accounts on the Isle of Man. Your account number is listed on the hard drive. Included in the instructions is a power of attorney to transfer ownership that account to a Gibraltar ... HNNNT!... corporation with a name …AHH!...of your choosing. Each account should receive a deposit of three to five thousand dollars each day. ... HNNNT!... After one hundred ... HNNNT!... and seventy three days, the programs automatically delete, terminating the cash flow and any record of it. I estimate each of our shares at $640,000.”

“Not bad for sitting on my ass for six months. Just like clipping coupons.”

Raika tested her bonds. “This is really good, even better than last time. My arms are welded together from elbow to wrist. I can’t separate them. This nasty connection to my waist not only accents my figure, but prevents any movement of my wrists.” Raika twisted her hips and back. Aimee noticed an erect nipple attempting to pierce through the attorney’s suit. An unprofessional thought emerged: Screw the money. I should just take this girl home for the weekend.

Raika continued with her bondage discourse. “The chest harness is as taut as bow strings, but doesn’t restrict breathing.” Ms. Élan subtly thrust her chest forward for the burglar’s appreciation. She wanted to test her captor’s reaction. Ms. Élan was truly impressed with her confinement. She was well tied without pain. “They also hold my arms motionless. This is very good.” Raika shifted her hips again. “I can move my hips maybe two inches. Maybe after a couple hours of struggling I might be able to move them another inch.  My legs are compressed just like my arms. I like the under and over the knee tie. The compression on my upper thighs, the extra cords around my shins. Certainly thorough. The chair and I are almost one.”

“…A connoisseur of rope work?” Aimee presumed.

“Yes. I have been bound and gagged by some real experts. I am very picky about how I am rendered helpless. Don’t let the professional image mislead you; I’ll happily admit to anyone of your talents that I am a rope slut. This may be the best rigging I have ever experienced. It is certainly convincing, yet I could stay this way for hours. We have to do it again sometime.”

“Maybe,” Aimee resumed her professional distance. “I download the information and wait to receive an encrypted email. Anything else before I gag you?”

“You are sharp, too. But there is one thing. Open my calendar. It’s on the desktop and click on the Ms. Rashir item.”

“Who is Ms. Rashir?”

“She is a top notch programmer. You’ll need her password protocols to make this scam work. But she’s a straight arrow and won’t do it willingly. I need you to kidnap her. There’s a picture of her in the file on my desk. She arrives from Bangalore at eleven tonight. I am supposed to meet her at the airport. But as you can see, I am a little tied up.” Raika smiled.

“I will send an email when I have her. It will look like Spam with the tagline ‘bondage.’”

“Excellent, except that I get a lot of those. Something with the word snatch… Speaking of snatch, I would love to see that snooty Indian girl trussed like me. You’ll find she is a looker. Now gag me good. I have a big mouth for a small woman. You can use my panties. I love the feel of silk against my tongue.  And there should be plenty of room to stuff my handkerchief on top of that.

Aimee’s knife deftly removed the lawyer’s silk underwear from her crotch and plucked the handkerchief from her breast pocket. “Okay this mound of silk goes in your mouth. The handkerchief follows. Some tape holds it in. Finally vet wrap ensures you can’t spit anything out.”

“My, you are thorough. I am always looking for skillful people like you…”

Suddenly, the entry alarm beeped.

Raika glanced at the security monitor and panicked. “The cleaning woman is early! Put some tape on my lips quick. She will come to my office first. Then you can ambush her.” Aimee quickly stuffed her captive’s mouth and smoothed tape over her lips.

As predicted, the cleaning woman entered the office. “Ola… Ms Élan!!” she exclaimed.  At that moment Aimee approached from behind and stuck a stapler in the woman’s ribs. “No me dane,” the maid asserted. She assumed the position, on her knees with her hands behind her head.

Aimee escorted the blubbering woman out into the hallway so she could not inspect the scene inside the office. “Me entrego. Átame y amordace. Llene mi boca de un trapo!” the frightened woman blubbered. Aimee did not understand Spanish that well. But she was pretty sure that Átame means tie.  The cleaning woman remained in the position as she walked on her knees out the door.

Once out the door. Aimee taped the maid’s hands behind her back. She heard something like “Si, Si, Átame, no doler.”  Aimee flipped the woman onto her back and then straddled her bound prisoner by sitting on her chest. The woman squirmed in fear. She started to scream. Aimee’s instant reaction was to sit on her face. This silenced her while Aimee considered a plan of action.

Aimee felt a tingling of pressure in her leather crotch. The captive was swirling her tongue in an attempt to win Aimee’s favor! Aimee sat on the woman’s chest again and gave her the international SHH! gesture. The prone woman understood.

“That’s enough of your noise,” Aimee threatened as she grabbed a rag off the cleaning cart and crammed it into the poor woman’s mouth.  “No doler” she reassured her captive who started to calm down despite the bad Spanish.

Aimee started to review her captive. She was a Mexican woman in her fifties; somewhat plump with full hips and breasts. Her face did not reveal many lines. Her rather large nose seemed out of place. Small streaks of grey accented her jet black hair. She was wearing a plain green maid’s uniform with sensible shoes. A red rag filled her mouth and her hazel eyes were wild with dread. One of her bosoms had slipped out of her uniform in the struggle. The woman was inexplicably braless but Aimee admired how her endowment had not succumbed to gravity over the years. Ever the pervert, Aimee groped the poor woman a couple of times as under the pretense of frisking her.

Aimee decided to move the Mexican as far away from Raika’s office as possible. Since the offices were in an abandoned factory, there were a few pillars in the office. Aimee grabbed a short stool that the maid used the reach high places and guided the captive to one of the pillars. With her knife she cut the tape from the woman’s wrists. The woman started to rub her wrists together. Aimee expeditiously seized her wrists and brought them back behind the post and wrapped them six or seven times with tape. She then forced the woman onto the stool.

Next she passed tape underneath her breasts, around her arms and firmly attached her to the pole. More tape was applied to her legs and arms and waist. Aimee used almost the whole roll. She hoped that no one else would arrive. Another piece covered the maids’ eyes. Throughout this process the woman did not spit out the wadding. Aimee fastened it into her mouth with a few strips of duct tape.

Soon the older woman was inextricably linked to the pole. Aimee checked her breathing. She “frisked” her captive a couple of more times. This time there was not any reaction other than a low “mmmm” from the captive that sounded like contentment if Aimee did not know any better. Ultimately, Aimee removed the stool, but her prisoner remained securely affixed in position. The prisoner did not realize she was one foot off the ground.

Aimee returned to Raika’s office. Raika had a concerned look on her face. Aimee removed the tape. Raika expelled the packing on her desk. “You didn’t hurt her did you? The deal’s off if you did.” 

“You’re in no position to make demands. Don’t worry. She is just as safe as you. I have her lashed to a post by the break room. She put up bit of struggle, but I calmed her down.” Aimee gazed into Raika’s deep dark brown eyes that looked black as if swallowing light.

“Thank you, I don’t want any innocents harmed and I like that crazy woman.” Raika checked the computer screen. “Forty –five minutes until download. We should not have any other unexpected guests.”

“Good, I am out of materials.”

“I am sure you can improvise. We have a mail room… Where were we?”

“What do I do until it downloads?”

“Finish what you were doing in here. Remember lawyers have big mouths.”

“And after that? While I wait for the download?”

“I will do my best to entertain you. As long as I am bound and gagged I am happy… I mean for the ruse.”

At that moment, Aimee, lifted up her mask and gave Raika a big wet kiss and groped her heaving endowment. Aimee’s fingers squeezed rock hard nipples.

“That was not professional.” Raika protested.

“Sorry”, the normally confident Aimee was taken aback.

“That’s okay. You realize I really can’t protest if I am gagged properly.”

Raika opened her mouth as wide as possible and Aimee stuffed the full panties into the accepting orifice. Raika’s cheeks bulged and she grunted “MORR!” Aimee pulled a white handkerchief from attorney’s chest pocket and forced it in with her thumbs. Aimee took her time pushing the last bits behind Raika’s teeth. A handy scarf cleaved her lips two times and was snugly knotted behind her head.  Raika’s mouth was agape but filled with white silk. Her red lips were visible but her teeth disappeared behind the packing. The remainder of black duct tape obscured her lips. Aimee then wound vet wrap around Raika’s lower jaw, compressing her hair to her cheeks. All but a few strands were out of her face. Raika looked bug eyed and couldn’t blink but Aimee detected a twinkle of appreciation.

Aimee’s devious nature decided to apply one last touch. She hitched one last long piece of rope to the elbow tie, passed it under the arms in front of the shoulder and on the nape of the neck then back down the front of the shoulder, under the arm and back to the elbow tie. Then the rope passed under and over at the rope at her nape. Aimee pulled it taut with audible effort. Raika sat even straighter and her aroused nipples were apparent from thirty feet. Raika nodded in approval, trying to keep her cool. But inside she was filled with sensuality.

But Aimee was not done. There was still some six feet of rope left. Aimee wound the end around the wrist tie, completely burying the knot securing her wrists. Then the rope passed underneath the chair and attached to Raika’s ankles, pulling her feet underneath the seat. With the remainder of rope she pulled it taut, extending it back to the nape of the neck and tying it off, far away from prying fingers. Raika indicated her artistic appreciation with raised eyebrows. Any other movement was impossible.

Aimee carefully undid the top two buttons on her prisoner’s jacket. Raika’s breasts were supported by a black d-cup bra. Aimee slid the bra down and started to play, groping sucking and licking. Raika began to moan with delight. Occasionally, a gloved hand slightly separated the compressed thighs to stimulate the clitoris, taint, and anus. Raika’s initial frigid demeanor belied a raging passion. The hopelessly tied attorney trembled to Aimee’s touch.

Raika came a couple of times, eyes rolling in her head. The sentiment, “She knows how to push my buttons,” dominated her thoughts. Raika felt recognized that she was enjoying this a little too much. She had scoffed when others let emotions interfere with commercial endeavors. The aroused attorney strove to remain professional. No such luck. She sensed an attachment to Aimee. Hoping that she could remain under Aimee’s control for weeks at a time.

Alas, the download finished and Aimee fingered Raika’s nipple, gave a passionate kiss to the counselor’s well packed mouth and whispered. “Until next time.” Aimee then went down the hall and checked on her other captive. Satisfied, Aimee left through the skylight and immediately left for the airport and her appointment with Ms. Rashir. I love my job.

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