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The tenderiser is a new paddle with leather on one side & pimpled rubber on the other, with a hand turned Australian native timber handle.

New Toys
by Raven

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© 2006 - Raven - Used by permission
storycodes: F/m; bond; leather; toys; cons; X
New Toys by Raven F/m; bond; leather; toys; cons; X


Russ was just getting ready to go out for the afternoon when the UPS truck pulled up.  He didn’t know if they were expecting anything, so he assumed that his wife Sue must have ordered something.  When the driver gave him the packages, he noticed they were from Sax Leather.  Sue and Russ liked to surprise each other with different BDSM scenarios and during the weekends they often take turns being in charge.  Since she had ordered these, he didn’t want to open them and spoil any surprise that she may have planned.  So he put the packages on the table and went out for the afternoon.

Sue walked in the door and saw the packages sitting on the table.  When she saw they were from Sax Leather she smiled and thought Russ was in for a long night and she was going to have a lot of fun at his expense.  She left the packages on the table, went and got some other toys she planned to use tonight and put them on the table with the packages.  She wrote a note and put it on top of the packages.  She then called Russ and told him to get something to eat before coming home.  She told him to be ready to serve his Mistress as soon as he got home.  He was to get home at 7 sharp.  Sue knew that Russ was going to be going nuts thinking about what she had in store for him and the 4 hour wait until 7 would have him on edge, just were she wanted him.

The call from Sue answered some of his questions but created many more.  What had Sue ordered from Sax Leather.  Now he was having a hard time concentrating.  What did Sue have planned?  All he knew was that she was going to be in charge tonight, he was getting hotter by the moment and he knew she knew it.

When 7 finally came, Russ was at the door.  He walked into the house and saw the packages were still on the table and he noticed the other things she left out.    He saw the note and picked it up.  The note said ‘Tonight we take another step in our relationship.  You will strip, put your collar on, place the wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs on and put your cock ring on.  Place the boxes on the floor and crawl to the play room pushing the boxes with your head.  When you get in the play room you will find the bench in the center of the room.  Push the boxes to the left side of the bench and leave them there.  You will attach your ankle cuffs to the bench legs closest to the door and lean over the bench, awaiting my arrival.’  

Russ thought this was intense.  Normally they would start their games together; this was definitely a new twist.  Getting the cock ring on was going to prove difficult as he was getting extremely turned on.  Russ quickly stripped and struggled but was able to get the cock ring on.  Next he placed the collar around his neck and secured it.  He then placed the cuffs on his ankles, thighs and wrists.  He grabbed the boxes and put them on the floor.  He got on his hands and knees and started pushing the boxes towards the play room.   Once he entered the play room he saw the bench in front of him.  He pushed the box to the left as instructed and moved in front of the bench.  The bench had been turned so that he faced the long side.  Russ reached down and clipped his ankle cuffs to the bench legs.  This spread-eagled his feet about 4 feet apart.  He then leaned over the bench and knew this left his ass a very inviting target for Sue.

After a couple of minutes of letting Russ wonder about what was to come, Sue walked in the play room.  From his position, looking through his legs, Russ could only see Sue’s black high heels and the black stockings she was wearing.  Sue told Russ to keep his head where it was as she walked around to the other side of the bench.  She reached down and fastened first his right then left wrist cuff to the bench legs.  He was now not going anywhere until Sue let him go.  She walked back around and hooked the thigh cuffs to the bench top.  Russ regretted putting in the extra anchor points but it was too late to worry about that now.  Since this was a totally new position for them, his mind was trying to figure out way Sue had in mind.

Sue stepped back and said “My you’re in a bit of a predicament and just think, you put yourself in this position willingly.  Now it’s time to have some fun, at least for me.”  

Ball Stretcher Divider. Four widths
Ball Stretcher Divider
Sue reached down and opened the first box.  She pulled out the first of the toy’s she’d purchased from Sax Leather, a Ball Stretcher Divider.  Sue let Russ take a look at it between his legs before she knelt down and began to roll his balls between fingers.  Russ couldn’t take his eyes off the Ball Stretcher.  Sue unsnapped the divider and then the stretcher portion.  She took his ball sac and pulled them down.  She then placed the stretcher portion around the sac and snapped it shut.  She then pulled the divider strap between his balls and snapped it shut. Sue then Gave Russ’s cock a few slow strokes causing him to moan.  She stopped and said “you’re nowhere near getting that kind of relief.”
Sue reached into the second box.  She pulled out the next new toy from Sax, an Inflatable Butt Plug.  They had played with butt plugs before but this was going to be a new experience.  She pulled on a rubber glove, grabbed the tube of KY and proceeded to lube up Russ’s asshole.  She then slowly but firmly pushed the plug home.  Russ knew this plug was bigger than one’s they had used in the past but it wasn’t too bad.  Sue smiled as she removed the glove and held the inflator bulb in her hand.  She was letting him get used to the feeling of his ass being filled before surprising him.  When she saw his cheeks relax, she started squeezing the bulb.  Russ didn’t understand at first but quickly figured out what was happening.  Sue gave 4 pumps and turned the knob to keep it inflated where it was.  Inflatable plug, 10cm long tapered can inflate to 7.5cm diameter! Heavy red rubber with adjustable valve pump to inflate & lock at different widths.
Butt Plug Inflatable

“How’s that feeling, a little full?”  She laughed and grabbed the final box.  

The tenderiser is a new paddle with leather on one side & pimpled rubber on the other, with a hand turned Australian native timber handle.
Tenderiser Paddle
She pulled out the “Tenderizer” paddle.  She felt how the wood handle felt like it was made for her hand.  A couple of test swings to feel the balance.  She then moved to the side and put the paddle in front of Russ’s face.  “Kiss our new toy and ask to feel it on your ass.”  

Russ knew he had no choice, kissed the paddle and said “Please let my ass feel our new toy.”  

Sue said “I shouldn’t have to correct you, it’s not your ass it’s my ass tonight.”  With that Sue cracked Russ’s ass.  She hadn’t swung that hard but a nice red stripe was forming.  Russ only knew that his ass was stinging and didn’t know Sue hadn’t swung very hard. 

“Look at the pretty mark” said Sue as she ran her hand over the stripe.  “Can’t let this one be lonely.”  With that she quickly gave his ass a total of 10 smacks.  Russ’s ass felt like it was on fire.  “Look at the pretty shade of red.”  Sue put the paddle down and grabbed the pinwheel.  She began to run it all over his ass.  Russ tried to pull away but was unable to go anywhere.  With the ‘tenderizing’ he’d been given the pinwheel was sheer hell.  Sue kept up the alternating paddle, pinwheel treatment for what seemed like hours to Russ.  He was sure he would be unable to sit down for weeks.

“All this fun I’m having is making me horny as hell.  I think it’s time for you to put your tongue to work.  But first…” she gave the pump another squeeze.  

Sue then pulled up a low beach type chair which she pushed between his legs.  She got into the chair and positioned her pussy right in his face.  “You know what to do and you better make it the best you’ve even done or we’ll continue with the treatment until you get it right.”  

Russ dove into Sue’s pussy with a fever pitch that he had never shown before.  He certainly didn’t want any more smacks.  Sue decided that he needed a little more incentive.  She ran the pinwheel over his ass some more.  Every once in a while she would run it over one of his separated balls, just to remind him that she hadn’t forgotten about them.  As she got close to coming she dropped the pinwheel and let the orgasm flow through her.  Russ just kept going, knowing as long as he had her in this condition, she couldn’t punish his ass or balls any more.

Finally Sue pushed the chair back and just sat for a couple of minutes.  When she had recovered enough to get up she said, “That was great, you certainly preformed well, you must have had good incentive.  Was it this” as she smacked his ass a couple more times.  “Or was it this” as she ran the pinwheel over his ass. 

Sue reached down and unhooked his thigh and ankle cuffs from the bench.  She then released his left wrist and told him to lie down lengthwise on the bench on his back.  Russ stepped over the bench and laid down.  Sue quickly grabbed his left wrist and attached the cuff to the bench leg.  Russ tried to arch his back to keep his tender ass from hitting the bench and Sue used this opening to attach his ankle cuffs to the bench legs. 

“Now do for me with your cock what you did for me with your tongue”, as Sue lowered her pussy on to Russ’s cock.  She was soon bouncing up and down driving Russ’s sore ass into the bench.  Sue was building to a stronger orgasm than the first one and came hard.  That was all Russ needed and he shot his load into his wife’s pussy.  Sue collapsed on top of Russ and stayed there for a couple of minutes.  

As she recovered she slid off his cock and moved forward.  “You made a mess, clean it up.”  She put her pussy over his mouth and he began to suck their juices out of her pussy.  As she sat there, she wondered ‘what’s Russ going to do to me tomorrow night.’  At the same time Russ was thinking,’ I’m glad she didn’t find my Sax purchases, but she’ll know what they are tomorrow.’

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