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The Village Fete
by Rupes
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Storycodes: F+/f+; fete; public; leather; jumpsuits; collar; shackles; chain; bridle; cage; cart; display; stocks; bdsm; whip; gibbet; susp; stuck; sex; climax; cons; X
The Village Fete Rupes F+/f+; fete; public; leather; jumpsuits; collar; shackles; chain; bridle; cage; cart; display; stocks; bdsm; whip; gibbet; susp; stuck; sex; climax; cons; X

There had already been weeks of planning gone into the village fete, with two weeks left to go, Vicki returned home from the planning meeting. Always looking for a way to play in public, which is one of her biggest turn-ons. The fete was to be held on the village green. As with some small villages in the UK the old village stocks and whipping post was still there. Vicki was involved in the restoration project of them a few years ago, a sort of focal point for the village, a glimpse of how things use to be. They were perfectly functional, in fact although they looked like they had been there over two hundred years, they were re-built using modern materials and the latest technology which meant they were totally secure and much stronger than they were before the restoration.

"It would be great to include them in the celebration somehow" Vicki said with a sigh, "but how?" she continued. Over the next few days unbeknown to me she hatched a plan.

The day of the fete came. Vicki was up at the crack of dawn making last minute adjustments with the rest of the committee and volunteers, they were expecting about two thousand people coming over the weekend. She came back around lunch time and we set off on the short walk to the green. I assumed that she had not got her way and that the stocks and whipping post would remain just a talking piece for outsiders to look at. After we had eaten some burgers, talk to lots of people and marvelled at the sights and sounds of the fair, we were walking slowly back to the entrance when Vicki spun around in front of me gave me a huge cuddle and said, "Go back to the house, I have a surprise for you, I will see you later".

I am quite use to Vicki’s surprises, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. I walked the mile or so back to the house. Tanya’s car was parked in the driveway. It’s always nice when Tanya comes over to visit (please read my other stories to work out who Tanya is!), I walked in to the house and all seemed quiet, until Jade (again read the other stories!) walked in, "Great you're back, Tanya is upstairs getting ready" she said, 'getting ready for what?' I thought to myself, then realised this must be part of Vicki’s "Surprise!".

Sure enough there was Tanya, looking her usual sexy self, wearing just her bra and knickers. She threw me a bag and said, "put these on" She also had a similar bag. Inside the bag was a bright orange jumpsuit, but made of smooth leather. On the back it had written in black letters "Witch’s Helper". I was not sure I liked where this was going! Tanya put hers on and it said on the back "Witch". Mine was thankfully quite loose, but Tanya’s was very sexy and tight, we had quite a fight to get the zip done up. Until I suggested she took off her bra that is ;-) Then we just about managed to get it zipped up enough to leave a good bit of cleavage showing that is.

Tanya had knee high stiletto boots which she put on over her jumpsuit and I wore just plain black riding style boots again underneath. We headed downstairs after a brief but passionate kiss. Jade was sat on the sofa waiting for us. "Right who is first?" she said. I wanted to have a cup of tea, so Tanya stepped forward. I returned a few minutes later just as Jade was rummaging in a large box that she had brought from the museum.

Jade first pulled out a set of slave chains, these consisted of a large steel collar with a chain that ran down to a waist belt, again hinged steel, on the side of this were two shackles for the hands at the side of the waist with only one chain link, linking them the the belt, the chain continued down to steel shackles for the ankles. She also had six high security padlocks laid out on the table.

She slipped the collar around Tanya’s neck, "This is going to be tight!" she said as she forcefully pushed the ends together and snapped a padlock through. She continued to the waist belt again this took quite some persuasion to close as it was at least two inches too small for Tanya. Nether the less it was now padlocked tightly around her waist. Jade got down on her knees and snapped the shackles tightly around her boots, snapping in another two padlocks.

"I always knew this day would come" Jade said. "Hands" she continued abruptly as she roughly grabbed Tanya’s hand and put it into the first shackle merrily snapping home another padlock. Her last hand followed a few seconds later. Tanya tugged and pulled at the chains but they were totally authentic and she was absolutely trapped. I knew Tanya would be horny as hell by now.

Jade then repeated the process with me, but with just a little more force. I knew that she would have wanted to be in Tanya’s position. "Right, stay here, I am off to tell Vicks you two are ready," Jade said as she headed out the door.

No sooner than she was gone, Tanya came over to me and was doing the best she could to get us both off, she was crouched down with the heel of her boot pressing into her crotch wiggling as best she could. Jade waltzed back in and shouted at Tanya to stop, she grabbed Tanya by the steel collar and pulled her harshly to the floor. Tanya tried to protest, but Jade was quick and decisive, "I knew you would try this you perverted little bitch, sorry witch!" she said in a mocking tone, "So I brought this." Jade pulled out a scalds bridle and within seconds fastened it around Tanya’s head. Her mouth was now useless. Jade then marched her over to our fire place and using another padlock, padlocked the top of the bridle to a ring in the wall mounted quite high. Tanya was now on tip toes, she looked at me with pleading eyes.

Jade walked over to me, and as I was helpless, she started to run her hands over my body and was kissing my neck. Poor Tanya was forced to watch. She must have been horny as hell by now.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, Jade went to answer it, "Come in Chloe" she said, shit I thought, the only Chloe in the village was the local stable girl, just about 18. In she walked, tight jodhpurs, black boots and a very pert 18 year old bum. She looked at us two chained up, "Good you have them ready." Chole said. Chole grabbed my chain and lead me towards the front door. Jade brought Tanya following behind still with the scalds bridle in place.

Outside was a horse and carriage, well more of a platform with a seat for the driver. On the back was a large steel cage. We were marched up onto the back of the carriage, the steel cage was unlocked and we were pushed inside closely followed by Jade who started fastening more chains to our collars, she then walked out of the cage and slammed the door shut, and snapped another padlock through locking us in.

Chloe jumped in to the drivers seat and with a wave of her long whip we set off at a slow plod towards the centre of the village. Tanya looked at me at tried to mumble something. Chloe’s whip cracked hard on Tanya’s bum through the bars of the cage, "No Talking!" Chole said sternly and smiled obviously enjoying the experience! Tanya yelped a bit as it was an amazing shot.

We could hear Vicki’s voice over the PA system, "Here they come the convicts that are to serve their sentence as witches..."

Everyone was now looking at us jeering. The cart made it’s way into the cordoned area, all eyes on us. Vicki took out a bunch of keys and unlocked the cage. She then undid the chains connecting us to the cage and led us out of the cage towards the awaiting stocks and whipping post. First Vicki undid Tanya’s wrist shackles and then unzipped her jumpsuit and forced it down to her waist, leaving her tits hanging, she lead her hands into the waiting shackles of the whipping post quickly shutting and locking them. Tanya was now trapped, slightly bent over, still with the bridle on, naked from the waist up. I was next I was locked to the other side of the post so that I was face to face with Tanya.

"What the fuck is she doing?" she managed to mumble through the bridle.

"I don’t know" I said. I knew that Tanya would be as turned on as I was as she loves things in public.

Vicki’s voice came over the PA again. "These two prisoners have been found guilty of witchcraft, they are hereby sentenced to ten lashes each, please execute the punishment."

A cloaked figure walked up, very slight frame. As it got close I could see it was Chloe the stable girl. In her hand was a long leather lunge whip. She stood a few feet away from us. The crowd went quiet, I am sure that was, as they were not sure what was going to happen.

"Sorry about this" said Chloe

"Chloe, its ok we are experienced, please don’t hold back, you’d better make it look good" I said back to her softly.

She raised the whip, her skills obvious in the way she could handle it. There was a very loud crack and Tanya slumped in her shackles and let out a loud scream. A few seconds later there was another loud crack, a second later and my back exploded in a pain for a few seconds. The crowd went wild, screaming shouting. Another crack and more screaming from Tanya, although this time I am sure it was a mix of pain and pleasure. Then another again the pain exploded across my back for a few seconds, then the lovely feeling of heat as the pain subsides. On the last stoke Tanya barely moved she was slumped in her chains exhausted, as was I. I could feel the blood running down my back.

Vicki released us from the whipping post, and removed the Bridle from Tanya to whistles and applause from the crowd, this was obviously the most real demonstration they had seen as it was real! We weakly took a bow and our wounds were tended and our jump suits zipped back up and hands fastened back in to the shackles at our waists. We thought it was all over.

Until the PA system crackled back in to life, "Now to serve the rest of the punishment..." two gibbet cages were slowly lowered from high up in the overhanging trees, we were lead towards them, Chloe taking me and Vicki leading Tanya. We were shoved in to the cages and heard the padlocks sealing our fate. Chloe looked at me, "You liked that didn’t you?" she said softly with a wink.

The cages were hosted high up into the tree’s close enough that we could chat freely. We had a great view of the fireworks and had lots of people looking up at us. "I need to fuck" said Tanya.

We were there about five hours, most of the people had gone home. The cages eventually started to lower. Vicki was there to greet us. "Right you two, jade has told me what you did, and you know the rules, any sexual contact has to be approved before hand by me. Therefore I am not letting you out, in fact I can’t, I have given all the keys to Jade and she has gone home and won’t be back until tomorrow night. Now I am willing to allow you two some free time together once you are released but that will be on her return and no sooner." We tried to protest, but it was pointless. Vicki pressed a button on the winch and the cages were hosted back up into the tree tops.

The next day was raining and cold. Quite a few of the village people came to see us still stuck there. But Vicki was quick to assure them that we wanted to fully experience it. After what seemed like a long time the cages eventually lowered late the following day. Vicki unlocked the cages. "You have 2 hours" she said, Tanya grabbed my hand and we ran back to the house, inside still in all the other chains, she insisted that I put the scalds bridle back on her. She knocked me to the floor and we managed to open our jumpsuits enough, Tanya’s had a handy zip through her legs, which made me realise that Vicks had planned this all along. It was only what seemed like minutes before we were both in the throes of a very long and heavy orgasm…..

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